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Although there are a lot of eBook readers available for Windows PCs, today, we will talk of Icecream eBook Reader. It is to be noted that Icecream eBook Reader, which comes from Icecream Apps, is a different eBook reader in a number of ways – such as the user interface.

Icecream eBook Reader for Windows 11/10

Simply put, Icecream eBook reader is one fine solution that lets you read your favorite books using your Windows PC.  Let’s check out some of noticeable aspects of Icecream eBook reader, such as its User Interface, supported formats, main features, etc.

User Interface

This is the section you will love most in Icecream eBook Reader, because the team has done its best in developing the UI of Icecream eBook Reader in such a way that you can install and get used to the tool in a few seconds. For instance, you can check out the dashboard of Icecream eBook Reader and you will be able to find your favourite books without any sort of glitch. In addition, there are options to change viewing style to suit your convenience; you will be able to toggle between list view and grid view, named Table View and Bookshelf View respectively. Plus, if you have chosen Table View, you can also know reading progress in books and there are options to favourite and delete books as well.

Supported Formats

Although commonly known as EPUB eBook reader, Icecream eBook Reader can be used to read books from a variety of eBook file formats. Those formats are:







This means that you will be able to read books from almost every eBook format using this easy-to-use eBook reader. In addition, the freeware it has a relatively lower minimum system requirement. If you have a PC running on 1.33GHz+ processor, 512MB+ RAM and a minimum storage space of 30MB, you can go with Icecream eBook reader without a second thought.

Reading Experience & Other Features

Icecream eBook Reader free download

All said and done, Icecream eBook Reader can give you a great eBook reading experience on your PC. Being a free software, you can download Icecream eBook Reader from its official website. The file size of the installer is just 14.2MB, which is low enough, considering the reading experience offered by the app.

Do check it out and let us have your opinion about the free software.

Is Icecream eBook Reader good?

Yes, Icecream eBook Reader is pretty good and works well on Windows 10 as well as Windows 11 computers. Whether you need to read eBooks or organize them in a different way, you can do everything with the help of this application. It supports ePub, MOBI, fb2, PDF, CBR, CBZ, etc.

What is the best Windows eBook reader?

There are so many apps available in the market that allow users to read eBooks on Windows 11/10 PC. For example, you can use Icecream eBook Reader, which is one of the best options for readers. Whether you read for one hour or five hours straight, you can use this app according to your requirements.

Some of you might want to also check out Icecream Password Manager, Icecream Slideshow Maker, Icecream PDF Converter, Icecream Image Resizer and Icecream Media Converter from the same developer.

You're reading Icecream Ebook Reader For Windows Offers An Amazing Reading Experience

Download Abbyy Screenshot Reader Free For Windows 10

Our Review Pros Simple interface and options Save images or extract text from screenshots Copy to clipboard, save files, send emails Cons No forever-free version Can’t preview the output

Made for Windows computers only, ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a software program that you can use to transform captured images, videos, PDFs, and other graphical content into text snippets. With its help, you can convert and export files into a wide range of formats, such as Word, Excel, and standard images.

Before reading our ABBYY Screenshot Reader review, check out its editions, system requirements, setup operation, interface, and set of features below.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader free trial

The software application isn’t freeware, but you can evaluate its complete set of options and configuration settings during a 15-days free trial, without any feature restrictions.

Once this period expires, you can either remove the product from your PC or buy ABBYY Screenshot Reader. If you decide to purchase a software license, you have to make a one-time payment only because there are no subscription plans up for grabs.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader system requirements

The setup file of ABBYY Screenshot Reader is pretty large. So, check if your system meets these conditions, particularly if you have a poor Internet connection:

Processor: 1 GHz or better

Memory: at least 1024 Mb RAM

Disk space: about 600 Mb for typical program installation and 700 Mb for optimal program operation

Video card: 1024 x 768 or better screen resolution

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2024, 2012, 2012 R2, 2008 R2

Other: Microsoft Word or Excel for sending captured text directly to these applications

How to install ABBYY Screenshot Reader

Installing this application on your computer takes minimal time and effort. You can choose a setup language, review and agree to the license terms, as well as change the default install path. You can also place a shortcut on the desktop and instruct ABBYY Screenshot Reader to run at every system startup automatically.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader interface

The OCR software solution is wrapped in a simple interface, represented by a small window that shows the capture, language, and send options. This window disappears as soon as you capture content and send it somewhere.

Turn images into searchable text with ABBYY Screenshot Reader

Taking everything into account, ABBYY Screenshot Reader turns out to be an excellent piece of software for converting image files into searchable and editable text documents. It can be used for various purposes. For example, you can print driving directions, create technical documentation, or share error messages with tech support.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader is wrapped in a user-friendly interface, supports multiple OCR languages, and comes bundled with intuitive options that anyone can operate. Furthermore, you can check out a comprehensive help manual. It uses minimal system resources.

FAQ: Learn more about ABBYY Screenshot Reader

Is ABBYY Screenshot Reader free?

ABBYY Screenshot Reader isn’t free to use, but it offers a 15-days free trial. To continue using the program after this period expires, you have to buy a software license.

Is ABBYY Screenshot Reader safe?

ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a legitimate piece of software that does what it says: take desktop screenshots and turn them into editable text files. It doesn’t contain malware, so it’s perfectly safe to download, install, and use.

How to reinstall ABBYY Screenshot Reader?

Best Free Rss Reader Windows Store Apps For Windows 11/10

Reading the RSS Feeds is a way to keep track of all your favorite blogs and websites. No matter how many websites you have subscribed to, the RSS Feeds bring all the updates in one location for you to read. On the other hand, for bloggers and website owners, RSS Feeds are a great marketing tool to spread their content to the readers and potential customers. It helps them get a loyal readership and grow their website and businesses.

Now, to read the RSS Feeds you need an RSS Reader. There are however many different readers and apps available on the internet, but not all of them are worth using. If you are a Windows 10 PC user, you need the best compatible RSS Feed Reader apps, and thankfully the Windows Store has a good number of desktop apps to choose from. In this post, we will talk about the five best RSS Readers Windows Store App.

Free RSS Reader Windows Store apps

Here are the best free RSS Reader Windows Store apps for Windows 111/0:






Let us take a look at them.

1] NewsFlow

This is one of the simplest RSS Reader desktop apps with a very user-friendly layout. Not cluttered at all, this app gives you a very clean and easy interface to navigate and read. It is a feature-rich app with the fastest synchronization being the best one. Other important features of NewsFlow include Live Tile notification, push notifications, offline news storage, a feature to create a preferred list and favorites, extended readability, read later and much more.

2] Readiy

If you don’t like spending too much time on your RSS Feeds and need just a quick scan, Readiy is the app for you. It is one of the best rated RSS Reader Windows App by the users. The app has a modern UI and takes no time to download on your PC. Clean appearance, quick synchronization and modern interface is what makes it a popular RSS Reader for Windows users.

You need to login to your Feedly account to use the Readiy app. The app displays your unread articles on the main page in a list view so that you can take a quick glance at the headlines and decide what you want to read. Readiy offers various settings options which include the themes, small tweaks, readability settings, and your feed breakdown options. Furthermore, it also lets you share the articles on Evernote/OneNote or to save them on Instapaper or Pocket for future reference. Readiy app is available both as a free and a premium version where the paid version has some extra features of course. Download it here.

3] Tickers

The layout is quite simple, and you can easily add your feeds to the app. However, there is some default feeds available in the app like BBC News, Yahoo Finance. You can anyways disable them if you want. Download it here.

4] FeedLab

This is another free and great app to manage your feeds on Windows 10 PC. You can add the RSS Feeds from all your favorite magazines, journals, blogs and websites. The app brings customization options where you can group your feeds as per their categories. You can also select the type of display for your feeds. For example, you can make them appear title wise, with large or small titles, with small or large images as per your suitability.

The app also comes with the feature of Live Tile notification and furthermore you can also launch the app directly from Cortana. Another interesting feature of FeedLab is that it lets you use the speech feature on your feeds, which means you can listen to your articles if you are not in a mood to read them or running short of time. Download it here.

5] Fedora

Fedora Reader is one of the best RSS Reader Windows Store apps with a very clean interface. It is a minimalist app with no clutter at all. The app runs in the background if you allow, and keeps your feed up-to-date. You can add your own feeds manually here in this app via URL or choose from the curated feeds.

This feed reader focuses more on text and images rather than the formatting. It extracts the content from the feed and displays it in an easy to read clean format. Thus you don’t really need to open the browser to read the extract. The app also lets you mark your favorite feeds, but the only drawback here in this app is that you have to go back to the menu to check your next feed. Download it here.

RSS Feeds are actually the best way to stay updated on your favorite blogs and website, and these Windows apps can help you in the same. RSS Readers help you read your feeds more efficiently and in a good environment. 

So, this is my list of the Best free RSS Reader Windows Store apps for Windows 11/10. If you are looking for desktop software, check our list of best RSS Feed Reader desktop software for Windows.

Best Comic Reader Apps For Android

While comic book market, on one hand, has seen a tremendous decline in the sales due to the rise of internet and gadgets, but on the other hand, thanks to the internet and new technology, comic books are now easily available, online, offering a better reading experience. Although reading on smartphones and tablets can never match the feeling of reading physical books or comics, reading online comic books has its benefits.

It’s difficult to carry books everywhere, so when you can read novels and other books on your smartphone why should comic book fans be left out?

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To all the comic book fans out there, comic reader apps come to your rescue. The comic reader app is a dedicated app for reading comics on your Android smartphone. The books are available in a centralized manner that is easy to carry anywhere around the world.

Google Play Store offers many comic reader apps, to make your work easy, we have done the dirty work of picking up the best comic reader apps for your Android device.

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We present to you the best comic reader apps for Android:

Astonishing Comic Reader

With a powerful zoom feature coupled with material design, Astonishing Comic Reader is one of the best dedicated comic apps to read comic books on your Android device. Packaged in a wonderful layout, the Astonishing Comic reader flaunts a powerful search feature. It also lets you organize your comics in customizable collections.

Further, you can get comics from Cloud Storage services like Google Drive and others. Most importantly, the app supports Cast and allows you cast your comics on any screen.

→ Download Astonishing Comic Reader

Perfect Viewer

Besides supporting comic book formats such as CBZ and CBR, the perfect viewer also supports eBook file formats (EPUB, HTML etc.) and image file formats (JPEG, PNG etc.). In addition to that, the app includes a bunch of useful options and features such as multiple page layouts (single, dual), multiple view modes (full size, stretch etc.), pinch to zoom, slideshow, set as wallpaper etc.

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The app also lets you open files from cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox. In addition to that, you can open files from network file sharing viz. CIFS/SAMBA and FTP.

→ Download Perfect Viewer

Comic Time Reader

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→ Download Comic Time Reader

ComicScreen – ComicViewer

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Further, the app also supports opening files via SMB (samba) and FTP network.

→ Download ComicScreen

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is not a dedicated comic book reader, but it is a dedicated book reader – any type of book. A powerful book reader that supports all types of formats such as epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, and cbz etc. Packed with numerous intelligent features, it’s the best reading app available on the Play Store.

→ Download Moon+ Reader

Challenger Comics Viewer

Challenger Comics Viewer is a free and easy to use comic reader that flaunts a host of customization settings and options. If the number of settings jolts you at first glance, the built in help will come to your rescue.

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The app supports features such as Vertical/Horizontal scrolling, 2 display modes, automatic page loading and multiple scrolls among other features. Besides that, the app lets you access files via Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP and similar networks.

→ Download Challenger Comics Viewer


ComicRack is an Android companion of the powerful and known Windows comic manager, ComicRack for Windows. If you have a Windows companion, the app syncs the files and last read position and other things between the Android version and Windows version. It also optimizes the Windows comics for Android.

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→ Download ComicRack

Comics by Comixology

Comics by Comixology is a powerful combination of comic reader and comic database. The app not only lets you view and read offline comics, but you can browse and download comics from almost every publisher using subscription service.

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With sync feature, you can read across all devices. It has titles from Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, Image, and others.

→ Download Comics by Comixology

Handling History Instead Of Reading It

Handling History Instead of Reading It Class gives presentation at Mass Historical Society tonight

Tonight students will give a public talk and presentation of artifacts titled Making History: King Philip’s War in Documents and Artifacts at the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston. Photos by Chitose Suzuki

A conflict featuring torture, the starving and enslavement of POWs, and racial and religious prejudice, with attempts to convert those on the other side. Today’s war on terror, or civil strife in some modern despotism?

Nope. Here’s another clue: this conflict killed a greater percentage of the American population than any other war in our history. If you’re thinking the Civil War, wrong again. These facts belong to King Philip’s War (1675–1678), a colonial catastrophe involving New England’s settlers and their Native American allies against tribes led by Metacom, sachem of the Wampanoag, known as King Philip to colonists. The war not only wiped out entire settlements and took 4,000 (mostly Native American) lives, but also ended the era of armed resistance to colonization.

For most college students, studying this 334-year-old pivot point in American history would involve listening to lectures. James Johnson’s students are giving one.

Tonight, at the Massachusetts Historical Society, the 20-plus students, most of them freshmen wrapping up their first semester of college, will give a public talk and a presentation of artifacts from the war: the flintlock from the gun that killed Metacom, a food bowl he used, a cutlass carried by a colonial commander the day Metacom died, and contemporaneous written accounts about the conflict, among them a Puritan minister’s diary containing his sermon topics and his conversations with Indians about converting to Christianity.

Making History: Conflict and Community in Boston’s Past is one of several courses involving innovative teaching techniques that the University Provost’s Office has jump-started, according to Johnson, a College of Arts & Sciences associate professor of history. His course syllabus says that it’s “designed to involve students in the very activities practicing historians carry out.” Besides mounting an exhibition at the Historical Society, Johnson’s students have learned about Boston’s 1970s busing crisis by touring Roxbury and the South End with former mayor Raymond Flynn and former state senate president William Bulger (Hon.’96). They’ve taken an architectural tour of Copley Square to study how European tastes and immigrants remade the city during the Gilded Age.

Yes, Johnson does lecture. But so did a Historical Society staffer, on how to do archival research. And on a brisk, sunny December day, professor and students hoofed it to the society’s ornate building on Boylston Street to rehearse tonight’s presentation, donning white gloves and gathering around artifacts-laden tables as society representatives gave tips on arranging and discussing the treasures.

Some of the suggestions were mundane (don’t dress like a slob; make sure any books displayed are open to an interesting page, like a description of Metacom’s death). But at the table showcasing that death, society art curator Anne Bentley wielded an 11-pound long gun and showed the students how the flintlock would have fit on it.

“It goes through the wooden stock and it goes through the barrel,” she explained. “This locking mechanism would release, and the metal on the metal would create a spark that would ignite the powder.”

“I’m a history major, and this is the best class I’ve taken so far,” said Philip Tankovich (CAS’15). “With the presentation, you put so much more effort into it,” not just reading about the war, but speaking about it to those who’ll attend the exhibition. “You have to talk to people,” he said. “There has to be not just analysis, but expression of that analysis as well, so that people can understand it. It’s definitely a multidimensional project. It’s cool.”

Mercedes Bonilla (CAS’15) plans to major in Latin American studies, and Johnson’s class has made her want to travel to that region for similar hands-on work. “It’s not just reading an article about the war; I’m actually looking at the texts that they wrote…or the weapons that killed people, or the bowl that might’ve held their food.…It’s no longer that illusion. It becomes very real.”

The course has been a learning experience for Johnson as well: he’s a European cultural historian and has never taught about Boston before. “I was intrigued about the idea of doing something totally different from the kinds of courses we normally teach,” he said.

As for his students, he hopes they get “a deeper understanding of what goes into interpreting the past and how a certain amount of that is really piece by piece by piece, matching together fragments and bits of partial stories.” On the first day of class, he asked the students why we should study the past. Most said so as not to repeat its mistakes. Johnson will repeat the question on the last day of class, “and I hope that they have a much more subtle understanding of why we study the past.…What we today look back and call mistakes were part of a complicated network that makes it not so easy to say, ‘Let’s avoid those mistakes now.’”

After all, he says, the class has discussed how the trappings of King Philip’s War—fears of another culture, talk of whose side God is on, allegations of torture—are familiar to anyone in our post-9/11 world.

Making History: King Philip’s War in Documents and Artifacts is tonight, Thursday, December 13, with a reception at 5:30 p.m. and the presentation at 6, at the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1154 Boylston St., Boston. The event is free and open to the public.

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6 Of The Most Amazing Sites For Facebook Timeline Covers

I know what you’re thinking, “Not another Timeline Cover article.” We have all seen a million articles on how to create a cover, articles with cartoon examples of covers, and covers that are primarily for the young female population. When the Timeline first rolled out, I did a few articles on these types of covers myself, really it was all that was available. Today, designers and photographers have seen a need to provide covers for a different generation of Facebook users who want something more rich and professional looking. There are now many sites that fill that need and you’re about to take a journey through 6 of the best.

Digital Blasphemy

Digital blasphemy has a huge collection of high resolution, very colorful cover photos for your Facebook Timeline. If you’re not into the humorous or cute covers and haven’t found a site with a large artist type collection, you have to check out Digital Blasphemy.

This site has a huge library of really cool digital art in a wide array of categories. I chose a few as examples below.

Spiritual Digital Art Cross Cards Cover Photo Site Cover Photo Finder

Jessica Prouty

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