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If your PlayStation 5 is acting up, even if you don’t get a temperature warning, you might be facing PS5 overheating problems!!

Before sending your precious console in for assessment and repair, there are several things you can try that won’t void the warranty and might solve your issue. So if your PS5 console needs to chill out, here’s what you need to do.

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Symptoms of an Overheating PS5

With millions of units sold to gamers worldwide, some PS5s will inevitably develop faults. Don’t assume that any weird behavior from your console is automatically heat-related. If your console is still under warranty and none of the tips provided below fix the issue, then we strongly recommend you contact Sony for a free repair or replacement.

Even if your PS5 isn’t under warranty, we do not recommend opening up the system to do the maintenance yourself unless you 100% know what you’re doing. Instead, take it to a certified third-party technician for assessment.

It’s important to note that removing the PS5 outer covers or opening the SSD expansion bay does not constitute opening the system since both of these actions are specifically meant for users to do.

So, how do you know if your PS5 is overheating? There are several potential symptoms:

High levels of fan noise

Graphical glitches or artifacts such as white or black dots, or the screen flashes solid colors such as green

A poor gaming experience in the form of stutter and low framerates

A sudden shutdown without warning

Crashes or instability, especially during demanding games

It’s important to note that symptoms such as visual glitches can also be traced to faulty memory or to heat-related issues with parts that are not user-serviceable. So if such problems persist after following our tips, get a professional assessment of your system.

1. Check That the PS5 Fan Is Spinning

The PlayStation 5 is an exceptionally quiet console, so you may not know when your fan (there’s just a single huge one) has stopped spinning. Without the cooling fan pushing air through the system, your PS5 will quickly shut down as it hits its failsafe temperature.

To check whether your fans are still running, boot up a game with the sound muted and keep your year close to the PS5. You should hear a faint rush of air. Alternatively, you can hold your hand near the air vents at the top (in vertical orientation) of the console. You should feel air flowing over your skin.

If it seems that your fan has stopped working, it’s time to get a warranty repair or have it replaced by a pro.

2. Remove the Covers and Vacuum the Ports

Any computer system cooled by fans will accumulate dust and lint over time. The designers of the PS5 have considered this and added special ports on the console where you can vacuum out collected dust.

All you have to do is remove the side covers and vacuum the ports indicated in the official Sony video teardown.

Then put the side covers back, power on the system, and see whether the issue is resolved. You may also want to use a can of compressed air to blow dust out of the fan through the vent. However, be careful not to create condensation by holding the can at the wrong angle!

The fan can be removed without opening the entire system if you want to give it a thorough cleaning. Just disconnect its power cable and remove the necessary screws.

3. Check Your Ventilation Space

Your PS5 is not a sealed system; it moves hot air out of the system and replaces it with cool air. Without proper ventilation around the console, this can’t happen. It’s also an issue if you place the console in a poorly ventilated enclosed space. Make sure there’s enough distance from the wall surface or the sides of your media cabinet.

Ensure that there’s room around the PS5 and that the cabinet has enough vents to allow air to move through it. Perhaps most importantly, make sure you use the PS5’s included stand!

Whether you’re using the console in vertical or horizontal mode, the included stand ensures enough space between the bottom of the console and the surface it’s on to let air flow.

4. Put Your PS5 on the Right Surface

You also should avoid running your console on soft surfaces such as a bed or carpeted floor. This can easily block vents and cause heat buildup. Not only that, there’s a lot of dust, pet hair, and dirt on the average carpet, even if it looks clean. All of that will get sucked into the system and cause issues.

Place your PS5 on a hard surface such as a shelf on a TV stand or a desk to ensure optimal cooling.

5. Control Your Room Temperature

Unless you use water cooling or exotic refrigeration, it’s generally not possible to cool a CPU or GPU to below the ambient temperature of a room. If you live in a hot climate and the heat and humidity in the room your PS5 lives in are high, it might be enough to push it over the edge.

In this case, heat issues may only present after extended amounts of play as the system’s temperature slowly rises. The only answer here is to lower the room’s temperature by using an air conditioner, opening windows, or turning on a fan.

6. Expansion SSD Overheating Issues

There’s a particular overheating issue that only affects users who have expanded the SSD storage of their PS5 by using the special expansion slot. If you want to increase the amount of storage you can play PS5 games from (rather than just archiving them on a USB drive), you can install a standard M.2 SSD in a special slot.

Of course, you must use a drive that conforms to Sony’s requirements regarding speed and physical size, but other than that, it should just work when you slot it in.

However, Sony also requires that your SSD have a heatsink attached. Many drives come with a heatsink pre-installed, but if not, you need to do this yourself. It’s as simple as buying a heatsink of the correct size, peeling off a stick, and then sticking it on the memory chips of the drive. However, if you don’t do this, the drive will still work, and you may not notice any issues at first.

What About Aftermarket Coolers?

An example of an aftermarket cooler.

You may have seen aftermarket cooling systems on Amazon that act as alternative stands or clip onto the vents of your PS5. These products promise to improve cooling and (on previous gaming consoles) reduce fan noise.

We don’t recommend that any PS5 owner purchase a cooler like these. Firstly, a properly working PS5 makes virtually no noise in the first place. Secondly, if your PS5 can’t maintain a safe operating temperature without a bolt-on cooler, it requires cleaning and perhaps even repair. On balance, the cooling claims of these products usually turn out to be a lot of hot air!

Opening the PS5 to Clean It: Should You Do It?

You are within your rights to open your console and clean it thoroughly. Although the PS5 is designed to make the removal of dust buildup easy without opening the console, you will find guides online where the console is taken apart for cleaning.

If done competently, this should be safe. However, an inexperienced person may damage electronic components due to static discharge or mechanically through a slipped screwdriver. We don’t recommend following any guides that lead you to expose the motherboard, especially if they call for dangerous actions such as replacing the liquid metal cooling substance between the PS5’s main chips and the heatsink.

While the tips above are specifically for overheating issues with the Sony PlayStation 5, they also apply broadly to the Xbox Series X and S. The current generation of consoles are all quiet systems. Still, they need exceptional airflow to achieve it while keeping temperatures under control. Clean them often so that disassembly is never necessary and give them room to breathe, and hopefully, you’ll never run into overheating problems again.

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13 Ways On How To Cool Down Laptop

Using laptops for a long time, especially while running resource-intensive tasks heats up the laptop very quickly. Overheating laptops slows down your system and may even damage the hardware components.

So, it’s always a good idea to keep your laptop as cool as possible. However, it’s not always possible to keep the temperature within an acceptable limit using normal methods.

So, we have created this article to provide you with all the possible methods you can cool down your laptop or prevent it from overheating.

The hardware components inside laptops are more tightly placed. So, their normal temperature range is higher than that of a desktop CPU.

The temperature also depends on the exact hardware device. The CPU temperature is generally 60-80 Celsius in normal use. But it can reach up to 90-95 if you are running intensive tasks such as video games.

Similarly, the normal GPU temperature is usually around 35-60 Celsius and the temperature during heavy usage is 60-80 Celsius.

There are many ways to cool down a laptop. If your laptop is only heating up moderately, using a cooling pad and changing some settings should be enough. However, if the laptop is overheating, you may need to look for additional optimizations.

The first thing you should do is maintain good airflow on your laptop. A laptop’s fan releases hot air from the openings at the bottom. If you close such gaps, the heat will get trapped, increasing the laptop’s temperature.

So, you need to make sure to place the laptop on a hard and flat surface. The rubber feet at the bottom slightly elevate the laptop providing an outlet for airflow. Placing a laptop on your lap, clothing, or any other soft surfaces will disregard the rubber feet and block the vents.

You can also use laptop stands to elevate it further and provide more passage for the hot air.

Another thing you should do is maintain a cool temperature in your workplace or wherever you use your laptop. Avoid using it in hot places and especially make sure to avoid direct sunlight.

We also recommend investing in an air conditioner or a fan to keep your room cool.

Accumulation of dust on the laptop fans and the vents is also another main reason for overheating laptops. So, you need to make sure that the surface where you keep your laptop is clean. To do so,

Wipe your desk with a damp cloth to clean loose dusts on the surface of the desk.

Spray a cleaner on the desk surface and wipe it again.

Then, use a dry cloth to wipe the desk and leave it to dry.

Furthermore, you should also keep the room and windows clean. If your surrounding is dusty, the dust accumulates quickly on the desks.

It is not only your hardware that is responsible for increasing the temperature of your laptop. When you run more resource-intensive tasks on the PC, they will naturally use more of your CPU and GPU’s processing capacity. Consequently, the processors’ temperature increases rapidly.

You should try limiting the usage of such apps, especially if you have a low-end laptop. You can also close all the unnecessary tabs on a browser. All modern browsers open separate tasks for individual tabs, videos, and so on. So limiting this number also helps lower the CPU/GPU usage, consequently lowing laptop temperature.

Apart from that, we recommend closing unnecessary background activities. You can do so from the Task Manager on Windows in the following way:

You should also disable unnecessary Startup apps. These apps run automatically on startup and use up your system resources. To do so,

Another thing you can do to cool down your laptop is to increase the fan speed. You can do so from the BIOS or UEFI settings. Here’s how you can do so:

While using the BIOS may be the default option to change fan speed, you may only want to change the speed when running resource-intensive tasks.

In such cases, if your laptop manufacturer also provides dedicated software to alter the fan speed, you can use those. Otherwise, you need to use third-party apps, such as SpeedFan, HWMonitor, Macs Fan Control, etc.

They have fans with adjustable speed control that draw out the heat. Furthermore, they also elevate your laptops and help maintain good airflow.

It’s not a healthy habit to keep your laptop on for an extended period of time. We recommend taking breaks at regular intervals to cool down your laptop.

You can either put the laptop to sleep or shut it down depending on your scenario.

We also recommend using temperature monitoring software to know when you should give your laptop a break.

If you want to close your laptop for a long interval, we recommend shutting it down properly instead of putting it to sleep. The laptop still supplies some power to its components in sleep mode, so this process can decrease battery life.

If you have set your power settings to facilitate maximum performance, it will naturally consume more power and produce more heat. To avoid such issues, you can enable the balanced or power-saving mode.

Here’s how you can do so:

On Windows

On Mac

Apple optimizes Mac to lower energy usage while manufacturing it. However, there’s something you can do to save more power.

You can also lower your brightness to save power and prevent the laptop from overheating.

While most laptops don’t support overclocking CPU or GPU, some still do. However, unlike a desktop setup, there’s little you can do to limit the excess heat produced due to overclocked components.

So, if you don’t want to decrease the laptop’s lifespan due to excess heat, we recommend disabling overclocking.

If you used some apps to overclock your laptop’s CPU or GPU, uninstall it. To do so:

Also, if you manually overclocked the components from your GPU, the easiest way to disable it is to reset your BIOS. You can likely find the option on your motherboard’s BIOS or UEFI settings. However, removing and reinserting the CMOS battery also works.

Some BIOS also has separate option to enable and disable overclocking. You can easily turn it off in such cases without resetting the BIOS.

Undervolting the CPU or GPU is the method to lower the laptop’s temperature by lowering the voltage input to the components. If you don’t run resource-intensive tasks, undervolting the processors to a particular limit is a great way to lower the heat produced by the laptop.

Undervolting your processors is usually safe, but you need to perform many essential steps. So, we have prepared dedicated articles on How to Undervolt CPU and How to Undervolt GPU to help you perform these tasks.

As we have mentioned earlier, the build-up of dust on the laptop’s fan and vents is one of the main reasons your laptop gets hot easily. It’s better to clean the laptop every 6 – 12 months depending on its usage and your location to prevent such issues.

You should definitely clean the laptop’s fans and vents if you find it heating up more quickly. here’s how you can do so:

Clean the Vents

Spray the intake air vents with canned or compressed air.

Use a vacuum cleaner to draw out the dust from the exhaust vents.

You can distinguish the vents by placing your hands over the openings. The exhaust vents throw out hot air.

Make sure not to use compressed air on the speaker vents.

Clean the Fans

Open the laptop’s case to clean the fans and the heat sink.

Dip a cotton swab in 70% isopropyl alcohol and carefully clean the fan blades.

Blow compressed air on the fan to clean the base.

Also, keep in mind that you need to hold down the fan blades while spraying air to prevent the fan from spinning and damaging itself.

You can also use the vacuum cleaner on the fan instead of the canned air.

If you experience any trouble while opening the laptop, you should ask for help from a hardware expert. You can also service your laptop at the seller or any servicing center to clean up its internal components.

If your hardware components such as heat sink, fan, coolers, etc., have become defective or are old, your laptop heats up more rapidly. The faulty fans usually make irregular noises, so they are also pretty easy to detect.

You need to replace such components if in such cases. To do so,

Moreover, if your CPU, GPU, RAM, or other components do not have sufficient specifications to support your normal laptop tasks, you will need to upgrade them.

If you aren’t confident in replacing such components, you can seek help from a hardware expert.

You should replace the thermal paste or the pad in such a scenario. The process is similar to the above method, except that you need to,

If you have any trouble reapplying the thermal paste, we recommend you ask for help from a hardware expert.

You can usually tell that your laptop is heating by checking it physically or when your system slows down. But you can also check the exact temperature from the BIOS or by using a monitoring application.

The method most users are familiar with is checking the surface temperature by using their hands or fingers. While it doesn’t give an accurate measure of the temperature, you can tell if the laptop is more hot than usual.

Usually, the hottest part is directly below the CPU, which is on the right side where you can find the vents. So place your hand there to check and compare with other instances.

Most OS also includes a feature called Thermal or Power Throttling. It lowers the power usage of your system by decreasing the resource allocated to the processes whenever your PC’s temperature crosses a certain threshold. It is an essential process to protect your hardware by cooling down the computer.

So, whenever your laptop starts slowing down or loading some processes takes longer than usual without any other reason, you can usually tell that it’s heating up. You can also check the temperature using your hands to be certain.

Computers have a feature of crashing the system when the CPU temperature reaches a certain value. It is a protective feature that prevents the CPU from being damaged beyond repair.

Powering up the PC after such crashes, you’ll also get a warning message that indicates the system detected an abnormally CPU high temperature.

It is also possible to check the actual temperature of your CPU. The built-in option to do so on a Windows system is by checking the BIOS or UEFI interface. This interface usually shows the CPU temperature on the first screen you get after accessing the interface.

However, while BIOS/UEFI shows the CPU temperature, you can’t monitor the temperature in real-time. To do so, you have to use temperature monitoring software.

Many such applications are available on the internet, such as HWinfo64, CPUz, GPUz, and so on. Most apps that you can use to undervolt or overclock your GPU and CPU also show the current temperature of the hardware.

0Xa00F425C Camera App Error: 6 Ways To Fix It

0XA00F425C Camera App Error: 6 Ways to Fix It First, restart the PC and the Camera app




The 0xa00f425c camera app error could occur due to outdated camera driver, software conflicts, or corrupted system files.

To fix it, you can restart your camera app or computer, update the camera driver or run the troubleshooter.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your webcam, encountering error messages, or facing camera app crashes with the error code 0xA00F425C, this guide can help!

We will discuss the step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot and resolve the error, ensuring your Camera app functions smoothly.

What causes the Camera app error 0xa00f425c?

There could be various reasons for this Camera app error on your Windows computer; some of the common ones are mentioned here:

Outdated or incompatible camera drivers – If the drivers responsible for your webcam are obsolete, missing, or incompatible with your computer, it can lead to this error. Update the driver.

Software conflicts – Conflicts between the Camera app & other software on your PC may interfere with the proper functioning of the camera app, leading to this issue. Uninstall unwanted apps.

Corrupted system files – System file corruption can disrupt the regular operation of the Camera app, leading to errors. Try repairing the files using an SFC scan.

Privacy settings – If the Camera app is not granted the necessary permissions or if the privacy settings are misconfigured, it can lead to an error.

Now that you know the causes of the issue, let us dive into the solutions to fix it.

How can I fix the Camera app error 0xa00f425c?

Expert tip:

Try restarting the computer.

Restart your Camera app.

Ensure your Windows is up to date.

Once you have checked, let us move to the detailed methods to eliminate the issue.

1. Run the Camera troubleshooter 2. Recreate the Camera Roll folder (if missing)

Often, your computer system might not be able to update the generic drivers for your hardware and peripherals correctly. There are vital differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. Finding the correct driver versions for every hardware component can become tiresome.

That’s why a dependable updater can help you find and update your drivers automatically. We strongly suggest the Outbyte Driver Updater, and here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Now, it will show you a list of all outdated drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Maintain your device healthy by letting OutByte Driver Updater find the latest driver options.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

4. Change the location to save media 5. Reset the Camera app 6. Re-register the Camera app

So, these are the multiple solutions available to help you fix this problem and regain the full functionality of your camera app.

If you face other camera-related issues, we recommend you check out the informative guide to find solutions.

Still experiencing issues?

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6 Ways Bing Is The Opposite Of Google And What To Do About It

Search has been synonymous with Google for over a decade and a half. Even as search marketers, we are guilty of focusing a disproportionate amount of our time and resources into optimizing our campaigns, websites, and social media to Google. Google dictates what is acceptable and shape content strategies, campaign messaging, even business models.

However, even if Google does dominate nearly three-quarters of all search traffic, we cannot afford to ignore the leftover 25%. In fact, as marketers who hunt down every single percentage point growth in traffic, conversion, and market share, it’s our job to ensure not a single user is left unnoticed and unattended.

This is where Google’s only real challenger enters the picture. Say hello to Bing.

In many ways, Bing was painted as everything Google was not. While it unfortunately did not live up to that promise completely, many strategies for Bing are different from conventionally accepted SEO wisdom – wisdom that is designed nearly entirely on Google’s search algorithms. So, let’s take a look at what sets these two behemoths apart and how to navigate those tricky situations as an SEO professional.

#1 – Reading Between the Lines

Bing is often accused of being too literal for words. The focus on anchor text, keywords, title tags, H1, H2, tags and the like makes Bing seem like Google was about five years ago. The result is user intent is often missed for the actual words being typed in.

Google, on the other hand, changed the way users search with its Hummingbird update in that introduced semantic search. Google identifies natural language patterns and returns results based on the context of the words being keyed into the search bar, and not just the words themselves. Google understands and picks up synonyms, as well as the relationships between keywords instead of focusing on individual keywords.

Balancing Bing and Google

The first step is to get your on-page SEO spot on. Basics like getting your keyword(s) in the page title and headers, ensuring your keywords are visible throughout your page, optimizing your meta descriptions, alt tags, and so on will help ranks in both Bing and Google.

Even if the largest chunk of your time is spent optimizing for Google, make it a point to carve out time for Bing by tracking keywords specific to Bing, tracking your ranking purely for Bing, and so on. Just make sure you don’t get carried away and overstuff your page with keywords – Bing may like keywords, but Google sure will punish you for trying spammy tactics.

#2 – The Backlinks Story

Google’s hallowed PageRank algorithm was based upon the number and quality of backlinks a site receives from other sites. Google counts each ‘clean’ backlink as an ‘upvote’ in the favor of the site. The higher the authority of the sites linking back to your site, the better your search rankings.

In contrast, Bing’s focus on backlinks is not as intense as Google. Yes, you do need backlinks from other sites to rank well, but the quality of sites that link to you trumps quantity with Bing. There are other factors related to the backlinks that count even more. The inbound anchor text needs to exactly or at least partially match your keywords for your backlinks to even count. This is not the case with Google. In fact, Google’s Penguin update was a direct attack on spammy backlinks and over-optimization of keywords and anchor text.

Balancing Bing and Google

So if the quantity of your backlinks matter to Google, give it to them. Work on getting as many valid and clean backlinks as possible. The authority of sites that link back to yours is equally important to both Bing and Google, so work on creating content that even high authority sites won’t mind linking back to. Lastly, since inbound anchor text in your backlinks is so important to Bing, try to get exact match anchor text from high authority sites. Balance these out with non-exact match backlinks from lower authority sites to keep a possible Penguin penalty at bay.

#3 – Crawl Depth

A persistent issue with Bing is that its bots do not read through your entire page to find a relevant keyword. Apparently around 100 kb at the beginning of a web page is what they normally scour. This stands in contrast with Google bots that scan through all the contents of your page – the good, bad and ugly – before making a decision about your search ranking.

When you submit your website to a search engine for being indexed, you probably expect your entire sitemap to find a place in its directories. This does happen with Google, but in the case of Bing, chances are only your homepage will be indexed. The only way the rest of your pages stand a chance of being indexed is if they carry at least one backlink from a high authority site.

Balancing Bing and Google

This one’s pretty straightforward. To stay on the radars of both Google and Bing, make sure you introduce your money keywords near the beginning of your page. Important backlinks ought to find a place near the top of the page to ensure findability by Bing, too. When you start building out your backlink profile, don’t only focus on your homepage. Build high quality links from respected websites to inside pages too. This does not just ensure visibility to your internal pages, it also helps improve your domain authority with Bing.

#4 – Freshness Lowers Authority

This may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, but Bing is a firm believer in the adage Old is gold. Sites that sport popular content and that have been around for a while win in the ranking stakes on Bing. The logic here is to reward authoritative content so users get the most accurate answers to their search queries. Another reason for older content getting higher ranks is that Bing takes its time to refreshes site indices, with refreshes happening about once in three months. Once a site is established in Bing’s algorithms as a high authority site, it will be a while before a fresh crawl reveals newer or more authoritative content to take its place.

On the other hand, fresher is nearly always better with Google. Google’s algorithms are tuned to find and display the latest content, all other factors like content relevance, domain authority, link profile, etc. remaining the same.

Balancing Bing and Google

It’s clear that both Bing and Google rank high quality and authoritative content higher than spammy content. So it goes without saying that you need to continually create strong, relevant content that matches the basic ranking criteria for both sites. As long as you publish a steady stream of excellent content, you will rank well on Google. The very fact that your content is good and well-regarded by other sites (strong backlinks) will help you rank well on Bing. Easy peasy!

#5 – Multimedia Rules on Bing

One of the first things that hits you on the Bing homepage is the invariably stunning image of the day that graces the page. Bing takes this same keen eye for aesthetics a little further and builds it into its search. Google is primarily a text driven search engine, which makes sense of images based on the Alt tags that are attached to the images while coding the page. Google bots can’t even see Flash or make any sense of it, which has led to the demise of this once popular website design element.

At the other end of the spectrum is multimedia savvy Bing, which has a much deeper understanding of images, Flash, videos, and their ilk. Bing’s algorithm relies on its ‘entity understanding’ capabilities to recognize what a particular image means or depicts in the overall context of the search query. This translates to more relevant image results on Bing with fewer duplicates or exact matches.

The autosuggest options on Bing’s image search are persistent (unlike Google) at the top of the page as you scroll below the fold.

Recognizing the image-centric nature of social media today, Bing leverages images from social media for a richer and more relevant set of image results.

Balancing Bing and Google

Even though Bing is adept at recognizing and serving up Flash results, you’d do well to avoid Flash in general, considering Google’s absolute inability combined with its gigantic market share. However, Bing offers you a whole picture book of reasons to include crisp, striking, and relevant images across your site. Even if your text content doesn’t rank you very high, your images stand a much stronger chance. While you’re at it, make sure you include alt tags and meta descriptions on your images to keep poor Google happy too.

#6 – Social Signals are Definitely a Big Deal

Google has traditionally flip-flopped on the importance of social media to its SERP rankings. Matt Cutts went so far as to pretty much deny social media had any role to play at all in Google’s scheme of things. While this claim has been disproved to a large extent by empirical evidence, the official stance remains that social media is not a huge ranking factor for Google.

Bing differs distinctly from Google in this regard. It doesn’t just use social signals like shares, tweets and overall popularity as ranking factors, it even integrates results from social media into its search results. Research by Search Metrics corroborates this inference by placing social signals as one of the top five ranking factors for Bing.

Balancing Bing and Google

Social media is here to stay. Even if Bing gave no importance to social media signals, you’d still probably spend a large chunk of your time and efforts on your social media marketing. However, with Bing placing clear importance on social media and Google offering social media the respect it deserves via search rankings (if not in words!), you definitely need to work on making your social media contribute to your SEO.

Let’s say you created an online survey on social media asking users to pitch in with their favorites from your product line. Now, user surveys are a great way of gathering firsthand information that can be applied to improve your site offerings. So why limit the responses to just your fans on social media? You would want this content to surface on relevant web searches, right?

Include URLs to your content in your social media posts, promote your content marketing on social media via both paid and organic posts and work on building a strong social footprint for that authority to rub off on your search rankings.

In Closing

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Pixiv Not Loading Images: 6 Quickest Ways To Fix It

Pixiv Not Loading Images: 6 Quickest Ways To Fix It The solutions in this article work on your PC & smarthphone




Pixiv is one of the biggest communities of artists that comprise illustrations, artwork, manga, etc. from across the globe.

Users have recently started to come across an issue where they are unable to get Pixiv working on their PC and smartphones.

This guide includes some of the effective solutions that will help you resolve Pixiv not loading images issue.

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

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Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

⇒ Get Opera One

Users have reported that Pixiv is not loading images for them, be it the app or the website. If you are one of such users, then you are in the right place.

Follow along to find out the most effective solutions to the Pixiv not loading images issue.

Why is Pixiv not loading images?

The Pixiv not loading images issue can be caused by various issues such as the following:

➡️Server is down – If the server is down you can’t do anything else but wait until the developers solve the problem. You can check the status on the isitdownrightnow page.

➡️Internet connection isn’t stable – If the Pixiv app is unable to connect, then you have to troubleshoot your Internet connection.

➡️Third-party login issues – Check whether your login credentials are correct and if you are actually logged into your account.

➡️Banned account – If you have used the app in ways that were forbidden, your account might have received a ban. If this is the case, you will receive a notice.

➡️Cache – Application, as well as browser cache, can interfere with the functionality of the web page, thus you will have to delete it as we have shown below.

➡️Faulty browser – If the browser you are currently using, doesn’t support Pixiv completely, you will have to switch to another one.

Now that some of the most common reasons you can experience Pixiv not loading images are clear, let us check out the solutions that can help you fix the problem and get back to your world of creativity.


Our recommendation is that you make use of the Opera One browser. It has a dedicated extension called Pixiv Image Downloader that can be easily installed so you can enjoy Pixiv better.

If you are experiencing Pixiv not loading images on your default browser, then we would recommend you use Opera One and check if the problem exists or chúng tôi recommendation is that you make use of the Opera One browser. It has a dedicated extension called Pixiv Image Downloader that can be easily installed so you can enjoy Pixiv better.

How can I fix Pixiv not loading images?

Before moving on to more complex solutions, make sure to do the following:

Check the server status, and if you see that the server is down, simply wait until it is up again.

Check your Internet connection.

1. Try a different browser

If you are experiencing a Pixiv not loading images issue on your default browser, let’s say Google Chrome, then we would recommend you use a different browser and check if the problem exists or not.

Often, it is not the fault of the website but the browser that you face different issues. We have a list of some of the best browsers that you can check out and opt for the one that best suits your needs.

Thanks to several unique features and stable performance, Opera One is one of the best browsers on the market.

Expert tip:

Offers a pop-up video feature.

Comes with Turbo Mode to save data while playing videos and also speed up browsing.

Built-in VPN lets you access restricted content.

Comes with an integrated and powerful ad-blocker to watch content without any disturbance.

Opera One

Install and use the best browser connection through VPN and download Pixiv images.

Free Visit website

2. Check for third-party login issues

When you visit the Pixiv website, it will ask you to either log in or create an account. Of course, you can use your email ID, but there are other different options that allow you to create an account on the website.

Notably, you can use Apple, Twitter, Gmail, or Facebook credentials to login into Pixiv. If you use these third-party login methods to log into Pixiv, then you should also check the server status of these platforms.

Again, you can make use of websites such as Downdetector, IsItDownRightNow, etc. to check the status of all these websites.

3. Check if your account is banned

Pixiv has clearly defined its rules and policies that may result in the cancellation or banning of accounts. You can check that out here.

If you have violated any of the rules set out by Pixiv, then your account may get temporarily or permanently banned. So, always keep checking that you are keeping your account clean and free from content that may result in such a situation.

4. Delete the browser cache 6. Clear app cache

Long press on the Pixiv app icon.

Select App info.

Scroll down and select Storage.

Hit the Clear cache button.

Cache files are stored by your OS on your smartphone in order to remember your personalized settings and other tweaks that you have made within the app and load them quickly the next time you access the app.

However, if the cache files get corrupted, then this could result in multiple issues, including Pixiv not loading images problem. Some users have reported seeing a black screen when opening the app. To fix this, you need to simply clear the cache data and reopen the app.

What can I do if Pixiv doesn’t display illustrations or manga?

If you are unable to view illustrations or manga on the Pixiv website, then you can try the below solution and possibly fix the error.

Delete the browser cache

Open Chrome and use the following keyboard shortcut to access the Clear browsing data menu:

Shift + Ctrl + Delete and select All time next to the time range.

Mark the Cached images and files option and tap Clear data.

Log out from Chrome then log in again

Update the browser

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Cyanogen Takes Cyanogenmod Down With It, Lineage Is Born

Cyanogen takes CyanogenMod down with it, Lineage is born

It was a bittersweet Christmas for users and fans of the most popular custom Android ROM, CyanogenMod, and for the custom ROM scene in general. Cyanogen, Inc. announced that services and servers related Cyanogen’s nightly builds will cease at the end of this year. Unfortunately that move has affected the open source CyanogenMod project, who later confirmed what many feared the most. CyanogenMod was also shutting down, due to technical as well as potential legal problems that might follow. Its spirit, however, will live on in a new “grass roots” effort called “Lineage”.

It was a sorry and confusing development in what was a fairy tale turned nightmare. CyanogenMod exists as an independent entity from Cyanogen, the company. At least in theory. In practice, however, Cyanogen has become somewhat tied to CyanogenMod, providing server infrastructure, especially for nightly builds, and even hiring some of its developers. So when the company announced that it was practically shuttering its development of its CyanogenOS, it was also practically putting a bullet through CyanogenMod’s head, not Google’s.

Cyanogen’s failure wasn’t really a surprise, though few probably could have predicted how spectacular it would be. Perhaps its downhill journey started when it practically screwed its first hardware partner, OnePlus, out of a business deal in India. CEO Kirt McMaster would later announce war against Google itself for control over Android, poising itself as a David, albeit an ambitious one, fighting a big Goliath.

Cyanogen, however, bit off more than it could chew. It wasn’t able to convince enough big names in the smartphone market to adopt its Cyanogen OS. Unwilling to admit utter defeat, it said it would shift its focus on developing mods for Android instead of a complete ROM. And now it is shutting down everything related to that ROM and is taking down CyanogenMod along with it.

In theory, CyanogenMod could still carry on. It would just need to replace the servers and the people that Cyanogen Inc would be taking away. However, that would be a substantial cost that the project, mostly made up of unpaid volunteers and surviving through donations, could bear. But there’s and even uglier side to the drama. When Steve “cyanogen” Kondik formed Cyanogen Inc with others, he brought along the brand with him and made Cyanogen the owner. In short, Cyanogen owns the “cyanogen” trademark and at any point in time could sell or close it off. Given its previous treatment of OnePlus, that is a distinct possibility. Plus, it makes sense to break away from the negative image that the brand now has.

So while the name of the ROM has changed, its real spirit lives on. CyanogenMod started out as a community, not a commercial, endeavor, and that is what the new LineageOS wants to recapture. In practice, it is in the same boat as CyanogenMod, which means it will be completely reliant on donations and volunteers. Getting infrastructure for hosting and building images will be a tall order, given how its user base and supported devices have grown exponentially compared to the early days. Whether LineageOS will be able to fill in the rather huge shoes left by CyanogenMod remains to be seen in the coming weeks. We wish them the best of luck!

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