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Mahjong is a fun 4-player game where players try to form melds with tiles to score points. The goal of the game is to get the highest score by creating a mahjong, which is 4 melds and a pair. A meld is a set of 3 matching tiles (pong meld), 4 matching tiles (kong meld), or 3 consecutive numbers in the same suit (chow meld). There are 3 suits: bamboos (or sticks), characters, and dots. The tiles within the suits are numbered 1 through 9. There are also 4 wind tiles, 3 dragon tiles, 4 flower tiles, and 4 season tiles. To start the game, mix all 144 tiles together face-down, then divide them evenly among the players. Each player makes a wall in front of them with their 36 tiles by stacking 1 row of 18 tiles on another row of 18 tiles. Then, everyone pushes their rows together to form a square. Each player picks up 13 tiles from the row on their side. Next, each player rolls 2 dice and the highest number goes first. On a player’s turn, they start by drawing a new tile from their row. If they draw a tile that makes a meld with the other tiles in their hand, they can call it out and lay the tiles in the meld face-down in front of them. After a player draws a tile and plays any melds they have, they discard a tile from their hand by placing it face-up in the middle of the square. Finally, they draw a new tile from their row to end their turn, and the player to their left goes next. At any point in the game, any player can pick up a tile from the middle of the square to make a meld, whether it’s their turn or not. Players can also pick up a pair with the wind, dragon, flower, or season tiles. Each time a player claims a tile to make a meld or pair, they must announce it out loud before picking up the tile and setting it face-up in front them. The game is over when one player has created a mahjong, or 4 melds and a pair of matching tiles. When a player scores a mahjong, they reveal their 4 melds and the pair. Only the winning mahjong is scored. When scoring a winning mahjong, any melds made with tiles from the center of the square are considered “exposed,” and any melds made using just the tiles in the player’s hand are considered “concealed.” Concealed melds are worth more points. An exposed pong is worth 2 points, an exposed kong is worth 8 points, and an exposed chow is worth 0 points. A concealed pong is worth 4 points, a concealed kong is worth 16 points, and a concealed chow is worth 0 points. A pair of winds or dragons is worth 2 points, and 4 flowers are worth 4 points. Any other pairs are worth 0 points. After you score the winning Mahjong, shuffle the winning tiles and play another round. Play 4 rounds in total. The player with the highest score after 4 rounds wins the game! To learn more about creating melds, read on!

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How To Calculate A Square Root By Hand (With Pictures)

This article was co-authored by David Jia . David Jia is an Academic Tutor and the Founder of LA Math Tutoring, a private tutoring company based in Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of teaching experience, David works with students of all ages and grades in various subjects, as well as college admissions counseling and test preparation for the SAT, ACT, ISEE, and more. After attaining a perfect 800 math score and a 690 English score on the SAT, David was awarded the Dickinson Scholarship from the University of Miami, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Additionally, David has worked as an instructor for online videos for textbook companies such as Larson Texts, Big Ideas Learning, and Big Ideas Math. This article has been viewed 2,571,505 times.

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To calculate a square root by hand, first estimate the answer by finding the 2 perfect square roots that the number is between. A perfect square root is any square root that’s a whole number. For example, if you’re trying to find the square root of 7, first you’d need to find the first perfect square below 7, which is 4, and the first perfect square above 7, which is 9. Then, find the square root of each perfect square. The square root of 4 is 2, and the square root of 9 is 3. Therefore, you know that the square root of 7 falls somewhere between 2 and 3. Now, divide your number by one of the perfect square roots you found. For example, you would divide 7 by either 2 or 3. If you were to choose 3, your answer would be 2.33. Next, find the average of that number and the perfect square root. To find the average in this example, add 2.33 and 2, then divide by 2 and get 2.16. Repeat the process using the average you got. First, divide the number you’re trying to find the square root of by the average. Then, find the average of that number and the original average by adding them together and dividing by 2. For example, first you would divide 7, the number you started with, by 2.16, the average you calculated, and get 3.24. Then, you’d add 3.24 to 2.16, the old average, and divide by 2 to find the new average, which is 2.7. Now, multiply your answer by itself to see how close it is to the square root of the number you started with. In this example, 2.7 multiplied by itself is equal to 7.29, which is 0.29 away from 7. To get closer to 7, you would just repeat the process. Keep dividing the number you started with by the average of that number and the perfect square, using that number and the old average to find the new average, and multiplying the new average by itself until it equals your starting number. If you want to learn how to use the long division algorithm to find the square root, keep reading the article!

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How To Start Building A Base In Minecraft (With Pictures)

Don’t be limited. Not all bases are built the same, and will depend on the preference of the player. As long as it’s reasonably secure, you can make any kind of base you want, ranging from simple to completely wacky. These are some common types of base, aside from the usual houses and huts. Of course, you can make your own variation with your own preferences, but these are just to give you an idea where to start.

If you encounter some harder rock blocks, you’ll need to get a pickaxe. Pickaxes can be made on a crafting table with two Sticks and 3 blocks of Wood Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots or Diamond.

When making a treehouse, don’t take away all the Wood in the tree! Make sure to leave some Wood sticking to your Leaf blocks. If you take out all the wood, it will cause the leaves to disappear, leaving you either standing on a bare tree, or falling off!

Do note that this means you have to bring with you all the renewable resources you can manage to bring and give up on mining. Spiders can still climb up to it, but placing “lips” under the pillar or destroying the block under the main body of the pillar prevents that.

Being 20–30 blocks away from the ground is preferable, since Skeletons can shoot you from that far away, and also to make sure that if you ever decide to descend, there won’t be monsters spawning.

Don’t use Sand or Gravel for this method unless you place it on layers of dirt or stone, since sand and gravel are affected by gravity. If a passing Enderman decides the tower looks nice and takes a piece, your tower would literally come crashing down.

Build a floating island. This is the more “surreal” cousin of the pillar tower base, simply because it’s just floating at least 10 blocks from the ground. It looks impressive, plus spiders are less likely to climb up on it since they can’t climb on anything! You can do this by “extending” the side of a cliff one row at a time while breaking the row of blocks behind you until you’re far away enough from the cliff that Skeletons can’t reach you anymore. Expand until you have enough space to place all your belongings and such. Much like the pillar tower, you’ll need a lot of materials to pull it off, and keeping it well lit is a must to make the effort worth it.

Build an actual island. This option will shelter you from mobs, keep you away from enemy players and just look cool. While this is an option only for more experienced or prepared players, or for those who chose the ocean as their living area, building an island for their own habitation is the only way to truly live in the ocean. Much like the tower and the floating island, it consumes a lot of resources but enables you to live and thrive in your self-made home.


How To Play Wordle With Friends Online (Multiplayer) Using Wordleoff

Inspired by Wordle’s C-R-A-Z-E, the social elements of Among Us, and the multiplayer genre, WordleOff is a refreshing new take on Wordle that allows you to play the same word with your friends in real-time. Amazing as Wordle is, it doesn’t allow you to play together with your friends and family as a multiplayer game.

With WordleOff you can now play the same word of the day with your friends and family and compare results on the spot. Here’s everything you need to know about WordleOff to create a game and invite your friends and family to play Wordle with them online. Let’s get started.

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Is WordleOff the official game of Wordle?

No. WordleOff is not the official game of Wordle. Although now bought by New York Times, the official game of Wordle is still available to play on its website at:

Except for allowing you to play Wordle with someone, WordleOff follows the exact same rules and playing restrictions as in the original Wordle game. Both have the same color coding pattern, guessing rules, even the interface looks fairly similar.

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How does WordleOff work?

WordleOff can be played on both PC and mobile devices. You can even cross-platform and have both phone and PC players in the same session.

There are 2 ways of using WordleOff. Each user can either create a game (session) or join a game created by friends and family using a 9-digit ID.

Once you’re in the game, WordleOff follows Wordle’s word-guessing rules to a tee. The only difference is that WordleOff has to coordinate multiple players at the same time to keep the game in sync. In order to keep everything in sync, WordleOff doesn’t allow you to move on until everyone in the session has submitted a guess.

Though the crux of the playing rules is mostly similar, the two games differ significantly in their playing experience and the ways you can play them. Follow the guide below to know more about how to play WordleOff using various methods.

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How to use WordleOff to create and play Wordle online with someone

Here are various steps of the whole process, given in the form of the detailed step-by-step guide with pictures below.

Step 1: How to create a game in WordleOff (for Host)

Enter Your Name and cick on Join.

Your WORDLEOFF game has now been created with a unique 9-digit ID. You then share this ID with your friends and family to allow them to join your game.

Step 2: How to invite friends to WordleOff (for Host)

Inviting friends to WordleOff is very easy. WordleOff, just like Among Us, links each game to a 9-digit ID. This ID then acts as an identifier for that game and everyone who knows this ID can join the game (up to 16 players).

Therefore, inviting friends to your WordleOff game is synonymous with sharing this ID with your friends. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll show you how you can share the 9-digit ID or your game’s URL on Facebook.

In another browser window, visit Facebook at: chúng tôi Log in with your credentials if you are logged out.

Note: You can also share the 9-digit ID instead of the game URL. In our case, this ID is 641-281-460.

Feel free to repeat this process if you want to invite more people. You can invite up to 16 people.

Alternatively: Sharing WordleOff invite link on phone

Go to your WordleOff game from your phone and tap on the 9-digit ID. This will copy the game URL. You can also make note of this 9-digit ID if you want to want to invite by sharing the ID.

Once the URL is copied, open the Facebook app from your phone’s home screen.

Tap the Messenger icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Navigate to the person you want to invite and tap on their name.

Tap and hold the typing are marked by “Aa” until you see the Paste option.

Tap Paste.

Tap the send button.

Feel free to repeat this process if you want to invite more people. You can invite up to 16 people.

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Step 3: How to join a game in WordleOff (for a participant)

Now that you’ve received the 9-digit ID to WordleOff via a messaging app, it’s time to join the game. Remember, you can join a WordleOff game in 2 ways, by entering the 9-digit ID or by opening the invite link shared with you by a friend or family member.

3.1 How to join a WordleOff game using ID

Enter the 9-digit ID in the 3 white tiles. Make sure you enter only 3 digits in each of the 3 tiles.

You’ve now joined the game. 

3.2 How to join using the invite link

Visit the Facebook website and navigate to the person who sent you the invite link.

Note: You can also open it in any other web browser by copying the URL and pasting it in the browser of your choice.

You’ve now joined the game. 

How to Reset a game in WordleOff

WordleOff is designed to play in multiplayer mode, with your friends. It also requires that all the players involved are at the same guess count at all times. But there can be situations when that is not permissible and one of the players has already entered a try before the rest could join the game. Let’s try to understand this situation with an example.

Let’s say Player 1 has created a game and shared the invite link with his friend, Player 2. Now, the game has 2 members, and everything’s perfect. Both players can begin their match. But what if Player 1 entered a guess before Player 2 could join? What would happen when Player 2 tries to join the game?

Well, Player 2 will be presented with the following error message.

Open the WordleOff game that you want to reset.

The WordleOff grid has now been reset. Player 2 can now join the game with a fresh set of grids.

How does the game end in WordleOff?

Let’s say Player 2 was able to guess the word while Player 1 wasn’t. What happens then?

After all the tries have been exhausted, WordleOff will reveal the results itself. You will see both your and other members’ grids in detail, with all the guesses revealed along with their color-coding.

If you wish to play the game again with the same set of members, you can reset the game and play a brand new word again. Refer to our guide above to know more about resetting WordleOff.

Does WordleOff have the same rules as Wordle?

Yes. In terms of the word-guessing puzzle, WordleOff follows Wordle’s rules to a tee. You get 6 tries to guess a 5 letter word. Each guess reveals valuable information in the same color scheme (green, yellow, grey) as Wordle. Not only that but the guesses also need to be logical words.

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However, the fundamental difference between WordleOff and Wordle is that WordleOff is a multiplayer game. That means you will see multiple grids on your screen, each corresponding to a unique player. You can add up to 16 people in a session.

In WordleOff, you can see the letters of only your guesses. After each set of tries, WordleOff will reveal the places of interest (color-coded) of your friend’s guess, without revealing the actual letters themselves (refer to the image below).

What is God Mode in WorldeOff?

But what if one player is able to guess the word way before the other players? What happens then?

In that case, the lucky player enters the “God Mode!”. Let’s say player A guessed the word correctly on the 3rd try. Player A can then see all of Player B’s guesses (both previous and upcoming).

This makes the game more fun since Player A can then add more pressure by telling the other players that he can see their guesses.


How To Obtain A Tax Id Number For An Estate (With Pictures)

Be sure to read them thoroughly, as the requirements for this form are not easy to understand at first glance.

Print out a copy of this form and get ready to fill it out.

In Line 1, enter the first name, middle initial, and last name of the decedent, followed by the word “Estate.”

In Line 2, write “N/A,” which stands for non-applicable.

In Line 3, enter the name (first name, middle initial, last name) of the executor, administrator, or any other fiduciary, as applicable.

In Lines 4a–b, enter the mailing address of the estate. The IRS will use this address when sending any correspondence.

Fill out Lines 5a–b only if the executor or administrator has an address different from that of the estate.

In Line 6, enter the county and state where the will is probated.

In Line 7a-b, Enter the full name (first name, middle initial, last name, if applicable) and SSN of the responsible party (executor, administrator, personal representative, or other fiduciary)

Write “N/A” in Lines 8a–c. This information is only used by certain companies completing this form, and does not apply to an estate’s application for a tax identification number.

Write “N/A” in Line 9b. This only pertains to corporations using this form.

Check the box for “Other” in Line 10. This part of the form establishes your reason for applying for a tax identification number. After checking this box, you are asked to specify a reason. Enter “Estate Administration” in this space.

Complete Lines 11 and 12. This information will relate to dates that will be used in determining the estate’s tax liability. On Line 11, enter the date the estate was funded (usually the date of the decedent’s death), and on Line 12 enter the last month of your accounting/tax year.

Complete Lines 13 through 15. This information pertains to any employees working for the estate. For instance, if the estate hired cooks, maids, gardeners, etc., you would need to fill out these sections as appropriate. Most likely the estate will not have employees, so if this is the case enter “0” in Line 13 and write in “N/A” on Lines 14 and 15.

In Line 16, check the box for “Finance & Insurance.”

In Line 17, enter “Estate Administration.”

If the decedent has applied for and been issued an employment identification number in the past, check the box for “yes,” and provide the previous number in the space provided. Otherwise, check the box for “no” and write “N/A” in the space provided.

For instance, if you are completing this form and you wish your attorney to be the person to receive the identification number, you would put your attorney’s contact information here.

Sign and date the form in the space provided. Also be sure to print your name and title and write your telephone and/or fax number in the spaces provided.

Have your third-party designee sign if necessary. If you have filled out the “Third Party Designee” section, you will want to make sure both you and that third party sign this form.

Make a copy of the form for your records. This is an important legal document and, as with all such documents, you should make a copy that you can reference later. Be sure to keep it in a secure location because it contains a lot of sensitive information.


How To Play Modern Pentathlon?

How to Play Modern Pentathlon?

In modern pentathlon, players have to contest against each other in five different sports. The competition starts with fencing, followed by a swimming, then show- jumping, shooting and the cross country running.

In the present scenario, the organizers have mixed the events of shooting and cross country run. The strategy of combining these events started in 2009, which has become very popular among the audiences.


The first event that is conducted in pentathlon is fencing where the players compete against each other only in the epee format. In case of modern pentathlon, the players face all other players individually in a round-robin manner.

In epee fencing the epee is the thrusting weapon which weights 775 grams and the whole body is a valid target. The hand guard is a large circular guard which points towards pommel and protects hand from direct stab which is a valid target. The points are counted for hitting the target by the tip of the Epee. Any hit by the blades are not valid hence no points are awarded.

Each matches lasts for 1 minute where the players try to hit each other while following the normal fencing rules. The players have to hit each other once only. The first one to hit the opponent is declared winner instantly. During the match, double hits are not counted.

In case the players fail to hit each other once during the 1 minute duration lose the match. The players can gain the point by hitting any part of the opponent’s body from head to toe. Once the ranking round of fencing is over, the players go for the bonus round where based on their rankings in the previous round, the player having last rank compete against the player whose rank is immediate one above the last rank player.

The winner between them again competes against the player having immediate rank one above. In this way the sport goes on till all players have finished their bout. Each bonus round victory earns one point to the player. An electronic device is used to mark a hit once connected to player’s body or cloth. During the fencing matches, making 70% hits earns a player 1000 points whereas each hit above 70% of the total number of hits earns +24 or -24 points.


Once the fencing event is over, players move to the swimming event. The swimming event organized in modern pentathlon is a 200meter freestyle swimming where there is no restriction on players regarding their swimming style but once the event has started, they cannot alter the style during the event.

Players are then seeded in heats based on their fastest time to complete the distance. Here in case of men, finishing the race in 2 mins 30 secs earns the player 250 points and 0.33 seconds before/after that time earns him/her +4 or -4 points. In case of women, the finishing time to earn 250 points is 2 mins 40 secs.

Show Jumping

The third and next event is the show jumping where the players ride horses on a track that is filled with obstacles. The athletes are provided with horses by the organizers and horses are chosen randomly through draw 20 min before the start of the event. The athletes are allowed to ride and jump for 5 times with their new horses as the athletes are pretty unknown to the horses meant for their riding.

The scores are given based on the manners and way of riding the horse as well as overcoming the obstacles. Within a specific time the rider along with the horse has to clear all the hurdles. Based on the number of hurdles cleared and finishing the course within allotted time, the riders earn scores. The course usually includes 15 jumps with 12 obstacles including at least one double jump and one triple jump.

Shooting and Cross Country Race

Shooting is conducted in indoor shooting range with the help of 4.5 mm air pistol. A player has to shoot fixed targets which are located 10 meter apart. The shooters are given 20 rounds to shoot. The maximum time given between each shot is 40 sec and best 10 shots are considered for point calculation.

The cross country race is organized on coarse ground or public road for about 3 km. The athletes with highest point in first four sports start the race and other athletes will start the race in different time intervals depending on the points they scored in the four sports. Men should finish the race in 10 minutes and zero seconds and women requires to finish the race in 11 minutes and 20 seconds to gain 1000 points which is added to the points they have earned in the previous four sports.


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