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Are you excited to install macOS Monterey on your Mac? The release date for MacOS Monterey is Monday, October 25, and whether you’re thinking of installing it right away, or after some time passes, you might want to take a few measures ahead of time to get your Mac ready for the new system software release.

We’ll run through some procedures and considerations before installing macOS Monterey (version 12) on a Mac.

How to Get Ready for MacOS Monterey in 5 Easy Steps

Getting ready to install macOS Monterey 12 is pretty easy. Let’s go through some basics to make sure you’re good to go.

1: Check macOS Monterey System Compatibility

Does your Mac support macOS Monterey? That’s the first question you’ll need to answer.

The list of MacOS Monterey compatible Macs is a bit more strict than Big Sur, so you’ll want to be sure your Mac is covered before even thinking of installing the update. The following machines will support macOS Monterey:

MacBook Air (2024 and later)

MacBook Pro (2024 and later)

MacBook (2024 and later)

iMac (2024 and later)

iMac Pro (2024 and later)

Mac Pro (late 2013 and later)

Mac mini (late 2024 and later)

For the most part, any Mac from 2024 and later supports the release, along with some earlier Mac Pro models.

Aside from those core recommendations, you’ll want to be sure you have 20GB or greater of storage available to be able to complete the update.

If you aren’t sure what Mac you have, go to the  Apple menu and choose “About This Mac”:

It’s possible that features like Universal Control will have limitations on compatibility, but since it’s not available yet it’s unclear what exactly those will be when finalized. It would be reasonable to expect Universal Control to only work on sharing the keyboard and mouse with other Macs running macOS Monterey, for example.

2: Update Your Apps

Updating your apps for compatibility is important, not only before updating to macOS Monterey, but also in the weeks and months after.

Updating apps from the Mac App Store is easy. Just open the App Store application, and go to the “Updates” tab to find and install available updates.

For apps downloaded from outside the App Store, you’ll want to update those manually through the app directly, or through the developers website.

Apps like Chrome for example update automatically, but you can stir an update manually by going to the apps menu and choosing “About Chrome”. Many other apps behave in the same way.

3: Backup the Mac Completely

Arguably the most important thing you can do before installing macOS Monterey is giving yourself a complete backup of the Mac and all files on the computer. Having a backup ensures that you’ll be able to recover your data in the event something goes wrong during the system software update. Backups also allow you to revert and downgrade system software if you choose to later.

By far the simplest approach to backing up a Mac is by using Time Machine.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process you can refer to this guide, you will need a large external hard drive to complete a Time Machine backup.

4: Consider waiting a day or two? Or for macOS Monterey 12.1, or macOS 12.2, etc?

Some Mac users intentionally delay updating system software, whether by a few days, weeks, or even until later point release updates. This is a reasonable strategy for cautious users, and for anyone who is currently satisfied with their present macOS experience.

Much of the thinking behind waiting a bit is for any initial kinks and issues to be sorted out with the software update. This is not common, but it does happen sometimes.

As for waiting for a point release update, like macOS Monterey 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, etc, the logic behind this is typically that the point release updates will typically include bug fixes, more apps may be fully compatible with Monterey by then.

Also if your primary reason to get macOS Monterey is for a feature like Universal Control, well, it’s not coming on the initial release, so perhaps waiting for macOS Monterey 12.1 or 12.2 or whenever Universal Control is included, is a reasonable approach for you.

There is no harm in waiting to install a major system software update, particularly if your current Mac setup is working fine, and you’re installing available security updates as they become available.

5: All Set? Install MacOS Monterey

If you know your Mac is compatible, you’ve updated your apps, and you’ve backed up your Mac, then you’re ready to install macOS Monterey, whenever you want.

MacOS Monterey is available to download now, so get started if you’re up for it, or wait if you’d like too.

If you’re interested in a walkthrough for installing MacOS Monterey, go here.

Have at it, and let us know how it goes!


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How To Downgrade Macos Ventura Beta To Macos Monterey

Things to know before downloading macOS 13 Ventura Developer Beta

To downgrade, you need to backup (optional but recommended) → Erase macOS Ventura → reinstall macOS Monterey → restore Time Machine backup.

You can reinstall macOS Monterey through internet recovery or using a bootable USB drive.

Keep your Mac plugged in while the downgrading takes place.

While the latest macOS Ventura comes with many features such as Stage Manager, Spotlight with new and improved searches and quick actions, and the Mail app with support to undo and schedule emails, it’s still in the Developer Beta phase. And like any beta version, macOS 13 isn’t free from bugs.

Moreover, if you are trying the developer preview on your primary device, the bugs present may affect your device. Besides, it will take time for most third-party app developers to make their app Ventura compatible. So, it’s better to downgrade your Mac to the stable macOS Monterey version for now. But the question is, how to go back to macOS 12? Keep reading!

How to downgrade macOS using Time Machine Backup

If you had read our guide on how to download and install the macOS Ventura beta, I mentioned taking a backup before installing the beta version. So if you have a backup, this method is for you. Else, you can try the other method mentioned below.

Attach the Time Machine hard drive to the Mac.

Now, go to the boot selection screen.

For Intel-based Mac: Press and hold Command + R when you see the Apple Logo or hear the startup chime.

The process may take some time, so sit back, grab some coffee, or take a power nap.

Note: When you restore from a backup, the current data in your Mac will be completely wiped. And if you don’t want to lose data, take a backup of those files.

Downgrade to macOS Monterey using macOS recovery 

If you currently don’t have a Time Machine backup or the backup is not working while restoring, move on with the macOS recovery method to revert to macOS Monterey from macOS Ventura.

Note: For this method, you must have a stable internet connection and a wired keyboard (or use the built-in keyboard).

Turn off your Mac.

Now, turn on and immediately press and hold one of the three combinations of your keyboard until the Apple logo appears:

Command + R: Reinstall the latest macOS version installed on your Mac.

Option + Command + R: Upgrade to the latest macOS version compatible with your device.

Shift + Option + Command + R: Reinstall macOS with which your Mac came or the closest version available.

Wait until the installation process finishes. While the process takes place, don’t put your Mac to sleep or close the lid. Throughout the process, you will see your Mac restart several times, the progress bar will appear and disappear, or even the screen may go blank for some time.

Don’t worry, as it’s part of the process, and wait until it’s completed. In the end, you will see a login screen which you usually see. It means you have successfully completed the process.

Reinstall macOS Monterey with a Bootable installer

Depending on your Mac, the steps to install macOS Monterey through a Bootable installer will differ. It is because the T2 chip in some Intel Macs will prevent the installation from external drives.

I. On Intel Mac

Apple introduced the T2 security chip with their Intel Macs to provide additional security. As part of that, it will prevent you from installing macOS Monterey through the bootable installer method. If you have an Apple Silicon Mac, go to the steps for Macs with Apple Silicon.

Reboot your Mac while holding the Option key.

When the boot selection screen appears, release the key and hold down Command + R to enter recovery.

Enter your Mac password.

Here, select Allow booting.

You have now disabled external boot protection on your Intel Mac. Now, it’s time to install macOS Monterey on your Mac through the Bootable installer. For that:

Reboot your Mac while holding Option until you land on the boot selection screen.

Boot to USB installer for Monterey.

Allow verification of the external disk.

That’s it! Wait until the process is completed, and after the downgrading process, you will be greeted with the usual setup screen of macOS Monterey.

On Apple Silicon Mac

Turn off your Mac.

Press and hold the Power button until you see loading startup options.

Wait until the process is completed. After that, you will see the macOS setup screen!


Can you downgrade a Mac that shipped with Big Sur?

No. It is not possible to downgrade your Mac to a macOS version that it was shipped. If you have updated your Mac to a newer version of macOS, it is possible to downgrade.

Welcome back!

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How To Get Facebook Fans: The Easy Way And The Hard Way

Have you ever found an easy and superior way to do something, then watched in bafflement as people insist on doing it the hard way?

There are two main obstacles to people using Facebook Advertising:

Let’s tackle both issues…

1. Why It’s Foolish Not to Budget For Facebook Ads

Prioritizing Your Online Marketing Efforts:

AdWords reaches a point of diminishing return. Once you’ve established what keywords you can get a good ROI on, spend the rest of your budget on the lower priorities.

Every site reaches a point where they frankly don’t deserve to rank for more competitive terms. Even expanding your content with your blog only goes so far. Keep blogging, and move on to Facebook.

Facebook now gets more pageviews than Google. You can capture a targeted audience and, like an email list, market to them repeatedly. It’s way better than Twitter for B2C marketing

Twitter gets only 5% the reach of Facebook, but it’s great for networking, reaching bloggers and journalists, and B2B marketing.

He is amazing, so if the previous channels didn’t work, you’d better get in touch with the street magician.

Free Facebook Fans Suck

Don’t go to Facebook just because you don’t have a budget for AdWords. It really sucks to try to get fans the free route.

Yes, you can get 50 of your friends to fan your page. No that’s probably not your target market.

Yes you can run contests, but these fans will all be cheap – as in, they want free or low cost stuff. They’ll discount you to death. Red ocean, anyone?

Yes, you can create a video that you call “viral” but unless it gets thousands or millions of views, it wasn’t really viral. Viral marketing is nearly impossible to do on purpose.

Cheap Fan Services?

You can even get some company in India to get you really cheap fans, but I keep hearing from regretful business owners who look at their Page Insights and find these fans are from countries they don’t serve. They may even be fake profiles, which means they won’t interact with you and they’ll water down your Post Feedback Rate. I’m not saying anything as sweeping as companies from India are unethical, but I am saying that you need to watch out for these super-cheap fan services and check up on the fan quality if you do feel you need to go this route.

How To Get Good, Cheap Fans Who May Actually Buy From You

If you haven’t been into the Facebook Advertising interface, maybe you don’t understand how incredible the targeting is:





Relationship Status

Sexual gender preference


Interest targeting

Page targeting

Yes, interest targeting is different from keyword targeting, but that’s another issue. We’re just trying to get you the right fans- people who would buy your product or service if they knew about it.

2. How to Do Facebook Advertising Affordably

Also similar to an AdWords mistake. In AdWords we group keywords tightly and make the ad fit them – same deal with Facebook Ads.

If you use CPC when you should be using CPM, your cost can be 25 times higher.

Remember, this is FACEbook. If you’re not testing faces, think about it. Also, a 110×80 image is pretty small, so you may need to zoom in closer than you think. Oh, and by the way, hot woman are not always the best choice.

Assume you’ll get 3 seconds of the ad viewer’s time – less than AdWords. Make it snappy.

If you fix those six things, you’ll be ahead of the curve. If you want to learn more, check out my FanReach training.

How Much Do Fans Cost?

Based on my own experience, which includes about 25 companies in addition to another 15 or so case studies I’ve seen from several other Facebook marketers I work with, here is the range I target and expect:

Business to Consumer: $0.003 – $0.35 per fan; three fans per penny is the cheapest I’ve ever seen. I’d expect an average of about $0.15 per fan

Business to Business: $0.50 – $2.00 per fan; you may be able to go lower, but this is what I’ve seen. However, B2B offerings can be higher revenue, so it may still all work out for you with good margin.

However, not every business is ideal for Facebook Marketing. If you can’t find a discernable passion your audience has in common, they probably don’t “like” anything you can target cheaply enough.

Also, every niche is different, every business is different. As you may know with AdWords, two businesses targeting the same keywords can get dramatically different results because of their brand, offerings, and websites. It’s the same with Facebook Marketing.

Go ye and get likes wisely.

Photo Credits: Jester by CarbonNYC, David Blaine by Nikstar*, Crazy Sexy Cheap by redgoober4life

How To Buy Crypto On Iphone The Easy Way

Learning how to buy crypto isn’t easy but chúng tôi has truly arrived stateside and has certainly become a viable option for getting into the cryptocurrency game on iPhone. As the bright red letters adorning the house of LeBron get pulled down and carried away into the annals of sports history, a new moniker is being readied to dawn its new mantle atop the former Staples Center. Tinsel Town will soon have a new set of shining bright lights across its beloved colosseum with the official unveil of sorts ahead of tip-off tonight when LeBron’s Lakers takes on Kevin Durant’s (and very much not Kyrie Irving’s) Brooklyn Nets. Some $700 million dollars later — a bag far larger than the one America’s favorite office supply store had to shell out 10 years prior — virtual currency giant chúng tôi will forcefully take its new place across the skyline in Laker nation. And its Crypto iOS app will be the mobile platform that helps propel it even deeper in to the pockets of Americans.

The Crypto takeover

The latest home of the Los Angeles Lakers, constructed at a cost of $375 million or $583 million in today’s economic environment, opened back in 1999 and has only ever dawned one glowing red name — until now (or, officially speaking, by June 2023 when the full switch over is complete). 

Hate it or love it, chúng tôi just spent $200 million more to plaster its name across Lakers Arena than it costed to build the thing, almost daring nay-sayers and skeptics to doubt the validity of the crypto future it is pushing with its Crypto iOS app (use this link to get $25 bonus when you download the app), NFT-backed universes, and more it has become so successful with.

If you’re anything like me, almost hoping this confusing and arguably ridiculous crypto game would just fade away like it never happened, you can keep dreaming on your own. Folks have already been raking in enough cash to get their overpriced shoes on the same floor as LeBron, AD, and the late great Mr. Bryant — right next to Jack — for season ticket floor seats with crypto-based funds for years now. But there’s just something about the fall of that glowing red Staples sign that has just made me, and should probably make you, think twice about taking crypto currency seriously. 

Keeping even a nosebleed eye on the Crypto iOS app over the last few weeks goes to show how much real money we all could have made just in the amount of time it took you drop thousands on M1 laptops and needlessly replacing your Apple handset over the Black Friday bonanza.

Headlines of the $700 million deal and the subsequent rise in its own CRO coin paid for the entire deal overnight. This is largely due to it owning a ton of its own coin, but that could have been us (on a much smaller scale of course) with not much more than an iOS app and the knowledge to put our hard earned cash to work. Learning how to buy crypto just got a whole lot easier for me at least.

Cryptocurrency on iOS done right

Curiosity certainly killed the cat, but in this case it might turn it into a lion with a few hand gestures inside of what is essentially a free iOS app you could have placard on your new iPhone 13 Pro Max’s home screen. Little by little, or a huge re-mortgage the house level investment — players’ choice — it might be worth taking a more serious look at the incredibly simple to use Crypto app, its iOS ecosystem, and crypto currency in general if you weren’t already. 

The super-easy to use app has been golden ticket for me here.

How to buy crypto with iPhone

The built-in Fiat Wallet in place here, to support the aforementioned direct bank transfers, is also a particularly understandable and economic option as well. This allows for direct bank deposits that can then be moved into the chúng tôi iOS app platform with absolutely zero fees. 

Speaking of which, no extra crypto gas charges — an additional purchasing fee on ton of a crypto platform’s regular price of doing business just to write your transactions to the block chain — are involved here, only the 3.5% flat fee that happens to be waived for your first 30 days.  


Check out more at chúng tôi or use this link to get $25 bonus when you download the app.

Have you given the chúng tôi iOS app a try? Have any others you’re liking? Or still not sold on the crypto game in general?

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

How Your Business Should Prepare For The Metaverse

While some are still researching the metaverse, major companies are already working to create that digital future.

The arrival of the metaverse was the headline that dominated the business media this year.

Although global tech giants dominate headlines about the metaverse, don’t let that fool you. The metaverse isn’t just for big-name brands. Every business must learn how to make this metaverse work in their operations. It’s easy for it to be dismissed as a technology fad, but the metaverse is all about experiences. We’ve learned a lot over the past few years that the experience-driven economy will be around for the long haul.

Are you still not convinced? Let’s look at three reasons your business should be prepared for the metaverse.

1. The Experience Economy is Part of the Metaverse.

I have written extensively about why experiences are the future of business. This is evident in the numbers: A Harris Poll revealed that 72% of millennials would rather spend their money on experiences than material goods. With Gen Z, this number is growing.

Look at The Museum of Ice Cream’s success. This attraction sells almost all the time, even though museums are struggling to sell as many tickets these days. Why? It’s an experience, and it’s filled with oversized candy, sprinkle pools, and other “Instagrammable” moments.

This experience economy does not only apply to places and events. Take a look at 19 Crimes wine’s success. It started with high-quality wine. The brand’s true difference is its AR-equipped wine labels. These labels come to life when they are paired with the company’s exclusive smartphone app. This technology has turned the age-old ritual of opening a bottle of wine into a one-of-a-kind experience that has helped 19 Crimes quadruple in volume over the last few years and be accepted by a whole new breed of wine drinkers.

These are the moments that the metaverse will allow businesses to create. The metaverse is an art that jumps off the page, the Hall of Famer sitting next to you as you watch the game, or the superhero leaping right off the child’s pages.

The metaverse allows you to experience that is not limited by money, time, or the physical laws of the natural world. Only a brand’s imagination can limit them.

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Top 7 Work Operating Systems of 2023

2. The Bottom Line is Driven by The Metaverse

These brand experiences are at the heart of the metaverse. They are the driving force behind the bottom line.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my time as head of innovation and creativity for Disney was from Walt Disney. He said, “Start with the experience, and the sales will follow.” It’s not surprising that Walt’s obsession for the Disneyland experience allowed him to transform what was once only orange groves in Anaheim into a crown jewel that generates over $4 billion in revenue.

Disneyland is a profitable machine because it was not built to become one. It was created to tell stories. These stories create experiences that ultimately lead to consumers opening their wallets.

The metaverse will allow brands to elevate their strategies and create unique experiences for guests. Imagine a world in which your daughter doesn’t have to spend the day searching for the Disney princess she loves, but instead of trying to find her favorite Disney princess at the park, the princess is right in front of her eyes (and can even speak the language you choose)! Imagine how much this would enhance the Disney experience for your family!

This is great for Disney and other brands that can invest millions in immersive experiences. What about your business? The metaverse will, to a certain degree, level the playing field.

You can buy virtual real estate for thousands instead of millions. Designers can create custom buildings, merchandise, and rides without the need to purchase labor or equipment. It is possible to create a memorable brand experience in the metaverse for only a fraction of the cost it would take in the real world.

3. The Metaverse Connects Consumers’ Previously Unobtainable

A few years ago, I conducted a training session with the Philadelphia Eagles. I learned that 90% of Eagles fans won’t ever be able to attend a game in person because of transportation, price, and location.

The Metaverse is Now – Is Your Company Ready?

The metaverse isn’t just for billion- or trillion-dollar tech companies. It will eventually affect all brands. Is your business ready for the opportunity?

It is the easiest way to get your company thinking about the future of metaverse. Metaverse technologies are intuitive. I can move my head or hand in one direction and my avatar follows. If I want to interact with someone in a virtual universe, I just need to walk up to them and say hello. You’ll soon be exploring these options and will begin to think of ways you can embrace the future of the metaverse. You might even have some fun.

Circleboom Ios App Review: An Easy Way To Manage Your Twitter

Twitter has become an important tool for business and personal branding. And while regular activity matters, strategies also play a big role. Circleboom could lend you the insights and analytics necessary to develop the strategies to strengthen your Twitter account.

Circleboom houses several tools to help you understand your audience and predict what they’ll like. Plus, see what’s trending, analyze what your peers are doing, and more in a few taps.

Read the review to know more about these tools and how you can use Circleboom to excel at the Twitter game.

Get more from your Twitter with the Circleboom iOS app

You might tweet all you want, all day long, but if it’s not reaching your target audience, it will never be good enough. Thus, instead of hard work, you need to do smart work and get on the right side of the Twitter algorithm.

Well, it is certainly easier said than done. However, Circleboom can help you do exactly that and more. The platform can help you understand the current state of your Twitter account and how you can further improve your strategies.

Circleboom is available as an iOS app (iPhone) and a browser version (Mac or Windows), allowing you to track your Twitter from a device of your choice. As for tools, let’s check out what they can do for you.

More in-depth insights 

Furthermore, you can even filter accounts by the language the users speak and whether they follow you or not. Talking about followers, you can even check who’s following who. You can search for an account and see their following and followers list.

You can even apply several filters to these lists and find some interesting insights into the followers and friends of other accounts.

More helpful analytics

After zeroing in on your target audience, the next step is to apply some growth hacks and zero in on

Best time to tweet – When is your audience most active, and when will you get the most engagement.

Interest clouds – What topics/keywords are your followers following, retweeting, and more.

Your tweet statistics – Check how your posts are performing over time.

Follower stats

Growth rate

Language preference


The great thing is that you are not bombarded with numbers and stats. In fact, Circleboom breaks down the data and represents bite-sized, easily readable graphs. And whether you want to monitor your followers daily, weekly, or monthly, there are ways to do that.

Additionally, you can export the analytics data as text in PDF, HTML, XLSX, CSV, JSON, or as an image in PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF format.

More effective search

Why stop at the audience you have when you can find the target audience with Circleboom’s smart search. Notably, when you search for a keyword and hashtag, the platform searches Twitter profiles, bios, and tweets, allowing you to spot people with similar interests easily.

And this is in addition to the basic trending hashtag tracking, so you’re not missing anything or anyone. The feature also incorporates a neat Twitter lists tools, wherein you can categorize verified accounts, followers, friends, and more.

More control of your tweets

Moreover, you also get the liberty to view and erase the Twitter archive via date range, language, media,

The overall experience

Circleboom packs a lot of features. However, when an app does too much, it complicates things. Thankfully and I must say remarkably, Circleboom doesn’t do that. Both the iOS app and web interface are minimal yet fun.

I especially love the pop of colors and unique graphics used throughout. To ease things further, the webpage also boasts several feature introduction and tutorial pages for the web interface, including some videos.

However, I couldn’t find iOS app-specific tutorials. And while you won’t necessarily need tutorials, it could have been better to have it anyways.

Circleboom tweet worthy or not?


User interface




Twitter insights


Value for money


The Circleboom Twitter tracker is a smooth app to gather more insights for your Twitter account and figure out a personalized growth hack. Yes, there is no AI tool to help you crack the code, but because the data and graphs are quite extensive, you won’t really miss it.

Also, I haven’t seen an AI do as well or even at par with handling a social media account, so maybe it’s a good thing. Although I faced a pretty silly issue, both my app and the webpage logged me out quite frequently. And logging in repeatedly wasn’t that fun.


Neat, minimal, and easy-to-use interface

Smart tools offer deep insights

Filters at every step make things easier


Expensive for just Twitter insights


Freemium with various limits

Pro – $11.99/mo


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