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If you’re a mobile gamer on Android, you know that there are thousands of games available in the Google Play Store. As a matter of fact, there are so many games that it can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to choosing one to try out. Luckily, PlayMobo is here to make the process a bit easier for you.

PlayMobo is an Android app that allows you to follow your favorite mobile games and stay on top of the latest gaming news. Additionally, you can discover new games to play and even earn points that can be redeemed for free gift cards.

While PlayMobo isn’t available for iOS devices, they do have a simplified Web version that you can view in your mobile or desktop browser. Here are some of PlayMobo’s best features.

Getting Started with PlayMobo

The PlayMobo app is pretty straightforward when it comes to navigation and finding games to follow. However, you will need to sign in with a Facebook account if you want to do anything meaningful such as adding games to your favorites list and receiving notifications for games that you’re following.

Unfortunately, Facebook seems to be the only way to create an account with PlayMobo. While it’s a lot easier than filling out a signup form, it’s inconvenient for those who choose not to use Facebook or prefer to use the conventional email signup method.

Following Your Favorite Games

There is a search bar at the top right of the app that is great for finding your favorite games. However, it’s a very basic search box in that there aren’t any suggestions when typing.

For example, typing in “angr” does not suggest “Angry Birds” or any other game with “angr” in it. But even though it won’t display suggestions or autocomplete your search, you can still type in a single word and see all games containing that word.

As you can see, searching for “clash” brings up a long list of games with “Clash” in their title. So even if you don’t know the full name, you should be able to track it down with a partial search.

After searching for a game, you’ll be able to follow it or start it (if you already have it installed on your device). I think it’s nice that the app can detect games that you already have and start them for you. (Tapping start immediately opens up the game, taking you away from PlayMobo.)

You can also see other things like news, reviews, and walkthroughs for that specific game. For things such as reviews, the app uses a built-in browser to display the actual web page of the article.

In this way, I find that it works similarly to a search engine since it directs you to another source/location. This could potentially be problematic, though, since not all pages are mobile-friendly, making them hard to navigate.

Finding New Games to Play

I was hoping that PlayMobo might use the games that I’m following along with those already installed on my device to suggest similar games. However, it doesn’t do that. Sure, you can see featured, recently updated, and top trending games, which is also a great way to discover new games, but it’s not very personal.

Earning Gift Cards with PlayMobo

Gift cards range from $10 to $100, and they do seem pretty pricey in regards to the number of points you need to withdraw. However, I do think it’s a nice incentive that is sure to have me visiting the app more often. I do most of my shopping on Amazon, so being able to earn free gift cards for doing something I enjoy (mobile gaming) is great.

Under the “Earn” section of the app is where you’ll find the different tasks that you can do in order to earn PlayMobo points. For instance, installing and playing specified games for the day can earn you around 2,500 points. Your total number of points is displayed in the top-right corner next to the search icon.

Final Thoughts

PlayMobo is much like a mini version of the Google Play Store except it’s just for games. You can find deals on top mobile games, discover new games, read the latest news and reviews, find helpful walkthroughs, and even earn free gift cards.

If you play a lot of mobile games or have children who do, then it will greatly benefit you to have this app installed.

Download PlayMobo

Charnita Fance

Charnita has been a Freelance Writer & Professional Blogger since 2008. As an early adopter she loves trying out new apps and services. As a Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS user, she has a great love for bleeding edge technology. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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Discover Windows 11 Build 25158 And All Its New Features

Discover Windows 11 Build 25158 and all its new features




Microsoft has just released a brand new Insider build to the Dev Channel.

Users on that channel can now test even

more dynamic Widgets content.

Also, check out the long list of fixes that came with Windows 11 25158.

Most of you already know what time it is, so let’s get right into it and discover what’s new. Indeed, we are talking about the latest Windows 11 build and all it comes with.

We’re saying that because Microsoft has just released Windows 11 Insider build 25158 to the Dev Channel Insiders today.

Just so you know, this is the Sun Valley 3 (Windows 11 23H2) development for Windows Insiders, which will eventually become the version that is released in 2023.

What’s new in Build 25158?

We’ve recently covered the July 2023 Patch Tuesday rollout, since we’re talking about updates, so go ahead and check that out as well.

Expert tip:

Now, when you open the Widgets board, a banner will appear at the top of the board providing more information on what triggered the notification badge.

You should also know that the Camera app has been updated to match the fresh look and feel of Windows 11.

Furthermore, in addition to the existing support for camera, video, document, and whiteboard capture modes, Microsoft will introduce QR code and barcode scanning as well.

Changes and improvements

Thank you to all the Insiders who gave us feedback on our first exploration of lightweight interactive content on the Windows desktop! Starting with this week’s flight, we are concluding this initial exploration, so if you received this experience, it will be removed on your next reboot.

As described in our in our blog post here, Windows Insiders who use the Dev Channel may get to try out new ideas, longer lead features, and experiences that are intended to help validate concepts. Starting with this build, some devices will receive different visual treatments for search on the taskbar. We are excited to learn from your feedback on this, so please use the Feedback Hub to provide feedback if you receive this experiment. NOTE: A reboot is required after updating to this build to trigger this experience but please note that not all Windows Insiders will have this experience enabled even after reboot.


The Nyala font has been updated to support syllables for the Gurage language orthography from the Ethiopic Extended-B Unicode range. Also revised and replaced Ethiopic kerning to fix gaps and errors in earlier implementation improving the overall texture of text in Ethiopic languages.

Fixes [General]

Fixed an issue causing some Insiders to experience bugchecks with error message KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in chúng tôi in recent flights.

Fixed an issue which was leading some PCs hanging at black screen when resuming from a low power state in recent flights.

Fixed an issue believed to generally be impacting performance across Windows shell experiences in the last few flights.

Fixed an issue where the Mica material and Acrylic blur effect was rendering incorrectly in OS surfaces like the Start menu, Notification Center and other areas sometimes in recent flights.

[File Explorer]

Fixed an issue where closing command bar flyouts could in some rare cases crash explorer.exe.

Fixed an issue which could lead to chúng tôi crashing when navigating through File Explorer with OneDrive enabled.

CTRL + F4 should work to close the current tab now. We updated the tooltip when hovering over a tab to suggest using CTRL + W to close the tab (rather than CTRL + F4, which didn’t work).

Opening a zipped folder in a new tab should no longer have a blank tab name.

If focus is on the tab row, CTRL + W will no longer unexpectedly close two tabs instead of just the tab in focus.

Fixed an issue where CTRL + Tab wouldn’t cycle in the correct order after rearranging tabs.

We made some adjustments so when using “Show full path in title”, the folder name is always visible in the tab at the top of File Explorer.


Fixed an underlying issue which could lead to pinned app icons getting stuck on the taskbar after uninstalling the app in recent flights.

Fixed a high hitting chúng tôi crash in the last few flights related to loading Widgets.


Start shouldn’t crash anymore when using CTRL + Shift + Right Arrow to move a pinned app into a folder that’s the last item in Start.

Fixed a crash some Insiders were experiencing when opening Start.

Narrator will now read the prompt that opens when trying to uninstall an app from Start correctly.

[Search] [Settings] [Input] [Windowing]

We made some improvements to help with the performance of opening Task View.


Made a fix so the two-finger triple tap touch gesture to dismiss context menus with Narrator is working correctly again.

[Task Manager]

Fixed an issue where some services were being unexpectedly grouped under Microsoft Edge when they weren’t actually child processes.


Fixed an issue which would lead to losing network connectivity after turning on mobile hotspot.

Addressed an issue that could result in the mobile hotspot button getting unexpectedly stuck in a greyed out state in certain cases.

Fixed an underlying issue which was leading to Your Phone crashes in certain cases.

Fixed an underlying issue where Microsoft Defender Application Guard windows weren’t visible in the last few flights.

Fixed a crash that could happen when using suggested actions.

Fixed an underlying issue when recording game clips using the Xbox Game Bar, which could lead to the resulting saved video not displaying correctly when viewed later on an iOS device.

Made some improvements to help address an issue resulting in apps in the Microsoft Store failing to download with error 0x80080204.

Addressed an underlying issue leading to Microsoft Store app remediation failures with error 0x803FB004.

Did some work to address an issue where the print dialog wasn’t launching centered in the application (for example, in Notepad).

Known issues [General]

[NEW] We’re investigating reports that SQL Server Management Studio is failing to launch for some Insiders.

Some games that use Easy Anti-Cheat may crash or cause your PC to bugcheck.

[File Explorer]

The up arrow is misaligned in File Explorer tabs. This will be fixed in a future update.

We’re working on a fix to address reports that launching File Explorer in certain ways when using dark mode (for example, from the command line) is showing the body of File Explorer unexpectedly in light mode.


[NEW] Notification badge number may appear misaligned on the taskbar.

[NEW] In some cases, the notification banner for some badging will not appear in the widgets board.

We’re working on the fix for an issue causing Widgets preferences (temperature units and pinned widgets) to unexpectedly get reset to default.

[Live captions]

Certain apps in full screen (e.g., video players) prevent live captions from being visible.

Certain apps positioned near the top of the screen and closed before live captions is run will re-launch behind the live captions window positioned at top. Use the system menu (ALT + Spacebar) while the app has focus to move the app’s window further down.

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The Perfect Classroom Gift: A Gift Of Words

I belong to a book club, one that has continued since 1990. Think of all the books we have read together. And we’re serious about this, too. We’re not one of those clubs that gather together to eat and then never talk about the book. We talk about the book.

One month a year we read a play out loud — assign parts, read from beginning to end. We are not a group of actors and it’s a cold reading, but we enjoy it. Sometimes we read and then go to the play; sometimes we see the play first and then read. Both work.

Once a year, in December, we each buy a book of poetry, mark in some way a poem or two that we particularly like, wrap it attractively and bring it to book club. We have this crazy little ritual where we put all the books on the dining room table and then walk around the table. At some unknown signal that we all recognize we stop and take the package in front of us. And then we open our gifts, one at a time, and read the chosen poem out loud to the whole group. What a wonderful evening of words, a breathless barrage of ideas, images, stories. We enjoy meeting our old favorites, delight in exploring new poets. We go home fulfilled.

Twenty-five years equals 250 books read, 25 plays acted out, and 25 evenings of poetry.

In the Classroom

“How can I replicate this poetry experience in my classroom?” I wondered as I drove home that first December of the book club. “I can’t ask my students to spend 10 dollars or more but they have to experience what I just experienced.” And out of that came what I call “the gift of words.”

Okay, class, here’s what I want you to bring with you on the last day of school before winter break. I want you to find a poem, a saying, a paragraph you like — something that speaks to you because of its message, its beauty, its format. I want you to copy it onto a piece of paper, put it into a box, and wrap it. Be sure to include, before you wrap it, the name of the author and your name as the giver.

When the day came, students placed their packages on my desk. They varied from huge to tiny, from carefully wrapped to hurriedly tossed together. And yes, there were those who forgot, who scribbled “Just do it” on a piece of notebook paper, folded it like a paper football, and added it to the pile. I provided a few extra, just in case.

How to start. “Whose birthday is closest to Christmas? Okay, you’re first. Pick any present you want.” Suspense. What would she get? I was not disappointed. The contents varied — favorites from “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein to Bible verses, song lyrics, and short sayings like “Just do it.” The experiment was a success. Everyone in the class had a gift and I had the greatest gift of all.

With Adults

Since that December in 1990 the idea of a gift of words has spread out of the classroom — into professional development meetings, into family gatherings. When Center X at UCLA wanted to “celebrate” my pseudo-retirement, my first words were, “No gifts.” “How about a gift of words?” was their response.

And that is what I received: a basketful of little boxes, beautifully packaged, each holding a precious gift — words just for me. I savor each message. My favorite was by James Michener: “I love writing. I love the swirl and the swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

I have watched the words swirl and swing in my book club, in my classroom, in my writing groups. I could not ask for a better gift.

Top 20 New Free Android Games You Must Play

The Google Play Store is chock full of a variety of games encompassing different genres and catering to a number of different play styles. You’ll find everything from casual arcade and puzzle games which you can pop out when you’re taking a quick break at work or competitive strategy and action games which you can grind all day and reach the top of the ranking ladder. However, what’s really great is that the Play Store keeps adding new games ever so often, making sure that users never run out of options. In fact, so many new games are added to the Play Store each month, that you’re sometimes not able to keep up with the new releases and miss out on some great games that you’d absolutely love. That’s exactly where we come in. We’re constantly checking out new games on the Play Store, trying out most of the popular releases, just to get them to you in a curated list like this one!

The Best New Android Games:

New Casual Games 1. Bouncy Break

Bouncy Break is a simple, yet fun game with a great summery-vibe. The premise of the game is quite simple, you’ve to bounce a ball onto the lighter colored tiles to break them. The tiles keep moving around and you get one point for breaking a single tile. However, if you line up a couple of tiles, you can break all of them together and get bonus combo points. While the game is pretty simple to begin with, getting a high score could be a difficult feat after you play it a couple of times.

2. Stickman Soccer 2023

Stickman Soccer 2023 is exactly what that title says it is, a bunch of stick men running around a field, playing soccer. The game is an updated version of the popular Stickman Soccer, with better graphics, simpler controls, and a ton of replay value. You can choose your favorite soccer team (well, the stickman version of your favorite soccer team), play various seasons, national leagues, cups, or even the World Cup 2023 which is currently underway in Russia. If you’re a soccer fan, then Stickman Soccer 2023 should definitely be up your alley.

Download (Free)

3. Connection

Download (Free)

4. Army of Robots

AR tech has come a long way since its inception, so much so, that you can now play a great AR game on your smartphone! Army of Robots is once such game, in which an army of robots invade your immediate surroundings and you have to hold your ground while you take them down one by one. The game has 12 stages overall and you’ll have to battle hordes of robots in each stage to protect your surroundings. The game has decent visuals and a ton of replay value, as you can physically change the environments in which you battle the robot army. It’s worth noting that the game will only work on devices that officially support Google’s ARCore framework.

Download (Free)

5. Horizon

Horizon is an simple endless runner in which you’re controlling a spaceship as it runs through an unpredictable series of obstacles. The game has a Tron-like vibe with the neon accents in the environment and the neon trail that the spaceship leaves behind. In order to keep the game interesting, there are a hundred challenges that you need to complete which reward XP points. You can spend the XP points to unlock 40 unique spaceships and 25 different trails. Horizon is a perfect game for short breaks but much like other endless runners, it can get boring after a while.

Download (Free)

6. Bruce Lee Dragon Run

What happens when you cross an endless runner with Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee? You get Bruce Lee Dragon Run – a fast paced endless runner in which you control Lee himself as he runs through treacherous terrains, fighting off ninjas, dodging falling obstacles and fireballs. The game also has special bonus zones in which Lee transforms into a freakin’ dragon! The objective of the game is simple, you just have to keep running while collecting coins on the way, which can be used to unlock sixteen playable characters. The game also features amazing quotes from the legend, which really add onto to the immersion and makes you feel like you’re actually controlling Lee himself!

7. Tank Stars

Remember Worms? The old PC game where you took turns to shoot projectiles at your opponents, precisely calculating the angle for the best shot. Well, Tank Stars is the same, but obviously with tanks. You can choose from a variety of tanks and weapons to obliterate your opponents, chunking their life bar with each successive hit. You can choose to play against AI, with friends or even online against random players, and destroy everyone that crosses your path. The game has great colorful graphics, a variety of settings and exciting effects to keep you engaged time and time again.

Download (Free)

8. Ghost Pop!

Download (Free)

New Action Games 1. CrossFire: Legends

If you’re a fan of first person shooters, then Tencent’s CrossFire: Legends is totally up your alley. The game delivers great graphics in a small package and boasts of a precise control system which allows players to aim more accurately. The game features the popular battle royale mode, along with two other action-packed modes – team deathmatch and demolition. You can choose to play all the modes online or against bots and you can rest assured that your time with this game is going to be a whole lot of fun! In my opinion, CrossFire: Legends easily figures among the top FPS titles on Android today, so you should definitely check it out.

Download (Free)

2. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends brings all the popular characters from the Dragon Ball universe to an action packed fighting game in which you fight one-on-one against an opponent online. The game features fairly simple controls, allowing you to unleash well-timed combos and special moves at just the touch of a finger. There’s a complete storyline, in which players controls an all new character designed by Akira Toriyama and progress through stages defeating one opponent after another. I must admit, Bandai Namco has done a brilliant job with Dragon Ball Legends and it’s definitely a game worth trying.

Download (Free)

3. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a toned down version of the full-fledged PC game with simple controls and low poly graphics, but it’s definitely worth trying. The game has been divided into 10 chapters in which you control Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, on his journey to marry Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae. While the game is free to download, only the first chapter of the story is free to play, with the rest available for purchase. The pocket edition encompasses all aspects of the original game and if you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, I’m pretty sure you’ll love the game.

4. Shadowgun Legends

Download (Free)

5. Dungeon Hunter Champions

Download (Free)

6. Eden Obscura

If you’re looking for the ultimate audio visual experience, then look no further. Q-Games’ Eden Obscura takes players on a journey to the garden of sound and life where they have to gather pollen while jumping around in the ever changing environment. The game ramakes use of your smartphone’s camera to create interactive visual effects which, combined with the upbeat electronic music, will bring you closer to your artistic side. Although the gameplay is quite simple and might get boring after a while, it’s the ever changing visuals that will capture your attention and keep you coming back for even more.

Download (Free)

New Strategy Games 1. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Pretty much anyone who knows anything about gaming is familiar with the Elder Scrolls franchise. The franchise is known for its epic universes, detailed story line, and amazing graphics. Developer Bethesda Softworks has now brought all of that to a strategy-based card game and it’s simply amazing. The game brings over 140 unique cards, capturing characters from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and its Elder Scrolls: Online prequel. The game introduces three new attribute decks along with 5 new mechanics which are bound to take card battles to the next level. If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise, this game is definitely worth a shot and even if you’re not a fan, there’s no harm trying it out.

Download (Free)

2. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a mobile version of the PC game with the same name that takes players to a prehistoric land where they have to act wisely and survive. The game features a massive open world with over 80 unique dinosaurs and primal creatures which players can capture and tame. You can also meet up with players in game and team up to form tribes, form colonies and survive the harsh conditions by hunting or gathering supplies from nature. Starting off alone and unarmed, you’ll have to gather resources, craft tools, build a shelter, while protecting yourself from the harsh environment and, of course, predators.

3. Paladins Strike

The well known multiplayer online battle arena Paladins: Champions of the Realm is now available on the go as Paladins Strike. Built specifically for mobile, Paladins Strike brings over 15 champions to a real-time 5v5 battle with a top-down view. You can choose from multiple game modes and defeat your enemies using your skills and superior strategic tactics. All the featured champions have their own weapons and special abilities, which can be further customized using an assortment of skins available in the in-game store. The game will surely appeal to all MOBA fanatics out there and in case you aren’t aware of the genre, Paladins Strike could be an appropriate introduction for you.

Download (Free)

4. Space Pioneer

Download (Free)

New Racing Games 1. Pako 2

If you’ve played Pako, then you’re probably already familiar with the premise of the game. However, if you haven’t, Pako 2 is an arcade driving game in which you take the role of a getaway driver who has to pick up his crew and escort them to safety while avoiding capture from the police. The game feature retro arcade style graphics, which I’m really fond of, and it has fairly simple controls, so you won’t have any problems getting the hang of it. As you progress through the levels, you’ll be awarded with cash which can be used to upgrade your getaway vehicle and purchase perk items which will assist you in your getaway. The game has an exciting electronic soundtrack which complements the gameplay well and I’m pretty sure you’ll love wasting time immersed in the low-poly world of Pako 2.

Download (Free)

2. Donuts Drift

Donuts Drift is a simple yet fun monochrome game in which you take control of a car and drift donuts around obstacles, collecting coins and fuel in the process. You can use the collected coins to upgrade your car with better capabilities and land better scores in turn. But make sure you don’t miss the fuel, because if your run out, it’s game over for you. It’s not all that simple though, the game has a number of dynamic obstacles and you’ll need to avoid them skillfully in order to make the most out of your fuel capacity. The controls are fairly simple and you’ll easily get the hang of it after a couple of games. If you want to be the drift king, make sure you check out Donuts Drift on the Play Store.

Download (Free)

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Which New Android Game Do You Like?

Earn King Sized Gains With Mountanaz (Mnaz), Ripple (Xrp), And Solana (Sol)

Mountanaz (MNAZ) aims to become an easy-to-use DeFi solution for retail players.

The cryptocurrency market has successfully rebounded after the latest crash which happened last week. Now is your best time to invest as the prices are still low.

Get Into the Crypto Hype

Cryptocurrencies have widened their use cases and are no longer a simple payment mechanism but offer many other benefits such as decentralised finance (DeFi) where users can borrow or lend assets without undergoing strict checks and KYC.

Traditional banking channels face a lot of structural issues which is why the Mountanaz (MNAZ) aims to become an easy to use DeFi solution for retail players.

To diversify your portfolio, you can also consider Ripple (XRP) and Solana (SOL) as both tokens have widened their utilities and have become mainstream coins.  

The Most Profitable Coins Right Now Mountanaz seeks to simplify DeFi

The Mountanaz (MNAZ) network seeks to remove the complexity currently prevailing in the DeFi sector to make it more accessible to all users.

Retail players often shy away from DeFi because of a lack of understanding of the whole mechanism. The MNAZ Token will be multi-chain and will help users to borrow or lend assets easily and quickly. 

The Mountanaz ecosystem, however, will help in providing low-cost peer-to-peer lending solutions and every user will be able to create and access liquidity pools. Since the platform will be powered by multiple networks, problems of low liquidity will not be encountered. It will also help users in saving on gas fees. 

Holders of the MNAZ Token will be encouraged to add liquidity because the platform will offer higher APYs than other similar platforms. The initial platform will be deployed on the Binance Smart chain to ensure sufficient scalability. 

To ensure a fair price mechanism, Chainlink oracles will be used which is currently one of the best technologies in the blockchain universe. Liquidity monitoring bots will be deployed to ensure the protocol is monitored at all times. 

The MNAZ Token could potentially generate higher returns due to its revolutionary new approach to DeFi. It will be offered through a presale soon.

Ripple partners with CarbonlandDAO to launch ESG NFTs

The Ripple network will be utilised to deploy ESG NFTs in a partnership with the CarbonlandDAO and these NFTs will represent the right to visit and stay in areas conserved by the CarbonlandDAO.

CarbonlandDAO is promoting carbon credits for conserving forestland and promoting environmental and social governance.

Investors will be able to get a say by holding these NFTs which will provide membership in the DAO. It will help users to get a voice in environmental conservation efforts and generate revenue at the same time.

The entire network will be powered by the XRP Token and its quick and secure XRP ledger technology. The Ripple blockchain has been promoting environmental conservation and aims to become carbon neutral soon. 

Solana DeFi users up by 380%

The Solana blockchain network has registered an increase of 380% in its DeFi active user base in the past 90 days.

The SOL Token is increasingly becoming popular among DeFi users due to its low transaction costs and high security.

Even as the larger cryptocurrency market experiences a slowdown, the Solana network has managed to march on with a healthy increase among DeFi participants.

Additionally, the SOL Token is being adopted by many developers who wish to provide easy access to loans through the DeFi route. 

Current DeFi platforms are strictly regulated and are not very transparent. This could change with the launch of the MNAZ Token. 

Join Mountanaz’s Presale:

9To5Mac Gift Guide: Iphone Wallets With Form, Function, And Flexibility

I’ve been using some type of wallet case since iPhone 3G, so I’ve tried just about everything out there. While Apple’s second-gen MagSafe Leather Wallet is the best solution for some, it’s not right for everyone.

Below, I’ve included a variety of high-quality iPhone wallets (almost all of which I’ve used) that offer everything from the ability to carry 6 cards + cash, to the slimmest experience possible, to my new favorite that includes its own stand, plus alternative ideas.

Best iPhone wallets

The MagSafe Leather Wallet for iPhone 12/13/14 is a really nice choice for an iPhone-integrated wallet.

If storing 3 (maybe 4) cards max and the fact that you have to remove it from your iPhone to access the cards aren’t an issue, the MagSafe Leather Wallet has some great features:

Premium build quality

Find My support (can view location, enable Lost Mode, or be notified if your wallet detaches from iPhone)

Flexibility to use with and without your iPhone

Works with and without a case

Multiple colors make it easy to create a unique/personalized combination

The MagSafe Leather Wallet for iPhone retails for $59 direct from Apple, at Amazon, and Best Buy.

If $60 is more than you want to spend, there are third-party look-alikes on Amazon between $10-$30.

Mujjo – Leather Magnetic Wallet

Mujjo makes fantastic Apple accessories and this year it launched a variation on Apple’s MagSafe Wallet. It comes with several enhancements like access without having to remove the wallet and a sharp design. One downside is you don’t get Find My support.

Easy access for up to three cards

Compatible with iPhone 12, 13, 14, and MagSafe-compatible cases

Vegetable-tanned full-grain Ecco leather

Lined with Japanese microfiber with a satin-like finish

Easy to attach, with silicone stripes for slip resistance

Hidden spring mechanism to secure cards

Access cards from the top, base, or back

Available in black, blue, and tan

Price: $44

Check out a closer look at this wallet in my full review.

Moft Flash MagSafe wallet

This has become my new favorite iPhone wallet. It’s got a sharp multi-functional design that features a handy stand plus a quick access open window. Like Mujjo, one downside is no Find My support compared to Apple’s wallet.

MagSafe connectivity

Made with soft vegan leather

Storage for 2-3 cards

Bi-fold/flip design with open window for quick display/tapping of cards

Adjustable stand angles, portrait or landscape use

Available in night black, hello yellow, oxford blue, windy blue

Price: $34.99

Here’s my full review of the Moft Flash for all the details.

jimmyCase – flexible iPhone wallet

I’ve reviewed and used jimmyCase for several years, and I think it’s one of the best all-around cases.

You get great drop protection, lots of beautiful options with the real-wood back, and the elastic card/cash holder is really versatile without being bulky.

Securely holds up to 6 cards + cash

36 options with different wood/elastic band patterns/colors

Great for those who change how many cards they carry regularly and those who use cash

Can still be a slim case depending on how much you carry

Handmade in California

Downside: need to remove the case to use MagSafe or wireless charging

jimmyCase has models for pretty much any iPhone from $50-70.

jimmyCase with two cards on left, with 6 cards plus cash on right

Smartish Wallet Slayer – simple and affordable

If you’re looking for a basic and effective wallet case without spending much, the Smartish Wallet Slayer for iPhone is a great option.

Hold up to 3 cards plus cash

Easy card access

Spring mechanism to keep your cards from falling out

Plastic build is light yet durable and protective

Downside: need to remove the case to use MagSafe or wireless charging

The Smartish Wallet Slayer is available for iPhone for around $20-25.

Twelve South SurfacePad – minimal iPhone wallet folio

If you prefer a folio-style iPhone wallet case without bulk, the SurfacePad is an awesome choice.

Attaches directly to the back of iPhone via strong adhesive (doesn’t leave marks or residue if/when you remove)

Slim design holds 2 cards

Doubles as a stand for your iPhone


Twelve South offers SurfacePad for all iPhone 12 and 13 models for $50 – currently on sale for $39.99. Stock is coming soon for the iPhone 14 lineup.

Smart wallets and other alternatives

If you’re looking for a standalone wallet, here are a few recommendations.

Ekster – Siri support & lots of storage

I first tried out Ekster three years ago and have been really impressed since then. The company uses premium leather and has innovative, super-functional designs that use a mechanism (with many models) to fan out all your cards.

Premium build

Can make any Ekster wallet smart with a Siri-enabled solar-powered tracking card

Or a Chipolo Card Spot

Super handy functionality

Variety of options depending on how many cards/cash you carry

Prices start from $29 and head north of $100 for the top-end wallets. Ekster is currently doing a 40% off holiday sale.

Moment – carry more

If you’re looking for something a little different than a traditional wallet, Moment has a neat Crossbody Wallet. These are great to carry more than just cards/cash without carrying a larger bag or purse.

Available in leather, canvas, and ripstop

Adjustable crossbody strap and comes with wrist rope too

Scratch-free microfiber pockets

Works with Pro Max iPhones/Plus iPhones

Pop in an AirTag or Chipolo tracker to make it a smart wallet

You can pick Moment’s Crossbody Wallet direct from the company, normally starting from $39-49, these are currently on sale.

Bellroy – traditional/modern wallets

Bellroy has built a reputation for making some of the best wallets on the market. The company features a wide variety of designs and styles with great functionality.

Lots of choices

Premium leather and build

RFID protection on many models

Traditional and modern options

Can add an Apple-supported tracking card to get the smart capability

Check out everything from traditional bi-folds to zip wallets and cardholders. Prices range from $55 to $100+.

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