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Should you invest resources and budget to attract new customers on Black Friday?

Acquiring a new customer is up to seven times more expensive than keeping an existing one.

You’ve likely heard the stat quoted before and it should hopefully have resonated. But have you done anything tangible to address it?

Perhaps you have, but traditionally acquisition is prioritized over retention. We put more budget, resource and scrutiny on how we attract new customers.

72% of small businesses say that they put the majority of their marketing budget on acquisition. So only 28% are spending more on retention despite it being more cost-effective.

Who can really blame the 72%? Acquisition is often viewed as the major lever for growth but the numbers may suggest otherwise.

According to Bain and co, a 5% increase in customer retention could increase profitability by up to 75%.

Impressive right? It doesn’t stop there.

Gartner’s research suggests that 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers.

So how does this relate to Black Friday?

When Black Friday comes around there is the temptation to think of it as a free-for-all. The majority of marketing budget has been stored up for when there’s the biggest chance of driving sales.

Yes, we’ll be marketing to our existing customers. But there’s also huge opportunity to attract new customers when buying intent is at its highest.

Last year sales passed £8bn during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK. For many retailers, this is make or break time for the entire year. Can you realistically afford to neglect acquisition?

Not really. But you should come at it knowing that many metrics are stacked against acquisition in this period.

Auction-based ad platform (Adwords, Google Shopping, Amazon PPC) thrive off the increased competition of Black Friday.

2. Watch out for Amazon

Don’t be surprised to see Amazon competing against your ad spend too. During Black Friday 2023, Amazon was claiming a 40% impression share in certain Google Shopping product categories.

3. Balance your metrics

There’s a good chance you can take the hit. According to Adobe, the desktop conversion rate was 5.5% on Black Friday in 2024. That’s a noticeable jump on the average desktop conversion rate which falls between 3.8% and 4.5%.

The jump isn’t as noticeable on mobile. The average mobile conversion rate is between 1.7 and 2.0%, but only jumps to 2.4% according to Adobe’s data.

Mobile conversion rates should be a big priority. 40% of Black Friday sales were on mobile in 2023.

Making customer acquisition work on Black Friday becomes an act of balancing multiple metrics. Don’t just think that higher conversion rates will make up the difference against the metrics that eat your margin.

4. Combat cart abandonment

Another metric that’s working against you is cart abandonment rates. The average abandonment rate is 69%. That climbs to 75% on Black Friday.

Cart abandonment emails are very effective way to recover sales that might normally be lost. On average, our customers recover 12% of revenue lost to cart abandonment.

To state the obvious, cart abandonment emails rely on you having an email, which your not going to have for new visitors.

Unless a new visitor begins account creation, you’re going to have no way to retarget cart abandoners in their inbox.

There are three options available:

Cross your fingers and hope they come back to complete the purchase

Capture an email earlier in the buying journey

If you can’t get the sale, get the email.

Using overlays that offer an additional discount just for first-time visitors will give you the email you need to deliver cart abandonment emails.

An additional discount might dent your margin on sales, but an email address opens many doors.

You can retarget visitors earlier in the buying journey with browse abandonment emails. For example, alerting individuals when items they’re browsed are running low on stock. Or simply sending an email reminder when your sales are coming to an end.

Email continually delivers the highest ROI of any marketing channel. Once you have an email you can continue to market to these people throughout peak and beyond.

5. Account for high return rates

It’s the end of Cyber Weekend. Your marketing campaigns delivered conversions. You’ve seen record sales. But the works not done yet.

That sales revenue is not guaranteed. A sale is only a sale if the customers decide to keep the item.

As much as 40% of online purchases are returned but it’s not just the loss of a sale that impacts profits. Costs are incurred with the handling, cleaning and storage of returns.

Items tied up in the return system can cause headaches for the remainder of peak. With many retailers extending return deadlines on Black Friday, there’s a risk that returned items might not be available to be sold again during peak.

Investing in virtual fitting solution is an effective way for fashion retailers to reduce size-related returns.

While post-purchase marketing can help reduce the chances of an item being returned. A simple thank you after a purchase can go along way. Asking for a review or offering a discount off their next purchase helps build rapport and reduces buyer’s remorse.

So should you bother with acquisition on Black Friday?

While this data is based on averages, it does pose the question of whether spending a lot of customer acquisition is actually good for profitability.

The best way to answer that question is to look at your own historical sales data.

What were your conversion rates during Black Friday?

What percentage of items were returned?

Abandoning acquisition altogether is unlikely to be the right answer. Within this article, we’ve outlined tactics you can use to improve your customer acquisition funnel.

You can make it a success, but there are other opportunities available.

With Black Friday fast approaching, now is the right time to prioritize what you’re doing to drive sales from your existing customers.

You’ve already built trust which will benefit your conversion rates.

You can target them with email which will be your most cost-effective marketing channel.

You already hold a lot of data on them about previous purchases and buying behavior during peak.

Investing resources into segmentation and personalization for your email marketing is a cost-effective way to make more of what you’re already got planned.

Additionally, optimizing your website for returning visitors with personalization will ensure existing customers are being recommended the right products over this period.

If you’re keen to learn more, watch our webinar: 10 Mistakes Brands Make on Black Friday

Online customer acquisition guide

Acquisition marketing today can seem complex and daunting. This guide features a structured approach to creating an online acquisition plan by reviewing current performance; defining the right KPIs to control acquisition; creating a media and content engagement strategy; creating a zero-based budget model and reviewing attribution and tracking.

Access the Online customer acquisition guide

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Check Out Some Great Black Friday Deals On Bluetti’s Portable Power Stations

With Black Friday coming up, BLUETTI – a company specializing in energy storage products – has announced some great deals on its power stations. In addition, BLUETTI is also offering exclusive giveaways, mystery boxes, and lucky draws. This might be the best time to equip your home with an energy storage station so that you won’t have to deal with any power outages during the holidays.

BLUETTI has a variety of products available, from large stations for your home or office to more compact ones that you can take on the go.


For those who want to start with a portable power station, BLUETTI AC200P is one of the best options available. It offers a 2000Wh battery with a peak capacity of 4800W. In other words, it is powerful enough for camping and other outdoor activities, as it can power a car fridge for up to 20 hours. The AC200P also supports Fast Dual Charging by combining solar power with an AC adapter.

Its regular price is $1699, but you can get it for $1299 (a $400 discount) until Black Friday.

EB55 & EB70S

Customers looking for ultra portable stations should definitely take a look at BLUETTI’s EB series. The company describes it as a “must-have for campers or nature-goers to stay powered wherever and whenever they go.”

For instance, EB55 has a capacity of 537Wh, which is enough to give multiple recharges to devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. The EB70S, on the other hand, can power up to 12 devices simultaneously with DC or AC outputs. A single charge is enough to power a television for up to eight hours.

During the Black Friday period, BLUETTI is selling EB55 for just $399, while EB70S is available for $499 – both $100 off their regular prices.

AC500 & B300S

People looking for a modern, modular option with high capacity may prefer the new AC500 & B300S, which supports 5000W of power and can be combined with expansion batteries to provide up to 18432Wh of capacity. It also supports 3000W input from solar panels and can be recharged from 0 to 80% in just one hour.

With AC500 & B300S, you can run a fridge for almost four hours without any worries. Now, with the special Black Friday offer, BLUETTI is selling it for $4499 (down from $5099), which means that you’re saving $600.

AC300 & B300

With 16 outlets and a 3000W inverter, AC300 can also be expanded with four batteries, totaling 12288Wh capacity. This model works well as a backup for the home power system or even for camping, as it can power things like a washing machine, TV, or fridge for up to five hours.

Prices start at $2999 during Black Friday, with $700 off its regular price.

More Black Friday deals from BLUETTI

In addition to the Black Friday discounts, customers who purchase BLUETTI products through November 29 are eligible for a lucky draw to win multiple prizes, including power stations and gift cards worth up to $100. There are also additional giveaways depending on what you buy – for instance, a $5000 purchase gets you a Mini Fridge.

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Is Apple Killing Black Friday Or Just Outsourcing It To Its Retail Partners?

One of the things Apple’s retail head Angela Ahrendts said in her interview with Fast Company‘s Rick Tetzei is that Apple had made the decision to back away from Black Friday sales because “being good to your employees will always be good for business.”

Rather than extending store hours for Black Friday events, or just turning the stores into even more crowded places during what has increasingly turned into Black November rather than just Black Friday, Ahrendts decided to give staff a break. That’s great and should be applauded but why not just do an online sale? Do the computers need the time off too?

It’s not as if Apple has ever indulged in Black Friday in a big way. Pretty much what it did was extend educational pricing to everyone, which amounted to a typical discount of around 10%. Nice, but not dramatic. It went a little further on third-party accessories, discounting these by 15-20%, but again nothing like the kind of deals available on other products.

The problem for Apple bargain hunters was you couldn’t do much better elsewhere – especially on iOS devices. Apple reportedly offered retailers such slim margins on its products, sometimes as low as two or three percent, that other stores had little room for manoeuvre.

Even without Black November, however, Apple remains a victim of its own success in terms of the retail experience. It’s rolling out new stores all the time, many cities now having multiple outlets, but is still struggling to cope. Which is why I think Ahrendts’ vision is about moving the retail stores to more of a showroom experience, with as much of the purchasing as possible driven online. Jony Ives’ redesign of the stores also seems to give them more of a showroom type feel.

We saw this showroom approach with the Apple Watch, of course. Rather than have the crazy launch-day store experience we see with iPhones, Apple initially made the decision to offer try-ons and demonstrations in store, then to direct customers to make their purchases online. In other words, to have the Apple Store act as a showroom.

But the other thing we saw then, and which impressed me at the time, was the degree of integration between the offline and online worlds. As I wrote then:

I waited there all of ten seconds before I was taken to meet the man who would be handling my try-on. When he pulled up my appointment on his terminal, he could see the two watches I had favorited on the Apple website, and immediately pulled the first of these out of the drawer: the stainless steel with black classic buckle.

I was instantly impressed. It had always previously felt like the retail stores and online store were entirely separate worlds, but here the two were seamlessly integrated.

This is the type of experience Ahrendts had previously been working to deliver in her previous role as Burberry CEO, her vision then of a retail future that completely blurred the lines between the physical and digital environments.

We’ve also seen greater integration on Apple’s website. Previously, you used the main site to learn about products, then went to the separate online store section to buy something. Now, there’s just one site, with a Buy option for each product – something that already seems so natural it’s hard to imagine why Apple would ever have done it any other way.

Ahrendts’ vision for Burberry went further, with things like chip-enabled products that would display information about themselves in a mirror when you tried them on, and ‘magical trays’ that would play a product video as soon as you picked them up.

We’re not seeing a complete transition of the Apple Store experience. I think Apple sees the launch day queues for the iPhone as too good a PR coup to pass up. But I do think we’ll see further moves toward Apple Stores being less geared to immediate sales – and that Black Friday bargain hunters will need to continue to look elsewhere.

Dan DeSilva kindly contributed to this piece.

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Keep Saving With These 2023 Walmart Black Friday Deals

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

Standing outside of a big box retailer used to be essential on Black Friday. Now, big sellers like Walmart offer their most impressive sales and discounts online for easy shopping from afar.

Cold temperatures and huge crowds used to be the biggest Black Friday obstacles. Now, it’s the sheer volume of deals to sift through. We’ve done a lot of the legwork for you, so sit back with a turkey and stuffing sandwich and save some cash.

Few crafting devices have the kind of tech nerd appeal that the Cricut brings. it looks like a desktop printer, but it cuts custom shapes from a variety of materials from vinyl to cardstock. Make greeting cards or custom stickers with your computer.

A pressure washer provides an effective way to clean grime off of your house or just about anything else that needs a powerful wash. This electric model is almost half-off right now and can kickstart your new career as a person who makes “satisfying” pressure washing content on Tik Tok.

The best Walmart Black Friday Deals 2023

Now we’re on to the main event. Here’s a look at the best Black Friday deals Walmart has to offer this year. The picks will change as the events cycle through, so check back if you want to find the most current deals.

Black Friday TV deals

TCL 65-inch 6-series 4K UHD MiniLED TV $898 (Was $1,299)

Samsung 70-inch QLED 4K TV $997 (Was $1,347)

TCL 55-inch 6-series 4K TV with Roku $699 (Was $948)

Samsung 75-inch Neo QLED 4K TV $1,997 (Was $2,999)

LG 86-inch 4K smart TV $1,747 (Was $2,099)

Sony 50″ Class KD50X85J 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision $748 (Was $850)

Black Friday home theater deals

Vankyo Performance V620 1080p projector $119 (Was $249)

Sony 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Player $148 (Was $249)

Samsung HW-Q700A soundbar with Dolby Atmos $399 (Was $699)

FANGOR WiFi Bluetooth Projector $100 (Was $300)

Yamaha ATS-2090-1 36″ 2.1 Channel Soundbar Wireless Subwoofer $230 (Was $265)

Roku Streaming Stick 4K $29 (Was $49)

Black Friday laptop and computer deals

MSI GF63 15.6-inch gaming laptop $499 (Was $699)

MSI Optix G272 27″ Full HD LED Gaming LCD Monitor $188 (Was $259)

Gateway Notebook 11.6″ Touchscreen 2-in-1s Laptop $149 (Was $199)

Black Friday home deals

Mr. Heater 9000 BTU propane portable heater $69 (Was $89)

Hoover Smartwash Pet Carpet Cleaner $149 (Was $299)

Dyson V10 Allergy Cordfree Vacuum Cleaner $380 (Was $480)

iHome AutoVac Nova Self Empty Robot Vacuum and Mop $249 (Was $599)

Hart 20-volt Cordless 5-tool Combo Kit $138 (Was $193)

SAMSUNG Jet 60 Fit Cordless Stick Vacuum $179 (Was $299)

Everlast Powercore Free Standing Indoor punching bag $98 (Was $139)

Black Friday kitchen deals

Ninja Professional Blender 72-ounce XL $49

Farberware 20-Piece Easy Clean Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans Set $50 (Was $120)

20QT/18L Air Fryer Oven $150 (Was $300)

Black Friday headphone deals

onn Bluetooth True Wireless headphones $29 (Was $49)

Beats Solo Pro on-ear noise-canceling headphones $99 (Was $199)

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds+ $79 (Was $150)

Black Friday tool deals

Tool deals

How to get the best early Walmart Black Friday deals Get Walmart+ early access

This year, those who sign up for Walmart+ will get early access to the deals across all three events. Walmart+ is the company’s answer to Amazon Prime. Walmart+ costs $12.95 per month or $98 per year and offers other benefits beyond the early sale access. It includes free delivery from your home Walmart store, free shipping without a purchase minimum, a discount on prescriptions, and fuel discounts where available. 

How we find the best early Black Friday deals

We’re not waiting around until Black Friday to get started looking for good prices. The writers and editors on the PopSci teams spend our days immersed in gadgets, so we know what’s good and what kind of price constitutes a great deal. We’re surveying the biggest sales and comparing them against regular prices throughout the year to make sure we’re recommending solid products at actual discounts rather than junk meant to trick you into blowing your shopping budget. 

Black Friday 2023 FAQs Q: When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 happens on Nov. 26. That said, the actual date isn’t nearly as important as it used to be. Black Friday is now more of a month-long deal and sale party, so keep an eye out for discounts coming from every direction from the moment Halloween ends until the bitter end of Cyber Monday.

Q: What is Black Friday?

Black Friday’s historical meaning traces back roughly half a century when it referred to a day full of heavy traffic and also the day in which businesses in the US started turning a profit for the year. It refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving. Most of that is irrelevant now, though, and Black Friday has become shorthand for the shopping frenzy that happens between the end of October and the beginning of December.

Black Friday Guide: How To Separate The Deals From The Duds

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means we are now less than 48 hours away from Black Friday. On this day, thousands of retailers will be hosting flash sales in an effort to lure customers into their stores. Some even plan on starting their promotions tomorrow, and others have already begun.

For many people, the whole thing is execrable—unruly shoppers standing in long lines just to save a measly couple of dollars on useless items—but it doesn’t have to be. If you know what to look for, you can actually save good money on good products, and in many cases avoid the crowds.

Where to look

Deal or no deal?

So now that you know how to look for deals, what do you do when you find one? The first thing you want to do is make sure it’s actually a deal. According to a recent study from NerdWallet, 93% of Black Friday promotions aren’t worth getting up for. I think that’s a little extreme, but the concept is correct. Retailers can’t just take 50% off of all of their top-selling products—they’d go bankrupt—so they’ve come up with a few tricks to pad the numbers.

Another thing to watch out for is “limited time” products. These are items—typically electronics—that popup around Black Friday at what seem like impossibly-low prices. For example, you may see Best Buy and other retailers selling a 50-inch Panasonic 1080p HDTV for $199 this year. Chances are the TV is either made up of old, recycled parts or is missing significant features—manufacturers love to produce these kinds of products around this time of year because…people will buy them. This also happens a lot with DSLR cameras—watch out for the Cannon EOS T5 Rebel, it’s not the same thing as the T5i.

The best way to avoid getting a dud on Black Friday is to, believe it or not, Google it. Find the model number of the discounted item you’re interested in and Google it along with the manufacturer’s name. This should return shopping results from other stores and review results from sites like CNET, giving you a good idea of how old the product is and if users are happy with it (I always like to search on Amazon as well, as they have one of the most active product review sections on the web). If it’s a fairly recent product with good reviews, you’ve found yourself a deal.

Move quickly

And now that you’ve found a deal, it’s time to buy. Obviously, a lot of sales are embargoed until Black Friday, or whatever specific time the retailer sets, but just be ready to pull the trigger as soon as you can.

It’s important to move quickly with Black Friday sales for a few reasons, such as limited inventory. Whether you’re buying in-store or online, chances are the retailer has very little stock on hand of the item you want, so hesitating can cost you. To give you an idea of how short supply can be, many stores will hand out numbered tickets—similar to what you see at an iPhone launch—for popular deals so that late-comers won’t have to waste their time waiting.

Sales can also be time-limited, meaning the pricing could expire even if stock hasn’t been depleted. This is very common with e-retailers like Amazon, who runs hour-long Lightning deals and similar specials. I got bit by this recently at Best Buy, where the online pricing for a soundbar went up $150 on me over the course of a few hours.

Side note: You’ll notice that I haven’t talked much about waking up early to reserve your spot at the front of the line, as I don’t believe that’s necessary any more. Most retailers are matching their in-store Black Friday prices online this year—including doorbusters—so unless an ad specifically says an item is only available in-store, you shouldn’t have to leave your house.

Wrapping up

Happy hunting.

Forget Black Friday—Here’s How To Get The Best Deals All Year Round

Choose the right time to buy

When it comes to picking up discounts, you can’t beat basic research, be it physical or virtual. The more effort you put into researching prices and trends, rather than trying to take shortcuts, the better your chances of scoring a bargain.

As well as knowing your product, learn about key sales periods. We’ve just been thinking about Black Friday, but don’t forget the January sales, the back to school marketing push at the start of September, the discounts leading up to Christmas, and so on. If you’re after some winter gear, for example, you’ll get the best value by waiting until the start of spring to pick it up, because that’s when stores will be trying to sell off their winter lines to make room for summer stock. (Of course, you’ll have to wait nine months or so before you wear it.) Similarly, you can stock up on lighter clothing as the weather turns frosty, since that’s when it’s most likely to be on sale.

Use deal-finding technology

We’d also recommend a visit to BuyVia, which combines a deals aggregator with a price comparison service. It will make sure you’re not over-paying as well as sending you alerts when price reductions occur. The site and matching app (for Android and iOS) also offer discount codes and seasonal sales for a wide range of brands and retailers, including Levi’s, Adidas, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Kohl’s, and GAP.

Get friendly with your favorite stores

The good news for bargain hunters is that retailers are just as eager to tell you about their deals as you are to buy them. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to the social-media feeds from your favorite stores and keep an eye out for any special offers they might post. You can also sign up for a store’s email list to get offers and news delivered to your inbox.

If you think you’ll shop a lot at one particular place, then investigate its available rewards scheme or loyalty card program. However, don’t sign up for one of these right away: With retailers battling each other on price, you’ll want to retain the flexibility to choose different stores for different items, and a loyalty card might interfere with that ability. Just wait until you know that you’ll be using a store very regularly before going all in with it.

For example, if you sign onto the Amazon Prime membership scheme, which will set you back $99 a year, you receive perks like free two-day shipping on many goods, same-day delivery where it’s available, and access to Amazon’s music and video streaming services. In addition, you get some lesser-known savings opportunities: You can trade your speedy shipping for digital credit to spend on movies or music, and you get better access to the big discounts that become available on Amazon Prime Day each year.

Look beyond the major retailers

While the major retailers offer regular discounts and sales periods, heading off the beaten track yield big savings for a thrifty shopper. So invest some time and effort into researching alternative places to shop, places that might not be featured on price comparison sites.

For instance, check out flash-sale sites such as Gilt or Beyond The Rack. When you sign up for a free account, you can access some major discounts on well-known brands. The only catch: These sales typically last for only a few hours (hence the “flash sale” moniker). Your only challenge will be resisting the urge to buy stuff you don’t need just because it’s cheap.

Another shopping alternative is looking into second-hand products. Before hitting the regular retailers, check out thrift shops and consignment stores, as well as online resale sites like Craigslist and eBay. Worried about getting ripped off? If you’re buying online, you can follow these simple safety tips to minimize the risk of parting with your cash and getting a dud in return.

When it comes to finding a source for the products you need, try to think outside the box—you might fall into a big box store. If you’re buying something in bulk, like DIY materials or office supplies, then a business supplier might be able to give you better prices than a regular consumer store would.

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