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On Sunday evening, millions of people will gather around their TV sets to watch Super Bowl 50. The game features the Denver Broncos taking on the Carolina Panthers, and kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 (ET).

For those of you who aren’t going to be around a television Sunday night, but still want to follow along with the action, we’ve put together a list of ways you’ll be able to do so using an iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices.

Your options this year are fairly straightforward. CBS is hosting the Super Bowl, and it will be streaming the game for free via its website and mobile apps—no cable subscription required. Unfortunately, Verizon still holds exclusive rights for streaming NFL games on smartphones, but you’ll be able to access the free broadcast almost anywhere else.

How to watch the Super Bowl on iPhone

As in years past, live streaming for the Super Bowl on the iPhone (and other smartphones) is limited to Verizon customers here in the United States. So if you want to watch the game on your handset in any kind of official capacity, you’ll have to go through them. Fortunately, for those of you who are VZW subscribers, this is super easy to do and free for most folks. You’ll just need to grab the NFL Mobile app from the App Store.

Of course, there are other ways to watch the big game on your iPhone—and by other ways I mean hacky workarounds. For instance, you could open the CBS website on a desktop computer, and then remotely connect to it from your smartphone using a VNC app. Though I can’t imagine quality would be very good. Or you could use a Slingbox, or other DVR with similar functionality, to stream the game to your phone, but this can get very pricey if you don’t already own one. Finally, if all else fails, I don’t imagine it’s going to be too difficult to find a non-official stream of the game online somewhere.

How to stream the Super Bowl on iPad

Getting the Super Bowl on your iPad is a much simpler task. Just download the CBS Sports app from the App Store—again you won’t need any kind of login credentials. In addition to live game coverage, the app will also offer stats, breaking news, highlights and other content. I’m sure there will be other options, but I can’t imagine you’ll find a better way to watch the game on your tablet than this.

How to watch the Super Bowl on Apple TV

Luckily, CBS also has a CBS Sports app on Apple TV, so you’ll be able to watch the game through it. Folks who have the new fourth generation Apple TV will have to manually search for it and download it, but like its mobile counterpart, it’s free and doesn’t require a cable subscription.

How to stream the Super Bowl on PC or Mac

Watching the Super Bowl on your Mac or PC is also extremely easy. Just navigate yourself to the chúng tôi website. As with the iPad app, expect to find up-to-the-minute stats, news and game highlights, in addition to the live stream.

Other ways to follow the Super Bowl action

If you don’t really care about watching the Super Bowl live, but want to make sure you follow enough to participate in the water cooler conversations at work the following day, I have a few recommendations for you. The first is YouTube. Google’s popular video sharing service has a special section for Super Bowl commercials, so you can see each of the high budget commercial spots before they go viral.

The second is the official ESPN app. This will allow you to check the score of the big game at your leisure, and quickly access important information like who has gotten hurt, which player made the big play, and more. Yes, there are a number of sports-news apps in the App Store, but I like ESPN because it’s well-designed and very accurate.

Finally, I recommend Twitter. For all of its problems, I think Twitter makes for a great way to follow live events like the Super Bowl. You’ll see real-time reactions from fans, ex-athletes and other experts, and often times reporters will break news—think injury reports and other on-field issues—well before you see them on air. I know it’s tough to find these kinds of tweets unless you’re already following the right people, but if you just search the site for terms like #SuperBowl50 #Broncos #Panthers (or variations of these words), you’ll likely stumble across some great content.

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How To Watch Super Bowl 2023: Date, Time, Tv Channels, 4K & More

The Bengals came close to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances but it was the Kansas City Chiefs who once again take the AFC spot in the big game – for the third time in four years. Led by the already legendary Patrick Mahomes, they will take on the Philidelphia Eagles who return for the first time since a miracle win in 2023 having only lost three games this year.

Both teams are the number one seed in their respective conferences (the league is split into NFC and AFC) and will be battling it out to lift the Lombardi trophy after Super Bowl LVII (aka 57).

You can watch it in various different ways as we’ll explain, some of which are free. You can watch on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC and other devices easily.

With a longer 17-game regular season, the Super Bowl is not the first Sunday of February these days and will take place on 12 February 2023.

It takes place at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

You might also be interested in watching the Six Nations 2023.

What time is Super Bowl 2023 kick-off?

The Super Bowl start time is 11:30pm in the UK.

If you’re in the US it is 6:30pm ET or 3:30pm PT.

Who is playing the Super Bowl 2023 halftime show?

After last year’s epic medley of Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar, the Super Bowl half time show will feature Rihanna and it marks her first live performance since 2024.

Read more about the Apple Super Bowl halftime show 2023.

In the UK, you’ll need to watch on the NFL Game Pass to watch the US commercials for just 99 – full details below.

Sky Sports

What TV channel is Super Bowl 2023 on UK?

In the UK there are various TV and online options for watching the Super Bowl live. We’ll start off with the easiest and free option, then take you through the other choices.


After many years on the BBC, the NFL coverage has moved to ITV this year and that means you can watch the game live on free-to-air TV on ITV One with coverage starting at 10:45pm. Laura Woods will be hosting with analysis from Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell.

Sky Sports

If you prefer, you can watch the Super Bowl 2023 on Sky. Coverage starts at 10pm, although you can watch NFL Network build-up coverage from 2pm.

The Super Bowl will be shown on various channels including Sky Sports NFL (407), Sky Sports Main Event (401) and Sky Showcase (106).

If you’re a Sky customer with sports channels then you can use Sky Go to watch live coverage of the Super Bowl wherever you are. The Sky Go app is available on various devices.

If you’re not a Sky customer then don’t worry because you can get Sky Sports coverage with Now which is also available on a large range of devices or simply a web browser.

You’ll need to buy a 24-hour Now Sports Day Membership for £11.98 on the day of the Super Bowl.

NFL Game Pass

Another option is the use the official NFL streaming service called Game Pass. You can sign up just to watch the Super Bowl 2023 and watch on a range of devices and even cast it to your TV using a Chromecast.

If you pay £14.99 for the Pro subscription you also get full live access to the 2023 NFL Draft, Free Agency and Combine during the NFL off-season. There are also game replays from previous seasons and more – all available until 31 July.

Fox Sports

How to watch the Super Bowl in 4K

If you’re in the land of the free, Super Bowl 2023 will be shown on Fox this year with the broadcaster showing the big game in 4K. If you don’t have cable, you can get Fox Sports via the likes of Sling TV, Hulu+ and fuboTV.

Your best bet to get Ultra HD coverage is to use the Fox Sports app, which is available on a wide range of platforms and devices. It’s also available via your local Fox station if you have a good antenna and live in an area with good reception. Check the reception map here.

Watch the Super Bowl from abroad

Services like BBC iPlayer and Sky Go are geo-restricted outside the UK, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the Super Bowl 2023

when you’re overseas.

All you need do is download and use a VPN service that will mask your IP address and make it appear to the app that you are in fact in the UK. You can then browse to iPlayer and Sky’s services in your web browser and watch whatever you like.

We recommend NordVPN and Surfshark VPN.

How To Set Apple Books Reading Goals On Iphone And Ipad

Among the many iOS 13 improvements and updates, Books app has its own fair share. For eBook readers, Apple provides a neat and clean interface on its default Books app, which inspires users to read more. And in its efforts, Apple allows you to set reading goals in Books app on iPhone and iPad. Avid readers set their targets of reading pages every day, and this iOS 13 feature will undoubtedly help them set book reading goals on iPhone and iPad. Let’s jump on to the process.

How to Set Reading Goals in Apple Books on iPhone

Once you set reading goals, you can easily keep track of how many minutes you read every day. Moreover, this practice also enables you to keep tabs on books and audiobooks you finish each year.

Launch Books app on your iOS device

Tap on Reading Now tab if you land on any other tab

Scroll down until you find Reading Goals on the screen

Now tap on Today’s Reading

Next, tap on ADJUST GOAL, which is under the SHARE button.

From the Daily Reading Goal roller, you can set the goal. For example, I have set 10 minutes per day

Finally, tap on Done button.

How to Set Up Yearly Reading Goals in Books App on iPhone or iPad

Like daily goals, you can set reading goals to finish several books in a year. The process is similar as you have followed above:

Open Books app → tap on Reading Now → Scroll down till you see ‘Books Read This Year.’

Then tap on the gray area under ‘Books Read This Year.’ You can see numbers 1, 2, 3. This indicates default yearly reading goal, which you can adjust

After tapping on that gray space, tap on ADJUST GOAL.

From the roller that swipes up, select the number of books you want to finish in a year, and then tapDone.

Turn Off Reading Goals Notifications in Books App

Once you set your daily or yearly book reading goals, you will receive notifications when you reach your reading goals. In case you want to stop those notifications on your iPhone or iPad, follow the steps given below.

Open Books App → Reading Now.

Instead of scrolling down, simply tap on your profile icon at top right corner

Next, tap on Notifications.

Now turn off the button next to Reading Goals.

How to Turn Off Reading Goals in Books App

Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad

Scroll down and tap on Books.

Again scroll down and turn off Reading Goals.

That’s all, friends!

Final Words…

Books are unarguably our best friends as they never betray us. So, keep reading them on your iPhone and iPad. Set new goals every day, every year. In the process of reading books, you will create new reading streaks and records.

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How To Create A Checklist In Apple Notes App On Iphone And Ipad

Apple Notes App provides a neat feature to create lists like to-do lists, shopping lists, grocery lists, and lists of bills yet to be paid and whatnot. It’s quite similar to accessing a list your mom pastes on your fridge so every time she sees it she knows what needs to be needs to be done.

With Apple Notes App, you can not only create a checklist so you know what has been done and what is still left to do, but you can also share the list and let others customize it too for a fun-filled collaboration. That said, let’s learn how to create a checklist in the Apple Notes app on iPhone and iPad.

Make a Checklist in Apple’s Notes App on iOS and iPadOS

Gone were the times when the stock note-taking app used to be there just to make a number. Thanks to the addition of several impressive features including the ability to lock notes with Face ID/Touch ID and pin notes, it’s become more than capable to compete with top-notch third-party note-taking apps.

Save Your Notes Locally or in iCloud

To begin with, I would recommend you first set up where your notes are saved. If you wish to sync your notes with other linked iDevices, enable iCloud for Notes. However, if you don’t want to sync your notes with the cloud service, you have the flexibility to save your notes locally.

Choose iCloud As Default Account for Notes

Tap on the Default Account option and choose iCloud as your default account.

Save your Notes Locally on Your iPhone or iPad

Create a Checklist in Apple Notes App on your iPhone or iPad

Next, tap on the Compose button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

For a new checklist, you need to first enter a title for your list. For example, Shopping or Grocery List.

Tap return and your checklist will be named as the title you mentioned.

When you access the keyboard in the Notes App (by tapping anywhere), the “Checklist” button appears right above the keyboard. Tap on it to proceed.

Now, when you type the contents of your list, you can see a checkbox to the left of it. It’s time to add items to the list. Note that every time, you hit the return key, a checklist icon is automatically added so that you can list out items faster.

Tap on the box next to any item to confirm that the list is complete. In the end, tap on Done at the top right to finish.

Organize a Checklist in Apple Notes on iOS and iPadOS

For a more personalized experience, Apple Notes app also allows you to ideally organize a checklist.

In order to reorder items, all you need to do is just drag the item in the list to the desired place.

If you want to ident items, just swipe right across a list. And to reverse the indent, swipe left across a list.

Automatically Move the Checked Items to the Bottom in the Notes App

Depending on your needs, you can also move the checked items to the bottom automatically.

Share a Checklist in Apple Notes App

There are multiple reasons why you may want to share a list with your friends, colleagues, or loved ones. Maybe you want everyone to remain in sync in order to complete a project or maybe you would like your dear ones to collectively decide on a menu for an upcoming party.

Tap on the Share button at the top-right corner of the screen. 

If you want that people can edit the list upon accessing, choose “Collaborate”. But, if you want to share just a copy of the note, select “Send Copy”. After that, select the preferred way to send the invitation and you are done.

Wrapping up…

There you have it. Now, you won’t miss out on making your day productive enough and getting all the necessary tasks done or getting all the necessities from the store. This is something that I frequently use to carry out my tasks without missing out on any important thing or collaborating with loved ones. What’s your take on this handy feature?

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Adapting Iphone And Apple Watch To A 3

It’s easy to dismiss how reliant a modern lifestyle is on the ability to constantly charge batteries and consume large quantities of data over WiFi. Even minor interruptions to internet and electrical services can be frustrating inconveniences, but how do iPhones, Apple Watches, and Macs fare during an extended period off the grid? I unexpectedly found out this week.

Shortly after noon on July 20th, a round of severe storms sent a large cedar tree crashing to the ground in my front yard, severing the power and communication lines running to my home and office. Outages were widespread throughout the entire region, with countless trees and utility poles snapped. Cell towers were even offline for several hours. Maintenance crews began a 24/7 operation to restore service to nearly 170,000 customers in rural areas. Severe weather of this caliber is highly uncommon along the northern edge of the Midwestern United States.

While most family and friends had power and internet restored within about a day, the single line running from my house to the road was a low priority for a crew overworked and stretched thin tackling larger outages. Power wasn’t restored until the afternoon of July 23rd, roughly 76 hours later. Internet service remains disconnected as I write this.

The tree that disconnected my power and communication lines.

Low Power Mode

MacBooks could benefit from Low Power Mode, too. Switching from the power adapter to battery power already enables a number of energy-saving features, but a toggle for further performance optimizations — like freezing background apps — could significantly improve power-hungry macOS. My MacBook was the most challenging device to keep charged by far, especially since it can’t be fed with a standard portable USB-A power bank.

Personal Hotspot

I’ve used Personal Hotspot on my iPhone more in the past four days than in the four years prior to this outage. Sharing cell data with my MacBook has been critical for working while my home internet is down. Personal Hotspot is perfect for brief tethering sessions, but falls short for sustained use, especially when carrier overages are costly.

Data usage controls would make Personal Hotspot much more useful and economical. As of today, there’s no way to view how much data individual devices are using while tethered. On recent iPhones, the display notch also prevents you from viewing how many devices are connected in the status bar.

Low Data Mode

Similar to Low Power Mode, the addition of Low Data Mode on macOS could further alleviate cell data constraints. iOS 13 will add this capability to iPhones when it launches later this year. Some individual apps already have data control settings for features like autoplay video and high-resolution photos, but a system-wide toggle ensures nothing falls through the cracks. As it stands today, keeping a Mac connected via Personal Hotspot at all times is largely impractical without an unlimited data plan.

Data sharing between devices with the same Apple ID also has the potential to cut down on cellular usage. For apps present on both iOS and macOS like Messages, Mail, and Photos, data could theoretically be passed locally between devices instead of downloaded multiple times over the same cell connection.

Apple Watch

I charge my Apple Watch nightly no matter the circumstances and have been fortunate enough to never run the battery dead since upgrading to a Series 4 model last fall. Faced with the need to stretch my batteries as long as possible, I was pleasantly surprised by how long the latest Apple Watch can remain off a charger. Between Saturday morning and Monday evening, I only needed about 20 minutes of charging time to keep my watch running with a healthy margin of battery life. I minimized notifications and turned off WiFi to conserve power, but didn’t need to enter Power Reserve, dial back the display brightness, disable background app refresh, or enable Power Saving Mode in the Workout app.

The flashlight toggle first added in watchOS 4 is also surprisingly useful. I’ve never had a real reason to use it before aside from novelty, but in a pinch it just might be more useful than the iPhone’s flashlight because you can use it hands-free.

If you have a recent Apple Watch, don’t dismiss the feature as a gimmick — the 1,000-nit display is brighter than you might expect.


I’ve been slow to adopt HomeKit devices into my lifestyle, but with power restored and internet service still disconnected, I’m grateful only a few of my lights are smart. The HomeKit fixtures I do have are mostly inoperable right now, making them even less convenient than my standard lights and switches. Extended outages like mine are uncommon, but it’s worth considering the possibility of a similar event happening at your own home before throwing out all of your standard fixtures. Needless to say, my HomePod has also been reduced to an elegant paperweight.

Overstaying my welcome at Starbucks helped minimize data overages.


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How To Update Tvos On Apple Tv

Every Fall, Apple releases a major update to tvOS, which is the operating system for the Apple TV. Apple adds new and interesting features throughout the year with smaller updates as well. For instance, did you know that you can now use Apple TV as a HomeKit Hub?

Table of Contents

How To Manually Update tvOS On Apple TV (4th Generation & 4K Models)

The 4th Generation Apple TV launched in 2024 and it is quite different compared to the older version. The method of updating the newer models (including the new 4K model) is different than before.

Turn on your Apple TV and from the dashboard, go to the Settings app.

Here, choose the System option.

In the System screen, go to the Software Updates section.

From the popup, choose the Download and Install option to instantly download and install the tvOS update.

Apple TV will now show the download bar.

Once downloaded, the installation process will start instantly. You’ll see tvOS prepare and install the update.

Once the update is installed, Apple TV will restart, and when you end up on the Dashboard again, you’ll be running the latest version of tvOS on your Apple TV. 

How To Update Apple TV 3rd Generation

Apple still provides updates for the older 3rd Generation Apple TV model. If you’re using the older model, use the following steps to update the Apple TV software. 

Your Apple TV will download and install the update. Make sure you don’t unplug your Apple TV during the process.

How To Turn On Automatic Update For tvOS On Apple TV

If you want your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD (which makes for a great Google Chromecast alternative) to always be running the latest version of the operating system, you can set them up to automatically install new updates when they are available.

How To Get tvOS Beta Updates on Apple TV

To get Beta updates for iOS or iPadOS, you have to sign up for Apple’s Public Beta program, or you need to download a developer profile. Getting Beta updates on tvOS is much simpler. 

From the popup, select the Get Beta Updates option.

Apple will ask you to agree to their terms. Here, choose the Agree option.

Now, just choose the Download and Install option from the next screen.

Apple TV will now download the latest Beta update and it will be installed in a couple of minutes. 

How To Find The Current Version Of tvOS On Apple TV

If you want to confirm that you have updated to the latest version of tvOS, or if you want to check the current version of the tvOS operating system on your 4th Generation Apple TV, you can do so at any time from the Settings app.

Open the Settings app on your Apple TV. 

Here, choose the General option.

Now, go to the About section.

Here, you’ll find all the information related to your Apple TV. Take a look at the tvOS section to see the current tvOS version number. 

Troubleshooting tvOS Updates

Usually, updating tvOS software on Apple TV is a smooth process, but sometimes there can be issues. Sometimes it’s the software update itself that might cause new problems. It’s best to wait for a while before updating to the latest version of tvOS.

Also, when updating, make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, and that you don’t unplug your Apple TV during the installation process. 

White Screen Issue

If your Apple TV is showing a white screen with a white cord and the iTunes icon, it means that your Apple TV needs to be restored using iTunes.

Restore Bricked Apple TV

If your Apple TV is bricked and it won’t turn on, the only thing you can do is to restore it from iTunes. 

To do this, you’ll first need to connect your Apple TV to your computer. 

You’ll find a USB-C port at the back of your Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K just for this purpose. Connect the USB-C cable to your computer (for the older Apple TV, it’s a Micro-USB port). 

Then open the iTunes app on your Mac or PC. If you’re using macOS Catalina, open the Finder app instead. 

Then select your device from the sidebar and choose the Restore Apple TV button to start the restore process.

Now that you have updated to the latest version of tvOS on your Apple TV, take some time to explore the new features. You’ll find a What’s New button in the Software Updates section that will help you get familiar with the new features. 

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