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Server lags and glitches are common when playing a fast-paced and graphically intense game like Genshin Impact. Such issues disturb the gameplay, which is frustrating for players.

But, don’t worry as we’re here to help you on how to make Genshin Impact run smoothly whether you’re playing on a PC or on mobile. 

Genshin Impact run smoothly on PC

Firstly, you need 30GB to 35GB of free space on their PC to download Genshin Impact. After that, the size keeps growing as the game continues to add more content. The size itself is a reason for glitches, especially if your PC isn’t compatible. 

Now, let’s dive into the solutions on how to play Genshin Impact smoothly on PC.

Check your ping

While playing the game, you can notice the ping amount on the top-right corner. If it’s very high, it means your internet connection is not strong. If you’re playing in Co-Op mode, the ping maybe even higher. So, here’s how you can speed up your Wi-Fi.

Move your PC closer to the Wi-Fi router. You can also use a Wi-Fi extender to place it near your computer or the router. 

You can even connect your device to the router directly using an ethernet cable.

You can also either replace or upgrade your router if the internet problems persist for a long while. 

If most solutions don’t work, try contacting your internet service provider. 

Check if There are Applications Running in the Background

When you leave background applications running in your PC, they can consume some of the resources, causing the game to lag. Active browsers tend to keep the JavaScript running which ultimately puts further load on the CPU. Make sure that you’ve shut down the background apps while engaging in your Tevyat journey.

Turn your VPN off or on

Playing with your VPN on might affect the speed of the internet. Using VPNs with a limited server space, players might experience a lag while playing the game. WAN Errors can occur when the VPN server is overloaded, ultimately causing glitches. On the contrary, you can try VPN if the local server is facing some issues.

Scan for Viruses

Potential viruses can cause major lagging issues in Genshin Impact. Viruses consume a sizable amount of the computer’s memory and can corrupt important files. Make sure you use a good Antivirus software to eliminate any viruses. After that, you can enjoy the immersive world of Tevyat with a virus- free PC.  

Update Drivers in your PC

A driver updater application can prove to be an essential piece of software for gamers to help their PC function smoothly. This can make your gameplay smooth. These drivers scan your PC hardware for any internal problems with broken or outdated drivers and successfully update them. You can update your driver for a smoother gameplay.

Give High Priority to Genshin Impact in PC

Setting the Genshin Impact game application to High Priority in your PC ensures a better gameplay experience. This also lets your computer software remove limits from the Graphics Card. Here’s how you can change priorities on PC.

Check miHoYo’s Twitter Handle and Website

If everything from the Wi-Fi connection to software issues is up-to-date, it’s best to check out miHoYo’s social media for updates on server issues. miHoYo always makes it a point to notify the players of previous server issues in the mail.

However, you can find out when there are server issues in real-time through Genshin Impact’s official accounts, like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and other community platforms.

Troubleshoot and fixes on Genshin Impact Mobile

To play the high-resolution game on your phone, you need a storage of upto 3GB for the app and up to 10 GB for the additional game content. In case you find a problem in downloading Genshin Impact, you might have to re-check the storage space as well. Moving to the lagging and glitches while playing, you can check out the solutions below.

Check your internet connection on Mobile

The lagging and glitches might be an outcome of a poor internet connection. Weak router connection and too many devices connected to the Wi-Fi can result in lagging and glitches in Genshin Impact. Players need to make sure that their mobile is connected properly to the internet. These are some quick solutions for the poor Wi-Fi dilemma:

Resetting mobile network settings might work a charm in reconnecting faster

Removing other devices connected to the Wi-Fi

Moving closer to the router

Changing the Band of the Channel of Wi-Fi

Reduce Visual Settings

You can optimize the in-game graphics settings to reduce the lag in Genshin Impact. By decreasing the graphic quality, players can trade it off for a faster gameplay. While the best resolution to enjoy Genshin Impact is 1920*1080, players can set it around 1280*720 to increase the FPS in the game. To alter the resolutions, 

Tap on the top-most left corner icon in the game.

Tap on the settings icon. A list of options will appear. Tap on the graphics option.

The game is usually set on a High Resolution, with Highest being the ultimate option. 

Players can either select the Low-Resolution option or customize lower graphic quality below.

Avoid Co-Op Mode with a Bad Connection

Players should avoid Co-Op mode when the internet reception is weak. Not only will your Co- Op friends appreciate that the other player is not glitching randomly mid-battle, but this also gives more stability to the game. Players can also turn off Co-Op settings, like Anti-Aliasing, Motion Blur and Co- Op Teammate Effects to improve the FPS in the game. 

Avoid playing while the Battery is running low

Often lagging and glitching can happen mid-game when your mobile is running out of battery. Your phone will automatically start slowing down its processors and graphic processors as the battery runs out. This might result in the sudden lagging in Genshin Impact. So, it’s best to take a break to charge your phone mid-game. 

Note: It’s important to not play Genshin Impact while charging your phone as it can hamper your phone’s battery health.

Rest when your phone starts to Overheat

Playing too much of Genshin Impact without a break can overheat your mobile phone. This ultimately affects the phone’s performance, resulting in lagging and glitches in-game.

If there are other apps running in the background, it’s best to close them along with the game. Other than just the constant lagging, this might just result in short-circuit in the mobile battery.

Causes for Lagging and Glitches in Genshin Impact

As mentioned above, the causes and consequences are closely mirrored to each other. Players can reflect on these aspects of the game to improve the issues.

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How To Delete Your Genshin Impact Account

If you no longer play Genshin Impact, you can delete it.

In early 2023, there isn’t an option to delete your Genshin Impact account.

As a result, you need to contact Genshin Impact support.

However, in late 2023, Genshin Impact introduced the “Delete account” feature.

Hence, you’ll be able to delete your account in your profile settings.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to delete your Genshin Impact account, if you can delete it, and how to reset it.

How to delete your Genshin Impact account

To delete your Genshin Impact account, you need to go to your profile settings.

Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to delete your Genshin Impact account.

After you’ve requested the deletion of your account, it’ll be permanently deleted after 30 days.

During the 30 days, you can reactivate it on the miHoYo website.

If you didn’t reactivate it after 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted and you won’t be able to retrieve it.

Here are 9 steps to delete your Genshin Impact account:

The first step is to go to the official Genshin Impact website.

Once you’re on the website, you’ll see a “Log In” icon on the header of it.

2. Log in to your Genshin Impact account

Now, you need to log in to your Genshin Impact account.

The pop-up contains a couple of fields.

This includes “Username/Email” and “Password”.

Enter your Genshin Impact username/email and password.

3. Go to your account settings

After you’ve logged into your Genshin Impact account, you’ll see your email address on the header of the site.

This will open a chat box containing a couple of links.

This includes “Account” and “Log Out”.

4. Log in to your Genshin Impact account

Once you’re on the site, you need to log in to your Genshin Impact account again.

Firstly, enter your Genshin Impact username or email address in the “Username/Email” field.

Next, enter your password in the “Password” field.

After you’ve logged into your Genshin Impact account, you’ll land on your account settings.

On the left sidebar, you’ll see 3 options.

This includes “Account Information”, “Account Security Settings”, and “Login Devices”.

At the bottom of your account security settings, you’ll see a link to delete your Genshin Impact account.

The pop-up message states that your account will be deleted once the process is complete.

It also states that your miHoYo account including your personal information and data will be deleted permanently.

7. Complete the security verification

It’s recommended that you use the “Email Verification” method.

Next, check your email for the verification code and copy it.

8. Confirm the deletion of your account

After you’ve completed the security verification, another pop-up message will appear.

The message says that you have completed the security verification process.

It also states that it takes 30 days for your account to be deleted.

Before 30 days, you can still reactive your account by logging in to it.

However, if you did not reactivate your account, it will be automatically deleted and you won’t be able to recover it.

9. Log out of your account

The message states that you’ve successfully submitted an account deletion request.

It also states that unless you reactivate your account, you won’t be able to use it.

Now, you need to wait for 30 days for your Genshin Impact account to be automatically deleted!

Can you delete your Genshin Impact account?

Yes, you can delete your Genshin Impact account.

Then, follow the on-screen instructions to delete your account.

As of late 2023, you don’t have to contact Genshin Impact support to request the deletion of your account.

Instead, you can delete your account in your account security settings.

How can I reset my Genshin Impact account?

You can reset your Genshin Impact account by creating a new account or switching to a new server.

Firstly, if you create a new Genshin Impact account, your progress will be reset.

Similarly, if you switch to a new server, your progress will be reset as well.

This is because data cannot be transferred across servers.


Before late 2023, users were required to contact Genshin Impact support to request the deletion of their accounts.

However, in late 2023, Genshin Impact introduced the “Delete Account” feature.

As a result, users are able to delete their accounts in their account security settings.

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How To Add Friends In Genshin Impact

On Genshin Impact, you can add friends to your Friends List.

Adding friends allow you to check their player profile easily and join them for a co-op session.

For easier recognition, you can also assign a nickname for your friends.

In addition, you can send your friends an in-game private message.

You can have a party of up to 4 players in co-op mode.

You can also cross-play the co-op mode between PC, mobile, and PSN as long as you and your friends are on the same server.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to add friends in Genshin Impact so that you can play co-op mode with them.

You’ll also learn if you can add friends from different servers in Genshin Impact and why can’t you join your friends in Genshin Impact.

How to add friends in Genshin Impact

To add friends in Genshin Impact, you need to ask your friend to send you their UID.

Then, you’ll be able to add them by opening the Paimon menu, navigating to “Friends”, and pasting their UID.

In the “Add Friend” menu, you can search for players and send friend requests using the player’s UID.

A UID stands for a unique identifier, which can be found in the bottom right of your screen.

Your friend does not need to be online to receive a friend request.

Once your friend is online, they need to accept your friend request.

After you’ve added a friend on Genshin Impact, you can play co-op with them at rank 16.

However, you need to be on the same server as them.

For example, if you’re playing in the “Asia” server, your friend needs to be in the “Asia” server as well.

Here are 3 steps to add friends in Genshin Impact:

1. Ask your friend to send you their UID

The first step is to ask your friend to send your their UID (unique identifier).

To add someone on Genshin Impact, you need their UID.

You cannot add someone using their username.

The UID can be found in a couple of places.

Firstly, it is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Secondly, you can find it on the Paimon menu.

To do so, press “Esc” on your keyboard if you’re playing Genshin Impact on a PC.

After you’ve pressed “Esc” on your keyboard, the Paimon menu will open.

On the menu, you’ll see your UID under your profile picture.

You need to ask your friend to follow the above steps to send you their UID.

2. Navigate to “Friends”

Once you’ve received your friend’s UID, you can now add them in Genshin Impact.

Firstly, open the Paimon menu by pressing “Esc” on your keyboard if you’re playing Genshin Impact on a PC.

After you’ve pressed “Esc”, the Paimon menu will open.

On the menu, you’ll see several options.

This includes “Party Setup”, “Friends”, “Achievements”, and more.

3. Add your friend by their UID

On the top navigation bar, you’ll see 3 icons.

This includes a name card icon, an add friends icon, and a timer icon.

On the “Add Friends” menu, you’ll see a “Search and add friends by UID” search bar.

After you’ve searched for your friend using their UID, you’ll be able to add them as a friend on Genshin Impact!

Keep in mind that a total of 45 friends can be added in Genshin Impact.

Can you add friends from different servers in Genshin impact?

No, you cannot add friends from different servers in Genshin Impact.

To add someone on Genshin Impact, you need to be on the same server as them.

Similarly, you need to be on the same server as your friend to play co-op with them.

Once you’re on the same server with your friend, you’ll be able to play co-op with them even if you’re on a different platform.

Why can’t I join my friends in Genshin Impact?

You and your friend need to be rank 16 before you can play co-op with them.

Another reason why you can’t join your friends is that you’re on a different server than them.

To play co-op mode with your friend, you need to be on the same server as them.


Once you and your friend have reached rank 16, you’ll be able to play co-op mode with them.

However, you need to add them as a friend in Genshin Impact first so that they’ll appear in your friends list.

If you’ve activated the cross-save feature on Playstation, the list will be split into two.

This includes “Genshin Impact Friends” and “Genshin Impact Friends on PlayStation Network”.

In co-op mode, cross-play is available between PC, mobile, and PSN platforms.

However, you need to be on the same server as your friend.

For example, if your friend is playing in the “Asia” server, you need to be in the “Asia” server as well.

If you haven’t played in the “Asia” server before, your progress will be restarted on it.

However, your progress will be saved on the old server when you switch back to it.

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Genshin Impact Klee Build: Artifacts, Weapons And Gameplay Tips For Max Damage

Klee is something like Harley Quinn meets Teemo meets… Johnny Torch. She packs a lot of literal firepower in the way of straight-up bombs and mines that she uses to lure enemies into traps and shower them in ridiculous, high-burst Pyro damage. With a good build, Klee excels at taking out clustered groups of enemies, providing ridiculous energy recharge to her teammates, and acting as a great champion for venturing into the Spiral Abyss.

Down below, we’ll run through an overview of her strengths and weaknesses, recommend a great Klee artifact build and weapon for both free-to-play players and those more pay-to-crush, as well as some gameplay tips to get the most out of your Klee build.

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Klee Talents

1. Kaboom!

Kaboom! is Klee’s basic attack that throws up to three bombs that explode upon contact, dealing damage in a modest AoE. Her charged attack spawns a large beam of energy that blasts the ground before her, dealing pyro damage after a brief cast animation. Like a meteor striking the earth, Klee’s plunge attack has her plummeting into the ground at high velocity, dealing AoE Pyro damage.

2. Jumpty Dumpty

Jumpty Dumpty is the “meat” of your DPS as Klee. It sends forth a projectile that bounces three times, dealing pyro damage on the way. It explodes on the third, releasing a cascade of mines that explode on contact. Not only does Jumpty Dumpty have several stages of damage dealing, Klee actually carries up to two charges of the ability, allowing you to turn the battlefield into a literal minefield — something that can be utilized to great effect by the Traveler (more on that in Gameplay Tips.)

3. Sparks ‘n’ Splash

Sparks ‘n’ Splash, Klee’s ult, continually strikes enemies around her in an AoE for the duration of the attack, dealing Pyro damage. The move can be ended prematurely by switching out of Klee to another party member, dealing a final one-shot burst.

4. Pounding Surprise

Klee’s first passive talent, Pounding surprise gives Klee a 50% chance to gain a sparkling golden flower that hovers around her whenever she damages an enemy with a basic attack or Jumpty Dumpty. This flower is consumed in place of stamina for a free Charged Attack.

5. Sparkling Burst

With Sparkling Burst, Klee’s second passive talent, all party members gain 2 elemental energy whenever she lands a crit with a charged attack. This can culminate into some serious ult-spamming when built for properly.

6. All of My Treasures!

Klee talent number three, All of My Treasures!, displays Monstadt-only unique resources on the minimap when running Klee — great for farming certain ascension materials while exploring Teyvat’s first region.

Klee Artifact Build

Crimson Witch of Flames Build (Preferred)

The Crimson Witch of Flames is one of the two Pyro-primary five-star sets in Genshin Impact (the other being the Lavawalker set) and certainly, at least in Klee’s case, the more powerful of the two. The 2 set bonus gives you a decent amount of percentage Pyro damage that, in isolation, might seem a little underwhelming. but leaps to a wicked 37.5% Pyro Damage bonus.

In conjunction with the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds bonus, which grants Elemental Damage percentage boosts every four seconds, you’ve got a Klee that only gets stronger as time goes on. This is especially helpful for Spiral Abyss dives, where Klee really shines as a singular champion.

The only real problem with the Crimson Witch of Flames set is that it is a resin-hungry, not very F2P-friendly set that can subject its pursuers to something of a serious grind. That said, the Crimson Witch Klee Build doles out some of the wildest damage of any Klee build in Genshin Impact.

Berserker/Gladiator Build (Alternative)



Sometimes it’s better to forego the full four-piece bonus that comes with a set in favor of two, two-piece bonuses instead. In this case, since you’ll eventually find yourself farming the bosses that drop Gladiator’s and Berserker’s anyway, you might end up having more than a few artifacts from the set.

If the stats are right (i.e. damage), mixing them together gives you a wonderful percentage boost to both Attack and Crit rate that create a potent mix for just about any DPS Klee build, or really any Genshin Impact character build aiming for DPS.

Klee Weapons

5 Star – Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (Preferred)

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is an excellent Catalyst that serves two important functions besides boosting Klee’s mobility. Its special effect, Boundless Blessing, passively adds stacks of elemental damage to Klee — making her stronger as the battle goes on — but its base crit rate coincides nicely with her Sparkling Burst talent. The 10% movement speed buff is a little icing on the fire-cake that lets you get a little more mileage out of her elemental burst, Sparks ‘n’ Splash — the friendliest sounding Ult in Genshin Impact.

4 Star – Widsith (Alternative)

A four-star weapon with the Genshin Impact weapon effect version of Metronome, the random buff isn’t what you’re looking for as much as the Crit Damage, though any of the three theme songs can provide a pretty hefty boost to your damage output. If you’re having a hard time trying to get your hands on a Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, the Widsith is a capable alternative that won’t disappoint your Klee build.

Klee Gameplay Tips

1. Keep an Eye on Her Crit Rate

When it comes to Klee’s design, one hand is meant to wash the other. Her first passive Talent, Pounding Surprise, gives her free charged attacks — while her second talent, Sparkling Burst, rewards you for critting on a charged attack with party-wide energy recharge.

2. Keep an Eye Out for the Flower

Pounding Surprise spawns a little golden flower that will hover beside your head, indicating that you have a free Charged Attack — use it immediately. These don’t stack, so delaying by as much as a few seconds means not only a lost free-attack but more importantly lost energy recharge for your party.

3. Klee Doubles as a Claymore Wielder

With her bottomless bucket of explosions, Klee is just as adept at smashing geo-shields as any claymore wielder in Genshin Impact, meaning you don’t have to force a way to insert Noelle into your party if you don’t want her there.

4. She Synergizes Beautifully with the Traveler

An often overlooked character, ironically, is the main character — you, the Traveler. Using his/her Anemo affinity, you can actually Palm Vortex all of Klee’s mines into one spot and then send them all at a specific enemy using her elemental burst, Great Surge.

This coincides with all of the energy recharge that a solid Klee build produces, allowing you to spam this combo over and over. It’s as simple as spamming auto attacks and Jumpty Dumpties to spam charged attacks and recharge energy to spam elemental bursts.

Drop a Jumpty Humpty to scatter the mines, switch to Traveler to Palm-Vortex and vacuum them into spot, and then send the gift-box of fiery death you just created at an enemy with Great Surge. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

Is Klee Worth its F2P?

Klee is an expensive character to get, and many a Genshin Impact gamer has found themselves on the verge of tears as they relentlessly pump more money into Gacha pulls trying to get their hands on her.

For all the awesome, F2P value that Genshin Impact provides, the game wasn’t created out of the kindness of MiHoYo’s hearts. To really get a character to nigh-broken levels of power, you really have to draw them multiple times to level up their constellation.

Maybe you got lucky on a pull, and actually got your hands on Klee, but would rather not invest real money into the game for resin-recharges in order to chase the perfect build for her in any reasonable amount of time.

Maybe you’re a casual player who doesn’t want to work at grinding every day like it’s a part-time job and would rather galavant across the verdant fields of Teyvat without pulling out your wallet. Whatever the case, the truth is that Klee scales best with some financial backing.

Klee is a great DPS dealer and a solid Spiral Abyss champion, but she doesn’t always work well with others. She doesn’t pair the best with common standouts like Venti and requires much of your party to be built around her. She’s essentially the handgun, with the other members of your party the hand. 

The variables you should consider and experiment with are the other members of your team. If you have a strong party with a wicked combo set up and solid gear, Klee might not be a good choice considering how resource-hungry she is to build.

That said, she does gel very well with the Traveler and if you lucked out and got Klee before any other lead characters like a Diluc, and you’re ready to go all-in on F2P grinding Klee into oblivion, it might be worth it.

It really just depends on when you get Klee, and who you have already.

For more Genshin Impact walkthroughs, guides, builds, and other tips and tricks, check out our Genshin Impact archives!


How Twitter Works To Impact Search Results

Twitter is incredible for so many reasons. For some, Twitter is a platform for promotion. For others, it’s a market research tool. The great thing about Twitter is you can use it however you want.

However, what many businesses don’t address is the impact Twitter can have on search results.  Learning how to share and format your content on Twitter can directly impact your organic search results.

In this article I’ll review how Twitter works to impact search results.

Twitter and Search’s Unexpected Marriage

According to a study on social media growth, the goal of social media is to identify and attract new customers. Many marketers don’t plan on using social channels like Twitter to influence their search rankings, it just happens to be an added benefit.

Many simply plan to get a bit more traffic, but if we learn how things like anchor text and URL shortened links play in to search results, we may be able to optimize our ability to draw users from both social and search.

According to study done by SEOMoz, social is shockingly well correlated to search engine results. More than 80% of people surveyed believe that in the future social signals will influence rankings at both a domain level and page level.

It only makes sense for search engines to incorporate a human element in their results. Traditional SEO tactics garnered spammy and low quality search results. From a search perspective ranking domains and pages, based on what people are talking about, makes results much more relevant and timely.

Your Authority Matters

The chart below illustrates the same study done by SEOMoz. The study surveyed 132 SEO experts, as they ranked their most important to least important social media factors 1-10. According to the survey “Authority of Tweets” and “# of Tweets,” were the most influential social media factors that played in these SEO expert’s search results.

Caption: SEO Expert survey: On a scale from 1-10, how important are social media factors in search rankings? 1 being most important and 10 being least.

“We do look at the social authority of a user. We look at how many people you follow, how many follow you, and this can add a little weight to a listing in regular search results. It carries much more weight in Bing Social Search, where tweets from more authoritative people will flow to the top when best match relevancy is used.” –Bing via Search Engine Land.

Building Links On Twitter

A topic that many SEO experts are “up in the air” on is Twitter’s power to replicate consistently replicate link building’s benefits. Although Twitter links are “nofollowed,” the importance of the link depends strictly on the number of tweets and retweets that are aggregated on websites. A good deal of websites put their Twitter feeds on to their webpage, which means that every time your content is retweeted by them it builds links. If this conclusion is valid, one could assume that link authority can be transferred to retweeted links. For example; The Retweetist is just one of many sites that aggregate Retweets and follow links.

Caption:  Blue highlight illustrates a DoFollowed link

Real Results

There have been numerous case studies where a tweeted link that goes “viral” gets redirected around Twitter, and the host site ends up ranking for anchor text keywords within the article.

He received 110 Facebook Likes and 1 Tweet – He began ranking for the term “yoga mat compare.”

After 117 Facebook Likes and 4 retweets- He began ranking on the first page for the term “yoga mat compare.”

After 118 Facebook Likes, 4 retweets and 1 link shared on Yoga related sites- he began ranking for “luxury yoga mats.”

Marcus Taylor concluded after his study that, “you can see a progressive increase in not only rankings but the variety of keywords ranking…if I were to carry on acquiring more and more likes and tweets I could potentially attain competitive rankings for these keywords.”

So it seems that collective tweets that are retweeted, pass on link juice by being disseminated across the web on website Twitter feeds. Marcus Taylor questions, “How does this affect SEO? Right this moment I think it’s safe to assume that acquiring likes, tweets and other social signals is a fairly good strategy for not only improving indexation but also rankings.”

Ultimately, establishing Twitter authority improves long term organic search relevance for your site when you share content. Make sure your content’s keywords text is optimized because it seems this is taken to consideration when ranking on search, giving your website traditional SEO benefit from social behaviors.

Caption: Perfect Market’s tweet, recapping the Search Marketing Expo

What This Means For You

Establishing thought leadership on Twitter is important. Easier said than done right? We know that Twitter users are portals for blog promotions; a tweeted link gets power from author authority and retweets. Think of your Twitter account as a pyramid. The higher you are able to drop a link from, the more of the pyramid you will be able to capture; and ultimately the more retweets from authoritative twitter-ers.

To find author authority, chúng tôi gives a list of “experts” when they index search. The goal is to find a niche within Twitter that gets your content to fall majestically through Twitter streams. As Google modifies it’s algorithm to incorporate end user relevance, through a hybrid crowd sourced social indexing model; the SEO waters will become cloudier. Social media, especially Twitter, is a powerful tool for marketers to rank for search terms without spending years on link building campaigns. SEO is no longer a systematic labor intensive process of seeking out partnerships. It seems to be a marriage of engagement in social sharing as well as SEO best practices.

How To Avoid Genshin Impact’s Email Not Yet Registered Error

How to avoid Genshin Impact’s email not yet registered error




Genshin impact’s email not yet registered error either means your account has been compromised or deleted.

Modifying your password is one way to prevent Genshin impact’s email not yet registered error.

Users can safeguard their Genshin Impact accounts by avoiding Primogems scams.

Enabling 2FA will also better secure your Genshin Impact account.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Genshin Impact is a great RPG for Windows and mobile devices. However, there have been plenty of complaints issued against that game regarding account security.

How come the email not yet registered error arises?

The email not yet registered error arises for some players when they try to log in to their Genshin Impact accounts.

Players can’t log in to their accounts when that issue occurs. The error message means that the email address entered for the account is not recognized (registered).

In some cases, that error arises simply because the user hasn’t entered an email address correctly or because Mihoyo has terminated the account for some reason. However, it often means an account has been compromised (hacked) by somebody who has unlinked its email address.

Reports about compromised accounts users can’t log in to because of Genshin Impact’s email not yet registered error have not been uncommon. Players have been critical of the game’s account security shortcomings.

That was especially the case before Mihoyo added 2FA to the game in spring 2023.

What is 2FA?

2FA is the Two-Factor Authentication security method for accounts. It enables users to better secure their Genshin Impact accounts by establishing verification code login methods for other devices. Therefore, 2FA gives users a secondary way to verify themselves with codes.

Mihoyo has received some slack about delaying 2FA implementation for Genshin Impact until 2023. Although the game now has 2FA, players still need to enable that feature. Players can activate 2FA by linking mobile phone numbers and email addresses with Genshin Impact accounts.

There are a few things you can do to better secure your Genshin Impact account and avoid the dreaded email not yet registered error. These are the best ways to avoid Genshin Impact’s email not yet registered error.

How can I avoid Genshin Impact’s email not yet registered error? 1. Change your Genshin Impact account’s password


Make sure you set up a stronger password than the one you’re replacing. Consider utilizing a web app like Strong Password Generator to create the new password. Or you can use password generator software instead.

2. Don’t purchase cheap Primogems from unofficial sites

Expert tip:

However, doing so can compromise your account when you have to share account info with sellers. So, don’t purchase Primogems from unofficial sites.

Also, be wary of websites that claim to provide free Primogems for players. There aren’t many websites that organize legitimate giveaways for Primogems.

Do not log in to any unofficial site offering free Primogems with your Genshin Impact account details.

3. Link your mobile and email with account What to do if your Genshin Impact account has been compromised

If you’ve already encountered an email yet registered error, there might not be that much more you can do other than contacting Mihoyo support about the issue. You can contact that service at this email address: [email protected]

Be prepared to provide these Genhsin Impact account details:

The email address you registered for the account

The UID for the accounts

Last time you logged into your account

Approximate account registration date

Devices you logged in to the account with

Try to gather as much information for your Genshin Impact account as you can before contacting Mihoyo’s customer support service.

Mihoyo will no doubt investigate the issue further after you contact them. If your account has been deleted for some reason, Mihoyo will explain why also.

However, you probably won’t encounter Genshin Impact’s email not yet registered error if you take the precautions above to better secure your account.

Also, be careful not to fall foul of any potential scams that might compromise your account.

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