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Lensbaby Composer Pro promises smoother photo effects

Lensbaby has outed its latest model, and the company is now targeting professional photo and video experts. The Lensbaby Composer Pro takes the existing Composer and upgrades its ball and focus mechanism with a metal version that, it’s claimed, makes for smoother focus and tilt.

More professional focusing is also promised, thanks to a dampened focus ring. There’s still support for the Lensbaby Optic Swap System, however, meaning that the Fisheye, Soft Focus, Pinhole/Zone plate, Single Glass and Plastic lenses can be swapped in.

Lensbaby expects the Composer Pro to sell for $300 with the Double Glass Optic or for $400 with the Sweet 35 Optic. The regular Composer will see a price cut to $250.

Press Release:

Lensbaby Announces a New SLR Lens: The Composer Pro

The Composer Pro delivers ultra-smooth creative control for the most discerning professional photographers and videographers

Portland, OR – April 4, 2011 – Lensbaby announces its newest SLR creative effects camera lens, the Composer Pro. The Composer Pro refines and enhances the popular and award winning Lensbaby Composer by upgrading the swivel ball and focus mechanism to provide professional performance. The Composer Pro’s metal swivel ball design and refined focus mechanism deliver ultra-smooth focus and tilt control. The updated focus mechanism features a fluid and accurate dampened focus ring comparable to the focus mechanisms of the highest quality professional manual focus lenses. This smooth, fluid operation makes the Composer Pro the perfect choice for discerning professional photographers and videographers who want to create ground-breaking creative imagery.

The Composer Pro is compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System and ships with either the Double Glass Optic or the new Sweet 35 Optic installed. Each optic creates a Sweet Spot of sharp focus that photographers can move around the photo by tilting the Composer Pro’s swiveling lens body. The Composer Pro is compatible with the complete range of creative optics in the Lensbaby Optic Swap System including the Fisheye, Soft Focus, Pinhole/Zone plate, Single Glass, and Plastic. Each optic can be swapped into the Composer Pro to deliver a different creative effect.

“The Composer Pro builds on the strengths of its siblings in the Lensbaby family. In addition to being a core element in the Lensbaby Optic Swap system, it is smooth, fluid and precise to meet the needs of our community of photographer who want to see their unique visions through a precision piece of photographic equipment. Professional photographers continue to be at the core of our customer base.” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer. “The Composer pro is for them.”

Composer Pro Specs:

Refined metal ball design delivers ultra-smooth focus and tilt control

Ships with either the Sweet 35 Optic or Double Glass Optic installed

Compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System

Focus Type: Manual

Size/Weight: 2.25″ (5.71cm) high x 2.5″ (6.35cm) wide / 4 oz (113.4g)

Tilts from zero to 17.5 degrees

Sweet 35 Optic Product Specs:

Focal Length: 35mm

12 blade internal aperture, controlled by a dial on the front of the optic

Aperture range from f/2.5 through f/22 (sweet spot size ranges from 15%, at f/2.5, to 40%, at f/22, of total image area on APS-C sensor cameras)

Selective focus optic (creates a sweet spot of focus surrounded by gradual blur)

Compatible with Lensbaby Composer, Scout, Muse, and Control Freak lens bodies*

Focus distance when used with Composer Pro: 7.5″ to infinity

4 multi-coated glass elements, in three groups

*The Sweet 35 Optic is not compatible with the Composer with Tilt Transformer for Micro 4/3rds and Sony NEX Cameras.

**The Sweet 35 Optic is not compatible with current 37mm Lensbaby accessories.

Double Glass Optic Product Specs:

Focal Length: 50mm

Low dispersion, high refractive index, multi-coated optical glass doublet

Aperture Type: Interchangeable, magnetic aperture disks

Apertures: f/2, f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22

Selective focus optic (creates a sweet spot of focus surrounded by gradual blur)

Focus distance when used with Composer Pro: 18″ to infinity

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Zoom H1 Handy Recorder Promises Pro

It’s not paranoia if you insist on recording every conversation you ever have, it’s just plain common sense.  Zoom obviously know that, since they’ve just outed their latest stereo recorder, the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder, and it’s their smallest and cheapest to-date.  $99 gets you a 2oz handheld with twin stereo microphones capable of slapping down 24-bit/96 kHz stereo audio onto up to 32GB microSDHC cards.

It’s supposedly easier to use, too, with Zoom ousting menus in favor of dedicated buttons that control track markers, auto record, low cut filters, level and volume controls.  A 32GB card is good for 50hrs of audio, an AA battery is good for 10hrs recording, and there are USB, tripod mount, 1/8-inch external mic input and stereo 1/8-inch line outputs along with a reference speaker.  Expect it to hit shelves on July 30th, priced at $99, alongside a $24.99 H1 accessory kit including windscreen, AC adapter (USB type), USB cable, adjustable tripod stand, soft carrying pouch and mic clip adapter.

Press Release:

Available July 30: Zoom’s H1 Handy Recorder

Their smallest, most affordable recorder ever

The H1 puts professional stereo recording capabilities in your pocket

Hauppauge, NY – June 01, 2010 – Zoom is excited to announce availability and shipping dates for its smallest recorder to date, the new H1 Handy Recorder. Weighing in at about 2 oz, the H1 records big sound despite its tiny footprint and features the same studio-quality microphones as Zoom’s renowned H2 – the most popular handheld recorder in the world. The H1 is priced at just $99, making it one of the most affordable professional recording solutions available.

Like all Zoom recorders, the H1’s two onboard microphones are configured in an X/Y pattern, for stunning stereo imaging depth and clarity. The pocket-sized H1 delivers crystal clear 24-bit/96 kHz stereo recordings perfect for music, interviews, lectures, recitals, band practice and more.

“It’s our smallest recorder ever,” said Mark Wilder, Director of Marketing. “But don’t let its size fool you. The H1 Handy Recorder features our studio-quality microphones and our award winning recording technology at a very affordable price.”

The H1 is also the easiest Zoom recorder to use, sporting a newly designed user interface that places all its functions at the touch of a button. Zoom included access to the track marker, auto record, low cut filter, level and volume controls with onboard buttons and no menus.

The H1 can accommodate up to 32GB microSDHC memory cards, providing over 50 hours of recording time. The new pocket sized recorder is powered by a single AA size battery, which provides up to 10 hours or continuous operation. H1 users can purchase an H1 accessory kit for just $24.99 that includes a windscreen, AC adapter (USB type), USB cable, adjustable tripod stand, soft carrying pouch and mic clip adapter.

The Zoom H1 Handy Recorder will be available everywhere on July 30 for $99.

Stereo X/Y mic configuration captures perfect stereo images

Same frequency and SPL handling as popular Zoom H2

Records WAV 96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit

Records MP3 from 48 to 320kbps for maximum recording time

USB 2.0 port and integrated reference speaker built-in

One AA size (LR6) battery – 10 hours operation

Includes 2GB microSD memory card and AA battery

Accommodates up to 32GB microSD memory cards

Auto record level setting

Track marker function

Low cut filter

1/8″ external mic input

Stereo 1/8″ line output

Built-in mounting joint for tripod and mic stand mounting

About Zoom Corporation

Fitbit Premium Subscription Promises More Personal Touch

Fitbit Premium subscription promises more personal touch

Fitbit isn’t just something you strap to your wrist to count your steps and log your workouts any more, with the launch of the Fitbit Premium subscription service to help guide users through getting healthier. Launching alongside the new Fitbit Versa 2, Fitbit Premium promises personalized coaching and thousands of workouts, which the company says were developed both from its experience in health tracking and by consulting experts.

That roster doesn’t just include personal trainers and professional gym talent, either. Fitbit says it has also consulted with clinical and exercise psychologists, nutritionists, sleep scientists, and others, to make sure it’s getting subscribers into the right state of mind as much as into the right workout.

To begin with there’ll be nine guided health and fitness programs. They’ll run the gamut for personal health, from how to get more sleep and wake up feeling more energized, to increasing activity, and managing nutrition. The full nine programs are as follows:

– Intro to Healthy Habits

– Get More Zzz’s

– Habits for Restful Sleep

– Get Active

– Beginner Running

– Run Training

– Understand Calories

– Kick Your Sugar Habit

– Kick Your Salt Habit

Each will include tips and tricks for the day, coaching with suggested actions, workout plans, relaxation tools, and even recipe suggestions. More programs will be added before the end of the year, together with new adaptive challenges and games which encourage more activity through the day. It’ll be 2023, though, when the really interesting features arrive.

Then, Fitbit plans to launch a personal, one-to-one coaching service. After a limited pilot it expects to run in 2023, it will build on the coaching tools in Fitbit Care with a personalized plan and direct support from the Fitbit health and wellness coaches through the app.

As for sleep, Fitbit Premium will include greater metrics from the data the wearables collect overnight. That will include daily analysis of the Sleep Score, breaking it down into metrics like time asleep, what percentage was spent in deep or REM stages, and how restful it was. There’ll also be 15- to 45-minute audio relaxation tools, and better insights connecting how well you sleep with how active you are.

For broader healthcare, Fitbit Premium will allow a wellness report to be created. That will not only include trend data and graphs of your activity, but insights into that activity, heart rate, sleep, and weight. Fitbit envisages it being a useful data set that could be shared with a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or other specialist.

Fitbit Premium launches in September in the US, and will be priced at $9.99 per month or $79.99 for a year. Come the fall, it will be available in English in 17 countries, and with additional languages promised for 2023, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. One-to-one coaching will cost extra, and will be offered later this year as a limited trial to US users only.

Best Photo Viewer For Windows 11

There are plenty of photo viewers available that work seamlessly with Windows 11. Even the latest Windows 11 has an integrated photo viewer called the Photos app. But it comes with limited photo viewing and editing features. This is why most Windows users check out the entire web to get the best photo viewer for themselves. If you’re also looking for a photo viewer for your Windows 11 PC, then we’ve got you covered.

Here in this article, we’ve briefly talked about some of the best photo/image viewers for Windows 11 that come with useful features like slideshow, batch image processing, image editing, and support for all image formats. So, move ahead and pick the best Windows 11 photo viewer app that meets your needs.

How to Choose the Best Photo Viewer For Windows 11

There are a few basic and essential features that you should look for in every photo viewer and editor program. Here in this section, we’ve discussed all the important factors you should consider while choosing the best photo Viewer app for your Windows 11 PC.

Supports Most Image File Formats: Another important thing you should consider is that the program should support most image file formats. For example, it should definitely support the most common image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, RAW, BMP, etc. On the other hand, it should also be able to open image files in HEIC, SVG, and other formats.

Free To Download: The last and most important factor you should consider while choosing the best photo viewer is that it should be available for free. In case you find a premium photo viewer and you like it, then make sure that it’s worth the price. You can compare it with other photo viewers to find the best one for yourself. 

So, these are some of the most important things you should consider while choosing the best photo viewer and editor. 

Best Windows 11 Photo Viewer Apps

You can move ahead and read about all the best photo viewer apps that work well with Windows 11 and choose the best one for yourself. 

The very first photo viewer app on our list is the PhotoDirector 365. It comes with an easy-to-use user interface and all essential photo editing and viewing features, such as layers adjustment, image masking, guided edits, and much more. One thing that’s worth noting is that it has a similar workflow as Adobe Lightroom and functions as Photoshop. So, if you’ve used Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop earlier, then it would be pretty easy for you to use the tool.

One thing that makes it stand out from other photo viewers and editors is its AI-powered image editing abilities. For instance, it incorporates seven useful AI-powered image editing tools, such as AI Object Removal, Background Removal, AI Denoise, AI Image Enlarger, AI Deblur, and Dehaze & Defringe. Out of all these, one of our favorite AI-powered image editing tools is AI Denoise. This lets you remove pixelated noise from your picture and make them more clear and more stunning.

Unlike other photo viewers, it has some amazing integrated touch-up tools that enable you to make your pictures more stunning. Moving further, it comes with an Auto Color Enhancement feature that optimizes the colors in your images and makes them more worth sharing. Overall, it’s a great photo viewing and editing tool that comes with an intuitive interface and all essential features. You can give it a try.


Powerful Interface

Many Advanced Effects

Built-In Body Shaper Tool

Many AI-Powered Image Editing Abilities

Tethered Shooting

Extensive Layer Support

Painterly AI Styles


No Geotag Maps Support

Not Enough Lenses

Menus Are Slow

You can use it to create and design social media posts, visiting cards, animated posts, posters, and more. One of the most highlighting parts about this tool is that it provides you with many easily customizable pre-made design templates, which saves a lot of time and effort by eliminating the process of designing them from scratch. It also offers access to several different image filters and effects, such as vintage, pinhole, clarity, sunrise, and more to choose from.

You can also use this tool to adjust your picture’s brightness, HUE, RGB, saturation, etc., in seconds. One thing we liked the most about PixTeller is its Animation mode, which lets you add animation to your pictures. Once you’ve made changes to your images, you can download them into different image formats, such as PNG, JPG, and even PDF, with ease. You can try PixTeller once. It’s available for free as well as paid.


Pre-Made Customizable Templates

Easy To Use Interface

Image Effects

Supports Multiple Image Formats

No Need To Download the App

Built-In Animation


Interface Isn’t Updated

UI Is Laggy

The tool that holds third place on our ranking list is ImageGlass. ImageGlass is a great photo viewer and editor that comes with an easy-to-use user interface. One of the best things about ImageGlass is that it’s very lightweight and consumes very little storage on the system. Because of this, it works super fast and lets you quickly switch between multiple images and perform tasks.

The most exciting feature of the ImageGlass tool is that it supports more than 80 image file formats, which include some of the most common image formats, like MPEG, CUR, FITS, VPG, CUT, DIB, etc. We don’t think any other tool supports this amount of image formats. However, you may need to install third-party apps to run some image files. It also allows you to choose it as the default photo viewer. 

Moving further, ImageGlass also lets you play images as a slideshow. One of the best things about ImageGlass is that it lets you easily customize the navigation menu. For instance, you can add and remove options from the tool’s primary menu as per your preferences.

Nothing new, but this tool also has an integrated Cropping tool to crop images from all sides in your preferred dimensions. In the end, it’s an excellent Windows 11 photo viewer and editor. You can give it a shot.


Easy To Use Interface

Integrated Cropping Tool

Supports More Than 80 Image Formats

Enough Customization Options

Works Fast



Limited Features

Doesn’t Provide Basic Editing Features

No Support for Animated PNG Files

IrfanView is another great photo editor and viewer that holds a place on our ranking list. It comes with all the essential features and an easy-to-use interface, which makes it stand out from image viewers and editors. But its UI is quite old-fashioned, which may be a drawback for some users.

Unlike other tools, it hardly takes around 5MB of space on the system and doesn’t impact the user experience. Like ImageGlass, it also supports more than 70+ image file formats, which is commendable. What we liked the most about this tool is that it comes with an integrated Paint tool that lets you add lines, circles, arrows, past, etc., to your images.

Due to this, you can also count IrfanView as an alternative to Windows’ integrated Paint tool. Moving further, you can use this tool to crop and rotate JPEG image files without compromising the image quality. It also comes with several pre-loaded image effects, such as blue, emboss, oil paint, edge detections, and many other effects.

Another thing we liked the most about IrfanView is that it lets you add overlay and watermark on the images with ease. One of the best features of this photo viewer and editor is that it also supports Adobe Photoshop filters. The most important point that’s worth mentioning about this tool is that it doesn’t make changes to your system’s Registry without the admin’s approval.

Sometimes, making unnecessary changes to the Registry breaks the system and causes different issues, which this tool takes care of. Overall, it’s a great photo viewer and editor tool with all essential photo viewing and editing features. You should definitely give the IrfanView tool a try.


Free and Small

Supports Many Formats

Provides for Batch Conversions and Resizing

Supports Slideshow Option

Plays MP3 Files During Presentations


Everything Seems Good

XnView MP is another great photo manager for Windows 11 that comes with an intuitive interface and all the essential photo editing and viewing options. You can use it to browse images as well as edit them with ease. Notably, its user interface is pretty similar to FastStone Image Viewer but much better than it.

When we talk about browsing and managing images using it, it lets you browse multiple images at the same time, as it supports previewing images by actually opening them. Luckily, the XnView MP tool also allows you to compare multiple image files at the same time. Also, when we talk about its photo editing features, it gives you enough options to resize, rotate, and crop images as per your requirements.

Not only this, but you can also use it to modify the brightness level, saturation, contrast, and other properties of images with ease. One thing we liked the most about this tool is that it supports batch conversion. For instance, you can make changes to multiple images simultaneously, and can save a lot of time.

You can also easily add effects, filters, and more to multiple images concurrently, which is known as bulk processing. It even lets you edit the metadata of your images using the batch processing function.


Free of Charge

Supports Dark Theme

Extensive Editing Options

Support for Many Languages


Cluttered Interface

FastStone has developed multiple useful tools, but it’s mainly known for its FastStone Image Viewer. Like every other image viewer, its primary function is also to let you easily view, manage and edit images stored on your Windows system. The point that’s worth mentioning about this tool is that its user interface is somewhat similar to a file manager’s user interface. 

Like a file manager, it also comes with a tree path tracing interface that lets you quickly navigate to different folders, select the images, and preview them with ease. Due to this, it becomes effortless to use FastStone Image Viewer. The best part is that FastStone Image Viewer offers amazing photo editing options. 

For instance, it lets you easily resize and crop images into the required dimensions. You can also use it to rotate images to any possible angle without compromising the image quality. Adding to it, it also lets you add effects and filters to the images and edit them as per your needs. Like XnView MP, it permits you to compare two images concurrently in the same window. One of the most highlighting features of this tool is that it supports batch conversion.

It means you can convert and rename multiple files at the same time, which can save a lot of time and effort. Another highlighting feature of the FastStone Image Viewer is that it comes with File Tagging and File Rating features. Overall, FastStone Image Viewer is an excellent image viewer and editor that has all the required photo editing and viewing features. You can try this image viewer and editor.


Free To Download

Really Fast

Support File Tagging and Rating 

Built-In Folder Browser

Lots of Features for Simple Editing


SVG Files Don’t Open

Free Version Is Not Valid for Business Usage

Sometimes Really Sluggish

Another thing that differentiates it from other apps is that it lets you create online albums to preserve your memories. You can also allow other users to contribute to your albums by adding their favorite images and videos. 

Though, it comes with some editing options. But the editing options are quite limited, which is a drawback. One thing we liked the most about Google Photos is that it has an Auto Image Enhancer tool that lets you automatically enhance your images by adjusting their brightness level, contrast, etc., with ease. Additionally, it also incorporates some image filters and effects to make your pictures more stunning. 


Free for All 

Easy To Use UI

Doesn’t Use Phone’s Storage

Supports Cross-Platform Accessing & Syncing


Very Few Editing Tools

HoneyView is another photo viewer that has all the basic and common photo viewing features. It also features a user-friendly interface We actually found it convenient. But to some users, it may not be appealing, and they won’t choose it over other available options. One thing that’s worth mentioning about this tool is that it performs really fast because of its vintage or outdated user interface. Due to this, it also doesn’t consume much storage on the system.

Most importantly, it also lets you convert image files into any dimension, as per your requirements. It also allows you to rotate images to different angles with ease. Though, it works faster and lets you perform all the basic photo viewing-related tasks. But it lacks all essential editing features. For instance, it doesn’t let you add filters, effects, etc., to the images.

Overall, it’s an excellent tool for someone who only needs a tool to view and manage images. So, if you only need a photo viewer just to view image files, then feel free to give it a try.


Free and Easy To Use

Batch Processing

Slideshow Creation

Supports Multiple Image Format Files

Shows Animated GIF & WebP


Outdated Interface


Does Windows 11 Have a Photo Viewer?

The new Windows 11 has an integrated photo viewer called the Photos app. It lets you easily view and manage image files present on your Windows 11 PC. It comes with some basic photo editing features, such as an image cropper, resizer, etc. Not only this, but it also lets you enhance the photo’s brightness level, saturation, exposure, contract, and other properties.

What Is the Alternative to Windows 11 Photo Viewer?

There are several alternatives to the new Windows 11’s pre-loaded photo viewer, called Photos app. But one of our favorite alternatives to the Photos app is FastStone Image Viewer. It’s indeed an excellent photo viewer with distinctive features and user appearance. You can also consider other image viewers, such as HoneyView, XnView MP, etc. 

How Do I Enable Classic Photo Viewer in Windows 11?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to enable the classic photo viewer on your Windows 11 PC:

1. To replace your Windows 11 PC’s Photos app with the old classic photo viewer, you need to download this folder on your Windows 11 PC.

2. Once you’ve downloaded the attached folder on your Windows system, extract it and open it on your system.

Which Is the Best Photo Viewing App for Windows?

According to us, one of the best photo viewers is FastStone Image Viewer. This is because it comes with an intuitive interface and all essential editing options. One thing that makes it stand out from other photo viewers is its user interface, which has tree path viewing support, which lets you quickly navigate to different folders and quickly preview images.

What Has Replaced Microsoft Picture Manager?

Microsoft replaced the built-in Microsoft Picture Manager with the newly revamped Photos app. You can use the all-new Photos app to view and edit images present on your Windows 11 PC with ease. Moreover, it also incorporates essential photo editing and viewing features to enhance the quality of the images to make them more stunning. 

Final Words

So, if you were also searching for a third-party photo viewer and editor for your Windows 11 system, then we hope this guide helped you choose one. Which photo viewer you picked for yourself.

10 Best Photo Cut And Paste Apps

10 Best Photo Cut and Paste Apps in 2023

By using these cut-and-paste applications, you can edit images like a pro. These cut-and-paste applications are compatible with both Android and iOS. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 10 Photo Cut and Paste Apps in 2023

1. Cut Paste Photos

It is a beneficial photo-editing program that enables individuals to make all the desired image adjustments. You can use this cut-and-paste photo program to get a picture with a celebrity. The backdrop removal tool is the most practical one. With AI or other techniques, you can choose the subjects in the image (artificial intelligence). The app’s AI engine identifies the bounds automatically.

Key Features:

You can add text to your images with the tool’s text in a photo function.

With the help of Auto Backdrop Eraser, you can quickly erase backgrounds and get images you can place on any backdrop.

Refine the margins of the photographs that were clipped with Advanced Photo Editor.

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2. Photo Layers

This application is ideal for creating stunning photomontages. It has a strong function allows you to make the undesirable region translucent or eliminate it. To make a picture montage, you can use the app to mix up to 11 photographs at once. With the help of this cut-and-paste photo app, you can easily cut and paste your pictures onto any backdrop of your choice while also making any undesirable backgrounds translucent.


Key Features:

The image can be divided into layers and edited separately, much as in Photoshop.

There are a total of 11 layers in each image that you can merge at once.

To just remove certain portions of the backdrop, use the eraser as a point eraser.

The application can modify the color tone of your image, improving its aesthetic appeal.

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3. Cupace

It is among the top cut-paste photo apps for Android. You can make amusing face photographs in which you replace your face with the physique of a celebrity or your preferred bodybuilder. Just draw the line around the face’s edge, cut it out of the picture, and then paste it onto the other photo. The phone gallery will have all of the altered images. There is no need to repeatedly clip the face from the original picture because it can also be used on other photographs.


Key Features:

You can save every face you have chosen and cut out using the simple Paste Face function.

You can use the app to magnify the face in the image you wish to modify.

There are many beautiful stickers and emoticons included with it.

With Cupace, you can add text and stickers to photos.

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4. Magicut

MagiCut is a capable photo editor and cut-paste photo app that enables you to synthesize the backdrop of your picture whenever and wherever you want. You can use a background eraser to edit your images like a pro. The image effects produced by the magicut app are extremely clear and work like magic. You can add any meme or emoji you like and use the 3D effect to make your image. The clipped photo can then be pasted on virtually any backdrop.


Key Features:

Give the picture some creative captions. There are several available styles and typefaces.

Create beautiful images by using blurring effects.

Choose from more than 100 layouts and templates made by qualified designers.

There are several grids and frames accessible in the collage maker.

5. Auto Photo Cut Paste

The New generation cut paste photo app, Auto Photo Cut Paste, allows you to automatically cut off any section of an image and place it on another photo or backdrop. Auto photo cut paste offers a quick and simple method for producing fantastic personalized photographs. Simply touch the region of the image you wish to remove. This app will automatically recognize the whole area using color recognition AI and remove that particular section so that you can place that picture on another image or available 30+ HD backdrops.


Key Features:

It contains a restoration tool that you can use to put any picture or manually remove the backdrop back in place.

You can zoom, undo, or redo the image for an accurate result.

Some chosen background portions are removed using the lasso eraser. This tool is helpful if you don’t want to erase every backdrop from your photo.

With the auto-erase feature, all it takes is a single touch to eliminate an undesired image or backdrop immediately.

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6. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Use Photoshop Mix to transform your photos. You can edit your photographs anywhere you are, whenever you want. Just crop, merge and alter colors. It alters your image using its Photoshop mix, combining, pasting, cutting, and producing a highly artistic image. It doesn’t just copy and paste photographs. You can always use the application to alter the colors in your photos and improve them. If you enjoy taking pictures, the Adobe Photoshop Mix offers a tonne of options available.


Key Features:

Can easily publish your edited photographs on any social networking site.

You can use the app to separate and combine numerous images.

Can edit your photos’ colors and contrast or use pre-made FX Looks (filters).

Layers can be combined and superimposed to modify a picture in a seemingly miraculous way.

7. Cut Out, Cut Photo Background

Sometimes we see the ideal setting, but our current images still have a dull backdrop. Why not use that beautiful background in place of that dull one? Install the CutOut image backdrop editing app to accomplish that. With the help of this application, you can effortlessly and precisely crop the topic out of a photograph or erase the backdrop from any image. You can also use the AI-powered automated backdrop removal approach to remove the background.


Key Features:

Artificial intelligence-based automatic cutout part identification.

Save as a PNG image with a transparent backdrop.

There are many lovely backdrop photos.

To make it more unique, users can apply stickers and filters.

8. Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

You can clip from numerous photographs into one and blend them with this special cut and paste tool. The software has several incredible capabilities, like resizing, flipping, duplicating, rotating, and using other picture editing tools. Utilize the camera on your phone to take and edit pictures. There is also a premium membership option for the cut paste photographs pro software, giving you access to certain premium features.


Version: 6.8.1 on iOS

Key Features:

You can use the app for free for three days to access all of the features and the entire content, which includes stickers, cutting tools, emoticons, limitless cuts, and an ad-free experience.

There are several working tutorial videos right now in the app.

Choose our 40+ ready beautiful and intuitive backgrounds.

Cut from several photographs and combine them into one image.

9. Cut Paste Photos And Video Frames

Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames strikes the ideal balance between ease of use and functionality. Create stunning custom images by chopping any section of an image and pasting it onto another picture or backdrop after capturing the ideal moment on camera, in a video, or by using a snapshot from your camera or gallery. With the video frame capture tool included with Cut Paste Photos & Video Frames, you can choose any frame from the video you’ve decided to use as the basis for your custom image.


Key Features:

Use a photo enhancer to increase the chosen image’s contrast, brightness, saturation, and other aesthetic qualities.

Choose the most suitable frame from the 11 taken during the captured moment.

Save and distribute your masterpiece to your relatives and friends on social media.

Utilize editing tools like Auto Erase, Manual Erase, Extract Erase, and Restore to remove any background or item from a photograph.

10. Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch

When you need to edit images, FixThePhoto App can serve as your go-to resource. A large staff of retouching specialists supports the picture editing program, so any image adjustments you need will be provided. Simply submit a photo of your face and body and give directions to receive a professionally edited image in a few hours. This picture editor can obtain all these alterations, including slimming face and cosmetics fixes, object removal, and hair recoloring.


Version: 1.10.25 on iOS

Key Features:

Results that appear natural.

This phot cut and paste app is appropriate even for novices because of its simple user interface.

Professional retouchers work on the photos.

You can make a special order for object removal or addition, backdrop enhancement, face or/and body retouching, or photo repair.

To Wrap This Up

So there you have it, the top photo cut and paste apps for iOS and Android. Even a 12-year-old child can use these applications to layer pictures since they are so simple to understand. With the available applications above, you should have no trouble finding an app that meets your needs. Give them a try and tell us which one is your favorite.

With these applications, your creativity is the only thing that can hold you back from accomplishing anything. So make a brave move, get the app, and implement all of your ideas.

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Olo Kickstarter Campaign Promises First Practical 3D Printer For Iphone

3D printing is the wave of the future, and soon, you’ll be able to do it right from your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone, Windows phone, or Android phone.

OLO 3D has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a super affordable 3D printer for your smartphone starting at $99, and within just a week, the campaign has gone viral and user response for the idea has excelled at an incredible rate. Out of the $80,000 goal, the campaign has already raised well over $1,100,000 as of this writing.

So how does it work?

OLO 3D printer for iPhone

The Kickstarter campaign explains that the OLO 3D printer will be the first commercial 3D printer with ease of use in mind. Starting at $99, you can get your hands on an OLO 3D printer, although you’ll only get a beginner’s resin kit. To get more resins for the 3D printer, you’ll have to shell out a little bit more dough.

The device works by using the light emitted by your smartphone’s display. The light activates the photopolymeric resins layer-by-layer; as a result, what you get are 3D objects that reflecting on a specific design. Each 3D object you make is estimated to cost you around 94¢ worth of resin, which isn’t a whole lot, so you should get long service life with each bottle of resin.

A special app, which will be made available for iOS devices, Windows phones, and Android phones, will need to be used to print objects. The app will include a database of objects, and you can pick from the database depending on what you would like to print.

Don’t worry about scope; creative individuals out there will be able to use 3D scanning tools to add custom designs to the app for printing, so you aren’t limited to what the app gives you. The app’s built-in social networking capabilities allow you to download and share 3D designs with other OLO users so you can download others’ ideas or share your own on demand.

The design for OLO has been getting worked on for over two years, and the initial unveiling of OLO was in the Fall of last year, but this is the first time OLO is hitting a campaign to become a real thing for everyone to use.

How it’s used

The OLO 3D printer works with smartphones with displays of up to 5.8 inches, and will work with anything smaller than 5.8 inches, including the iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, or iPhone SE.

After setting up the design you want to print from the OLO app on your device, all you do is place your smartphone under the glass on the base of the OLO 3D printer unit, then pour your resin into the OLO 3D printer and put the top on, and the OLO does the rest within a period of time.

Here’s a cool animated GIF showing the OLO in action:

Obviously, the uses are going to be limited because you can only make objects out of the supplied polymer, so you won’t get to make yourself anything super complex like metal objects, or things of other materials. On the other hand, you can still make some pretty interesting 3D figures or parts depending on how creative you can get with designing things.

The campaigners also clarify that OLO can print both hard and flexible objects, as well as fusible or translucent objects, depending on what type of resin you’re using. Moreover, OLO can even print multiple 3D objects at once. With that being said, there are limitless opportunities to make all kinds of things with OLO, so long as you can think up the idea to do it.


You can make all kinds of things with a 3D printer, such as 3D models, parts for arts and crafts, stamps for your business or personal use, and more. Although the scope may seem limited because there are limited materials to print with, it all comes down to how skilled you are going to be at creating those objects. Honestly, the possibilities are endless, as they say.

The affordability of the OLO is the 3D printer’s main selling point. The unit itself can be had for under $100 and the resins are going to be cheap as well.

The OLO runs off of four AA batteries that will last about 100 printing cycles, so there aren’t going to be any issues powering the device. On the other hand, it would be nicer if it used some kind of rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery instead, but you can always get a set of rechargeable AA batteries rather than buying the disposable ones that will add up in price over time.

Wrapping up

You can check out the OLO and see what it’s all about via the Kickstarter campaign page. As we can see from the current amount of backers, the OLO is a project that’s going to explode in popularity very soon; these entrepreneurs are definitely on to something!

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