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After using Microsoft products for more than a decade, I can safely vouch for Windows as one of the most comprehensive operating systems. The Windows operating system may have its own quirks, but at the same time, it is also known for its great features. Novabench is a benchmark software for Microsoft Windows devices. With this software, one will be able to test the computer’s processor, memory, hard drive, and performance of the graphics unit.

Novabench Benchmark Software for Windows

Benchmarks are often used to test a wide array of electronic devices including smartphones and laptops. That apart the benchmark software can also be used to test the health of the hardware and check if it is performing as intended. Usually, the benchmark programs will run a handful of tests and rank the hardware accordingly. The benchmarks can also be spread over different categories like gaming performance, web-browsing performance or even HD video playback. I used the Novabench, and the results have been pretty satisfying.

How to install and use Novabench

Novabench is available in both a free version and a Pro version. We tested out the free version and found it to be satisfactory for personal use. The installer file for the Novabench is around 100MB, and the installation is straightforward. Firing up the benchmark process is pretty simple too, and the whole process took very little time. Users can also choose to run individual tests instead of running all the tests.

On a separate note, I will recommend users to save their work on the Chrome browser, and any other program that is running since the software needs to close all the programs before running the benchmark tests. Also please note that the Novabench is not a stress or stability tester and thus cannot harm your system.

How to use the Novabench results

Well, the result not only tells the story of the health of your computer but also shows you how much the hardware has aged due to usage. Novabench also offers an option to compare your results with others online. This can be done by creating an account on the website, or you can also compare the results anonymously. Novabench also compares the hardware based on their model number.

Meanwhile, users can also re-run the individual tests from the benchmark results. The comparison of the results shows the performance in percentage, and this should be sufficient for most of the use cases. That being said Gamers might be better off using benchmark software like 3D Mark instead of Novabench.

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Why use benchmarking software

Many of us don’t see the need to use a free benchmark software for Windows machines. Well, the answer is simple, to know the performance of your hardware. As with any other components, the hardware performance will also gradually decrease with prolonged usage, and this is something you can check by using Novabench. Remember how Microsoft was earlier accused of throttling Surface laptop performance? Well, it is things like this that you can uncover using benchmarks.

Another strong use case is to verify the specifications of your new components. Some of us prefer building PC rigs, and a benchmark test is a good way to check whether or not the performance of a particular component matches its specifications.

You can download the free version of Novabench from its homepage.

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9 Best Email Extractor Software For Windows 10/11

9 Best Email Extractor Software for Windows 10/11 Establish the filters and extract your preferred email addresses




Email extractors help you quickly build a database of your customers by scanning entire websites of email addresses, extracting this info, and saving it to files. 

There are many software tools designed to harvest email addresses, but the best ones are user-friendly and feature-rich.

For example, they can identify duplicate email addresses and add only one copy to your list.

We’ve compiled some of the best email extractor software in the list below, so make your pick.

Email extractor software involves an email address harvester. In other words, an email extractor tool extracts email addresses from the Internet.

You are able to determine any search criteria which can be a domain name, a search engine, and a keyword.

There are lots of email extractor tools on the market, and we chose the best nine of them, just to make your choice much easier.

What’s the best email extractor to collect email addresses?

Outreach is one of the key components of successful marketing and online money-making.

That is why you will need an email extractor software that will penetrate the deepest layers of the internet and find for you valuable emails of top management levels. gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is one of the most popular options right now. It scrapes the website of the company and then analyses the adjacent positions attached to the emails.

The bulk email finder is one of the most useful and time-saving options if you have lots of companies and names to scrape. Also, you can see the freshness of the mail and conclude if it is good for you or not.

Other key features of chúng tôi include:

Verify the deliverability of any email address

Transparent policy only uses public sources

Domain Search

Author finder

The email verification feature is also great for email protection which makes sure that your emails won’t get to the spam folder as often. It also comes with Zapier integration for seamless synchronization between apps and management tools.

With it, you can extract emails in fast mode. All you have to do is to add the URLs you want the emails extracted from and start the process.

Another great functionality is the elimination of duplicate addresses. You will have less selection and deleting work thus speeding up your workflow.

You can also select to keep the emails you really want and focus on the important addresses by using the “dig up to level” function.

Technocom Email Extractor claims to be one of the fastest software of its kind, with a powerful engine and plenty of filtering options.

Users of this software can save the email addresses found in different formats, including CSV and TXT.

The tool is very easy to use. Just enter the URL of the website you want to extract email addresses from and let the utility conduct the scan.

Other key features of Technocom include:

Criteria and filtering

Select dig levels

Displays a list of all addresses found

You can download it for free and test it and you also can directly buy it from the links below.

In fact, the program is able to scan and extract contact data (such as business name, phone, and email address) of thousands of companies directly from the Yellow Pages websites all over the world.

It’s easy and intuitive. Just select the desired country, choose a category, a location, and a keyword and press the “Get Data” button. At the end of the extraction process, you can export all records to Excel or CSV.

The software is very easy to use, you can start your search in just a few minutes.

Just download and install the application following the prompts in the install wizard and then launch the app. 

On the main screen, you will see many different source sites. You can select your favorite and start the search.

Exports data as CSV

Can export individual or bulk email lists

Supports sources for many different locations

The program is constantly updated and new sources are added monthly.

Not only that but if the person of interest is not publicly displayed on any website anywhere, the program uses clever algorithms to generate a professional email address for you.

That being said, as long as a person has an email address that adheres to a certain format, chúng tôi will get it for you in mere seconds, saving you precious time otherwise scanning a website that might not even be displayed there.

The application features an easy-to-use interface. It is a great tool if you are looking for the contact information of a specific person, as it lets you provide names.

Other key features of chúng tôi include:

Browser extension

CSV download

API Access

The program is available via web browser, so there’s no additional software to install, and the price plans are quite accessible, with a free version available so you can test out just how good it is.

⇒ Get

This email extractor software for Windows 10 and Windows 11 can help you stay organized by automatically deleting any duplicates within your emails and contact lists.

The software is able to save you plenty of time and create comprehensive emailing lists with very little effort on your part.

It can extract email addresses from the web and local files as well.

You can set it up and carry on with more important tasks. The software uses very few system resources and it can run smoothly in the background.

Other key features of Email Extractor Pro include:

Easy to use, user-friendly interface

Fast and powerful engine

Easy to install/uninstall

High-quality support from a professional team

Despite the fact that the tool is lightweight and it won’t take up lots of space on your system, its speed rate is awe-inspiring.

⇒ Get Email Extractor Pro

Gmail Email Extractor can harvest email ids in bulk from Gmail, and this tool is small but effective at the same time. It has mastery in fetching email IDs from the Gmail account.

Users of this email extractor for Windows are able to harvest email IDs directly from Gmail folders. It scans your inbox, sent, drafts and other folders you may have and generates an email list of all contacts found.

The tool also gives the option to fetch email IDs from fields including To, CC, From, BCC, and so on. 

The process is very straightforward and effortless on your part. Just set up the soft and it will automatically generate a comprehensive email list.

The tool also takes care of duplicates so you will not have to come back and fix this issue manually.

Other key features of Gmail Email Extractor include:

Extract name and email addresses

Download extracted data as a CSV file

Extract from unread emails

This is a premium service, but you can benefit from a free trial and try it out first.

⇒ Get Gmail Email Extractor

GSA Email Spider allows you to collect and extract emails and also phone and fax numbers from websites around the whole world.

The tool will enable you to use specific keywords and the sites will be analyzed by the app using the keyword that you previously entered.

The tool is able to spider, grab, crawl, rip, harvest, and extract items.

Not only does this email extractor gather addresses from your inbox, but it can also identify them on specific websites.

Along with that, it is also able to extract phone and fax numbers. It also lets you harvest emails with the help of search engines (300+ included).

Support for HTTPS websites

Support for SSL-only email providers

Protection from anti-spider engines

Javascript analysis

⇒ Get GSA Email Spider

Top Lead Extractor can extract email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, Skype, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ IDs from the web.

Communicating with your friends by Skype or phone, or SMS messages is often more effective than sending them bulk emails, and that’s why this tool will find and collect information for you in just a couple of minutes.

Top Lead Extractor can extract email addresses, landline contact information, mobile phone, and fax numbers, as well as contact information for Skype, MSN, and ICQ IDs.

This application extracts the information using information available in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and so on.

It is designed to extract the data with various criteria and options in order to provide relevant results for its users.

Other key features of Top Lead Extractor include:

Filtering options

Save search results in different files

Effortless user interface

It can process hundreds of contacts per second from multiple sources at once. The tool uses multithread technology.

⇒ Get Top Lead Extractor

Email Grabber allows you to extract email addresses from various websites automatically. This is a fast email extractor that uses multiple simultaneous connections in order to scan more URLs at the same time and also as fast as possible.

Email Grabber uses its own Search Wizard option where you can provide either a website URL or keywords and then let it conduct its research.

The tool crawls the web and collects all email addresses it finds.

You can customize your search by using the level filter and URL filters.

This email extraction application lets you filter your search by restricting the number of levels allowed.

In case you want to interrupt a search session, you can save it and resume it later on, so no data gets lost.

Other key features of Email Grabber include:

Extract addresses in multiple formats

Remove duplicates

Available for Windows and macOS

The software navigates the web by searching for email addresses, and it performs this incredibly fast saving you lots of time. Email Grabber comes with tools that allow you to guide the software so you can keep the search focused on your objective.

⇒ Get Email Grabber

These are the best seven tools for extracting emails and as you can see they all come with unique features.

Visit their official web pages to find out more details about these programs and choose the one that you like the most according to your needs.

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Essential Software And Features For A New Windows 10 Pc

As Apple and Android battle to become the undisputed ruler of the smartphone and tablet world, Microsoft continues to focus on one of its core products for the PC market—the Windows operating system. Thanks to a continuous supply of new apps and features, Windows continues to be invaluable to millions of people worldwide.

Whether you’re a novice user or a PC pro, there are essential software and features that you’ll need to use if you want to get the most out of a Windows installation. We’ve compiled some of the best Windows software and examples of the best features in Windows 10 to help you get started.

Table of Contents

The 6 Essential Software Applications for Windows

To streamline your installation, Microsoft doesn’t include a huge amount of software by default, other than some basic “essentials” like Paint and Edge.

You’ll need to download and install additional essential software to make the most of your Windows 10 PC. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are some of the best Windows software currently available.

The default Movies & TV app in Windows 10 is easy to use, but it’s light on features and won’t play every type of video file. That’s why you’ll need to consider installing VLC Media Player on every Windows PC you own. VLC is completely free to download and use.

If your video file isn’t encrypted or corrupt, VLC should play it. It comes with support for almost every single type of media file imaginable, including live streams and DVDs.

Rather than relying on the default Microsoft Edge browser, you should consider downloading and using Google Chrome on your Windows PC instead. Simple and quick to use, Chrome lets you customize the browsing experience the way you want it.

Chrome also includes other useful features like a built-in password manager, tabbed browsing windows, and “incognito” private browsing to keep certain websites out of your browsing history.

If Chrome isn’t for you, then you could download and use Mozilla Firefox instead. 

Microsoft Office, the premium productivity suite, has been essential to businesses and home offices since 1990. Whether you’re writing a letter, creating a presentation or sorting out your finances, Office has all of the tools you’ll need to get working.

Office is designed to provide a seamless experience, with apps to complement each of your working tasks. For instance, you could create documents in Word, create a presentation in PowerPoint, then email them to colleagues in Outlook. 

There are also other products available, like Access (for databases), depending on your Office package. It isn’t available for free, and you can either purchase Office as a one-off purchase or as a subscription with Office 365. 

LibreOffice exists as a free alternative, with many of the same tools. Check out our LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office comparison to see which is the best option for your needs.

If BleachBit is good enough for Hillary Clinton, it’s good enough for you to use to safely wipe junk and potentially sensitive files from your PC as part of your regular PC maintenance. As an open-source project, the chances of BleachBit ever being compromised by malware is as close to zero as possible—unlike CCleaner.

Whenever you uninstall software, trace files are left behind—these are the files that BleachBit removes when it scans your PC. It’ll also remove your internet browsing history, including any browser tracking cookies that have been stored on your PC, as well as remove files from your recycle bin and left-over files from Windows updates. 

Windows 10 can create and open ZIP files, but it’s a pretty basic, and any ZIP files you create won’t be optimized for the best encryption or compression. You’ll need to install 7-Zip if you want to create more complex archive files.

This free, open-source file management tool supports every kind of archive file, including ZIP, GZIP and RAR. It also has its own file type (7Z), which supports AES-256 encryption and a high level of compression to reduce the size of your archive.

You can add password protection to your archive files, as well as customize the compression method (choosing fast over security, or vice versa). You can also use 7-Zip as a file manager, letting you view your files and folders.

If you want to keep your files secure from a system failure, you’ll need to consider cloud storage. Dropbox is a ready-to-go cloud storage solution for Windows, offering 2GB of free storage for you to back up your files.

The files and folders you save to the Dropbox folder, accessible from within File Explorer, are automatically backed up to Dropbox’s servers. Dropbox files are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption for maximum security.

You can expand your initial 2GB of free storage with additional paid plans, from 2TB to 5TB, or unlimited storage for teams and businesses.

The 5 Essential Features in Windows

While the basic Windows layout hasn’t changed too much since 1995, it’s an entirely different beast under the hood these days. Each Windows release brings new features, each with its own benefits to improve the user experience.

We couldn’t pick them all, but here’s a selection of some of the most essential features you’ll expect to see in Windows 10.

Multitasking With Virtual Desktops

Unless you have a second monitor, your screen real estate can fill up pretty quickly with open windows, desktop shortcuts, and more. Mac and Linux users will already know the benefits of having multiple virtual desktops available to spread across—a feature that came to Windows with the release of Windows 10.

Improved productivity is the real reward for users who use virtual desktops on Windows 10. Rather than switch between open windows on a single desktop, you’re able to switch between them (fully open) in virtual desktops instead.

You might do this to separate your work and gaming apps, or just to give you more space while you work. There are no limits to the number of virtual desktops you can create.

You can also switch between them quickly by pressing the Windows + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow keys instead.

A New and Improved Smart Menu

The Smart Menu has been a staple of almost every major Windows release since 1995. A disastrous attempt to remove it in Windows 8 led to a new and improved revival with Windows 10, where it’s no longer “just” a list of your installed software. 

Acting as the control center for your Windows PC, the Start Menu gives you access to pretty much everything you need, including apps and settings, on your PC.

Split into two, the left-hand section lists your installed software, with recently installed apps listed at the top. It also provides you with quick-access buttons to access your files and photos, as well as to bring up your PC’s power menu. 

The right-hand section is customizable, with “live tiles” to display content from your favorite apps, as well as for updates on the latest news and on your unreal emails. It also allows you to add shortcuts to your favorite files and folders. You can categorize these tiles into different sections for greater clarity.

Built-In Malware Protection

With the dominant market share, Windows has always faced a problem with malware. Windows Defender (now named Windows Security) is Microsoft’s attempt to handle this problem head-on, providing users with built-in antivirus protection to act as a full replacement for third-party software.

Windows Security is enabled by default on any Windows PC that doesn’t have third-party antivirus protection installed. If Windows Security detects other antivirus software, it’ll mostly disable itself to prevent interference. 

Otherwise, Windows Security is designed to protect your Windows 10 installation from threats as soon as Windows is active. It protects your PC by running scheduled scans for the latest malware and viruses, with regular updates to keep your protection up-to-date.

Voice Control With Cortana

Cortana might not be the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant competitor that Microsoft originally hoped it would be, but it still provides you with a complete hands-free experience, letting you control your Windows PC using your voice. 

Using Cortana, you can perform searches, set reminders or timers, launch and control other apps, access files, control other smart devices, access your settings and more. 

It’s also possible to disable Cortana completely if you have concerns about Microsoft’s privacy policy.

Integrated Xbox Streaming

The Xbox Console Companion app, included with Windows 10, is the perfect accompaniment for Xbox gamers. It gives you complete control over your Xbox remotely, letting you download games, speak to your friends, and check out your gaming achievements. 

It’s best feature, however, is Xbox game streaming. That means you can play your Xbox games, with your Xbox controller or a chosen alternative, straight from your Windows PC. It streams the video output from your Xbox to your PC, letting you view it full-screen, or in a smaller window to let you play while other windows are visible.

With the Xbox Companion app, Microsoft is building an ecosystem that allows for greater flexibility on how, and where, you play your favorite games. For best use, you’ll need a wired connection, although you can reduce the quality of the connection for acceptable gameplay over a WiFi network.

Making the Most Of Windows

When you set up a new PC, these are some of the most essential software and features that you’ll be using, first and foremost. You may have your own preferences, and that’s fine—Windows is designed for maximum customization, letting you use the apps and settings that suit your needs the most. 

If you’ve just bought yourself a new Windows PC, get yourself up and running quickly by installing these apps first.

Best Windows 11 Backup Software

Though the latest Windows 11 is now almost stable. But you never know which update will bring new bugs and make your system ill. Most of the time, the errors get fixed with some simple troubleshooting. But, specific errors may necessitate wiping the entire system. And this is what drives us crazy. Therefore, it’s always recommended to take regular backups of their system to easily tackle these situations.

This is where backup software comes in handy. Looking for the best Windows 11 backup software can be overwhelming as a lot of different options are available out there. To help you choose the best backup utility for your Windows 11 PC, we’ve briefly talked about some of the best Windows backup software in this guide.

How To Choose the Best Windows 11 Backup Software?

File Backup: Of course, you’re looking for a backup tool, so it should definitely allow you to take backups with ease. It should let you generate backups of all system files, such as images, videos, documents, registry files, etc.

Image Backup/Imaging: Another thing you should make sure of is that the tool should also let you take backups of your system’s image with ease. So you can use the image backup to restore your Windows system if it crashes or anything bad happens without losing any important data.

Scheduling: Another thing you should consider while choosing a backup software for your Windows 11 PC is that it should also permit you to schedule backups so that you don’t need to take backups manually. 

Real-Time Backup: Besides the basic backup scheduling, it should also support taking real-time syncing and backups, like AOMEI Backupper.

Performance: The last and most important factor you should make sure of is that it doesn’t use so many resources while running the system’s background. Otherwise, it can affect your system’s performance.

So, these are some of the most important factors you should consider while selecting the best backup tool for your Windows 11 PC.

Best Backup Software For Windows 11

Here in this section, we’ve talked about some of the best Windows backup software that really works well on Windows 11. You can now read ahead and choose the best backup utility for your Windows 11 PC.

EaseUS Todo Backup is one of our favorite Windows 11 backup software, as it has an intuitive interface and all must-have functionalities. There are several other reasons to call it the best Windows backup utility. One of the most common reasons is that it lets you create backups of anything with ease.

For example, it lets you choose whether you want to take the backup of a specific file, entire disk, programs’ data, or the entire Windows system. You can easily store your backups in EaseUS’s cloud servers, system drives, and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

It also has a very amazing feature called Clone that lets you clone your entire drive’s partition in a few seconds to use it on another system. You would be amazed to know that you can even clone the entire system and store it anywhere.

Like other backup software, it also supports backup scheduling, which eliminates the process of creating backups manually. Nothing new, but it also lets you take incremental and differential backups, which most backup software supports.

One thing that’s worth mentioning about the EaseUS Todo Backup tool is its Security Zone feature. Simply put, it makes a new security partition on your system to store your backed data. The best part is that not even malware or virus can reach this partition and damage it.


Easy to Use Interface

Support All Backup Types

Built-In Backup Scheduling

Works Fast Enough

Integrated HDD to SSD Migration Tool


Free Version Has Very Limited Features

Problems in Managing Old Images

2. R-Drive Image 7

Another tool that’s worth talking about is R-Drive Image 7, which is a super-reliable, quick disk and partition imaging tool. One thing that’s worth appreciating about this backup software is that it really comes with a very easy-to-use user interface. You’ll easily get used to it in a few minutes and get the most out of it.

Along with an intuitive interface, it also comes with all primary backup features. Like every other Windows backup utility, it’s also developed to let you easily backup your Windows system’s image in seconds. Not only this, but you can also create backups of entire hard drives, individual disk partitions, and certain system files.

Moreover, it also supports creating all kinds of backups, such as full, incremental, differential, etc. This way, you can easily create any kind of backup you want. One thing that’s worth mentioning about this tool is that it lets you compress your disk image backups to store the system’s storage.

Additionally, it also allows you to secure image files by setting a password to them. This way, you can add extra protection to your disk image backups and protect them from unauthorized users. What we liked the most about this tool is that it also comes with a native image scanner tool, which automatically scans your disk image for errors and alerts you about the errors.

Similar to EaseUS Todo Backup, it also allows you to restore image backups anytime on any Windows system you want. To sum up, it’s excellent software for backing up the computer’s disk images.


Disk-to-Disk Copy

Scheduled Backups


Built-In Partition Manager

Lean-and-Mean Boot Media

New File and Folder Backup


Consumer Version Uses Proprietary Image Format

Low Backup Speed

3. Acronis True Image

You can even keep the backup in the cloud server. Moving further, Acronis True Image also lets you create a backup of the whole system image and use it to recover the system. It also has an integrated File archiving tool that allows you to archive large and old files present on your system to save the storage.

One thing that makes it different from other tools is a feature called Try Mode. It lets you try the app’s backup features on your backup without worrying about losing it. Like EaseUS Todo Backup, it also comes with an Acronis Secure Zone feature that creates a separate partition on your disk to store the backup so no one can access it.

What we liked the most about this tool is that it also has an integrated Antivirus tool that continuously scans your Windows system for malware or viruses and protects it. Like every other Windows backup software, it also allows you to restore backups anytime from your device’s storage or Acronis online cloud storage in a few seconds.

Like the EaseUS Todo Backup tool, it lets you duplicate the entire Windows system even while using it. What we didn’t like about this tool is that it takes a lot of storage on the system. Ultimately, it’s great backup software with all the essential image backup features and built-in security tools.



Restore Backups to Different Hardware Works

Options To Select the Type of Backup

Real-Time Malware Protection

Disk Drive Cloning


Bad User Interface

Setup Takes Time To Install

4. Retrospect Solo

Another backup software that we want you to try is Retrospect Solo. It’s one of the most renowned Windows 11 backup software, as it has been in the market for around a decade and works well, as expected. No doubt, it comes with an easy-to-use user interface and all the necessary features to carry out all system backup without any issues.

Like other backup tools, it also supports taking full, incremental, and differential backups. Besides this, it also supports one more backup type called Bock-Level, which other tools don’t support. In simple terms, Block-Level backup means only taking the backup of only changed portions of a specific file. 

One thing that makes it different from other Windows backup tools is its Pre-backup File-System Scanning functionality. This functionality prevents you from overwriting your previous backups infected with viruses and malware. Otherwise, you’ll end up infecting your existing backups as well and losing everything.

Also, it would be wrong to say it’s only a backup tool, as it also comes with an integrated antivirus tool. Though, it doesn’t work in real-time like Windows’ built-in Defender Antivirus tool. But it’s indeed really accurate and fast. 

When you take new backups, it checks how much data has changed since the previous backup. If it notices that many changes have been made to the data, it immediately alerts you.

The best part is it doesn’t start overwriting an existing backup so that you recover it with ease. It also lets you encrypt your backups with a password, which helps you keep them safe from unauthorized users. You can even compress your backups to save your system’s storage.

This is so useful because backups take a lot of storage, which sometimes slows down the system. To sum up, Retrospect Solo is a great backup software. 


Easy To Use

Good Performance

Built-In Antivirus Tool

Essential Options Like Compression and Encryption


Easy To Use but Still Takes Some Time To Get Fully Used to It

5. Perfect Backup

Like other backup tools, it also lets you choose where you want to store your system backups. For example, you can store your backups locally, network drives, FTP storage, etc. This tool amazed us because it also lets you save backups in cloud services: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.

It’s really commendable to see that a free tool offers this function. This is because most backup tools only let you store the backup in their own cloud storage, which also comes at some price. It also allows you to create all types of backups, such as full, incremental, differential, or any other backup type you know.

You can set conditions on your backups. For instance, you can command the tool when to take the backup, the number of copies it should create, etc. Another thing we liked the most about this tool is that it lets you compress the backups to Zip files.

You can even encrypt the Zip file by setting a password to it. Overall, we liked this tool a lot. You should definitely go ahead with this tool if you want a free backup tool for your Windows 11 PC.


Easy To Use Interface

Available for Free

Support Cloud Storages


Image Backups Is Missing

Must Be Loaded for Scheduled Backups

6. NovaBackup

NovaBackup is an amazing Windows backup software that has all essential backup features. Besides essential backup features, it also features a simple-to-use user appearance. But the interface is quite outdated, which feels like you’re using a Windows XP’s era programs. Luckily, it doesn’t impact the user experience.

Talking about its primary functionality. NovaBackup also lets you create backups of a particular file or folder. You only need to select the data you want to backup and simply select the destination where you want to store the backup. 

Similar to Perfect Backup, it also lets you upload backups to cloud storage like Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. You can even store a copy of your backup in external storage and locally on your Windows system.

Moving further, NovaBackup also enables you to create a system’s image backup, which can be used to recover the system, if it crashes or gets infected by malware. You can even install it on another Windows PC and use it with the same data and settings. One thing we really liked about this tool is that it lets you schedule backups.

You can automatically create a backup every minute, hour, daily, weekly, and monthly. NovaBackup also comes with some other useful features. For instance, you can quickly copy an entire destination, including all the data, and paste it into another destination.

One of the drawbacks of NovaBackup is that some of its features are available at some cost. For instance, cloud storage support comes at some cost. You can’t store your backup in online storage without paying for it. Otherwise, it’s excellent backup software. 


Very Simple To Make an Image Backup

Highly Secure

Vast Knowledge Base

Various Business Options

Easy To Use

Great Customer Support

Very Quick Compared to Other Utilities


Outdated User Interface

7. Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup is a freemium Windows backup utility that is known for offering all vital features with a simple UI. This backup software is good for both personal and commercial use. But we think it’s best for commercial use only. This is because most features are intended for commercial use.

You can again use the Uranium Backup software to backup your files and folders present on your system with ease. Like other backup utilities, it also allows you to backup your Windows system’s image. Again, it supports creating incremental and differential backups using the Uranium Backup tool, which most tools support. 

After creating the backup, it also lets you select where you want to store your backups, such as an external hard disk, CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray, and other storage devices. You can also store your backups in your different cloud storage, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

If you store something confidential on your system and want that other users can’t access it, you can also password-protect your backup. One thing we liked about this utility is that it enables you to backup your virtual machine and use it on another system.

So, if you’ve created a virtual machine on your Windows system, and want to use it on another PC, then this functionality can help you. You can even use it to recover a HYPER-V virtual machine by simply connecting the external storage, which has a backup of it.

To sum up, it’s excellent Windows backup software. So, if you want a backup tool with a clean interface and mostly professional features, Uranium Backup is the perfect tool to go with. 


Clean & Easy To Use Interface

Support Cloud Clients, Like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc

Guaranteed Security

Cost of Licensing Is Very Low

Easy To Install and Configure

Backup Copies Either on a CD/DVD

Sends Report by Email


Some Options May Seem Difficult To Understand

Best for Business, Not for the Consumer

Uses a Lot of System Resources

8. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is an excellent Windows backup software that features a well-designed and simple user interface. Believe it or not. Its user interface is much better than the interface of other programs mentioned in this guide. So, along with a simple user interface, it also comes with all must-have backup and restore functions, which makes it suitable for both personal and professional use.

Like every other Windows backup utility, its primary function is also to let you create backups and restore them anytime you want. Using this tool, you can generate backups of a particular hard disk, partition, file, and folder with ease. One thing that’s worth mentioning about AOMEI Backupper is that it also allows you to backup the entire Windows system.

You can store your backups in an external hard drive, USB flash drive, and NAS. The best part is you can also save them in cloud storage. But sadly, it doesn’t support third-party cloud storage. You can only store them in AOMEI’s own cloud storage, which is free but to some extent only.

Using AOMEI Backupper, you can also clone your entire hard drive and disk partition within a few seconds. AOMEI Backupper also has a really interesting feature that automatically syncs the changed files from the source directory to your destination directory in real time.

Adding to it, it also features some useful integrated utilities that make managing systems and data much easier. Some of these utilities are Disk Wipe, Image Verification, Create Bootable Media, Split Image File, etc. Overall, it’s a great tool, and we think you should try this. 


Easy to Use & Clean Interface

Integrated Backup Syncing Feature

Best For Personal As Well As Professional Use

Supports Disk & Partition Cloning

Additional Tools to Manage System & Data Efficiently

Solid Backup/Restoration Speeds

Supports Backup Scheduling


No Bootable USB Drives

Doesn’t Backup All Files

No Encryption Options

No Dedicated Online Backup


What Is Backup Software?

Backup software is a program that lets you create copies of your system’s files and folders or the complete system. You can also generate the backup of the system’s programs and other data with ease using the backup software. These tools also let you take a backup of the computer’s image, which can be used to recover the PC if something goes wrong.  

Does Windows 11 Have Backup Software?

The new Windows 11 comes with a native backup tool called Backup and Restore (Windows 7). It lets you easily generate a backup of your Windows system’s image, which includes all the information about your system. You can access this tool in the System and Security section of your PC’s Control Panel program.

What Is the Best Free Backup Software for Windows 11?

One of the best free backup software for Windows 11 is NovaBackup. It has all the essential features that are necessary to take backups with ease. Moreover, it also features an intuitive user interface. Besides this, there are several other free backup software that works well with Windows 11, such as AOMEI Backupper, EaseUS Todo Backup, etc.

Can Windows 10 Backup Be Used on Windows 11?

You can use your Windows 10 backup on a Windows 11 PC. To do so, you need to connect an external hard drive to your Windows 10 PC and upload the image backup into it using a third-party backup software. Once you’ve imported your Windows 10 backup into your external hard drive, then connect it to your Windows 11 system and use the same third-party backup software to restore the backup from your drive. 

What Is the Best Way To Backup Windows 11?

There are several ways to backup a Windows 11 PC. But one of the best ways to backup a Windows 11 PC is using the Windows integrated backup utility called, Backup and Restore (Windows 7). You can access this utility in the System and Security section of your Windows 11 PC’s Control Panel program.

Final Words

Here in this guide, we talked about some of the best Windows 11 backup software in detail. If this guide helped you choose the right backup software for your Windows 11 PC, then let us know which one it is. 

4 Best Bengali Typing Software For Windows 10

4 Best Bengali Typing Software for Windows 10 [Free Download] A list of the best of software to type and learn Bengali easily




To type languages like Bengali, you need specialized software to get the special symbols and keyboard mappings.

One of the features you need to look for in Bengali typing software is the ease of use.

Some of the best options on our list have a built-in English-to-Bengali dictionary.

The usual keyboard of a computer is in English. However, there are thousands of languages people speak around the world. Not everyone prefers writing in English or may choose to write in any other language for professional reasons.

That’s why Windows offers 202 keyboard layouts allowing you to write in over 7000 languages.

Recently, people also need to write in different languages due to the rise of the transcription industry. Bengali is one of those languages that people use in the transcription industry.

With over 230 million Bengali speakers in the Bengal region belonging to South Asia, this language is highly in demand. All they need to do is to download and add your preferred language to your system.

However, you would need separate software for added functionalities like special symbols and key mappings. Those who want to write in the Bangla language would need to download the PC software for Bangla typing.

We have listed some of the best free Bangla typing software for Windows that can help transcribe in Bengali effortlessly.

LipiKaar – Highly reponsive

Avro Keyboard – Built-in English-to-Bangla keyboard

BanglaWord – Full word processing software

Easy Learn Bangla – Easy to use

LipiKaar is one of the leading PC software for Bangla typing that’s a typing system. This responsive and easy-to-use software helps users type in Bengali using the usual English keyboard.

The best part is that even if you are not proficient in English, you can use it easily since it helps you think in Bengali.

It works on a straightforward concept that helps users memorize words meticulously. In fact, it helps users to type even the most intricate words easily. This is why it is regarded as one of the best Bangla typing software.

It’s very different from transcription, as it allows the users to have complete typing commands. Developed for professional use, this program requires no keyboard stickers.

Price: the free version is available, and the pro version starts from Rs. 299

⇒ Get LipiKaar

Avro Keyboard is the ultimate Bangla software package that’s completely Unicode based. This resourceful and customizable software implements all the popular Bangla typing techniques from India and Bangladesh in one interface.

The integrated Bengali spell checker makes it easier for the users to generate a flawless copy.

It also supports English to Bangla phonetic typing for home users. While beginners can use the Mouse-Based Bangla typing function, experts can use the traditional keyboard map for Bangla typing.

The best part is that the program features its effortless transcription scheme, which all the English inspires Bengali transcription software.

It’s especially beneficial for learning and is known for its user-friendly typing speed.

The floating preview Window, on the other hand, allows users to see how their English text is converted to Bangla on the spot.

What’s more? It even features an English-to-Bangla dictionary that contains around 150000 Bangla words and an auto-correct function for added support.

Expert tip:

Price: Freeware

⇒ Get Avro Keyboard

BanglaWord is a clever word processing or typing software specially designed for those who want to write Bengali documents. The program lets you key in the Bangla text using only vowels and consonants.

The program automatically inserts the conjunct characters wherever possible or per the user’s requirement.

The Bengali alphabet is phonetically diagrammed on the usual keyboard in QWERTY format and is distinct from the Bangla font.

This lessens any learning curve required in the beginning and eliminates the need for material template design.

Moreover, the BanglaWord software enables users to send emails straight from the program with attached BanglaWord documents and RTF format text.

Additionally, it supports 200 plus Bengali fonts, offers a full word processing package, implements SmartBangla Typing Technology, and more.

Price: the free version is available on request, and the pro version available for $52.90

⇒ Get BanglaWord

Read more about this topic

9 Quickest Ways to Lock Your Windows 10 PC

Disk at 99% in Windows 10? You Can Fix It in 8 Steps

As the name suggests, Easy Learn Bangla intends to help users learn to read, speak, and write in Bengali proficiently.

It’s easy-to-learn software that’s perfect for tourists, school kids, and vacation planners as it helps them learn Bengali quickly. It’s also useful for business travelers and Bengali-speaking children from different countries.

From the introduction to the language or learning to read, write, and create the alphabet to making complete sentences in Bengali, it helps users learn Bangla pretty efficiently.

Price: 1day free trial available, a pro version priced at $15

⇒ Get Easy Learn Bangla

So, make your choice and start writing proficiently with these easy-to-use programs.

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How Virtual Desktop In Windows 11 Is Different From Windows 10?

How Virtual Desktop in Windows 11 Is Different From Windows 10? How To Use Virtual Desktop in Windows 11? What is a Virtual Desktop in Windows 11? How Different Is It From Windows 10’s Virtual Desktop?

To improve productivity and to provide a distinct desktop for individual tasks, you can now create separate desktops in Windows 11. You can have an individual set of programs on each virtual desktop and you can even have a separate background for each.

How is Windows 11 Virtual Desktop Different From Windows 10?

You must be wondering that when the Virtual Desktop feature even exists in Windows 10 so how is it any different in Windows 11? Microsoft has revamped the Virtual Desktop in Windows 11. With Windows 11, Microsoft has removed the Windows Timeline and in its place, it has put a much simpler and sleeker Desktops icon.

How To Create A Virtual Desktop in Windows 11?

How To Switch Virtual Desktops?

2. Choose your desired virtual desktop and switch over from your current desktop.

Alternatively, You Can Even Use Shortcut To Switch Between Virtual Windows

3. You can even use a shortcut to switch between virtual desktops. All you have to do is press Windows and Tab keys simultaneously on your keyboard. When you will do this a Task View interface will open

4. Next, using arrow keys you can choose your desired desktop

5. When you are sure of the desktop you want to choose, press the Enter key

How To Close A Virtual Desktop

Let’s presume that you no more need a virtual desktop or find that several virtual desktops are cluttering your workspace. In that scenario, you can close a desired virtual desktop. To do that –

2. Next, hover over your mouse on a virtual desktop that you want to close. You will instantly see X icon (close button) indicating that you can close the virtual desktop.

But, If I Close A Virtual Desktop Where Will The Foreground Programs Go?

Even if you close a virtual desktop, you don’t have to worry about losing your workflow because when you close the virtual desktop in Windows 11, all the foreground programs will move to the virtual desktop preceding the closed virtual desktop.

How Can I Change The Order of Virtual Desktops In Windows 11 or Have A Separate Background? Wrapping Up Quick Reaction:

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