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*Prices shown for each product category are lowest configuration prices available from U.S. chúng tôi directly and before any available promotions or discounts. Pricing will vary by configuration within each product category. chúng tôi prices are subject to change without notice and all products are subject to current availability.

All performance specifications represent the typical specifications provided by HP’s component manufacturers; actual performance may vary either higher or lower.

Multi-core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance.

5G module is optional and must be configured at the factory. Module supports non-millimeter wave 5G frequencies (below 6 GHz). The full utilization of this module’s functionality is dependent on network providers’ technical ability to support module and speed.  Backwards compatible to 4G networks. Module requires activation and separately purchased service contract. Check with service provider for coverage and availability in your area. Connection, upload and download speeds will vary due to network, location, environment, network conditions, and other factors. 5G & 4G LTE networks not available in all regions.

4G LTE module requires separately purchased service contract. Check with service provider for coverage and availability in your area. Connection speeds will vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors. 4G LTE not available on all products, in all regions.

Google Play Store apps sold separately and not included.

HD (High Definition) content required to view HD images.

NVIDIA® Max-Q Design can help reduce system heat and noise in thinner form factor PC’s.  Form factor design and thickness of the system will vary. Overall graphics performance may be lower than alternative graphics solutions that do not utilize Max-Q design.

Windows 10 and Windows 11/MM18: Battery life will vary depending on various factors including product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality, and power management settings.  The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See chúng tôi for additional details.

HP Sure View integrated privacy screen that functions in landscape orientation. Available on select HP models and requires factory configuration. Brightness will vary between sharing and privacy modes.

Battery life tested by HP using continuous Netflix video playback, Windows 10 Netflix app, 150 nits brightness, system audio level 17%, headphone attached, played full-screen, wireless on. Actual battery life will vary depending on configuration and maximum capacity will naturally decrease with time and usage.

Full high-definition (FHD) content is required to view FHD images.

Multi-core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. AMD’s numbering is not a measurement of clock speed.

Percentage of ocean-bound plastic contained in each component varies by product.

Weight will vary by configuration.

This device has been engineered for optimal performance. Upgrading PC may affect warranty coverage.

Multi-core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. MediaTek’s numbering is not a measurement of clock speed.

Wireless access point and internet service required and sold separately. Availability of public wireless access points limited. Wi-Fi 6 is backwards compatible with prior 802.11 specs. Wi-Fi 6 is designed to support gigabit data rate when transferring files between two devices connected to the same router. Requires a wireless router, sold separately, that supports 80MHz and higher channels.

Ultrabook, Celeron, Celeron Inside, Core Inside, Intel, Intel Logo, Intel Atom, Intel Atom Inside, Intel Core, Intel Inside, Intel Inside Logo, Intel vPro, Itanium, Itanium Inside, Pentium, Pentium Inside, vPro Inside, Xeon, Xeon Phi, Xeon Inside, and Intel Optane are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Bluetooth is a trademark of its proprietor and used by HP Inc. under license.

USB Type-C™ and USB-C™ are trademarks of USB Implementers Forum.

Microsoft, Windows, and the Windows Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.

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Hp Computers Compatible With Windows 10 Anniversary Update

HP computers compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update




The Anniversary Update is still causing various installation issues for many users, as some of them are still struggling to install the update, while others are trying hard to find a fix for the all system crashes and freezes triggered by Windows 10 version 1607.

The list of elements that could cause Anniversary Update issues is quite long, ranging from corrupt system files and insufficient storage capacity, to unsupported drivers and metered Internet connections.

Before you upgrade your computer to Windows 10 version 1607, you should first check if your device is compatible with the latest Windows OS. Computer manufacturers, such as Dell, have already updated their lists of computer models that are compatible with the Anniversary Update, and you should indeed check these lists before hitting the upgrade button.

Expert tip:

It is worth mentioning that if you bought your HP computer before August 2013, it might not have the complete set of hardware and/or drivers required to use all of the features in Windows 10. In other words, you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter various bugs after upgrading to the Anniversary Update.

“The information below lists HP products that have been tested with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Any PC product that is not listed in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update table was not tested by HP for this update and may not be supported by HP for Windows 10.”

Consumer notebook PC series

Compaq 14-a100

HP 15-ay500

HP ENVY 15-aq000 x360

HP ENVY TouchSmart 17-j100

HP Pavilion 15-ak000

Compaq 14-s000

HP 15-ba000

HP ENVY 15-ar000 x360

HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-k100

HP Pavilion 15-au000

Compaq 14-s100

HP 15-bd000

HP ENVY 15-as000

HP ENVY x360 15-w100

HP Pavilion 15-au500

Compaq 15-a000

HP 15-be000

HP ENVY 15-c000 x2

HP g14-a000

HP Pavilion 15-aw000

Compaq 15-f100

HP 15-bf000

HP ENVY 15-j100

HP OMEN 15-5000

HP Pavilion 15-bc000

Compaq 15-h000

HP 15-bg000

HP ENVY 15-k000

HP OMEN 15-5100

HP Pavilion 15-bj000

Compaq 15-h200

HP 15-bn000

HP ENVY 15-k100

HP OMEN 15-5200

HP Pavilion 15-bk000 x360

Compaq 15-s000

HP 15-d000

HP ENVY 15-k200

HP Pavilion 10-f000

HP Pavilion 15-e100

Compaq 15-s100

HP 15-d100

HP ENVY 15-q000

HP Pavilion 10-f100

HP Pavilion 15-n200

Compaq 15-s200

HP 15-f000

HP ENVY 15-q200

HP Pavilion 10-k000 x2

HP Pavilion 15-n300

HP 11-f000

HP 15-f100

HP ENVY 15-q300

HP Pavilion 10-n000 x2

HP Pavilion 15-p000

HP 11-f100

HP 15-f200

HP ENVY 15-q400

HP Pavilion 10-n100 x2

HP Pavilion 15-p100

HP 11-p100 x360

HP 15-f300

HP ENVY 15-q600

HP Pavilion 10-n200 x2

HP Pavilion 15-p200

HP 14-ac000

HP 15-g000

HP ENVY 15-u000 x360

HP Pavilion 11-h100 x2

HP Pavilion 17-ab000

HP 14-ac100

HP 15-g100

HP ENVY 15-u100 x360

HP Pavilion 11-k000 x360

HP Pavilion 17-e100

HP 14-ac600

HP 15-g200

HP ENVY 15-u200 x360

HP Pavilion 11-k100 x360

HP Pavilion 17-f000

HP 14-af000

HP 15-g300

HP ENVY 15-u300 x360

HP Pavilion 11-n000 x360

HP Pavilion 17-f100

HP 14-af100

HP 15g-ad000

HP ENVY 15-u400 x360

HP Pavilion 11-n100 x360

HP Pavilion 17-f200

HP 14-am000

HP 15g-ad100

HP ENVY 15-v000

HP Pavilion 11-n200 x360

HP Pavilion 17-g000

HP 14-an000

HP 15q-aj000

HP ENVY 15-w000 x360

HP Pavilion 11-s000

HP Pavilion 17-g100

HP 14-aq000

HP 15q-aj100

HP ENVY 15-w100 x360

HP Pavilion 11-u000 x360

HP Pavilion 17-g200

HP 14-ar000

HP 15-r000

HP ENVY 17-j100

HP Pavilion 12-b000 x2

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak000

HP 14-as000

HP 15-r100

HP ENVY 17-k000

HP Pavilion 13-a000 x360

HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ak100

HP 14-d000

HP 15-r200

HP ENVY 17-k100

HP Pavilion 13-a100 x360

HP Pavilion m1-u000 x360

HP 14-d100

HP 17-ac000

HP ENVY 17-k200

HP Pavilion 13-a200 x360

HP Pavilion m3-u000 x360

HP 14-g000

HP 17-ad000

HP ENVY 17-k300

HP Pavilion 13-a300 x360

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11-e100

HP 14-g100

HP 17-p000

HP ENVY 17-n000

HP Pavilion 13-b000

HP Pavilion x2 12-b000

HP 14g-ad000

HP 17-p100

HP ENVY 17-n100

HP Pavilion 13-b100

HP Pavilion x2 12-b100

HP 14g-ad100

HP 17-x000

HP ENVY 17-r000

HP Pavilion 13-b200

HP Spectre 12-a000 x2

HP 14q-aj000

HP 17-y000

HP ENVY 17-r100

HP Pavilion 13-p100 x2

HP Spectre 12-ab000 x2

HP 14q-aj100

HP 2000-2d00

HP ENVY 17-s000

HP Pavilion 13-r000 x2

HP Spectre 13-3000

HP 14-r000

HP Beats Special Edition 15-p000

HP ENVY 17-u000

HP Pavilion 13-r100 x2

HP Spectre 13-4000 x360

HP 14-r100

HP Beats Special Edition 15-p300

HP ENVY m6 -w100 x360

HP Pavilion 13-s000 x360

HP Spectre 13-4100 x360

HP 14-r200

HP ENVY 14-j000

HP ENVY m6-ae100

HP Pavilion 13-s100 x360

HP Spectre 13-4200 x360

HP 14-w000

HP ENVY 13-d000

HP ENVY m6-aq000 x360

HP Pavilion 13-u000 x360

HP Spectre 13-h200 x2

HP 14-w100

HP ENVY 13-d100

HP ENVY m6-ar000 x360

HP Pavilion 14-ab000

HP Spectre 13-v000

HP 15-ac000

HP ENVY 13-j000 x2

HP ENVY m6-n000

HP Pavilion 14-ab100

HP Spectre 15-ap000 x2

HP 15-ac100

HP ENVY 14-j000

HP ENVY m6-p000

HP Pavilion 14-al000

HP Spectre 15-ap000 x360

HP 15-ac500

HP ENVY 14-j100

HP ENVY m6-p100

HP Pavilion 14-av000

HP Stream 11-d000

HP 15-ac600

HP ENVY 14-k100

HP ENVY m6-w000 x360

HP Pavilion 14-n200

HP Stream 11-r000

HP 15-ac600

HP ENVY 14-u000

HP ENVY m7-k200

HP Pavilion 14-v000

HP Stream 13-c000

HP 15-ad000

HP ENVY 14-u100

HP ENVY m7-n000

HP Pavilion 14-v100

HP Stream 13-c100

HP 15-af000

HP ENVY 14-u200

HP ENVY m7-n100

HP Pavilion 14-v200

HP Stream 14-z000

HP 15-af100

HP ENVY 15-ae000

HP ENVY m7-u000

HP Pavilion 15-ab000

HP Stream x360 11-p000

HP 15-aj000

HP ENVY 15-ae100

HP ENVY Rove 20-k200 All-in-One

HP Pavilion 15-ab100

OMEN by HP 15-ax000

HP 15-ak000

HP ENVY 15-ah000

HP ENVY TouchSmart 14-k100

HP Pavilion 15-ab200

OMEN by HP 17-w000

HP 15-ay000

HP ENVY 15-ah100

HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j100

HP Pavilion 15-ab500

Star Wars Special Edition 15-an000

Consumer Desktop and All-in-One PC series

Compaq 100-200

HP All-in-One 20-e000

HP ENVY All-in-One 24-n200

HP Pavilion 550-000

HP Pavilion Mini 300-000

Compaq 100-300

HP All-in-One 20-e100

HP ENVY All-in-One 27-p000

HP Pavilion 550-100

HP Pavilion Mini 300-100

Compaq 100-400

HP All-in-One 20-r000

HP ENVY All-in-One 27-p100

HP Pavilion 550-200

HP Pavilion Mini 300-200

Compaq 100-500

HP All-in-One 20-r100

HP ENVY All-in-One 27-p200

HP Pavilion 550-300

HP Pavilion Slimline 400-200

Compaq 230-000

HP All-in-One 20-r200

HP ENVY All-in-One 34-a00

HP Pavilion 550-a00

HP Pavilion Slimline 400-300

Compaq All-in-One 18-4000

HP All-in-One 21-2000

HP ENVY Beats All-in-One 23-n200

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-a000

HP Pavilion Slimline 400-400

HP 110-200

HP All-in-One 22-2000

HP ENVY Phoenix 810-400

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-a100

HP Pavilion Slimline 400-500

HP 110-300

HP All-in-One 22-3000

HP ENVY Phoenix 860-000

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-a200

HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 20-f300

HP 110-400

HP All-in-One 22-3100

HP ENVY Phoenix 860-100

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-g100

HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 21-h000

HP 110-500

HP All-in-One 22-3200

HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart All-in-One 23-k300

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-g200

HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 21-h100

HP 110-a00

HP All-in-One 22-b000

HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart All-in-One 23-k400

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-g300

HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 22-h000

HP 110-b00

HP All-in-One 23-r000

HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart All-in-One 27-k300

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-p000

HP Pavilion TouchSmart All-in-One 22-h100

HP 251-000

HP All-in-One 23-r100

HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart All-in-One 27-k400

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-p100

HP Slimline 260-a000

HP 251-100

HP All-in-One 23-r200

HP ENVY Recline TouchSmart Beats SE All-in-One 23-m00

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-p200

HP Slimline 260-p000

HP 251-a00

HP All-in-One 24-g000

HP ENVY TouchSmart All-in-One 23se-d00

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-q000

HP Slimline 410-000

HP 251-a100

HP ENVY 700-500

HP Pavilion 500-200

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-q100

HP Slimline 410-100

HP 460-a000

HP ENVY 750-000

HP Pavilion 500-300

HP Pavilion All-in-One 23-q200

HP Slimline 411-a000

HP 460-p000

HP ENVY 750-100

HP Pavilion 500-400

HP Pavilion All-in-One 24-a000

HP Slimline 450-000

HP All-in-One 18-5000

HP ENVY 750-200

HP Pavilion 500-500

HP Pavilion All-in-One 24-b000

HP Slimline 450-100

HP All-in-One 19-2000

HP ENVY 750-300

HP Pavilion 500-c00

HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-a000

HP Slimline 450-a00

HP All-in-One 19-3000

HP ENVY All-in-One 23-o000

HP Pavilion 500-d00

HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-n000

HP Slimline 455-000

HP All-in-One 20-2000

HP ENVY All-in-One 24-n000

HP Pavilion 510-a000

HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-n100

HP Stream Mini 200-000

HP All-in-One 20-c000

HP ENVY All-in-One 24-n100

HP Pavilion 510-p000

HP Pavilion All-in-One 27-n200

Commercial Notebook PCs

EE 10 G1

EliteBook 850/750 G2

HP 355 G2

ProBook 450 G4

Spectre 13

Elite x2 1011 G1

EliteBook Folio 1030 G1

HP Elite x2 1012 G2

ProBook 455 G1

Spectre Pro 13 G1

Elite x2 1012 G1

EliteBook Folio 1040 G3

HP Omen Pro Mobile Workstation

ProBook 455 G2

Spectre x2 13 SMB Pro

EliteBook 1040 G2

EliteBook Folio  G1

HP x2 210 G1  Tablet

ProBook 455 G3

Spectre x360 G1

EliteBook 1040 G4

ElitePad 1000 G2

HP x2 210 G2  Tablet

ProBook 455 G4

Stream 11 G3  Pro

EliteBook 725 G2

Folio 1020 G1

Pro Tablet 608 G1

ProBook 470 G0

Tablet 408 G1

EliteBook 725 G3

Folio 1040 G1

Pro Tablet 612 G1

ProBook 470 G1

TX1 POS 200

EliteBook 725 G4

Folio 9480m

Pro Tablet Retail

ProBook 470 G2

Ultrabook 210 G1

EliteBook 745 G2

HP 240 G4

Pro x2 612 G2

ProBook 470 G3

Ultrabook 215 G1

EliteBook 745 G3

HP 240 G5

ProBook 11 G1  EE

ProBook 470 G4

x360 310 G2

EliteBook 745 G4

HP 245 G4

ProBook 11 G2  EE

ProBook 640 G1

ZBook 14 G1

EliteBook 755 G2

HP 245 G5

ProBook 430 G1

ProBook 640 G2

ZBook 14 G2

EliteBook 755 G3

HP 248 G1

ProBook 430 G2

ProBook 640 G3

ZBook 14 G3

EliteBook 755 G4

HP 250 G4

ProBook 430 G3

ProBook 645 G1

ZBook 15 G1

EliteBook 820 G3

HP 250 G5

ProBook 430 G4

ProBook 645 G2

ZBook 15 G2

EliteBook 820 G4

HP 255 G4

ProBook 440 G0

ProBook 645 G3

ZBook 15 G3

EliteBook 820/720 G1

HP 255 G5

ProBook 440 G1

ProBook 650 G1

ZBook 15 G4

EliteBook 820/720 G2

HP 340 G1

ProBook 440 G2

ProBook 650 G2

ZBook 15u G2

EliteBook 830 G1  x360

HP 340 G2

ProBook 440 G3

ProBook 650 G3

ZBook 15u G3

EliteBook 840 G3

HP 340 G3

ProBook 440 G4

ProBook 650 G3 Quad

ZBook 15u G4

EliteBook 840 G4

HP 340 G4

ProBook 445 G1

ProBook 655 G1

ZBook 17 G1

EliteBook 840/740 G1

HP 345 G2

ProBook 445 G2

ProBook 655 G2

ZBook 17 G2

EliteBook 840/740 G2

HP 346 G3

ProBook 450 G0

ProBook 655 G3

ZBook 17 G3

EliteBook 850 G3

HP 348 G3

ProBook 450 G1

ProBook x360 11 EE

ZBook 17 G4

EliteBook 850 G4

HP 350 G1

ProBook 450 G2

Revolve 810 G2

Zbook Studio G4

EliteBook 850/750 G1

HP 350 G2

ProBook 450 G3

Revolve 810 G3

ZBook x2 G4

Commercial Desktop and All-in-One PCs

EliteDesk 700 G1 MT

EliteDesk 800 G3  TWR

HP 285 G1 MT Pro

ProDesk 405 G1 MT A4

ProDesk 680 G3  MT

EliteDesk 700 G1 SFF

EliteOne 705 G1 AIO

HP 285 G2

ProDesk 405 G1 MT A6

ProOne 400 G1 AIO 19.5″ NT

EliteDesk 705 G1 DM

EliteOne 705 G2 AiO Touch

HP 402 G1 SFF

ProDesk 405 G1 MT E1

ProOne 400 G1 AIO 21″ T

EliteDesk 705 G1 SFF/MT

EliteOne 800 G1 AIO 21.5″ NT

HP 406 G1 MT

ProDesk 405 G2 MT A4

ProOne 400 G1 AIO 23″

EliteDesk 705 G2 DM

EliteOne 800 G1 AIO 23″ NT

HP 406  MT

ProDesk 405 G2 MT A8

ProOne 400 G2 AiO T/NT

EliteDesk 705 G2 SFF/MT

EliteOne 800 G1 AIO 23″ T

HP ENVY   Pro Curved AiO

ProDesk 405 G2 MT E1

ProOne 400 G3 AiO 20″ T/NT

EliteDesk 705 G3 DM

EliteOne 800 G2 AiO GPU T/NT

MP9  G2 Retail System

ProDesk 480 G1 MT

ProOne 600 G1 AIO

EliteDesk 705 G3 SFF/MT

EliteOne 800 G2 AiO T/NT

ProDesk 400 G1 DM

ProDesk 480 G2 MT

ProOne 600 G2 AiO T/NT

EliteDesk 800 G1 DM

HP 200 G1 MT

ProDesk 400 G1 MT

ProDesk 480 G3 MT

ProOne 600 G3 AiO 21.5″ T

EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF

HP 200 G1 Slim

ProDesk 400 G1 SFF

ProDesk 490 G1 MT

ProOne 800 G3 AiO 23.8″ T/NT GPU

EliteDesk 800 G1 Tower

HP 202 G2 MT

ProDesk 400 G2 DM

ProDesk 490 G2 MT

RP2, Model 2000

EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT

HP 205 G2 AIO 18.5”

ProDesk 400 G2 MT

ProDesk 490 G3 MT

RP2, Model 2030

EliteDesk 800 G2 DM 35W

HP 205 G3 AiO

ProDesk 400 G2 SFF

ProDesk 600 G1 DM

RP5, Model 5810

EliteDesk 800 G2 DM 65W

HP 260 G1 DM

ProDesk 400 G2.5 SFF

ProDesk 600 G1 SFF/TWR

RP9, Model 9015  G1

EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF

HP 260 G2

ProDesk 400 G3 MT

ProDesk 600 G2 DM

RP9, Model 9018  G1

EliteDesk 800 G2 TWR

HP 280 G1 MT

ProDesk 400 G3 SFF

ProDesk 600 G2 SFF/MT

Slice / Slice Collaboration

EliteDesk 800 G3  AiO T/NT

HP 280 G2 MT

ProDesk 400 G3  DM

ProDesk 600 G3  DM

EliteDesk 800 G3  DM

HP 280 G2 MT Legacy

ProDesk 400 G4 MT

ProDesk 600 G3  MT

EliteDesk 800 G3  SFF

HP 280 G2 SFF

ProDesk 400 G4  SFF

ProDesk 600 G3  SFF

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Surface Laptop 2 Vs Surface Laptop

Our Verdict

It’s clear that this is a fairly minor refresh from Microsoft with largely everything about the Surface Laptop staying the same. What you’re namely getting is a new Intel 8th-gen processor for a speed boost. This might not be enough for existing owners to upgrade, despite the gorgeous matt black model. But for anyone looking for a laptop now, this is an improved model at the same price.

Best Prices Today: Microsoft Surface Laptop 2




View Deal

Microsoft has announced a new version of its popular Ultrabook, but how does the Surface Laptop 2 compare to the first generation and what are the new features? We’ll answer those questions in this comparison.

It’s more than just a new black colour, just.

Surface Laptop 2 vs Surface Laptop: Price

When the first Surface Laptop launched, it cost £979 and $999 in the US. The top spec models pushed the price to £2,699/$2,699.

Now the Surface Laptop 2 is here and it also starts at £979/$999 once again. It goes up to £2,079/$2,699 with a large difference there as the 1TB model is only available in the US as it stands.

The new model is available to order from Microsoft and Amazon with shipping on 16 October. You can also order from  John Lewis,  PC World and  Argos.

Surface Laptop 2 vs Surface Laptop: Design

There’s little to say in this section as Microsoft hasn’t tried to reinvent the stylish and sleek design of the Surface Laptop.

Really, the main thing to note is that the Surface Laptop 2 comes in a new matt black colour option – and it looks stunning.

Otherwise, you get the same Alcantara material cover around the keyboard and the aluminium case. The laptop still weighs 1.25kg and tapers to around 14.5mm.

Surface Laptop 2 vs Surface Laptop: Specs and features

This refresh is a bit like Apple’s ‘S’ devices, where the design remains the same but the core specs get various upgrades.

So, the Surface Laptop 2 brings the benefit of an 8th-generation Intel Core processor – i5 or i7 once again. Microsoft says it’s an ‘astounding 85 percent faster than the original’ which had a 7th-gen Kaby Lake chip.

With the new chip also comes new graphics, so you get UHD Graphics 620 regardless of whether you opt for the i5 or i7.

This time around the device comes with at least 8GB of RAM and the option to double that to 16GB, when the original started at just 4GB. When it comes to storage, things are the same with 128-, 256, 512GB and 1TB options. The largest is only available in the US at the time of writing.

Other specs remain the same including all the ports and the 13.5in PixelSense screen which supports the Surface Pen (optional extra). Microsoft has also kept the same claim for battery life 14.5 hours.

Check out the table below for a keyspecs comparison:

 Surface Laptop 2Surface LaptopProcessorIntel 8th-gen (i5 or i7)Intel 7th-gen (i5 or i7)GPUIntel UHD Graphics 620Intel HD 620/Iris Plus Graphics 640Memory8/16GB4/8/16GBStorage128/256/512GB/1TB128/256/512GB/1TBScreen13.5in PixelSense 2256 x 1504 (201ppi)

13.5in PixelSense 

2256 x 1504 (201ppi)

PortsUSB 3.0, headphone jack, Mini DisplayPort, Surface ConnectUSB 3.0, headphone jack, Mini DisplayPort, Surface ConnectBattery life14.5 hours14.5 hoursDimensions

14.47 mm, 1.25kg

14.48 mm, 1.25kg

Specs Microsoft Surface Laptop 2: Specs

Windows 10 Home

Microsoft Office 365 30-day trial

13.5in PixelSense Display, 2256 x 1504 (201ppi), aspect ratio 3:2, 3.4 million pixels

Surface Pen enabled

Compatible with Surface Dial off-screen interaction

10-point multi-touch

Corning Gorilla Glass

8th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7

Intel UHD Graphics 620

8GB or 16GB RAM

128/256/512GB/1TB SSD

720p HD camera (front-facing)

Stereo microphones

Omnisonic speakers with Dolby Audio Premium

3.5mm headphone jack

USB 3.0

Mini DisplayPort

Surface Connect port

802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking

Bluetooth 4.1

Up to 14.5 hours video playback

308.02 x 223.20 x 14.47mm


12 months in-store support and technical assistance

Portátiles 2 En 1 Hp Pavilion

*Los precios que se muestran para cada categoría de producto son los menores precios de configuración de chúng tôi de los Estados Unidos y antes de cualquier promoción o descuento disponible. Los precios varían según la configuración dentro de cada categoría de producto. Los precios de chúng tôi están sujetos a cambios sin aviso y todos los productos están sujetos a la disponibilidad actual.

Se requiere contenido en alta definición (FHD) para ver imágenes en FHD.

Todas las especificaciones de rendimiento representan las especificaciones típicas suministradas por los fabricantes de componentes de HP; el rendimiento real puede ser superior o inferior.

La tecnología de múltiples núcleos está diseñada para mejorar el rendimiento de determinados productos de software. No todos los clientes ni todas las aplicaciones de software se beneficiarán necesariamente con el uso de esta tecnología. El rendimiento y la frecuencia de reloj varían según la carga de trabajo de las aplicaciones y las configuraciones del hardware y software. Los nombres, las marcas y la numeración de Intel o AMD no son una indicación de mayor rendimiento.

Se requiere un punto de acceso inalámbrico y un servicio de Internet, que se venden por separado. La disponibilidad de puntos de acceso inalámbricos públicos es limitada. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) cuenta con compatibilidad retroactiva con las especificaciones 802.11 anteriores. Solo disponible en países donde se admite 802.11ax. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) no es compatible en Rusia y Bielorrusia, donde las configuraciones de Wi-Fi serán optimizadas según los requisitos normativos locales (802.11ac).

El módulo 5G es opcional y debe configurarse de fábrica. El módulo admite frecuencias de onda 5G no milimétricas (debajo de 6 GHz). La plena utilización de la funcionalidad de este módulo depende de la capacidad técnica de los proveedores de la red para admitir este módulo y velocidad.  Retrocompatible con redes 4G. El módulo requiere activación y un contrato de servicio adquirido por separado. Comunícate con un proveedor de servicios para conocer la cobertura y la disponibilidad en tu región. Las velocidades de conexión, carga y descarga varían según la red, el lugar, el entorno, las condiciones de red y otros factores. Las redes 5G y 4G LTE no están disponibles en todas las regiones.

Windows 10 y Windows 11/MM18: La duración de la batería varía según diversos factores, como el modelo del producto, la configuración, las aplicaciones cargadas, los recursos, el uso, la funcionalidad inalámbrica y la configuración de administración de energía.  La capacidad máxima de la batería disminuye de forma natural con el uso y el paso del tiempo. Visita chúng tôi para ver detalles adicionales.

Duración de la batería probada por HP usando reproducción continua de video de Netflix, la aplicación de Netflix en Windows 10, brillo de 150 nits, nivel de audio del sistema al 17 %, auriculares conectados, reproducido a pantalla completa, con conexión inalámbrica activada. La duración real de la batería varía según la configuración y la capacidad máxima disminuye naturalmente con el tiempo y el uso.

El peso varía según la configuración.

-El porcentaje de aluminio recuperado, plásticos reciclados y materiales naturales renovables que contiene cada componente varía según el producto.

Ultrabook, Celeron, Celeron Inside, Core Inside, Intel, el logotipo de Intel, Intel Atom, Intel Atom Inside, Intel Core, Intel Inside, el logotipo de Intel Inside, Intel vPro, Itanium, Itanium Inside, Pentium, Pentium Inside, vPro Inside, Xeon, Xeon Phi, Xeon Inside e Intel Optane son marcas registradas de Intel Corporation o de sus filiales en EE. UU. y en otros países.

Bluetooth es una marca comercial de su propietario utilizada por HP Inc. bajo licencia.

USB Type-C™ y USB-C™ son marcas comerciales de USB Implementers Forum.

Microsoft, Windows y el logotipo de Windows son marcas comerciales o marcas comerciales registradas de Microsoft Corporation en EE. UU. y otros países.

La información que contiene este documento está sujeta a cambios sin previo aviso. Las únicas garantías para los productos y servicios de HP son las establecidas en las declaraciones expresas de garantía adjuntas a dichos productos y servicios. La información aquí indicada no debe interpretarse como una garantía adicional. HP no se responsabiliza por omisiones o errores técnicos o editoriales que puedan existir en este documento.

How To Improve And Optimize Windows Laptop Battery Life

While laptop is good for mobile use, its miserable battery life is always its Achilles’ heel. If you are a power user, the standard laptop battery can usually last about 2 to 3 hours whereas a standard user can see his/her battery run for about 4 -5 hours. Today, we will show you how to improve and optimize your Windows laptop battery life.

Improving Laptop Battery Life

Normally, the laptop LCD screen consumes the most battery power. Windows gives us an option to adjust the brightness of the screen. Reducing the screen brightness to even one point will usually improve the battery time by 10%.

You can adjust the screen brightness by moving the slider left or right.

You may also want to pause or stop some applications and services that are not needed when the laptop is not plugged in. Choosing which services to disable and which applications to close is the tricky part. If you are doing it manually, you will have to go through each and every service in order to be sure that you are disabling only unnecessary services.

Windows offers another way to configure this by using different power plans. You can go to Windows Power Options to select from three pre-configured power options:


Power saver

High performance

There are third party software which will be able to do all the settings discussed above automatically. We only have to configure the settings in the software and everything else will be automatic. The software discussed above, BatteryBar, also does this but these settings are included in the paid version. We will be using another free software for this purpose.

In the settings, we will be able to adjust different optimizations like disabling the sidebar gadgets and aero theme, pausing Windows services on battery mode. You can check each item which you want to disable. This will save some power.

Another great feature of BatteryCare is that it can automatically switch to a different power option when the laptop goes without power. For example, normally my laptop is set to high performance when power is plugged in but when it’s on battery, it will automatically shift to power saver mode.

Another feature of BatteryCare is the calculation of calibration time. It will automatically notify you when your laptop battery has reached 30 discharge cycles. After that you can calibrate your battery which will improve the overall life of the battery.

Hopefully these tips and utilities will keep your informed about the condition of your battery. You will be able to replace it in time without any problems.

Usman Khurshid

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Desktops E Aio Série Hp Elite

*A atualização para o Windows 11 será entregue a dispositivos qualificados do final de 2023 a 2023. O momento varia de acordo com o dispositivo. Determinados recursos requerem hardware específico (consulte )

O HP Presence exige o aplicativo myHP e o SO Windows.

Recurso opcional que deve ser configurado no momento da compra. Qualidade de 16 MP através de agrupamento de pixels.

É preciso ter o aplicativo myHP e o SO Windows.

O HP Dynamic Voice Leveling funciona a 3 metros do computador.

Vendido separadamente ou como um recurso opcional que deve ser configurado no momento da compra.

A tecnologia Multi-Core foi projetada para melhorar o desempenho de determinados softwares. Nem todos os clientes ou aplicativos serão necessariamente beneficiados pelo uso dessa tecnologia. O desempenho e a frequência do clock variam de acordo com a carga de trabalho dos aplicativos e com as configurações de hardware e software. A numeração da Intel não é uma medida de velocidade de clock.

A tecnologia Multi-Core foi projetada para melhorar o desempenho de determinados softwares. Nem todos os clientes ou aplicativos serão necessariamente beneficiados pelo uso dessa tecnologia. O desempenho e a frequência do clock variam de acordo com a carga de trabalho dos aplicativos e com as configurações de hardware e software. A numeração atribuída pela AMD não representa uma medida da velocidade de clock.

O conteúdo de VR exige uma placa gráfica NVIDIA®️ GeForce®️ RTX 3070 opcional.

O HP Wolf Security for Business requer Windows 10 ou posterior, inclui vários recursos de segurança da HP e está disponível em produtos HP Pro, Elite, Workstation e de pontos de venda de varejo. Consulte os detalhes do produto para obter informações sobre os recursos de segurança incluídos e os requisitos do sistema operacional.

O HP Sure Start Gen7 está disponível em alguns PCs HP e exige o Windows 10 ou superior.

Vendido separadamente ou como recurso opcional. Para poder configurar até 4, 7 ou 8 monitores, é necessária também uma opção de vídeo Flex I/O.

Com base em testes internos de produtos com e sem HP Extended Range Wireless LAN.

Os resultados dos testes do HP Total Test Process não constituem uma garantia de desempenho futuro sob estas condições de teste. Para obter cobertura contra danos acidentais, é necessário adquirir um HP Care Pack para Proteção Contra Danos Acidentais opcional.

O conjunto de teste MIL-STD 810 está pendente e não se destina a demonstrar adequação aos requisitos de contratos com o Departamento de Defesa dos EUA ou para utilização militar. Os resultados dos testes não constituem uma garantia de desempenho futuro sob essas condições de teste. Para obter cobertura contra danos acidentais, é necessário adquirir um HP Care Pack para Proteção Contra Danos Acidentais opcional.

O HP Sure Sense está disponível em determinados PCs HP e não está disponível com Windows10 Home.

Compartimento do alto-falante do PC feito com 5% de plástico que seria descartado no oceano.

Possibilitamos melhores resultados de aprendizagem ao apoiar a educação por meio do fornecimento de programas e soluções de aprendizagem e alfabetização digital.

Nossos programas visam acelerar a igualdade digital fornecendo acesso a pelo menos um dos seguintes: hardware, conectividade, conteúdo ou alfabetização digital.

As informações contidas neste documento estão sujeitas a alterações sem aviso prévio. As únicas garantias de produtos e serviços da HP são as estabelecidas nas declarações de garantia expressa que acompanham tais produtos e serviços. Nenhuma informação contida neste documento deve ser interpretada como uma garantia adicional. A HP não se responsabiliza por omissões, erros técnicos ou erros editoriais contidos neste documento.

Update the detailed information about Hp Laptop Computers And 2 on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!