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O-Rings Label

The O-Ring Mod seems to be a popular modification on the Geek Hack forums. Basically, you get a bunch of o-rings at the hardware store and put it under your key caps. The idea is that the rubber o-rings muffles the *Clacking* sound when you bottom out the keys. The plastic caps hitting the plastic base creates a harsh and loud clacking sound. Personally, I like the sound but for the sake of a good sleep, I decided to go through with this mod.

I went to my local hardware store and headed down to the plumbing section. The forum said? to look for size -008 standard o-rings but I could not find them anywhere. The o-rings I found used OD (Outer Diameter) and ID (Inner Diameter) measurements. I settle for 4 little boxed of #36 O-Rings which were 5/16 OD, 3/16 ID, and 1/16 in thickness. These o-rings were rather expensive at $2 per box and it only came with 10 o-rings each. If you can get it cheaper online, I would suggest you do that if you dont mind the wait.

Installation was easy. First, remove your key caps. Either use a special tool or improvise. I used the wire from a pair of cheap headphones and a nail clipper. I pushed the wire under the key cap with the help of the nail clipper. Then I spaced the wires evenly and carefully pulled upwards until the key caps popped out. Pay special care when doing wide keys like the spacebar, shift, enter, and backspace. I then placed one o-ring for each Cherry MX switch. Wider keys have stabilizers which need more o-rings for even distribution. For example, the spacebar has the Cherry MX switch in the center and two stabilizer pylons so I used 3 o-rings. Same goes for the backspace and shift keys. Refer to the picture for an idea of how I do this. Then, repeat. I only had 40 o-rings so I wasnt able to do my complete keyboard. I will probably finish that up in the weekend. For now, I have o-rings under my most used keys omitting the numbers, F-keys, arrow keys, and right-side keys.

Step 1: Get string or wire under key cap Step 2: Center string and pull up carefully Step 3: Get O-Ring Step 4: Slide o-ring deep into key cap Step 5: Firmly reinstall key cap

At first, the results were underwhelming. They only appeared to muffle the sound slightly. Almost as if it was still the same volume, just at another pitch. It was a lower sound. After a few day, I did notice it was noticeably quieter. I suppose, during the daytime, there was a lot white noise in the background which distracted from the performance. At night, the slightest sounds are amplified. At first, I wasnt too sure if the mod was worth the effort and cost. Now, I can say for sure that they’re worth it. The keys bottom out sooner. About 1/16th of an inch sooner but it is barely noticeable. This mod does not change the switch activation point, just the bottoming point. The keys do feel slightly different. The unmodded keys feel lighter while the silenced keys feels a bit mushy. Its not bad. I think the audible *clack* had a psychological impact on the feeling. Overall, I think this was a good mod. If you dont want to wake up a college roommate or want to be more discreet while typing, then this mod is worth the time and effort. If you can, order or buy in bulk. It should save you more money. I also noticed that I typed a bit faster. Maybe I was getting used to the keyboard but when taking a typing test, I scored higher than average. This mod is fairly easy to do. If you want to make your mechanical keyboard quieter, give this mod a chance. You will like the results.

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Are Mechanical Keyboards Good For Office Work?

Mechanical keyboards have gained immense popularity recently due to their durability, ergonomics, and tactile feedback.

Many people prefer them over conventional membrane keyboards because of their comfortable typing experience and improved accuracy.

But are mechanical keyboards good for office work? Yes, they are! However, you have to consider various factors when selecting a mechanical keyboard for office work.

Increased durability: Mechanical keyboards are built to last and have greater resistance to wear and tear compared to membrane keyboards.

Enhanced responsiveness: Mechanical keyboards provide a more tactile response when typing, which can reduce fatigue and increase your typing speed.

Improved accuracy: The individual key switches on mechanical keyboards enable more accurate typing and reduce the chance of typos.

Customizability: Many mechanical keyboards can be customized with different key switches and keycaps, allowing you to create the perfect keyboard customizations and shortcuts for your needs.

Quality sound: Mechanical keyboards produce a distinct sound when typing, which can be pleasing for some users.

The decision on whether to use a mechanical keyboard at work will depend on various factors, including your office setup and its tolerance to noise, comfort and ergonomics, keyboard design, and other similar factors.

Below are these factors in more detail.

The noise level of a mechanical keyboard will mainly depend on the switch type. There are three main categories of switches. These categories include:

Linear switches

Tactile switches

Below are these switch types in more detail.

Linear Switches

Tactile Switches

Another factor to consider when selecting a mechanical keyboard to use in the office is comfort and ergonomics. You need a comfortable keyboard since you spend a lot of time on your keyboard while at work. Most mechanical keyboards have ergonomic features such as adjustable height, split keyboard designs, and more.

Additionally, some mechanical keyboards come with wrist rests and other ergonomic accessories. These features help reduce fatigue when typing for extended periods.

The design is an essential factor to consider when selecting a mechanical keyboard to use in the office because it can drastically affect your user experience. Mechanical keyboards offer enhanced speed and precision, allowing for a smoother and more comfortable typing experience. 

Mechanical keyboards are designed to reduce strain on the user’s wrists and hands, making them ideal for long typing sessions.

You should also consider additional features when selecting a mechanical keyboard to use in the office because doing so can help improve your typing experience and productivity. Mechanical keyboards offer faster and more accurate typing due to their tactile feedback and keycap design, making it easier to type for long periods. This makes them ideal for office environments where speed and accuracy are critical.

Additionally, mechanical keyboards often come with more customizable features such as macro keys, RGB lighting, and other specialized functions that enable you to perform your tasks more efficiently. Furthermore, mechanical keyboards tend to be more comfortable to type on, reducing the risk of wrist and hand fatigue or injuries that can slow down your productivity.

Other features, which include wireless connectivity, make mechanical keyboards ideal for offices where mobility is essential. Ultimately, mechanical keyboards can balance comfort, precision, and productivity, perfect for office environments.

Media & macro keys also make a mechanical keyboard ideal for office setup, as they allow you to quickly switch between programs or open specific files with a single keystroke. This makes accessing documents, programs, or websites manageable since you do not have to sift through multiple menus or windows. Furthermore, you can assign specific tasks or commands to a single key, making mechanical keyboards ideal for quickly performing complex operations without remembering complicated commands.

Mechanical keyboards with USB pass-through are also ideal for office setup because they allow you to connect multiple devices like a mouse, microphone, or external hard drive.

Durability is another critical factor to consider when selecting a mechanical keyboard to use in the office because it can significantly impact the cost of ownership. If a mechanical keyboard is not durable enough, it can suffer from premature wear and tear, increasing maintenance and repair costs. Durability also affects the lifespan of the keyboard. A more durable keyboard lasts longer and provides more value for money.

Additionally, some office environments require a certain amount of ruggedness, so a durable keyboard is essential for optimal performance and reliability.

If you’re using a mechanical keyboard in the office, you should keep a few tips in mind. Below are some tips for using a mechanical keyboard for office work.

Another option is to use a keyboard mat. The mat is a dense material you place underneath the keyboard to absorb the sound created by the mechanical switches. Using one or more of these sound-dampening options ensures that your mechanical keyboard is quiet enough for use in an office environment.

Proper typing technique is essential for using a mechanical keyboard for office work. It is important to familiarize yourself with the motion and force of the keys to ensure optimal performance. Doing so also helps to reduce typing fatigue and improves your accuracy.

Keeping your wrists in a natural position when typing on a mechanical keyboard is vital. Stretching your wrists too far forward or backward can cause fatigue and strain. It is also essential to type lightly, as the weight and pressure of your fingers can add up over time and cause injury.

Finally, having the right posture when using a mechanical keyboard is essential. Sitting up straight with your shoulders back and your feet flat on the floor will help you type in a relaxed and comfortable position. Taking regular breaks throughout your workday will also help reduce fatigue.

An ergonomic keyboard is an excellent investment if you use a mechanical keyboard for office work. An ergonomic keyboard provides comfort and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) caused by long hours of typing. Ergonomic keyboards are more comfortable and come with features such as split keyboards, adjustable angle settings, and palm rests.

The palm rests help to keep your hands in the correct typing position, reducing strain on your hands and arms. Ergonomic keyboards also often have programmable keys for everyday tasks such as copy and paste, allowing you to work more efficiently and reducing the strain on your fingers. Investing in a good ergonomic keyboard is wise if you use a mechanical keyboard for office work. It can help you avoid injury, stay comfortable, and work more efficiently.

The optimal placement of a mechanical keyboard is crucial and will depend on the size and layout of your desk, as well as your height and arm length.

When positioning the keyboard, it is crucial to ensure that the keyboard is at a comfortable height. You should place the keyboard at a level that allows your wrists to remain in a natural position while typing. Additionally, you should set the keyboard close enough, so your elbows are bent at approximately 90 degrees. This will help ensure that you are not stretching your arms too much, which can lead to fatigue and discomfort.

Ensuring you place the mouse on the same level as the keyboard is also essential. This will allow for smooth and easy navigation when switching back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse. Additionally, you should place the mouse close enough to the keyboard so you do not have to stretch out your arm too much when transitioning between the two.

Placing the keyboard in an area with plenty of space is also essential. Doing so will protect you from accidentally bumping into nearby objects or surfaces.

You can type comfortably and accurately on a mechanical keyboard in the office by ensuring that you place the keyboard in an appropriate spot. Doing so will help you be productive in the workplace and reduce the fatigue and discomfort you may experience while typing.

Mechanical keyboards are great for office work. They offer many features that make typing and other office tasks much easier and more comfortable. They are also durable and reliable, with many models providing long-lasting performance. Most models also offer customizable lighting and ergonomic designs, making them ideal for office work. Therefore mechanical keyboards are suitable for office work since they provide a comfortable and efficient typing experience.

Yes, you can use a mechanical keyboard in the office, as long as it is not too loud and does not disturb other people. You can use various methods to dampen your mechanical keyboard noise, such as using O-rings or adding a noise-dampening foam or a mat.

Yes, mechanical keyboards are a great choice for office work. They are durable and provide excellent tactile feedback and accuracy, which can help improve your efficiency.

Mechanical keyboards are incredibly durable and can last for many years. They provide a satisfying tactile experience and excellent accuracy, making them great for typing. Additionally, mechanical keyboards have a wide range of adjustable features, such as programable keys and backlighting, allowing you to customize the keyboard to your needs.

Some mechanical keyboards are louder than regular keyboards due to the mechanism they use to actuate the keys. However, many mechanical keyboards with quiet key switches are also available, which can minimize the sound.

Yes, mechanical keyboards are generally more expensive than membrane keyboards. This is because mechanical keyboards use individual mechanical switches for each key, which are more expensive to produce than the rubber dome switches used in membrane keyboards.

Additionally, mechanical keyboards are often designed with higher quality materials and features such as customizable lighting and programmable keys, contributing to their higher cost.

Best Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming And Work For Windows 10 Pc

Mechanical Keyboards are the best for typing and gaming. The tactile feedback is probably the most important aspect of a mechanical keyboard, so if you’re a person who is into this piece of technology and faster response times, then keep reading because we’ve got something good for you.

Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming and Work

With the vast amount of mechanical keyboards out in the marketplace, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard that is affordable, we’re certain it’s there, and if you’re looking for something with a premium price, you can also be sure it’s out there.

Worry not, however, because there’s no need to go out searching for the best mechanical keyboards for Windows 10 money can buy. The following list should provide everything you need, well, at least for now until something better shows up.

1] Magicelec Mechanical Keyboard

Interestingly enough, users have the option of changing how the backlights work. For example, if the lights are too bright, it can be dimmed, and the colors can also be modified to fit a particular taste.

It should be noted the Magicelec Mechanical Keyboard comes with 104 anti-ghosting keys, which are perfect for the PC gamer on Windows 10. When it comes down to the cost, this beauty of a keyboard cost $59.99 via Amazon.

2] Ajazz Firstblood AK52 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Not many computer owners might know of Ajazz, one of the best companies when it comes down to mechanical keyboards. The Firstblood AK52 is one of the best on the market for budget gamers who are seeking a mechanical keyboard that is built to last.

The device comes with 104 anti-ghosting keys, backlit support with up to eight configurations and three for gaming. The keyboard can take up to 60 million keystrokes before it goes out of commission. That alone should give users an idea of how sturdy the Ajazz Firstblood AK52 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is, and why they should give it a thought.

When it comes down to the cost, this mechanical keyboard cost a cool $49.99 via Amazon.

3] Cougar 700K Aluminum Mechanical 32 Bit ARM Keyboard

If you’re out looking for the perfect mechanical keyboard for every type of task, then the Cougar 700K Aluminum Mechanical 32 Bit ARM Keyboard might very well be the answer to your prayers. Bear in mind, this is not an affordable mechanical keyboard, so while most will want it, the majority will likely not be willing to throw down for it.

Here’s the thing, the Cougar 700K is rocking backlit keys that can be adjusted up to five times. If you want to record a new macro, this can be done with just a single touch of a button. The same can be said for switching profiles and accessing multimedia commands.

We particularly like the placement of the palm rest. The previous mechanical keyboards are lacking in this regard, so users will be forced to get a separate palm rest when needed.

Here’s something rather interesting about the Cougar 700K. It weighs a whopping 4.4 pounds, which is quite a lot for a keyboard. It even comes with two USB 2.0 ports, although, we’d prefer if the ports were USB 3.0 instead.

The Cougar 700K Aluminum Mechanical 32 Bit ARM Keyboard cost $129.99 via Amazon.

4] ELE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is just as capable as the first two devices on our list, so what’s the difference? Well, it comes packed with a palm rest. For many, a palm rest is a deciding factor when purchasing a keyboard, and the ELE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is likely one for the road.

The device comes with 104 anti-ghosting keys, blue switches, tactile feedback, and a splash waterproof design. Keep in mind that splash waterproof is not full-blown waterproof, so don’t play around with the idea of bringing this keyboard in the shower.

Regarding whether or not the keys are backlit, well, they are. Couple that with the aluminum and plastic design of the overall product and one might believe this little beauty will break the bank. The good news is, such is not the case because it’s the most affordable mechanical keyboard on our list.

The ELE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is going for the cool price of $41.90 via Amazon.

Which one do you prefer?

How To Make A Collage On Instagram

Instagram is all about sharing pictures in various forms with your followers and other people, and one way to do that is through collages. Collages allow users to add more than one photo to their Stories and posts. This tutorial shows you how to create a collage on Instagram and via other third-party apps and websites.

Use Instagram Stickers to Create Collages in Stories

This is perhaps the easiest method that Instagram users have to create a quick collage. You can use as many photos as you would like for these creations, which isn’t possible with other methods. Follow these instructions to create a collage in Stories.

Select the background image for your collage or snap a new photo.

Tap on the “Sticker” button at the top.

Select the “Collage” icon.

You won’t be able to additional images in bulk and will need to add them individually.

Editing Your Collage

The new image will show up in miniature format on the background you previously selected. You can use your fingers to enlarge, shrink, or twist and rotate it. Hold down the image with your finger to move it to the desired part of the display.

If you tap on the image, you can change the shape of the photo, such as from a square to a circle or star.

To add another photo, repeat steps #4 through #6.

Continue the process until you’ve added all your images. Keep in mind that you can also add normal Stickers to your collage but not additional images from Instagram’s generous database.

If you wish to remove one of the images from the collage, drag the image toward the bottom of the screen to get rid of it. When you’re done editing, press “Your Story” to post the result.

Note: Do you want to post a collage on your Instagram profile instead of Stories? Before pressing the “Your Story” button to post the Story, tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner and select “Save.” This will save the image to your phone’s Gallery. From there, you can use it to make a regular post on Instagram.

This easy method won’t add your photos into a nice grid. But you can arrange them manually on a background. If you prefer something a bit more controlled, you may want to try the second option.

Take Advantage of Instagram’s Layout Option to Create a Collage for Stories

Using a layout to create a collage is a bit more restrictive, as you’ll be limited to a number of photos when creating your collage. If you don’t mind this aspect, follow the below steps.

Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.

Swipe left from your screen to go to camera mode and select “Story” from the menu at the bottom.

Tap on the “Layout” icon in the vertical menu on the left.

Press on the layout example underneath to select the configuration of your Story. You can up to six pics to your collage.

Once you’ve selected a layout, start adding pictures. You can snap photos or add images from your own Gallery by tapping on the photo thumbnail in the lower-left corner.

If you’d like to change the position of a certain image, long-press on it and drag toward the desired position. You can tap on a photo, then on the “Trash” icon to remove it.

Once you’re satisfied, hit the checkmark icon at the bottom.

View the final result in the next screen and add extra stickers, images, text and filters to your Story, if you would like.

Once you’ve added everything, press the “Your Story” button to post your creation.

Note: you can download the Story to your phone, then use the image to do a regular post on Instagram.

Try a Third-Party App

If you feel Instagram’s options are a bit restrictive, you can easily turn to third-party apps to make your collages, as they usually have more options (although not all of the apps are free). You can try using Instagram’s own Layout app. The app boasts a few additional features that make it convenient to use. Follow the steps below to create a collage using this app.

Layout for Instagram

Select your favorite collage layout options in the upper section of the screen.

You’ll be taken to the “Editing” screen where you can arrange the photos to look their best.

It’s possible to arrange the portion of the image that will be visible by dragging your image with your finger. You can also resize the grid cells. Just tap on one and drag the blue handles until you’re happy with the result.

The app offers option to easily mirror, flip or replace each of the photos you’re using.

When you’re done, press the “Save” button in the upper-right corner. The collage will be saved to your Gallery app. Look for it in the Layout folder.


Open PicCollage on your device.

Tap the “Grid” button or use the “Freestyle” option.

Select one of the many Grid options.

Add your photos to the grid. By default, the different parts of the grid will be separated by thick lines. You can use the “Layout” button and make them invisible if you would like. As a side benefit, it may allow you to get rid of the watermark later.

Use the menu at the bottom to arrange and edit the images the way you would like. For instance, you can add stickers or add filters over the photos. Explore the options to make your collage look awesome.

Once you’re finished editing, press the “Done” button in the upper-right corner.

Select the “Save to Gallery” option.

Find the image in your Gallery. You can try cropping it a little to get rid of the annoying watermark.

There are other apps that can help you create collages quickly, although most of them add watermarks to the end results. Here are some examples:


PicBow is a web collage maker that is free to use. It doesn’t look as modern as other options yet doesn’t make you pay for its features. The only annoying thing is that it adds a watermark. Fortunately, you can crop out the watermark

Open PicBow on your PC in your browser.

Press the “Collage” button from the menu on top.

Select the type of grid you’d like to use for your collage from the option on the right.

To make it easier to crop out the watermark, you may want to remove the borders between the images in your collage. To do so, go to “Collage & Border” on the right and use the “Border thickness” slider to minimize the borders.

Press the “Download & Share” button at the top.

You can quickly post your creation on Instagram. If you want to use the collage as a Story, you’ll need to send it to your mobile device first.

Frequently Asked Questions Can you also make an Instagram collage out of videos?

Yes, with Instagram’s integrated Layout feature for Reels. Swipe left from your feed and select “Reels” from the menu at the bottom, then tap “Layout” and choose between the three options. Alternatively, you can use an app like InShot to make a video collage that you can then post on Instagram.

Can you create a collage mixing videos and photos?

Yes. You’ll need an app like InShot that lets you overlay images over videos. You’ll need to use the “PIP” option when creating your Instagram collage.

Can I use a photo collage in Instagram Reels?

Yes, but you’ll need to prepare the collage beforehand using one of the apps or websites in this tutorial, then upload the creation as an Instagram Reel.

Image credit: Unsplash All screenshots by Alexandra Arici

Alexandra Arici

Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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How To Save Whatsapp Status Using Phoenix, Mi Browser, Mx Player

There are a lot of dedicated apps developed to save WhatsApp status. We recommend using these apps to avoid downloading a dedicated app for the same.

For example, you can use the Pheonix browser as your primary browser and parallelly use the save WhatsApp Status option. We intend to help you reduce redundancy and not install any extra app for a feature you might seldom use.

Step 5: Now, you will be redirected to the Status window.

Step 6: Under the Status option, you can long-press on the status you want to download.

Step 9: Once you open your gallery, the saved statuses will be available in the Status folder.

Alternatively, you can use the Mi Browser app to download and save WhatsApp status. It comes pre-installed on all Xiaomi devices, and up until recently, it was also available on the Play Store. Unfortunately, it has been removed from the Play Store. We will update with additional information if it is back up.

Step 3: Return to the Mi Browser to save the statuses you just viewed.

MX Player is a top-rated media streaming app on Android. Not only does it allow you to stream local video files, but you can also watch a wide range of titles available on their network. What’s interesting is that it comes with an option to save WhatsApp status, and here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Firstly, install MX Player from Play Store.

Step 3: Select MX Player.

Step 4: Now, turn on the toggle for Allow access to manage all files.

Step 8: Note that to download any status through MX Player, you must first watch the status by opening WhatsApp through MX Player, and then you will get the option to save it.

Step 11: In the Saved tab, you can view all downloaded statuses.

As mentioned earlier, all the statuses you see on WhatsApp are located inside your local storage. Therefore, you can also use a file manager to save WhatsApp status. We recommend using Google Files, which can be installed from Play Store.

WhatsApp does not have any built-in feature to save WhatsApp status. So by following the above methods, are you putting yourself at risk? If you have similar questions, let us provide you with answers for the same.

The simple answer is no – these apps do not dig into your WhatsApp to save the status. We need to understand that statuses also come under WhatsApp media, and they get stored in your local storage. These apps dig into your local storage and then retrieve the status.

In this process, the WhatsApp app is not in consideration, so your chats and other personal data are completely safe. Chats and other data are encrypted, so there is no question of accessing these even via locally stored files.

These were some methods to save WhatsApp status without using a dedicated app. We hope this guide helped you solve the problem. For more interesting tips and tricks, stay tuned to Browser To Use and never miss an article.

How To Make A Live Wallpaper On Android Or Iphone

Live wallpapers may be heavy on the battery, but they sure are fun! Especially if you learn how to make your own. This is why we’ll show you how to make a live wallpaper on Android and iPhone.


You can make a live wallpaper from a video by using a third-party Android app. Simply download one from the Google Play Store. iPhone users are out of luck, though. Apple has removed live wallpapers with iOS 16.


How to make a live wallpaper on Android

How to make a live wallpaper on an iPhone

Editor’s note: Steps in this guide were put together using a Google Pixel 7 running Android 13 and an iPhone 12 Mini running 16.4.1. Some steps may differ, depending on your hardware and software.

How to make a live wallpaper on Android How to create a live wallpaper using Video Live Wallpaper Maker:

Go to the Google Play Store and download Video Live Wallpaper Maker.

Launch the app.

The main page will show you a gallery of the videos on your device. Pick the video you want to use.

You’ll get a couple of options. You can choose whether to Turn on audio and Scale to fit the screen. Make your choices.

Once you’re ready, tap on Set as launcher wallpaper.

Tap on Set wallpaper.

Select whether you want to set it on your Home screen, or Home screen and lock screen.


Creating a live wallpaper on Samsung devices

We know many of you are rocking Samsung phones. It is the most popular Android smartphone manufacturer, after all. Samsung has its own method for creating live wallpapers. These are much funner; you can add text, stickers, effects, and more. Take a look at our guide on how to make your live wallpaper on a Samsung Galaxy phone to learn more.

How to make a live wallpaper on an iPhone

Using a Live Photo:

Open the Settings app.

Go into Wallpaper.

Select Choose a New Wallpaper.

Hit Live Photos.

Pick a photo and make sure.

Select Set.

Pick between Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, or Set Both.

You’re done!

You can also find a third-party app that allows you to turn videos into wallpapers. The Apple App Store is full of them, but we like intoLive. Again, it’s quite a pricey app if you subscribe, but you can use it for free and keep most features.

How to use intoLive:

Go to the Apple App Store and download intoLive. Then launch it.

Select New Project.

Find the content you want to use.

Tap on Add.

You can now make all kinds of edits. These include cropping, cutting, adding more content, making exposure and color changes, and more.

When you’re done editing, tap on the Share button in the top-right corner.

Under File Type, select Live Photo.

Pick your Resolution and FPS preferences.

Hit Save to Photos.

Follow the steps to use a Live Photo. These are listed above.


You can’t simply set a video as a live wallpaper. However, you can use a third-party app to convert any video into a live wallpaper.

Otherwisae known as Dynamic Wallpapers, live wallpapers on iPhones were killed with iOS 16. If you have a phone running an older version of iOS, it can still use live wallpapers.

No. Apple has removed live wallpapers, regardless of where they come from.

Yes. You’ll need to do a bit of tinkering to create your own live wallpapers, but Android still supports them.

Have you decided you want to stick with a normal wallpaper instead? We have a post with all our favorite Android wallpapers, as well as a guide on how to change your wallpaper.

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