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Pokemon GO Christmas Event 2023 has 2 big secrets

It’s holiday 2023 time in the Pokemon GO universe, and we’re getting pumped up about the prospects. Today we’re running down what might be, what won’t be, and what WILL be for certain during this most contradictory holiday session. The first element we’re going to talk about is a new Pokemon, one ready-made and perfect for a holiday event, complete with gift bag.

Today we’re working with a series of tips from a couple of sources with knowledge of subject matter. As this is not firsthand official information from Niantic, I suggest you take everything I present here with a grain of salt. Salt is always good to have when speaking about this holiday anyway as it can get a little slippery.

We expect once again that this month will produce one of the goofiest Pokemon of all: Delibird. We’d heard more than once that Delibird might come last year – but due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t end up panning out. Almost as if Delibird was fooling us from the beginning.

The relatively rare Delibird is not to be confused for any sort of very powerful Pokemon. Delibird is, instead, a sort of trophy. Delibird is a Pokemon that you catch one of, then never try to find another.

Finding Delibird might be easy at first. During the holiday event, Delibird will likely appear pretty much everywhere, in any biome. Once the holiday event passes, Delibird will stick to significant bodies of water and in grassy areas.

Delibird, like many Ice Type Pokemon, has a strange set of Weak/Strong combinations. Delibird is strong against ground and grass, yet weak against rock. So if you’re going to throw a rock at Delibird, make sure you didn’t pick it up directly from the ground or from a patch of grass.

SEE AND COMPARE: Last year’s Christmas event details

Delibird will have either Quick Attack or Ice Shard for its quick move, both of which have a DPS (damage per second) value of 10. Its charge moves are Ice Punch, Aerial Ace, and Icy Wind, with DPS of 26, 23, and 18 (rounded). With a maximum CP of 937, this little monster isn’t going to be at the top of anyone’s Best Pokemon lists for battle.

One a Delibird is captured, it’ll take 5 KM to find 1 new Buddy Candy. As yet, Delibird is not known to evolve from or to any other Pokemon. Delibird is a Medium-sized Pokemon, and its rarity (in the general game) is not yet known.

The release of Delibird during the holiday break this year is not 100% certain until said update goes live. Don’t place any big-money bets on the situation! But DO please feel free to start your Delibird fanart collection in preparation.

This holiday season will NOT be the home of a whole new generation of Pokemon. That release comes early next year, at earliest. We also do NOT expect that Niantic will release all of the updates they promised at the beginning of the year.

In that assertion is the other big secret. I don’t have as much confidence in this tip as the Delibird release simply because another major update this year feels very unlikely. If Niantic releases a Pokemon Trading update, they won’t release a PvP update, and vice-versa.

Unless Niantic has some majorly excellent-at-secret-keeping developers this season, we’ll be waiting until 2023 before the game has any other earth-shattering changes. Keep an eye out for the bird, and another event were we see double stardust, and holiday gifts in the in-game shop, of course.

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This Is The Best Pokemon Go Toy Ever

This is the best Pokemon GO toy ever

Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun and Moon have brought about a new age of Poke-Popularity – and with it, one very awesome toy. This toy captures the joy of tossing a real Pokeball, ejecting the pocket monster therein. This Pokeball doesn’t just bounce away, like most Pokemon toys would – this one unlatches and sends its contents (a Pokemon figure) flying. This is the Pokemon Throw ‘n’ Pop Poke Ball, and it’s something we’ve been waiting for for years.

We’ve got a bundle of Pokemon toys here sent over by TOMY, the lot of which are enjoying extra popularity this summer thanks to the oncoming release of Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, and Pokemon GO. The first thing we’re going to show here is the best Pokemon toy ever made. Bar none.

This contraption is one of four versions of the Throw n’ Pop Poke Ball. This is Pikachu with an original Pokeball. Three other characters from Pokemon X and Y are also available – only the cutest of the bunch – including Chespin with a Premier Ball, Fennekin with a Great Ball, and Froakie with an Ultra Ball.

Below you’ll see how this oddity works. Each of the sides of the Pokeball are held open with springs, and latched with the side of the Pokeball with the button. When the Pokeball is tossed and the button is hit, the latch unlatches and the entire Pokeball springs inside out, launching the Pokemon inside outward.

It’s crazy. Each of these Throw ‘n’ Pop Poke Balls costs around $13 USD, and they should be in stores soon, if they’re not already in a store near you now. This is the first wave of these toys – we’re rooting for a sandshrew next generation.

2023 is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon – what was originally released in Japan as Pocket Monsters Red and Pocket Monsters Green. One of the most massive celebrations of this anniversary was the Pokemon Super Bowl Commercial – as you’ll see below.

This is also the year in which Pokemon GO launched. This genuine phenomenon of a game has seen massive success, and extreme interest has spanned multiple forms of media and disparate companies of all sorts.

The toymakers at TOMY have combined forces with The Pokemon Company to create toys that are both screen-accurate and very high quality.

Above you’ll see some of the newest in Pokemon stuffed animals by TOMY. Stuffed animals like these are a rare mix of top quality manufacturing and relative low cost.

The Eevee here, for example, costs $11 USD. The stitching on this stuffed animal is amongst the best we’ve ever seen on a stuffed animal – ever.

Below you’ll find one of the several-inches-tall fully articulated action figures from TOMY, Mewtwo. Action figures like these cost around $13 USD.

The quality of these larger action figures from TOMY is good. This isn’t something that’s going to bust apart the first time a child tosses it across the room.

Perhaps the best option for catching ’em all in Pokemon toys for adults is in the 3 and 4-inch toys that come in 4-packs.

Generally these come with a set of one evolution – Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, and either Mega Charizard X or Y. We’ve got Y here.

These toys are a little bit more fragile. Some some with parts that aren’t made to be tossed, that is to say.

These miniature Pokemon are far better than any of the low-end toys that came out in the 1990s in the USA, that’s for certain. These seem very much to be made as much for kids as they have been made for adults that were kids when Pokemon was first becoming popular.

You can find most of the toys above wherever fine Pokemon products are sold – and most are the type that will only be sold in stores once.

This Pokemon toy collecting hobby is the least forgiving monster in the Pokemon universe. It’s brutal! That is, unless you compare it to Pokemon GO.

Best Tech Gifts For Christmas 2023

You’ll get lots of inspiration here, but we’d also recommend checking out the best tech deals – especially during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Smartphones – Our choice: Poco X3 Pro

Who wouldn’t love a new phone for Christmas? Especially now that you can get solid discounts on premium handsets that launched at the beginning of the year or late last year.

You don’t have to be Scrooge to be put off by the £500-plus price of some of the flagship phones. The phone shown here is the Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro, which is our top budget buy at £229.

There are plenty of other incredible mid-range and budget phones that could make anyone envious thanks to top-notch performance and features.

(And if your recipient isn’t picky, you can find fabulous discounts on refurbished phones in top condition too!)

Follow the links below to find a phone to suit your budget and your recipient:

If you’re buying a new phone, consider also a power bank, wireless charger or other accessories such as a case.

Tablets – Our choice: iPad Air (4th gen, 2023)

A tablet makes a great Christmas present for your nearest and dearest, as always-on devices that let you work and play.

We’ve found that tablets can be a big hit with the over-50s, as well as teenagers and commuters. At the top of our tablets chart right now is the iPad Air (4th gen), which you can buy from £579/$599 from Apple. 

There are plenty of other excellent options too – best tablet deals. And if you’re looking for a tablet for a younger users, you can check out our round-up of the best kids tablets here.

If that’s out of your budget, check out our round up of the Amazon Fire HD 10 currently reduced to £79.99/$74.99 on Amazon.

Smartwatches – Our choice: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The Apple Watch and Fitbit lines have popularised wearable tech for all, and will feature high up on plenty of Christmas wish lists this year.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (pictured) tops our list of the best smartwatches of the year with prices starting at £349/ $349.99.  See our full review of the Watch 4.

If you’re on a strict budget, check out the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini, which offers an AMOLED display and costs just £49.99 at Argos.

best smartwatch deals.

Activity trackers – Our choice: Fitbit Charge 5

With so many of us pledging to lose weight or get fit for the new year, a fitness- or activity tracker is an ideal Christmas gift. Fitbit is one of the biggest players in this market, but there are plenty of alternatives to choose from too, especially given all the recent releases.

Our pick of the year is the Charge 5 (£169.99/$179.95) but you can find last year’s still excellent Fitbit Charge 4 (RRP £129.99/$149.95) for just £89.99 at Amazon. See other excellent best Fitbit deals here.

We’re comparing all Fitbit models here too to help you decide.

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Gifts for kids – Our choice: Osmo Coding

There are many cheaper options when it comes to tablets and other techy gifts for kids, as demonstrated in our round-up, which you can read here, along with our separate guides to the best robot toys and coding games for kids.

In addition to being lots of fun, these gifts are often educational too – a lesson in disguise like the Osmo Coding games (£99.99/$129.99, which teach children (ages 5-12) how to code using physical blocks.

Headphones – Our Choice: Sony WH-1000XM4

Our list of the best headphones to gift this Christmas has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for the best audio quality or the best price.

If you’ve got cash to splash on the very best, you’ll want to pick up the Sony WH-1000XM4 (£350/$349.99). See our overall round-up of the best headphones for other excellent options.

For cheaper headphones that still offer impressive quality for the price

These days it’s wireless earbuds such as the new Apple AirPods 3 (£169/$179) which that really impress – however, check out the best Bluetooth earbuds ( as well as some cheaper options).

Bluetooth speaker – Our choice: EarFun Uboom

The best speakers can cost hundreds of pounds, but getting better (or simply louder) audio from your phone, tablet or laptop is easily achievable without spending a fortune.

The EarFun Uboom is a great affordable option and currently tops our best budget Bluetooth speakers list. It costs £59.99/$79.99 on but you can get it for a lot cheaper from Amazon.

If you’ve got more money to spend on a speaker (perhaps this is a Christmas gift for yourself!) then check out our overall best speakers chart here.

Of course, it’s also worth considering a smart speaker, and Amazon has some incredible deals on Echo right now.

E-Readers – Our Choice: Kindle Paperwhite (2023 model)

The ideal gift for a book worm, an e-reader lets you hundreds of books into a single slim and light digital device. E-readers are cheaper than tablets, optimised for reading, and with much better and battery life.

Our pick of the best is the new Kindle Paperwhite (2023), but the previous generation is still an excellent option, now at a fraction of the original price on Amazon. In fact, we’ve crowned it the best value e-reader in the list of our favourite e-readers this year.

Drones – Our choice: Ryze Tello

Drones are the new remote control car, and they don’t have to cost the world.

round-up of the best cheap drones here.

Check out the DJI Ryze Tello for just £99 on Amazon and $99 on Best Buy.

Games consoles – Our choice: Nintendo Switch

A new games console is one of the most exciting gifts you can open on Christmas morning, because the endless entertainment that follows can last all the way until next Christmas (and you’ll know just what to get them next time – a game or two!)

Oculus Quest 2 and the new PlayStation 5 seem to be the big-hitters this year, but PS5 at least is also as easy to find as gold dust. The stock situation for the updated Xbox Series X and Series S is better, and don’t forget the Nintendo Switch which is now £20 cheaper thanks to the arrival of the Switch OLED Model. 

We’re rounding up all the best Nintendo Switch deals and taking a look at how to get the Switch/Switch OLED for for free with a phone contract (two presents for the price of one? Why not!).

We also have the best Switch games in this handy round up.

See the best games consoles available in our chart here.

Instant cameras – Our choice: Instax Mini 11

You’d think instant cameras would be consigned to the past, but nostalgia has dragged them kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, and surprisingly enough they’re actually a welcome presence.

In an age of instant filters and digital backups, there’s something to be said for a camera that doesn’t let you pick the perfect photo out of ten options, and that immediately gives you a physical print to hang onto.

We’ve tested a selection for our guide to the best instant cameras, but for gift giving one of our favourites us the affordable Instax mini 11 (£69.99/$69.95).

Gaming keyboards – Our choice: Logitech G915

Another option for gamers, this time the PC-loving variety, is a new gaming keyboard.

We’ve picked out 10 of the best gaming keyboards available to buy in the UK, so take a look here.

Among the best is the Logitech G915 gaming keyboard (£209.99/$249.99) which is available direct from Logitech.

Gaming mice – Our choice: Razer Naga Trinity

Alternatively, how about a gaming mouse? You’ll find 10 of the best gaming mice to buy for Christmas

The Razer Naga Trinity (£99.99/$99.99) is one of the most user-friendly mice we’ve tested, and could make the perfect gift for PC gamers. It’s currently on offer at £48.99 at Amazon.

Laptops – Our choice: Huawei Matebook 14s (2023)

A laptop could make an amazing present this Christmas, and it doesn’t necessarily have to break Santa’s bank.

See our favourite laptops to gift this year, and here to go to our favourite budget laptops. You’ll also find some great laptop deals this time of year.

Top of our overall best laptops chart right now is the Huawei Matebook 14s (2023), available from Amazon with £250 off!

Laptop bags – Our choice: Ogio Alpha Convoy

If your gift’s recipient already has a laptop, how about a laptop bag? We’ve reviewed our favourite cases, rucksacks and messenger bags for style, comfort and practicality.

The Ogio Alpha Convoy 525r backpack sits at the top of our best laptop bag list for being strong yet lightleight.  See our favouite laptop bags for Christmas.

Pokemon Prediction Using Random Forest

This dataset has 721 unique values i.e. it has features of 721 unique pokemon; for further details, visit this link.

import pandas as pd import numpy as np import seaborn as sns import matplotlib.pyplot as plt %matplotlib inline from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split from sklearn.metrics import accuracy_score, classification_report from sklearn.ensemble import RandomForestClassifier

Reading the dataset

pokemon_data = pd.read_csv('Pokemon Data.csv')

Now, let’s see what our dataset has in it!

poke = pd.DataFrame(pokemon_data) poke.head()


Checking out folet’sl values



Number 0 Name 0 Type_1 0 Type_2 371 Total 0 HP 0 Attack 0 Defense 0 Sp_Atk 0 Sp_Def 0 Speed 0 Generation 0 isLegendary 0 Color 0 hasGender 0 Pr_Male 77 Egg_Group_1 0 Egg_Group_2 530 hasMegaEvolution 0 Height_m 0 Weight_kg 0 Catch_Rate 0 Body_Style 0 dtype: int64

We have seen the null values in its users n; let’s visualize them using the heatmap.

plt.figure(figsize=(10,7)) sns.heatmap(poke.isnull(), cbar=False)


Here it’s visible that Type_2, Pr_Male, and Egg_Group_2 have relatively null values.

We have visualized the nucan’tlues using the heatmap but in that kind of visualization, we can’t get the count of Let’s null values, so we are using the dist-plot.

plt.figure(figsize=(20,20)) sns.displot( data=poke.isna().melt(value_name="missing"), y="variable", hue="missing", multiple="fill", aspect=2 )


Let’s know the dimensions of our dataset.



(721, 23)

From the shape, it is clear the dataset is small, meaning we can remove the null values columns as filling them can make the dataset a little biased.

We have seen that type_2, egg_group_2, and Pr_male have null values.



0.500 458 0.875 101 0.000 23 0.250 22 0.750 19 1.000 19 0.125 2 Name: Pr_Male, dtype: int64

Since Type_2 and Egg_group_2 columns have so many NULL values we will be removing those columns, you won’t impute them with other methods, but for simplicity, we won’t do that here. We only set the Pr_Male column since it had only 77 missing values.

poke['Pr_Male'].fillna(0.500, inplace=True) poke['Pr_Male'].isnull().sum()


0 # as we can see that there are no null values now.

Dropping unnecessary columns

new_poke = poke.drop(['Type_2', 'Egg_Group_2'], axis=1)

Now let’s understand the type of each column and its values.



plt.figure(figsize=(10,10)) sns.heatmap(new_poke.corr(),annot=True,cmap='viridis',linewidths=.5)


The above is a correlation graph that tells you how much a feature is correlated to another since a high correlation means one of the two features does not speak much to the model when predicting.

Usually, it is to be determined by you itself for the high value of correlation and removed.

From the above table, it is clear that different features have different ranges of value, which creates complexity for the model, so we tone them down usually using StandardScalar() class which we will do later on.



Water 105 Normal 93 Grass 66 Bug 63 Psychic 47 Fire 47 Rock 41 Electric 36 Ground 30 Poison 28 Dark 28 Fighting 25 Dragon 24 Ice 23 Ghost 23 Steel 22 Fairy 17 Flying 3 Name: Type_1, dtype: int64

Value counts of all the generations



5 156 1 151 3 135 4 107 2 100 6 72 Name: Generation, dtype: int64 Visualizing I’me categorical values

Here for visualizing the categorical data, I’m using seaborn’s cat plot() function. Well, one can use the line plot scatter plot or box plot separately, but here, the cat plot brings up the unified version of using all the plots hence I preferred the cat plot rather than the separate version of eI’m plot.

Here for counting each type (6) category of generations, I’m using the cougeneration’snd in the cat plot to get the number of count of each generation’s column.

sns.catplot(x="Generation",kind="count",palette="ch:.25", data=poke)


Inference: In the above graph, the 5th generation is the most in numbers.

Here we are using the default kind of cat plot, i.e. scatter plot to plot the Generation vs Defense graph where we will be able to figure outPokemonlationship between the defence power of each general  Pokemon.

sns.catplot(x="Generation", y="Defense", data=poke)


Inference: Here, we can see that only two pcan’tn in generation 2 have the highest defence capability. Still, we can’t conclude that generation 2 has the most increased defence capabilities as the outliers. Still, in the graph, it is evident that generation 6 and 4 has the highest defence capabilities.

Here we are using the Box plot because boxplot will help us understand the variations in the large dataset better; it will also let us know about the outliers more clearly.

sns.catplot(x="Generation", y="Attack",kind="boxen", data=poke)


Here in the above boxplot, we can see that there are a lot of outliers in generation 4 and generation 1 when it comes to attacking capabilities.

Also, generation 4 has the highest median values of their attacking capabilities than all the other generations.

Now we are using bar kind via cat plot, which will let us know about the Attacking capabilities of different generations based on their Pokemon. For example, in generation 1, the pokemon power of male Pokemon are higher than those of the female Pokemon of the same generation. Still, that generation also has the least attacking power than other generations.

sns.catplot(x="Generation", y="Attack",kind='bar',hue='hasGender', data=poke)


FromPokemonove graph, we can conclude that,

In generaPokemononly the male Pokemon has more attacking power than the female Pokemon, which contradicts other generations.

Generation 6 has the highest attacking power wLet’sgeneration 1 has the lowest attacking power.



Blue 134 Brown 110 Green 79 Red 75 Grey 69 Purple 65 Yellow 64 White 52 Pink 41 Black 32 Name: Color, dtype: int64 new_poke['Egg_Group_1'].value_counts()


Field 169 Monster 74 Water_1 74 Undiscovered 73 Bug 66 Mineral 46 Flying 44 Amorphous 41 Human-Like 37 Fairy 30 Grass 27 Water_2 15 Water_3 14 Dragon 10 Ditto 1 Name: Egg_Group_1, dtype: int64

Let’s also consider the number of values in our target column



False 675 True 46 Name: isLegendary, dtype: int64 Feature Engineering

This may seem uncomfortable to some, but you will get why I did it like that.

poke_type1 = new_poke.replace(['Water', 'Ice'], 'Water') poke_type1 = poke_type1.replace(['Grass', 'Bug'], 'Grass') poke_type1 = poke_type1.replace(['Ground', 'Rock'], 'Rock') poke_type1 = poke_type1.replace(['Psychic', 'Dark', 'Ghost', 'Fairy'], 'Dark') poke_type1 = poke_type1.replace(['Electric', 'Steel'], 'Electric') poke_type1['Type_1'].value_counts()


Grass 129 Water 128 Dark 115 Normal 93 Rock 71 Electric 58 Fire 47 Poison 28 Fighting 25 Dragon 24 Flying 3 Name: Type_1, dtype: int64 ref1 = dict(poke_type1['Body_Style'].value_counts()) poke_type1['Body_Style_new'] = poke_type1['Body_Style'].map(ref1)

You may be wondering what I did; I took the value counts of each body tyLet’sd replace the body type with the numbers; see below



0 135 1 135 2 135 3 158 4 158 Name: Body_Style_new, dtype: int64

Let’s look towards the Body_style



0 quadruped 1 quadruped 2 quadruped 3 bipedal_tailed 4 bipedal_tailed Name: Body_Style, dtype: object Encoding data – features like Type_1 and Color types_poke = pd.get_dummies(poke_type1['Type_1']) color_poke = pd.get_dummies(poke_type1['Color']) X = pd.concat([poke_type1, types_poke], axis=1) X = pd.concat([X, color_poke], axis=1) X.head()


Now we have built some features and extracted some feature data, what’s left is to remove redundant features



Index(['Number', 'Name', 'Type_1', 'Total', 'HP', 'Attack', 'Defense', 'Sp_Atk', 'Sp_Def', 'Speed', 'Generation', 'isLegendary', 'Color', 'hasGender', 'Pr_Male', 'Egg_Group_1', 'hasMegaEvolution', 'Height_m', 'Weight_kg', 'Catch_Rate', 'Body_Style', 'Body_Style_new', 'Dark', 'Dragon', 'Electric', 'Fighting', 'Fire', 'Flying', 'Grass', 'Normal', 'Poison', 'Rock', 'Water', 'Black', 'Blue', 'Brown', 'Green', 'Grey', 'Pink', 'Purple', 'Red', 'White', 'Yellow'], dtype='object')



(721, 38)

Now, let’s see the shape of our updated feature columns


Lastly, we define our target variable and set it into a variable called y

y = X_['isLegendary'] X_final = X_.drop(['isLegendary', 'Body_Style'], axis = 1) X_final.columns


Index(['Total', 'HP', 'Attack', 'Defense', 'Sp_Atk', 'Sp_Def', 'Speed', 'Generation', 'hasGender', 'Pr_Male', 'hasMegaEvolution', 'Height_m', 'Weight_kg', 'Catch_Rate', 'Body_Style_new', 'Dark', 'Dragon', 'Electric', 'Fighting', 'Fire', 'Flying', 'Grass', 'Normal', 'Poison', 'Rock', 'Water', 'Black', 'Blue', 'Brown', 'Green', 'Grey', 'Pink', 'Purple', 'Red', 'White', 'Yellow'], dtype='object') X_final.head()


Creating and training our model

Splitting the dataset into training and testing dataset

Xtrain, Xtest, ytrain, ytest = train_test_split(X_final, y, test_size=0.2)

Using random forest classifier for training our model

random_model = RandomForestClassifier(n_estimators=500, random_state = 42)

Fitting the model

model_final =, ytrain) y_pred = model_final.predict(Xtest)

Checking the accuracy

random_model_accuracy = round(model_final.score(Xtrain, ytrain)*100,2) print(round(random_model_accuracy, 2), '%')


100.0 %

Getting the accuracy of the model

random_model_accuracy1 = round(random_model.score(Xtest, ytest)*100,2) print(round(random_model_accuracy1, 2), '%')


99.31 %

Saving the model to disk

import pickle filename = 'pokemon_model.pickle' pickle.dump(model_final, open(filename, 'wb'))

Load the model from the disk

filename = 'pokemon_model.pickle' loaded_model = pickle.load(open(filename, 'rb')) result = loaded_model.score(Xtest, ytest) result*100


99.3103448275862 Conclusion

Here I conclude the legendary pokemon prediction with 99% accuracy; this might be a overfit model; having said that, the dataset was not so complex that it will lead to such a situaHere’set all the suggestions and improvements are always welcome.

Here’s the repo link to this article.

Here you can access my other articles, which are published on Analytics Vidhya as a part of the Blogathon (link)

If got any queries you can connect with I’m on LinkedIn, refer to this link

About me

Greeting to everyone, I’m currently working in TCS and previously, I worked as a Data Science AssociI’veAnalyst in Zorba Consulting India. Along with full-time work, I’ve got an immense interest in the same field, i.e. Data Science, along with its other subsets of Artificial Intelligence such as Computer Vision, Machine learning, and Deep learning; feel free to collaborate with me on any project on the domains mentioned above (LinkedIn).

The media shown in this article is not owned by Analytics Vidhya and are used at the Author’s discretion. 

Starlink Teardown Reveals How Spacex Keeps Its Secrets

Starlink teardown reveals how SpaceX keeps its secrets

A new Starlink teardown has revealed fresh details about SpaceX’s satellite internet dish, including how the company prevents its development hardware from being misused. Launched last year, Starlink relies upon both a growing constellation of satellites in orbit around Earth and an auto-positioning dish on the ground that communicates with them.

The satellite network has been a work-in-progress for SpaceX, with multiple launches of its Falcon 9 rockets adding to the mesh. As that happens, gaps in Starlink coverage have been filled, and more users added to the system.

On the ground, Starlink uses a custom satellite dish that links with a special router. Configured using the Starlink app, it’s designed to automatically move so as to keep the constellation overhead at the optimal angle. However, it has also proved to be a source of fascination among those curious to see what Elon Musk’s company have squeezed inside.

One such group is the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) research team at KU Leuven, which acquired a Starlink system when it launched in Belgium at the end of May. Researchers there wasted no time in opening up the dish for a teardown, and then extracting the software for further analysis.

They came across some interesting tidbits along the way, not least the fact that SpaceX has clearly been iterating on its core dish design already. The COSIC Starlink hardware differs from what has been seen in prior teardowns, and there are some differences in connectors. Elon Musk recently said that the company is working on halving the cost of building each Starlink dish, since right now SpaceX is losing money on them.

What’s particularly curious is how SpaceX keeps those development systems from getting out into the wild. “Development hardware is geofenced to only work in certain predefined areas, most of which are clearly SpaceX locations,” COSIC’s Lennert Wouters explains. “SpaceX is likely notified if development hardware is used outside these predefined geofences.”

It’s not the only control on getting too much access to the underlying systems. The software exploration also revealed that SpaceX has prevented users from logging in to the live system, by including a check during boot to see whether the hardware has been fused or not. Consumer dishes are fused before they’re shipped, and so the login prompt is disabled.

While hacking a Starlink dish is probably a bad idea – almost as much as mounting one on the hood of your car, in fact – it’s interesting to see the amount of work that has gone into building the system. It’s certainly cost SpaceX no small amount, with Musk suggesting that it could be $5-10 billion in investment before Starlink is fully cash flow positive. As well as the improvements in the pipeline for the Starlink dishes, currently SpaceX is working on the v1.5 satellites – with laser-based links in-between each satellite – and then the v2.0 update sometime in 2023.

7 Best Christmas Ideas For Large Families

7 best Christmas ideas for large families [Gadgets for all] Find the perfect Christmas gifts for you family




If you are out of ideas for Christmas presents, you come to the right place.

We created a list of all types of gifts, from simple and entertaining one to something you can take on a trip.

Be sure to go through all our chosen Christmas presents to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. 

Celebrating the yuletide with a large family is always full of love, fun, and excitement. When looking for Christmas gift ideas large families will require, it could sometimes be a challenge to pick what’s appropriate. One reason is that it should center on something almost everyone should enjoy.

A wide range of Christmas gift exchange ideas for large families should be the first choice. So to keep one’s sanity intact and to save big on credit cards, here are some amazing large families’ Christmas gift ideas.

GoPro HERO8 Black

4K video and 12MP photos

Live streaming stabilization

Time-lapse videos

Bluetooth connectivity

The battery life is not so great

Check price

Chef Di Cucina Pizza Maker

Ceramic stone base

Easy cleaning

Compact and easy to store

Specially designed rim that eliminates moisture

Not like wood ovens

Check price

Let the family enjoy, nice and tasty pizza of different designs this Christmas season with Pizzacraft Pizzaque PC6500.

It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to get started cooking and delivers pizza crispy in less than 10 minutes. It’s the best Christmas gift idea for large families to experience going camping, tailgating, etc.

Cuisinart ice 21 frozen yogurt ice cream maker

Makes frozen desserts in 20 minutes or less

Up to 1-1/2-quarts capacity

Double insulated freezer bowl

Easy lock Transparent lid

Cannot create big batches of icecream

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What more can a fun Christmas have other than this frozen yogurt ice cream maker? Get delicious and yummy ice cream in less than 20 minutes. It has a capacity for making up to 1 ½ quarts of ice cream.

Cuisinart ice cream maker comes with a mixing paddle and freezer bowl with a double insulator as amazing Christmas gift ideas for large families.

The best Christmas gift ideas large families need clearly are in these blends of products to enjoy music and visuals:

Expert tip:

50W of power

50 hour battery autonomy

Microphone, radio and USB charging

NFC connectivity

The microphone is not the greatest

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Enjoy some of the best classic, oriental, and hip-hop songs with the family this Christmas using the Smart ion tailgator. It offers 50 Watts sound output, 50 hours battery, Bluetooth features, and phone charging ports.

Casio Privia PX-S1000

Adjustable stand


Sustain pedal

Online lessons

88 keys

Pretty expensive

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This Casio Privia piano is an exciting gift for the family. It creates learning and bonding time for the family, a perfect time to learn a new skill. Plus it has a video tutorial and kids and adults to learn how to play.

JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampolines

Premium Bungees

Workout DVD

Online Access to Video Workouts

Small for indoor use

You can injure yourself without proper guidance

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Keep in form while you play this Christmas season in the JumpSport 250 safety cushioned trampoline. It offers music and video workout sessions. It is a top-quality product with a 40% reduction to improve safety.

The JumpSport 250 comes as easy to install with little left to do but enjoy your exercise session while the family applauds you.

iRobot Roomba 675

Works with Alexa


Works perfectly on hard floors or carpets

3 Stage cleaning system

Not good if you have a lot of obstacles in your home

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Take the stress off loved ones with the best Christmas gift ideas large families will love. The iRobot can help give more time to family playtime and fun while it does the house cleaning. It can help clean the bathroom, hardwood floors, kitchen, and more.

The iRobot is so equipped it can help mop hard-to-reach places in the house such as hidden cabinet space, tight corners, toilet areas, and more. It can carry out wet mopping, dry sweeping, and damp sweeping.

With any of the above Christmas gift ideas, large families can enjoy nothing short of an intriguing celebration this season. Some of the products such as the camera would do better with a tripod stand but most of them are standalone products.

But whatever your picks, be sure to experience the best Christmas ever with family and friends.

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