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Stunning Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e concept tests luxe-EV reception

Has the time come for a true luxury EV? That’s what Bentley is testing the waters about at the Geneva Motor Show 2023 this week, bringing out the Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e concept to gage the potential reception for an all-electric grand tourer. As the British automaker sees it, the requirements of the super-rich are slightly different to what other EV buyers might be concerned about.

For most of us, for example, electric car range is about making sure you have enough juice to get from home to the office and back again, or maybe do a round-trip to the grocery store. In Bentley world, the EXP 12 Speed 6e concept would need to do grand tourer duties more commonly taken on by a Continental drop-top. That means getitng from London to Paris on a single charge, or perhaps Milan to Monaco.

Upon arrival, nobody wants to have to go to the hassle of plugging in their electric car. Instead, Bentley is expecting high-speed inductive charging to top the EXP 12 Speed 6e concept’s batteries up. If that’s not possible, a regular charging socket behind the rear license plate is available.

Bentley isn’t saying much at all of substance about the powertrain itself. Unsurprisingly an electric motor would give the sort of instantaneous torque that we’ve come to expect from the vast V8 engines in the automaker’s current gasoline line-up. With stablemates Audi and others already investigating various types of electrification and rapid wireless charging, Bentley wouldn’t be short on technology to borrow should the reception for the EXP 12 Speed 6e concept be positive.

It’s hard to imagine potential owners giving it the thumbs-down, mind. On the outside, there are clear styling cues taken from the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept back in 2024. Aircraft fuselages inspire the predominant lines – as well as more functional details, like the cameras that replace the side-mirrors – while cooling ducts have been repurposed from the old car to instead keep the electric motors and batteries chilled.

The mesh grille has a 3D structure and is given a smoked finish, with copper highlights and a white-illuminated “6e” logo. Even if it never makes it to production as an electric car, Bentley says the styling of the EXP 12 Speed 6e concept hints at the design of future models regardless of fuel type.

The same goes for the inside, where the focus has apparently been on giving electrification a more warm, personable feel. A single piece of curved glass is used for the center console, with an embedded OLED touchscreen that handles navigation, entertainment, and the car’s climate control. More cut glass appears on the steering wheel as shortcuts for the essential features. The wheel also gets two buttons on its cutaway top: one gives an instant boost of performance, while the other limits the car’s speed for safer urban driving.

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Exactly when we could see a fully-electric car from Bentley remains to be decided. However, the brand isn’t playing too coy on electrification in general, even if it’s not diving in entirely. A plug-in hybrid version of the Bentley Bentayga is expected to launch in 2023, and be the first of several such PHEV models across the company’s range over the next few years.

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7 Ad Copy Tests To Boost Ppc Performance

When you take these statistics into account, it’s not surprising that 27% of Americans are using ad blockers.

No matter what products or services you’re selling, one thing is growing increasingly clear: You’re going to need some pretty engaging copy to help yours stand out from this ever-growing crowd.

Of course, what’s engaging and what isn’t is a pretty subjective matter. You’re going to want to know what actually works and what doesn’t. This is where ad copy tests can come to the rescue.

Don’t Test For Testing’s Sake

As a starting point, it is essential to have a hypothesis of what you think will enhance your conversion rate and why – at all times.

Here’s the testing methodology my company follows:

Aim For Producing Clear Results

Always have ample data when you’re running tests!

Statistical significance should be your goal (in addition to that increased performance).

According to Google, your test should run until it meets one of two conditions:

At least one variant has a 95% probability to beat baseline (this free A/B calculator should help).

Two weeks have passed, to account for cyclical variations in web traffic during the week.

Set A Testing Timeframe

Remember that tests shouldn’t be left running forever. Define a specific time frame to gain valuable data and stick to it.

Not every test will result in significance one way or the other and that’s ok. Chalk that test up as inconclusive and move on.

Now, with those ground rules out of the way, onto the tests!

1. Numerical Abbreviations Vs. Full Numerical Values

Numbers also show that you’re a brand worth taking seriously – after all, you have data to back up your claims, right?

So basically, numbers are good.

The question then becomes:

What do you think your targets will respond to?

Would it be numerical abbreviations, for example, 15M, or full numerical values, for example, 15,000,000?

2. Add, Modify, And Remove Pricing


On one hand, being upfront with your pricing gives users the information they need to know and can subsequently help them make a faster purchase decision.

On the other hand, the price can turn people off by reminding them that they need to spend money. This is especially true if your product and/or service isn’t the cheapest that’s showing up in the search engine results.

So how do you know which approach works? Testing.

We worked with a homebuilder client to test variations of price inclusion. After setting up a few tests, it became clear that by generalizing the number, we could increase CTRs across these communities.

You can also frame your price as a discount to make it more attractive to readers. And speaking of discounts…

3. Experiment When Quantifying Promotions

In PPC marketing, it’s a common practice to quantify promotions with numbers, usually in the form of discounts, conditional pricing, and other special offers.

For example, instead of writing you have “cheap car accessories on sale,” you can write something more compelling, like “50% off on car accessories.”

Better yet, try testing your ‘discount’ with the top numbers that drive engagement:

4. Punctuation?!.

One of the easiest places to start with testing is around punctuation, and yet, few focus on tests this “simple.”

Exclamation: 42%

Commas: 25%

Question Mark: 11%

Percentile: 9%

Dollar Sign: 8%

Based on our own testing, the use of an exclamation point makes sense:

That said, the opportunity to test the use of punctuation (question marks, percentages, etc.) are worth exploring and align well with the use of emotion to drive incremental performance.

5. Appeal To Emotion

What do they love/hate?

What’s the biggest problem they face?

How are you going to solve it?

Worst case, take a hint from headline categories that drive engagement on Twitter and Facebook.

While traditionally reserved for content ideation, using a headline analyzer like this one or this one can also help with the application of emotional headlines for ad copy.

6. Test Your CTA

This is where language comes in, and it’s especially important when writing your CTAs.

As trivial as it may sound, the first word of your CTA has the potential to create a positive or negative impression of the ad itself.

The first word in your CTA could be the defining factor, so you need to test different first words (all of which should be verbs) in your CTA, and use the high converting copy.

For example, beginning with “Call us now,” instead of “Contact us today,” could lead to a noticeable difference in CTRs.

Likewise, “Shop now,” instead of “Order now” could lead to different levels of audience reaction.

Here’s a mashup of potential calls to action variations for you to test:









Get Started




Make Reservation





Sign up




Find Out



7. Play Around With Your Landing Pages

Naturally, landing pages are a great marketing tool, because they give your target market a chance to decide whether they should interact further with the business.

As a result, testing your landing pages is a fundamental part of doing business online.

Within Google Ads, there are a couple of landing page tests that you can easily do without making any changes to your website:

Link directly to the category page.

Try out different sorting methods on your category pages:

Best selling first.

Cheapest first.

Newest first.

Best reviewed first.

Promotions first.

Manual placement.

Link to a search made for a particular brand, product or type of product.

Link to your homepage (yes, it might work for you).

Pro Tip: Google Optimize is a godsend for this type of A/B and multi-variant testing (for both paid media and SEO).

When it comes to campaign optimization, you need to constantly be split testing like this and then analyzing your results. Otherwise, you’re doing your company – and your campaign – a huge disservice.

What’s Next?

Following the steps above can help you to test your ad copy as best as possible before investing money in their placement. But what’s next?

Whether you experience success or find that you need to make further changes or improvements, ad testing should stay at the forefront of your list of priorities.

Remember A.B.T: Always. Be. Testing.

More Resources:

Featured Image: Minimallista/Shutterstock

Inside Ct6: The Cadillac Putting German Luxe On Notice

Inside CT6: The Cadillac putting German luxe on notice

It’s hard to overstate quite how important the 2024 CT6 is to Cadillac. Absent for some time from the full-size luxury segment, Cadillac needs a flagship that can not only take on BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and others in features, but convince drivers that its brand of American Luxury deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the Germans. And while toothy BMW-baiting monsters like the CTS-V may fill a niche, there’s nothing like a vast uber-luxe sedan to make your case.

Cadillac’s design language is instantly recognizable, and translates well, for the most part, to this newest car. The front is undoubtedly its best angle, where the slices of LED lighting cut neatly down into the lower air intakes, while the broad grille bulges eagerly.

The same LED flourishes reappear at the rear, and should give the CT6 a distinctive appearance at night whether you’re following it or see it rushing up to fill your rear-view mirror. If there’s an angle that’s lacking, it’s side-on, where the bigger rear accommodation has left the sedan looking more stretched-out than the compact CTS.

Altogether, though, it’s handsome and – importantly – isn’t going to be mistaken for any other cars in the segment. Roughly sized like BMW’s 7-Series, the CT6 is also hoping to be considered a rival in driving dynamics, courtesy of a new 3.0-liter V6 good, thanks to its twin turbochargers, for 400 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque.

How it actually performs on the road remains to be seen, though Cadillac is no stranger to the track (courtesy of its sporting CTS sedan and coupe variants, which we’ll be driving soon) and hopefully has managed to strike a balance between ride comfort and a little excitement.

Inside, there’s a new version of Cadillac CUE, the company’s infotainment system. CUE has always been divisive, with a pretty UI undermined by traditionally sluggish performance, though Cadillac says it has improved speed and responsiveness for this iteration.

It should also require less stabbing at the 10.2-inch touchscreen, thanks to a touchpad mounted in the center console. Caddy’s attention to detail also looks a notch or two higher; the company learned some lessons from the beautifully-finished (though poorly selling) ELR hybrid, and the CT6’s dashboard – with slivers of matte-finish wood inlaid into the steering wheel and shifter particular highlights – borrows that focus.

In the rear, meanwhile, the massage seats are comfortable and have power-adjustment, though there’s still a fair amount of plastic such as in the underwhelming pop-out cup holders in the center armrest. Similarly, some of the other touch points – like the in-seat displays – aren’t quite on a par with their Mercedes counterparts, though perhaps we should give Cadillac the benefit of the doubt until production models are ready.

That’ll happen at the end of the year, with North America getting the CT6 first. However, Cadillac’s ambitions also include China, which will see the CT6 arrive in early 2024, along with Europe, Korea, Japan, Israel, and the Middle East. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but we’re expecting it to be competitive with Germany’s finest.

List Of Top 13 Stunning Typography App

Web Designs with Awesome Typography App

A website has many components, and many of us might differ in our choices of components that make the website look visually appealing. The themes, colors, and pictures are all contributing factors, but the Typography app enhances the feel and sets the tone of a website.

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Web development, programming languages, Software testing & others

It is nothing but how the web design type is displayed, type meaning, whatever is written. The font, size, spacing, color, everything comes under Typography. It is important to note that no matter how exquisite is the theme of your website or how attractive the colors are, it is the typography app that makes it one of a kind.

But just like the numerous mistakes you can commit while designing a website using images, themes, etc., you must follow specific guidelines for using a typography app to avoid apparent issues.

Do not try and do too much. Use, at the most, 2-4 font types or faces in your design. Using Font types more than that will make your website messy and cluttered instead of giving it a clean and beautiful appearance.

Maintain a proper hierarchy. This helps your viewers to have an easy way through your website. The text and elements are aligned and arranged to set the mood and directions to be followed while using your website.

There is only one important rule: “CONTENT IS KING!” Make the content your priority, and everything else will fall around it. Many tools are available online to help you with your typography skills. Typekit Practice is one of the tools you should start with. The lessons are so designed that you will be an expert Typography Professional in no time. Modular Scale, chúng tôi Hoefler&Co., FontFace Ninja, Google Fonts, and many more tools are out there to make your Typography skills experience the best you can have.

List of websites with excellent typography

Below are some of the websites with fantastic typography.

1. The New Yorker – Best Typography app-inspired websites.

Achieving the look and feel of being old and traditional yet beautiful is difficult, but The New Yorker helps you do that perfectly. It is an online magazine that is easy to access and very stylish. The use of evergreen colors like red, black, and white with a tinge of grey make it look like a printed magazine. Also, the use of readable and elegant font with colors contrasting the background makes The New Yorker one of the best Typography skills-inspired websites.

2. Moresoda

A black background needs a pop of colors to make it look trendy. Moresoda sets the trend by using eye-catching colors like bright pink, cyan, and light green along with black in the background, and there is only one color that would go with all of these if you wish to write something on the page, and that is white. Just a few sentences here and a couple of words there make Moresoda a neat and trend-setting website.

3. Good

The name of the website itself says a lot about its style! A clean, readable font accompanied by the minimal use of colors and excellent spacing and placement make the site GOOD looking!

Black, grey, and white is a classic combination, and keeping things reasonably simple is a considerable risk that the creators of the Good website were ready to take, and it paid off. The large font size of the bold headings will grab your attention, and the story that goes with it, though relatively smaller in comparison, is crystal clear. So, Good, in that sense, has done a great job!

4. Information Highwayman

You can put the best-looking background images on your website to enhance its look, but sometimes, a beautiful typography app enhances the background and do the job for you!

But what if you have a blank canvas? How do you make a blank page look attractive? The answer is simple again. Use your web design skills in the art of the Typography app. Information Highwayman has nothing in the background. It is empty, white as a sheet of paper, and no fancy-looking font is used either, but the simple use of fonts and colors in the text makes it a beautiful and stylish website. The simplicity of Information Highway is breathtakingly gorgeous!

5. Black Estate – Best Typography app

The white letters take the website to a higher level of elegance and beauty. Not only is everything distinctly visible, but you don’t need anything else to make it more alluring. The use of a sophisticated font is all that is required. “Black Beauty” often describes a beautiful individual with a darker complexion. On websites, Black Estate is the “Black Beauty.”

6. Elysium Burns

Elysium Burns is the perfect example of sophistication and style! This website has a lot of elements in it, but each element is distinct and clear. It is not very colorful, but using different font styles and font sizes for other functionalities makes this website look good instead of a mess.

There is a different font for the company name, another for headings, another for sub-headings, and an entirely different one for the content that falls under these headings. A lot is going on in a single page regarding the design point of view, but all of these combine to make sense.

7. Type Daily

If the word Type in Type Daily doesn’t make it obvious, it is; Type Daily is a website that links to other type-related websites online. The design is straightforward. There are just links to other websites in bright green that pop out in a slightly dark background which changes to a lovely shade of orange when you hover over it. Simple but effective!

8. Erratic Wisdom Best Typography app

Ever heard the phrase “Bold is Beautiful!” Well, Erratic Wisdom hits the mark with this phrase. The latest post in Bold typography skills against a Black background with small white dots forming a grid gives this site a modern aura. The entire website, on the other hand, reverses the background combination. There is a black grid forming dots on a white page.

Erratic Wisdom is modern and, let us say, unpredictable in its design.

9. Analog

Yes, excellent work, indeed. When the website’s theme is appreciated by the use of the type that goes with it, the result is a perfect website. Contrasting colors with aesthetic text make Analog an intelligently engineered website.

10. Switch Mediaworks

A visual treat that is what Switch Mediaworks offers to its viewers. The Classic color combination, modern typography skills, and the car of your dreams on the front page that’s the greatness of this website.

11. A List Apart

A-List Apart is similar yet different from a lot of websites out there. It has a minimum design that might seem familiar, but the placement and spacing of elements make it a good-looking website. Appropriate assigning of font size, use of colors, and spacing set A List Apart, a class APART! It is designed at its best!

12. Jason Santa Maria Best Typography app

Less is More! How accurate is this statement? Jason Santa Maria plays around with this philosophy of Lee is more. Not many elements, not many colors. Just Bold and attractive headings to the articles and Jason Santa Maria becomes an inspiring website. It is unique, fresh, and attention-seeking in its design in its simplicity.

13. Helveticons Best Typography app

Sometimes, you look at something and suddenly become a kid again. Some things remind you of your childhood, just like the logo of Helveticons. It’s like that image on the geometry box you used to carry to your mathematics tuitions or arts and drawing classes.

There is a bright yellow page, like a sheet of paper when opened after it has been folded into four that is against a light grey background with typography techniques in white and black. That is exactly like a geometry box I used to own. Helevticons is a website designed to relate with you in ways that go through your eyes and straight to your heart!

Like these designs? Then be creative when you design your dazzling websites. Web designing is all about these little details and features. Hopefully, these 13 awesome websites will inspire you to create an amazing-looking website with Typography techniques that will further intensify its beauty!

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Understanding The Concept Of Git Index

Introduction to Git Index

GIT is one of the most commonly used distributed version controller DVCS among the programmers because of its dynamic nature and vast tool availability to handle the versions. It is known to be the first-ever feature to be added to Git. Index as the name suggests, like any contents of a book, it also maintains the staged changes or we can say indexes the changes that are sent to stage using git add.

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In git DVCS we have the source code on the server which acts as a central repository but along with that, we have it as a local copy or we can call as a local repository on working machines. So even if there is a failure at the server level we can mirror back the local working copy to the server when it is restored. So basically when we work on a branch, commit our changes, it will send the changes to the local repo. We need to use PUSH to send the changes to the server repo. GIT Index is something that comes in between local repo and working directory and it is the one that decides what needs to be sent to the local repo and in fact, it decides what needs to be sent to the central repo.

Detailed Explanation of GIT Index

Please refer below pic to get a more detailed idea.

Here repository in the sense local repo or local copy. From the above pic below are the inferences:

when we start working on an existing file or create and add a new file and save them then git tracks them and mark them as untracked files. We can clearly see them in the below screenshot. I have totally four files in test_git_tools branch and if I give git status the I can see all the files have been modified state.

If you observe the above screenshot it presents us with two options as shown So, in fact, our git is suggesting that it had tracked the changes in the working directory but it is up to us whether we want to strongly track it by sending it to the staging area by using “git add -u” or discard the changes and leave the tracking by using “git checkout”.

Once we add the file to the staging area than when we apply to commit then the changes that are staged will only go to the local repo. Unstaged changes remain.

Once we have added the content to local repo then we can PUSH to submit the changes to server repo.

Above the sample screenshot which shows that there were two files that were indexed and they were committed. Remaining two files were tracked but unstaged so did not commit. But why do we require staging or indexing? Cant, we just directly send the unstaged changes to local repo?

Yes, we can bypass staging and directly commit our unstaged files to repo but doing like this will actually distort the purpose of a version control system. This may be feasible in small projects or enhancing projects but in a fresh project doing like this can cause cumbersome.

Indexing is one of the most critical stages in the development of a project. When we try to develop a project we basically prepare an algorithm on the coding module and prepare a draft code where we are uncertain about some aspects and needs further evaluation. Also, you may decide to add some extra features, or we may add certain optimizations, etc. In these cases, we don’t want to completely discard the thing we developed. By indexing the developed code we can always track the difference between staged file and unstaged same file and clearly get more ideas on different versions. Let us look at this in the below screenshots. From the above screenshot, we can see all the red marked files are untracked. I will add the file to staging which turns the color indicator to green as shown below.

Now i will add one movie name to the staged file forien_movie_list file and perform git status. It looks like as below:

we can see that we have twp versions of the file orien_movie_list one indexed and other untacked. We have a very useful indexing tool called difftool with which we can track the changes to both versions of the file by configuring it with your git.

Now lets the programmers decided that he does not want to keep the new change and doesn’t want it to be staged. Then instead of git add command he can use checkout to discard the unstaged change.

You can clearly see from above the red modified file has been discarded. This you can validate by looking at the content of the file as well.

You can see from above that the files we indexed (in green) have been added again to the unstaged area. Here I have used HEAD with reset the command which says that the latest content that was added to the staging area to be reset (here I have used four files earlier to index, so they were unchanged (red)).

There is also an ls-files option available with git which will list the files in the index. In index basically, full tree and blob information will be available. So when you add something to the stage then it starts closely monitoring that file. We can see this with –debug command along with ls-files. In the below screenshot, we can see that we have two files in the staging area and two files as unstaged. Now when I gave git ls-files -s it will give all the available blob (four files) inside the tree as shown below. But we have added only two files to the staging area and two can use –debug to validate this.

we can see from the below screenshot which files have been staged by the value of ctime,mtime, dev, etc.

Git Index is the most important area when we deal with Git DVCS. There are plenty of commands and tools available of which I have used some in this article to play with indexing and for a serious developer this nothing short of the boom.

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Top 7 Prezi Alternatives For Creating Stunning Presentations

When it comes to using technology for putting forward ideas before a group of people, there’s hardly a medium that’s better than presentations. From educational institutions to corporations, presentations are used everywhere, and that too in a myriad variety of ways. And even though there are quite a few presentation tools available out in the wild, the web based Prezi is one of the most popular among them.

That’s right, there are numerous Prezi alternatives, both online and desktop based, that you can use to create engaging presentations, and enthrall your audience. So why wait? Get reading, and find out more about them all.

Best Prezi Alternatives: Online Tools

1. Slides

Pricing: Paid plans start from $6/month, Free plan available

Visit Website

2. Haiku Deck

If you’re looking for a simple yet impressive Prezi alternative, Haiku Deck is just what you need. It comes with a bunch of templates for creating specific type of presentations, such as Press Releases, Professional Profiles, and Social Media Reports. Not just that, you can access over 40 million Creative Commons images for using in your presentations. You can create multiple presentation decks, and embed playable YouTube videos into them. A unique feature of Haiku Deck is the Zuru (beta), which makes use of artificial intelligence to transform PowerPoint files into amazing presentations. There’s even an iOS app for creating presentations on your iPad or iPhone.

Visit Website

3. Emaze

What sets Emaze apart from the rest is its impressive collection of presentation themes/templates, which include 3D zoom animations and video backgrounds. The created presentations can be downloaded both as videos, or as PDF files. For professional and business users, Emaze offers features such as analytics support, customized brand templates, and multi-user collaboration on presentations. Emaze even makes it possible to import your existing PowerPoint presentations, and make them better using the available templates.You can also share the presentations over all popular social networks, and specify access permissions (e.g. view, download) for them granularly.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $9/month with 14 day free trial, Free plan available

4. PowToon Slides

It’s not exactly the easiest to use, but there’s little denying the fact that PowToon Slides is probably one of the most feature-laden Prezi alternative you can find. From marketing/sales to training, and from education to greeting cards, PowToon Slides has hundreds of templates for everything. It lets you add graphs, shapes, audio, video, and a lot more to your presentations. You can specify transition duration and animations for the slides as well. Once created you can directly upload your slides (as videos) to video sharing services like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as download them in multiple formats such as PDF and MP4. The paid level accounts even let you download slideshows as HD videos, and include other features like royalty free music and third party transfer rights. That said, PowToon’s pricing is a bit on the higher side.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $19/month, Free plan available

Visit Website

5. Slidebean

Probably the most distinguishing feature of Slidebean is its extremely detailed templates, which not only include regular elements such as background images, but also content placeholders for a full presentation outline. As an example, a “Company Intro” template will have content fields like About us, What we do, and things like that. You can also add custom elements such as quotes, line charts, tables, and videos to your presentations. Slidebean even lets you search and add Creative Commons images and icons for adding into the presentations. Other powerful features include real-time collaboration, PDF export, and a dedicated account manager.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $8/month, Free plan (limited to creating one presentation) available

Visit Website

Best Prezi Alternatives: Desktop Applications

6. SlideDog

Platform Availability: Windows

Pricing: Paid plans start from $9.90/month, Free plan available


7. Focusky

Platform Availability: Windows, Mac OS X

Pricing: Paid plans start from $8.33/month, Free plan available


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Create engaging presentations, even without Prezi!

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