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In the new Dell naming convention system, T is for tower and R is for rack. So you would expect B would mean blade. Not so.

“There’s much about the Dell M Series launch that’s practical — from simple but straightforward management to narrowly focusing on the volume sweet-spot of dual-socket server blades,” said Haff.

While the M Series may not beat blades from HP (Palo Alto, Calif.) or IBM (Armonk, N.Y.) in terms of management bells and whistles, Dell claims it has a superior offering in an area both of its rivals have been pushing heavily — power and cooling.

“Built on Dell’s Energy Smart technologies, the PowerEdge M-Series enables businesses to save on power and cooling costs while increasing server capacity,” said Acosta. “The PowerEdge M-Series consumes up to 19 percent less power and achieves up to 25 percent better performance per watt than the HP BladeSystem c-Class.”

Dell’s Energy Smart initiative is found on engineering its products for energy efficiency and vendor partnerships. As well as chip vendors AMD and Intel, this includes relationships with power cooling specialists like Liebert, APC and Rittal.

Another area where Dell has sought to gain an edge is scalability. According to Acosta, the PowerEdge M-Series is the only blade solution providing snap-in scalability all the way down to the switch interconnects. For those wanting to use Fibre Channel, for example, the enclosure comes with a Brocade 4 Gbps switch and a lower-cost Brocade port aggregator. This is courtesy of Dell FlexIO.

FlexIO technology seeks to eliminate the need for “rip-and-replace” upgrades. The enclosure design enables IT organizations to scale its switches on-demand via a series of different I/O slots and switch options that facilitate the use of a variety of I/O arrangements.

“With FlexIO switch technology, customers can efficiently design a networked blade environment that best meets their infrastructure requirements,” said Acosta. “They can easily and cost effectively add or modify network stacking and uplink capabilities as technology or business needs change.”

Pricing for the M1000e blade enclosure starts at $5,999, while each blade (the M600 and M650) is priced starting at $1,849. According to Acosta, target markets are data centers and remote offices requiring maximum density, redundancy, energy efficiency and high performance.

“This is Dell’s best effort yet in blades,” said Haff “It’s arguably the first time that we’ve seen the right alignment between Dell’s mainstream comfort zone and what’s needed to bring a competitive blade offering to market.”

The Dell M Series Close Up

Name PowerEdge M600 PowerEdge M605 Source: Dell




Platform x86 x86




Processor Details Up to 2 dual-core or quad-core Intel Xeon 5000 processors Up to 2 quad-core AMD Opteron 2300 processors or dual-core AMD Opteron 2000 processors

Hard Drives

Up to 300 GB (2x 146 GB hot-plug SAS drives)

Up to 300 GB (2 x 146 GB hot-plug SAS drives)

Operating Systems

Windows and Linux Windows and Linux

Configuration Options

Starting at $1,249 for an Intel quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and a 73GB SAS drive

Priced at $7,045 for 2 Intel quad-core processors, 32 GB RAM and 2x146GB SAS drives

Priced at $5,156, 2 AMD quad-core processors, 32GB RAM and 2x146GB SAS drives

Availability Now Available Now Available

Warranty 3 years 3 years

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Dell Studio 14Z: $649 14

Dell Studio 14z: $649 14-inch ultraportable

Dell have announced a budget ultraportable notebook, the Studio 14z series, with prices starting from $649.  Based around a range of Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the Studio 14z has a 14-inch 16:9 HD display, NVIDIA 9400m graphics and up to 5GB of RAM.

To keep things slim there’s no integrated optical drive, meaning the 14z measures between 0.79 and 1.2 inches thick.  A 1.3-megapixel webcam and dual digital microphones are standard, together with facial-recognition security software.  The Dell Studio 14z is available now.

Press Release:

New Dell Studio 14z Laptop Perfect Powerhouse for Online Generation

Thin, Cool Design for Those Who Download Media from Online Powerful, Mobile Entertainment System Combines HD Resolution Screen with Great Audio and 500GB1 Hard Drive Option

ROUND ROCK, Texas –(Business Wire)– May 28, 2009 For the generation that has grown up with the Internet and can find just about anything online, the new Dell Studio 14z laptop makes it easy to carry their digital world with them. Designed for students and others on the go who demand the perfect balance of mobility and performance, the Studio 14z is a homework-busting system by day and an entertainment powerhouse by night.

It features a svelte design and a huge 500GB1 hard drive option that can store up to 125,000 songs, 142,000 photos or 133 DVD quality movies2. The Studio 14z allows people to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, listen to streaming music with friends, store a vast MP3 collection and socially network from just about anywhere3.

The Studio 14z is the industry’s first consumer laptop available with FailSafe™ theft prevention. This option helps protect personal data should the laptop go missing or be stolen. With FailSafe engaged, owners can track network information and the ISP location of the laptop when it connects to the Internet, and get help to remotely erase selected files and render the laptop unusable until the rightful owner unlocks it.

“Young people have grown up with the Internet and can find almost everything they need online.” said Michael Tatelman, vice president of Dell’s global consumer sales and marketing. “They want a slim, easy-to-carry laptop and like the choice of a larger hard drive over an optical drive. The Studio 14z has the storage and speed that most people need, and it comes with color options that let them truly express who they are.”

The Studio 14z comes in six colors: Black Chain Link, Midnight Blue, Spring Green, Plum Purple, Ruby Red and Promise Pink (U.S. only). Dell will donate $5 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® from the purchase of each Promise Pink laptop.

The new laptop also comes with Dell Remote Access4; the optional premium version allows people to access content via their home network of personal computing devices including desktops, laptops, ultra-mobile devices, smart phones and web cameras.

Priced from $649 U.S., the Studio 14z is available now online and over the phone in the U.S. and Canada.

The News:

New Dell Studio 14z laptop sports a stylish, thin (0.79–1.2-inches) design for students and digital downloaders who want a combination of power and exceptional mobility

Energy-efficient, mercury-free, 14-inch 16:9 LED display with HD resolution (720p/ 900p)

Intel® Pentium® Dual Core, and Intel Core™ 2 Duo standard voltage processors up to T9550 (2.66GHz, 1066Mhz FSB, 6MB Cache)

Integrated NVIDIA® GeForce® 9400M graphics5

Digital Video/Audio via HDMI and DisplayPort

Standard 1.3MP webcam with dual digital array mics

Starting weight of 4.3 pounds6

Standard FastAccess™ Facial Recognition Software to help prevent unauthorized access to your computer

Optional Phoenix FailSafe™ Theft Protection to help protect laptop and data in event of theft

Advanced touchpad control to help improve productivity

4W, SRS®, 2.0 Audio w/ discrete tweeters and dual headphone jacks

Up to 500GB1 HDD capacity

Optional 8:1 Media Card Reader via 34mm Express Card slot

Six-cell battery standard, optional slim design 8-cell battery for up to 6:46 hours of battery life with WLED display option7

Standard Wi-Fi, optional Bluetooth® and mobile broadband to connect anywhere3

eSATA connectivity for high speed data transfer rate (up to 6X USB 2.0)

PowerShare – Charge your USB-connected cell phone and other mobile devices via the USB 2.0/eSATA combo port even when you’re unplugged from a power outlet

Optional external optical drive options (DVD+/-RW, Blu-ray Disc™ read-only and read-write drives)

Dell Studio One 19: All

There’s been a bit of a rebirth in the all-in-one desktop category lately and from the looks of it, Dell is onto something with its Studio One 19. This new machine — starting at $699 — melds together a wish-list of what I’d hoped I’d see in my Kitchen of TomorrowTM. It’s just a shame that Japan retailers get to play with the Studio One 19 this week while it isn’t slated to appear stateside until “sometime this spring.” That’s not stopping me from sharing my two cents on this computing conversation piece right now since I just came out of a product demo:

Dell’s Studio One 19 attempts to take what HP’s big, black obelisk of sleek touchiness (the HP TouchSmart IQ506) got right — and wrong — and hit a slightly different demographic: Non-nerds. At least that’s the pitch Dell spokespeople give.

First thing you can’t help but notice is this system’s compact form: It measures 21.9 by 15.5 by 3.2 inches. Inside, the 18.5-inch display floats over an interchangeable back panel supported on a stand (I’ll get back to that in a second). You’ve got a fairly sharp 1366 by 768-pixel (16:9 aspect ratio) image on said screen–enough that you’ll be able to see colors pop on screen. Of course, the glossy coating will also bounce back some light in your face — it did when I tried taking a couple shots during the demo.

The rest of the machine is a series of interesting choices. Inside, resides a 7200 rpm SATA drive — 160GB to 750GB — and up to 4GB of RAM (both user upgradable, say spokespeople). It can also house anywhere from between a humble Intel Celeron 450 processor (2.2GHz) up to a Core 2 Quad Q8200 (2.33GHz). The default configuration comes with a single slot-loading 16X DVD burner. Want to get a little more multimedia oompf? Upgrade to a Blu-ray — it’ll cost about $200 more according to initial estimates. The default config also has nVidia’s MCP7a chipset, so you’ll get decent graphics options–the GeForce 9200 or 9400.

A couple other quick thoughts: Would it kill someone to make a machine like this with a freaking FireWire or eSATA port? I understand a need to cut a couple corners but a high-speed data connection like eSATA for external hard drives would be helpful. As it stands, the machine is fairly Spartan. Besides the optical drive slot, you get six USB 2.0 ports, 2.1 audio out, 10/100 LAN support, a 7-in-1 card reader, and not much else.

Don’t let that $699 starting price fool you. The machine you really want to lay hands on will cost you more. Want the cool wireless keyboard / mouse combo? How about a Blu-ray drive? That touch screen? Expect to spend at least $799 and go from there. Before you know it, the price tag gets up into the range of the IQ506. It just has a smaller screen and looks a little more consumer-friendly. And, really, that’s the point, I suppose. I’m waiting for more playtime with a proper review unit before passing final judgment.

Applications Of Ai And Big Data Analytics In M

Have you heard about the idea of monitoring health with the help of mobile devices?

It is related to the term m-Health that makes use of m-Health apps along with AI and Big Data in healthcare. Owing to the surge in the usage of smartphones and other devices, people have started interacting with doctors and hospitals differently. You will realize there is an app for every task right from managing doctor’s appointments to maintaining records.

At this juncture, where every business is fighting hard to appeal to the interests and goals of the customers AI and big data are redefining the healthcare industry. In this blog, we will take a look at the applications of AI and big data and how it has revolutionized the entire healthcare system.

Let’s begin:

AI in Healthcare

AI in healthcare relates to the usage of machine learning algorithms and software to mimic human cognition that aids in analysis, presentation, and understanding of complex data.

Right from detecting links between genetic codes, putting surgical robots to use, or maximizing hospital efficiency, AI is a powerful tool to streamline the healthcare industry. Let’s see what AI has to offer to healthcare:

1. AI Supports Decision Making

Healthcare developers and professionals must consider a crucial piece of information for app development and diagnosis. They go through various complicated unstructured information in medical records. A single mistake can have huge implications.

AI in healthcare makes it convenient for everyone to narrow down the big chunks of information into relevant pieces of information.

It can store and organize these large chunks of information and provide a knowledge database that can, later on, facilitate inspection and analysis to draw meaningful conclusions. This way, it helps clinical decision support, where doctors can rely on it for detecting risk factors.

One such example of AI is IBM’s Watson that predicts heart failure with the help of AI.

2. Chatbots to Prioritize and Enhance Primary Care

People tend to book appointments even at the slightest of medical issues, which often causes chaos and confusion. Later on, there are usually discovered to be issues that could be taken care of by self-treatment. Here AI can be of great use to enable smooth flow and automation that facilitates primary care. It will help doctors to focus more on critical cases.

The best example is medical chatbots that can save you from medical trips to doctors that could be easily avoided. Chatbots when incorporated with smart algorithms can provide patients with instant answers to patient queries and concerns.

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3. Robotic Surgeries

A combination of AI in healthcare and collaborative robots has helped achieve desired speed and depth in making delicate incisions. These surgeries have been given the name of robotic surgeries that eliminates the issue of fatigue and helps in lengthy and critical medical procedures.

With the help of AI, one can develop new surgical methods from past operations that will help gain more preciseness. This accuracy and precision will surely reduce accidental movements during the surgeries.

The best example of robotic surgeries is Vicarious Surgical, which combines virtual reality with AI-enabled robots. The purpose of developing such robots is to help surgeons perform minimally invasive operations.

Another great example of AI in robotic surgery is the Heartlander. It is a miniature mobile robot aimed to facilitate heart therapy. The robot is developed by the robotics department at Carnegie Mellon University.

4. Virtual nursing assistants

Virtual nursing assistants are another example of AI in healthcare that can help in providing excellent healthcare services by way of performing a range of tasks. These tasks include addressing patient queries, directing them to the best and effective care unit, monitoring high-risk patients, assisting with admissions and discharge, and surveying patients in real-time. The best part is that you can avail the services of these virtual nurses 24/7 and get instant solutions to your problems.

When you explore the market, you would realize many AI-powered applications of virtual nursing assistants are in use. They help facilitate regular interactions between patients and care providers that save the patients from unnecessary hospital visits. Care Angel is the world’s first virtual nurse assistant that facilitates wellness checks through voice and AI.

5. Accurate Diagnosis of Diseases

AI in healthcare can surpass human efforts and help in the detection, prediction, and diagnosis of diseases quickly and accurately. Have a look at the specialty-level diagnosis, here AI algorithms have proven to be cost-effective in the detection of diseases like diabetic retinopathy.

PathAI is a machine learning technology that helps pathologists in determining the issues with more accuracy. It aims to reduce errors in cancer diagnosis and develop methods for individual medical treatment.

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Big Data in Healthcare

Big data in healthcare is essential to handle the risks involved with hospital management that can improve the quality of patient care. Moreover, it can also organize and streamline the activities of the hospital staff. Apart from this, there’s a lot that big data has to offer, let’s see how it can help:

1. Monitoring patient vitals

When it comes to the usage of big data in healthcare, it is helping hospital staff to monitor the records and other vital information about patients and encourages them to work efficiently.

The best example is the usage of sensors besides patient beds that keeps an eye on the patient’s vitals like blood pressure, heartbeat, and respiratory rate. Any change in pattern is quickly recorded and the doctors and healthcare administrators are alerted immediately.

Apart from this, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are also a part of big data in healthcare that includes critical information about the patients.

It includes medical history, demographics, and results of the lab test, and more. The records consist of at least one modifiable file that can be edited later on by the doctor on noticing any further changes or updates without any danger of data duplication.

2. Streamline the Administration

Big data in healthcare has also helped administrative staff streamline their activities. It helps gain a realistic view of activities in real-time.

They get insights into how resources are used and allocated that will let the administrative staff make substantial actions. They may try to streamline activities like overviewing surgery schedules and coordinate with more precision, cutting down resources wasted, and reduce the cost of care measurement.

It will help the hospital management to provide the best clinical support, and manage the population of at-risk patients. Moreover, doctors and other medical experts can also use big data for proper analysis and identify deviations among patients so that they can receive effective treatments.

3. Big Data for Fraud Prevention

We all know medical billing is prone to errors and waste owing to the complexity of medical procedures and endless options available in healthcare services. These errors may include wrong medical billing codes, false claims, wrong dosage, wrong, medicines, wrong estimation of costs for the healthcare services provided, and more.

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4. Offers Practical Healthcare Data solutions

Hospitals and other administrative staff can store a wide range of data systematically. The data provided is organized and facilitates further analysis.

It may include a healthcare dashboard for the hospitals that give a big picture of things that are going around. Right from the attendance of the hospital staff to the cost incurred on every treatment you have the access to all the crucial aspects.

Doctors and other healthcare practitioners can use the data to draw meaningful conclusions and reach an informed decision.

If we look at the bigger picture the AI and big data are going to have a vital role to play in the healthcare sector. Predictive analysis is one thing that the industry hasn’t explored much, but yes we can see the growth in most mundane areas like patient care, waste management, and inventory.

We all are expecting change and AI and big data will be one of the major forces that will bring that change

Windows Server Is Not Activated

Windows Server is not activated? Use this safe fix






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Windows Server is widely used by many users across the world as it ensures safe and fast networking and sharing of services, data, and applications among multiple users. Its well-equipped interface is the reason for its widespread usage. If your version of Windows Server asks for activation, this is what you need to do to properly and permanently activate it.

How To Activate Windows Server 1. Activating Windows Server with KMS Client Key

To activate your Windows Server easily, you can manually install KMS Client Key for your version of Windows Server.

First, you need to look for the KMS Client Key that is available on Microsoft’s website for your version of Windows Server. Go to Microsoft’s website to find the specific KMS key for the version you wish to activate.

After finding out the appropriate key for your WS, write it somewhere in Notepad.

Command Prompt will show you a black screen; type slmgr /ipk Client Key in the command windo. Hit Enter.

Type slmgr /skms chúng tôi in the window and press Enter.

In the end, type /ato in the window and press Enter.

2. Resetting The Activation Timer

Even though KMS Client Keys are available for almost all the latest versions of Windows Server, there are some exceptions. If you don’t find KMS Client Key for your version of Windows Server, you should not worry about it. Resetting the activation timer is another way to fix the activation issue. Follow these steps to reset your Windows activation timer and start using Windows Server as if you have just installed it.

In the command window, type vbs –rearm.

Check whether you have spelled the command correctly or not.

Press Enter.

You will be asked to perform a restart; do it right away.

Your Windows activation timer is reset.

USEFUL INFORMATION: Best backup software for Windows servers

3. Activating Windows Server with MAK

MAK or Multiple Activation Key is another method to activate your Windows Server. You can also use the MAK key and activate your WS. Follow these steps to learn how to get MAK key and its usage.

MAK keys can be found on Microsoft’s website.

Type vbs /ipk MAKProductKey; press Enter.

Now, type vbs /ato; press Enter.

Windows Server will activate.

There you have three quick methods to permanently activate Windows Server.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Discord Bots For Any Server

Despite the platform being geared towards gamers and the gaming community, digital marketers are quickly discovering the platform’s potential and how they can leverage it best. One of the benefits of using Discord is that you can add the best Discord bots to your server and enhance its overall functionality. These bots can also help you manage your server better and, as a bonus, adds a fun element to it. Before moving ahead in the post, we should talk about how you can boost the power of your Discord. Though the platform is one of the strongest communication channels, there is always some scope for further expanding the power of the platform. This is why I have compiled a list of the best Discord bots that anyone can use for their server.


Category – Moderation Cost – Plans start at US$ 4.17 per month (billed annually) The best Discord bot for moderation, MEE6, can automatically scan and detect any violations like inappropriate language, spam, or external links. Your MEE6 bot can mute, kick or permanently ban the users for repeat violations. It gives you enough scope and flexibility to set custom commands enabling it to assign user roles and send messages based on particular actions. You can even set up welcome messages for new members on the server.

Dank Memer

Category – Meme/Games Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$2 per month Memes have emerged as one of the most popular and effective marketing tools and have proven to be quite useful for building a community. Dank Memer is, without a doubt, the best meme bot for Discord. Its popularity is primarily due to the massive number of commands you can use on it. There are memes for any possible conversation, and all you need to do is type in the command. On Dank Memer, you can steal or gamble to earn coins which you can use to buy stuff from the meme shop.

Dyno Bot

Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Starting at US$5/month/server Dyno bot for Discord is the best Discord bot for managing data on servers and moderating multiple channels. The bot lets you automatically assign user roles and even set specific permissions for specific channels. Hence, you can limit your server members to only those you trust, thus filtering out spam accounts. You can even decide to automatically ban users with specific words in their profiles from within Discord. You can even define individual roles for the users so that they can access chosen channels only, while other channels remain hidden from them.


Category – Calendar management/Scheduling Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$5/month Sesh is a unique Discord bot for calendar management, scheduling, reminders, and more. The bot has gained prominence because Discord does not have any kind of native scheduling or calendar management feature in it. The best calendar bot for Discord – Sesh offers great flexibility in terms of the format. You can create events, tasks and set reminders for specific times in your most natural language. The best part is that the bot supports automatic timezone conversion, which means you can collaborate with members from all over the world without having to calculate timezones. Additionally, you can run polls for choosing the time slot, create countdowns, set recurring events, and even integrate Google Calendar with Sesh. How’s that for customization!


Category – Music Cost – Free One of the best music bots for Discord, Octave lets you play any song on YouTube or Soundcloud. This Discord music bot lets you share your music with the entire community you have build on Discord. As a moderator, you can play, pause, or stop a song, create playlists, replay songs, and even view the song lyrics. Octave lets the listeners vote on the next song they would like you to play. They can also vote to skip a song or let it play.


Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Starting at $2.50/month ProBot lets you set a customized welcome message to greet every new member on your server. You can write this message as per your brand image. Add a touch of whimsy or make it formal. This message will be the face of your server. ProBot has an impressive standalone dashboard that can take care of multiple actions for you. You can create your unique welcome message, get an overview of your Discord statistics, manage moderation queues, and even set specific actions in response to particular words.


Category – Fun/Social Cost – Free, with premium plans on Patreon starting at US$1/month Everyone gets excited about a giveaway, and it is one of the best ways to engage the whole Discord community. GiveawayBot on Discord lets you organize engaging giveaway campaigns with simple commands that allow you to begin the giveaway, choose a winner, and then end the giveaway without having to do any manual work

Rythm Bot

Category – Music Cost – Starting at $4.99/month Rythm bot lets users customize their Discord servers with the help of a comprehensive list of moderation commands, utility commands, and commands that are just for fun! These commands will help improve the overall user experience by giving them unique tools that keep them engaged and have a good time on your server. Discord Rythm bot also comes with a music system called Rythm Radio, where you can stream multiple channels from across the world or listen to the playlists you created. The bot supports integration with YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more. It does not readily support Spotify, but you can manually configure it if you are good with hacks.

Discord Translator

Category – Utility Cost – Free, Premium at US$10 While building a community, you do not want to be restricted by language. The world of opportunities is open to you, and restricting only to English will leave you out of a massive chunk of the market. If you plan to expand your audience to Europe, Asia, and other non-English speaking countries, the Discord Translator bot is the perfect solution for you. Once you add the Discord Translator bot to your Discord server, no matter which language the users type in, the bot will automatically translate it into their chosen language.

Community Hubs Beta

Category – Social/Utility Cost – Free It is vital to have seamless communication of your users across multiple servers and numerous platforms, and the Community Hubs Discord bot is perfect for that. This bot connects multiple Discord channels to a common Hub room so that all of them can communicate with each other. The Hub room becomes a melting pot for different Discord channels of different genres. So, if you want to hold an event that has audiences in more than one channel, you can add them all to the same Hub room, and the entire audience can participate.


Category – Music Cost – Free, but you can donate Musibeth is a Discord music bot that lets you play content directly from YouTube on your chosen Discord channel. The bot lets you share videos when your members need some context or clarification on any point. One cool feature is that you can set up commands for videos to play automatically for frequently asked questions. You can save a lot of time and spend it on more productive tasks on your to-do list. You can also promote your YouTube channel by letting your Musibeth Discord bot share your content with members. This will get you more meaningful views while giving your audience great value.

Carl Bot

Category – Multi-functional Cost – Starting at $5/month Carl bot is genuinely a multi-functional bot. It helps you manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles that enable you to respond to messages in real-time. Using Carl bot, you can set up custom commands in your server’s chat for the bot to execute later.


Category – Multi-functional Cost – Free, but you can donate Though it is not the strongest of its features, you can also use the Strodl bot to create an economy on your server.


Category – Moderation/Multi-purpose Cost – Free, but you can donate Nuggetbot is more than just another boring moderation bot as it is packed with an extensive range of moderation features, commands, and some enjoyable elements. Nuggetbot also comes with a comprehensive online dashboard that gives you an overview of your server. You can use the dashboard to set a welcome message to greet first-time users, assign roles, set permissions, set controls for logging member information, and more. To add a little bit of fun to the whole experience, you can set up some auto-commands for your Discord users. This lets them enjoy activities like generating memes, telling jokes, or even generating some basic arcade games that they can play within Discord.


Category – Utility Cost – Free Quillbot lets you paraphrase content effectively. When you use the correct command, the bot will automatically rewrite the text you enter. Quillbot is particularly of great use for content marketing and content creation.

How to add bots to Discord server?

You have seen what the best Discord bots can do for you. To learn how to get bots on Discord, the first thing you need to do is find the Discord bot you want to add to your server. You can go to an online Discord bots list like chúng tôi and find the bot that works best for you. However, you can create custom Discord bots for your business. The first way to do that is to code your own Discord bots. If you do not have the required coding knowledge, workflow automation tools like Appy Pie Connect lets you create your own custom Discord bots. Connect allows you to integrate Discord with multiple software to create unique automated processes for businesses. These automated processes can act as Discord bots. For example, if you want to add potential customers in Discord to your email marketing list, your bot can converse with these potential customers and receive information from them. The Connect integration will automatically add the information users have shared to your email marketing software. Our guide on how to create

Enter a name for your chatbot

Names help personalize your chatbot and makes them feel more friendly

Create a bot flow

Use Appy Pie’s signature drag and drop interface to design the conversations your bot will have

Add your chatbot to your Discord server

Once you are satisfied with your chatbot, simply embed it into your Discord server

Appy Pie Chatbot has various features that can help increase the usability of your Discord bots. From simple integrations with popular CRM software to its compatibility with both the Discord client and mobile app, Appy Pie Chatbot is the perfect tool to create a chatbot without any coding.


As you can see, Discord bots are an integral part of communication on the platform as they expand the scope of all that you can achieve here. It helps you manage your community without having to monitor each development manually. Another way to expand your Discord platform’s functionality and add efficiency to your community management is through the numerous Discord integrations offered by the leading workflow automation platform – Appy Pie Connect The list of Discord bots above is by no means exhaustive. There are so many more out there.

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