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Selling on Amazon has never been more attractive to both established and new brand owners alike. Sales on Amazon can make a large portion of a company’s total overall revenue sales due to the massive amount of traffic that Amazon provides.

Last year’s sales were estimated at $386 billion worldwide.

But while Amazon can be wonderful, it can also be a frustrating place to sell. There is a steep learning curve learning how to navigate selling on Amazon.

Amazon expects you to understand the platform, how it works, and the rules before you begin selling.

Failure to completely understand what Amazon expects from you as a seller can have your account banned or your products restricted.

In this column, you’ll learn:

The 4 different ways you can sell on Amazon.

How to calculate your fees for selling on Amazon.

How Amazon Prime Offers work.

What Amazon FBA is and how it works.

How to monitor your account health.

All about safety and compliance requirements.

How to get started and list your first products on Amazon.

In addition to reading this article, we recommend that you use the resources linked throughout Amazon’s help pages to help you better understand how to succeed as an Amazon seller.

4 Ways to Sell on Amazon

When you go to chúng tôi as a buyer, you see that you can buy everything from your Kindle books to your child’s favorite toy all in one location.

However, on the backend, chúng tôi is made up of multiple platforms. These individual selling platforms cater to different types of sellers.

There are four primary ways to sell on Amazon:

Seller Central

Vendor Central

Kindle Direct Platform (KDP)

Merch by Amazon

Seller Central

This is the primary selling platform for most sellers with physical products.

On Seller Central, you set the price of your products and you determine the inventory level. Seller Central accounts can be opened by anyone, and no invitation is required.

Vendor Central

It is available only through a direct invitation from Amazon.

On this platform, Amazon remains the seller of record and determines the price and how much of your inventory will be available on the platform.

Kindle Direct Platform (KDP)

This platform is for the authors. You can list both your Kindle books and paperback works through KDP.

The program formally called CreateSpace has been merged into the KDP platform. Each sale generates a royalty from the Kindle Direct Platform.

Merch By Amazon

It has been primarily promoted to influencers such as musicians, and video game artists, as it allows them to self-customize their merchandise.

If you are doing print on demand, then Amazon Merch is the platform that you will be focusing on.

Understanding Amazon Fees

Before you begin selling on Amazon, make sure you understand the fee structure.

This allows you to determine whether you will be able to sell your item profitably on Amazon.

For example, on Seller Central, for items that are about the size of a bread box and around $25 in price, Amazon will take about one-third of the total selling cost.

However, the fee structures on Amazon vary depending on the type of platform, the category, and the size of your product.

Below are the fundamentals for calculating your fees to sell on Amazon.

Common Ways Amazon Fees Are Structured

Vendor Central

Fees are going to be individually calculated based on your specific contract with Amazon. You need to look at your co-op contract to identify your fee structure.

If you’re entering into a Vendor Central arrangement, then Amazon will generally ask for a wholesale price for your products.

It will also deduct additional fees such as co-op marketing fees, shipping allowances, and chargebacks.

Kindle Direct Platform (KDP) and Merch

KDP and Merch by Amazon are both royalty-based with the amount depending on the type of product.

There are a variety of components to the fee structure for KDP. You can look in Amazon’s help documentation for the current fee structures.

Seller Central

There are two components that make up fees on Seller Central:

The Referral Fee is the percentage of the total cost of the item being sold depending on the product category. This fee is charged regardless of whether you ship the item yourself or if you use Amazon’s FBA program.

Fulfillment by Amazon Fees are the cost to pick, pack and ship your item from Amazon’s warehouse and send them to the customer. The FBA fee is only applicable if you’re using Amazon’s fulfillment network. However, it is based on the dimensions and weight of your products.

There are two ways to calculate the fees for Seller Central. One is to use the Amazon FBA revenue calculator to determine what fees your products would have.

Additionally, there’s a Fee Preview Report available in the report section to help you determine what the fees will be for products listed within your account.

Remember, Amazon FBA fees include:

The cost to ship the item to the customer.

The box the item is shipped in.

Picking and packing items for the customer.

And any customer service related to that particular sale.

Understanding Amazon Prime Offers

Amazon customers love Amazon Prime.

For customers, it means that they get their products quickly and they have an expected level of customer service they’re going to receive from Amazon.

The trust that Amazon has built is more accessible when your item is available as a Prime offer.

In our experience, taking a product that didn’t have a Prime offer and making it available via Prime sometimes increase the sales of that product by over 300%.

Eligibility will depend on the type of product you are selling, and under which program you are offering it.

Making Your Products Available via Prime

Vendor Central

All items sold through this platform are automatically available through Prime and no additional actions are needed.

Kindle Direct Platform (KDP)

Any items listed through Create Space and Merch are automatically available with Prime offers and no additional actions are needed.

Seller Central

There are two ways currently to have your products available with the Prime badge on this platform.

FBA – The most common is to use Fulfillment by Amazon Network (FBA). With the Amazon FBA program, you ship your products to Amazon, and Amazon ships those products to the customer once that product sells.

SFP – The other option is to use Seller Fulfilled Prime which is a program that was available to Amazon Seller Central sellers several years ago. If you already had Seller Fulfilled Prime on your account, you should still be able to use that for your offers. However, if you don’t have that on your account, you can sign up to join the waiting list for when the program reopens to new users.

Is FBA Still Worthwhile?

Using Amazon’s FBA network program can be frustrating. There are increased costs and a lot of restrictions about what is allowed to be sold and how much inventory you can hold.

Sometimes that leaves the brands wondering whether FBA is still the right choice for their products.

If you have a direct competitor either on your listing or a similar product that has an FBA offer, customers will more than likely pick the Prime offer over yours.

The exception to this is during times when Amazon’s warehouses are extremely backed up — during the initial lockdowns for COVID-19, for example.

For most products using Amazon’s FBA program, it is not only going to be effective and help you scale but it is also going to help significantly with your ability to convert consistently on Amazon.

There are some very large or very expensive items that might not make sense to list with an FBA offer. However, for 90% of products, you should at least test seeing what difference your product sees with a prime badge.

Know Amazon’s Rules

Amazon has a culture internally where it expects sellers to understand and comply with the rules before engaging on their platform.

If you have not read Amazon’s 14 Guiding Principles, they can help you to understand how the internal company culture affects many of the policies on Amazon.

The first principle is customer obsession. Most of Amazon’s policies are centered around positive customer experiences.

While they can be frustrating as a seller, they ultimately are designed to protect the audience of the platform.

The second principle is ownership. Amazon expects sellers to know and be responsible for understanding the platform rules before they begin selling.

When you are selling on Amazon, saying ”I didn’t know the rules” is never going to be a reason to get reinstated if your account becomes suspended or somehow flagged for violation.

It is very important that you review the guidelines for Amazon not only for your specific category or in any programs that you might be using like FBA, but also to make sure that you review the restricted product sections and understand what special programs are available to you.

Amazon created Seller University to walk you through some of the basics for understanding how to sell products on Amazon.

In the Amazon help section, you can also look at the specific rules for selling products and lots of different types of products as well as the requirements for most special programs.

In addition to looking through the Seller University, some important area policies to make sure that you have read and understand are the policies around FBA shipments including the prep requirements.

Restricted Products

Amazon has quite a few products that are either restricted or require specific approval or safety or compliance documentation if you upload it before you can begin to sell those products. It is very important that you go through the restricted products.

Some brands will come to us after being suspended. They try to sell the restricted product because they saw other sellers on the platform selling that same product.

Just because another seller has an item available doesn’t mean that they just haven’t gotten caught with the violation.

Or, they may be on a special program like the FBA Hazmat program which would allow them to sell products that might still be restricted for your account.

Style Guidelines

Amazon is very particular about the way that they want their images and the rules for the way the content is created.

If you are in a fashion category, it is important that you review the style guidelines to make sure you not only understand the requirements for images.

Also review the specific requirements for your category, which can vary in a way that you have to present and compose your titles and include what kind of variations are available for your products.

Watch Your Account Metrics

If you’re selling on Seller Central, you need to consistently monitor your account health.

In Seller Central, Amazon provides a dashboard for this.

Recently, Amazon added new components to the Seller Central platform that you also need to check regularly, as well.

In addition to the account performance, you also need to strictly check weekly the Voice of the Customer and inventory performance index if you’re utilizing FBA warehouses.

Understanding Safety and Compliance Requirements

For a long time on Amazon, very little safety testing was required to have your products available on the marketplace.

However, due to the changes in case law and changes in policy, Amazon is now very particular about the kinds of products that are available on the marketplace.

If your product is in regulated categories such as toys or children’s pajamas, you need to make sure that you understand what safety testing is required for your products to be sold on Amazon.

If your product is a topical cream, for example, make sure that you have the correct FDA allowances and you’re not making any prohibited health claims.

Be prepared that Amazon may ask for your compliance paperwork and may restrict your selling privileges until they can be produced. This now includes having the proper liability insurance for your products.


The EPA has been actively watching Amazon to prevent the sale of unauthorized pesticides, which means Amazon’s rules around pesticides have been increasingly frustrating for many sellers.

Make sure that you completely understand the Amazon Pesticides Policy before you begin to write the title and bullets or create images.

Any mention of anything to deter pests would classify your product as a pesticide and will require an EPA registration number.

Getting Started: Your First Amazon Listings

Once you’ve taken the time to understand the fee structures, how Prime offers work, and what Amazon expects from you as a seller, you can begin selling on Amazon.

The first steps are going to be to creating your new account and listing your products on Amazon.

How to List Your Products on Amazon

You are able to list an offer on an existing listing or to create new listings on Amazon as a professional seller.

It is important that you utilize good Amazon SEO techniques and then utilize Ads to help you increase the sales of your products. Advertising on Amazon directly impacts organic sales.

When you’re creating your product listings on Amazon, there’s a lot of videos and tutorials that are available on the web.

I recommend that you stick as much as you can to Amazon-provided documentation or tutorials that link to active Amazon terms of service.

The Amazon platform has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Older articles and tutorials may provide outdated information that could put your account in jeopardy.

If you’re looking at resources on Amazon, check to make sure that nothing has changed on the platform.

There are also lots of Facebook groups and Reddit groups that you can find to help get additional up-to-date information on how to sell on Amazon.

Amazon details out in Seller University how to list your products, send a shipment to FBA, adjust your prices, and read many of the reports provided for sellers.

There are also many consultants and agencies that help brands launch their products on Amazon.

More Resources:

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How To Fix Amazon Prime Video App Not Working On Windows 11

Prime Video is one of the leading OTT platforms, with millions of subscribers around the globe and a huge library of movies and shows in different genres. But despite having the best content library, it still fails to deliver the best user experience. Sometimes, it fails to open on our Windows 11 PC.

Whereas at times, it faces issues downloading movies or web shows on our system. If you’re also facing some kind of issues with Prime Video on your Windows 11 PC, read this guide completely. In this guide, we’ve shared the best fixes to fix the Amazon Prime Video app not working issue in Windows 11.

Why Is Amazon Prime Video App Not Working on Windows 11?

Below are some of the most common causes of the Prime Video app not working issue on Windows 11:

Bugs & Glitches in the Prime Video App

Low Internet Bandwidth

Issues in the Backend

Enabled VPN and Proxy

Outdated Display Drivers

Corrupted Browser Data

Unnecessary Background Services

Fix Amazon Prime Video App Not Working on Windows 11

Here in this section, we’ve shared some working methods to fix the Amazon Prime Video app not working issue on Windows 11. So check the first fix to this issue:

1. Restart Your PC

One of the easiest workarounds to fix the Prime Video app not working issue on Windows 11 is to restart the system. If the issue occurs because of some temporary glitches in the system, they’ll get eliminated after doing this.

So try restarting your Windows 11 PC using your preferred method and check if it fixes the issues with the Prime Video app.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

To watch content on the Prime Video app on your Windows 11 PC in SD quality, your internet speed should be at least 1 Mbits/sec. On the other hand, your internet speed should be at least 5 Mbits/sec to watch shows or movies in HD video quality. At last, to watch shows in 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD), the speed should be at least 15 Mbits/sec.

So, it could be possible that your internet connection doesn’t match the minimum internet requirements, due to which you’re facing issues streaming or downloading content on the app. In that case, we suggest you check your internet connection’s speed and then check it against the listed internet speed requirements.

3. Confirm Prime Video Works on Another Device

One of the easiest methods to find whether the issue exists in your device or app is to check whether the Prime Video app with the same account works on another device. Another device could be your smart TV, streaming stick, mobile device, or laptop. So check if Prime Video works on other devices.

4. Make Sure Your Account Is Active

It could be possible that your Amazon Prime subscription has expired, and because of this, the Prime Video isn’t working. In that case, we suggest you check the Amazon Prime subscription’s renewal date. You can check the same by trying the below steps:

2. Select the Your Prime Membership option from the Account & Lists’ dropdown menu.

3. On the next page, check whether your Prime membership is active. If it’s active, you’ll see the expiration date. In case it has expired, renew it to continue enjoying Prime Video on your device.

5. Check Prime Video’s Server Status

Another possible cause of the issues with the Prime Video app in Windows 11 is the issue with its server. Sometimes, issues in the backend also cause issues. To confirm whether it’s the reason for the Amazon Prime Video app not working issue in your case, check its server status at Downdetector.

Once you’re there, check the number of issues reported by the users in the graph under Amazon Prime Video outages reported in the last 24 hours. You can also check the type of issues other users experienced with it under Most reported problems.

6. Deregister Irrelevant Devices

Amazon only allows up to three users to use the same Amazon account to stream movies or web shows on the Amazon Prime Video app simultaneously. It could be possible that your Amazon account is already being used by three devices at the time when you’re trying to use it.

In that case, the only thing you can do is deregister unnecessary devices from your account by following the below steps:

2. Select the Manage Your Content & Devices option from the dropdown and go to the Devices tab.

7. Disable VPN and Proxy

One of the most common reasons for the non-functioning of Prime Video on Windows 11 is the enabled VPN client and proxy. So, if you’re using a third-party VPN client on your PC, consider disabling it. In case you’re also using a proxy on your system, disable it by following the below steps:

1. Open the Settings app using the Windows + I shortcut and search for proxy using the search bar at the top.

2. Select the Proxy settings option from the dropdown to move to the Proxy section.

3. Disable the Automatically detect settings toggle to disable enabled proxies on the system.

8. Disable Other Services in the Background

It could be possible that your system’s display drivers have some bugs and glitches, which is why the Amazon Prime Video app not working issue is appearing on your Windows system.

In that case, we suggest you update your system’s display drivers to fix all the bugs & glitches. You can follow the below-mentioned prompts to update your PC’s display adapters:

1. Open the Run utility, type chúng tôi in it, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

4. Select the Search automatically for drivers option in the prompt and let the driver update.

10. Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Windows 11 comes with an integrated Microsoft Store Apps troubleshooter that lets you find and fix issues with the apps that can be downloaded from the native app store, Microsoft Store.

As Amazon Prime Video can also be downloaded from the native app store, we suggest you run the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter to resolve all the issues with the app. You can follow the below steps to use the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter on your PC:

1. Open the Settings app on your Windows 11 PC and move to the Troubleshoot section.

2. From the Troubleshoot section, move to the Other troubleshooters section to proceed ahead.

4. Follow the on-screen prompts to run the troubleshooter and make the Prime Video app work again.

11. Repair and Reset the Prime Video App

One of the easiest workarounds to fix issues with the Prime Video app’s functioning is to reset and repair it. You can find the option to reset and repair it in your system’s Settings app. So, follow the below-mentioned prompts to fix problems with it using this functionality:

1. Press the Windows + I shortcut to open the Settings app and go to the Apps section of it.

It could be possible that the Amazon Prime Video app has received a new update, which includes the fix to this issue. So, we suggest you update the Prime Video app from the Microsoft Store. You can try the below-listed steps to install the latest updates for Prime Video:

1. Open the Microsoft Store program on your system and search for the Prime Video app.

13. Reinstall the Prime Video App

If updating the app doesn’t fix the issue, consider reinstalling it. Doing so will remove all its data from the system. Hence the issues with it will also get eliminated. So, try reinstalling the Amazon Prime Video app on your Windows 11 PC or laptop and check whether it fixes the issue with it. You can do the same by following the below-mentioned instructions:

Note: Please uninstall the Prime Video app from your system and then follow the below steps:

1. Open Microsoft Store on your PC using search and type Prime Video in the search box.

2. Press the Enter key to search for it on Microsoft Store and select it from the results.

14. Use Prime Video in Browser

15. Clear Browser’s Browsing Data

In case you’re also unable to access the Prime Video site in your web browser, then we suggest clearing its browsing data, as with time, it gets corrupted and starts causing these kinds of issues. You can try the mentioned instructions to clear your web browser’s browsing data:

Google Chrome

2. Select the History option from the dropdown menu to proceed to the browser’s History section.

Microsoft Edge

2. Choose the History option from the dropdown menu to move to the History section of it.


Does Amazon Prime Work on Windows 11?

Yes, the Amazon Prime Video app works on Windows 11.

Why Is Amazon Prime Video Not Working on My Computer?

There could be several reasons for the ill-functioning of the Prime Video app on your PC, such as low internet bandwidth, enabled VPN and proxy, outdated display drivers, and more.

Why Won’t Chrome Play Amazon Prime?

It could be possible that your web browser’s browsing data has got corrupted or it accumulated so much, which is now causing issues and not allowing you to play the content.

How Do I Install Amazon Prime Video on Windows 11?

You can install Amazon Prime Video on your Windows 11 PC from the Microsoft Store app.

How To Watch Amazon Prime on PC?

You need to download the Amazon Prime Video App on your system to watch content on it.

Binge Movies & Shows on Prime Video With Ease

No doubt, you can find any web show or movie on the Prime Video app and binge-watch it. But the issues in the app never let us enjoy them properly. Sometimes it refuses to open on our Windows 11 system. Whereas sometimes, it fails to download the requested shows.

If you were also facing similar issues with the Prime Video app on your Windows 11 PC, we hope this guide helped you fix it. If yes, then do let us know which of the mentioned workarounds contributed to fixing it.

Fix Amazon Prime Video Black Screen Issue On Pc

In this post, we will talk about different workarounds you can try to fix Amazon Prime Video Black Screen issue. Amazon Prime Video is a popular OTT platform available for both TV, smartphones and PC. It is the place to watch some of the best movies and web series ever released. Along with this, the platform is also famous for its original content. However, like any other platform, Amazon Prime Video has also not been able to keep itself away from problems. Users have reported facing a black screen issue with Amazon Prime Video on Windows PC. So, if you are also struggling with the same problem, continue with this troubleshooting guide to get rid of the issue.

Fix Amazon Prime Video Black Screen issue on PC

Below is a list of all the effective solutions you can try to get rid of the Amazon Prime Video black screen issue.

Restart the device

Check Amazon Prime server status

Check the internet connection

Re-Login to Amazon Prime Video account

Disable VPN

Clear the browser cache data and cookies

Update the Graphics Driver

Try different browser

Contact Amazon Prime Video support

Now, let’s take a look at all the solutions in detail.

1] Restart the device

The black screen issue in Amazon Prime Video can result from a temporary glitch. And the best way to eliminate such glitches or bugs is to restart the system. So, restart your PC, open the browser, navigate to Amazon Prime Video, and check if the black screen issue is fixed or not.

2] Check Amazon Prime server status

The next thing you should verify is whether the problem is with Amazon Prime Video for your end. As it turns out, if the platform is under maintenance, its servers will be taken down, resulting in different problems, including the black screen issue. So, visit any server checking website, and verify whether there is any ongoing server issue with Amazon Prime Video.

See: How to get Subtitles on Amazon Prime Videoon PC

3] Check the internet connection

If you are connected to a weak internet connection, it’s no surprise you are facing a black screen issue in Amazon Prime Video. As per the platform requirement, you need to be connected to at least a 1.5 Mbps connection to stream videos without any issue. If this isn’t the case, you will face different problems, including the black screen issue. So, check your internet connection, and make sure you’re using a strong connection.

4] Re-Login to Amazon Prime Video account

You will face the black screen issue if the user data has been corrupted. This mainly happens after the end of server maintenance. In this case, you will have to re-login to your Amazon Prime video account. Here’s how it’s done.

Open Amazon Prime video on your Windows PC, and navigate to the settings menu.

Now, enter your credentials to log in again.

Play any video and check if the problem is fixed or not. If the issue continues, try the next solution.

5] Disable VPN

Virtual Private Network or VPN helps to browse online two different parts of the world. You can use it to watch all those Amazon Prime Video contents that are blocked in your region. But on the negative side, the black screen issue can also result from a VPN service that you are using. So, disable any VPN to fix the Amazon Prime Video black screen problem.

6] Clear the browser cache data and cookies

The next thing you can try is to clear the browser cache data and cookies. As it turns out, if the cache data gets corrupted due to some reason, it will trigger different issues, including the black screen problem. You have to clear the browser cache data and cookies to tackle the situation. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Note: Below is the steps to clear cache data in Google Chrome. If you use any other browser, say, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, you can check our dedicated guide on it.

Open Google Chrome on your system.

Restart the Chrome browser.

That’s it. Check if the Amazon Prime video black screen problem is solved or not.

7] Update the Graphics Driver

An outdated graphics driver can be another significant reason behind the black screen problem. If you haven’t downloaded the latest graphic driver update while performing any high GPU-consuming tasks. So, download the latest graphics driver update to fix the problem. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Navigate to the device manufacturer’s official website and get the latest drivers from there.

Access Device Manager to update your graphics drivers.

After installing the update, restart your system and open any browser. Visit Amazon Prime Video and check if the black screen issue is fixed.

8] Try a different browser

If you are still facing the problem, the probability is high that there’s some issue with your browser. Although Amazon Prime Video is compatible with all the browsers, but if you are using a comparatively new name, you can face the black screen problem. Thus, use a popular browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge to access content of Amazon Prime Video on your Windows PC.

9] Contact Amazon Prime Video support

If nothing helped you solve the problem, the last thing you can try is to contact the Amazon Prime Video support team. Contact them, explain your problem and ask them to fix the problem.

Why is Amazon Prime a black screen?

If you are experiencing a blank screen on Amazon Prime Video, it can result from a weak internet connection. In addition to this, the problem can also occur due to outdated graphics drivers, corrupted cached data, or incompatible browsers. It’s very easy to troubleshoot this problem.

Why is Amazon Prime glitching?

The major reason behind this issue can be a poor internet connection. As per Amazon, you need to be connected to at least 1.5mbps connection to enjoy Prime Video without any problem. If this isn’t the case, you’ll face the glitching issue.

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How To Set Up Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa gives your voice a few superpowers. It was the first digital assistant in the market until the battle of the smart assistants started with the arrival of Google Home. Now it can be found in hundreds of small devices from tiny speakers that play music to automated smart homes. 

Let’s learn how to set up the Amazon Alexa app with Alexa-enabled equipment.

Table of Contents

Install The Alexa App On Your Phone

Amazon Alexa is a cloud service, but you must download the free Alexa app if you want to pair it with any device.

You can download the app on any smartphone that runs Android or iOS. You can also use the Alexa app on the Fire OS, of course. 

The installation is straightforward:

Even though Windows has Cortana, you can use Alexa to shop on Amazon with your voice. Alexa is available as a free download from the Microsoft Store. Though, using Alexa might not be that useful as Cortana is the assistant of choice for Windows devices. 

Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are one of the most common Alexa-enabled devices you will see around. In fact, there are eight types of Echo devices. The Alexa setup is similar for all. Let’s look at how to set up Amazon Alexa with an Echo Dot to show how easy it is. 

Connect The Echo To a Power Outlet

The Echo uses AC mains for power. Connect the Echo Dot to the nearest power outlet with the supplied power adapter. 

The light ring around the speaker will light up with blue and a shade of turquoise. In an instant, the light will turn orange and a nice soft voice will greet you with:

“Hello, your device is ready for set up. Just download the Alexa app and follow the instructions.” 

The Echo dot will stay a shade of orange to signal the setup mode. It will stay in this color till the configuration is complete. 

Connect The Echo To The Wi-Fi Network

Sign into your Alexa app with your Amazon credentials and give the app all the permissions it needs. 

Note: The setup screens can differ slightly from the versions of the device you own. For instance, the Echo Second Generation and the Third Generation. But the differences are minor.

Select the type of device from the Setup Screen. In this example, it is an Amazon Echo Dot. Amazon has a range of Echo devices, so make sure to tap on the one you own.

Alexa checks if your device is on and displaying the orange light. Hit Yes to continue with the next steps that involve choosing your preferred language and turning on your phone’s Bluetooth.

The app connects to the smart device via Bluetooth. It can take a bit of time so keep them within 10 feet of each other. 

Once connected, Alexa will prompt you again to switch over the Echo to your main Wi-Fi network. Select your network from the Wi-Fi networks list. Enter your Wi-Fi password and Echo is now linked to your own Wi-Fi. 

Note: This special network is temporary. Amazon creates it to make the device the access point and exchange setup info with the Alexa app. The access point disappears as soon as setup is complete, and then the orange light turns off. 

Change The Wake Word

Alexa lights up ready to hear your commands when you use the default wake-up word, “Alexa.”

You can change the wake word to something else. This might be necessary if there’s someone else in the house with the same name. Just ask the Echo, “Alexa, change the wake word.”

It tells you to go to Devices and select your specific device. Go to Device Settings and scroll down to Wake Word. Tap on it and choose a wake word from these limited options: Alexa, Amazon, Echo, and Computer. You still cannot give it any name of your choosing. 

Enable Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills are like tiny automated bots that do your bidding when you speak to the device. There are thousands of Alexa Skills you can choose from. 

Explore them on the Alexa Skills page on Amazon and also discover them on the Alexa app. You can enable them from either source. 

Here’s how you can enable the skills from the app.

On the Amazon Alexa app, you see a short list of three most popular Recommended Skills. The screen also suggests a few more skills you can try. 

The Discover tab is just what it says and is useful to find Editor picks and hidden gems.

Once you have enabled a few Alexa Skills, you can find them all listed under Your Skills.

You can also just say “Alexa, open [skill name]”. If you want to know more about a skill, you can say, “[skill name] help”.

You can connect the default Amazon skills like “Pay With Alexa” or “Amazon Prime Music”. Do note that some skills may need a subscription and a log-in with the Skill provider. For instance, Spotify. 

Once you get comfortable with single purpose Alexa skills, look into creating more powerful Alexa routines. Alexa Routines allow you to control multiple devices with a single command. 

Work On Your Alexa Skills

Alexa understands conversational English (and other languages too). A smart speaker can do a lot more than play streaming music. Pick the right commands and you can automate some of your everyday tasks. 

If you have an Echo speaker, practice these Amazon Echo Skills and see if they help to save a few minutes. 

Prime Day 2023: How To Avoid Missing A Deal?

Prime Day 2023: How To Avoid Missing A Deal?

Amazon Prime Day sale is almost here. So what are you waiting for? Start making your shopping list and strategy to get the most from this 48-hour sale.  Amazon Prime Day sale is your chance to get the newest AirPods, Amazon Kindle, wireless headphones and more.

During the 2 days, sale Amazon will put tens and thousands of branded products so get ready to get the most from it.

To get a Prime Day deal you need to have an Amazon Prime subscription. Hence make sure you have one or subscribe one before the sale begins.

Smart shopping tips to help you grab the best deals.

How to get alerts on Prime Day deal?

Users using the Amazon shopping app can use the following steps:

Note: If you haven’t installed the one you can do so from App Store and Play Store.

1. Once you have the app downloaded, sign in to your Amazon account.

3. Here, tap the Upcoming tab and check out for all the upcoming deals.

4. When you find an item that interests you, tap on Watch this deal.

If this is your first time the app may ask you to allow notifications.

5. Next, tap on Watching tab to check the status of the items you are watching.

Note: You can remove the item if you change your mind.

These steps will help you receive notifications when the deal goes live on Amazon Prime Day Sale.

When the deal goes live, the app will display a system notification alert and show the deal live on its home screen.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable watching deals on the smartphone you can keep a tab of Amazon deals on your computer too.

To monitor Prime Day Deals on your computer follow the steps below:

Note:  You can also use Amazon Assistant browser extension for Chrome and Firefox to check out the deals.

Here’s how to watch deals this Prime Day using Amazon Assistant browser extension.

1. Install the Amazon Assistant extension. This will add a button in your browser.

3. In addition to this, using Amazon browser extension, you can keep a check on other deals too.

Not only this, if you are headed to another site for a better price, the extension will alert you if Amazon offers a better deal. Isn’t it great? With this, you’ll never lose any deal and will get the items you want at the best price available.

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Preeti Seth

Trendosaur: Find The Best Products To Sell Online

With the age of e-commerce not showing any signs of slowing, more and more people are heading online to shop for their favorite products. In fact, it’s been shown that consumers are spending more than 2 trillion dollars each year on their online spending habits. Of course, that means that companies like eBay and Amazon are reaping profits throughout the globe, but studies are showing that the market also has demand for those smaller, specialized stores focusing on industry niches internationally.

That said, finding a place to sell a product is just one piece of the puzzle, and if you want to become a successful online retailer and set yourself up financially, you need to consider your process. One of the biggest hurdles new online retailers face is knowing which products they should sell, as well as where these products should be sourced from. If you’re a budding online retailer in this position, Trendosaur was built with you in mind.

Trendosaur is an online e-commerce service designed to save online retailers time and money in the product research and sourcing space. Trendosaur’s Trending Product Reports offers users a curated catalog of products currently trending in the market, and in this article, we look closer at whether Trendosaur might be useful for your unique journey to becoming a successful online retailer.

Key Features

Get Curated Catalog of Trending Products

Get a List of Suppliers

As well as generating a custom list of products to sell online, Trendosaur takes things a step further and collates a recommended suppliers list, providing three of the most suitable traders or factories to purchase the products from. This means that users not only receive product recommendations, but a list of suppliers where one can source those products. Most of these suppliers are also dropship friendly, so you don’t have to maintain an inventory.

Get Selling and Buying Price Info

Along with a list of potential products and suppliers, Trendosaur also provides detailed information on the pricing of a product. With its reports, you can always find the best ‘sell price’ as well as buying price for the products you want to sell. That not only helps to analyze profit margins, it allows one to easily undercut the competition if desired.

Ease of Use

Trendosaur is intentionally designed to be simple and easy to use. After providing relevant information around target markets and product categories, Trendosaur’s Trending Product Reports will analyze your data and generate a report of 20 relevant products and suppliers in your particular product category.

On a subscription model, users will receive these reports twice a month,  allowing you to stay on top of changing market trends and data. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Pricing and Availability

Trendosaur is available to any online retailer or aspiring ecommerce afficionado. Whether you run an online store using services like Shopify or Squarespace, or sell products on Amazon or eBay, Trendosaur can be used to gain powerful insight into trending products to maximize sales globally.


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There’s no free trial available yet

Take Your Online Retail Business to New Heights with Trendosaur

Trendosaur is an online service which gives an easy insight into the trending and products and list of suppliers to source those products from. If you are an online retailer who is selling products on a whim and not succeeding, try out Trendosaur as it is certainly going to help you in selling more products and earning more money.

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