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Mac screens get smaller and smaller, but that doesn’t mean that the software you’re using does. If you’re struggling with screen real estate on your Mac, you’ll need to look at ways to use the space more effectively. A good way to do this is by using macOS’ built-in features for split screens to see and use multiple windows at once. 

You can split your screen in half, with two windows on the left or right. There are also third-party tools for split screens like Moom you can use instead, which allow you how to split the screen on a Mac into quadrants, using each of the four corners. Here’s how to split screen on Mac devices using these tools.

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How To Split Screen On Mac Devices

If you’re using macOS, you’ll already be familiar with the round, colored window control buttons in the top-left corner of any open window. The red, circular button closes a window and the yellow, circular button minimizes it. The green button, however, is used for manipulating your window while it’s currently active.

By default, windows using the split view feature will share the screen equally. You can change this once the windows are in place by using your keyboard or trackpad to press and hold the black bar in the middle of the screen, then moving the bar left or right to resize your windows accordingly.

You can only use macOS’ built-in split view feature to see two windows, side by side, and they will enter full-screen mode by default. If you’d prefer not to use full screen, leaving your Dock and menu bar visible, you can resize the windows into a similar position.

To do this, hover over the green window button in the top-left while holding down the option key on your Mac keyboard. The icon you’ll see while hovering over the green window button will change from two arrows to a plus symbol.

Resizing Windows Using Moom On macOS

If you want to use a split view mode on macOS that allows you to resize more than two windows at the same time, you’ll need to consider using third-party window management software. Several free and paid options are available, but we recommend using Moom. A free trial of the software is available to try it out on your Mac before you subscribe.

If you have any problems using Moom after enabling accessibility access, restart your Mac, then relaunch Moom after restarting.

Once Moom is running, hover over your green window button in the top-left of an open window. The default macOS drop-down menu will be replaced with Moom’s own, with different icons showing different display modes. The icons with a gray block on the left or right will resize your window to take up the left or right of your screen.

You also have options to resize your windows to take up the top or bottom of your screen, splitting your display in the middle horizontally. Press the icons with a gray block at the top or bottom to resize your window to take up the top or bottom of your screen instead.

Moom also allows you to split your screen on your Mac into quadrants, resizing windows and placing them in the top and bottom corners on both the left and the right. Press and hold the option key to view these options, then hover over the green window button. Press any of the shown icons in the Moom drop-down menu to resize your windows accordingly.

Maximizing Your Screen Real Estate On macOS

Whether you use the built-in split-view mode or you decide to use a third-party app like Moom to control your windows, you should try to make full use of your screen real estate on macOS. Knowing how to do split-screen on Mac devices can only get you so far, however—you may decide one display just isn’t enough.

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How To Split Screen On Windows 11/10 Computer? Here Are The Tips!

Windows 11/10 has always offered its users an impressive work environment for multitasking. With the sheer ability to run multiple software and applications at once and to switch between them with absolute ease, Windows does makes us good at multitasking. One of the many features of multitasking on Windows 11/10 is the Split Screen feature.

If you split your computer screen monitor, you can easily run several applications, view your web research on one half of the screen and open up your word document on the other half. One could also display various status displays across the entire monitor. But, if you have only one computer monitor on a Windows 11/10 system, and want to split the screen into two halves’ then how can you do that?

This Windows guide gives you a quick overview of how you can split the screen on Windows 11 or Windows 10 into two halves, and work on two programs simultaneously with ease.

Turn on the Snap windows feature in Windows 11/10

To turn on the Snap windows feature in Windows 11, do the following:

Press Win+I to open Windows Settings.

Ensure that you are in the System tab.

Toggle the Snap windows button to turn it on.

However, if you are using Windows 10, you can follow these steps:

A split-screen on Windows 10 is a multitask tactic where there are multiple applications displayed on a screen at one time. To work on multiple windows on a single monitor, you will have to first turn on the ‘Snap windows’ features on Windows 10. Follow these steps:

1] Go to ‘Settings’ from the ‘Start Menu’. Alternatively, you could also launch the Windows 10 settings with the shortcut ‘Windows Key + I’.

3] On the right side, you will see the ‘Snap Windows’ options.

4] Turn on the slider for ‘Snap Windows‘. You can select one or all of the Snap features enabled on your Windows 11/10 system:

When I snap a window, automatically size it to fill available space.

When I snap a window, show what I can snap next to it.

When I resize a snapped window, simultaneously resize any adjacent snapped window.

Show snap layouts when I hover over a window’s maximize button.

Show snap layouts that the app is part of when I hover over the taskbar buttons.

When I drag a window, let me snap it without dragging all the way to screen edge.

5] Close ‘Settings’.

Done! The Snap Windows feature is now ready to help you split screen on Windows 10 system.

How to split the screen in Windows 11/10

If you are using Windows 11, you can take the help of Snap Layouts. The detailed guide is mentioned below.

To split the screen in Windows 11 using Snap layouts, follow these steps:

Open two or more apps on your computer.

Hover your mouse over the maximize button of an app.

Select a template and location where you want to snap the currently selected window.

Choose another app to place it side by side.

Depending upon the monitor size, you can find different templates in Windows 11.

However, if you are using Windows 10, you can follow these steps:

Open two or more windows or applications on your system.

Select the program or application window that you want to snap to one side of the screen.

Put your mouse on an empty area on the title bar, hold the left mouse button, and drag the window to the left side of the desktop screen until your mouse pointer touches the edge.

When you drag the mouse to the edge, you would see the desktop screen briefly flash and a light outline would appear. Release the mouse button when you see the light outline.

Your desktop screen would be now split into two halves. You would see all the other opened programs on the right side of the split screen on the Windows 10 desktop i.e., the opposite side of the screen where you dragged the application window.

Done! Now you have two applications opened side by side on your desktop screen, i.e., split screen on Windows 10.

How to adjust the Spit Screen size

How split the computer screen between 3 or 4 programs

The answer is yes. If you have a huge display monitor, you can snap up to four windows to the screen – one in each corner. The process is almost the same as snapping windows as mentioned above. We listed the steps for better understanding:

1] Select the program windows that you wish to begin with.

3] As you drag it, take it to the corner until the screen flashes a light outline, now let go of the mouse button.

4] Now, drag the next window to the lower-left corner of the screen in the same way and do just what we mentioned in step #3

Unsnap windows on the Split Screen

You can “unsnap” any window by simply dragging it by the title bar away from the edge or corner.

How do I split my screen into two windows?

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What is the shortcut for split screen?

We hope with this guide you will not have any trouble doing split-screen on Windows 11/10.

How To Take Screenshots Of The Login Screen On Any Mac

Taking screen shots of the login screen on a Mac is possible, and you can do so at either the OS X system boot, any login window, or at a locked user authentication screen. How a screenshot of the Mac login screen is accomplished will depend on what version of OS X the Mac is running however.

We’ll run through the process of taking a screenshot of a login screen and login window in all versions of Mac OS X. As you’ll see, the process is very easy on modern versions, whereas prior releases of Mac OS are a bit more involved.

Taking a Screenshot of the Login Screen in OS X EL Capitan

The latest versions of OS X 10.10 (and beyond) support the regular screenshot keystroke at all login windows. This makes taking a screenshot of the login screen or a setup window just as easy as taking one anywhere else:

Access the login screen of OS X either on boot, through a locked screen saver, or Fast User Switching menu

Hit Command+Shift+3 to take a screenshot of the login display

The login window screenshot will appear on the desktop with an “LW” prefix to the regular screenshot file name, like this: “LWScreenShot 2024-12-04 at 12.43.23 PM.png”

For example, if you have customized your login screen wallpaper in OS X El Capitan, you can now easily share that with the world by using the standard screenshot command sequence. Very easy.

Taking Screen shots of the Login Screens in Earlier OS X Versions

Capturing a picture of the login window in earlier versions of OS X is a bit more technical and it involves a multiple part sequence; enabling remote login on the Mac with SSH, then connecting to the Mac with SSH to issue a command. Here are the steps for those interested in achieving this:

First, enable SSH on the Mac to allow remote login connections, this needs to be done on the Mac which login display you’d like to screen capture, make note of this machines IP address if you aren’t aware of it

Get to the login display on the Mac you just enabled SSH with, either through the screensaver lock screen or the fast user switching login screen

From another computer (Mac or anything with an SSH client), login to the prior Mac with ssh by specifying the proper IP:

ssh [email protected]

Now logged into the target Mac with the login screen active, issue the following command line sequence to capture a screenshot on the target Mac:

screencapture ~/Desktop/login-screen-shot.png

Login to the Mac as usual, and locate the newly created ‘login-screen-shot.png’ file on the desktop

You can then disable SSH if you want, or keep it on if you think you’ll want to connect again.

Another option with all versions of OS X is to take a screenshot of login windows through virtual machine software, though that’s obviously going to depend on what app you’re using rather than the Mac OS release.

As you can see, prior versions of OS X require quite a bit more effort to take a picture of the login windows and login screens, and require network access, whereas the latest versions of OS X are as simple as pressing a keyboard shortcut.


Cod: Modern Warfare Split Screen Not Working

Are you unable to play the Modern Warfare game in split-screen mode? As reported by some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer game players, they just can’t use the split screen mode in the game. With the split screen mode, users can play co-op with friends.

How do you enable split-screen in Modern Warfare?

To enable split screen mode in Modern Warfare, open the COD Modern Warfare game and access and Multiplayer menu. Now, connect the second controller to your console. When the second controller is connected, you will be asked to join the game. You can press the X button on your controller to sign into the Modern Warfare multiplayer game.

Now, there can be different reasons why the split screen is not working fine in Modern Warfare. First of all, the feature is not supported in all game modes. The supported game modes to start split screen sessions include 3rd Person Moshpit, Search And Destroy, Headquarters, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Prisoner Rescue, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Knock Out.

If you are unable to play Modern Warfare in split screen mode, it might be caused if the second player is already logged in. Or, temporary system issues can also be the reason for the same problem. It might also be caused due to improper MAC address on your Xbox console or corrupted multiplayer packs. Besides that, the issue might arise due to incorrect installation of the game.

In any case, you can get rid of this issue using the below-mentioned solutions.

COD: Modern Warfare Split Screen not working

If the split screen mode is not working in Modern Warfare on your Windows PC or Xbox console, you can use the below solutions to fix this issue:

Make sure the second user is not signed in.

Perform a power cycle on your console or PC.

Verify the integrity of the game files.

Clear the MAC address on your Xbox console.

Reinstall multiplayer packs.

Uninstall, then reinstall Modern Warfare.

Contact the Activision support team.

1] Make sure the second user is not signed in

As per some affected users, one of the common solutions to resolve this issue is to ensure that the second player is not logged in. So, before entering into the split screen mode in Modern Warfare, make sure the other participant is signed out. This fix is proven to be effective, especially on Xbox consoles. Here are the steps to apply this fix effectively:

As mentioned above, the first thing you need to do is that the second user is logged out. Plus, the second controller should also be switched off.

Now, the next thing to make sure of is that you are signed in with your primary account that owns the Modern warfare game.

Next, prior to launching a map, customize your list and filter out the items that are incompatible with the split screenplay.

After that, switch on the second player controller and choose the profile for the second player who is going to join the split-screen game mode.

Finally, you can open the map and check if the split screen mode is working fine or not.

If this fix doesn’t work for you, no worries. We have multiple other fixes that will resolve the error for you.

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2] Perform a power cycle on your console or PC

You can also try restarting or performing a power cycle on your Xbox console or computer to fix this issue. Sometimes, a temporary system issue can cause such problems in games and other apps. Hence, in that case, a simple restart or power cycling of your device is effective. So, do that and check if the issue is resolved.

You can restart your Xbox console by pressing and holding the Xbox button on your controller. And then, go to the Power menu, highlight Restart console, and press the Restart button. Upon the console restart, check if the problem is resolved.

If a simple restart doesn’t work, power cycle your Xbox One console using the below steps:

First, make sure your Xbox console is fully switched on.

After that, press the power button on your console and hold it until the front LED is switched off.

Now, remove the power cords of your console from the main switch and wait for at least 30 seconds. Doing so will clear the cached data completely.

Next, plug in your console and switch it on.

Finally, open your Modern Warfare game and check if the problem is fixed or not.

In case you have an Xbox Series S/X console, clear the persistent storage and then restart the console. For that, press the Xbox button on the controller and go to the Settings menu. After that, move to the  Device & Connections tab, choose the Blu-Ray option, navigate to the Persistent Storage section, and press the Clear Persistent Storage button. Then, reboot your console and hopefully, the problem will be resolved now.

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3] Verify the integrity of the game files

The PC users can try verifying the integrity of their game files to fix this issue. It might be incomplete or damaged game files causing the split screen issues in Modern Warfare. Hence, verify and repair the game files and check if the problem is fixed or not.


First, open Steam, sign into the account with which you are facing the issue and then move to LIBRARY.

Next, move to the LOCAL FILES tab and press the Verify the integrity of game files button.

When done, relaunch the game and check fi the problem is fixed.

First, open the chúng tôi launcher and move to its GAMES tab.

Now, select the Modern Warfare game and press the gear icon that you can find next to the Play button.

Lastly, relaunch the game and check if the split screen mode is working fine or not.

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4] Clear the MAC address on your Xbox console

The split-screen sessions in Modern Warfare might not work on your Xbox console due to an inconsistent or improper MAC address. Hence, if the scenario is applicable, clear and reset your MAC address and see if the problem is fixed. Here are the steps you can use to do that:

Firstly, tap on the Xbox button on your controller; it will bring up the main guide menu.

After that, choose the Network Settings option.

Next, go to the Advanced Settings option and hit the Alternate Mac Address option.

You can then select the Restart option to restart your Xbox console.

Once the console has booted up, launch COD Modern Warfare and check if the split screen is working fine or not.

In case you continue to face the same issue, move on to the next fix to resolve the problem.

See: Modern Warfare Multiplayer not working on Windows PC.

5] Reinstall multiplayer packs

The next thing you can do to fix the problem is to reinstall multiplayer packs. This fix is applicable to Xbox console users only. It might be the case that one or more multiplayer packs that you have installed are corrupted which is why this issue is arising. Hence, you can try reinstalling your multiplayer packs on Xbox and see if the problem is resolved. Here are the steps to do that:

First, make sure you are on the main dashboard screen on your console, and then open the guide menu by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

Now, access the Settings option and choose the My games & apps option, and press the A button on your controller.

After that, navigate to the Games section and select the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game from the right-side pane.

Then, start deselecting all the entries and then tick the checkboxes associated with the Multiplayer Packs.

You can then follow the prompted instructions to uninstall the selected packs.

Once done, reboot your console and open Modern Warfare. It will prompt you to install the missing multiplayer packs. Do that. You can now try using the split screen mode and see if the issue is fixed.

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6] Uninstall, then reinstall Modern Warfare

If none of the above fixes help you get rid of this issue, you can consider reinstalling Modern Warfare on your device. There might be an issue with the installation of the game; it might be corrupted or incomplete which is why this issue is caused. So, uninstall the current copy of the game and then install a clean copy to fix the problem.

7] Contact the Activision support team

If the split screen issues still continue in Modern Warfare, you can try contacting the official support team of Activision. They will help you troubleshoot the issue.

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How To Fix Discord Stuck On The Connecting Screen

If your Discord is stuck on the connecting screen, you can follow our troubleshooting guide to get it fixed. There are plenty of causes for this issue, which means we’ll need to go through each troubleshooting step one by one until it’s solved.

We’ll start with the easier fixes first, but we have made sure to include any potential fix, so if you’ve had problems with Discord not connecting, you should have your issues solved once you’ve tried each step in this guide.

Table of Contents

Check For Outage Problems

The first thing you can do when Discord is stuck on connecting is to check whether there are any current outage problems. If the Discord server is undergoing problems, you won’t be able to get past the connecting screen. Visit chúng tôi to see the current server status.

The page you see will showcase the past 90 days – you can hover over any yellow or red bars to see more details. Red bars mean outages and this may impact your ability to log on. 

If there is a red bar on the far right, or a maintenance announcement here, this means there is a live outage today. You can visit the Discord Twitter for updates, but at this point all you can do is wait for the server issues to be resolved.

Check Your Time and Date Settings

Choosing anything other than automatic time and date settings on Windows 10 can cause some issues with Discord running properly. Even if the time may look right, it’s best to double check you have set the time to be automatic.

On the new page, make sure that the toggles for Set the time automatically and Set the time zone automatically are switched on. 

Open Discord again. If Discord is not connecting, try the next step below.

Run a Malwarebytes scan

It could be possible that malware is stopping you from connecting to Discord. You can download Malwarebytes for free and then run a scan.

Try connecting to Discord again. If Discord is still stuck on connecting, try the other steps below.

Turn Off Proxies

Proxies must be turned off for Discord to connect, so follow the steps below to disable them.

Change DNS

Discord works better when using Google’s or Cloudflare’s DNS. We will explain how you can change your DNS to Google’s.

Repeat the steps for Internet Protocol Version 6 but enter 2001:4860:4860::8888 into the first box and 2001:4860:4860::8844 into the second box.

Allow Discord Past Your Firewall

You must make sure that Discord is allowed in your Firewall so that it can connect. 

On the new page that opens, select Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall. 

If you are using an antivirus with an additional firewall, you must allow Discord in that firewall too. This is usually straightforward and can be found within your antivirus software. If you cannot find it, you can contact your antivirus support or search online for help.

Summary & Other Steps

Hopefully one of these steps has helped you to fix your problems with Discord getting stuck on the connecting screen. If you are still facing issues, you can try to use a VPN to connect. 

How To Mirror Your Android Phone Screen To Your Mac Without Rooting

Learn how to mirror your Android phone screen to your Mac wirelessly or using a USB cable, and without having to root your device.

It takes just three taps on your iPhone or iPad to wirelessly mirror its screen to your Mac. The steps for reproducing your Android screen to Mac are not quite that simple, but it’s not hard either, and we will help you do that using free apps.

The process here applies to Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Lava, Motorola, Nothing, Google Pixel, and almost all other Android phones and tablets.

Why use the methods described below

Unlike iOS, there is no native option on Android devices to mirror the screen to macOS. Therefore, some clients may need you to take significant steps before you can use them. However, with the methods we mentioned below, you:

Don’t have to root your Android phone.

Don’t have to turn off Firewall or FileVault on your Mac.

And you don’t have to reduce the overall security of your Mac.

Wirelessly mirror your Android smartphone screen to Mac


You do not have to enter developer mode for the screen cast.

You do not have to disable any security settings on your mobile phone.

I prefer this mirroring process over the wired method (explained next).

1) Make sure your Android phone and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2) Download the AirDroid Cast Now desktop client on your Mac and install it like any other app. Next, download and install AirDroid Cast-screen mirroring on your Android phone from the Google Play Store.

3) Launch AirDroid Cast on your Mac, and you will see the Wireless section with a QR code and a nine-digit numeric code.

4) Now, open AirDroid Cast on your Android phone and scan the QR code, or enter the nine-digit code you see on your Mac. After that, tap Start Casting.

After a few seconds, tap Start Now to allow the app to mirror your Android phone screen to Mac.

6) Now, you can tap the Home button on your phone to go to the Home Screen and, from there, go inside other apps. Everything from here will mirror to your Mac’s screen.

The AirDroid Cast app on Mac will show a thin sidebar with some handy tools. A couple of them can be used after getting the premium version, while others let you see the app settings, rotate the screen, etc.

You can hit the green button in the AirDroid Cast app on Mac to enter full-screen mode, which will hide the left sidebar.

Stop mirroring

Open the AirDroid Cast app on your Android phone, and from here, you can pause the mirroring.

However, if you want to stop mirroring, tap the X button in the top left corner and tap OK on the End casting alert.

Mirror your Android phone screen to Mac using a wired connection


You can control your Android phone from your Mac while casting. For example, you can use your Mac’s mouse and trackpad to open apps on your Android phone.

You will have to enable Developer Mode on your Android phone and enable a bunch of sub-settings. Please proceed at your own risks.

You do not have to connect your Mac and Android to a Wi-Fi network or maintain an active internet connection.

A wired connection is generally more reliable than wireless methods.

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode

Samsung: Go to Software information, tap Build number seven times, and enter your device passcode.

Pixel, Motorola, and other phones with stock or almost stock Android: Tap Build Number seven times until you see ‘You are now a developer!‘

Xiaomi: Tap MIUI version a few times until you see ‘You are now developer. Stop tapping.’

Step 2: Enable other settings

The app we’re using below will show you which developer sub-settings to enable after you turn on Developer Mode. You will most likely have to go to Developer options in phone Settings. On some phones, the Developer options are buried under Additional settings or More settings of the Settings app. Once you’re there:

Enable Install via USB

Enable USB debugging

Enable USB debugging (Security settings)

Turn off Verify apps over USB (Note: I didn’t turn it off, and screen mirroring still worked on my Xiaomi phone.)

Step 3: Get the Vysor app and open it

Vysor is a free app that allows you to share your Android phone’s screen with your computer. Get it from the Google Play Store on your phone and from the official website for your Mac.

Open Vysor on your phone and go through its initial screens. You have already enabled the settings it requires. Still, if it asks to do something else, tap Open Developer Options and enable or disable those options.

Step 4: Connect your phone to your Mac

Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your Mac. In most cases, you do not have to pay attention to the alert that appears on your phone after connecting it to your computer with a wire.

Step 5: See your Android phone’s screen on Mac and control it

Open the Vysor app on your Mac.

After that, you should see your Android phone’s screen on your Mac.

The thin row of icons on the top of the screen offers handy options to take screenshots, record phone screens, enter full screens, and more. But most of them are accessible after upgrading to the pro version. Similarly, you can also go to Settings to upgrade the mirroring quality if you have purchased a license.

Stop mirroring your phone

You can simply unplug your Android phone from your Mac to stop mirroring. Alternatively, you can quit the Vysor app on Mac.

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