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TRACKR offers two monitoring solutions: Proactive Monitoring and Retroactive Tracking. Proactive Monitoring lets users keep an eye on their wallet activities in real-time and receive timely notifications through their chosen channel when there are unauthorized actions triggered in the monitored wallet. Delivery channels include familiar apps like Telegram or email, as well as Webhooks for customized reporting.

On the other hand, Retroactive Monitoring is for users and companies who have already been affected by a security breach. This type of monitoring allows them to find out where precisely the hacked assets end up, and trace movements at every step of the hack. 

Whether you are an individual, a token project or a crypto exchange, TRACKR can help you avoid the worst case scenarios and better secure your assets. 

To understand how TRACKR works, let’s imagine a blockchain project named XYZ FinTech, which currently owns 20 different wallets. These are a mix of hot and cold wallets for different purposes. 

XYZ FinTech has set up TRACKR to monitor all 20 wallets across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Bitcoin networks. The BSC and Ethereum wallets each hold many types of tokens. With Proactive Monitoring, XYZ FinTech can set up standard notifications so that any transactions above US$10,000 worth are immediately reported to their team members’ Telegram, as well as their internal reporting system connected via webhook. 

Several weeks go by. The team makes frequent transactions above US$10,000 and receives corresponding notifications conveniently to their Telegram and internal accounting system. The team feels confident and well-informed with their crypto treasury, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day operations. 

One day, a breach unfortunately happens, where a malicious hacker steals BTC, BEP20 tokens and Ethereum from 13 out of their 20 wallets. It happens all at once within a matter of minutes, and the hacker starts distributing the stolen assets to different external wallets. This event triggers TRACKR’s Retroactive Monitoring, automatically following the flow of funds, including any buy and sell of the assets. 

The XYZ FinTech team immediately transfers all remaining assets to a cold vault wallet, in order to prevent any further breaches. This step is crucial to prevent further losses, which is only possible with real-time notification triggers. The team avoided the worst-case scenario of losing everything thanks to TRACKR. 

When the hacker sends the stolen assets to other addresses, TRACKR records every movement of the transactions. While TRACKR traces XYZ FinTech’s assets, it collates all of the asset’s movements and information about the breach through PARSIQ’s Google Sheets integration, providing their team with an easy-to-understand data pool. Data is also fed into the company’s internal accounting system for visual tracking of the flow of funds. This provides them with the exact location of where the assets are and in what form. 

Meanwhile, XYZ FinTech reaches out to PARSIQ for immediate support. 

From the data generated by TRACKR, XYZ FinTech and PARSIQ teams analyzed that most of their assets ended up in several big exchanges whose wallets have been previously identified by PARSIQ. The teams contact these exchanges immediately, requesting a freeze on the hacked funds deposited into the exchanges. This is another important aspect that TRACKR makes possible – to make timely decisions on who and how to contact exchanges or “chokepoints”.

Retrieving stolen funds becomes tricky if the hacker is able to convert the funds within the exchange, and make their escape. In this scenario, TRACKR helped XYZ FinTech to freeze all stolen assets at the deposit stage of exchanges, which makes funds retrieval possible. 

XYZ FinTech works closely with the PARSIQ team to coordinate on public communication and inform token holders of what is happening. Once the assets are frozen, law enforcement takes over, and XYZ Finance recovers the stolen funds back to their treasury wallets. 

With TRACKR, blockchain projects can now protect their wallets and track any asset stolen from their addresses. Simply setup the monitoring system one-time for the project’s wallets, and choose how to get notified for any unauthorized events. When a breach happens, TRACKR will follow and trace the funds with flexible reporting methods, providing the project with a detailed report of the assets’ movements. Through this data, the project can choose a course of action to mitigate the hack. Projects won’t need to scramble and look for ways to reverse the hack since they are ready whenever the breach occurs. 

Provide projects with continuous “watchdog” monitoring on crypto wallets for various blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and more. 

Allow users to be well prepared in case of hacks or unauthorized transactions.

Receive industry support and networking from PARSIQ’s expert team

Mitigate hacks and breaches through real-time response management and analysis 

With the right tools, projects can protect their assets, analyze their funds’ movements in real-time and get world-class support from the PARSIQ team during the most critical times. No matter what happens in the crypto world, being well-prepared is no doubt a smart approach.

You're reading Parsiq Introduces Trackr: A Crypto Monitoring System

Best Tracking & Monitoring Software

The world has changed drastically these past few years. Technology has evolved rapidly and brought us many benefits, but it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. After all, with technology come many pleasures and temptations. And nobody is perfect.

Cheating is rampant, and once-unassailable marriages are falling apart. There are hitherto unforeseen, unanticipated dangers around every corner – both for you and your loved ones. The recent pandemic has only contributed to all the chaos.

Sometimes You Need a Loyal Watchdog & Private Investigator

Fortunately, with every problem, there’s a solution. In the Digital Age, you can use a digital spy phone app to protect your interests. If there’s something untoward going on, the app will help you figure it out. When you need clarity and direction, a spy app can be your best friend.

Cocospy is a premier, top-rated phone monitoring solution. It works remotely and is 100% undetectable and safe.

What Do You Get From a Phone Spy App?

You can access all the activities happening on the target phone from an intuitive web control panel. You get regular updates on what’s going on.

Calls and call logs.


SMS and iMessage.

GPS tracking and Geofence.

Installed apps.

Social media activities.

Calendar tracking.

Web browser history.

Photos and videos.

Is Using a Phone Spy App Ethical?

This is a frequent question we have to field, being in this somewhat controversial niche we are in. In the end, we believe, intentions matter the most. Are you spying to protect yourself and figure out the truth?

If you have pure intentions, then we don’t think it’s wrong. Sometimes when everyone is lying to you or the truth is out of reach, you have no choice but to spy on someone. Ultimately, you have to decide the ethics bit for yourself.

Mandatory disclaimer: Cocospy is designed for legal use. Check your local laws before using this software.

Spying on My Kids – Will This Affect them in Any Way?

Cocospy is used actively by parents worldwide. It’s a parental control solution as much as it is a spy tool. So if you’re trying to keep tabs on your children and make sure they remain out of trouble, it’s not going to affect them in any way.

Most children don’t want to be supervised. Most of them will go to great lengths to hide their activities from their parents. This includes disabling or blocking any conventional parental control apps. That’s where covert spy apps like Cocospy come in.

Spying on My Partner – Is this Going to Affect Our Relationship?

Sometimes partners lie and cheat. If you’re in a toxic relationship, we think you deserve to know the truth.

Undeniable Benefits of Phone Spy Software.

Find out who your loved ones are in touch with: Is your child being bullied online or targeted by a pervert? Is an ex in touch with your partner? You can figure out what your loved ones are doing and if they are in any danger.

Follow their movements: Where do your loved ones head off to when they’re outside? Is your child skipping school or visiting the bad part of town? You can keeptabs on someone’s movements remotely from your phone or PC.

Find out if they are faithful: Is your partner faithful and true to you? Or are they lying to you and maybe even sleeping with someone else? Instead of hiring an expensive private investigator, you can track your partner with phone monitoring software.

Keep your children safe: If your child is in trouble, you need to intervene quickly. Children are especially vulnerable and susceptible to harm. They get depressed and it may harm your child’s future. With phone monitoring software like Cocospy, you can keep them safe.

Protect your business: In the US, it is legal to monitor company-issued devices if you inform your employees beforehand. You can supervise your employees and make sure they don’t do anything inappropriate during work hours.

Save money and time: Without a phone spy app, you would be forced to hire a private investigator. Either that or do the investigating yourself. It’s a huge time and money sink. A spy phone app can save you a great deal of money and time.

Use privately: Best of all, Cocospy is a completely private and anonymous solution. The software name isn’t mentioned on your bank statement. Further, you can use Cocospy privately – it won’t collect your data. Finally, it’s a 100% hidden solution.

5 Best Server Remote Monitoring Tools

5 Best Server Remote Monitoring Tools [2023 List] Some of the most reliable tools you must try




Server remote monitoring is a method that keeps track of and keeps an eye on the functionality and health of servers from a distance.

Any of the tools we discuss in this guide will serve businesses and individuals well. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Server remote monitoring is a process that tracks and monitors the performance and health of servers from a remote location.

With the help of specialized software, administrators can monitor and manage servers, even if they are located in different locations. This can be particularly useful for organizations with multiple servers or those needing to monitor servers in remote locations.

Improved uptime – With remote server monitoring, administrators can quickly identify and resolve issues that may cause a server to go down. This can help to improve uptime and reduce downtime.

Increased efficiency – Remote monitoring tools can automate many routine tasks, such as software updates, backups, and performance monitoring, which can help to increase efficiency and reduce the workload of administrators.

Cost savings – Remote monitoring tools can help to reduce the costs associated with managing servers. This can be particularly useful for organizations with multiple servers or those needing to monitor servers in remote locations.

Greater visibility – Remote monitoring tools provide detailed information about the performance and health of servers, which can help administrators to identify potential issues and take proactive measures to prevent problems.

Proactive monitoring – Remote monitoring tools allow administrators to monitor servers in real-time and receive alerts past certain thresholds. This can help them to take proactive measures to prevent problems.

Now, let us explore some tools you should try out.

Zabbix is an open-source monitoring tool that can be used to monitor servers, network devices, and services.

It provides high performance and scalability and can monitor large, complex networks with thousands of hosts and devices.

Zabbix can monitor remote servers by installing Zabbix agents on the remote servers and configuring Zabbix to monitor the agents.

The agents can collect various performance metrics and send them back to the Zabbix server, which can then analyze the data and send notifications when it detects a problem.

Zabbix can monitor servers by checking their CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, and network traffic. It can also monitor services running on servers, such as HTTP, FTP, and SSH, and custom services using Zabbix templates.

Zabbix also provides a web interface that allows administrators to view the status of all monitored resources and services and to view historical data for analysis. It also supports alerting via various methods, such as e-mail, SMS, or custom scripts.

Additionally, Zabbix has a powerful data visualization feature, allowing administrators to create custom graphs and charts. These are useful in identifying trends, patterns, and outliers in the data. Lastly in all, this is very helpful in identifying and troubleshooting issues.

Some features we love are the following:

Problem detection

Metric collection

Data visualization

⇒ Get Zabbix

That is as far as we will be sharing in this article. With these tools, you can achieve as much remote server monitoring as you desire.

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Become A System Rescue Guru With Linux, Part 1

SystemRescueCD comes with WindowMaker for folks who prefer a graphical environment to the command line, but it’s pretty limited. It’s good for running GParted, Leafpad, Firefox and Dillo, and for running multiple X terminals. It’s nice and lightweight, so it should work even on frail old PCs and laptops.

And a lot more stuff you can read about at SystemRescueCD . With a SystemRescueCD or USB stick you can perform heroic rescues on any Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows, and probably a number of lesser-known platforms as well. Yes, you can really fix these systems- you’re not limited to the tired old reformat-reinstall dance that those big shot innovative vendors rely on.

One of my favorite Linux features is its endless adaptability as a cross-platform rescue tool, and my favorite rescue Linux of all is the excellent Gentoo-based SystemRescueCD. SystemRescueCD comes with every imaginable necessity:

SystemRescueCD doesn’t automatically set up networking, so run the net-setup command after it boots up to configure networking. startx gives you WindowMaker. If you have any problems starting SystemRescueCD, reboot and hit the F2-F5 keys to see a lot of helpful information on boot options.

To use SystemRescueCD, just boot it up. It will ask you for a keymap preference; if you ignore it and wait it will select a US keyboard by default and finish booting. If you are using the bootable USB image, be sure to test it a lot on different systems. Any PC made in this century claims to support booting from USB devices, but this isn’t always reliable. Still, it’s the ultimate in cool to whip out your Swiss Army Knife with the built-in USB stick and boot computers with it. SystemRescueCD uses around 380 megabytes, so these days you won’t have any trouble finding a USB device with enough capacity.

If your hard drive is in its death throes, the fastest and most reliable method of rescuing your data is to connect a second hard drive and copy everything to it. If you don’t want to open the case and hassle with connecting an internal drive, you have several good external drive options. You can get a standalone USB/Firewire drive. There are external enclosures for single SATA/PATA drives. You can get a USB-to-PATA/SATA adapter, with a power connector. These are nice for rescue operations because some models will take both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives, and both SATA and PATA drives, so you can use whatever hard disk you grab first. The external drive must have a filesystem on it, which you can create from SystemRescueCD with GParted.

When the extra drive is ready, create a directory to mount it in, then mount it and copy your files. In this example the sick hard disk is /dev/sda, and the external drive is /dev/sdb. We’re going to save /etc/ and /home:

% mkdir /mnt/sickly % mkdir /mnt/rescue % mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sickly % mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/rescue % cd /mnt/sickly % cp -r home/ etc/ /mnt/rescue

Do not mount anything in mnt or bad things will happen; always create a new mountpoint.

GNU ddrescue, by Antonio Diaz, is a superior data-rescuing utility. It operates in a similar fashion to dd-rescue and dd-rhelp, which are also good rescue commands. It works at the block level, so it doesn’t matter what filesystem you’re saving- it works on all of them. Yes, every single one. It copies good blocks first, and when it hits bad blocks it skips over them and keeps going. Time is crucial on a dying hard disk, and ddrescue is the fastest of the three. Make sure your source disk is not mounted before running ddrescue; you can check this with the mount command.

ddrescue has a lot of command options, but this simple invocation does the job just fine:

% ddrescue -r3 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 rescue-logfile

That tells it to run three times, and to copy whatever it can from /dev/sda1 to /dev/sdb1. The partition you’re copying to should be half again as large as the source partition so you have a safe margin to operate in. The logfile can be named whatever you want. Using a logfile requires more disk space, but it’s your insurance against interruptions and crashes.

Then run the appropriate version of fsck for your filesystem on the copy, not on the original. For extra insurance, make a copy of your copy first. Then mount it read-only and see what you were able to save. This example is for Ext3:

% e2fsck -v -f /dev/sdb1 % mkdir /mnt/ddrescued % mount -o ro /dev/sdb1 /mnt/ddrescued

You’ll probably want to install ddrescue on another system so you can read the dommed info pages, which are much more detailed than the man page. (Yes, we hates info pages and crippled man pages.) SystemRescueCD doesn’t include an info reader.

In part two, you’ll learn how to perform rescue operations over the network.



Carla Schroder is the author of the Linux Cookbook and the newly-released Linux Networking Cookbook, and is a regular contributor to LinuxPlanet.

This article was first published on chúng tôi

Model Monitoring: Definition, Importance & Best Practices (2023)

As we pointed out in our article, Machine Learning Lifecycle MLOps systems have a lifecycle that includes various processes, and despite all the effort and time, creating an effective MLOps is not guaranteed. According to McKinsey, only 36% of companies can deploy MLOps. If the model deployment process is successful, the longest cycle in the life of a ML process, model monitoring, can begin.

What is model monitoring?

Model monitoring refers to the control and evaluation of the performance of an ML model to determine whether or not it is operating efficiently. When the ML model experiences some performance decay, appropriate maintenance actions should be taken to restore performance. You can think of the process as bringing your car in for maintenance from time to time and changing the vehicle’s tires or oil for better performance.

Why is model monitoring important?

Many companies make their strategic decisions based on ML applications. However, the performance of ML models degrades over time. This can lead to nonoptimal decisions for the company, which simply end up with performance degradation, profit or revenue declines, etc.

To prevent such a devastating effect, companies should consider the ML model’s performance threshold as a KPI that must always be met. Consequently, they should monitor their ML models regularly.

What are the reasons for ML model degradation over time?

Changing input data is the main reason why ML models degrade over time. Input data may change due to:

The environment that ML predicts is constantly changing, so ML models should adapt to the new environment.

Operating data in the pipeline may change over time.

Changing environment

ML algorithms predict the future or optimize processes based on data from the time in which the model is established. Consequently, the algorithms solve business problems according to the parameter values of that time interval. However, the environment we live in is constantly changing and so are the parameter values. Therefore, for effective interpretation of the data, the models must be updated according to the changes in the environment.

Let’s take the case of a chatbot, for example. We know that language is constantly changing. That is why it is difficult to understand Shakespearean English compared to today’s English. The words we use are also constantly changing. Some words we used a decade ago might be considered rude descriptors today. As a result, a chatbot designed a decade ago to maximize customer satisfaction could be giving customers unsafe times if left unmonitored.

Changing operational data

Time to time the operational data that is used in the pipeline might be changed. It is very common since the data engineering team has a limited control over where the input data comes from. The reason for that might occur due to dynamics of the business or new business decisions of the firm. Also, regulations might be the reason for such a change.

Let’s imagine a company in Hungary that sells imported goods from the USA. Today, Hungary uses the Hungarian forint as its national currency, which means that fluctuations in the forint compared to the U.S. dollar affect operational efficiency. However, a few years later, Hungary might use the Euro as its currency, which is subject to different fluctuations compared to the forint. Consequently, the upstream data should be adjusted accordingly.

What should companies monitor for healthy ML models?

 In order to ensure effective working of ML models firms can check the following variables:

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





Top Common 8 Reasons To Build A Custom Crm System

Common problems for those who do not use CRMs:

Are you losing touch with your account manager?

I forgot to call the client in time and the contract was lost.

Does a salesperson tell each customer’s story to their new employees?

We don’t know for certain which orders have been paid for and which are still in the quotation.

CRM is a must-have for your business if you are experiencing any of these problems.

What Is CRM And  What Do You Eat It With?

As a philosophy, Customer Relationship Management revolves around making customers more satisfied with the purchasing process. If the sales and marketing manager wants this client to be a loyal customer, then this approach is crucial.

Customer-sales manager relationships are built on the principle of bringing the best product to the customer and maximizing the profit for the seller. Even big companies have to compete for loyal customers due to the market’s current competitive landscape.

The customer is at the heart of every business philosophy. Companies’ development should be focused on effective marketing and customer service.

Why is the client at the center of the business universe?

Many factors determine the demand for a product. This is generally based on buyers who are willing to purchase a product at a certain price.

Here is where the sales department’s work begins. The sales team must inspire desire, create opportunities, or convince clients that they should get the product.

What is the Major Function of a CRM System?

CRM-system is an application that allows salespeople and account managers to work with clients. This tool makes it easy to organize and plan this type of work.

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Benefits Of CRM Software The Sales Department

The system eliminates all unnecessary paperwork. This is a huge plus. Employees’ work is more organized. Employees stop losing their daily tasks in a pile of memos or e-mails.

For Customers

Every business’s success depends on customer satisfaction. Customers’ satisfaction is measured by their ability to communicate with sales managers pleasantly and efficiently.

Although customers don’t use CRM, they do get better service from companies that have it.

Why standard CRMs are not suitable for you?

There are many CRM solutions on the market, including AMO, Bitrix, and AMO. Most of them are identical.

They are very functional. There are many integration options. They are very affordable and require little maintenance. It is a smart decision to choose custom CRM options for many reasons.

1. None of the CRMs currently in use allow you to create a customer’s account

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2. A Tailored solution is better for complex commercial proposals and order calculation

Complex or unique services require complex commercial proposals. Unique methods are required to create an order estimate. These processes are too complicated if they can be understood at all, because of the do-all system. The quotation template can be different for two different business projects in the same company. A custom CRM can help you save time and effort when it comes to changing templates and documents.

3. Flexibility and adaptability to new realities

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Each user creates a unique sales process. It is important to be available when the customer is ready for purchase. Even more important is to communicate with the customer after he has purchased the product. Customer loyalty is built on prompt and polite responses.

All templates are the same. It is ten times more difficult to market services with templates than it is for products that are not standard. Research has shown that customers are more likely to remember a brand’s original design, engage with it, and remain loyal. Experts recommend creating CRM systems from scratch.

5. You have control over every step

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6. A CRM Individual Is Fast and Agile

Notifying users about key actions is crucial. Systems should not bombard users with unnecessary notifications. If they do, they may not be able to accept any further messages. It is important to send key notifications at the correct time and dosage.

Personal editions can use machine learning to collect and analyze data. This feature also gives marketing managers powerful analytical tools.

It is crucial to make information gathering as automated as possible. Manual input can lead to system failure or error.

7. You don’t have to spend a lot of time getting to know ready-made solutions

The system can be integrated into the sales, marketing, and production processes of all managers. The company will gradually integrate custom CRMs. This format allows managers to take their time to adjust to the new ways.

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8. There are no extras in non-standard solutions

Ready-made solutions are created by companies for a broad range of customers. It’s almost like shopping in mass-market shops for jeans. These products must be suitable for as many people as possible so developers design their products to appeal to a type of middle-range user.

It’s similar to selling a smartphone that has a thousand preinstalled apps. Although a user might one day need them all, the likelihood of that happening is very low. These apps eat up space and take up resources. They also require frequent updates. This phone would be more difficult to use and cost more.

Narrow Focus Ts are the best choice

How do we make jeans that are fashionable for middle-aged carpenters? This is what a noncustom CRM is, as funny as it sounds.

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