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In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the steps to boot your PS5 game console in Safe Mode and teach you how to use it.

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What Is Safe Mode on PS5?

Safe Mode is a special bootable environment on the PlayStation 5 that allows you to troubleshoot and fix numerous issues that arise on the console. It’s similar to Safe Mode on the PS4.

When the PS5 starts in Safe Mode, it runs with a minimal set of drivers, settings, and features, making it easier to resolve hardware and software conflicts preventing the console from starting up or functioning correctly.

Safe Mode’s benefits on the PS5 include updating the console, rebuilding the database, and initializing the system software, all of which help address problems such as console crashes, freezes, and other errors.

How to Enter PS5 Safe Mode

Safe Mode on the PlayStation 5 functions external to the regular boot-up mode on your console, so you must follow a specific sequence of steps to enter it.

Here’s what you must do to boot your PS5 in Safe Mode:

    Press the

    PS button

    on your DualSense wireless controller, choose the


    icon, and select

    Turn Off PS5

    . If the console is frozen or the screen is blank, press and hold the


    button to initiate a forced shutdown.

      Wait until the casing’s power indicator turns off. Then, push down on the PS5’s


      button. After the first beep, hold for seven seconds until you hear a second beep.

        Connect your DualSense controller via a cable to a USB port on the front or back of the console.

          Press the

          PS button

          on the DualSense wireless controller.

            Safe Mode should load momentarily.

            If you have trouble entering Safe Mode, try power-cycling your PS5. To do that, shut down the console, disconnect the power and HDMI cables, and wait up to a minute. Then, reconnect the cables and reattempt steps 3–6.

            How to Use PS5 Safe Mode

            Safe Mode for the PlayStation 5 console appears as a simple menu of options. Use the Up and Down buttons on your DualSense controller’s D-pad for navigation. To select an option and view additional sub-options, press the X button; to back out of a sub-menu, press the O button.

            Important: The DualSense controller cannot function wirelessly with your PS5 in Safe Mode. Do not disconnect the USB cable.

            The following sections will walk you through what the options on the PS5’s Safe Mode do and how you can use them for troubleshooting a malfunctioning console.

            Restart PS5

            Reboots the PS5 in normal mode. Select it after you’ve finished interacting with Safe Mode to troubleshoot the console.

            Change Video Output

            Provides a sub-option labeled Change Resolution that allows you to switch to an alternative output resolution, helping you troubleshoot black screen issues and other graphical anomalies.

            Additionally, if you come across blank screens, washed-out video game colors, or frame rate issues, select the Change HDCP Mode sub-option and choose HDCP 1.4.

            Update System Software

            Allows you to update the PS5’s system software to fix performance issues and known bugs. Use the Update From Internet sub-option to perform a system software update over the internet. Safe Mode automatically detects and connects to Wi-Fi networks you’ve previously joined or uses Ethernet.

            If that fails, use a PC or Mac to create a folder labeled PS5 and an UPDATE subfolder inside a FAT32/exFAT-formatted USB drive. Then, download the PS5 system software file via chúng tôi and copy it into the UPDATE folder. After that, connect the USB drive to your PS5 and choose Update from USB Drive.

            Restore Default Settings

            Reverts all system settings on the PS5 to factory defaults and PS5 problems that occur due to corrupt or conflicting configurations. It’s quick and safe; you won’t lose any data on the console’s storage.

            Clear Cache and Rebuild Database

            Allows you to resolve PS5 problems that arise from an obsolete system cache and a broken storage database. Select the System Software Cache sub-option to flush the console’s system cache and Rebuild Database to create a new database of all content on the internal solid-state drive (SSD).

            Reset PS5

            Restores the PS5 console to its default factory settings. You’ll lose all user data on the SSD, such as games, apps, and saved data. Only do that if you plan to sell the console or if none of the troubleshooting options above fixes your PS5.

            Note: If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, your game saves automatically back up to the Sony servers. You should be able to get them back if you decide to sign back into the console.

            Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software)

            Goes beyond a standard factory reset and reinstalls the PS5’s system software and firmware. It’s the final software-based solution to severe issues preventing you from using the console normally.

            However, before you select the option, you must use a desktop device to download the PS5 console reinstallation file. Then, create a PS5 folder and an UPDATE subfolder within a USB flash drive, copy the file inside, and plug it into the console.

            Play It Safe

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            How To Use Dreambooth To Put Anything In Stable Diffusion (Colab Notebook)

            Dreambooth is a way to put anything — your loved one, your dog, your favorite toy — into a Stable Diffusion model. We will introduce what Dreambooth is, how it works, and how to perform the training.

            This tutorial is aimed at people who have used Stable Diffusion but have not used Dreambooth before.

            Do you know many custom models are trained using Dreambooth? After completing this tutorial, you will know how to make your own.

            You will first learn about what Dreambooth is and how it works. But You can skip to the step-by-step guide if you are only interested in the training.

            What is Dreambooth?

            Published in 2023 by Google research team, Dreambooth is a technique to fine-tune diffusion models (like Stable Diffusion) by injecting a custom subject to the model.

            Why does it call Dreambooth? According to the Google research team,

            It’s like a photo booth, but once the subject is captured, it can be synthesized wherever your dreams take you.

            Sounds great! But how well does it work? Below is an example in the research article. Using just 3 images of a particular dog (Let’s call her Devora) as input, the dreamboothed model can generate images of Devora in different context.

            With as few as 3 training images, Dreambooth injects a custom subject to a diffusion model seamlessly.

            How does Dreambooth work?

            You may ask, why can’t you simply train the model with additional steps with those images? The issue is that doing so is known to cause catastrophic failure due to overfitting (since the dataset is quite small) and language drift.

            Dreambooth resolves these problems by

            Using a rare word for the new subject (Notice I used a rare name Devora for the dog) so that it does not have a lot of meaning in the model in the first place.

            Prior preservation on class: In order to preserve the meaning of the class (dog in the above case), the model is fine-tuned in a way that the subject (Devora) is injected while the image generation of the class (dog) is preserved.

            There’s another similar technique called textual inversion. The difference is that Dreambooth fine-tunes the whole model, while textual inversion injects a new word, instead of reusing a rare one, and fine-tunes only the text embedding part of the model.

            What you need to train Dreambooth

            You will need three things

            A few custom images

            An unique identifier

            A class name

            In the above example. The unique identifier is Devora. The class name is dog.

            Then you will need to construct your instance prompt:

            a photo of [unique identifier] [class name]

            And a class prompt:

            a photo of [class name]

            In the above example, instance prompt is

            a photo of Devora dog

            Since Devora is a dog, the class prompt is

            a photo of a dog

            Now you understand what you need, let’s dive into the training!

            Step-by-step guide

            Get training images

            As in any machine learning tasks, high-quality training data is the single most important factor to your success.

            Take 3-10 picture of your custom subject. The picture should be taken from different angles.

            The subject should also be in a variety of background so that the model can differentiate the subject against the background.

            I will use this toy in the tutorial.

            Images of the subject.

            Resize your images

            In order to use the images in training, you will first need to resize them to 512×512 pixels for training with v1 models.

            BIRME is a convenient site for resizing images.

            Drop your images to the BIRME page.

            Adjust the canvas of each image so that it shows the subject adequately.

            Make sure the width and height are both 512 px.

            Press SAVE FILES to save the resized images to your computer.

            Alternatively, you can download my resized images if you just want to go through the tutorial.


            I recommend using Google Colab for training because it saves you the trouble of setting up. The following notebook is modified from Shivam Shrirao’s repository but is made more user-friendly. Follow the repository’s instructions if you prefer other setups.

            The whole training takes about 30 minutes. If you don’t use Google Colab much, you can probably complete the training without getting disconnected. Purchase some compute credits to avoid the frustration of getting disconnected. As of Dec 2023, $10 USD will get you 50 hours, so its not much of a cost.

            The notebook will save the model to your Google Drive. Make sure you have at least 2GB if you choose fp16 (recommended) and 4GB if you don’t.

            Get this Dreambooth Guide and open the Colab notebook.

            You don’t need to change MODEL_NAME if you want to train from Stable Diffusion v1.5 model (Recommended).

            Put in instance prompt and class prompt. For my images, I name my toy rabbit zwx so my instance prompt is “photo of zwx toy” and my class prompt is “photo of a toy”.

            5. Grant permission to access Google Drive. Currently, there’s no easy way to download the model file except by saving it to Google Drive.

            6. Press Choose Files to upload the resized images.

            7. It should take about 30 minutes to complete the training. When it is done, you should see a few sample images generated from the new model.

            8. Your custom model will be saved in your Google Drive, under the folder Dreambooth_model. Download the model checkpoint file and install it in your favorite GUI.

            That’s it!

            Testing the model

            You can also use the second cell of the notebook to test using the model.

            Using the prompt

            oil painting of zwx in style of van gogh

            with my newly trained model, I am happy with what I got:

            Images from dreambooth model.

            Using the model

            You can use the model checkpoint file in AUTOMATIC1111 GUI. It is a free and full-featured GUI you can install on Windows, and Mac, or run on Google Colab.

            If you have not used the GUI and the model file has been saved in your Google Drive, the easiest way is the Google Colab option. All you need to do is to put the path to the model in Google Drive to use it. See the step-by-step tutorial for more details.

            How to train from a different model

            You will need to change the MODEL_NAME and BRANCH.

            Currently, the notebook only supports training half-precision v1 and v2 models. You can tell by looking at the model size. It should be about 2GB for v1 models.

            You can find the model name and the branch name below on a Huggingface page. The page shown below is here.

            Further readings

            I recommend the following articles if you want to dive deeper into Dreambooth.

            How To Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10

            How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 Dark Mode prevents eye strain




            Some prefer to use the Dark mode in Windows 10 to avoid eye fatigue from a bright screen.

            Switching from Light mode is extremely easy to do by using the Personalization settings.

            However, your Windows copy has to be activated in order to make the change.



            To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

            Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

            Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

            Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

            Fortect has been downloaded by


            readers this month.

            If the ordinary look of Windows 10’s user interface already has you bored, you can change the theme and refresh it.

            Since the release of the Anniversary Update, Microsoft made the option to switch to the Dark mode available to all users.

            The Dark theme will apply to all elements of Windows 10 but based on our experience, you’ll mostly see it in the Settings app.

            What is Dark mode and should you be using it?

            Whether it’s called Dark mode, Dark theme, Night mode, or Black mode, it is a display setting that comes in the majority of apps, systems, and devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

            The whole idea behind this concept is to reduce the light emitted by the screens of these devices thus protecting your eyes.

            However, the subject is still up for discussion because although some experts believe it’s healthier to read text against a dark background other studies have shown the contrary.

            Returning to the Dark mode in Windows 10, you should know that switching to this color scheme is only going to affect the system and the native apps, not all the third-party ones.

            How can I Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10?

            2. Open Personalization from the list of available options.

            4. It will take a few seconds but the system will change all the windows to Dark mode.

            5. You can also choose the Custom color theme, to be able to switch to Dark mode only for the Windows system or the apps.

            6. If you are not satisfied with the result, come back to this menu and select the Light or Custom color to start over.

            If you are looking to find a way to easily enable Dark Mode on Windows 10, you can do it through the Personalization tab in Settings. The OS’s built-in settings can help you tweak your screen color to your liking in just a few steps.

            The ability to choose between Dark and Light modes has been present on Windows 10 Mobile (and even Windows Phone 8.1) long before it was applied to Windows 10.

            When it comes to PCs, Microsoft Edge already had this option way before it was added to the system overall, but something prevented Microsoft from delivering the Dark mode to the rest of the system until now.

            Use Dark mode in any app of your choice

            As we have mentioned above, most of the third-party apps have a Dark mode setting on their own so if turning it on on Windows 10 didn’t change their appearance, here’s what to do:

            As you have noticed, Chrome doesn’t have a default setting for Dark theme or mode so you need to select a different theme from the store.

            However, in most apps, you will find the dark color scheme in their Colors, Display, or Appearance section from their Settings menu.

            If you’ve switched to the new OS, we also have a complete guide on how to activate Dark Mode on your Windows 11 PC.

            Still experiencing issues?

            Was this page helpful?


            How To Setup Maintenance Mode In WordPress? – Webnots

            Coming soon or maintenance mode is single page shown to users for different reasons. May be you are preparing a new site for launching or you are troubleshooting an existing site. In such cases, you should show a coming soon or maintenance mode page to users to avoid them seeing unnecessary details. Also, this is required to avoid search engines indexing your raw data before it is ready for publishing. If you are also using Weebly, learn how to create maintenance mode page for Weebly site?

            When to Use Maintenance Mode?

            Creating a website needs lot of time. It is unlikely you can create all the content in few hours and launch the entire site. Most of the time, you may need to many days or even months to launch a new website depending the size. The best option here is to create a staging site and start creating your content. Alternatively, you can create localhost website and move to live WordPress site when you are ready.

            However, not all webhosting companies offer staging feature and you may not have much time to create local site. The solution here is to create a live WordPress installation and setup a coming soon page till the time your content is ready for publishing.

            On other hand, many reasons your live site needs to be taken down like planned maintenance, troubleshooting or migration purposes. In this case, you should setup a maintenance mode page to inform users about the activity and the expected time when your site will be back online. The good part is that you can use single plugin for showing either coming soon or maintenance mode. Alternatively, use a custom code snippet without plugin or use theme options if it is available in your theme.

            1. Maintenance Mode with Plugin

            Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

            Surprisingly, the plugin has 900k+ active installations. We wonder why so many active installations are not going live.

            Setup Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode

            Though on the “Settings” link under the plugin name or go to the menu item “SeedProd” in the dashboard. Though you will see different tabs on the settings page, you only need setup under “Content Tab”. Most of the options in other tabs like design and subscribers are for pro users. Similarly, except “Settings” menu, all other options for only pro users.

            Content Settings

            SEO Offer: Optimize your site with Semrush Pro special 14 days free trial.

            License Key

            The free version does not need any license key. If you want to explore more then purchase the premium version for the price of $29.60 per year for one website. You will get 20% discount on this price when purchased through your WordPress dashboard link.

            General Settings

            Here you can enable coming soon or maintenance mode. Remember, you will still see the site’s content when you logged in. You should log out or use different browser to see the coming soon page.

            General Settings for Coming Soon

            Page Settings and Header

            You can setup the following details:

            Add a logo to show on your page.

            Headline and message for your page. Remember to add message relevant for coming soon or maintenance mode.

            Add favicon, title, meta description and analytics code under “Header” section.

            Header Settings

            Viewing Live Preview

            Coming Soon Page Preview

            Additional Options

            You can setup a background image, setup image parameters and add CSS under “Design” tab.

            By default, the plugin will exclude login, admin and dashboard pages to avoid lock out of your site. However, you can disable this to include admin pages to show maintenance mode under “Advanced” tab. If you enable this option, then you may need to disable the plugin through FTP to login to your site.

            “Advanced” section also has options to add header and footer scripts on your page.

            Advanced Settings

            2. WP Maintenance Mode Without Plugin

            Instead of using a plugin, you can insert the following code snippet in your theme’s chúng tôi file. This is will enable a simple and quick maintenance mode.

            function maintenace_mode() { die('Maintenance.'); } } add_action('get_header', 'maintenace_mode');

            Learn more about editing chúng tôi file and it should look like below:

            Maintenance Mode Code in Functions PHP File

            After updating chúng tôi file, make sure to logout of your WordPress admin panel. Open the site’s home or any other page in the browser and you should see a quick maintenance message like below.

            Site in Maintenance Mode

            3. Using Theme’s Options

            Most of the premium themes have a built-in maintenance mode feature which you can use instead of the plugin. For example, the popular Highend theme offers coming soon mode as a module that you can enable whenever you need.

            Important Points to Remember

            Remember the following points when you setup coming soon or maintenance mode in your site:

            Showing coming soon or maintenance mode will hide all the pages on your site.

            Regardless of the page, all users, except admin, will see a coming soon or maintenance mode page.

            You can still view the pages when logged in to admin panel as an administrator.

            If you want to have a new product launch then ensure to create a new post or page and setup countdown timer.

            How To Activate Facebook Dark Mode In Your Browser

            How to activate Facebook dark mode in your browser




            You can easily activate the Facebook dark mode in your browser by following the steps indicated in this article.

            Using a browser that has a built-in dark mode theme, is a great way of accessing Facebook in the dark mode.

            Changing the Facebook display settings is yet another quick way of using the dark mode.

            If the Facebook dark mode has disappeared for you, there are specific extensions that can help.

            Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

            You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

            Here’s what Opera One can do:

            Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

            AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

            Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

            ⇒ Get Opera One

            Many users have expressed their wish of being able to see Facebook in the dark mode in their Windows 10 browser.

            Spending hours on Facebook, at night, with a bright white display can definitely be a nightmare for anyone.

            Thankfully, all this has changed and now there are several options on how you can active the Facebook dark mode into your browser.

            We’ve put together a list of the steps you need to make in order to activate it, so keep on reading.

            How can I use Facebook Dark Mode on my browser? 1. Use a different browser

            Let us start by telling you the easiest way to use Facebook’s dark mode. It’s all related to the browser you’re using, so maybe it’s time to make some changes.

            Additionally, it’s quite intuitive to achieve your goal with Opera. All you have to do is install the Dark mode extension, which takes mere seconds.

            After following these steps, Facebook dark mode will be activated in your browser.

            3. Force the Dark Mode

            Note: In case you want to return to the previous settings, all you need to do is to retype the same as above, in the address bar and select the Disable option.

            4. Use the extensions

            For Chrome

            If Chrome is the browser you are using, then we have great news for you.

            You can download the Dark Theme for Facebook from the Chrome web store and activate the dark mode for your account.

            Moreover, the extension is highly customizable and you can also set a schedule for when to have it active (for example only at night time).

            For Edge

            If you are using Edge, then you can also download similar extension called Dark & Night Theme for Facebook.

            With this extension you will have the possibility to instantly change your Facebook to the dark mode.

            Moreover, you have 5 built-in dark modes to choose from and if you want, and there is also the option to build your own dark theme.

            For Mozilla

            A highly rated dark-mode theme for Facebook, if you are using Mozilla is the Dusky Gray Facebook [Dark Theme].

            This theme has an impressive design but most of all, it will allow you to easily activate the dark mode for when you are on your Facebook account.

            The dark mode feature for Facebook has been a bliss for many users and its something everyone has been waiting for.

            As seen in this article, there are several ways on how you can activate the Facebook dark mode in your browser .

            Still experiencing issues?

            Was this page helpful?


            Start a conversation

            How To Get Discord On Ps5 And Ps4

            In 2023, Sony made a minority investment in Discord and announced its partnership with the messaging giant to bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together. As part of this effort, Discord started rolling out an option to connect your PlayStation Network (PSN) account to Discord for a rich presence in early 2023. However, to make things even better Discord is now officially available on PS5 for everyone to use. In this article, we have explained how you can get Discord on your PS5 and PS4. You will be able to see it happening right from your Discord profile on PC and mobile. So power up your consoles, get the discord app ready, and let’s do this.

            Use Discord on PS5 and PS4 (2023)

            We won’t run in circles in this article, but instead, tell you right off the bat that there is no native Discord app available for the PS4 and PS5 consoles. You cannot install Discord on your console just yet. But through Sony and Discord’s partnership, we now have official Discord integration for PS5. PS4 users still have to go through some tedious workarounds to get the voice chat working on their console. There’s also a way to read your Discord messages on your PlayStation console (through a workaround). As always, use the table to sort through all the sections.

            Connect Your PlayStation Account to Discord Through the Discord App on PC

            Before you can talk with friends while playing games on your PS5, you need to connect your PlayStation Network to your Discord account. This will highlight your PS5/Ps4 game status for others to see in the chat app and enable voice calls. Follow the steps below:

            5. You will now see your PS account details on Discord’s Connections page. Here, you can choose to display your PSN account on your profile and display your game activity as your Discord status.

            Through PlayStation 5

            2. Once done with the login process of entering your credentials, you will be met with a screen asking you to either scan a QR code or use the PS5 browser to do so.

            3. Scan the QR code shown in the image that appears on your PS5, or you can go to chúng tôi and enter the code you see. And that’s it! Your Discord and PSN accounts are now linked, and the voice chat is ready to use on PS5.

            How to Use Discord on PS5 (Easiest Method)

            Now that all the steps are done, it’s time to use Discord voice on your console. You can use your desktop or even mobile device to join the call on your PS5. Follow the steps below to do so:

            2. If you are on your PC, you will see an icon that looks like a controller along with a smartphone at the bottom left. Tap it and then choose “Transfer to PlayStation” from the pop-up that appears.

            4. If you are on your mobile, swipe up to access the voice controls. Here, you will see a new button titled “Join on PlayStation.”

            4. Doing so will automatically transfer your voice chat to the PS5, and you will be able to speak with your friends while playing games on your console.

            Discord Voice Chat on PS5: First Impressions

            While Playstation gamers have been using party chat on their consoles for the longest time, an official Discord integration is breath of fresh air. As a chronic Discord user, I immediately set the connection up and tried out Discord voice chat on PS5. So far, the experience has been amazing with no downsides. The best thing is that I encountered no connection lag or drops when testing Discord voice chat on PS5. The PS5 maintained a steady voice network without issues.

            There are also a good amount of controls available. As mentioned, you can quickly adjust the volume of other people, mute everyone in the channel and yourself. As expected, Discord voice chat also works in single and multiplayer games. You can bring up the overlay using the PS5 navigation bar. A handy control I liked is that you can selectively adjust the audio balance for your game and voice chat. So if your friends are getting annoying, you can tone them down easily.

            Read Discord Messages on Your PS4 and PS5

            While you don’t have a native Discord client on PlayStation 4 and 5, there is a workaround that lets you access Discord in read-only mode on your console. When we tested this method, we were not able to send messages or join voice chats. However, if you are looking for a way to check your Discord messages on PS4 and PS5, follow the steps below:

            1. Launch PlayStation Party and open a chat window with your friend.

            3. You should now select the link and wait for PlayStation to open the link in a pop-up browser window.

            5. And that’s it! You can now read Discord messages right on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. While this method is not as convenient as a native client, it helps you quickly go through messages from your Discord gaming buddies.

            Workaround to Get Discord on PS4

            Getting Discord audio on your PS4/PS5 can sure be tricky. However, to make things easier, Discord has now released native voice chat for PS5 beta testers that we will highlight below. For those inclined to try other ways, we stumbled upon two workarounds. If you are adamant about using Discord on your PlayStation console and can go to any lengths for it, then these two methods should work for you. We will not go into too many details about these methods as they are cumbersome and utterly tedious. Instead, we suggest waiting for the native Discord app to start rolling out on PS4 and PS5, which should happen really soon in the next 4-5 months.

            1. One of the most popular ways to use Discord, especially to join voice channels, while listening to game audio on your PS4/ PS5 requires you to buy an Astro MixAmp Pro TR ($129.99 on Amazon). You will also need a compatible pair of headphones that you can connect over USB, along with a PC with Discord installed on it.

            Once you have all these things, you need to create a cross-platform connection between your PS5 and PC. This way, you can talk to your friends while playing your favorite game on your PlayStation console. Check out this YouTube video for detailed instructions.

            Now, you should be able to hear both Discord and console audio via your phone, but you might experience some latency. To reduce latency, the creator suggests using the lowest possible stream quality to free up bandwidth. You can then pick up your PS controller to jump into the action while talking to your friends on Discord.

            PlayStation Status on Discord Not Working? Change Privacy Settings on PSN

            In case you are not seeing your PlayStation activity on Discord even after linking your PSN account, chances are that it’s due to your PSN privacy settings. Here’s how to change your privacy settings on PlayStation Network:

            1. Open Sony’s account management page in a browser and switch to “Privacy Settings” from the left sidebar.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            No, the Discord app is not available on PS5. However, native PS5 voice chat for everyone has started to roll out. Furthermore, as part of Discord’s partnership with Sony, you can link your PlayStation Network account to Discord. This will be used for voice chat and for your friends to see your in-game activity.

            Q: How to link the PlayStation account to Discord?

            You can link your PlayStation account to Discord from Discord’s Connections page. We have explained the steps involved to connect your PlayStation and Discord accounts in this article.

            Q: When is Discord coming to PS4?

            Discord Integration on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

            Thanks to an official integration, it’s now that easy to use Discord voice chat on your PS5 console. PlayStation 4 owners who don’t mind jumping through many hoops and buying additional gadgets to use the chat app while gaming can try out one of the workarounds we’ve mentioned above. Once done, check out these best PlayStation 5 games to play while you talk with your mates.

            Update the detailed information about How To Put Playstation 5 (Ps5) In Safe Mode on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!