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Role playing and real time strategy games have found its popularity based on the thrill that critical thinking and communication skills provide in competitive virtual environments. Games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 are still one the most popular games, with the former having the largest footprints of any game in streaming media communities.

However, many users have reported an error in these games, where in critical moments the game quits and shows the following error:

“Failed to create the D3D9 device! This can happen if the desktop is locked. Exiting…”

Read here what is the D3D9 device responsible for, and how you can solve the D3D9 desktop locked error.

If you open the task manager while playing games on your computer, you will notice the chúng tôi running under the processes tab. The chúng tôi is actually the 3D graphics API responsible for adding the Direct X functionality to various Windows games and multimedia tasks.

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When you see error messages related to the chúng tôi file, it means that there is something wrong with a certain program that uses Microsoft DirectX. There are four major reasons why you may get this error on your desktop, which are:

Missing or invalid chúng tôi registry entries may be causing the D3D9 error on your system.

A virus or malware infecting the chúng tôi file is one of the most common reasons that users have reported they get this error on their device.

A hardware failure can result in resolution mismatch, thereby causing the multimedia tasks not being handled properly.

An outdated graphics driver can also lead to your hardware not being able to function properly, and you get the ‘Failed to create D3D9 device’ error message.

Now that you know why you may be getting this error, let us take a look at the potential solutions that you can apply, to solve the D3D9 desktop locked error.

The chúng tôi errors are usually caused by incorrectly configured game settings. Users usually get this error when the display resolution is not compatible with the computer hardware. You can solve the ‘Failed to create the D3D9 device! This can happen if the desktop is locked’ error message by adjusting the resolution matching your hardware.

To adjust the resolution of the game, follow these steps:

    If you are able to launch your game, change the settings from within the game. Or else, follow the next step.

    Go to the installation folder of the game in File Explorer. You can use the keyboard shortcut Win + E.

    Open the configuration file of your game. It should have a .ini You can use any text editor to open this type of file.

    Change the resolution to your current resolution.

    If you use Steam to launch your games, you can follow these steps:

    Open File explorer. You can use the keyboard shortcut Win + E.

    Open a configuration file named ini


    Save the file and launch the game. It should now launch without any issues.

    Alternatively, you can change the resolution from the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS button in your Game properties window.

    As mentioned earlier, the D3D9 file is responsible for adding the DirectX functionalities on your games. If the DirectX runtimes are not running on your computer, this may end up causing the game to crash with the ‘Failed to create D3D9 device’ message.

    To reinstall the DirectX runtimes, follow these steps:

    Visit the Microsoft’s DirectX End-User Runtimes download site.

    Download the Runtimes to your computer.

    Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your computer.

    Now check if the game runs without any D3D9 desktop locked error message.

    Drivers are the configuration files that facilitate the communication between your hardware and operating system. If the drivers on your system are outdated, or there is a mismatch in the driver version required and the one installed, your game can crash unexpectedly or not run in full screen.

    To update your drivers:

    Open a Run dialog by pressing Win + R

    Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter to open Device Manager.

    Select Update Driver.

    Either you can let Windows search for the most recent drivers for your card, or you can visit the manufacturer’s site to download manually the latest drivers, and then choose the Browse my computer option to install the latest drivers for your Graphics card on your system.

    Also, update your Windows version to the latest one available. This is to ensure that if a Windows bug was causing your error, which would have been solved in the latest Windows update.

    Many computer issues are caused by hidden malware and virus that hamper your experience with your device. You need to get rid of these viruses to stop “Failed to create the D3D9 device” error on your device.

    You can choose from a variety of free antiviruses like Avast Free Antivirus and antimalware programs like Malwarebytes Free in order to tackle this issue. Run a full scan of your PC and then try running your games.

    So there you have it. The ‘Failed to create the D3D9 device’ error message that prevented you from playing your game should now be resolved. Did you find this useful? Comment below if you did, and to discuss further the same.

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    3 Best Methods To Solve The Microsoft Sway Error

    3 Best Methods to Solve the Microsoft Sway Error Sway not letting you access your account can be solved with this guide




    Microsoft Sway is part of the Microsoft Office suite and creates fantastic newsletters.

    The article below will showcase what you can do if you can’t log in to Microsoft Sway.

    Know that this annoying error is mainly caused by the servers being down.

    Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

    You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

    Here’s what Opera One can do:

    Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

    AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

    Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

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    Microsoft Sway is a valuable service, but some users reported Microsoft Sway sign-in errors while trying to use it. Here’s how one user describes the issue in the Microsoft Tech community:

    This can be annoying, so let’s see how to fix it once and for all.

    Why is Microsoft Sway not working?

    We’re glad you asked. However, please remember that the most common cause of Sway not working is issues relating to Microsoft servers, and Microsoft Sway might be down.

    When faced with these situations, chúng tôi would have refused to connect. Thus, you should note that to perform actions like edits, you must be logged in.

    Messages you get in Sway, such as your account is not enabled, are a clear sign something is wrong, and we will help you fix that.

    Sway asking for sign-in credentials is also a sign, mainly if you are used to the software storing this login information.

    Is Microsoft Sway still supported?

    Microsoft still supports the Sway service. However, know that the Sway app has been shut down since September 24, 2023.

    That said, Sway sites are stored on Microsoft’s servers and tied to the user’s Microsoft account. This means that they can be viewed and edited from any web browser through Office on the web.

    Users thought that the service disappeared entirely after receiving the following error message:

    Something went wrong and we can’t sign you in right now. Please try again later.

    The Microsoft account login server has detected too many repeated authentication attempts. Please wait a moment and try again.

    How can I fix the Microsoft Sway error 1. Try a different web browser

    If you’re having problems with Microsoft Sway, try accessing it using a different web browser. There are many excellent web browsers on the market, but if you want a fast, reliable, and secure browser, Opera is just what you need.

    In addition, this browser has a built-in VPN, phishing protection, and a malware scanner for downloaded files, so you should try it out.


    Log into Microsoft Sway, as well as all other Office products, with the help of this speedy, stable, and secure web browser.

    Free Download

    2. Log out of all Office applications

    Sometimes you can fix the Microsoft sway sign-in error simply by signing out of all Office applications and logging back to Sway:

    Log out of all Office applications.

    After doing that, log back into Sway.

    Check if the error message still appears.

    3. Use the private browsing feature

    If you’re having problems with Microsoft sway sign-in error, you might be able to fix it by using the private browsing feature on your browser:

    Note: We showed you how to enable private browsing in Firefox, but the process is similar for all major web browsers.

    If you encounter Microsoft Sway sign-in error, try accessing in Incognito or Private browsing mode since that’s the solution that worked for most users.

    Microsoft sway being down is a clear sign of something going wrong with the tech giant’s servers, so don’t panic; it’s not something on your end.

    When faced with this predicament, check the Microsoft sway status. Needless to say that servers not being up will make it impossible to perform any Microsoft sway download.

    Still experiencing issues?

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    How To Solve Differential Equations

    These equations are some of the most important to solve because of their widespread applicability. Here, homogeneous does not refer to homogeneous functions, but the fact that the equation is set to 0. We will see in the next section on how to solve the correspondingdifferential equations. Below,andare constants.

    Characteristic equation. This differential equation is notable because we can solve it very easily if we make some observations about what properties its solutions must have. This equation tells us that y{displaystyle y} and its derivatives are all proportional to each other. From our previous examples in dealing with first-order equations, we know that only the exponential function has this property. Therefore, we will put forth an ansatz – an educated guess – on what the solution will be.

    This ansatz is the exponential function

    erx,{displaystyle e^{rx},}

    r{displaystyle r}

    erx(r2+ar+b)=0{displaystyle e^{rx}(r^{2}+ar+b)=0}

    This equation tells us that an exponential function multiplied by a polynomial must equal 0. We know that the exponential function cannot be 0 anywhere. The polynomial being set to 0 is deemed the characteristic equation. We have effectively converted a differential equation problem into an algebraic equation problem – a problem that is much easier to solve.

    r2+ar+b=0{displaystyle r^{2}+ar+b=0}

    r±=−a±a2−4b2{displaystyle r_{pm }={frac {-apm {sqrt {a^{2}-4b}}}{2}}}

    We obtain two roots. Because this differential equation is a linear equation, the general solution consists of a linear combination of the individual solutions. Because this is a second-order equation, we know that this is the general solution. There are no others to be found. A more rigorous justification is contained in the existence and uniqueness theorems found in the literature.

    In terms of linear algebra, the solution set of this differential equation spans a vector space with dimension equal to the order of the differential equation. The solutions form a basis and are therefore linearly independent of one another. This is possible because the function

    y(x){displaystyle y(x)}

    linear operator. The derivative is a linear operator because it maps the space of differentiable functions to the space of all functions. The reason why this is a homogeneous equation is because, for any linear operator

    L,{displaystyle L,}

    L[y]=0.{displaystyle L[y]=0.}

    y(x)=c1er+x+c2er−x{displaystyle y(x)=c_{1}e^{r_{+}x}+c_{2}e^{r_{-}x}}

    Two complex roots. It is a corollary of the fundamental theorem of algebra that solutions to polynomial equations with real coefficients contain roots that are real or come in conjugate pairs. Hence if r=α+iβ{displaystyle r=alpha +ibeta } is complex and is a root of the characteristic equation, then r∗=α−iβ{displaystyle r^{*}=alpha -ibeta } is a root as well. We can then write out the solution as c1e(α+iβ)x+c2e(α−iβ)x,{displaystyle c_{1}e^{(alpha +ibeta )x}+c_{2}e^{(alpha -ibeta )x},} but this solution is complex and is undesirable as an answer for a real differential equation.

    We can instead make use of Euler’s formula

    eix=cos⁡x+isin⁡x{displaystyle e^{ix}=cos x+isin x}

    eαx(c1cos⁡βx+ic1sin⁡βx+c2cos⁡βx−ic2sin⁡βx){displaystyle e^{alpha x}(c_{1}cos beta x+ic_{1}sin beta x+c_{2}cos beta x-ic_{2}sin beta x)}

    We now replace the constant

    c1+c2{displaystyle c_{1}+c_{2}}

    c1{displaystyle c_{1}}

    i(c1−c2){displaystyle i(c_{1}-c_{2})}

    c2.{displaystyle c_{2}.}

    y(x)=eαx(c1cos⁡βx+c2sin⁡βx){displaystyle y(x)=e^{alpha x}(c_{1}cos beta x+c_{2}sin beta x)}

    There is yet another way to write out this solution in terms of an amplitude and phase, which is typically more useful in physical applications. See the main article for details on this calculation.

    Example 2.1. Find the solution to the differential equation below given initial conditions. To do so, we must use our solution as well as its derivative and substitute initial conditions in both results to solve for the arbitrary constants.

    d2xdt2+3dxdt+10x=0,x(0)=1, x′(0)=−1{displaystyle {frac {mathrm {d} ^{2}x}{mathrm {d} t^{2}}}+3{frac {mathrm {d} x}{mathrm {d} t}}+10x=0,quad x(0)=1, x'(0)=-1}

    r2+3r+10=0,r±=−3±9−402=−32±312i{displaystyle r^{2}+3r+10=0,quad r_{pm }={frac {-3pm {sqrt {9-40}}}{2}}=-{frac {3}{2}}pm {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}i}

    x(t)=e−3t/2(c1cos⁡312t+c2sin⁡312t){displaystyle x(t)=e^{-3t/2}left(c_{1}cos {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}t+c_{2}sin {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}tright)}

    x(0)=1=c1{displaystyle x(0)=1=c_{1}}

    x′(t)=−32e−3t/2(c1cos⁡312t+c2sin⁡312t)+e−3t/2(−312c1sin⁡312t+312c2cos⁡312t){displaystyle {begin{aligned}x'(t)&=-{frac {3}{2}}e^{-3t/2}left(c_{1}cos {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}t+c_{2}sin {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}tright)\&+e^{-3t/2}left(-{frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}c_{1}sin {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}t+{frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}c_{2}cos {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}tright)end{aligned}}}

    x′(0)=−1=−32c1+312c2,c2=131{displaystyle x'(0)=-1=-{frac {3}{2}}c_{1}+{frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}c_{2},quad c_{2}={frac {1}{sqrt {31}}}}

    x(t)=e−3t/2(cos⁡312t+131sin⁡312t){displaystyle x(t)=e^{-3t/2}left(cos {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}t+{frac {1}{sqrt {31}}}sin {frac {sqrt {31}}{2}}tright)}

    Session Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener Failed To Start With Error 0Xc0000022

    In this article, we cover ways to resolve Session Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener failed to start with error 0xc0000022. This is a Kernel-EventTracing error, which is a tool that Windows users can use to view any errors that might have happened. In most cases, the error happens after restarting a PC, and it’s associated with OneDrive or Office 365. The issues may cause issues like BSOD which can be an annoying experience to some Windows 11/10 users.

    What causes Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener to fail to start?

    The Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener error can be caused by various issues. Some of these causes may include OneDrive issues, corrupted or missing systems files, or lack of permissions and privileges to access the application. Also, if some of the components are not turned on in the system, Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener will fail to start with the error 0xc0000022. The error can also be triggered if some features are disabled or not working properly on your Windows PC.

    Fix Session Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener failed to start with error 0xc0000022

    To resolve Session Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener failed to start with error 0xc0000022, try the following solutions.

    Turn off the Files On-Demand feature on OneDrive

    Run the SFC scan

    Reinstall OneDrive

    Enable essential Windows features

    Run the program as an administrator

    Let us look at these solutions in detail.

    1] Turn off the Files On-Demand feature on OneDrive

    Disabling Files On-Demand settings on OneDrive can resolve the Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener error. To do so, follow the steps below;

    This should work and it doesn’t try the next solution.

    2] Run the SFC scan

    Running the System Files Checker scan will fix any files that might be damaged or corrupted; the scan finds all these files and repairs them. If the damaged files are causing Session Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener failed to start with error 0xc0000022, the SFC scan will fix the issue. To run the SFC tool, open Windows Command Prompt as an administrator and type sfc /scannow, and then hit Enter on your PC keyboard.

    3] Reinstall OneDrive

    If OneDrive is outdated or there was a faulty or incomplete installation, you will get issues like Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener error. And the only way to resolve an app with issues is to remove it and download the most recent version. So, to Reinstall Microsoft OneDrive, follow the steps below;

    Open Windows Settings and go to the Apps section. You can press the Windows button + I to open the settings.

    Now, you need to reinstall OneDrive. Go to the Microsoft Store and search for OneDrive.

    Select the Get button to download and then install Microsoft OneDrive. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.

    4] Enable essential Windows features

    For users who experience the Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener error 0xc0000022 while gaming or using other apps, they can enable the DirectPlay feature and see if the issue is fixed.

    5] Run the program as an administrator

    Sometimes, you get Session Cloud Files Diagnostic Event Listener failed to start with error 0xc0000022 because you are accessing a program without the required privileges or permissions. So to ensure you won’t go wrong on this one, you need to open the affected app with administrative privileges.

    We hope one of the solutions here works for you.

    Fix: OneDrive error code 0x8004def7 on Windows

    What is error code 0xc0000022 in Event Viewer?

    Error code 0xc0000022 is an issue that happens when the DLL is missing or corrupted on your Windows PC. The best way to fix these files is by scanning your system using tools like SFC, DISM, or other legit third-party system scanners. The error 0xc0000022 can also be caused by accessibility issues, anti-virus software malfunctioning, or program conflicts. It’s not a fatal error and can be fixed by the solutions we mentioned in this article. To avoid this error in your PC, periodically scan your system files, disable any unnecessary third-party anti-virus software, and ensure your drivers and system are up-to-date.

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    What is kernel EventTracing?

    How To Fix Sonicwall Ssl Vpn Failed To Login

    How to fix SonicWall SSL VPN failed to login [Easy Guide]




    If SonicWall SSL VPN failed to login, it’s because you used NetExtender to create a user login over SSL-VPN, resulting in the E-mail address may be configured wrong error message.

    Check out our simple guide below to quickly and easily fix the SonicWall SSL VPN login issue. If you don’t want to deal with this VPN provider anymore, discover a better VPN for your company.

    For more virtual private network solutions for your organization, join our Business VPN section.

    Head over to our VPN Troubleshooting Hub to fix additional VPN errors.



    To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

    Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

    Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

    Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

    Fortect has been downloaded by


    readers this month.

    SonicWall Global VPN Client is a business VPN solution you can set up on your organization to provide remote access for work-at-home or traveling employees. It’s an excellent alternative to Cisco VPN.

    Unfortunately, many system admins have trouble with the user configuration and can’t find a way to fix the SonicWall SSL VPN failed to login error.

    It occurs when attempting to use NetExtender to create a user login sequence over SSL-VPN, resulting in the E-mail address may be configured wrong error message.

    The problem is that the administrator activated a one-time password on the group associated with the user but didn’t also enable the user’s email address. Our guide below shows you how to quickly fix it in just a few steps.

    How do I fix SonicWall SSL VPN failed to login?

    Make sure to enable Require one-time passwords.

    Switch to the Setting tab and specify the user’s email address.

    To test the fix, reconnect to the SSL-VPN.

    Check the email account for a temporary password.

    You should now be able to enter the password and log in successfully.

    If SonicWall SSL VPN failed to login and displayed the User is not authorized to use NetExtender error message, make sure to upgrade SMB SSL-VPN 2000/4000 and SRA 4200 appliance’s firmware version to or newer.

    Once you successfully log in, you should gain access to the company’s shared resources in the intranet. However, if SonicWall VPN stops working or doesn’t connect, you have to determine and solve the problem.

    Switch to a better VPN solution for your business

    If you got tired of fixing SonicWall VPN errors, consider dropping it and replacing it with a more powerful VPN solution, such as Perimeter 81. It’s an elaborate business VPN with a cloud management platform, seamless network deployment, and user-friendly client tools.

    What else you should know about Perimeter 81:

    Made for 5 or more team members

    Integrates with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, and others

    24/7 chat support

    30-day money-back guarantee (no free trial)

    Perimeter 81

    Drop SonicWall VPN and replace it with a more powerful VPN solution for your company.

    $12/mo. Buy now

    In conclusion, you should be able to quickly fix the SonicWall SSL VPN failed to login issue by following the simple workaround we provided above. But if you’re interested in a better corporate VPN solution, pick Perimeter 81 instead.

    Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

    Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

    We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

    We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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    How To Solve Equations In Excel Using Solver Add

    Microsoft Excel is a great Office application from Microsoft and it does not need any introduction. It helps every one of us, in many ways by making our tasks simpler. In this post we will see how to solve Equations in Excel, using Solver Add-in.

    Some day, you might have come across the need to carry out reverse calculations. For example, you might need to calculate the values of two variables that satisfy the given two equations. You will try to figure out the values of variables satisfying the equations. Another example would be – the exact marks needed in the last semester to complete your graduation. So, we have the total marks needed to complete the graduation and the sum of all marks of the previous semesters. We use these inputs and perform some mathematical calculations to figure out the exact marks needed in the last semester. This entire process and calculations can be simple and easily made with the help of Excel using Solver Add-in.

    Solve Equations in Excel using Solver Add-in

    Solver Add-in powerful and useful tool of Excel which performs calculations to give the optimal solutions meeting the specified criteria. So, let us see how to use Solver Add-in for Excel. Solver Add-in is not loaded into excel by default and we need to load it as follows,

    Now, Solver Add-in got added to the Excel sheet. Tap on the “Data” tab and on the extreme right, you can see the added Solver Add-in.

    How to use Solver Add-in

    We added Solver Add-in to Excel and now we will see how to use it. To understand it better, let us take an example of calculating the profit of a product. See the Excel sheet below with some sample data in it. To find the profit %, we use the formula profit %=(( Selling price-Cost price)/Cost price)*100

    We can see that there are three products as Product A, Product B and Product C with Cost Price, Selling Price and Profit (%) of respective products. Now, our target is to take the profit (%) of Product A to 20%. We need to find out the Cost Price and Selling Price values of Product A needed to make the profit as 20%. Here, we also have the constraint that Cost Price should be greater than or equal to 16,000 and Selling Price should be less than or equal top 22,000. So, first we need to list down the below information based on the example we took.

    Target Cell: B5 (Profit %)

    Variable Cells for Product A: B3 (Cost Price) and B4 (Selling Price)

    Formula used to calculate profit %:  ((Selling price-Cost price)/Cost price)*100

    Target Value: 20

    Place the formula in the target cell (B5) to calculate the profit %.

    This is the required information we need to solve any sort of equation using Solver Add-in in Excel.

    STEP 1: Specify the “Target Cell” as B5, “Value of” as the targeted profit % as 20 and specify the cells which need to be changed to meet the required profit %.

    In our case, B3 (C.P) and B4 (S.P) need to be specified as $B$3:$B$4 in “By changing variable cells”.

    Now, you will see that the latest Cost Price and Selling Price has been changed to 17, 708 and 21, 250 respectively to get the 20% Profit.

    This is the way to use Solver Add-in to solve equations in Excel. Explore it and you can get more out of it. Share with us how best you made use of Solver Add-in.

    How do you solve an equation using Excel Solver? How do you use Excel Solver add-in?

    To use the Solver add-in in Excel, you need to install it first. For that, open the Options panel and go to the Add-ins section. Following that, find the Solver add-in and start the installation process. Once done, you will be able to use his-in by following the aforementioned steps.

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