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With a super useful feature called Guided Access, an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be put into so-called kiosk mode that temporarily restricts the device to a single app. It’s the ultimate iPhone and iPad lockdown feature, and it’s already built-in.

This tutorial discusses using Guided Access to control which app features are available to your children, what they can touch and interact with inside an app.

We’ll also detail other Guided Access capabilities allowing parents to shut down sensors, turn the hardware buttons off, disable areas of the screen where an accidental gesture might cause a distraction and more.

Things you can do with Guided Access

Guided Access works with any app that’s installed on your iOS device, including Apple’s own software. The feature packs in a comprehensive set of controls that let you do the following:

Restrict app features

Disable specific areas of the screen

Turn off the hardware buttons

Prevent typing

Disable motion sensors

Ignore all screen touches

Impose time limits

Pick your Guided Access passcode

Set whether the device can go to sleep during a session

Guided Access on iPhone and iPad lets busy parents stop kids, or just about anyone for that matter, from accidentally clearing progress in games, sharing stuff online, posting to social media, deleting images and what not.

You can even set it to restrict all touch input for the entire screen and turn off sensors to keep the device from switching between portrait and landscape mode, or from responding to any accidental motion.

Aside from keeping your kids from doing something you don’t want them to, Guided Access can be used to restrict public iOS devices or lock devices used by retail clerks in a specific app, such as Square Register.

Enable Guided Access

Pick a Guided Access passcode

Start Guided Access in an app

Adjust device features

Restrict app features

Limit how long an app can be used

Each of the aforementioned steps is covered thoroughly further down the article.

How to set up Guided Access on iPhone and iPad

1) Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Guided Access on your iOS device.

2) Slide the Guided Access switch to the ON position to enable the feature.

Tip: Ask Siri to “turn on Guided Access” while using an app.

3) With Guided Access enabled, adjust its key features:

Passcode Settings—You must set a Guided Access passcode to stop users from ending a session. Write it down someplace safe and don’t confuse it with your Lock screen passcode. If your device has Touch ID, toggle it here as a more convenient way of ending Guided Access with fingerprint verification.

Time Limits—Play a sound or have the remaining Guided Access time spoken before time ends. You can limit how long a child can use an app after starting Guided Access.

With Guided Access turned on and options adjusted, it’s time to see how it works.

How to enter and use Guided Access on iPhone and iPad

Once Guided Access has been turned on in Settings, do the following:

1) Launch an app you wish to use.

The currently active app zooms out a little to make room for additional controls.

3) Tap Options to pull up an overlay where you can turn off specific hardware buttons, sensors and touch screen or impose limitations on other features, like keyboard input and Dictionary Lookup:

Sleep/Wake Button—Control if the device can go to sleep during a session.

Volume Buttons—Set whether the volume buttons can be used.

Motion—Disable to keep the device from switching from portrait to landscape, or from responding to any other motions.

Keyboards—Stops all keyboard input and prevents typing.

Touch—Turn this off to have Guided Access ignore all screen touches.

Dictionary Lookup—Enable to allow kids to look up word definitions, translate foreign words to English, retrieve rich iTunes previews and Siri-powered suggestions for apps, music, movies, TV shows and more.

Time Limit—Choose how long your child can use an app.

4) Tap Done to save the changes and return to the previous screen.

5) To restrict app controls and disable specific areas of the app screen, draw a circle or rectangle around any part of the user interface you wish to stop from responding to touch input. iOS vectorizes the drawing which so you can drag the mask into position or use the handles to adjust its size.

For example, you may want to restrict actionable buttons inside the Photos app to prevent a mischievous junior from deleting your photos or applying unwanted edits. As these controls are found sitting alongside the screen bottom, simply mask them out with a few strokes of your finger and you’re done.

You can even stop everything on the screen from responding to touch, if you’d like.

6) Tap Start to start your session.

Any user interface elements and app areas you designated as not responding to touch input will be greyed out upon entering Guided Access on iPhone or iPad.

Tip: If you haven’t created a Guided Access passcode beforehand in Settings → Accessibility → Guided Access → Passcode Settings → Set Guided Access Passcode, you’ll be prompted to create one now.

A ”Guided Access Ended” message appears briefly to confirm the operation.

You’re now back to the session options screen where you can further restrict or relax device/app features, circle additional areas of the app’s interface that you’d like to make inaccessible to kids and more.

After making your changes, tap Resume to continue the session.

Other considerations

Like with all things in life, Guided Access on iPhone and iPad isn’t perfect.

It’s great for restricting some but not all parts of an app. You cannot disable specific areas of specific tabs/screens in an app, which doesn’t make it very useful for navigation-heavy and multi-screen apps. As an example of that, I went ahead and restricted all touch in the Netflix app, bar the My Playlists section.

Since user-created masks are static and don’t move with content or between tabs/screens, my nephew quickly realized he could tap on whatever he wanted in Netflix for iOS just by scrolling content into a non-masked portion of the screen.

Guided Access does not work in the Settings app either.

However, that’s by design so you don’t accidentally restrict access to important settings and features like the ability to disable Guided Access itself.

You should augment Guided Access with the following steps:

It doesn’t hurt mentioning that iOS’s auto sleep timer, as defined in Settings → Display & Brightness → Auto-Lock, is disabled when you enter Guided Access.

Guided Access has other quirks.

In some instances, the device just shows a blank screen and prevents you from exiting Guided Access. This could be problematic because one cannot exit Guided Access in one’s Guided Access passcode has been forgotten. That said, do yourself a favor and enable the Touch ID option in Guided Access settings.

Enable Touch ID in Guided Access settings to remove this banner warning.

Enable Touch ID in Guided Access settings to remove this banner warning.

In an unfortunate case of losing your Guided Access password, force-restart your device two times in a row by holding the Home and Power buttons until you see an Apple logo. You should now be able to disable Guided Access in Settings. iPhone 7 owners, press the Sleep/Wake and volume down buttons to do a hard restart.

Permanently on Guided Access?

Forcing the device into recovery (DFU) mode should resolve it.

In conclusion

Guided Access on iPhone and iPad is an indispensable feature for devoting your device to a single task.

Parents who share their iOS gadgets with children should find Guided Access very helpful. And while we’d like to see more options, including designating areas of an app to be restricted from touch on a per-screen or per-tab basis, Guided Access in its current incarnation should help keep your easily distracted junior from posting pictures of his nose on your Facebook page.

Your thoughts on Guided Access

Are you a fan of Guided Access on iPhone and iPad?

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Things You Can Do With Chatgpt

OpenAI and ChatGPT are making news for various reasons. Folks are asking, will ChatGPT be an alternative to web search engines like Bing or Google? ChatGPT is a new invention from OpenAI. In this guide, we show you 10 things you can do with ChatGPT.

Is ChatGPT an app?

No, ChatGPT is not an app. It is a language generation model developed and released by OpenAI that you can use to generate text in a wide range of styles and formats. You can use ChatGPT in various methods including a web API or using other available libraries and frameworks that provide access to the model. ChatGPT can help you in generating text for a wide range of applications including chatbots, social media content, product descriptions, customer service replies, marketing copy, etc.

Is ChatGPT free?

Yes, ChatGPT is currently free-to-use. You can use it on the OpenAI website by creating an account using an email. There is no standalone application or website for ChatGPT. You have to use it on the OpenAI official website.

Things you can do with ChatGPT

If you know about ChatGPT and want to know what you can do with ChatGPT, the following tips are for you.

Generate summaries of books you want to read

Write a song with a description

Write stories

Generate jokes

Write code

Find mistakes in a code

Get suggestions

Play games

Create a resume and cover letter

Translate languages

Let’s get into the details of each one.

1] Generate summaries of books you want to read

If you want to read a specific book and you don’t find time to complete reading it, you can use ChatGPT to generate a summary of the book you wanted to read. Just type Generate summary for a specific book and you will get a detailed summary. This tip can help you get summaries of many books and absorb the details of books that you can’t read otherwise for time or other constraints.

Read: How to use ChatGPT?

2] Write a song with a description

If you are a musician or a lyric writer and want to get some inspiration or ideas as to write lyrics, you can ask ChatGPT to write a song or lyric on something you want to write. You can ask ChatGPT to write a song on anything. Once it is written, you can use it and improvise on it to make it a better song. We just asked ChatGPT to write a song on Windows 11 and it actually wrote a full song.

3] Write stories

Writers always get stuck at some point and cannot go further into the writing. Writers usually say it is writer’s block. ChatGPT can help you write stories and avoid those blocks. You can use ChatGPT to write any kind of story and you can write a better story based on the story written by ChatGPT on the subject you have given. All you need to do is just ask. You can pass time by generating stories and reading them based on your preferences. You can also mix 3-4 stories it generates and make a long story with twists and turns.

4] Generate jokes

If you have some spare time and want to play and learn new jokes, you can use ChatGPT to generate unique jokes you never heard of. All the jokes generated by ChatGPT might not be funny but you get to know some funny ones or you can improvise on its jokes to make them better. You can use these ChatGPT-generated jokes with your friends and have a few laughs with them.

Read: Guide to OpenAI and its Products and Services

5] Write code

If you are a programmer or a coder and cannot write code or are stuck at some point, ChatGPT can help you write the code in any language. You can ask ChatGPT to write code in a particular programming language and use it in your programs. As always, you can better the code generated by ChatGPT. This way, you can also learn to code by seeing the code written on something by ChatGPT. It gives you some experience.

TIP: AI Text Classifier tool can detect ChatGPT-generated content

6] Find mistakes in a code

If you have already written a code and it is not rendering as you expected it to be. Then, you need to find the bugs or errors in it and can’t go through 1000s of lines of code, you can ask ChatGPT to find the mistakes in your code and correct them. You can save a lot of time using ChatGPT to write and edit your code.

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7] Get suggestions

ChatGPT can also give you suggestions or tips on something you want to do. From suggestions on life to tips to lose weight, you can get any kind of suggestions for free. It can even suggest you a diet that can help you gain or lose weight based on your preferences. You need to be aware that it is an AI language model and following its suggestions might or might not help you. You need to be aware of that.

8] Play games

If you are bored at midnight or some other time and no friend is available to chat or talk, you can use ChatGPT to play games or even talk. It can be your friend based on the inputs you give. You can play any game you suggest on ChatGPT and pass some time.

TIP: Take a look at these free ChatGPT alternatives too.

9] Create a resume and cover letter

Creating a good resume and a cover letter for a job has never been this easier. You can give inputs to ChatGPT on the position and all the details about it and ask to generate a resume or cover letter, it can do it for you in no time. You can use the generated cover letter and improvise it before applying to any position.

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10] Translate languages

Using ChatGPT you can even translate languages. You need to input something in a language and ask it to translate it to some other language. You get the translation in the original language including the letters. If you are on a tour and Google is not helping you, you can use ChatGPT for translations if you have some time to search on it.

These are the different ways you can use ChatGPT and get the most out of the service. You can use it on OpenAI official website.

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Fix: Limit How Often You Can Do Things On Instagram Error

While sharing a post or a story, were you ever limited by the Instagram app?

If you come across the error message “Try again later. We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram, like following people, to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake,” then you are not the only one.

This is indeed an annoying problem as most new Instagram users don’t know that there are limits to prevent bots from taking over. Thinking of jumping to other similar social platforms like BeReal because of this error?

Before you make rash decisions, perform as we have shown here to solve the error.

If Instagram doesn’t let you post anything, then there are several reasons for it.

This is indeed annoying, especially when you are excited to share certain things with your friends and acquaintances.

I have listed below some reasons for which you may encounter this error, and those are:

Posts that are against the Community guidelines.

The captions of the posts are beyond Instagram limits.

Following or unfollowing too many accounts can also contribute to the Instagram limit.

DMs that were sent are beyond Instagram’s limits.

In order to access this extremely popular social media platform you need to follow certain rules and regulations too.

Now, let us take a look at how to fix this error.

The first thing you can do is change the password.

This has been termed as the most convenient and quickest way of fixing this Instagram-limiting error.

Many users have reported this as the easiest way to get Instagram to remove the limit from your account.

To do this follow the steps:

Though this isn’t a permanent solution, you can try out this for the time being.

This is a temporary fix, and if you have a backup account, your followers will come to know that you have been restricted by the Instagram app.

If required, they can get in touch with you by taking the help of any other medium since you will not be able to reply to them directly through the DMs.

All you can do is first uninstall the Instagram app from your device and then go to the play store and install the Instagram app freshly from scratch.

Here is how you can uninstall the app:

Long press on the Instagram icon on your device and tap on the Uninstall option.

After you are done uninstalling the app, visit Play Store and reinstall the app again.

Now, start accessing it after providing the desired login credentials.

It is essential to delete the stories and posts which were the reason for this hassle.

This act will be the first step of yours to actually realize the perfect Community Guidelines.

Before taking down any post or story, Instagram will notify you about the same.

SocialPilot, Later, and Kicksta are a few automation tools that users can use to reap their benefits.

Not only this but it is also known to keep track of the number of pages and profiles that are being followed.

This, in turn, helps in scheduling the best possible time for the posts, stories, and reels on Instagram.

Additionally, this tool also keeps track of Instagram’s limitations so that your account doesn’t face the risk of suspension.

You can contact the Instagram support team if your account has been restricted.

At times, the third party which monitors and tracks your account can also make a mistake and restrict your account.

This can be termed as the last resort for removing the restriction from your account.

Here is how you can contact the Instagram Support Team:

It is important to be able to distinguish between these two terms.

“Try again later. We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram, like following people, to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.” error message happens due to limitations and not banning.

If the account is limited, then the user will be able to access it after a short span of 48 hours.

But if the account is blocked, the user won’t be able to access it again.

Account limitation can be considered as a warning and not blocking.

“We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram” message is actually a kind of warning or a pre-ban.

Why Is Instagram Limiting My Likes?

Instagram has a limit and it’s not visible if the user exceeds it Instagram won’t consider you a spammer and it will block your actions.

How Long Does The Like Limit Last On Instagram?

Instagram users are limited to liking up to 1000 posts per day.

But some accounts are blocked even after 700 likes.

Do Instagram Follow Requests Expire?

Instagram follow requests don’t have an expiry day. Hence, it will never be removed by Instagram.

What To Do If Someone Has Access To Your Whatsapp Account

Would you leave for work and leave the door unlocked on purpose? Probably not. That’s what you could do with your WhatsApp account by not taking the necessary precautions.

If you’re not careful, someone can see all the messages you send and receive without you noticing. The imposter could even send messages on your behalf. If you suspect that someone has access to your WhatsApp, here is what you should do.

Log Out of WhatsApp Web

You may have used WhatsApp Web once and forgot to log out. To check if you’re still logged on, you’ll need to open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots at the top right. Select “WhatsApp web”.

If you haven’t logged out of your account, you will see log-out option like in the image below.

If you stay logged on, the other person will continue to be able to read all of your messages. Tap on the blue log-out text, and whoever has access to your account won’t be able to read your messages anymore.

Protect Your Account and Enable Two-Step Verification

Another way you can protect your account is by activating the two-step verification. To set this up, tap on the three dots at the top-right and go to Settings. Go to Account, and tap on “Enable two-step verification.”

Email WhatsApp Block Your SIM Card

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

To keep your WhatsApp account safe, don’t share your verification code with anyone. If you do, they can start a session on another device if they managed to get your SIM card. Keep in mind that when you deactivate your account, it will remain inactive for thirty days. If you don’t activate your account after that time, it will be erased.

How to Keep Others Out of Your WhatsApp Account

To make sure no one gains access to your WhatsApp account, make sure that you log out of WhatsApp web immediately after you’re done using it. From time to time, check that you’re not logged into any other sessions by tapping on the three dots (upper-right corner) and selecting WhatsApp Web.


Even if you’re distracted for a minute, that can give someone enough time to read or send WhatsApp messages. It’s better to be paranoid about protecting your accounts than to think nothing bad is ever going to happen. How do you keep others out of your WhatsApp account?

Fabio Buckell

Just a simple guy that can’t enough of Technology in general and is always surrounded by at least one Android and iOS device. I’m a Pizza addict as well.

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35 Things To Do In Minecraft

At first glance, it may seem like there is not much to do in Minecraft other than running around and building things. But the more you play the game, the more you understand the vast experience it can provide you.

You are not just limited to the storyline in Minecraft. It presents to you a sandbox where you can build, explore, and find different treasures hidden throughout its open-world map.

So without further ado, let’s look at 35 things you can do in Minecraft.

1. Killing the Ender Dragon

Although it is the main storyline, Minecraft does little at explaining the quest to you. Thus you may not even have any idea of the Ender Dragon existing in the game, especially if you are a beginner. 

So you can make yourself stronger through various game mechanics and find the Stronghold to come across an End Portal. Only then will you be able to slay the Dragon and finish the storyline.

2. Visit the End City

If you were to notice the surroundings right after killing the Ender Dragon, you could see a flash of light in the distance. You will find a small portal, and if you enter it, you will reach a similar place to the End. 

Explore the new area, and you will come across a huge purple building and a floating ship next to it. Explore both the places and get great loot in the chests. Furthermore, you can also get the Elytra in the End Ship, which lets you glide and soar the sky. Don’t forget to get the Dragon Head while you are at the ship.

3. Summon And Kill the Wither

Ender Dragon is not the only boss in Minecraft. You can also summon the Wither and slay it. Slaying this boss will give you a Nether Star, which in turn, helps you craft a beacon, another useful item in the game.

Of course, summoning the Wither is not an easy task. You will need to visit the Nether and grind till you collect three Wither Skulls from the Wither Skeletons. Along with some Soul Sands, you can summon the boss wherever you want and kill it. 

Furthermore, you can spawn the Wither as many times as you want. If you want to present a challenge, why not try summoning two of them at the same time?

4. Respawn the Ender Dragon

If you are someone who has already killed the Ender Dragon and you want to relive the experience, worry not. Minecraft lets you respawn the Ender dragon as many times as you wish.

All you need to do is craft four End Crystals and place them on the Bedrock where the Dragon sits. You will be rewarded with dramatic visuals of the End Crystals respawning on the towers and finally the Dragon.

Furthermore, killing the Ender Dragon also opens up a new portal to a new End City, which means you can go ahead and grab another Elytra.

5. Unlock All the Achievements 6. Create Your Server

Are you tired of playing Minecraft alone? If so, you can easily create your server and invite your friends to play with you. You can then build fascinating buildings and take over the Minecraft world together. 

You can also progress the story with your friends, challenge each other, or even enable PvP and fight to the death and see who comes out victorious. The possibilities are endless.

7. Build Super Structures

Since Minecraft has a variety of materials, you can collect the ones you need, get creative and build giant structures. Even if the process takes a while, the end will always be rewarding. You can even go online and find out different designs you can take on and build it in your world. 

If you want to give yourself a challenge, you can try building structures like a giant castle, statue, or ships in survival, where the hostile mobs of the game always threaten you.

8. Upgrade Your Base

While you are at it, why not try upgrading your base? You can take inspiration from the real world and build a beautiful mansion for you to live in the game. Taking inspiration from the real world can also present a challenge as you will have to find the resources that can represent your build as close as possible to the world.

If you are taking inspiration from the real world, you can also take on the projects of building superstructures like the Statue of Liberty or even the whole of New York City.

9. Build a Farm for Everything

The more you build, the more addictive it gets. So why not try building useful structures such as an XP farm or a gunpowder farm in Minecraft? These types of farms can give you a ton of experience points and resources that you can use in the game to make new items and enchant them.

There are various farms you can build in the game. Furthermore, you can also browse the internet and look for blueprints or tutorials to make the farms. Some of the farms you can build are:

Concrete Farms

XP Farms

Gunpowder Farms

Bamboo Farms

Ender Pearls Farms

Mending books Farms

Wool Farms

There are so many other farms you can build in the game. Furthermore, if you know the basics of these farms, you can try to design your own independently.

10. Create an Adventure Map 

You can also go online and look for different maps made by Minecraft fans worldwide. These can give you a new experience and make you face a ton of puzzles. Such maps definitely give you a thrill and get you out of your boredom.

11. Play With Mods

Mods in Minecraft are completely legal and free to install. You can browse the variety of mods on popular websites such as CurseForge. Such pages give you an abundance of mods to make your game look different or increase the difficulty level. 

It is easy to install Mods in Minecraft using plugins like Forge and Fabric. Furthermore, you can also install modpacks in the game that can give you a completely new storyline, bosses, and mobs to rejuvenate your love for Minecraft.

12. Explore the Game

While Minecraft is an open-world game, the map is also randomly generated, which means each world you create is different. You can put on your exploration boots and go on an epic journey across the biomes, looking for treasures, rare mobs, and hidden features in Minecraft.

Additionally, Minecraft’s new update, Cave and Cliffs, has added so many elements to the game. There are deeper caves and higher mountains to traverse, different materials to get your hands on, and even finding shiny Amethyst geodes in the game.

13. Find All the Music Discs

Music discs are unique items in Minecraft that go in the jukebox. You can find these discs scattered all across the map in various places such as the Woodland Mansion, Buried Treasure, and more.

Since you cannot craft music discs, you will have to put in some leg work. There are certain ways to get the discs; for instance, if you make the skeleton kill a creeper, it will drop a music disc. You can also conquer the Bastion in the Nether and hopefully find the newest addition, “Pigstep.”

Keep exploring, and maybe you will come across the rare disc “11” and have the creepiest experience of Minecraft.

14. Make Your Music

If you are not new to the game mechanics, you may know about the Noteblocks in Minecraft. These are the unique blocks that produce musical notes. They are Redstone blocks, meaning they need Redstone pulses to work. 

Additionally, having different blocks underneath the Noteblock produces different sounds. So get creative, find out which blocks work for you best and create a masterpiece.

15. Make Insane Redstone Mechanism

Redstone may particularly interest the Redstone engineers out there, but that does not mean you should not play around with it. You can use the versatility of Redstone and its components and make some mind-blowing circuits such as an automatic door, automatic staircase, or even a car.

There are many uses of Redstone, even in the early stage of the game. Use the buttons, comparators, repeaters, Sunlight Detectors, and many other things and experiment until you understand its mechanics. Then, surprise everyone with the crazy machine with your signature on it.

16. Conquer the Nether

We all know we need to go to the Nether to progress the game, But Nether has its own bit of exploration waiting for you. The Nether update in 1.16 Minecraft gave us the variety of biomes in the Nether, each with unique items.

From Basalt to Crimson trees, you can go on a hunt to explore all the new things in the Nether if you have not.

17. Dig Up a Fossil

You may be wondering, “Are there Fossils in Minecraft?” The answer is yes, and they exist in the pixellated world. You can head over to the Swamp or the Desert Biome and start digging them up.

Fossils are huge bone-block structures buried underground. You can expedite and look for the remains of the ancient creatures and put them up for display on your server. Alternatively, if displaying it does not interest you, you can dig them up and use the resources as well.

18. Go on A Netherite Hunt

Netherite is one of the rarest resources in Minecraft. You will need to go through quite a lot of digging and explosion in the Nether to get Ancient Debris. You will then have to smelt the Ancient Debris to get a Netherite Scrap, collect four of those and mix them with Gold to get a Netherite Ingot finally. 

You can always use heaps of TNT or Beds in the Nether and create explosions. But worry not, it cannot destroy Ancient Debris. However, make sure to stay away from the flowing lava that may enter your tunnel.

19. Collect Rare Items

Speaking of the rare Netherite, you can widen your search and look for other rare items in the game as well. Some of the rare items and mobs in the game include:

Nether Star

Blue Axolotl

Music Discs


Heart of the Sea

Totem of Undying

Bottle o’ Enchanting

Enchanted Golden Apples

While some are rare, you can get lucky and get them quickly or create a farm. But some, such as the Enchanted Golden Apple, are really hard to come by and are usually in the Mineshafts.

20. Play on Other’s Server

It may feel like playing on someone else’s server is still the same. But who knows, there might be some mods or plugins the admin installed, and you have no idea about it.

It is always good to look for open servers and play in those. You can meet many other people and who knows, a close friendship may be inevitable.

21. Create a Challenge For Yourself

Was the Ender Dragon and the Wither not really a challenge for you? Then why not try defeating them together? It sounds like a bad idea, and having the Dragon and the Wither come at you simultaneously can be nerve-wracking.

Consecutively, the Wither may focus on attacking the Ender Dragon, but it is best to remember that the Wither cannot harm the Dragon. So you will have to focus on both and kill them one at a time.

22. Conquer the Ocean Monument

The Ocean Monument is another structure in Minecraft you can find underwater. These are huge buildings made out of Prismarine blocks and are guarded by Pufferfish-like mobs called the Guardians. 

Conquering the Ocean Monument may seem like an easy task if you use the Potion of Water Breathing. But as soon as you get near the monument, you are hit with the Mining Fatigue effect that does not go away until you kill all the Elder Guardians that protect the monument inside,

Defeating all the Elder Guardians means you can then dig up the treasure rooms and get a lot of Gold and sponges. There will be more than one Ocean Monuments throughout the map, so keep your eyes open; try to conquer as many as you can.

23. Find the Mooshroom And Bring It Home

Mooshrooms are creatures in Minecraft found in Mushroom Island. They are basically red and white cows with mushrooms growing on them. Now, you may wonder why I would need a Mooshroom. The key feature is when you milk them, they give you mushroom stew. 

Of course, you will need wooden bowls to get the stew from these creatures. Additionally, you can also use the shears on them to get the mushrooms on their back. However, shearing them turns them into regular cows. 

24. Build a Racetrack

If you have friends over in your Minecraft world, why not try building a giant racetrack to race on. You can use Minecarts and rails along with a little creativity to make a track and race alongside. 

You can even use the rails and the Minecart to make a whole track around your world to show your visitors what you have accomplished.

25. Create the Ultimate Armor and Weapons

If you have Netherite tools and armor, then you should get on the enchanting table and start enchanting them. It’s best to remember that once you enchant your gear, you cannot re-enchant them using the enchantment table.

However, you can add more enchantments to the gears using an anvil and enchanted books. Some of the best enchantments you can add to your tools are:




Sharpness on your sword

Sweeping Edge on your sword

Feather Falling on your Boots

Thorns on your armor

Fortune on your Tools

Looting on your weapon

There are more enchants you can experiment with and try to find the best ones that suit you.

26. Increase the Difficulty level

If you have been playing in normal difficulty, you can try playing in the hardcore mode. If it still does not present you with a challenge, you can download and install a mod that increases your difficulty level.

As mentioned earlier, you can install mods to add different elements to the game, but there are mods that let you increase only the difficulty.

27. Create an Art of Yourself

If you are bored, you can try using the different colored blocks of the game to create a self-portrait. Choose a picture and recreate it in your world. 

If you feel fancy, you can go a step further and create your statue. These projects may take a lot of time and resources, but the rewarding feeling you get after their completion is outstanding.

28. Play with the Commands

Furthermore, the game also has command blocks powered by Redstone pulses. They also give you extensive control over the commands. However, the commands can be quite complex, and some knowledge beforehand would be fruitful.

29. Play Older Versions of Minecraft

Although it is only possible to play the older versions of Minecraft in Java Editions, you can go back and experience the early days of the game. You could also go back and play the version you first played Minecraft on and go down a memory lane.

Furthermore, you can also try out the different versions such as the Classic, Indev, April Fools versions, etc.

30. Go Heavy on TNT

You can use tons of TNT and destroy mountains and caves just for fun. Alternatively, you can make use of the TNT and blow your enemy base or controlled explosion to mine for resources.

31. Get Filthy Rich

If you have slain the Ender Dragon, you can safely focus on yourself and your base. While doing so, why not go on a treasure hunt? Not the regular buried treasure, of course, but to gather valuables in the game. 

You can go and mine for gold and diamonds and collect so much that you may never need to go mining for them again. You can also find a way to trade emeralds with villagers, stock up on them, and you will never need to worry about the price hike of the items you want to trade.

32. Start Farming

If you are rich and have taken care of the bosses of Minecraft, you can start farming. Get your shovel and hoe and get to work on your field. Grow all kinds of plants you can find in the game.

You can start with basic items such as wheat and carrots. Then, find other plants like watermelon, pumpkin, Beetroot, and potatoes. Dig up the water canals, and enjoy the sunset from your home, looking over your growing field.

33. Speedrun Minecraft

If you believe to be a professional Minecraft player, you can take on the challenge of speedrunning. Speedrunning is the process of finishing the game as soon as you can, without getting distracted. 

In Minecraft’s case, speedrunning means killing the Ender Dragon will be your last objective. Time yourself, and who knows, maybe you could be the next fastest speedrunner.

34. Start Over

If you have done almost everything you can in the game, you can create a new world and start everything again. Of course, it may seem like a tedious task. But, since you would be so used to your OP armor and weapons, you might slip up and make a big mistake.

So starting over and going back to your roots can be satisfying as well, especially if you have not done so in a while. 

35. Unlock Secrets

If you are not aware of it, there are different secrets that you can unlock and experience the easter eggs. Nametags are the best examples of it. For instance, naming a sheep jeb_ makes the sheep’s wool cycle through all the colors available.

Another example is naming a rabbit Toast changes the rabbit’s texture changes in the memory of a rabbit of a Minecraft fan’s girlfriend, whose name was Toast.

Likewise, you can find out what unlocks the other easter eggs hidden throughout the game.

Investing With Faith: How To Grow Wealth Within Islamic Rules

There are a lot of synergies between Islamic investing and the wider ESG investing field.

Getty Images

There are no grey areas in what you can and cannot invest in to be Shariah-compliant. As a type of socially responsible investing, the concept can require considerable effort to implement since attention must be paid to compliance with a comprehensive set of rules and requirements guided by the Shariah principles.

Here in Australia, one superannuation fund generates returns for its Islamic investors. Crescent Wealth’s Head of Investments, Mas Harris, says it’s Australia’s only APRA-registered Islamic superannuation fund.

“In many ways, we operate the same as every other super fund, but in terms of investing, we’re very much different,” says Harris in an interview with Forbes Australia. “Members are Australians of Islamic faith who want to invest via the tenets of their faith, but we are open to everybody else.”

The Crescent Wealth superannuation fund is an APRA-registered superannuation fund that has been around since 2013. “We currently manage over $400 million in funds for our members, and we have over 12,000 members,” says Harris. Performance since inception is 5.04% for the Growth Option and 4.18% for its Balanced Option as of 31 December 2023.

Investing by their faith

He says the global Islamic finance industry is expected to reach US$5.9 trillion by 2026 from a base of US$4 trillion in 2023.

“Australia isn’t the world’s biggest Islamic market, so we must go overseas. We’re part of a much larger Islamic investment world globally, providing us with opportunities to tap into.”

Aligns with ESG

Islamic investment principles align very strongly with ESG and basically are meant to encourage investments in areas that benefit humanity, Harris says.

“That alignment provides us with many opportunities, and that’s a trend that is growing in Australia, not just for us, but also for other funds. That’s our foundation.”

Over the past 18 months, volatility in listed assets has led to a trend towards unlisted investments, which Harris says is something the fund will look at.

Forbes Australia issue 3 is out now. You can pick up your copy at all good newsagents or become a member here.

“In terms of the alternative space, we’ve done things like water rights – investing in water – and we’re hoping to announce similar types of investments shortly… Food is an area we’re looking at.”

Making trends

He says more institutional investors investing in these areas can change trends to help prevent wastage and boost food resources and promote efficiencies in industries.

One of the restrictions is investing in companies with very high debt levels. That can limit investing in many technology companies and banks, and Crescent doesn’t have a large exposure to mining companies that need to be capital-intensive and might borrow heavily.

“Our belief is that having to invest by Islamic principles doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a detriment to overall returns. There are plenty of opportunities for specialist investors like us. Especially if you do it diligently and intelligently,” Harris says.

Building a portfolio

For retail investors, Islamic financial services provider Sydney-based Meezan Wealth Management has launched Meezan Invest’s Islamic Growth model portfolio, where the minimum investment is $5,000.

Meezan Wealth Management Founding Director Rokibul Islam says it was established in response to demand from Australian Muslims who wanted a simple and easy-to-use way to grow their wealth via professional portfolio management while staying true to their values.

“At the moment, those with smaller lump sums are shut out from investing in Islamic-compliant portfolios. And because putting money in interest generating accounts is forbidden for Muslims, they have limited options apart from just letting money sit there and be eroded by inflation.”

Islamic investors might normally need a minimum of as much as $50,000 to access an Islamically compliant investment portfolio, the company says.

This portfolio “is designed to open up investment opportunities to all Australian Muslims whether they have small or large amounts to invest”.

The Meezan Islamic Growth model portfolio targets a return of CPI plus 4.5% per annum from a portfolio of 10-30 Australian and international holdings predominantly made up of mid to large-cap shares and alternative investments.

The portfolio is managed by Lifespan Financial Planning’s Investment Committee, which has over 80 years of combined investment experience.

Meezan engages IdealRatings to filter out shares that are not Shariah compliant, such as those from companies involved with adult entertainment, alcohol production and sales, cinema, conventional financial services, defence, gambling, tobacco and pork.

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