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The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is special for many reasons. It’s the first Women’s World Cup to feature 32 teams. Secondly, it’s the first Women’s World Cup to be held in the Asia-Pacific Region. It’s also the first time the tournament will be co-hosted by two countries—Australia and New Zealand.

Several media houses and broadcasters worldwide will provide free-to-air coverage of the tournament over cable. You can also live-stream the Women’s World Cup through cable TV providers that offer digital subscriptions. We’ll highlight platforms where you can watch the 2023 Women’s World Cup online without cable TV.

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2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Teams, Schedule, and Timeline

The tournament commences on 20 July with the opening ceremony/match between New Zealand and Norway at Eden Park, New Zealand’s national stadium. The final game is scheduled for August 20th at the Anchor Stadium in Sydney, Australia.

Countries participating in the 2023 Women’s World Cup are grouped as follows:



Group A New Zealand (NZL) Norway (NOR)

Group B Australia (AUS) Republic of Ireland (IRL)

Group C Spain (ESP) Costa Rica (CRC)

Group D England (ENG) Haiti (HAI)

Group E USA (USA) Vietnam (VIE)

Group F France (FRA) Jamaica (JAM)

Group G Sweden (SWE) South Africa (RSA)

Group H Germany (GER) Morocco (MAR)

Australia will host 35 matches (including the tournament final) of the tournament. New Zealand will host 29 games (24 group matches and five knockout matches). Here’s the timeline of events for the 2023 Women’s World Cup tournament:



Group Stage Matches Thursday, July 20th — Thursday, August 3rd Round of Sixteen Saturday, August 5th — Tuesday, August 8th Quarter-Finals Friday, August 11th — Saturday, August 12th Semi-Finals Tuesday, August 15th — Wednesday, August 16th Third Place Match Saturday, August 19th Final Sunday, August 20th

Check FIFA’s website for the tournament’s match fixtures and other information—date, time, venue, etc.

The Telemundo Network on Peacock TV will provide Spanish broadcasts of all 64 games of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. With a Premium ($4.99/month) or Premium Plus ($9.99/month) subscription, you can stream the soccer tournament on any Peacock-supported device.

An Optus Sport subscription ($24.99/month) grants Australian residents cable-free access to Women’s World Cup matches. You can stream the tournament through the Optus Sport app or compatible web browsers—Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Optus Sports has an app for Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, and specific smart TV brands/models.

YouTube TV has FOX channels (FOX and FS1) covering the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Subscribe to YouTube TV ($72.99/month) or join a YouTube TV family group to watch the tournament on your streaming devices.

FIFA+ is the official video streaming service of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The streaming service offers free broadcasts of live matches, highlights, player documentaries, and other soccer-related content.

You can live stream all 2023 Women’s World Cup matches on FIFA+ through FIFA’s website or the FIFA mobile app.

beIN Sports hold the broadcasting rights to televise the 2023 Women’s World Cup in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. The sports channel will also broadcast the tournament in Asian territories like Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.

beIN SPORTS CONNECT monthly subscription costs $19.99, while the annual pass is $179.99. New users or subscribers get a two-week free trial.

You can stream beIN SPORTS CONNECT via Apple TV, Android TV, and the Android/iOS mobile apps. You can also watch the Women’s World Cup via the beIN SPORTS CONNECT website.

Sling TV’s “Blue” plan ($45/month) has FOX and FOX Sports 1 in its channel lineup. With a single subscription, you can stream all 64 tournament matches on three devices simultaneously.

The Blue plan provides 50 hours of DVR storage, allowing you to record matches on your streaming device(s) to watch later.

fuboTV is another streaming platform to watch the Women’s World Cup online without cable. All fuboTV plans include all FOX channels broadcasting the tournament—FOX, FOX Sports (FS1), and FS1 4K.

fuboTV monthly plans start at $74.99 monthly with a 7-day free trial period for new subscribers. Create a fuboTV account, buy a plan, and install the fuboTV app on your streaming device. You can also stream the tournament on fuboTV’s website through your web browser—see all devices compatible with fuboTV.

Watch the Women’s World Cup Online without Cable

These are currently the best platforms to watch the 2023 Women’s World Cup online—in and outside the United States. Most of these streaming platforms are available to U.S. residents, but you could bypass the geo-restriction using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

With over one million tickets sold, this year’s Women’s World Cup will undoubtedly be the tournament’s biggest edition. The United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) won the last two editions and are favorites to clinch this year’s trophy. If they win the tournament, they’ll be the first team to win the Women’s World Cup three times consecutively.

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How To Start A Buzz Fire In The Online World?

As a result, in this article, we will learn how companies can start a buzz fire in the online world and what the benefits of starting a buzz fire in the online world are.

The Concept of Buzz Fire in the Online World There are Various Ways in Which a Company can Start a Buzz Fire in the Online World

Identify influential leaders, early adopters, and market giants − When it comes to technology products, B2B companies, or high-end products, companies have to target companies and individuals that can make a difference. These individuals are generally risk-takers and early adopters when it comes to the latest technology and products. Once the market giants start using the product, we will see a gradual shift among the other small competitors in the market. For example, a new machine can reduce production time from 15 minutes to 7 minutes. Companies can collect company data through social media platforms and other digital platforms and use them to connect with customers for further business.

Supply key people with product samples − no matter how good and innovative the product is; companies have to provide the customers with free samples. This is also known as sales promotion activities. Whenever companies come up with new products in the market, they have to bear this cost for customers to realize that the product is worth it and will solve their issues or provide them with a better experience than the existing product. For example, when Sunslik introduced conditioner after shampoo in the Indian market, it did not just start selling the product.

Companies can also join hands with community influencers − Digital media has given influencers the chance to grow as well as create their fan bases. These are people who share content that users might relate to, find useful, or just find entertaining. The influencers have a huge fan base, and the fan base believes in the influencers. Companies can join hands with them. The influencer will get free product samples as well as commission from sales and fixed money for the promotion. Roshi, a tea manufacturer, has a huge chain of influencers promoting the product through their channels.

Develop word-of-mouth referral channels − Customers today have the habit of looking at the product on the internet and the brand name as well. Both negative and positive reviews will influence the customer’s decision-making process. Companies can ask customers to start writing good reviews about the company and its offerings on different channels. This will ensure that the brand has a good social image. Sharing stories regarding the brand or its product is also a form of positive word of mouth.

Provide customers with information that they would want to have − companies have to look forward to their products and services when they want to build a relationship with the customer or when they want to generate buzz. Customers and users will not just be interested in seeing the product, its features, its reviews, or its benefits; they want the brand to be a living being. They want to associate the brand with the brand on a far more intimate level. This means if the brand were a person, what places would it go, what shows would it watch, what would be his take on the particular issue, and others?

For example, Amul, a dairy brand in India, constantly posts about the World Cup 2023. All the special moments that happened, the extreme shots, and others These clips were again shared by followers, and the reach of the company expanded. Here, the company is not selling the product but the brand name to the customer.

These were the various ways through which the company could start the fire on its own. It is a mixture of innovation, creativity, and out-of-the-box ideas that resonate with the customers and their demands. With the right techniques, any company can go viral in the online world, but companies should keep in mind the sales parameters and the vision of the company before deciding on their ways.

How To Customize The Watch Face On Apple Watch: A Detailed Guide

Feeling festive, blue, missing someone, or need tons of data handy, instantly switch your Apple watch face to match your mood, occasion, or requirements. Set photos or animated Memoji, add varied complications or change it as per a schedule. Thankfully Apple gives you several ways to customize your watch face. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Change Watch Face on Apple Watch

There are two effortless ways to choose a different watch face on your Apple Watch quickly.

Credit: Apple

Lift your wrist to light up the screen. You may also tap once. From the left or right edge, swipe horizontally to easily switch to a different watch face from your collection.

Press firmly on your current watch face. Now, swipe left or right to see all the available watch faces from your collection. Tap on one to set it.

Now, let us see how to add helpful features to the Apple Watch face.

Add Complications to the Watch Face

According to Apple, complications are ‘special features‘ that you can add to some watch faces. Once you do that, you can see information like battery status, weather, stocks, heart rate, etc. at a glance. Complications also let you quickly trigger an action. For example, get to the Phone app quickly. Here is how to add complications to the Apple watch face.

Press firmly on the current watch face. Tap on Customize. If your Apple Watch is running watchOS 7, tap on Edit.

Swipe left till you reach the end screen. Tap on one of them.

Press the Digital Crown to save the changes.

Finally, tap on the watch face to set it.

Add Complications from Other Apps

Third-party apps downloaded from the App Store can have their complications for the Apple Watch. Here is how to enable and make use of them.

Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone. Tap on My Watch tab, if not already.

Tap on Complications.

Tap on Edit.

Under DO NOT INCLUDE, tap on the green plus icon for a complication.

Tap Done.

Now, this third-party complication is ready to be used with compatible watch faces. Follow the above steps for this. It is the same as adding any in-built complication.

Note: watchOS 7 allows you to add multiple complications from the same app to view different pieces of information at a glance.

For instance, if you use the Dawn Patrol app for surfing, you can set up a watch face that shows the water temperature, swell, and wind speed predictions for a beach of your choice.

Change Watch Face Colors, Symbols, Dial, etc.

On supported watch faces, you can change the accent color, style, dial type (analog, digital), number system (Arabic, Indian, Roman, etc.), and more. Here is how.

Press firmly on the current watch face.

Tap Customize. Or swipe left or right to select the desired watch face and then tap on Customize.

On top of the screen, you will see SYMBOLS, DIAL, STYLE, COLOR, etc. The options here depend on the watch face. Some have, some do not.

Turn the Digital Crown to make the changes.

Swipe left to right to select a different heading. Again rotate the Digital Crown to customize it.

Press the Digital Crown to save the changes, and finally tap on the watch face to set it.

Set Photo as Watch Face on Apple Watch

There are two easy ways. You can use saved pictures on your Apple Watch to create and set it as a watch face. Or, use the Photos app on the iPhone. Let us look at both.

Using Apple Watch

Open the Photos app and tap on a picture to open it in full screen.

Press firmly on the image.

Tap on Create Watch Face.

Choose Kaleidoscope or Photos.

The image is set as the watch face. Press the Digital Crown to see it.

Using Photos App on iPhone

Launch the Photos app → Albums → Recents.

Tap on Select. Now choose one image or any number up to 24 (It will change every time you lift your wrist). Next, tap on the Share icon.

Scroll down and tap on Create Watch Face.

On the next screen, you can customize it with colors, complications, etc.

Finally, tap on ADD. The new watch face is set.

With watchOS 7, you can share watch faces too. So, if you have a beautiful watch face with photos of your kids, you can share this with your wife’s Apple Watch.

Add a Watch Face to Your Collection

Suppose you want to sport a new watch face every day (or frequently). For this, you should add them to the collection, so it becomes effortless to switch among them. Here is how to do that.

Press firmly on the current watch face.

Swipe all the way from right to left. Tap on the plus icon.

Use touch or Digital Crown to see the watch faces. Tap on one to add it.

Note: When you create watch faces, for example, from photos, they are automatically added to your collection.

View Your Watch Face Collection

You can view your collection from the Apple Watch or the paired iPhone.

Delete a Watch Face From Your Collection

You can remove watch faces straight from your Apple Watch or the iPhone. Here’s how.

From the Apple Watch

Firmly press on a watch face.

Swipe left or right to select the desired one.

Now, drag it up (just like you force close apps on iPhone). Finally, tap Remove.

From the iPhone

Open the Watch app → Tap on My Watch.

Tap on Edit next to MY FACES.

Tap on the red minus icon and then tap Remove.

Change Time Shown in Watch Face

Many people, myself included, like to keep the wristwatch 5 minutes ahead. You can do so with your Apple Watch as well. Please note that thankfully, this change does not affect alarms, the time shown in notifications, world clocks, or any other time. Pretty neat!

Open the Settings app on your watch.

Scroll down using touch or by rotating the Digital Crown. Tap on Clock.

Tap on +0 min.

Turn the Digital Crown to set your watch ahead. You can choose from 1 minute to up to 59 minutes.

Finally, tap on Set.

This new forward time is visible only on the watch face. The time everywhere else, like in the upper right corner of the Apple Watch Settings app or other apps, will continue to be the actual time.

Automatically Change Apple Watch Faces According to Time and Location

Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

Go to the Automation tab from the bottom of the screen and tap on ‘+’.

Here, tap on Create Personal Automation.

Tap Time of Day and choose the time and the repeat cycle accordingly.

After selection, tap on Next.

Now, tap on Add Action.

Search Set Watch Face and select the action.

Here, tap on Face (the box at the end) and select the watch face from the list, and tap on Next.

Now, turn off the toggle next to Ask Before Running off.

Select Don’t Ask from the popup & then tap on Done to create the shortcut.

The tutorial is focused on Time of Day, you can easily do similar for a location as well. This is very slightly different, Just repeat steps 1 to 3 and then choose either Arrive or Leave → Choose, and enter the location.

After selection tap on Done → select whether Any time or Time Range → Tap on Next → Add Action → search for Set Watch Face → Tap on Face → select the watch face → Next → Done.

As and when the shortcuts created by you will run, your Apple Watch face will switch. Isn’t this hack super simple and massively handy; And the best part is that you can create as many scenarios as you want, one for home, office, movie, parties, gym, and what not…

Customize the Apple Watch Face to Match your Mood

This how you can play with different watch face settings to make the Apple Watch reflect your personality. Feel free to explore the possibilities on your own.

Besides, we also have a list of best Apple Watch alternatives. In case you are planning to get a wearable for a friend or family, make sure to check our recommendation.


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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

Apple Watch Can Help Break Iphone Addiction Without Going Offline

iPhone addiction can be a serious and uncomfortable problem for a lot of people in modern life. With the right settings, Apple Watch can help you create new behaviors away from your phone without being totally disconnected.

iPhone Addiction

That concern is why Apple included new Screen Time and Down Time features in iOS 12 that let you track and limit how you use your smartphone and apps with rules you create. Screen Time is a great tool — especially useful for parents, seriously, check it out — but it can be challenging to limit yourself when you hold the keys.

The challenge can be made worse when you mix the tools that you use for personal life with the tools that you rely on for work life. It can be impossible to put hard limits on access to communication and information.

It’s when we notice ourselves removed from a moment we should be sharing with others or engaging in a cycle of checking buckets of information for changes that aren’t there that we feel the symptoms of the problem.


There are lots of ways to fight the impulses to not miss a moment of the news cycle or what’s going on in our social circles.

Charge your iPhone in another room at night, schedule Do Not Disturb at a certain hour each night and use Do Not Disturb While Driving, or even pick up a new hobby that keeps your hands busy like playing an instrument, sketching on paper, or even playing a video game. Anything to keep my hands busy and my mind engaged.

Just be careful not to replace one bad habit with another. The fix is an ongoing experiment for me, but I’ve found that anytime I enjoy an experience that doesn’t involve checking Twitter and Instagram on my iPhone that’s something I should explore deeper.

Apple Watch

Creating new routines and behaviors that don’t involve the iPhone can be key in reducing the compulsive habit of looking for entertainment on your phone. For me, the Apple Watch has played a major role in creating these experiences.

That’s because the Series 3 and Series 4 with LTE allow you to leave your iPhone behind without going totally offline. As a parent, I appreciate being able to distance myself from my iPhone without worrying about missing critical messages and phone calls if needed.

Experiences without iPhone can include workouts (outdoor workouts or even gym workouts with the iPhone secured in the car or locker), trips to the movie theater or dinner at a restaurant, visits to parks with your family or spending time outdoors on your own, or even an hour spent grocery shopping. If photography is important to you, it may even be worth investing in a decent camera so you can keep shooting photos when you disconnect from your iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 let you do all sorts of activities without your iPhone and without being disconnected in case of an emergency. Removing the iPhone from the equation for an hour or two is a great way to experience first hand what it’s like to not have it as an option.

Away Mode

If you want to stay connected, you need an Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4 with an active cellular plan — and you’ll probably want to enter nearly the same mode with settings that I recommend for sleep tracking to prevent interruptions.

Theater Mode may not be needed unless you’re actually at the movie theater, but Do Not Disturb and Silent Mode can reduce distractions while still allowing favorited contacts and repeated calls to come through — and you can still contact anyone as needed.

If you’re using Apple Watch to track workouts, you can automatically enable Do Not Disturb at the start of a workout. Turn ‘Workout Do Not Disturb’ on from the Watch app on iPhone on the My Watch tab under General and Do Not Disturb.

Apple Watch still lets you do much of what you can do on your iPhone including listen to music and play podcasts or even check Twitter and refresh your inbox, but the experience is much less immersive and may feel less compulsive. We’re not at a point where the watch can replace the phone for all tasks, and that’s probably a good thing for now.

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Women’s Tennis Team Heads To Ncaa Tournament

The Boston University women’s tennis team clinched the program’s 24th conference title and 15th NCAA berth by defeating Navy 4-0 on April 26. Photos by Phil Inglis

Lesley Sheehan has plenty to celebrate as she completes her 30th season as head coach of the BU women’s tennis team. Under her tutelage, the Terriers have earned their 15th NCAA berth, their 24th regular season conference championship, and their second consecutive Patriot League championship. Sheehan (SED’84) can now add back-to-back Patriot League Coach of the Year honors to her résumé as well.

The Terriers (14-7) entered the conference tournament as the number two seed, triumphing over Bucknell and Army before facing top-seeded Navy on April 26. The championship featured the first-ever meeting between the two programs. Continuing their dominance, the Terriers snapped the Midshipmen’s 12-match winning streak in straight sets.

“We’ve played great,” says Sheehan, who as an undergraduate was the first women’s tennis player in program history to qualify for the NCAA tournament. She was inducted into the BU Athletics Hall of Fame in 1990. “We just finished our conference championship, won that, and played very well during it. This team has been very goal-oriented the whole season. Going into the Patriot League schedule, the team was psyched. They got up for it, and wanted to go to the NCAA tournament. And that’s just what we did.”

BU will take on the number 12 Oklahoma State Cowgirls tomorrow, May 9, in an NCAA first-round matchup in Stillwater, Okla. The Terriers last played a Big 12 opponent in 2013, when they dropped a 7-0 road decision to the then–number 24 Texas Longhorns.

“It’s exciting to play against a really good team,” says Finland native Johanna Hyoty (Questrom’16). “Oklahoma is ranked really high, one of the best teams in the country. They have a lot of good players, some of the best. We know that they aren’t going to lie down for us, and we’re ready for that. It’ll be a good challenge for us.”

The Terriers can attribute much of this year’s success to Hyoty, who was named conference Player of the Year for the second year in a row. Also for the second consecutive year, she is the Patriot League Scholar of the Year. Along with teammate Barbara Rodriguez (CAS’17), she won the first Doubles Team of the Year Award. Hyoty went 19-11 as the team’s number one singles player this season and clinched the Terriers’ NCAA berth after knocking off Navy’s Sam Droop 6-3, 6-2. Her contribution extends well beyond her prowess on the court, however: teammates and coaches alike value her leadership skills.

“Johanna’s great,” says Iryna Kostirko (SAR’18). “She obviously plays number one for the team and is our captain. She’s been a great role model. I mean, she pushes everyone to do their best, and sets a great example for everyone. I can’t imagine where we would be without her.”

Despite her exceptional play on the court, Kostirko is modest, preferring to credit Sheehan. “Lesley’s a great coach,” she says. “I mean, she pushes us all to do our best, and she makes sure we all work really hard. At the same time, she’s very understanding as well. Every time I feel like something’s wrong with my game, I go to her immediately, and she always has answers. She’s really helped me become a better player.”

In addition to Hyoty, Kostirko, and Rodriguez, Lauren Davis (CAS’16) also received All-Conference First Team honors, her third. Davis is currently riding a six-match win streak in doubles.

“It’s been another good season,” says Sheehan. “I’m really proud of these girls. Everyone has made contributions, and everyone’s been really upbeat and positive. I know we didn’t do too well last year in Miami, but let’s hope we can go down to Oklahoma and make some noise.”

Emmanuel Gomez can be reached at [email protected].  

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How To Signal And Position Yourself As An Assistant Referee In Soccer

Always make eye contact with the referee before signaling.

Come to a complete stop and face the field before signaling.

In all signals, the flag is an extension of your arm. You should be able to trace a line from your shoulder down your arm to the tip of the flag.

Signal with your arm held completely straight.

If the signal is composed of multiple parts, start the first signal in the arm that will be used to make the next signal. If you must change hands, do it below your waist.

Do not signal in an overly hasty manner, but do signal crisply, quickly, and authoritatively. It is sometimes helpful to signal in a manner in which the fabric makes a loud snap as you signal.

Hold your signal until the referee acknowledges it, either by stopping play or by waving it off. Then drop your flag and move to the proper position.

Know how to signal a throw-in. When the ball completely crosses the touch line for a throw in, signal by raising your flag at a 45° angle in the direction in which the team entitled to the throw-in is attacking.

Know how to signal a goal kick. When the ball completely crosses the goal line for a goal kick, signal by pointing your flag straight across the field toward the goal area. Use your right hand to avoid impeding your view of the players and the referee.

Know how to signal a corner kick. When the ball completely crosses the goal line for a corner kick, signal by pointing the flag at a 45° angle downwards toward the corner flag on your side of the field—even if the corner will be taken across the field. If you are standing directly on the goal line, take a few steps upfield so that your flag is not crossing the plane of the corner flag and pointing to a spot off the field.

Know how to signal offside. When you detect an offside violation by the attacking team, raise your flag straight in the air. If the referee acknowledges the signal by stopping play, drop the flag to a position indicating where the offense occurred: 45° upward for an offense occurring on the far side of the field, straight across the field for an offense in the middle of the field, and 45° downward for an offense on the near side of the field.

Know how to signal a penalty kick. In the event that the foul you detect in the above scenario is committed by a player in his or her own penalty area, raise your flag and give it a slight wave, but instead of signaling a direction, hold your flag horizontally across your waist to indicate that the offense warrants a penalty kick. If the referee awards the PK, move to penalty kick positioning.

If there is no occurrence that would bring the validity of the goal into question, make eye contact with the referee and sprint a short distance up the touchline towards the center line. Then record the goal.

If there was an offside violation by the team that scored the goal, signal the offside violation.

If there was a foul by the team that scored the goal that you believe the referee did not see or any other problem that might invalidate the goal, stand at attention and do not move until the referee consults you about the situation.

Know how to signal a substitution. If, during a valid substitution opportunity, one of the teams wishes to make a substitution and the substitute(s) is/are ready and standing at the center line, raise your flag horizontally over your head (your hands should resemble the American football “touchdown” signal with the flag held between them). Then conduct the substitution as directed by the rules of competition.


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