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The future might be federated, but it’s not here yet

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The single Lemmyworld server has so far presented me with a mix of memes, tech news, music recommendations, and more. Over the last week, I’ve spent time exploring more servers like chúng tôi chúng tôi and ArtistsLounge, but the overwhelming feeling is that of an unorganized forum than an actual Reddit replacement. Try as I might, I missed the curation and consolidation of Reddit, where content is batched up into similar topics.

Discoverability remains a major concern on even the best Reddit alternatives.

Perhaps, I didn’t find the right servers. However, that also brings up the problem of discovery or the lack of it. Lemmy’s free and open nature means that no server is beholden to a set of rules. Nor does it have to abide by a standardized nomenclature, which complicates finding niche interests. I have yet to find standalone replacements for the music recommendation, art, and history subs I follow on Reddit.

It doesn’t help that the servers are constantly going through a series of teething issues. In the week so far, I’ve seen servers go down in response to the greater interest in the platform. While a consumer platform would get called out for it, a federated platform run by users can’t be held to the same rules — unfortunately.

Similarly, there is a significant lack of diversity in content, and the sheer number of steps needed to get to the content makes it obvious to me that it won’t improve anytime soon.

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The federated nature of the platform also means that you should be able to view a current post from the entire multiverse of Lemmy instances, but that wasn’t always my experience. I’m not alone here, and I’ve already come across people complaining on Reddit that the federated platforms aren’t robust enough to synchronize real-time messages.

My lack of trust in the decentralized Reddit-alternative universe was further exacerbated when, at the time of this writing, I discovered that one of the servers I’d found interesting had decided to defederate itself from Lemmy.

The ‘fediverse’ of Reddit alternatives reminds me of the early days of the internet

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

My personal experience might not reflect everyone else’s experience, but using Lemmy took me back to the days of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). There’s something endearing about a gang of privacy, open-source, and anti-corporation nerds getting together to create a social platform. However, it’s clear that the platform is far from ready to be a consumer-oriented product. Not only does it lack polish, but it lacks the diversity of content, polished apps, and ease of access needed to hit consumer momentum.

There’s something endearing about a bunch of tech nerds getting together to make a social media network, but the current solutions lack polish.

As a social platform, Lemmy offers nothing drastically better or different than Reddit. Which, again, I suspect, will be detrimental to its growth. The average person doesn’t care about API pricing; they want their memes. Nor do they care about running their own instance of a social network.

All in all, Lemmy comes across as what a utopian Reddit should be. Free of corporate control, with the ability to run your instances. But unless something changes dramatically, it’ll suffer the same fate as Mastodon or Bluesky. I can’t see it gaining any traction beyond those in the know unless serious efforts are made to simplify it for the average user.

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7 Things Seo Tools Can’t Tell You

We all rely on specific tools to do our jobs as SEO professionals.

Often we gravitate toward the tools that save us the most time while also providing us with the best insights.

This mix of tools in our stack includes those we’ve relied on for a long time as well as those that we’re testing out or that have emerged recently.

With the number of tools available and the increasing costs of many of the leading platforms, we have to demand more than ever out of the technology we use.

The challenge in this is that our reliance on tools can keep us too deep in our silos and in our SEO ways of thinking.

There are seven distinct things that SEO tools can’t tell us that we need to remain aware of and push to close the gaps on.

1. What Your Goals Should Be

Many tools help us perform research on the front-end of SEO engagements.

Whether it is keyword research, competitor research, or auditing tools to understand the current standing of technical issues on a website, we’re relying on technology early on.

The sometimes wide variation in data provided in different keyword research tools alone should give us an indication that we should tread lightly here.

The Google Keyword Planner is a paid search tool and all other keyword research tools are relying on third-party data or also on the Keyword Planner’s paid search data.

Our interpretation of this data and use of the various tools is often what we use for setting goals with stakeholders or clients.

Unfortunately, they don’t all know that these are not literal numbers and are based on sampling, estimation, rounding, and historical data.

When I’m doing research and providing projection data in the proposal and discovery process, I often tell and remind clients that the more levels deep I go, the more off that the estimate can be.

If I’m using one tool to do keyword research, then using benchmark data to project impressions, traffic, and conversions, I’m layering estimates on top of estimates.

We all understand the need to justify our efforts, but the more that we take data from different sources to try to predict how our efforts will pay off, the more variables and risk we’re putting into the equation.

This might sound like a classic dodging of the question by an SEO.

3. Guaranteed or Promised Performance

AI and machine learning are improving quickly. At this time though, in the SEO realm, the tools we have available that utilize it still can’t make a guarantee or promise.

Projections and simulations are based on past or predicted future trends.

Additionally, site auditing tools are doing a programmatic view of a site and rely on technical factors. They don’t take a holistic view of content or the wider range of things that influence search engine rankings.

Relying on and assuming that by fixing all of the issues in a site audit and focusing on specific keywords and rankings to be the holy grail in terms of driving performance when we achieve them is dangerous.

We have the ability to make predictions based on the tools and data we have available, but not promises in terms of performance.

4. What the Future Holds

The tools we have now are based on the search algorithms we have now. Data often is tied to the past 90 days or year.

All of this is looking at the present or recent past to draw trends and conclusions.

Ranking factors change.

Machine learning is already in the Google algorithm.

Competitors in most industries are consistently doing their own SEO, content updates, website launches, and are moving targets.

The biggest constant in SEO is change and the technology we use either reacts and adapts or gets left behind.

5. The Business Case for SEO

Thankfully, SEO has a more consistent seat at the marketing table for organizations. Attribution, however, remains a common struggle for marketers.

SEO-specific tools often stop short of being able to provide predicted and even actual reported ROI numbers.

There’s nothing worse than being in an SEO campaign and only being able to report on SEO-specific stats like rankings, impressions, traffic, and conversions.

Conversions are where we want to be able to start. Then, going deeper and knowing sales and lead progress beyond the SEO and marketer’s hand-off.

6. What Your Content Strategy Should Be

Content is fuel for SEO and there’s no dispute in the value and need of it.

The challenge is that we have a lot of tools at our disposal to evaluate content that is ranking well on our sites and our competitors.

We can mine for mentions and links, and find ways to reverse engineer what Google likes about a page or topic.

The challenge is that we can’t get the exact answers or fit for what works best for our company or client through SEO tools.

We can’t (and shouldn’t) copy off of competitors or others in the industry. Duplication won’t get us anywhere.

We have to take the insights we gain on the types of content, format, engagement triggers, calls to action, and how to make it meaningful to the user in our own way and turn that into a plan and strategy.

We can use the tools to gain these insights, but ultimately, the setup and strategy is ultimately on us and finding the resources and brand position to run with it.

7. How to Focus & Pace Your Work

There’s a lot of content about how to prioritize SEO work. Some tools will even evaluate a site and prioritize recommended updates.

However, the priority and process for an SEO project or campaign can’t be automated or properly handed to us by technology.

We should use tools to manage work, gain insights, and organize it.

We have to trust our experience and expertise to review the recommendations and insights and prioritize them and scale them.

While the largest number of on-page errors might be reported as missing image alt attribute text, focusing on thousands of updates in that category versus a handful of updates in a more influential category might be a waste of time.

Over time, this is an area where I’m looking forward to seeing the emergence of AI in catching up with the human brains and decision making.


I never want to go back to the early days of SEO where a lot of the work was done by hand.

There are so many great tools for research, crawling, measurement, benchmarking, and analysis that save time, provide insights, and really help with the strategy and execution of SEO.

While we have a lot of great technology at our disposal, there are still some things that SEO tools can’t do and we have to provide our unique value as SEO professionals to fill that gap by interpreting and tying together with bigger marketing and business objectives to make SEO successful.

More Resources:

What Is Reddiquette? 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Reddit

Before you jump right into Reddit with the rest of the world, there are a few rules that all Redditors should do their best to abide by that are known as “Reddiquette.” While it’s not exactly a guarantee, following these rules can help you have a more pleasant Reddit experience, as you’ll avoid mishaps with moderators and other users. This list includes some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Never Share Personal Information

Posting someone’s personal information on a Reddit thread is frowned on in the community and is part of the website’s strict crackdown on vigilantism and witch hunts. You’ll want to steer clear of posting any links that lead to pages that show an individual’s personal info, as well as photos that show the same.

This rule extends to social media profile links and screenshots. If you have to post photos of social media, you’ll have to block out the sensitive information by blurring it out or masking it using another color. You can accomplish this by using the default Paint or Paint 3D apps that come with Windows or your photo-editing software of choice.

2. Avoid Cheap Reposts

Reposting is the sharing of content that was uploaded previously and can be a great way of relaying interesting news, memes, and other information that people may have missed. While certain kinds of reposting are allowable and sometimes even encouraged, Redditors are vehemently against taking someone’s previously uploaded content and claiming it as your own, especially when it comes to media that someone put real effort into.

3. Steer Clear of Sleazy Self-Promotions

Getting those sweet upvotes on your post and rising in popularity can certainly be addictive, but you must be mindful of how you garner those votes. Dropping hints in your post asking other users to upvote is generally condemned, as is sending DMs or posting on social media asking people to give you votes. In the same vein, you shouldn’t offer up prizes or gifts in exchange for votes either.

If you want to get upvotes on Reddit, be active in popular Subreddits and trending content and make sure the content you upload is relative to the Subreddit you’re posting in and that your post is up to date and interesting. It’s not worth taking shortcuts to get those upvotes.

4. Don’t Be Obnoxious

Be respectful, try to keep the trash-talking to an acceptable level, and don’t go overboard with your criticisms and arguments. Step out of line one too many times and a moderator may boot you out of the Subreddit. At the end of the day, there’s another person behind the username you’re interacting with, so you should treat them as such. A little kindness goes a long way.

If things start to get a little too heated, you can always step away from your keyboard for a few minutes and wait for the rage to settle down a bit. You should be especially wary of trolls, since these kinds of users make it their mission to get a rise out of you. Do yourself a favor and just ignore or actively steer clear of them.

5. Refrain from Downvoting Posts for Personal Reasons

It’s easy to misunderstand what the downvote button is meant for. After all, you upvote posts because you like them or find them useful, so it’s only understandable that posts that elicit the opposite effect are given the downvote. But that shouldn’t really be the case. You should never downvote a post just because you personally disagree with the message or find it boring.

The true function of the downvote option is to report posts that either shouldn’t be on that specific thread, violate the rules of Reddit as a whole, link you to a malicious site, or similar. Only downvote a post if you have good reason for doing so.

When wondering whether you should downvote a post or not, simply ask yourself if the post is relevant to the Subreddit and contributes to the topic. If it does neither of these two things, then the post should be deserving of your downvote.

6. Don’t Rush Your Post

It’s easy to be tempted to just jump into Reddit and start posting away, but it’s best to do your homework and tour the site a bit before you go all in. You’ll want to do some research about how to create successful posts and familiarize yourself with the rules of the subreddit you plan on posting in since each has its own set of regulations.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of helpful resources on the Internet about these kinds of topics, and there’s even an article in Reddit’s help section that can teach you more about Reddiquette. While you’re at it, you should read through the help section in general for tips on getting started and information that might help you understand the website better.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out these weird subreddits for interesting stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions: 1. What is karma and how do I earn it?

Karma is a publicly shown number right next to your Reddit username that’s an indicator of how much you’ve contributed to the Reddit community so far. If your karma dips into the negative, you may have trouble posting in certain subreddits, as the algorithm will limit your ability to post to once every 10 minutes.

2. What does “/s” mean? 3. What are Reddit Coins and how are they used?

Reddit constantly adds new awards to its platform, some of which even provide the receiver with Reddit Coins of their own or an ad-free Reddit experience. Reddit Coins can be purchased from the website’s Coins Page using traditional currency.

Princess Angolluan

Princess is a freelance writer based in Croatia. She used to work as an English teacher in Hokkaido, Japan before she finally changed careers and focused on content writing & copywriting, while running their own digital marketing company in Europe. For 5 years, she has written many articles and web pages on various niches like technology, finance, digital marketing, etc. Princess loves playing FPS games, watching anime, and singing.

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Microsoft’S Idea For A New Surface Book Leaves Macbook Pro Looking Dull

Microsoft’s idea for a new Surface Book leaves MacBook Pro looking dull

Microsoft’s new Surface could adopt a very different screen hinge design, with newly-spotted patents suggesting the company is flirting with an iPad Pro-style floating hinge. Currently, the Surface Book has a detachable screen – which pulls away from the keyboard to form a standalone tablet – while the Surface Laptop adopts a more traditional notebook form-factor.

Microsoft’s well-praised industrial design has avoided any major changes over the Surface range’s lifespan, from the earliest shock at the Surface Book’s trick detachable screen. Since then, we’ve seen processor and graphics updates, among other things, but no dramatic aesthetic modifications. According to a new patent, though, that time may be at hand.

The filing, “Computing Device Hinges,” was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization on July 22. Spotted by WindowsUnited, it details a more complex hinge mechanism that could elevate the display above the base section. It would also allow that display to be pulled forward, closer to the user, making touchscreen and stylus use more straightforward.

It’s reminiscent, certainly, of the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard. That has a keyboard and trackpad, but also lifts Apple’s tablet above it so that it’s at a more ergonomically comfortable position.

In Microsoft’s design, the tablet section does not look like it releases from the base – unlike how the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard work – but instead the whole thing is a single, more flexible laptop. It’s not, as Windows Central points out, the first time we’ve seen such a concept from PC-makers. HP’s Elite Folio offers such a layout, allowing the touchscreen to be pulled forward so that it covers the laptop’s keyboard though not its touchpad.

Last year, meanwhile, the Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel took a similar approach. It promised mobile artists a workstation which could be used as a traditional laptop or as an art studio, courtesy of a dual-hinged screen.

If Microsoft goes ahead with the idea – and that’s a big “if” given patents regularly fail to pan out into actual production devices – it’s unclear what the form-factor might replace in the existing Surface line-up. Or, indeed, if it would add to it rather than supplant an existing model. The Surface Book remains a popular device, with its extra GPU and battery grunt in the keyboard section, but it’s questionable as to just how many people actually regularly remove and use the tablet screen section independently. This new design might allow for a more tablet-like experience but without having to sacrifice the GPU boost in the process.

Alternatively, the Surface Laptop – most recently the Surface Laptop 4, released earlier this year – could get a more user-friendly form factor. That might help emphasize Windows 11’s touch enhancements, and offer Microsoft a strong contender to the iPad Pro for those users who know they’re rarely going to want to be out of reach of a traditional keyboard.

Either way, it’s fair to say Microsoft has been imaginative when it comes to pushing back at the idea that only Apple innovates in portable computing right now. Not all of its projects have been entirely successful, mind. The Surface Neo, a clever dual-touchscreen device that was to bridge laptops and tablets, met with an unexpected hurdle earlier this month, when Intel announced the chipset it was meant to be using has been pushed into end-of-life status much earlier than anticipated.

Court Rulings “They” Don’t Want You To Know About

Kevin Trudeau is the TV pitchman and author of books like Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About and The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. The former book is the one that is possibly the most dangerous, considering that in it Trudeau informs readers that the sun doesn’t cause cancer. If readers wanted to know more information on these natural cures, they were directed to register for Trudeau’s email newsletter – $499 for a lifetime membership, which isn’t a great deal if you’re basing the length of your lifetime on tips from Trudeau. But it’s the latter book that finally allowed the US government to put Trudeau away for a significant period of time, much like Al Capone being busted for tax evasion. Here’s the timeline, more or less:

1990: Trudeau poses as a doctor to deposit some fake checks and is jailed for larceny as well as for credit card fraud after he stole millions from people who bought his “megamemory system.” To his credit, Trudeau doesn’t claim that the customers just forgot that they gave him permission to use their cards. Instead, he claims that it was someone else’s fault. He goes to federal prison for two years.

1998: Trudeau is fined by the FTC for making unsubstantiated claims while selling the previously mentioned mega memory system in his infomercials, as well as other products and services like “hair farming.”

2004: Trudeau is fined by the FTC for selling coral calcium as a cancer cure, and is banned from selling products or services on infomercials.

2005: Trudeau self-publishes Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About and uses informercials to sell it. He also launches several lawsuits against the FTC asserting that it is his first amendment right to sell his books. The informercials sell the books and the books sell his website subscriptions and he makes millions.

2007: Trudeau publishes The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, and uses infomercials to sell it. The informercials sell the books and the books sell his website subscriptions and he makes millions more.

2007 (later): The FTC strikes back and claims Trudeau’s latest effort violates the 2004 ruling because he makes more unsubstantiated claims, like saying his weight loss strategy was easy to follow and that dieters could eat whatever they wanted. In fact, the book recommended strict dietary changes that readers would have to follow for the rest of their lives in order to keep the weight off. Additionally, he recommended hormone injections, and colon cleanses every other day. It was possibly the least easy-to-follow weight loss plan in history, and I’m including Breatharians in that pronouncement. Trudeau was fined $37.6 million.

2014: Trudeau is finally sentenced to prison for ten years for failing to pay a single dime of the $37.6 million he owes. Trudeau claimed he had no money, which doesn’t appear to hold up to scrutiny. (Read about my friend Carrie Poppy visiting an auction of his things to pay the bill.) Had the judge followed sentencing guidelines, Trudeau would have been imprisoned for 20-25 years.

So, fellow critical thinkers concerned about hucksters ripping off the helpless and trusting masses, that is how you go about putting away a dangerous fraud for just long enough for him to write a few more books (The Prison Workout “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, perhaps) and amass a nest egg for the time when he leaves prison to return to doing exactly what he’s been doing for the previous thirty years: ripping people off and living large while laughing at the FTC.

Shoot Professional Looking Videos

Learn how to shoot professional-looking video with your own DSLR or mirrorless camera. 

In this course, I will show you that you don’t need expensive equipment to make an incredible looking video with your camera. I will show you all kinds of tips, tricks, and techniques that professional filmmakers use to make every shot they take look incredible. 


So you’re on a holiday trip or having a nice event and you want to create a nice video of that. You saw the videos on youtube and want to create something that is just as cool as that to share on your social media or with your friends.You’re doing the best job you can to capture everything that your eyes spotted and you’re ready to create an incredible video impression. But when you’re done and sitting in front of your computer it is not what you expected. The footage is boring, sometimes a bit too shaky and it looks like everybody could have done that. Then this course is what you need to make your videos look super professional and incredible. 


First, you will learn how to use your camera in full manual mode so you can decide for yourself how the picture that you’re creating will look. After that we will talk about shooting the videos itself, what about the framing, and how do professionals present their subjects inside of their screen. Also, how do you move your camera while you’re filming to make it look professional? Which small tricks can you use to spice up your video and blow people’s minds?To top it off we will talk about some important things you can’t forget like lighting or audio and the use of other gear. 


My goal with this course was to create an all in one package for the person that wants to make awesome looking video but does not yet understand which steps are needed to spice up their video.I want to give people enough information that they understand all the necessary things that are needed to know what they’re doing and can create something awesome when holding the camera, also at the end of this course you will be excited to learn way more about videography. 


This course is made for everyone that wants to learn how to shoot incredible looking video.Maybe you’re starting your own filmmaking business. Maybe you want to create awesome social media content. Maybe you’re a photographer that wants to learn more about making videos. Everybody that wants to create professional-looking video with their camera is welcome. 


NOTHING, you can start this course to gather all the information, but I can recommend that you put things immediately in action and for that owning a DSLR/SLR or mirrorless camera is recommended. 


As a filmmaker and YouTuber myself I know what kind of things you need to know to make incredible looking videos, but more importantly, what kind of things are not as important to learn at the beginning of your video making journey. I found my passion for video in 2009 when I started making comedy youtube videos. After a couple of years, I found my passion for filmmaking and I started sharing my filmmaking knowledge online in 2023. This is where I really fell in love with teaching and learning. That’s why now I’m trying to make complete masterclasses to teach people all the lessons I learned when working for clients and being a YouTuber. 

I’m convinced I made the perfect package for everyone that wants to start shooting professional-looking video. Feel free to check the course out and I hope to see you inside.


How to choose the right settings on your camera

How to shoot video in full manual mode

Framing and composition (how to present your subject inside your video)

Camera movements

Shooting tricks and tips

Audio and Lighting


You can start this course to gather all the information, but I can recommend that you put things immediately in action and for that owning a DSLR/SLR or mirrorless camera is recommended.

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