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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release confirmed out of nowhere

After years of rumors, speculation, and requests from fans, the Red Dead Redemption series is finally coming to PC. Rockstar revealed today that it’s bringing Red Dead Redemption 2 to PC, and those who were holding out for such an announcement luckily don’t have much longer to wait, as the PC version will be out next month.

More specifically, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be launching on PC on November 5th. It’ll be available through the freshly-launched Rockstar Games Launcher, but you’ll have other options beyond that including Greenman Gaming, the Humble Store, GameStop, and the Epic Games Store. It’ll be up for pre-order on the Rockstar Games Launcher on October 9th and the rest on October 23rd, with Rockstar saying that the game will also be a Google Stadia launch title.

— Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) October 4, 2023

You might notice a glaring omission from that list of platforms, as Steam isn’t present on it. Red Dead Redemption 2 is still coming to Steam, but it’ll be launching there later than it will be on other platforms. Happily, Steam users won’t need to wait six months or a year – it’ll instead go live on Steam in December, but Rockstar didn’t give a specific release date in its announcement today.

Despite the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 is launching on a variety of digital distribution services, Rockstar really wants you to pre-order through its own game launcher. Those who pre-order the game through October 22nd on the Rockstar Games Launcher will get to pick two free PC titles from a list that includes GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, Bully: Scholarship Edition, LA Noire: The Complete Edition, and Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition.

It’s worth pointing out that those who download the Rockstar Games Launcher by Tuesday, October 8th automatically get a free copy of GTA: San Andreas, so you could potentially get three additional games by downloading the launcher and pre-ordering RDR 2 through it. “Pre-purchases made on the Rockstar Games Launcher also include free upgrades to the Premium Editions of Red Dead Redemption 2, with both the Special Edition and Ultimate Edition discounted by $20 each,” Rockstar explains in a blog post on its website.

Rockstar will also hand out in-game items to those who pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2 through its launcher, including the Outlaw Survival Kit, War Horse, Treasure Map, and Cash Bonus (all of which are for story mode), along with 50 Gold Bars for use in Red Dead Online. The bonuses for pre-ordering through anywhere else only amount to 25 Gold Bars, so that really stresses Rockstar’s preference for its own platform.

It won’t be long before we learn more about the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, as Rockstar says it will share some screenshots from it on October 9th. Hopefully this means that we’ll eventually get a PC port of the original Red Dead Redemption as well, but for now, we’ll just be happy that the franchise is appearing on PC in any capacity.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date And Pricing Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date and pricing confirmed

After months of leaks, the details of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge may not have been a complete surprise, but that won’t stop people from buying it in droves. All five of the major US carriers are signed up to sell the new Android flagship, and the good news if you’re itching for an upgrade from your current phone is that you won’t have too long to wait.

That’s because the Galaxy S7 release date is March 11th, though you’ll be able to stake your place in line earlier still. Pre-orders begin on February 23rd, which means there isn’t long to decide which carrier gets your business.

On AT&T, the Galaxy S7 will be $23.17 per month on the carriers’ Next 24 plan, for the 32GB phone. The Galaxy S7 edge also has 32GB of storage, and starts at $26.50 on the same plan. Oddly, given what the name would imply, both Next 24 plans run for 30 months.

Sprint will offer the Galaxy S7 for $27.09 per month for 24 months, or the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge for $31.25 per month over the same period. The carrier is also doing a promotion where buyers get a second handset of the same Galaxy they bought for half price, though that takes the form of a service credit.

The carrier’s budget brands will also get the phones, with Boost Mobile snagging both on March 11 too, while Virgin Mobile USA will follow on shortly after.

T-Mobile USA has priced the Galaxy S7 for $27.92 per month for 23 months and $27.83 for the final month, as part of its payments plan. The S7 edge will be $32.50 for 23 months, and then a final $32.39 payment. Alternatively, it’ll be offered on JUMP! On Demand for $32.50 per month for the S7 or $28 per month for the S7 edge.

T-Mobile says that the Galaxy S7 full retail price is $669.99, while the Galaxy S7 edge is $779.99.

Verizon has committed to the February 23rd (8 am ET) preorder date, but is yet to confirm pricing at this stage.

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available at Verizon with one plan starting at $28 per month for 24 months ($672 retail price). Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will be released on a plan starting at $33 per month for 24 months ($792 retail price). Both devices will be available March 11.

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Finally, U.S. Cellular will have a 24 month payment plan option, with the Galaxy S7 for $28 and the Galaxy S7 edge at $32.50. However, there’ll also be two-year agreements, at which point the S7 will be $199 upfront and the S7 edge will be $299.

What there doesn’t appear to be, at least at this stage, is a way to buy an unlocked, SIM-free device from Samsung itself. We’ll let you know if that changes any time soon.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Release Date, Price & Specs Rumours

We round up all the news and rumours we’ve seen so far about the Google Pixel Watch 2. 

When will the Google Pixel Watch 2 be released?

There’s no official word yet from Google, and the Google I/O event in May 2023 came and went without any mention or tease of an update to the smartwatch range, instead only covering the Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet.

Instead, 9to5Google reports that the Pixel Watch 2 will make its debut in October 2023 alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

How much will the Google Pixel Watch 2 cost?

Again, there’s no confirmed price details from Google at this point in time. With the Pixel Watch only being released in October 2023, we don’t think there will be too much change from the price of that smartwatch:

Google Pixel Watch (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) – $349/£339/€379 

Google Pixel Watch (LTE) – $399/£379/€429

What new features will we see in the Google Pixel Watch 2?

We don’t know the official specs of the Google Pixel Watch 2 yet, so we’re relying on the rumours that have surfaced so far to give us a clue on what we might see when the new model arrives. 

There hasn’t been much leaked so far, and matters are complicated by the fact that Jon Prosser has reported Google is in fact working on two models: a standard Pixel Watch 2 and a separate version for kids, though he admits that this latter might end up being released under the Fitbit brand, perhaps as a follow-up to 2023’s Fitbit Ace 3.

The only other big news so far regards the chip inside the watch. 9to5Google cites unnamed sources who claim that the Pixel Watch will be powered by one of the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chips, meaning a switch away from the Samsung Exynos chip used in the first generation.

The biggest impact of the shift is likely to be on battery life, with the site reporting that Google is now aiming for more than a day’s battery life with the always-on display enabled – a big jump, considering the first gen could only just last 24 hours without the always-on display.

The battery could also be boosted by software improvements, given that we’re expecting the Pixel Watch 2 to be the first watch to launch with Wear OS 4, which Google has already teased will include battery life improvements and a more colourful user interface based on Material You.

Aside from that, it’s been pretty thin on the ground. So here are the things we hope Google improves with the Pixel Watch 2. 

Better battery life

If there was a main weakness with the Google Pixel Watch, it was the battery life. The small 294mAh cell is a pretty normal size for a smartwatch, but when we reviewed it we encountered inconsistencies in performance, which meant that durability ranged from 48 hours to 12 hours, with no real change in how we were interacting with the device.

Software refinements can no doubt improve upon this, but in the new model we hope that Google can nail down this very important aspect. As we’ve mentioned above, there are rumours of a new chipset in the Pixel Watch 2, so if that is accompanied by software optimisation, then the second edition of Google’ smartwatch could last a lot longer than the one it replaces. 

Support for Qi wireless charging

Although the Pixel Watch does come with its own wireless charger, the device doesn’t support Qi charging, so this means you won’t be able to use it with third-party options. This is particularly annoying when you consider that the Pixel 7 offers reverse wireless charging, but the Pixel Watch is incompatible. 

We’d like to see this changed in the Pixel Watch 2, as it seems a strange oversight by Google in the first place. 

Fitness tracking improvements

While the Pixel Watch offers a good range of fitness tracking options, it omits the auto start, stop and pause features that appear on some current Fitbits such as the Fitbit Sense 2. This means it can miss workouts and not give you the results you’ve earned through your exertions. Again, this seems simply down to software refinements, so we hope to see that implemented in the Pixel Watch 2. 

That’s all we have so far on Google’s new smartwatch, but we’ll keep updating this article as more information comes to light. In the meantime, why not take a look at our guides to the best smartwatch and best fitness trackers to see what other options are available. 

Galaxy S8 “Dex” Device Release Coming To Replace Your Pc

Galaxy S8 “Dex” device release coming to replace your PC

This week the folks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office have essentially confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S8’s secret weapon. One of the strangest moves from Samsung – though not entirely unprecedented, with the Galaxy S8 will likely be this: Samsung Dex. This device has been rumored for a short while as a dock which allows the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 to act as their own desktop-like computer.

Samsung has filed for a trademark on the name “Samsung Dex”, attaching it to an interesting set of Goods and Services. According to the USPTO, this trademark is for “Application software, namely, for projecting the screen of mobile device to displays via computer peripheral devices and wireless networks; computer peripheral devices; computer software for wireless network communications; computer software, namely, software for controlling user interface mode adaption.”

Adaptation is a key word here – user interface mode adaptation, meaning the smartphone, when plugged into Dex, no longer relies on the same UI as it did as a smartphone. Instead, it’s fairly obvious here that Samsung created something akin to the Motorola Lapdock. That was an ill-fated attempt to turn the Motorola ATRIX smartphone into a laptop-capable device with software called “Webtop.”

Unfortunate for Motorola, their hardware didn’t add up to something that could take on their nearest competition. Their software was relatively decent for what it was, but smartphone processing power wasn’t up to snuff. It was a great idea, well before its time. Or so it seemed to me, anyway.

As the folks at Galaxy Club show, Samsung has also filed for a trademark for a “Dex Station”. The Dex Station is likely the device, while Samsung Dex is probably the brand for the ecosystem.

Just yesterday it was tipped that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would include “Infinity Display” branding and would be launched with a DeX device. I would not be surprised if Samsung’s big push for the Galaxy S8 included talk of how their experience goes beyond the edges of the display you keep in your pocket – smartphone, off the edges (2 nearly-borderless sides to the display), docked with DEX, off to whatever other massive displays the user has handy.

Above you’ll see an image leaked earlier this year suggesting a “Continuum-like experience” – as it was put by our own JC Torres. That’s what Windows 10 has with the most recent Windows Phone devices, and – by all means – it appears that that’s what we’re getting with a Galaxy S8 with a DEX. This slide image seems to be very, very rudimentary, so we would not be surprised to see something wildly different by the time the Galaxy S8 is revealed.

Samsung has also been working with software they call SideSync for quite a while. We took a brief look at how a Samsung Galaxy S connected to a Samsung notebook back in 2013. More like mirroring than running a full PC experience from a phone, that system wasn’t quite what we’re expecting here in the year 2023. Since then we’ve heard relatively little about Samsung’s efforts in this space.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will likely be revealed within the next several weeks. It’s been suggested by several trusted sources that the Galaxy S8 will not be shown to the public during Mobile World Congress 2023 at the tail end of February, which would indicate a later reveal date and release date. Expect the Galaxy S8 and DeX and whatever else Samsung has ready to take on the mobile universe some time in March!

Minecraft 1.19 Release Date: When Does The Wild Update Come Out?

With the release of the Minecraft 1.18 update out of the way, the anticipation around Minecraft 1.19 is through the roof. And that’s because of all the right reasons. We are not only getting new and revamped biomes in the Minecraft 1.19 update. Instead, there are new blocks, new structures, possibly a new weather system, and definitely, multiple new mobs in Minecraft 1.19. These features make the grand Minecraft 1.18 update look smaller in comparison. Not to forget, the anticipation around the player-choice mob Allay and the new boss mob Warden is also increasing day by day. With that comes the obvious question of the release date of Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update. Well, you have to the right place in search of the answer.

Note: last updated on May 26th, 2023 at 10:00 AM PST

UPDATE [May 26, 10:00 AM PST]: In line with our prediction last week, Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed the release date for the much-awaited 1.19 update in an official blog post. The release date for the Minecraft 1.19 update has been set for June 7, 2023. The official announcement tweet has been attached right here:

As of January 2023, we did not have an official statement about the release date of the Minecraft 1.19 update. But looking at the historical release timeline on Minecraft Wiki, most major updates rolled out with a 6-month gap between them. So, keeping that in mind, the likely release date for the Minecraft 1.19 update should be the month of June 2023.

If the popular modder Hamish is to be believed, Minecraft developer Mojang might divide the update into two parts – much like the Caves and Cliffs update. Since the Wild update is planning to revamp almost all the in-game Minecraft biomes, two updates will make it easier to implement and roll out the changes smoothly. However, just like the release date, there’s no official confirmation of the same.

Thanks to the efforts for improving parity between Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, Mojang nowadays releases all its major updates at the exact same time. The beta updates and snapshot release dates might vary. But both editions of this sandbox game will get the Minecraft 1.19 update on the same date and time. When that happens is a question that remains unanswered.

Which Devices Will Receive the Minecraft 1.19 Update



Nintendo Switch,






*Java edition

It is worth noting that only Windows users can enjoy both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, well, because Minecraft developer Mojang is owned by Microsoft. Expanding on that, you get both editions for free with the Xbox Game Pass.

All Fallout Games In Order Of Release Date

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic RPG series. The series has evolved over the years, and it has delivered some of the best sandbox experiences in the industry.

Interplay Entertainment created the first two games. These were turn-based RPGs where most of the action happened through menus, choices, and dialogues. The follow-up games are action-shooter RPGs by Bethesda.

Overall, there’re four main Fallout games, plus five spin-offs. On top of that, there’re several campaign expansions. The total is 25 Fallout entries.

As for Interplay Entertainment, they moved on and created inXile. inXile created the Wasteland trilogy. These are turn-based isometric RPGs, considered as the spiritual successors of the original Fallout.

Setting: After the Great War in 2077, the United States became a post-apocalyptic barren wasteland. Players explore the barrens on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd Centuries, after the nuclear war. 

Art-style: The world before the war was a retro-punk ’50s inspired USA. The art-style inspired elements like the Pip-Boy, the music you can hear on radios, the robots, and similar.

Vaults: Before the war, the company Vault-Tec created Vaults all over the United States. These are shelters originally designed to self-guard people from nuclear war. However, some of these were for human experimenting. Vault-Tec also created the Pip-Boy, the in-game computer/interface.

Nuclear wastes: Radioactivity, nuclear wastes, and mutated animals are present in the wasteland. This introduces monsters like the Mirelurks. Through nuclear material, scientists also create the Super Mutants. 

Factions: Every game has various rivaling factions fighting for survival, resources, and their idea on how the post-war USA should be. One of these factions is The Brotherhood of Steel, zealots looking to seize all pre-war technology for themselves. Another faction is The Enclave, remnants of the United States government. 

Character progression: The Fallout series offers different character progression systems in each game. In essence, leveling up can raise your defenses, offenses, utility, and general survivability. 

SPECIAL: The character progressions work through the SPECIAL system -the stats. The acronym stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

Character Creation: Similarly, Fallout games come with a character creation screen. It allows players to customize appearances, starting SPECIAL stats, and sometimes other perks. Each stat governs over distinct gameplay mechanics like melee damage, stealth, or HP.

Skills, Traits, and Perks: Every Fallout game has skills, which the player unlocks as he level-ups. There’re also perks, innate bonuses you select via the character creation screen, or leveling. Lastly, some games have traits, a positive bonus that comes with negative feedback.

RPG Mechanics: Most Fallout games feature heavy RPG mechanics. Role-playing in the wasteland means taking decisions that ultimately affect the different factions and the playable character.

Sandbox Mechanics: Lastly, Fallout grants players vast freedom in their open-worlds. You can approach quests in multiple ways, choose your main quest path, and complete hundreds of side quests.

Companions: Most Fallout games also have NPCs that may become your companions. Companions can react to your actions, choices, and dialogue to raise or lower their affinity. Moreover, they may ask you to do special missions for them that increase their loyalty.

Multiple Endings: Every major Fallout game has various endings. Depending on player choice, you’ll see a vastly different end animation detailing the fate of the world and the factions.  

Power Armors, a technical gear from before the war, is present in all games.

Fallout has isometric 2D graphics and a top-down perspective.

Interplay Productions released the original Fallout in 1997 for MS-DOS systems, Windows, and macOSX. The plot happens in the mid-22nd Century (the year 2161). 

The protagonist comes out of an underground shelter. He’s scouring the wasteland, searching for a piece that could fix the Vault’s faulty water supply system. The Vault Dweller hails from Vault 11, a Southern California shelter. 

Once outside the Vault, the player has freedom on where to go and how to complete the main quest. Players travel around the map, scour dungeons, visit places, and talk to local NPCs for information. Occasionally, the NPCs present dilemmas the player can solve to get Karma and XP. 

Fallout allows players to complete the entire game through charisma and diplomacy. But like any other game in the franchise, the player’s actions often dictate the story and the gameplay opportunities. 

Lastly, combat is turn-based and works through the action-point system. With each turn, players can perform multiple actions, and these actions cost action points. In particular, Agility raises the AP, as well as some specific perks. That said, there’re several weapons available in the game, which includes melee options. 

Fallout 2 has over 20 endings.

Fallout 2 debuted in 1998 for Windows and macOS. Black Isle Studios became the new developer, while Interplay Productions shifted into the publisher. 

The second installment features similar mechanics and graphics. Nothing big changed with only a year in between the two titles. However, it’s a new story with a new character. The year is 2241, 80 years after Fallout and 164 years after the Great War. 

The playable character is The Chosen One, the grandchild of the original Vault Dweller. His goal is to save his primitive and peaceful tribe from Arrollo, a stronger village on the USA West Coast. 

Led by the Vault Dweller, a group of Vault 13 survivors founded Arrollo. They used an environmental restoration machine –the Garden of Eden Creation Kit– to restore the site. However, the kit is ruining the tribe’s ancestral home. 

As before, The Chosen One has the freedom on how to complete the main mission. Time is ticking, though, as the Enclave has conquered his tribe. 

Lastly, the gameplay adds a few elements like prostitution, slavery, and crime. 

Fallout Tactics: BoS is available at Steam, unlike the follow-up spin-off.

Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel debuted in 001 for Windows. Micro Forté is the developer, and 14 Degrees East is the publisher.

The plot follows the zealot faction in a war against another faction. However, it’s a non-canonical game, so the story is non-relevant.

Gameplay-wise, it delivers turn-based combat, limited NPC interaction, and a linear progression.

The first Fallout trilogy is available as the Fallout: Classic Collection.

BoS characters can meet the original Vault Dweller during the story.

Brotherhood of Steel debuted for Xbox and PlayStation 2 in 2004. It’s the last game in the series by Interplay Productions, and also the first for consoles.

Then, the gameplay changes the open-world sandbox for a linear experience. The game delivers one location at a time and 50 sites in total. Other than that, the gameplay mechanics are similar to the original games.

The story follows three BoS initiates searching for a missing Paladin in the year 2224. 

Fallout 3 had both critical and commercial success.

The game greatly changed the playability of the Fallout franchise. Instead of a top-down, turn-based game, Fallout 3 became an action RPG shooter. The major shift also included 3D graphics, real-time combat, and a bigger map.

The new playable character hails from Vault 101. The Lone Wanderer ventures to the Capital Wastelñand to find his father, who mysteriously disappeared from the Vault. He finds out his father was working on a solution to clean the water from nuclear material. However, the Enclave are looking to plunder the technology for their own purposes.

Fallout 3 is a shooter, and players can swap between the first person and third person. You grow in skills, stats, and arsenal as you play the game and meet the factions. Other than that, it retains the sandbox elements of games before. However, the choice mechanics and side stories are not as deep as they were in previous games.

Operation Anchorage is a military simulation. You can relieve the liberation of Anchorage, where Alaska fought against the Chinese invaders.

The content allows you to build and command interactive strike teams. There’re also new weapons, items, and the iconic Chinese Stealth Suit.

The Pitt debuted in 2009 for Xbox, Windows PC, and PS3. It takes players to Pittsburgh to solve a conflict between The Enclave and a raider gang.

Point Lookout debuted for Xbox 360 and Windows in 2009. The campaign DLC introduces a new area, a swampland full of enemies and quests. The add-on was playable at any time during the storyline.

The Brotherhood of Steel has a giant robot, a potential ally.

Broken Steel debuted in 2009 for Xbox 366, PS3, and Windows. Broken DLC also included Point Lookout, so PlayStation players had access to the previous DLC as well.

The plot is about the Lone Wanderer becoming an ally of the Brotherhood of Steel. Both are looking to free the Capital Wasteland from The Enclave.

As a post-campaign content, the Lone Wanderer can see the results of Project Purity, his father’s lifetime work.

The DLC offers several missions, most of which are transporting clean water through the wasteland. Lastly, it presents new enemies, weapons, and endings.

Mothership Zeta takes players to an alien ship in orbit above Earth, in outer space. You meet new characters, grab new weapons, and make allies to escape the alien abduction.

The last Fallout 3 DLC debuted in 2009 for Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows as well.

Fallout: New Vegas features factions not present on any other game.

Obsidian’s New Vegas debuted in 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows. Even though it’s a spin-off, it features the same gameplay as Fallout 3. It also shares some connections to the original titles.

The spin-off offers depth in choice mechanics, side missions, storytelling, and consequences fans didn’t find in the third installment. For that reason, it’s known as perhaps the best Fallout title there is.

The story happens in Nevada, in the year 2281. The protagonist is The Courier. He must find who betrayed him during his last gig of transporting a package across the Mojave Desert. 

The mission gets complicated when he discovers the package is a high-tech chip. Different factions in the New Vegas Strip are fighting over control of the Platinum Chip. 

Outside of the strip, two factions are in conflict for control of Nevada. These are the NCR, rangers trying to impose law and order. The other faction is Caesar’s Legion, a Roman-inspired tribe trying to conquer the land.

The player may join either faction. Ultimately, your choices determine the owner of Nevadas’ most important resource, its water dam. 

Gameplay-wise, the game improved several mechanics compared to Fallout 3. For example, it added iron sights to weapons, enhanced the shooting experience, and made the character progression deeper. 

The first post-launch pack debuted in 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It takes The Courier to the Sierra Madre Casino, where he must defeat Father Elijah across a toxic cloud.

The pack adds several weapons, armor, perks, enemies, and choices.

Honest Hearts debuted in 2011 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. It takes players to a trading expedition in Utah’s Zion National Park. There, he gets in the middle of a tribal conflict between Caesar’s former allies. As before, the content adds new areas, perks, enemies, and gear.

Old World Blues debuted in 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows. It takes players to a secret research lab, the “Big Empty.” There, he can either defeat or join his kidnappers to beat a greater threat.

The expansion introduces the most powerful weapons, armor, and perks available in the game. It also has a vast area to explore and an insane story to follow.

Lonesome Road debuted in 2011 for Xbox 360, Windows, and PS3. The content reveals one of the characters that betrayed the Courier. The protagonist travels to a new area to uncover the entire story and conclude the game’s story arc.

Fallout 4 allows many gameplay styles: melee, charisma, heavy weapons, heavy armors, explosives, and more.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 debuted in 2023 for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. The game changed the formula once again, as it added a construction mode and randomized loot.

The story happens in Boston, and the surrounding area is known as “The Commonwealth.” The year is 2287, and you play as the Sole Survivor, emerging from a 100-year cryogenic stasis from Vault 111.

The day you entered the vault, a raider abducted your child and murdered your wife. Once you wake up, you’re looking for revenge, as well as your son. However, you soon discover the mission needs to go deep into the mysterious “Institute,” a faction of androids looking to replace humanity as the better option for surviving in the wasteland. 

Fallout 4 is the first game in the series with a fully-voiced character. There’re also several factions, choices, consequences, weapons, weapon mods, and more perks than ever. In particular, each faction is struggling for control over the Commonwealth. In contrast, The Institute presents as the enemy of all mankind. 

Then, the construction mode works through getting resources in the wasteland. Every piece of trash you pick up is usable on one of the available hubs where you can build. Players can build shelters, crafting stations, food sources, water sources, and more. 

Lastly, Fallout 4 added the Survival difficulty mode. It forces users to manage immersive stats like hunger, thirst, sleep, limited carry weight, and diseases.

Fallout Shelter debuted as a Fallout 4 companion mobile game.

Fallout Shelter debuted in 2023 for iOS and Android devices. It’s currently available for Windows, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. It’s free-to-play.

The spin-off game is a vault-building simulator. You control and manage a Fallout Shelter, which means digging new levels and building different rooms. These rooms include power generation, clean water, food, arsenals, and similar. You then tell your dwellers where to work, what to do, and who to mate.

Additionally, you can send dwellers to explore the land. You can’t control them. However, you can only tell them to come back. The longer they investigate, the more they can raise levels, find gear, and find resources.

From time to time, these dwellers may find a location you can explore. You play these segments with 2D gameplay. Similarly, raiders and monsters can attack the vault, and you defend in 2D as well.

Automatron debuted in 2023. It introduces ADA, a self-aware robot looking to defeat The Mechanist, an evil robot creator.

More importantly, the DLC introduces the Robot Workstation. It allows you to create and modify powerful robots and use them as companions.

Vault-Tec Workshop debuted in 2023 for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows. The Sole Survivor helped Vault 88 survivors. Moreover, he can build a settlement within the Vault.

The third expansion pack debuted in 2023 for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows. The setting is the eponymous amusement park, currently run by raider gangs.

The plot is about defeating the raider gangs and their leaders to alter the power scale in the area. Gameplay-wise, it adds some new mechanics to the settlement construction mode.

Fallout 76 is an online Fallout game by Bethesda. It debuted in 2023 for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

Originally, there were no NPCs in the world, so it hardly felt like a Fallout game. However, the post-launch DLCs have addressed the issue of adding NPCs and a cohesive story.

You play as a new vault dweller on an online and persistent world. The plot revolves around finding the vault’s overseer and finding a cure against harmful diseases plaguing the land. It’s part of a larger story-arc about colonizing and restoring civilization.

The plot happens in the year 2102 in Appalachia, a West Virginia location. Gameplay-wise, it’s very similar to the titles before. However, the title greatly improved shooting, stealth, crafting, and survival mechanics.

Overall, Fallout 76 has greatly improved over the years. We consider it an okay casual MMO.

Wastelanders debuted in 2023 for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows. It introduced DLCs and a quest line about finding the Overseer of Vault 76. Moreover, there’re two new factions, Raiders and Settlers. These are in conflict for Appalachia.

Steel Dawn is the second DLC, and it debuted in 2023 for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows.

It introduces Elder Maxson, leader of the Brotherhood of Steel and a Fallout 4 character. The Brotherhood aims to establish a base in the region to protect the residents against mutated monsters. These monsters are the Scorch and the Scorched.

Steel Reign debuted in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Windows. It continues the story of the Brotherhood of Steel. This time around, the faction is fighting against Super Mutants and other threats related to The Enclave.

Fallout 1 – 1997

Fallout 2 – 1998

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel – 2001 

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel – 2004

Fallout 3 – 2008

Operation Anchorage – 2009

The Pitt- 2009 

Point Lookout – 2009

Broken Steel – 2009

Mothership Zeta – 2009 

Fallout New Vegas – 2010

Dead Money – 2011

Honest Hearts – 2011 

Old World Blues – 2011 

Lonesome Road – 2011 

Fallout 4 – 2023

Fallout Shelter – 2023

Automatron – 2023 

Far Harbor – 2023

Vault-tech Workshop – 2023 

Nuka World – 2023 

Fallout 76 – 2023

Wastelanders – 2023 

Steel Dawn – 2023

Steel Reing – 2023

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