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Someone Blocked Me on Messenger, Can I See Them as Active?




Blocking somebody on


and performing this action on


is different.

If someone blocks you on


, you can’t see when they are active or their last seen status.

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For so many reasons, mostly good, you can decide to call it quits on your friendship with someone.

Every social network has its version of the block feature, and Facebook Messenger isn’t an exception.

If you wish to block a user while on Messenger, the program asks if you want to do so on Messenger or on the larger Facebook as well.

After blocking a user whom you wish to cut off, a worry is that they may still be able to see when they are active.

There’s not much information on this topic, but it’s vital to know for the sake of your privacy and security. This post tells you precisely what happens when to expect when you block someone on Messenger.

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Can I see if someone is online if they blocked me on Messenger?

Blocking a user on Facebook removes everything about the person from your interface.

This means that neither of you will see each other’s updates nor be able to chat with each other.

However, it gets tricky because Facebook allows you to block users in two different ways – blocking on Facebook or blocking on Messenger.

In this section, I’ll briefly explain what happens when someone blocks your Facebook as well as Messenger.

When you’re blocked on Facebook

As mentioned earlier, I pointed out that if someone blocks you on Facebook (not Messenger), your profile ceases to exist to the user.

They no longer find your profile even if they search. The Facebook block extends to Messenger.

The person who blocked you won’t see you on their contact list because you’re blocked on Facebook.

You won’t even see each other’s profiles. Regarding seeing when you’re online, you won’t even find them on your contact list, talk more about seeing when they’re active.

When you’re blocked on Messenger

If the person only blocks you on Facebook Messenger, you can see when they’re online.

While you’re blocked on Messenger alone, you can still view the person’s Facebook profile and interact with their content.

However, you can’t send them messages or reach old messages send before they blocked you.

In the area where you would normally type your message, you’ll see a notice saying you can’t reply to this conversation.

When someone blocks you on Messenger only, you will still see them on your list but can’t send them messages or view their last seen or online status.

However, you must note that this doesn’t only happen when a user blocks you. You will also not be able to interact with them if they deactivate their Facebook account.

Learn more about Facebook Messenger

Why is my message sent but not delivered?

Find out the answer to this question by checking out our Facebook message is sent but not delivered guide.

How do you know if someone blocked you on messenger without messaging them?

You will not be able to send messages to that person. For more details make sure to explore our guide on this topic.

Can you still see someone on Facebook Messenger if they block you?

You will be able to see the person that blocked you only in some situations. Check out this guide for more details.

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If Galaxy S9 Active Looks Like This, It’Ll Be A Yes From Me

If Galaxy S9 Active looks like this, it’ll be a YES from me

Your flat Galaxy S9 is nearly here – or is almost certainly about to be. This is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Active, and it was pretty much inevitable. Samsung hasn’t yet officially unveiled this device officially, but we’ve got enough details gathered up in our sack-of-tidbits that we’re ready to roll on a rundown.

The Galaxy S9 Active will probably be a neat little device. It’ll be just what the doctor ordered for a rather specific cross-section of users. That’d be those that didn’t quite want a Galaxy S9, or Galaxy S9 Plus, but did like the idea of a slightly more hearty model of the smaller of the two. It’s the next in a line of Galaxy S Active devices that’ve been released alongside or nearby the standard Galaxy S line for a half decade.

SEE TOO: A slightly better Galaxy S9 that you can’t buy

The first Active device in this line was the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. That version of the device was made to go underwater. That might not seem like a big deal to us here in 2023 where Galaxy S9, 8, 7 and etcetera already go under water – but it was rather unique back in 2013.

The Galaxy S9 Active was leaked in parts several times over the past few weeks. The image you see above is a composite of elements from the Galaxy S8 Active and the Galaxy S9 – it’s not a leak so much as it is a mockup of what’s likely. Today we’ve got a decent idea of what it’ll come with and what it’ll sport. There aren’t a lot of surprises here – and there shouldn’t be, if this Active is a lot like Active models of the past.

Differences: Galaxy S9 / S9 Active

• Battery: 3000 mah / 4000 mah

• Display: 5.8-inch curved edges / 5.8-inch flat

• Internal Storage: 64GB or 128GB / 64GB

The display on the Galaxy S9 is already pretty easily one of the best displays we’ve experience on any device, ever. Have a peek at our Galaxy S9 Review to read all about it. The only thing I’m not a big fan of is the lack of flatness the Galaxy S9 employs – and the fragility of the device as a result. It’s not that the Galaxy S9 is so breakable that I’d never consider using it, it’s that I don’t need the curved edges, so I don’t really find any added fragility worth the risk.

So it’d be great if Samsung could, you know, go ahead and make another flat-screened Active device with the same greatness instilled in the Galaxy S9. That’d be great.

The Galaxy S9 (not Plus) has a 12-megapixel camera with a dual-aperture setup. It’s able to switch between f1.5 and f2.4 dependent on the sort of photo you’d like to take. The exact same camera setup will almost certainly be present on the Galaxy S9 Active – frontside camera, too.

These devices likely have the same RAM, same processor, and same connectivity, too. That means NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 with A2DP, LE, aptX, GPS, FM radio, USB 3.1 (USB-C). You’ll also find the iris scanner, fingerprint scanner (on the back), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, heart rate, and SpO2 (heart pulse).

We do not know when this device will be released, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find it popping up at AT&T and T-Mobile within the month of May. Springtime means time to dunk a new Galaxy S9 Active in the drink. This is just a little later than last year, where the Galaxy S8 Active launched on April 11th. That’ll leave plenty of time before the Galaxy Note 9 rolls around.

Can I Root My Phone, And More On Rooting.

However, a question which every user who desires to root his device must ask is ‘Is my device rootable?’. The answer to this question for any device depends upon the combination of the OS, manufacturer and the device itself.

Strictly speaking, when we talk about a platform as open as the Android OS, it is almost impossible for a manufacturer to make an ‘un-rootable’ device. Attempts have been made by manufacturers of some devices, such as in the case of the Motorola Droid X, where subsequent updates by the manufacturer have ended up unrooting the device.Nonetheless, it’s almost always a matter of developers finding a new security exploit to enable root-access again.

New devices are seldom ‘un-rootable’ when launched. Over a period of time, developers make root exploits available for these devices. Those devices which are on Operating Systems other than the Android OS may have limits to how much elevated access can be provided to the user.

There is no uniform method to find out if a device can be rooted or not. Apps exist which will allow users to check if their device is rooted or not, such as the Simple Root Checker, but finding out if an exploit has been discovered for your device isn’t as easy. The following three broad procedures may allow the user to find out if there exists a process which will allow him to root his device.

Google it!

As always, Google can save the day. It’s as easy as googling the model number of your device with a ‘How to root’ string attached, which will allow you to find a root exploit. For popular devices, and those which have been rooted, there would be numerous results to choose from. For example, as shown in our attached image, we googled ‘How to root N7100’ and established that many search results are found containing the necessary information.

Search on popular Forums

Forums are websites where discussions related to specific topics can be held by users who have interests in these topics. Luckily for smartphone users, numerous such forums exist where information related to their smartphones/tablets etc can be easily found.

It is very easy to learn rooting procedures for your device on these forums, or even to ask questions and start discussions associated with your device. Some other popular smartphone forums similar to XDA are AndroidCentral forums, AndroidForums, iMore forums etc.

Root Tools

There exist some software tools and app, which work on multiple device models and can thus be used to test the root exploit availability and root the device in one go. However, these tools do not merely give you the information regarding the availability of root exploits, they directly root the device, and therefore should be used only when the user is aware of the existing risks and is absolutely positive about rooting his device.

Different manufacturers using different operating systems have varying processes to root their devices. Let us consider the case of the two most popular mobile operating systems and analyse the general methods used to root them.

Android OS

Rooting Android operating systems is fairly popular, implying that exploits can be easily found for popular Android Devices and for many of the obscure ones too. Essentially rooting an Android device includes flashing a custom recovery image.

This modified firmware update will typically include the utilities required to run apps with root access. The rooting procedure would also install a typical supervisor application, such as the SuperSU app, which can be allowed to monitor and provide root access to applications.

Apple iOS

A process used as iOS ‘Jailbreaking’ is used to provide administrator-level access on iOS devices, which is different in principle from rooting in two ways. Firstly, iOS systems have a strictly locked Boot loaders, which is not the case with Android devices where Boot loaders are either open or easily unlockable.

Jailbreaking for the iOS thus also involves completely unlocking the Bootloader. Other than this difference, the iOS does not allow unsigned apps to be installed on iOS while on the Android OS unsigned apps can be installed after checking the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from Security settings.

Therefore, Jailbreaking for the iOS typically involves unlocking the boot loader, providing Administrator rights, and allowing installation of unsigned apps from sources other than the Apple App Store.

The future of rooting depends a lot upon the manufacturers and consumer interest. Apple and Microsoft do not promote rooting – Google on the other hand releases open source codes which can be used by any developer, and promotes rooting both through its devices and through open source projects. HTC, Sony, Asus etc. explicitly provide the user with the ability to unlock devices and replace/modify the OS.

A vast majority of smartphone users and all over the world believe that rooting is completely a personal choice of the owner of the device, and manufacturers should have no say in it, nor should they be allowed to prevent the user from modifying a device he owns. In most countries, India amongst them, Rooting/Jailbreaking smartphones for personal usage is an entirely legal procedure. Therefore, smartphone users in India can seek and implement root exploits and enjoy the benefits of elevated access and permissions on their devices without any concerns.

We Can Save Coral Reefs By Putting Them On Ice

The planet’s coral reefs are in trouble. Thanks to warming and acidifying oceans, the animals that make up coral reefs are dying, turning the reefs themselves into algae-covered ghost towns. This represents a loss of habitat for numerous nearby creatures, many of which evolved to only live in the reefs. So the deaths of the corals can lead to the deaths of many other species. From monitoring the reefs by listening to them to local action and working to understand the dynamics of coral illness, scientists and conservationists are taking a lot of approaches to stem the tide. Still, without drastic action on our part, the oceans are going to get warmer—and more coral will die—a predicted three-quarters of the world’s reefs by 2100.

This grim story was illuminated by a ray of hope this week, in the form of a new paper published in the journal Scientific Reports. After years of attempts, Smithsonian Institution researchers in Hawaii have figured out how to cryogenically preserve coral larvae. That means it’s possible to save the genetic diversity of existing coral, perhaps for centuries. The preserved coral larvae can help reseed dead or injured reefs and, as coral research continues to work on the problem of reef death, may someday launch a reef renaissance.

“As reef degradation accelerates, the need for restoration tools has become innovative,” the paper authors write. Although scientists have been able to freeze coral sperm for a while, they need fresh eggs to fertilize—an issue if you’re trying to save a species from going extinct in the wild. A possible solution is freezing coral in their larval stage (they do not have what we’d call an embryonic stage), but “large, multi-celled organisms are usually difficult to freeze,” explains study author Jon Daly. Until now, nobody had successfully cryopreserved and awoken coral larvae, but Daly and his coauthers were able to find the right method to preserve Fungia scutaria larvae and defrost them successfully.

With some experimentation, the paper authors found that freezing coral larvae in the first days of their life cycle using a super-fast method called “vitrification” was successful in cryopreserving larvae who could be awoken with laser warming to swim again.

Among the technical difficulties they faced is the fact that fish embryos and coral larvae are protected from the ocean by “space capsules,” explains coauthor Mary Hagedorn. The same protections that keep them safe from the sea also make them difficult to cryopreserve without giving the tissue what we could colloquially call “freezer burn.” (The problem of freezer burn is one of the many issues faced by the field of human cryonics.)

Usually, the use of cryoprotectants—substances that work with the cells to make freezing without freezer burn possible—helps in the preservation process. But unlike mammalian embryos that are not protected from their mothers’ uteruses, marine embryos are hard to penetrate. By using the right cryoprotectants and relatively undeveloped larvae, the team was able to saturate the baby coral with the protective substance and keep ice crystals from forming during the freezing process.

The size and protection of the embryos is also an issue when it comes time to wake them. If you’ve ever tried to defrost a couple of pounds of ground meat in the microwave, you’ll have a sense of the issues: it doesn’t de-ice uniformly. And you certainly don’t want your precious coral larvae starting to cook around their edges while their centers are still frozen. The team got around this by surrounding the embryos with gold nanorods, which converted a laser’s light into heat and uniformly warmed the larvae.

Comparatively few marine animals are cryopreserved as embryos or larvae—something Hagedorn says needs to change if we want any hope of saving ocean biodiversity. “One of the things that we are really concerned about is our ability to bank this material long-term around the world,” she explains. There’s nothing like the Svalbard Global Seed Vault for marine life, she says—but there should be.

“We need to develop these tools now,” says Hagedorn. It takes a while to learn how to do things like this, she says, but without tools to preserve the living genetic diversity of threatened species, they may go extinct before we have any chance of saving them. Thawing and reintroducing coral larvae to the oceans isn’t exactly de-extinction, since the tissue never died, unlike—for example—efforts to clone the wooly mammoth.

While the thought that coral reefs are disappearing is a grim one, “this is something that we can do,” Daly says. It’s arguably an investment in the future—even if it’s one that nobody alive today will see. “There’s always a possibility that people hundreds of years from now may want coral reefs back again,” Hagedorn says.

How To Ping Someone On Discord

What to know

Ping someone: You can ping someone using the @ symbol followed by their username, player tag, or server role. You can also use the same format to ping moderators and admins whenever needed.

Types of ping: You can soft ping someone, ping everyone, or use @here to ping every server member currently online.

Why ping someone on Discord

Pinging can also help you reach out to offline users as well as members with special roles, moderators, and administrators in case of an emergency. Thus, whenever you need to reach out to someone in particular on Discord, you can ping them to grab their attention easily. 

Types of ping on Discord

There are a few types of pings you can use on Discord. These mostly vary by what you use to ping someone and who you choose to ping. Here are all the different types of pings you can send on Discord.

@nickname: This is another alternative to the soft ping mentioned above. Discord allows you to choose your nickname, which can be used by other users to mention and ping you in conversations. You can use the @nickname method to reach out to someone using their nickname if they have a complicated or too hard-to-remember username.

@player tag: Discord also assigns numeric player tags to each server member. This numeric player tag can also be used to ping someone in different channels. Just like a nickname, the player tag can come in handy with users that have complicated or large usernames that are too hard to memorize and remember.

@here: This ping can be used to reach out to all online server members in cases of emergency or pressing matters. This ping is only available for moderators, administrators, and server members with roles that have permission to use the @here ping. It is meant to be used for official announcements and server updates or in cases of emergencies where you might need to reach out to every possible server member that is online.

@everyone: This ping can be used to reach out to everyone subscribed to the concerned channel. Every user, whether online or offline, will be pinged when using @everyone. This ping can be used like @here but by all members for announcements and other pressing matters. Keep in mind that some servers might restrict the usage of @everyone. You should check your community server rules for more information on the same.

@Role: You can ping all members of a specific role by typing “@” followed by the role name. For example, if you have a role called “Mods,” you can type “@Mods” to ping all members of that role.

#Channel: You can also ping all members of a specific channel by typing “#” followed by the channel name. For example, if you have a channel called “General,” you can type “#General” to ping all members of that channel.

How to ping someone on Discord

Here’s how you can ping someone on Discord. Use the relevant section below to help you ping someone on Discord, depending on the device you’re currently using.


Here’s how you can ping someone when using Discord on your PC.

Open Discord for the web or the desktop app, depending on your preferred method, and log in to your account if needed. 


@[player tag]




Now type in our message or announcement and press Enter on your keyboard. 

And that’s how you can ping someone on Discord.

On Mobile

You can ping someone on Discord using the iOS and Android mobile apps as well. The Discord app on both platforms has a similar UI, so you can use the steps below whether using an Android or iOS device. Let’s get started.

Open the Discord app and tap the server in the left sidebar where you wish to ping someone.

Tap and select the preferred channel.

Now type in the preferred type of ping you wish to use in the text box at the bottom.


@[player tag]




Tap and select the user from the list above your ping if you’re pinging a user that has a similar name to other server members. 

Type in the concerned message followed by the ping and tap the Send icon once you’re done.

And that’s how you can ping someone on the Discord mobile app.

How To Report Someone On Discord

If you’re in any internet community, you’re bound to run into some issues with others and find yourself in a position where you feel the need to report someone. On Discord, you have the ability to report anyone in a number of ways. 

You’ll want to make sure you have a clear reason to report someone, and that this reason constitutes a report under Discord’s community guidelines or the rules of a certain server you may be on. If someone has violated either of these, reporting them shouldn’t be an issue and it’ll be more likely action will be taken against them. 

Table of Contents

Here’s how to report someone on Discord. 

Reporting Someone to a Server Moderator

If you notice a user has broken the rules of a server or Discord’s own guidelines, the first action you’ll want to take is to report the user to the moderator of the server the user is a part of. This is the easiest course of action for reporting, and is more likely to result in quick action being taken against the offender. 

Follow these steps to report someone to a moderator. 

On the server, look for a moderator by looking at the roles of members of the server and finding a user whose role is “moderator,” “admin,” or otherwise a role that looks like they’d be in charge. If you aren’t sure, you can ask others if they know who a moderator of the server is.

Send the moderator a private direct message explaining the situation, and if you can, try to provide screenshots or other evidence of the problem and the user in question. 

Work with the moderator to discuss the issue, and see what actions they can take to resolve it. 

If the moderator doesn’t respond, or doesn’t do anything about the problem, you may want to think about going to Discord’s Trust & Safety team, which can deal with issues with anyone on Discord and in any community. This is also a good option if the user in question isn’t from any servers you’re on. 

Reporting Someone to Discord Trust & Safety 

In order to report someone this way, you’ll need to be using Discord’s developer mode. Here’s how to turn this on to begin reporting:

Open Discord and log into your account. 

Select the settings icon, which looks like a gear, in the bottom left corner next to your username. 

Get the User ID of the person you want to report, as well any evidence of the issue, such as screenshots. 

Go to Discord’s Submit a request page and in the dropdown, select Trust & Safety. Then enter the rest of your information into the form and select Submit.

Make sure you describe the situation as best as you can, and add the user’s ID number as well as your evidence. There is a space for you to enter a description of the incident, as well as add any attachments. 

What Happens After a Report?

Once you send a report to either a server moderator or Discord’s own team, from that point on the issue is now in their hands. If either of them determine that action should be taken against the user you reported, then they’ll be able to do so. 

This could mean that the user you reported could get banned, as well as their IP address getting banned so that they can’t create new accounts. If the offense isn’t deemed serious enough for that, the user may just receive a warning from the moderator or Discord. 

It’s also possible that nothing will happen to the user. If this occurs, it’s because the situation wasn’t considered a violation of any rules in a server or on the community guidelines. If this happens, but the user is still being problematic, you may just have to wait and keep watch on the user so you can gather more evidence of what they’re doing. 

Other Actions to Take

This will ensure that you can no longer see their messages in a server channel. However, the user will still be able to contact you through private direct messages. If you want to prevent this, you’ll have to block the user instead. 

However, this may not solve your problem entirely. If a user notices you block them and is intending to be malicious towards you, they’ll still have the ability to create a new account and contact you that way. In this case, though, you’ll be able to gather more evidence that could help you report the user to stop them from creating new accounts in order to harass you. 

Reporting Someone on Discord

When making the decision to report someone, you’ll want to be sure they’ve violated community guidelines or server rules clearly. Making sure of this before you report someone will ensure that they’re more likely to be banned. 

Issues with others online can be a frustrating experience, so if you’re finding this as a problem, it can also help to try and deescalate the situation yourself. Whatever happens, just know there are always options to get the problem resolved. 

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