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Microsoft’s Google Glass rival tech tips AR for live events

Microsoft is working on its own Google Glass alternative, a wearable computer which can overlay real-time data onto a user’s view of the world around them. The research, outed in a patent application published today for “Event Augmentation with Real-Time Information” (No. 20120293548), centers on a special set of digital eyewear with one or both lenses capable of injecting computer graphics and text into the user’s line of sight, such as to label players in a sports game, flag up interesting statistics, or even identify objects and offer contextually-relevant information about them.

The digital glasses would track the direction in which the wearer was looking, and adjust its on-screen graphics accordingly; Microsoft also envisages a system whereby eye-tracking is used to select areas of focus within the scene. Information shown could follow a preprogrammed script – Microsoft uses the example of an opera, where background detail about the various scenes and arias could be shown in order – or on an ad-hoc basis, according to contextual cues from the surrounding environment.

In Microsoft’s cutaway diagram – a top-down perspective of one half of the AR eyewear – there’s an integrated microphone (910) and a front-facing camera for video and stills (913), while video is shown to the wearer via a light guide (912). That (along with a number of lenses) works with standard eyeglass lenses (916 and 918), whether prescription or otherwise, while the opacity filter (914) helps improve light guide contrast by blocking out some of the ambient light. The picture itself is projected from a microdisplay (920) through a collimating lens (922). There are also various sensors and outputs, potentially including speakers (930), inertial sensors (932) and a temperature monitor (938).

Microsoft is keeping its options open when it comes to display types, and as well as generic liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) and LCD there’s the suggestion that the wearable could use Qualcomm’s mirasol or a Microvision PicoP laser projector. An eye-tracker (934) could be used to spot pupil movement, either using IR projection, an internally-facing camera, or another method.

Whereas Google has focused on the idea of Glass as a “wearable smartphone” that saves users from pulling out their phone to check social networks, get navigation directions, and shoot photos and video, Microsoft’s interpretation of augmented reality takes a slightly different approach in building around live events. One possibility we could envisage is that the glasses might be provided by an entertainment venue, such as a sports ground or theater, just as movie theaters loan 3D glasses for the duration of a film.

That would reduce the need for users to actually buy the (likely expensive) glasses themselves, and – since they’d only be required to last the duration of the show or game – the battery demands would be considerably less than a full day. Of course, a patent application alone doesn’t mean Microsoft is intending a commercial release, but given the company’s apparently increasing focus on entertainment (such as the rumored Xbox set-top box) it doesn’t seem too great a stretch.

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How To Get A Job In Microsoft – Careers At Microsoft

Microsoft is a huge company with offices almost everywhere on the planet. Accordingly, their requirements are huge. That translates to “many” openings and a chance for you to work for Microsoft – that is if you apply and get selected. This is what we will talk in this post – how to get a job in Microsoft or rather, how to increase your chances to work for Microsoft.

How To Get Job In Microsoft

When we talk about plenty of openings, we mean there are plenty – but scattered across the globe. Also, the interview process at Microsoft is said to be among the toughest ones. Applying at random won’t work unless you are pretty lucky. The post goes on to explain how to apply etc. while at the same time offering you tips on how to get lucky!

Hiring At Microsoft – Get Started

The best place to start your job hunt to land up with Microsoft is its Microsoft Careers website. The website, in addition to providing details about jobs, also provides you with additional information such as how people work at Microsoft, about the business and similar stuff.

You can head directly to the tab – Apply Now – and search for the job type you are looking for. I personally feel that this is the last step you should take when on the website. First of all, take some time out to read about business at chúng tôi When at the careers website of Microsoft, go to the second tab/link saying Meet Microsoft. The first link under this tab is an abstract view of perks at Microsoft. This is not much important if you are already a fan of Microsoft and have it clear in your mind that you wish to work for Microsoft.

The second and third tabs – namely Our Business and Our Office Locations – are a must-read. The page at Our Business at Microsoft Careers website tells you about the diversity of operations you can find at Microsoft. Being an outsider, most of us know that Microsoft is simply a software company. Our Business page shows how and what all processes and sub-processes happen at Microsoft. An understanding of what processes exist will help you decide where to head when locating a job using Apply Now tab on that website. For example, the table below is a screenshot of that page and shows you just some of the many processes at Microsoft. You can check them out and decide if you wish to get into research, wish to be a coder or involve yourself with marketing at Microsoft.

Check The Office Locations

Going through the Our Office Locations will help you get an idea of where you can work. Of course, it may not be possible that your dream job will definitely be available at your choice of location. You will have to make compromises. You will want to reconsider your decision based on locations if you wish to work for Microsoft. While considering locations, you might even want to calculate the expenses of visiting your family back at home frequently. Among other factors, you also should check how hard or easy it would be to adapt to the culture of different locations – especially, the location you want.

The Our Business and Our Business Locations give you plenty of information to create a list of three or four roles and locations as well. Hence I recommend it reading before moving to Apply Now.

Read: How to prepare for a Virtual Job Interview.

Searching For Jobs in Microsoft

Read: Free Job Search Sites for searching for jobs online.

Getting Ready To Apply For Job At Microsoft

Using Find Your Fit gives you an idea of how to write your resume and cover letter. For both tabs on the page, note down the keywords and key phrases related to the type of job you are looking for at Microsoft.

Use those keywords in your resume and cover letter so that your application is easily available when Microsoft Hiring Staff searches the database using those keywords – like “working in administration in the capacity of assistant manager…..Learned JAVA, C++“.

In the above example in quotes, the words in italics work as keywords. Use them liberally but do not repeat them unnecessarily. Just keep in mind that they are required only for your resume to show up when one of the hiring staff searches with a phrase like “assistant manager for C++ team at Hyderabad“.

Before creating the resume, I also recommend you visit the LinkedIn profiles of some people working at Microsoft in similar roles. You can use LinkedIn search to find such profiles. They too will provide you with an idea of 1) keywords and 2) presentation of data. Also, make sure you have a good LinkedIn profile.

Your resume need not be your bio-data. Make sure you include all your previous experiences with technology and creativity, awards you won, projects you were involved in and your interests. Make good use of whitespace to avoid resumes looking congested.

If you are about to graduate from a B-School or any of the MBA programs out there Microsoft seems to have a perfect program called Microsoft Academy of College Hires to bring you on board.

TIP: Create different resumes for different roles/technologies. That will highlight your experience with the role or technology you are interested in while also giving your resume a better chance to show up in applicant database searches.

After Homework – Aim and Shoot

Before you search for jobs, you will have to upload your resume. You can also use the CV builder to create your resume. It is up to you – depending upon what all information you have to present to the hiring staff. For beginners, I would recommend using CV builder. You can later change the resume by logging into the Microsoft Careers Website.

TIP: The more you research how the company works, the better will be your chances to get hired. Preparing for the interview, you should be expecting questions that you won’t know the answer to. You need to tell the truth rather than beating around the question. You will also get to ask questions. To show that you are keen, ask questions related to the role and responsibilities instead of just perks, etc.

If you are looking for a job with Microsoft, then check out the Microsoft Careers website. The website lets you search for job openings country-wise and also has a special section for students & graduates. Here are some more useful links:

Microsoft Jobs Blog – Get the inside scoop on Microsoft’s recruiting process straight from recruiters.

Microsoft Careers on Facebook – Be a fan, stay in touch

The above is just for information purposes and does not guarantee a job with Microsoft. It intends to guide you through the application process so that your chances of getting hired increase.

Additional useful links:

Salaries at Microsoft. How much do the employees get paid?

If it’s an Internship you are looking for, check this post on how to get an Internship at Microsoft.

All the best!

Code: 0X80D02024 In Microsoft Store

Code: 0x80d02024 in Microsoft Store [Fixed] This MS Store error will be a thing of the past in a few minutes




The Microsoft Store is a place where you can download tons of games to play with.

The games you get from the Microsoft Store can even be played on Steam.

Sometimes, errors such as the code 0x80d02024 can come up and disrupt your gaming experience.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

What causes the error code 0x80d02024 in Microsoft Store?

The error message doesn’t give any meaningful clues to this conundrum. However, there might be a few reasons for this problem:

Recent buggy update – Many of our readers reported this problem after a Windows update and maybe a bug in the system makes Microsoft Store unusable.

A firewall or antivirus is blocking the app – Some third-party antiviruses have the nasty habit of blocking some apps and Microsoft Store might be the victim this time.

Incorrect IP v6 settings – If Microsoft Store can’t connect to the server, the error code 0x80d02024 may arise.

Now that we know the reasons for this peculiar error, let’s start fixing it.

How do I fix the error code 0x80d02024?

Before going through any actual troubleshooting solutions, let’s apply some preliminary measures:

Restart your computer. Sometimes, a problem like this may go away magically after a restart.

Deactivate the third-party antivirus from its settings. If that doesn’t work, one of our solutions below will instruct on how to uninstall it completely.

Check the system for updates. If there are any bugs causing this, there are chances that Microsoft issued a patch.

If you’ve cross-checked these methods from your list, try the solutions below to fix the problem.

1. Disable IPv6 2. Reset Microsoft Store via PowerShell

Resetting Microsoft Store is extremely simple, and it might solve this issue, so try it out.

3. Remove the third-party antivirus

Expert tip:

4. Deactivate the VPN

You may also deactivate the VPN from its menu and settings. Then, try to use Microsoft Store again.

If you’re looking for a better tool, consult our list of the best VPNs for Windows 10.

Those are some of the confirmed resolutions for error code 0x80d02024 in Microsoft Store. There’s a good chance that one, or more, of the resolutions above will fix error 0x80d02024 for you so that you can download apps from the MS Store once again.

You might also find useful our article on how to reinstall Microsoft Store in Windows.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Error 0X801901F7 In Microsoft Store

Error 0x801901F7 in Microsoft Store [Solved] Find out how to fix your Microsoft Store right now




The error 0x801901f7 affects the Microsoft Store and prevents users from accessing it.

It’s usually encountered due to corrupt system files, malware infection, and issues with the cache.

To fix things, reset the Windows Store cache, disable proxy, and update the OS, amongst other solutions.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you’ve been getting the error message The Server Stumbled with Error 0x801901F7. We all have bad days, especially when accessing Windows Store; don’t worry, we’ve got the right fit for you.

Error 0x801901F7 is associated with Windows Store (also known as Microsoft Store) and it usually happens when one attempts to launch it.

However, this error doesn’t originate from the PC it’s a Microsoft Store problem whose origin can be traced to the MS Servers.

Instead of waiting until Microsoft resolves this issue, Windows Report has come up with applicable technical solutions to solve the error 0x801901F7 problem.

How can I fix error 0x801901F7? 1. Restart your PC

Windows users reported that they were able to solve the error 0x801901F7 simply by restarting their PC. This method is a quick fix that can clear up the error and make it possible for you to access Windows Store.

However, if you still get it after restarting your PC, you may proceed to the next step.

2. Synchronize your Microsoft Account

Sometimes, invalid or incorrect Microsoft Account settings may prevent you from accessing any Microsoft services websites, especially Windows Store.

Additionally, The Server Stumbled with error 0x801901F7 may be due to an invalid account or lack of a Microsoft Account.

Expert tip:

3. Use Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant

You can use Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant troubleshooter to solve error 0x801901F7. This tool must be downloaded and installed because it provides a walkthrough troubleshooting guide to help you access Microsoft services. Follow the above steps to download and install the Microsoft Account Sign-In Assistant on your PC.

4. Reset the Windows Store cache

Another way of fixing The Server Stumbled with Error 0x801901F7 error problem is to reset Windows Store cache. Follow the above steps to reset Windows Store cache on your PC.

5. Disable the Proxy

Windows users reported that they were able to solve this problem by turning off their web proxy. Additionally, you can also disable the web proxy on your web browser.

6. Delete Windows Store Database Files

Locate C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDataStoreDataStore.edb and delete chúng tôi .

After deleting the .edb file, restart your PC.

Launch Windows Store to see if you have cleared the 0x801901F7 error. If you haven’t, close every program and reboot your PC.

Re-launch Windows Store again and browse through an


 Windows Store.

If you still see the error even after trying all the steps mentioned above, the next step is removing windows store database files. To achieve this, follow the steps above.

Lastly, you can fix The Server Stumbled with Error 0x801901F7 error problem by updating your Windows Operating System to the latest version.

We also have a dedicated guide on how to fix The Server Stumbled code 0x80072F05 error on Microsoft Store that you can check out.

Microsoft constantly releases Windows updates to improve the system’s stability and fix various issues and errors associated with the startup error. However, you can follow the above steps to update any Windows OS.

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How To Fix Microsoft Store Log

If you are trying to sign into your Microsoft Account to do whatever it is you need to do but can’t because you keep getting the following error message: This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator error 0x800704ec. This article will show you several different things you can do to solve the problem.

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Signing in to your Microsoft account allows you to sync settings, files, and other data across multiple devices, providing a seamless experience on Windows PCs, laptops, Android devices, iOS devices, and Xbox consoles. In addition to this, your Microsoft account also grants you access to the Microsoft Store, where you can purchase digital content such as apps, music, movies, and games. Unfortunately, there are instances where you may encounter error 0x800704ec when attempting to log in.

Keep in mind Microsoft has a habit of using the same error codes for various problems. Things such as updating Windows, logging into an account, or launching an application. Error 0x800704ec has been around for a while and is usually seen connected to Microsoft Defender, although it is more than likely a separate issue entirely. Along with the error code, this error also includes a short text message “Can’t sign in with a Microsoft account. This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator error 0x800704ec.”

While it may be suggested that the system administrator should handle the issue, most users are the sole users on their devices. Which makes the error message even more confusing… The good news is that there are quite a few different troubleshooting steps you can use to solve this issue so follow along as we guide you through them.

Run the Troubleshooting tool.

If a system restart didn’t solve this problem you will need to run the Windows Playing Audio troubleshooter. This is a quick process that forces Windows to check for and fix any problems with sound playback.

To use the tool open Settings by pressing the Windows Key + I.

Now just wait for the tool to complete, restart your computer and check to see if the problem has been solved.

Remove any other accounts to prevent the conflict.

Another potential cause for this issue are You can delete and then recreate the account easily.

From here, go to Accounts.

Select Family & other users.

Go to Other users in Windows 11.

If this method is unacceptable for you, proceed with the other ones below.

Use chúng tôi fix Microsoft Store log-in error 0x800704ec.

If the issue has been caused by file corruption, you’ll need to restore the Microsoft Store cache to do this type chúng tôi into Command Prompt (admin) and press Enter to execute it. Once you’ve done this, Restart your computer and the Microsoft Store should be working again.

It’s time to Repair or Reset Microsoft Store to fix log-in error 0x800704ec.

The first and easiest solution for this problem is to Repair or Reset the Microsoft Store. This has a good track record of solving problems associated with the Microsoft Store.

Open the Settings app on your computer and go to Apps, then find the Microsoft Store.

99% of the time this will solve your problem and allow you to use cloud gaming again.

Best Microsoft Office Alternatives For Macos

For a long time Microsoft Office enjoyed a loyal following of individual and business users. However, the forced subscription for its latest version and its high prices saw several alternatives come up outside of its banner.

If you just got a Mac but are struggling with whether to buy Office all over again, there are several Office alternatives for Mac you can choose from, even if all you want to do is edit and send Office documents once in a while.

Some are free suites with many tools, but you can invest in premium options and get extra features – the value may be worth the cost. Here are the best Microsoft Office alternatives for macOS.

1. LibreOffice

This is one of the best open-source Microsoft Office suite alternatives available on several platforms including macOS.

Anyone who has worked with Microsoft Office will quickly adjust to LibreOffice because of the familiar features like the pre-ribbon era interface.

LibreOffice suite has all the pro features in its offline desktop apps, including a recent online component that enables file syncing from OneDrive or Google Drive. This allows you to edit your files right in LibreOffice.

It uses the OpenDocument format (ODF) and supports various other types of formats like those in Microsoft Office.

The fairly lightweight and flexible suite is available in 110 languages, with technical support coming from online, being an open-source software. However, you might not always need support since LibreOffice is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

It also allows you to export files into PDF format, and you can add more features like extra document templates through extensions from the LibreOffice website.

The downside is it doesn’t have real-time collaborative editing nor integrated cloud storage.

2. Google Drive/Google Suite

This free, web-based online suite is a very popular and robust alternative for macOS.

It offers user-friendly and accessible versions of programs, with free and business versions available for different user types.

Google Drive comprises Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, which are alternatives to Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel. G Suite is the enterprise version of Google Drive and comes with Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for your business.

It is widely used, though not as function-rich as Microsoft Office, plus you can access it from anywhere.

G Suite integrates with your Google account, so you can open Word documents from Gmail in Google Docs and even access beautiful templates, add-ons, Google search capabilities, and superior built-in research tools.

Not only is G Suite great for productivity, it also offers up to 15GB of free storage. Plus, its Offline mode lets you work on documents while offline in Chrome.

The downside is it doesn’t have a desktop app, lacks a few Office features, and documents aren’t always duplicate images of Office document versions.

3. iWork Suite

iWork is a built-in program in your Mac which works like Office. It includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, which are Apple’s broad equivalents to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

It is simple to use, has a beautiful but straightforward interface, and is more lightweight than Office.

Numbers offers a blank canvas for you to begin from, making it easier to add tables, images and charts. It also removes that feeling of being a ledger, unlike Excel that has a grid view.

Pages is also simple to use and doesn’t have layers of options like Word, plus you can collaborate with other users as you work.

The presentation application, KeyNote, helps you create beautiful presentations without the hassles of PowerPoint.

All iWork apps can export and import Office formats and other formats compatible with other suites. However, the iCloud version requires an Internet connection to use and isn’t as fully-featured as the desktop client. The good thing is that you can access documents from anywhere as it enables cross-platform collaboration.

4. Calligra

Its tabs are set on the right side of the screen, so the page you edit won’t take up the full screen.

With Calligra, you can read DOCX and DOX document formats, though it doesn’t allow you to edit them. This can pose some challenges if you get Office documents from other people, as they’d have to send documents in formats like Open Document Text (ODT) instead.

5. Office Online

This alternative gives you free access to Office for Mac and is a basic, browser-based Office suite version.

The latest version also includes Mail, Calendar, Sway, People, and OneDrive, but with a limited Office experience.

While it lacks some functionality like WordArt, and text boxes, charts, equations and custom macros don’t load in Excel sheets, Office Online is still a versatile alternative.

You can still open files, edit, and keep document formatting.

6. Polaris Office

This free tier Office alternative offers tools for creating and editing multiple file types like DOCX, PPT, HWP and XLS.

It works across platforms and syncs your account among your devices so you can create and edit from anywhere, with AWS (Amazon Web Services) security for all your data.

Besides editing PDF documents and converting them to PDF, you can also convert image and voice files to documents where necessary.

Polaris suite supports German, Russian, English, Korean, and French languages.

Wrapping Up

Most of these capable alternatives are compatible with files made in Microsoft’s programs. This way you can create and edit documents on macOS.

Image Credit: G Suite, Apple, LibreOffice, Calligra

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Microsoft Surface Studio Overheating While Gaming

The Microsoft Surface Studio is one of the best computers on the market, though the inability to use the screen as a regular monitor is a problem for many. Now, the device was created mainly for creators, which means, it is powerful enough to play some games.

Surface Studio overheating while gaming

Many owners have been using their Surface Studio to play all sorts of games, and with that comes a lot of problems. The latest we’ve come across is a user who complained about his Surface Studio overheating while gaming.

This particular user was having issues with Rainbow Six Siege and other games that were not named. With this in mind, we summarize the problem had nothing to do with the games themselves, but rather the computer.

Gaming related heat is nothing new, but when it comes down to the Surface Studio 2, we have to look into these because it is not a common occurrence:

Surface Diagnostic Toolkit

Heat transfer and airflow

Do not play demanding games

Update drivers and firmware

We will now talk about this problem in more detail.

1] Surface Diagnostic Toolkit

Most problems related to the Surface line of computers can be fixed by running the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit. The Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit is a lightweight, portable diagnostic tool that runs through a suite of tests to diagnose the hardware of Surface devices.

If there are any problems with the diagnostic tool to fix, then it will do so. There are times when the toolkit isn’t capable of getting the job done, so in that case, let’s look at some other options.

Related: Windows PC shuts down while gaming

2] Heat transfer and airflow

One of the main culprits that cause a Surface computer to overheat is the ventilation airways under the system. Some units also have these openings at the side and rear.

The user must check these vents to make sure nothing is stopping proper airflow. Be sure dust is not clogging the airways, and if that is the case, then bring it to a professional if you’re not versed in cleaning the device yourself. We recommend a can of compressed air if you want to DIY.

In some situations, depending on the extent of the dust, a complete pull down of the Surface Studio may be the only option to deliver a proper cleaning of components.

3] Do not play demanding games

Yes, the Surface Studio is a powerful computer, but it was not built primarily for gaming. Therefore, you should consider running games at low graphical settings to not place a lot of stress on the graphics card and CPU. If running the game at the lowest setting still doesn’t end the issue, then play something else.

One should also close all apps running in the background so that the game can gain access to all available memory and CPU resources.

4] Update drivers and firmware

The next step, then, is to download the latest drivers and firmware files if they are available. Simply visit chúng tôi to download the latest drivers and firmware for Surface. From here, you will want to choose the .MSI file that matches your current Windows OS build and hit Next.

Once the download is complete, run the file right away, then restart your computer to get things going.

We hope this post helps you.

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