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Despite Tay’s PR debacle, Microsoft is still committed to the idea that bots are the new apps.

Bots, in this context, refer to software that’s able to use conversation on a messaging platform to accomplish a task.

At the company’s Build conference today, CEO Satya Nadella made it clear that Microsoft is heavily invested in computers that can naturally talk to its users. The conference brought announcements of Microsoft’s commitment as well, most notably its new Bot Framework, an infrastructure that lets developers build bots inside their applications with little prior experience.

“Bots are like new applications that you can converse with,” Nadella said.

The Bot Framework was announced alongside new updates to Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant. Cortana will be able to carry out instructions within third-party apps, which means it could order food or potentially post on Facebook for you. Cortana will even be able to talk to other bots, and grab information for you that it thinks you might want.

This is all a part of Microsoft’s grand plan for the future of how we’ll use computers. At the highest level, we have our digital personal assistant for task-related needs. If you need to order a pizza, or send a text, that’s the personal assistant.

But then each app has a bot, or even is just a bot. You’ll talk to your bank app like you would talk to a bank teller. Microsoft isn’t the first with this idea, but it might have the largest platform of those trying to make it happen (Windows) to develop it on.

Microsoft’s bots can connect to a wide variety of conversation-based services, like Slack, Skype, email, and SMS. Screenshot

These bots would be able to work within a third-party developer’s app, or with Twitter, Slack, Skype, SMS, and more.

The most powerful thing about these little bots, though, is that they’ll be able to tap into all of Microsoft’s new APIs (application program interfaces). These are artificial intelligence tools that easily allow the bots to identify objects in photos, or recognize speech, or even gauge emotion.

An important distinction to draw, though, is even though these bots would be able to use artificial intelligence tools, they themselves are not artificially intelligent, which means they do not yet generate their own responses. Each interaction needs to be hand-coded by the developer. This could help avoid other instances like Tay, where users were able to hijack the bot.

Microsoft has a small bot directory live now, showcasing some of the simple tasks bots can be made to do. It has a bot that can chat about the news, a bot to caption images, and even one that searches for images and GIFs. But in Microsoft’s grand scheme, every app would have a bot in some form.

And Microsoft doesn’t want to be the only one building those bots. By decentralizing the work amongst developers, it removes a lot of the work from Microsoft, who can continue developing their APIs and core tools. Their main challenge, as it has been in the past, is incentivizing developers to actually build tools that work with Windows and Cortana natively.

This is contrary to the approaches seemingly taken by Facebook and Google, who want Facebook M and Google Now to be able to reach into other services and talk to them. Microsoft instead wants to ease that communication through native bots.

“Ultimately it’s not going to be able man versus machine. It’s going to be man with machines,” Nadella said at the conference. “It’s that bringing together that I think is going to move our society forward.”

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Everyone Should Have A Social Life, Especially Older Adults

For older adults, social engagement may help strengthen brain areas associated with dementia, a new study published in the Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences finds. The investigation’s conclusions have led researchers to suggest that prescribing socialization could help older adults foster brain health.

Felix and her colleagues relied on data from a large National Institutes of Health study that took place from the late nineties to 2011. They gathered information from 293 participants who were an average of 83 years old and still lived in community settings rather than assisted living or other facilities.

The researchers were keen on using this data because the analysis included the use of a sophisticated kind of MRI that can see microstructural changes in the brain. These changes happen before cell loss occurs, says Felix. Early detection of these changes might allow doctors to prescribe socialization early on as a way to keep the regions of the brain associated with social activity active and prevent them from atrophying.

This specific type of MRI data is expensive to obtain, so it made sense to use the study data that exists rather than starting from scratch, says Felix.Participants in this study had answered a broad series of questions about their social engagement like whether they regularly visited other people and if they lived with a partner or other person, as well as a number of other metrics. Felix and her colleagues then devised a scoring system to rank the responses.

Then they compared each participant’s score with their MRI scans. They found that people who scored higher on the social engagement questions had, on average, more cellular integrity in the parts of the brain that relate to social interaction.

They also found it didn’t take much to preserve brain health: a visit with one person, once a week was enough to make a notable difference.

At this point, it’s not certain whether socialization  helps promote brain health or the other way around. But the relationship between these two things warrants more study, Felix says. Dementia is a significant and currently untreatable problem, and this study demonstrates that a simple intervention might be able to help people who are on the cusp of developing dementia.

The research component of this study occurred pre-pandemic, but Felix says the results are particularly important now, when it’s extra-hard for older adults to safely socialize. Although there isn’t data about whether online activity would make as much of an impact as in-person meetups, she says, something is definitely better than nothing. It’s still engaging the brain regions we need to connect with one another.

In the longer term, Felix hopes to see socialization programs implemented as part of older adult care, much like the Silver Sneakers exercise program, which provides seniors access to gyms and other fitness activities, is offered as part of many Medicare plans. Activities like playing board games together, having tea, going to movies, or participating in a group activity all have the potential to allow older adults to care for their brains.

Microsoft Vs. Linux: An Updated Perspective

In the war between Microsoft and those that support Linux, there have been many phases. Most of this war, like most wars, has been concealed by the “fog of war” and propaganda from both camps. Initially, both sides seemed more interested in positioning than in true discourse, and if Microsoft used undue pressure (often positioned as FUD), the Open Source community seemed willing to use outright physical attacks against Microsoft platforms to make their point.

At first, the Open Source side was overmatched but mistakes by Microsoft and others allowed OSS to gain in strength and now both sides would seem to be more evenly matched. Neither side seemed capable of creating a successful strategy against the other and both sides seemed to respond to the other tactically.

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This seemed to benefit the challenger more than the entrenched vendor but, regardless of how often they competed with messages, for most of the last decade they actually seldom competed effectively for the same business opportunities. The two sides were simply too different – but that fact seemed lost on both.

Even stranger is that both sides seemed to be hell-bent on damaging their own futures. And both, when attacking, seemed to be more effective at shooting themselves than at effectively moving against the other.

Microsoft Set the Stage

Initially Microsoft really didn’t seem to take OSS or Linux seriously, which clearly wasn’t the wisest tactic. Having lost track of their own progress down a path blazed by IBM a decade earlier, Microsoft was happily plodding along, systematically destroying the bridge of trust that existed between itself and its customers.

Seemingly forgetting the successful “embrace and extend” strategy that worked so successfully against Lotus and the emulation strategy that created Windows in the first place, Microsoft tried to drive Windows NT into a UNIX base that didn’t want it. To showcase the power of the platform, they had a “scalability day” that, to this day, is unmatched in its historic failure to do anything but make the company holding the event look foolish and dishonest.

This was followed by a change in pricing which was supposed to address a complaint about Microsoft pricing complexity. And, largely because of an excessive focus on not taking even a short term revenue hit, it actually ended up being revenue positive and scaring the existing Microsoft installed base half to death by showcasing how vulnerable they were to the company. This base began to look for alternatives.

This motivated the key stakeholders into looking for an alternative because all agreed that the cost savings of commodity hardware would be hard for operational managers to ignore for long.

In short, they needed something that could protect both the jobs of the managers that Microsoft’s products threatened, but ensure that they wouldn’t be faced with the loss of control that resulted in excessive control by dominant vendors (like IBM had been) and Microsoft now was.

Ten Best Windows 10 Apps You Should Have – Webnots

There are multiple ways you can enhance the Windows 10 operating system’s features. One of the safest ways is to install apps from the official Microsoft Store. Microsoft introduced app store as a Windows Store in Windows 8. Later it merged the marketplace, Xbox stuffs and phone stuffs and renamed the Windows Store as Microsoft Store. Similar to apps on the Play Store for Android devices Windows 10 developers have made many apps compatible on Windows 10 systems.

Microsoft Store is packed with great apps. However, it has whooping 700K+ apps to choose from. In this article we will explain handpicked ten best Windows 10 apps in Microsoft Store for you to install and try out.

No #







Adobe Photo Express

Video & photo



Video & photo











Dashlane – Password Manager



WhatsApp Desktop



Total PC Cleaner



Spotify Music


1. Netflix

Category – Entertainment

Netflix App

Netflix is the easiest way to enjoy the online media entertainment. Now you can access the Netflix Windows 10 app and enjoy the movies and TV shows on 4K Ultra HD view.

Netflix app has good controls that look great on a home theater PC, a second monitor and even when projected.

You can easily use keyboard media controls to navigate the app controls. This makes it easier to pause, skip ahead, or turns down the volume in the middle of a running program on Netflix.

Watch even without internet while on the go.

Create up to 5 profiles to cover all your family members and get one month free trial before going for upgrade.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Category – Photo & video

Adobe Photoshop Express

Images are everywhere on the web and Adobe Photoshop Express app makes it easy to edit and share from your fingertips. You can open pictures from your PC, edit with the app and share instantly with Facebook. It is a reduced version of the powerful Adobe Photoshop image editor. However, it is just as powerful and has all the functionalities. It lets you crop, fade, blur, auto fix your photos with just a few taps and slides of a finger or mouse without compromising on quality.


Category – Photo & video

VLC Media Player

If you are one of the old Windows guys then you will sure love VLC media player. It is an open source media player that supports almost all video formats available on Microsoft devices. However, the Windows 10 app is a limited version and you need to install the desktop app for enjoying the complete features.

4. Dropbox for Windows 10 in S mode, Xbox, HoloLens

Category: Productivity

Dropbox App

Dropbox app allows you to share bigger files seamlessly. You can share the file to anyone even they don’t have a Dropbox account. Also the shared files on the app will not consume space on your device. This helps to save storage on your device while keeping the files in the cloud server.

5. Wunderlist

Category – Productivity

Wunderlist App

Managing daily tasks with a to-do list a tough task for Windows 10 users. You can use the Calendar or Email apps, however it is not so convenient. Wunderlist is a great organizing app for Windows 10 users. This is similar to Notes app in macOS that allows you to create, share and access your entire list.

Create to-do list and access across all your devices.

Share with your family and colleagues and delegate the tasks.

Start discussing your list with relevant colleagues.

Attach PPT, PDF and images to your list.

Organize home and office works in separate folders and set reminders to follow up the tasks to avoid missing timelines.

6. Skype

Category – Social

Skype App

Skype is the popular chatting app from Microsoft available across platforms on mobile devices, PCs and Macs. The official desktop app for Windows 10 allows you to share up to 300MB file size, opt-in for translation, and share your screen.

7. Dashlane – Password Manager

Category – Productivity

Dashlane App

It is the perfect app for storing passwords and browser internet safely. Dashlane is the extension app for Microsoft Edge browser. It remains one of the most popular password managers thanks to its simple setup process and easy-to-use design. Dashlane stores the passwords in secure vault and retrieve when required to login on Edge browser.

8. WhatsApp Desktop

Category – Social

WhatsApp Desktop App

The Windows 10 clean desktop version of WhatsApp makes it easy to carry on multiple, detailed chats at the same time. It also offers complete syncing so you can pick up conversations on any other device as needed.

9. Total PC Cleaner – Free Disk Space Clean Up, Optimize Memory & Windows System

Category: Productivity

10. Spotify Music

Category – Music

Spotify Music App

All the above apps are from productivty and social categories. However, Spotify Music as the name indicates is a special app for music lovers. It is a best app for streaming and playing your favorite songs and discovering new playlists on Windows 10. You can instantly search and play any songs from album, artist and playlist. The basic app is for free and you can subscribe to 30 days free trail premium version for trying out.

Wrapping it up

Finding a useful app is really difficult task in bigger stores like Apple App Store and Microsoft Windows Store. However, we strongly recommend you to try the official Microsoft Store apps instead of browser extensions of downloading from third part developer’s sites.

Should You Get A Microsoft Surface Rt Tablet?

The Price

As far as the price is concerned, a Windows RT tablet will cost you $499 for the 32 GB version without its special keyboard touch cover. This is the same price as the new Apple iPad 4’s 16 GB version. The 64 GB version with a touch cover will cost you $699. The cover, by itself, costs around $130, but only adds $100 to the price of the tablet when bought as a bundle along with the device. A 32 GB version with a touch cover, for example, costs $599.


The Windows Surface RT tablet is about as thick as the iPad, and only about 20 grams heavier due to the extra hardware it packs in.

We’ll get to the hardware a little later. The construction of the tablet itself shows clear signs of a device that’s definitely built to last. Like the Zune, a lot of time was invested into making sure that the Surface has a solid construction that can withstand pretty tough conditions. Its exterior is made of “VaporMg,” an alloy of magnesium that’s molten into shape. It’s three times lighter than aluminum and has a very high degree of durability in comparison. The 10.6-inch screen is made of gorilla glass, and the entire tablet has an anti-fingerprint coating.


With 2 GB RAM, a quad-core nVidia Tegra 3 CPU, and support for 802.11n (up to 150 Mbits/sec), you can’t go wrong! Many people reported slightly sluggish graphics when interacting with the operating system, so this probably isn’t the best gaming machine you’ll find. Also, its display is nothing extraordinary compared to Apple’s Retina display. Its support for a wide variety of memory cards and 5-point multi-touch would make up for these shortcomings. The audio on it isn’t very powerful, but provides a vibrant stereo output that will likely catch the attention of all the music lovers out there. Battery life is 8 hours with consistent use, and 360 hours (unconfirmed) on standby. The expansion card slot supports cards with up to 64 GB of storage capacity, adding a whole bunch of memory to your otherwise small tablet.

Available Apps

Unlike Windows Phone 8, which will contain a ton of applications upon its release, Windows RT (the operating system that Surface runs on) has a very limited number of choices so far. There’ll probably be more apps in the future, but it’s a complete waste of time to check out the Windows Store at this moment.


Is the Windows Surface tablet worth it? Perhaps not right now, but it might be worth the wad of cash in the near future. If you really like Windows 8, get it now and wait for new apps to come out. They’ll come pouring once the tablet gains traction. The slower graphics and regular display might make it rather dull, but it’s still got some strong points with its expandable memory capabilities, USB slots, and sturdy construction. You also have to understand that Windows RT is not the same as Windows Pro, and you can’t install desktop applications on it. If you are looking to run the full fledge Windows experience on the tablet, then the current version of Surface (running Windows RT) is not for you.


Miguel Leiva-Gomez

Miguel has been a business growth and technology expert for more than a decade and has written software for even longer. From his little castle in Romania, he presents cold and analytical perspectives to things that affect the tech world.

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Discord Bots For Any Server

Despite the platform being geared towards gamers and the gaming community, digital marketers are quickly discovering the platform’s potential and how they can leverage it best. One of the benefits of using Discord is that you can add the best Discord bots to your server and enhance its overall functionality. These bots can also help you manage your server better and, as a bonus, adds a fun element to it. Before moving ahead in the post, we should talk about how you can boost the power of your Discord. Though the platform is one of the strongest communication channels, there is always some scope for further expanding the power of the platform. This is why I have compiled a list of the best Discord bots that anyone can use for their server.


Category – Moderation Cost – Plans start at US$ 4.17 per month (billed annually) The best Discord bot for moderation, MEE6, can automatically scan and detect any violations like inappropriate language, spam, or external links. Your MEE6 bot can mute, kick or permanently ban the users for repeat violations. It gives you enough scope and flexibility to set custom commands enabling it to assign user roles and send messages based on particular actions. You can even set up welcome messages for new members on the server.

Dank Memer

Category – Meme/Games Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$2 per month Memes have emerged as one of the most popular and effective marketing tools and have proven to be quite useful for building a community. Dank Memer is, without a doubt, the best meme bot for Discord. Its popularity is primarily due to the massive number of commands you can use on it. There are memes for any possible conversation, and all you need to do is type in the command. On Dank Memer, you can steal or gamble to earn coins which you can use to buy stuff from the meme shop.

Dyno Bot

Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Starting at US$5/month/server Dyno bot for Discord is the best Discord bot for managing data on servers and moderating multiple channels. The bot lets you automatically assign user roles and even set specific permissions for specific channels. Hence, you can limit your server members to only those you trust, thus filtering out spam accounts. You can even decide to automatically ban users with specific words in their profiles from within Discord. You can even define individual roles for the users so that they can access chosen channels only, while other channels remain hidden from them.


Category – Calendar management/Scheduling Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$5/month Sesh is a unique Discord bot for calendar management, scheduling, reminders, and more. The bot has gained prominence because Discord does not have any kind of native scheduling or calendar management feature in it. The best calendar bot for Discord – Sesh offers great flexibility in terms of the format. You can create events, tasks and set reminders for specific times in your most natural language. The best part is that the bot supports automatic timezone conversion, which means you can collaborate with members from all over the world without having to calculate timezones. Additionally, you can run polls for choosing the time slot, create countdowns, set recurring events, and even integrate Google Calendar with Sesh. How’s that for customization!


Category – Music Cost – Free One of the best music bots for Discord, Octave lets you play any song on YouTube or Soundcloud. This Discord music bot lets you share your music with the entire community you have build on Discord. As a moderator, you can play, pause, or stop a song, create playlists, replay songs, and even view the song lyrics. Octave lets the listeners vote on the next song they would like you to play. They can also vote to skip a song or let it play.


Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Starting at $2.50/month ProBot lets you set a customized welcome message to greet every new member on your server. You can write this message as per your brand image. Add a touch of whimsy or make it formal. This message will be the face of your server. ProBot has an impressive standalone dashboard that can take care of multiple actions for you. You can create your unique welcome message, get an overview of your Discord statistics, manage moderation queues, and even set specific actions in response to particular words.


Category – Fun/Social Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$1/month Everyone gets excited about a giveaway, and it is one of the best ways to engage the whole Discord community. GiveawayBot on Discord lets you organize engaging giveaway campaigns with simple commands that allow you to begin the giveaway, choose a winner, and then end the giveaway without having to do any manual work

Rythm Bot

Category – Music Cost – Starting at $4.99/month Rythm bot lets users customize their Discord servers with the help of a comprehensive list of moderation commands, utility commands, and commands that are just for fun! These commands will help improve the overall user experience by giving them unique tools that keep them engaged and have a good time on your server. Discord Rythm bot also comes with a music system called Rythm Radio, where you can stream multiple channels from across the world or listen to the playlists you created. The bot supports integration with YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more. It does not readily support Spotify, but you can manually configure it if you are good with hacks.

Discord Translator

Category – Utility Cost – Free, Premium at US$10 While building a community, you do not want to be restricted by language. The world of opportunities is open to you, and restricting only to English will leave you out of a massive chunk of the market. If you plan to expand your audience to Europe, Asia, and other non-English speaking countries, the Discord Translator bot is the perfect solution for you. Once you add the Discord Translator bot to your Discord server, no matter which language the users type in, the bot will automatically translate it into their chosen language.

Community Hubs Beta

Category – Social/Utility Cost – Free It is vital to have seamless communication of your users across multiple servers and numerous platforms, and the Community Hubs Discord bot is perfect for that. This bot connects multiple Discord channels to a common Hub room so that all of them can communicate with each other. The Hub room becomes a melting pot for different Discord channels of different genres. So, if you want to hold an event that has audiences in more than one channel, you can add them all to the same Hub room, and the entire audience can participate.


Category – Music Cost – Free, but you can donate Musibeth is a Discord music bot that lets you play content directly from YouTube on your chosen Discord channel. The bot lets you share videos when your members need some context or clarification on any point. One cool feature is that you can set up commands for videos to play automatically for frequently asked questions. You can save a lot of time and spend it on more productive tasks on your to-do list. You can also promote your YouTube channel by letting your Musibeth Discord bot share your content with members. This will get you more meaningful views while giving your audience great value.

Carl Bot

Category – Multi-functional Cost – Starting at $5/month Carl bot is genuinely a multi-functional bot. It helps you manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles that enable you to respond to messages in real-time. Using Carl bot, you can set up custom commands in your server’s chat for the bot to execute later.


Category – Multi-functional Cost – Free, but you can donate Though it is not the strongest of its features, you can also use the Strodl bot to create an economy on your server.


Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Free, but you can donate Nuggetbot is more than just another boring moderation bot as it is packed with an extensive range of moderation features, commands, and some enjoyable elements. Nuggetbot also comes with a comprehensive online dashboard that gives you an overview of your server. You can use the dashboard to set a welcome message to greet first-time users, assign roles, set permissions, set controls for logging member information, and more. To add a little bit of fun to the whole experience, you can set up some auto-commands for your Discord users. This lets them enjoy activities like generating memes, telling jokes, or even generating some basic arcade games that they can play within Discord.


Category – Utility Cost – Free Quillbot lets you paraphrase content effectively. When you use the correct command, the bot will automatically rewrite the text you enter. Quillbot is particularly of great use for content marketing and content creation.

How to add bots to Discord server?

You have seen what the best Discord bots can do for you. To learn how to get bots on Discord, the first thing you need to do is find the Discord bot you want to add to your server. You can go to an online Discord bots list like chúng tôi and find the bot that works best for you. However, you can create custom Discord bots for your business. The first way to do that is to code your own Discord bots. If you do not have the required coding knowledge, workflow automation tools like Appy Pie Connect lets you create your own custom Discord bots. Connect allows you to integrate Discord with multiple software to create unique automated processes for businesses. These automated processes can act as Discord bots. For example, if you want to add potential customers in Discord to your email marketing list, your bot can converse with these potential customers and receive information from them. The Connect integration will automatically add the information users have shared to your email marketing software. Our guide on how to create

Enter a name for your chatbot

Names help personalize your chatbot and makes them feel more friendly

Create a bot flow

Use Appy Pie’s signature drag and drop interface to design the conversations your bot will have

Add your chatbot to your Discord server

Once you are satisfied with your chatbot, simply embed it into your Discord server

Appy Pie Chatbot has various features that can help increase the usability of your Discord bots. From simple integrations with popular CRM software to its compatibility with both the Discord client and mobile app, Appy Pie Chatbot is the perfect tool to create a chatbot without any coding.


As you can see, Discord bots are an integral part of communication on the platform as they expand the scope of all that you can achieve here. It helps you manage your community without having to monitor each development manually. Another way to expand your Discord platform’s functionality and add efficiency to your community management is through the numerous Discord integrations offered by the leading workflow automation platform – Appy Pie Connect The list of Discord bots above is by no means exhaustive. There are so many more out there.

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