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David Imel / Android Authority

The Apple iPhone 12 series is still great, and it’s a viable, more affordable alternative to the iPhone 13 series. iOS isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, though. You may want to move to the Android side, and you’ll be glad to hear there are plenty of iPhone 12 alternatives. Here are some of our favorite ones.

Editor’s note: We will regularly update this list of the best iPhone 12 alternatives.

The best iPhone 12 alternatives

Powerful Android flagship phones stuffed with a ton of features.

Samsung promises three years of system updates for its phones.

Available in a wide variety of markets.

Samsung is Apple’s arch-rival in the mobile space, and the Galaxy S22 range is the Korean firm’s latest offering. These phones pack 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED 2X screens, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200 processors, water resistance, and wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S22

See price at Amazon



Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

See price at Amazon



Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

See price at Amazon



Powerful flagship phones with high-end experiences.

They lack an IP rating.

Available in global markets (no US release, though).

We’ve been eyeing the Xiaomi 12 series since late 2023, when it was launched in China. These phones were very hard to get anywhere else, but we’ve since seen a global launch, making it easier to recommend the device. That said, the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro are still hard to get in the USA, but there are multiple ways to import them.

Availability issues aside, these devices are definitely amazing iPhone 12 alternatives. They come with great high-end specs, including a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 8-12GB of RAM, and 128-256GB of storage. Both also feature AMOLED displays with a 120Hz refresh rate, but the Pro version has a slightly larger 6.73-inch QHD+ screen, as opposed to the 6.28-inch 1080p panel found on the Xiaomi 12.

Of course, the Pro version is the better of the two. It comes with an excellent 4,600mAh battery, a triple 50MP camera setup, and 120W charging. It’s also not much more expensive than the base Xiaomi 12. That said, you might enjoy the more manageable size of the Xiaomi 12.

Xiaomi 12

See price at Giztop



Xiaomi 12 Pro

See price at Giztop



Awesome design and powerful performance.

Water resistance and wireless charging.

OnePlus tends to support its phones for as many as three versions of Android.

Now available globally, even in the USA.

Like the Xiaomi 12 series, the OnePlus 10 Pro was first released only in China, making it hard for us to recommend it as an iPhone 12 alternative. It has since been launched globally, though, and even North Americans can buy it from all major retailers.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is not only a great iPhone 12 alternative, but it’s also one of the best high-end phones around, as well as a pretty good deal considering what you get. We’re not fans of the speakers and software, and the IP rating is exclusive to T-Mobile in the USA, but it’s otherwise a competent phone.

Stunning video capabilities are similar to dedicated cameras.

It sports a fantastic 4K, HDR, OLED, 120Hz display.

The design is elegant and simple.

Battery life is solid.

Also: Here’s our Sony Xperia 1 III review

Other specs include a Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage. The 4,500mAh battery offers more than a day of regular use. And the camera is equally impressive, with three 12MP sensors (standard, ultrawide, and periscope zoom), especially for video shooters. It can shoot 4K video at up to 120fps. The video quality and stabilization are stunning, and you can even opt for the Cinema Pro app, which is based on Sony FS cinema cameras.

We could say the Sony Xperia 1 III is not only a great iPhone 12 alternative, but also an iPhone 13 one. And if you think the Xperia 1 III is a bit too pricey, the Sony Xperia 5 III is also a great device that costs slightly less, yet keeps most of the best features.

Sony Xperia 1 III

See price at Amazon



These are the first devices with Google’s Tensor chipset.

It sports a new awesome, fun, high-end design.

Like every other Pixel phone, you can expect industry-leading camera quality.

A large battery to keep you going for longer.

Are you looking for more options? We also have a list of the best Android phones available. We have also listed the best gaming phones if you want true power. Additionally, it would help if you also looked into the best camera phones around.

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Best Iphone 12 Deals In The Uk: Mini, 12, Pro & Pro Max Offers

At its 20 April Spring Loaded event, Apple announced that the iPhone 12 and 12 mini would also be available in purple, adding to the existing range of five color choices. The good news is that it isn’t more expensive – in fact, you can also get up to £75 off if you know where to look.

Here, we cover how to get your hands on every member of Apple’s first 5G-capable iPhone lineup and at the best price, whether you’re buying on contract or SIM-free.

The best iPhone 12 Deals (all models) right now

Also see: Where to buy the purple iPhone 12 and 12 mini

How much does the iPhone 12 range cost? 

The good news is that Apple hasn’t raised the price of the iPhone 12 range (aside from a slight tweak to the iPhone 12’s price) despite the jump forward in design, performance, and connectivity – but they are still expensive, and that’s especially true of the ultra-high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Here’s how the iPhone 12 range breaks down in cost: 

iPhone 12 Mini 

iPhone 12 Mini (64GB): £699/$699 

iPhone 12 Mini (128GB): £749/$749 

iPhone 12 Mini (256GB): £849/$849 

See our full review of the iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 

iPhone 12 (64GB): £799/$799 

iPhone 12 (128GB): £849/$849 

iPhone 12 (256GB): £949/$949 

See our full iPhone 12 review.

iPhone 12 Pro  

iPhone 12 Pro (128GB): £999/$999 

iPhone 12 Pro (256GB): £1,099/$1,099 

iPhone 12 Pro (512GB): £1,299/$1,299 

Also find our full iPhone 12 Pro review here.

iPhone 12 Pro Max 

iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB): £1,099/$1,099 

iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB): £1,199/$1,199 

iPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB): £1,399/$1,399 

All variants of iPhone 12 are now readily available to buy in the UK. The most obvious place to go to buy the iPhone 12 is Apple itself, but where else can you go? 

Below are all the top retailers offering the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max both SIM-free and on-contract.

Best iPhone 12 Mini deals

Right now, you can get £100 off the iPhone 12 mini from Amazon, which is offering the market-leading price. It also has £75 off the new purple version.

Top retailers for iPhone 12 mini:

Best iPhone 12 Mini SIM-free deals

Below are some of the best SIM-free and contract deals around on the iPhone 12 mini

Best iPhone 12 Mini Deals Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £579

Now: £516.97 (£62.03 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 mini, unlimited data & free Nintendo Switch


From: Mobile Phones Direct

Now: £44.99 upfront, £46 per month

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 mini (128GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £629

Now: £569 (£60 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 mini with AirPods 2


From: Virgin

Now: From £29 per month (2GB)

View Deal

At time of writing the firm is offering a half-price deal on its 30GB data contract which may work out cheaper than the 2GB offer, at least in the short term.

Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB) – Good condition


From: UR

Was: £579

Now: From £259.95 (£319.05 off)

View Deal

Plus, UR provides a case, glass screen protector, a 12-month warranty and 12 months of insurance against theft and accidental damage.

Apple iPhone 12 mini (64GB) – Renewed


From: Amazon

Was: £579

Now: £373.99 (£205.01 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 mini (256GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £729

Now: £619.99 (£109.01 off)

View Deal

Best iPhone 12 Mini contract deals

Below are all the network providers offering the iPhone 12 mini. We’ve highlighted the best value offers across each provider for you:

Affordable Mobiles – 100GB data for £34 per month, no upfront cost

Carphone Warehouse – Free Homepod Mini with select deals – plans start at £29.99 upfront, £34 per month for 20GB data

EE – £55 per month, £30 upfront for 100GB data

O2 – £42.95 per month, £30 upfront for 30GB data over 36 months (£360 off with trade-in, and 6 months of Disney+, Prime Video or another streaming app)

Sky Mobile – £25 per month (usually £27) for 2GB data (no upfront cost) 

Three – Free AirPods, Beats Flex, case + screen protector, or Powerbeats Pro, plan

Virgin Mobile – £35 per month, no upfront cost for 30GB data with free Airpods

Vodafone – £49 per month, £49 upfront for 6GB data with choice of Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium or Spotify with purple iPhone 12 mini pre-order

Best iPhone 12 deals Best iPhone 12 deals SIM-free

You can find £75 off the iPhone 12 from most retailers right now, though Amazon has up to £80 off (including the 128GB option). Amazon also has £75 off the purple iPhone 12

Below are the top SIM-free deals across all retailers:

Best iPhone 12 deals on contract

Carphone Warehouse is giving away a free HomePod mini with select contract deals, while Three is bundling free AirPods, Powerbeats Pro or Beats Flex with iPhone 12 deals.

Below are some of the deals we’ve highlighted across leading UK network providers for the iPhone 12:

Carphone Warehouse – 1000GB data for £43 per month, £49.99 upfront with free HomePod Mini

EE – 10GB data for £55 per month, £50 upfront

O2 – Unlimited data for £30 upfront, £49.37 per month with free Disney Plus (or Amazon Prime Video) for 6 months

Tesco Mobile – 6GB data for £34.49 per month with free Tesco Clubcard Plus (36 months)

Three – Free AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, or Beats Flex – plans start at £37 per month, £210 upfront

Sky Mobile – 2GB data for £29 per month, no upfront cost

Virgin – Free Apple AirPods Pro on plans starting from £35 per month for 1GB data

Vodafone – £57 per month, £19 upfront with free Amazon Prime, Spotify or YouTube Premium for 2 years

Voxi – £44 per month for 12GB data with unlimited social media and video streaming, no upfront cost (30 months)

If none of the deals above catch your eye, you can compare iPhone 12 contract deals based on your budget using the tool below:

var tdsPcInpageConfig = { widget: { elementId: “tds-widget”, portal: “ukTelecom”, token: “6fb1fec4-fa7e-4833-a3bf-5e093a83c56d “, widget: “inDepth_default_proposition”, limits: { phoneId: [1932,1934,1933] } } }




View Deal

Best iPhone 12 Pro deals on contract

You can also get the free HomePod mini or a pair of AirPods from Carphone Warehouse when you buy the iPhone 12 Pro. Below are some of the deals we’d recommend from leading network providers for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Carphone Warehouse -100GB data with free HomePod mini for £55 per month, £79 upfront, or 10GB data for £49.99 per month and £99 upfront with free AirPods

EE –  100GB data for £80 per month, £50 upfront with streaming add-on

O2 –  100GB data for £56.10 per month, £30 upfront – get £360 off with trade-in and free Disney Plus (or Amazon Prime Video) for 6 months

Three – Free AirPods, Beat Flex or Powerbeats Pro – plans start at £49 per month, £230 upfront for 4GB data with free Beats Flex

Sky Mobile – £41 per month for 2GB data (reduced from £47), no upfront cost.

Virgin – 30GB of data for £46 per month (reduced from £50), no upfront cost (36 months)

Vodafone – £82 per month, £49 upfront for 25GB data with choice of Amazon Prime, Spotify or YouTube Premium for free

Voxi – £52 per month with 12GB data with unlimited social media and video streaming, free next day delivery

Tesco Mobile – 6GB data for £39.99 (36 months) with free Tesco Clubcard Plus

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max deals Best iPhone 12 Pro Max SIM-free deals




View Deal

Below are some of the best SIM-free deals on the iPhone 12 Pro Max right now:

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Deals Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max – 128GB – Good condition


From: Back Market

Was: £1,099

Now: £479.99 (£619.01 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB, refurbished)


From: MusicMagpie

Was: £1,099

Now: £709.99 (£389.01 off)

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with AirPods Pro


From: Three

Now: From £68 per month, £99 upfront

View Deal

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with 100GB data


From: Fonehouse

Now: £59 per month, no upfront cost

View Deal

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max contract deals

Carphone Warehouse – Best deal: Free Apple Homepod Mini, £49.99 upfront, £59.99 per month for 20GB 4G data

EE – Best deal: 100GB data for £86 per month, £50 upfront, includes 1 Smart Benefit (choice of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and more)

Fonehouse – Best deal: 100GB data for £55 per month, £134.99 upfront with Three 

O2 – Best deal: £59.10 per month, £30 upfront for 100GB data (was 90GB) over 36 months (£360 off with trade-in, 6 months of Disney+, Amazon Prime or another streaming app)

Sky Mobile – Best Deal: Starts at £45 per month, no upfront cost for 2GB data (higher data allowances available) 

Three – Best Deal: Free AirPods, Beat Flex or Powerbeats Pro – plans start at £56 per month, £99 upfront

Virgin Mobile –  Best Deal: £51 per month, no upfront cost for 30GB data (36 months)

Vodafone – Best Deal: £83 per month, £29 upfront for 6GB data and choice of Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube Premium

AT&T (US) – Starts at $36.67 per month

When did the iPhone 12 phones go on sale? 

The iPhone 12 range launch is a little more staggered than it has been in previous years. 

The first iPhones available were the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, both released on 23 October.

Those waiting for the smaller iPhone 12 mini or ultra-high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max have had to wait a little longer. The good news is that the Mini and Pro Max were both released on 13 November, and are now available to buy worldwide.

Apple announced the purple variant of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini at its Spring Loaded event on 20 April. The handsets became available to pre-order on 23 April and will ship on 30 April.

What’s new with the iPhone 12 range? 

The iPhone 12 range is so exciting because there are a lot of changes on offer. The most noticeable is the design, which steps away from curved edges to something altogether more angular and reminiscent of the iPad Pro and even the iPhone 5. 

That new design also means Apple has expanded the size of the display of most of the range without impacting the overall footprint, with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro sporting a 6.1in display and the iPhone 12 Pro Max sporting a 6.7in display. There’s also the iPhone 12 Mini, with a 5.4in display in the same form factor as the original 4.7in iPhone SE.  

Let’s not forget the 5nm A14 Bionic, which Apple is calling the fastest chipset in any smartphone right now, with boosts to CPU, GPU and Neural Engine performance and, of course, 5G connectivity is standard across the entire range. There’s also MagSafe for iPhone – a new magnetic system that allows for improved wireless charging performance and opens the door for a new range of accessories. 

You’ve got new features specific to the iPhone 12 Pro range, including the ability to record and edit Dolby Vision content directly via the Camera and Photos apps. There are also features specific to the top-end iPhone 12 Pro Max, including a new DSLR-esque OIS (optical image stabilisation) system, a larger camera sensor, for a huge boost to low-light photography and the inclusion of a LiDAR sensor for lightning-fast autofocus capabilities.  

Believe it or not, we’re only scratching the surface of what’s new with the iPhone 12 range. If you want to know more, take a look at  everything you need to know about the iPhone 12 range, and if you’re wondering about the specific differences between the Pro models, we’ve got a piece on the iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max alongside our full iPhone 12 review.

While you’re here, you may also be interested in the best iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases. 

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The 7 Best Gmail Alternatives

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Email has become an essential part of daily communication, and while Gmail remains the most popular email service worldwide, plenty of alternatives are available. Whether you’re looking for enhanced privacy, more features, or simply a change of scenery, these Gmail alternatives offer a range of options to suit your needs. In this article, we’ll look at the best Gmail alternatives, including some of the best free options.

The best Gmail alternatives

Each alternative email client has their standout features. We’ll explore each in more detail in the following sections, including their key features and pricing. Whether you’re a privacy-conscious user, a business professional, or just looking for a change of pace, there’s sure to be an email service on this list that meets your needs. So, let’s get started and find the best Gmail alternative for you.



Microsoft Outlook

Yahoo Mail


Zoho Mail

Tutanota: Best for End-to-End Encryption

Suzana Dalul / Android Authority

Tutanota is an email service that also emphasizes privacy and security. It offers end-to-end email encryption, two-factor authentication, session handling, phishing protection, and more. All their email clients are open-source, and they own their infrastructure. Plus, you can feel good about going green as all your data is stored on their servers in Germany, powered with 100% renewable energy.

The free version includes 1GB of storage for your emails and attachments and an encrypted calendar. Starting at €1/month, the paid plans offer more features, such as additional email addresses and offline support.

Microsoft Outlook: Best for Professionals

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email service often used in professional settings. It offers a suite of features, including calendar integration, task management, and contacts. Anyone can use the Otlook web browser for free, which includes 15GB of storage plus an additional 5 GB for storing files on OneDrive. The attachment size also maxes out at 20MB.

If you want to upgrade to Microsoft’s full suite of applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, we have a special deal for lifetime access with a one-time payment of $29.99. And yes, the deal is as good as it sounds.

FastMail: Best for Customization Options

Adam Birney / Android Authority

FastMail is an email service that focuses on simplicity and speed. It offers a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for personal and professional purposes. Your first 30 days are free, which gets you 2GB of storage, a max of sending up to 120 emails per day, and more. The paid plans, starting at $5/month, offer additional storage and features, such as a unique domain name, scheduled sending, and your choice of email apps.

Zoho Mail: Best for Businesses

Adam Birney / Android Authority

Zoho Mail is an email service designed for businesses and professionals. Although Zoho has less storage and spam filtering features than Gmail, it offers much more customization. There’s a comprehensive suite of features, including a calendar, task manager, and notes. The lite version includes 5GB of storage and supports sending up to 25MB attachments. The paid plans, starting at $4/month, offer 50GB of storage, up to 1GB of attachments, and additional features.


ProtonMail, Tutanota, FastMail, Tutanota, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Mail are some of the best free Gmail alternatives available.

ProtonMail and Tutanota are two email services that provide the best privacy and security. They use end-to-end encryption to ensure your emails are always secure and private.

Each email service has its storage and sending limits for its free and paid plans. ProtonMail, for example, offers 500MB of storage and supports sending up to 150 emails daily on its free plan. On the other hand, Zoho Mail provides 5GB of storage and supports sending up to 25MB attachments on its free plan. It’s important to compare these limits to find the email service that best meets your needs.

10 Of The Best Weather Apps For Android And Iphone

Many weather apps are not only as accurate as possible but offer additional features, such as radar, future-casts, and beautiful graphics. Choosing the right one can be difficult since there are numerous options to choose from. You’re bound to find that right one in this list of the best weather apps for Android and iPhone.

Note: if you’re here because you are looking for a Dark Sky alternative, you’re in the right place. Apple made Dark Sky an exclusive iOS app in 2023. However, Apple’s now creating their very own weather app, and Dark Sky is being completely discontinued in 2023.

1. Weather & Radar

An aptly named weather app providing both simple and detailed forecasts.

Weather & Radar provides one of the best future radars among free weather apps. While the full screen ad upon opening is annoying, the forecasts are accurate, and the app itself is easy to navigate. Tapping an hour or day will give you more details, or skip ahead to view graphical charts. Plus, you can get notifications about weather news, upcoming changes (such as temperature drops), and quick 90-minute weather details.


An all-in-one app with news, forecasts, radar, and alerts

Detailed hourly forecasts (includes pressure, dew point, feels like, wind, precipitation chance, and temperature)

Future radar up to four days


2. Yr

Beautifully designed for ease of use while looking great at the same time.

Yr is designed by the Norwegian Weather Agency but can be used anywhere in the world. It’s beautifully designed, letting you swipe across a nicely-animated sky to check the weather on different days and at different times of the day.


Ad-free and doesn’t require location data

Visual hour-by-hour scrolling forecasts

Sky, table, and graph forecast layouts


No radar

Updates aren’t as frequent as claimed (supposedly every seven minutes, but they can take up to an hour at times)

Beyond the nice design, it has plenty of great features too. You can get updates on air pollution and pollen spread in your area and opt in to receive notifications whenever there will be rain in the next 90 minutes. Yr has a great prediction model and is completely free and ad-free, thanks to being government-funded.

3. Today Weather

Simple, beautiful, and accurate weather app with multiple weather data sources.

Today Weather is easy to navigate without being too cluttered, like some weather apps. Never get caught off-guard with 24-hour forecasts, alerts, and radar. The quick-view widget also gives you a nice overview of your day. However, for the best experience, premium is better and ad-free. For instance, chúng tôi Accuweather, and Dark Sky forecasts are premium only.


Choose forecasts from multiple sources, such as Accuweather, Dark Sky, chúng tôi chúng tôi and more

Includes radar and alerts

Offers over 20 customizable widgets


Try the free version and upgrade to premium if you’d like for $1.99 for six months, $2.99/year, or $8.99/lifetime.

4. Weather & Widget – Weawow

Incredibly stunning weather photography mixes with easy-to-navigate forecasts.

Weather & Widget, also called Weawow, is a rare gem among weather apps. It’s not only free and ad-free, but the user photos make the app beautiful to use. You can even upload and sell your own. Daily and ongoing notifications help you avoid any surprises. Multiple widgets along with a customizable layout and radar ensure this app looks and functions the way you want it to.



Asks for location data to provide to third-parties, but it’s not required

While the app is completely free to use, the developer does ask that you donate if you like the app. Choose one-time or monthly donations of $2, $5, or $10. You can also donate a custom amount via PayPal.

5. The Weather Channel

One of the most well-known and reliable weather apps for both Android and iOS.

The Weather Channel is one of the most recognizable names in weather. While it offers all the basics of radar, daily/hourly forecasts, and alerts, the real standout is the weather videos and forecasts. See forecasts from The Weather Channel meteorologists for your region and weather videos from around the world.


Includes video forecasts and weather stories (text and video)

Has seasonal weather sections

Provides detailed hourly forecasts (temp, feels like temp, precipitation, humidity, UV index, wind, and cloud cover)


6. AccuWeather

With minute-by-minute forecasts, you’ll never be caught off guard.


Minute by minute forecasts

Detailed daily forecasts

Includes weather stories from AccuWeather forecasters


7. Firstscreen Weather

Available on: Android

The weather app with a really long name but impressive forecasts and features.

Firstscreen Weather: Digital Artery, Weather App, Climatic Armor – The Weather App offers in-depth weather forecasts that include wind, UV, humidity, precipitation, pressure, and visibility. You also get hour-by-hour forecasts and comparisons to the previous day. Colorful graphics help you quickly see the weather for the week ahead at a glance. Plus, you get the bonus of an easy-to-use radar and conditions for various lifestyle activities and allergies.


Detailed forecasts hour by hour

Offers comparisons to yesterday

Includes Lifestyle Weather Index (shows conditions for outdoor cardio, walking the dog, etc.)


However, in-app purchases are listed as $9.99, but the app itself doesn’t explain how much a premium subscription costs or what the benefits are.

8. Overdrop

Easy-to-use and customizable weather app with colorful themes.

Overdrop lets you plan ahead with 24-hour and weekly forecasts. See what’s coming with an impressive 96-hour future radar. You can also customize the appearance, which is a bonus. The hyperlocal data ensures you don’t get caught by surprise. Of course, alerts mean you don’t have to constantly check your phone for weather changes. One thing that really sets Overdrop apart from the rest is an impressive 51 widgets.


Offers four weather providers (Weather Bit, Dark Sky, Open Weather Map, AccuWeather)

Customize with different themes

Detailed forecasts for the 7-day forecast


9. WeatherBug

One of the most feature-rich weather apps and ideal for commuters.

WeatherBug is a veteran among weather apps, especially for providing hyperlocal forecasts, thanks to working with local weather reporting stations near your area. What really sets the app apart are the 20 map layers to see just the type of weather information you want most. Plus, for commuters, get a detailed look at current and upcoming conditions along with traffic cameras.


Offers 20 different map layers

Includes weather videos, including future outlooks

Provides commuter weather details and lightning strike warnings


10. Weather Underground

One of the best hyperlocal weather apps, thanks to data from over 250,000 personal weather stations.


Get weather forecasts from local weather stations

Create customized forecasts for your activities (premium only)

Detailed forecasts in graphical form


Premium upgrade required to see 15-day forecast (10-day included in free plan)

Weather videos and news stories are slow to load

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is it worth paying for a weather app? 2. Why doesn’t my weather app agree with my local news forecast?

Weather apps pull their data from various sources, which will vary from your local news forecast. If available, consider downloading your local news weather app. They don’t always offer as many features but may give you most accurate forecasts for your area. Many local weather apps pull some data from The Weather Channel.

3. Should I use more than one weather app?

Many users prefer to use at least a couple of weather apps to get a more well-rounded forecast. For instance, I personally use my local news station’s weather app and Weather & Radar, as the forecasts vary slightly. The former gives me video forecasts, while the latter gives me more details for hourly and daily. However, this is a personal preference and nothing more.

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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Top 12 Alternatives Of Signalr

Definition of SignalR Alternatives Top 12 Alternatives of SignalR

SignalR is used for client and server communication. It plays a pivotal role in making bidirectional networking between both, especially by pushing the content over the server. It is a real-time backend or API techstack for manipulation.










Realtime Framework




1. Pusher

Pusher is one of the signalR alternatives in the category of building delightful APIs in terms of real-time web development activities, which makes most of the functionalities and API easy for communication.

Pusher as a signal Alternative comes into the picture when it is simple and has free plans for the fallback of SSE to make the frame and log polling also available to the developers for troubleshooting as well.

It mostly gels with the chúng tôi project where the live streaming with the chatbots and chats need to be maintained for making it use accordingly.

When compared to SignalR, it becomes costly, thus increasing the number of servers or clients for communication.


MQTT is a very lightweight messaging transport protocol used to publish or subscribe to any application following the protocol for ease of communication over the network.

MQTT gels quite well with the IOT hub and helps in making the interconnection between the components by sending signals to the server as per requirement.

It makes the entire tech stack strong when any IOT project comes into the picture.

3. RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ software is used for getting the messages reflected or helps in establishing the communication between the client and server by making the environment compatible with all the components in place.

It is often alternatively called as “distributed message broker” that is written in erlang language.

It helps in providing efficiency to complex and dynamic routing protocols like AMQP, which is configured with reliable server sources as well.

RabbitMQ, when compared to signalR, is more convenient to use because it gets adjusted very nicely with the distributed form of network. It can act as a perfect intermediator as a bus if in case the requirement arises to make it placed within the huge complex set of network hierarchy or stack.

4. WebRTC

WebRTC is a new and powerful API that allows the real-time live streaming of audio and video without making much more intervention in terms of data sharing between peers and also supports many more streaming API’s for a user to make full use of it.

It supports both the success and failure scenarios with the help of handlers when it comes to making the transitions.

The signal server is used only once initially while setting up the ICE; once the valid set of candidates are found, then communication is easy between both the parties of client and server for signaling via signal R hub.

5. gRPC

gRPC is a high-level open-source RPC framework that is also used in the networking that can run with any service making it aid when it comes to live streaming and integration with pluggable HTTP/2 based transport layer protocol.

It can be perfectly used as a signalR alternative because it provides automatic client and server stubs for services to interact with other languages as well.

6. Kafka

Apache kafka is another streaming platform supporting distributed events which is quite different in its behavior as it provides raw throughput, not just the flexible routing.

Apache kafka is written combine with java and Scala programming language whose main goal is to build software based on distributed append log only where the logs and messages are appended at the end of logs.

When compared to signalR, it helps in providing more ease and flexibility when incorporated with a stack because it provides a better format of logging.

7. WCF

WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation, which is used to send any message over the network whether from the system, local or remote and then use signalR for displaying it over the browser.

It also helps in some of the value addition of processes, like it helps in making the central messaging and logging as well.

8. Firebase

Firebase is another SignalR alternative that is mostly hosted over the cloud-based platform, which gives cloud-related services as well as collaborative applications for mobile and web.

On the other hand, SignalR mostly serves for the server-side software system, which is designed for writing any browser or internet-related applications on web servers.

9. Telepath

Any IOT based application, mobile or web, uses an API-centric backend which is used for instantly delivering data, updates, and messages anywhere over the network.

10. Realtime Framework

Realtime Framework is used in a place where there is a need for a cloud-based message broker, thus giving developers the ability to build cross-platform applications that require communication and streaming with real-time data.

11. SockerCluster

Socketcluster is used as another alternative to SignalR when it comes to open source websocket framework, especially for chúng tôi in web development.

12. PubNub

Pubnub is considered one of the good alternatives to SignalR because it comes to the rescue when secured data streams get exchanged over the network with API that helps in connecting with the applications to the real-time one.


SignalR software is used for making both the client and server interact with each other in a proper manner. It helps for entire tech stack to interact and make secure data streaming efficient. All SignalR alternatives help in boosting and making the environment user-friendly as it provides a lot of ease. All alternatives to SignalR are compatible.

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7 Newton Mail (Cloudmagic) Alternatives For Android And Iphone

CloudMagic was one of the most well known, and widely used email clients, both on Android devices, and the iPhone. However, recently, CloudMagic was renamed to Newton Mail, and the name isn’t the only thing that has changed in the new app. CloudMagic, which was previously free, now uses a subscription model that is priced at a hefty $49.99 a year, to allow users access to what they call “Superchargers”. These Superchargers include features like snoozing emails, undoing a sent email, getting read receipts, and more. However, there are many issues with this new Newton Mail pricing model.

So, if you’re one of the many people that don’t want to use an email app that will cost you almost $50 annually, and could possibly be tracking all your emails, here are 7 Newton Mail or CloudMagic alternatives you can try:

Note: I sent an email to Newton Mail support asking if I could use the app as a basic email client once the trial ended, and they told me that it was not possible to use it as such. I’m writing the article from that perspective.

1. Gmail

The app offers support for multiple accounts, along with a nice search bar that offers predictive suggestions as you type, making it easy to search for emails. Gmail also offers autocomplete features for email addresses when users are composing emails. All that packed into a nice package with a lot more features, the Gmail app is widely used, and very well received, both by Android, and iPhone users alike.

Install on Android, and iOS (Free)

2. TypeApp

TypeApp is another great email client and Newton Mail alternative that is available for both Android, and iOS devices. The app offers support for multiple accounts, along with a unified inbox, so you can see emails from all accounts in one place, making it easier to manage multiple accounts.

Notifications in TypeApp are customizable, and can be adjusted for quiet hours, custom sounds, etc. The app automatically organizes emails in clusters, making it easier to see the important ones at a glance. Along with that, it supports a dark theme, rich text signatures, conversation views, snooze, quick filters, and much more.

Install on Android, and iOS (Free)

3. Alto (Android, iOS)

Alto is a great email app for both Android, and iOS devices. It supports multiple accounts, along with a unified inbox allowing users to manage all of their email accounts in one single inbox, when needed. The app supports Exchange accounts as well. Alto is full to the brim with great features, notable among which are snooze emails, set custom swipes, undo delete, add widgets etc.

Install on Android, and iOS (Free)

4. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook by Microsoft is another email client that has been around for quite some time. The app supports multiple email accounts, along with a unified inbox that makes it easier to manage emails if you have a lot of different email IDs, like I do. Along with that, Outlook comes with a smart inbox that shows only the most important messages, so you can focus on the things that need your attention without getting distracted by random emails that you don’t need to read.

Outlook supports swipe gestures, making it easier to mark emails as read, or archive them. The smart filters allow users to automatically sort emails into specific categories. Along with that, the app offers Word, Excel, and PowerPoint integrations, as well as a calendar to manage your events.

5. Email Exchange+ By Mail Wise (Android)

Email Exchange+ is a great app from Mail Wise, that offers support for multiple accounts, including Exchange accounts. The swipe actions supported by the app allow users to get access to immediate actions for sorting out their inbox. The app also allows users to sort their emails by starred, or unread flags.

The app doesn’t use any of its own servers, and directly connects your device to your email provider’s server, making it much more secure. The app is free, but users can unlock the Pro version of the app to gain access to features such as getting unique notifications per sender, creating “quiet time” to turn off notifications, except from VIPs, and marking contacts as VIPs.

Install on Android (Free, with in-app purchases)

6. Spark (iOS)

Along with that, the app offers quick replies that can be customized as needed, email pinning for important emails, and snooze capabilities to mark emails that you want to get back to later. The search function in the app is also very great, and can be used to search with using natural language. The app also allows integrations with services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Pocket, Evernote, etc.

Install on iOS (Free)

7. Email by Easilydo (iOS)

Email by Easilydo is an iOS-only app that offers support for multiple inboxes, along with a unified inbox to allow users to manage all of their email accounts in one place. Users can unsubscribe from mailing lists with a single tap, and get alerts for tracking any packages for orders that they might have placed.

Install on iOS (Free)

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Try Out These Newton Mail Alternatives

If you are one of the people who are annoyed by the way CloudMagic suddenly shifted to a subscription model, without any prior communication to the users, you should definitely try out these alternatives to Newton Mail. These alternatives are tried and tested email clients that a lot of people use and love, and they all offer features that are comparable to those offered by Newton Mail.

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