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There’s something truly secure about anonymity no matter what platform you are on, as it enables you a certain form of freedom. But when it comes to receiving anonymous phone calls on your mobile, anxiety and curiosity is the only thing that comes attached to it.

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to find out the location of a specific number you’re receiving messages or phone calls from, and since there are ways to even create virtual phone numbers today, the need for phone number tracker apps is essential.

How to Block a Number on Google Duo

While accurate location tracking is limited to network carriers and federal agencies you don’t have to be James Bond to find the general location of a phone number. To begin with, all international calls come with their specific Country Code, so you can easily find out the region of the caller.

Additionally, the Google Play Store (APK) is packed with a bunch of apps that not only help you trace phone numbers but also provide location data to triangulate a general location of the caller easily.

How to find the location of origin of a phone number

Well, here are some great Android apps to help you with this.

The reason TruthFinder tops the list is not just glowing reviews it has, but due to the fact that it is one of the most comprehensive backgrounds check apps, you’ll find out there. You start off by signing up for the service, which presents you the ability to search someone as a Person, through a Phone number, look up someone’s Email, and even get information of people based on the Location.

Even with the free version of the TruthFinder app, you can find a surprising amount of detail of a person, including their given name, related contacts and possible relatives, location, email address, and even goes as far out to find out possible registered sex offenders in your neighborhood, so you’re safe at all times. With the premium subscription unlocked, you can find out the social profiles, assets, educational qualifications and so much more from just a person’s name!

Probably one of the most popular phone number tracking apps you’ll ever come across on the Google Play Store, Truecaller has been helping users dodge scammers and spam callers for years and discover unknown callers the easy way. This is essentially a Caller ID app on steroids, which creates a database of users and helps connect the dots across the entire user base to find the name of the caller, their regional location, and more.

You can use Truecaller as you default Phone and SMS app as well, and it will automatically block and reject unsolicited calls and messages. Using the Truecaller Search feature, you can look up a number, find the name associated with it, get their general location such as the Country and State they are in, along with associated details such as their email address as well, and immediately use the Block feature right then and there too.

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While the two predecessors on this list offer a wide variety of features apart from caller and location tracking, Reverse Lookup sticks to the basics. The simplified user interface of the app makes it more approachable, while you do get the ability to look up a number directly from your recent calls or use the Manual Entry option to enter the number. Simply copy and paste the number into the search box and hit the Search button to look up the name of the caller, along with their regional location.

From here on, you can choose to Dial the number, Save Contact, Send Future Calls To Voicemail, and even use the Expanded Search Options to further investigate the phone number. There is even a Discussions tab where you can drop in questions or your experience with the caller, and you’ll usually find responses from other users when discussing a common spammer.

Keep a track of who’s using your Wi-Fi on Android

Since caller ID and blocking spam callers is a part of the entire communication category, most of the call tracking apps you’ll find out there tend to take over the call logs and messages as well. Showcaller is one such app that gives you a better way to find out who’s calling you from a phone number you may not have saved in your contacts, notifies you about a spam call right away so you don’t even have to bother picking it up.

This caller ID app comes with a separate Search section to help you find details of a contact based on their name or the phone number from their massive directory of over 4 billion contacts. Directly using the contact screen, you can choose to Save the contact, Block and Report it, and even find the location of the number. Showcaller even offers you an entire Comments section to help other users stay away from potential spammers.

Similar to the Truecaller app that maintains a directory of users to help find numbers and root out spam callers, Whoscall also offers a built-in SMS and Phone app that can take over the stock apps to help you manage unknown callers more efficiently. After comparing it with the others, we did notice that Whoscall was not that great at discovering the identity of personal contacts, but was more than efficient at finding work/commercial contact numbers. This call tracking service can not only help you easily find the identity of the caller, but pinpoint the location, offer opening/closing hours for public stores, and even find community-based reports for the listing.

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Type In Phone Number And Find The Location Free

Searching for the location of a phone number may be crucial for child safety, employee monitoring, online dating, criminal investigations, and other use cases. It helps you to determine the region or country in which the number is located. For example, if you select a business phone number, then knowing the company’s geolocation is surely beneficial in your search.

Searching for a phone number’s location can be time-consuming and difficult when you don’t know where it is. However, there are various ways to search for a phone number location. Here, the best method is to use your phone’s GPS location tracking capabilities.

Best Free Apps to Type in Phone Number and Find Location in the USA

1) GEOfinder – Best for overall finding phone number location

GEOfinder is a web-based platform that enables you to type in a phone number and locate the place. It also wraps a sharing link into a convincing SMS text. It’s a very simple system that requires little effort. Geofinder only costs a dollar to activate a 2-day trial with unlimited SMS.

It is one of the location finder apps which runs on all phones and configurations of all brands. Using this web-based service, you can trace a device via a phone number.


Run across platforms: It works across all mobile network operators.

Track phone location by number: Helps you to track the targeted phone location by phone number.

Customize message: You can customize the message you want the recipient to receive.

Provides location request: Provides unlimited geolocation requests.

Detailed Location: You will get detailed locations on the map.

Supported devices: ioS and Android devices.

Unlimited Geolocation request: It allows you to send unlimited geolocation requests.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It helps you to locate anyone by entering their number Geofinder is slow in providing the location and coordinates of the targeted device.

You can track cell phone locations anonymously.

Works with all mobile network operators to trace the phone number of anyone.

Key Specs:

Refund policy: Full refund if canceled within 48 hours.

2) chúng tôi – Best for discreet locating is a location finder app that helps you to search for a device by phone number. It is one of the ideal phone tracker applications that do discreet locating.

This application lets you locate anyone worldwide by entering their phone number, and it works on any operating system. It is also better if you remember that you must install this app on the particular device you want to locate.


Discreet text message: The recipient receives a discreet text message that will share the location.

Locate anyone anywhere: It works on any network, meaning it can locate anyone anywhere.

Get email notification: You will get an instant notification in your email and will see the location on a map.

Find an exact Location: Find the exact location with this type in phone number and find location for free online app.

Number Locator: Locate anyone by entering their number.

Supported device: You can use it on Android and iOS.

Create customer messages: Let’s you create custom messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

The phone owner won’t know who tried to locate them. It does not offer many features.

You will not require to install anything on your end.

Does not need any jailbreak.

You don’t require to know their phone model to find them.

Key Specs:

Price: $0.89 for 1 Day Trial

3) Intelius – Best for Offering high-level customer security and privacy

Intelius is a free phone tracker app that allows you to track anyone with their phone number by searching for their location in the public records. On this reverse search website, your searches remain confidential. Its confidentiality helps you ensure that they’re not shared with anyone else.

This application is built for both Android and iOS phones. Intelius helps you search phone number locations accurately and robustly.


Anonymity: Maintains the anonymity of their subscribers.

Identify the phone owner: You can identify the owner of an unknown number.

Unlimited searches: It offers unlimited service to search a phone number location for paying customers.

Reliable use data: Get reliable user data in seconds.

Detailed report: This type in phone number and find location for free in the USA service gives an in-depth report of the unknown user.

Supported devices: It works efficiently on both iOS and Android devices.

Re-connect with old friends: It helps you rekindle your friendship with your long-time pals.

Check criminal records: Let’s you check someone’s criminal record.

Quickly find relevant information: You will get accurate information to make the right decisions.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can look up potential relationships. It doesn’t reveal the prices anywhere on its website.

Offers features for reverse phone lookup and address lookup. Does not give a proper name and a proper address.

It helps you to keep your current contact list.

You can track public and criminal records.

Key Specs:

Price: Plans start at $24.86 a month.

4) Spokeo – Best for Providing Detailed information on caller ID

Spokeo is one of the ideal apps for tracking phone number location online. You can find important information about the phone number’s owner. It shows details like the current address, the name used to register, and the exact location.

Moreover, you can search locations by phone number, address, name, and email.

This app helps you search through millions of phone records, including landline and cell phone numbers. It searches phone lookup results in seconds, letting you know when the app found matching records, such as name, address, country, state, etc.

Spokeo helps you to save time searching with special filtering options. This enables you to pinpoint the person or information you’re looking for.


Free quick search: It offers free quick search.

Produces accurate data: You can produce accurate data in seconds.

Identify spam callers: This cellphone location tracker helps you to identify spam callers easily.

Supported device: It supports both iOS and Android.

Analyzes 12 billion public records: You can analyze 12 billion public records and 100+ social media networks.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Spokeo is fast in processing search queries. Only available in the US.

It helps with the safety of your loved ones. It does not give comprehensive information about a number.

It offers unlimited search on paid membership.

Provides top-notch security and privacy for their users.

Key Specs:

Price: Plans start at $0.95 cents for 7-days, and monthly plan starts at $19.95.

5) PeopleFinders – Best for accessing billions of data points in a few seconds

PeopleFinders is one of the best phone trackers that help you access billions of data points. It lets you identify who is behind unknown calls. The quick search feature returns only the caller’s location. It also provides details like address, age, and social media profiles are available for paid plans.

PeopleFinders also helps you to uncover useful information about your caller, like location and address, age, email address, and various social media profiles.


Find current address: You can find the current address and address history.

Associated phone number: Provides associated phone numbers.

Track phone numbers: Accessing Public Records information helps you track phone numbers.

Supported platforms: iPhone, Android, iPad, and even Apple Watches.

Check your spam score: This allows you to check your spam score.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Saves time by processing queries fast. This app is only available for US customers.

It has a simple interface.

Scam-consciousness resources.

Key Specs:

Price: Plans start at $24.95 a month

6) mSpy – Best for location tracking

Furthermore, you can also check the GPS location of the device. It also provides activity updates of the targeted phone every 5 minutes.


Real-time location tracking: You can restrict geodome, i.e. when the person leaves the zone, the user will get the notification.

Background mode: It works in background mode.

Data Protection: This application encrypts and protects your data.

Supported platforms: Any iOS and Android device.

Activity updates: Provides activity updates of the targeted phone every 5 minutes.

Read messages: You can read incoming or outgoing text messages.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can track your child’s activities to encrypt and protect your data. Not a very cheap family tracking app.

Enables you to check deleted messages and photos.

Gives instant notifications when specific blocked words are used on the target family member’s phone.

Key Specs:

Price: Plans start at $11.66/ month. Discounts on Yearly payments.


Here are the significant points that you should look for in the best phone tracker app:

Locate an individual’s Current Location: You should look for an application that helps you find your spouse’s or child’s present location.

Monitor Activity of Employees: Helps you track the employees’ location for several purposes. It enables you to ensure that they are safe at the job site and they are at the right location.

Find the Lost Device: This feature lets you locate the correct spot of a missing device. So, if you know the location, it becomes easy to locate your phone.

Geofencing: Using geofencing technology helps you to build a digital wall for a target device. It sends you an alert when there is a security breach, and your target phone crosses a specific boundary.

Yes, you can, as the service providers have been doing this; hence, it is possible. When a call is received, the location is pinned from the cell phone tower. However, you can visit free phone number tracker websites, type the mobile number, and wait for their location to appear.


You can track a cell phone location tracker for free online for multiple reasons. For example, some of us may have developed Nomophobia–the fear of losing our mobile phone. This fear is real, as nowadays, we tend to store photos, documents, and important information like passwords on our phones.

Therefore, it is a big relief to know that there are free cell phone tracking apps like GEOfinder, chúng tôi and Intelius available. Thus, we can easily know the whereabouts of the targeted device.

The Best Cell Phone Tracker For Android&Ios

Q1. Do I need to root or jailbreak the target device before using KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro contains four programs: KidsGuard Pro for Android, KidsGuard Pro for iOS, KidsGuard Pro for iOS RT, and KidsGuard Pro for iCloud. Only KidsGuard Pro for iOS RT needs to work with a jailbroken device.

Q2. Can I install KidsGuard Pro remotely?

No. You will still need to access to the target device for approximately 5 minutes. This is so you can install the monitoring app.

Q3. Will the target know I am tracking and monitoring their cell phone usage?

No. The app works in the background and will not alert anyone to its existence.

Q4. How many devices can I monitor at the same time?

With one KidsGuard Pro plan purchased, you can only monitor one device, Android or iPhone or iCloud. The target device can be switched free within the valid period.

Q5. How do I know if KidsGuard Pro works on my child’s device?

Android: KidsGuard Pro is compatible with Android updates 7.0 to 13 (all major phones such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus and more).

7 Best Family Tracker Apps (2023)

Best Family Locator App

Best Overall family tracker app

mSpy is one of the best family spying apps that enables you to remotely monitor your children’s phones. You can view all their text messages in stealth. It also helps parents to constantly monitor children’s device usage.

It allows you to view all incoming/outgoing calls and SMS/messages, including iMessage. With mSpy, you can track a person’s location using GPS and Geo-fencing. It allows you to save the location history of your family or friends.

#1 Top Pick



Live Location: Yes

SOS Functionality: No

Supported platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 14-days money-back Guarantee

Visit mSpy


You can read incoming and outgoing text messages.

You can find out if the battery is dead on your child’s phone.

Offers a toll-free helpline for Customer Support.

It offers live demo support.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It helps you to track your child’s activities to encrypt and protect your data. Not a very cheap family tracking app.

Enables you to check deleted messages and photos.

Provides instant notifications when certain blocked words are used on the target family member’s phone.

Key Specs:

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best for providing a live control panel for parents

uMobix allows you to track the activities of your family member’s phone, like phone calls, GPS location, social media apps, etc. It offers real-time access to the target device. You can also capture screenshots on the target phone of their child.




Live Location: Yes

SOS Functionality: No

Supported platforms: Android and iOS

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 14-days money-back Guarantee

Visit uMobix


Provides a live control panel to track the activity of your kid’s phone.

You can have easy access to the photo gallery.

It offers a live control panel to track your family or friend’s activity.

You can track complete browser history.

Offers 24/7 Customer Support.

Offers live demo is available.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provide support for live phone call tracking. You need a separate subscription for separate devices.

You will get complete timestamps and contact info.

Provides the user’s accurate real-time location and visited places’ history.

Key Specs:

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 14-day money-back Guarantee

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best for providing live alerts

ClevGuard enables you to monitor your child’s activity remotely without hassle. It enables you to set up Geo fences and get live alerts when your family member enters or exits the specific boundary.

It is one of the best phone spying apps that helps you to track location history, monitor photos, video previews, and calendars, export data, monitor keylogger activity, and capture screenshots.




Live Location: Yes

SOS Functionality: No

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Visit ClevGuard


It helps ensure family safety by the screen time limit and balances online activities.

Offers 24/7 customer support via email and Chat.

Provide a live Demo of the app functioning.

You can access the phone files quickly.

It enables you to get your family member’s data and passwords.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Provides Multi-Language Support for the app. Does not provide any remote-control features in the iOS version.

Remote screenshot capture is possible with this phone tracker app.

You can record phone calls.

You can track social media activities from WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.

Key Specs:

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best for creating daily screen time schedules

Bark proactively monitors text messages, YouTube, emails, and over 30 social networks on your family member’s phone. It is one of the best family locator apps that provides parents with a kids-friendly, research-backed method of monitoring their children. It offers multi-language support for parents. You will get instant alerts for bullying, predators, sexual content, and more.




Live Location: Yes

SOS Functionality: No

Supported platforms: Android, Windows, and iOS

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 7- Day Free Trial

Visit Bark


You can create daily screen time schedules for your child’s device.

It allows you to block access to particular websites or even whole categories.

It helps you to build trust between parents and children.

Get instant notification when your children arrive at or leave a set location.

Provide customer support via email, chat and support ticket.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

It allows you to limit access to inappropriate and distracting material. It does not offer premium features in the basic version.

You can set healthy boundaries with custom screen time limits. Not available outside the US, South Africa, Guam, and Australia.

You will receive alerts when your children are on the move or request a check-in.

Get details about your child’s digital activities.

Key Specs:

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 7- Day Free Trial

7- Day Free Trial

Best for offering activity log of your family member

FamiSafe lets you control the screen time of your children and family members, track real-time location, and helps you to detect inappropriate content on kids’ devices. You will be able to know precisely how much time kids spend on specific apps. The software protects your children’s YouTube usage by scanning their viewing history and blocking any videos or channels that might be harmful.




Live Location: Yes

SOS Functionality: No

Supported platforms: Android and iOS

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 3- Day Free Trial

Visit Famisafe


Provide an activity log of your family member.

You can track daily reports of kids’ videos viewed and time consumed on TikTok.

It helps you to curb excessive smartphone use.

Protect your family from Online Dangers.

You can connect and manage all devices from the FamiSafe dashboard app or web portal.

Keep Track of Kids’ Whereabouts.

Provide a variety of subscription options.

Offers 24/7 Customer Support.

A live demo is available.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Detect objectional pictures on kids’ phones. Does not work in hidden mode. You need to invite the user to track their phone activities. Family members may object

It helps you to find suspicious/objectional words and pictures on social networks.

You can activate a shield to prevent your kids from visiting toxic pages.

You will get kids’ real-time location anytime with reliable accuracy and updating speed.

Key Specs:

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 3 Days Free Trial

3 Days Free Trial

Best Family location tracking app

Qustodio is one of the best family location tracking apps that offers location sharing, location alerts, and one-tap directions. It helps you to keep your kids safe even when they feel they don’t need protection. You can use the emergency dispatch option 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to protect your family members. It provides instant notification as soon as your kid enters or exits a specific location.


You can get driving directions and a map of the route to the current location of your family member.

It helps you navigate directly to any circle member by tapping on their photo.

You can check individual drives for specific info on routes, kilometers logged, top speed, and driving behavior.

You will get a detailed view of each Circle member’s driving habits.

It helps you to keep an eye on top speed while Circle members are en route.

You can send a silent alert to Circle members and to your emergency contacts with your location.

For paid pricing plans, you will get priority customer support.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

Check your family’s real-time whereabouts quickly throughout the day. Using the app consumes a lot of battery power.

Real-time expert assistance from any time and anywhere.

You can constantly monitor your driver’s activity behind the wheel to encourage safe habits.

Ongoing timeline of your family’s past trips

Key Specs:

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Best for providing digital wellness tips

MobiCip keeps track of everything the child does, including how much time is spent in each app and when settings are changed. It helps you to limit screen time, filter the internet, monitor social media, track location, and more. It also provides tips for parents from experts on digital wellness. You can also store location history for up to 30 days.


You can use it to prevent harmful content from appearing on the web and in apps.

It allows you to monitor online activity and track live locations to prevent risky behaviors.

You to set daily screen time limits for your children.

It allows you to create geo-fences around school or a friend’s home to get an alert when your kids reach the location.

Limit or block destructive apps.

Provide customer support via email, chat and support ticket.

👍 Pros 👎 Cons

You can create customized activity schedules with access to particular apps and websites. You can only establish time constraints, not overall durations.

It keeps your family’s browsing safe and blocks adult websites. Does not provide any mobile alerts.

Proactively monitors social media to check for harmful content.

Invite a co-parent or a guardian to manage your family’s digital habits.

Key Specs:

Free Trial/ Refund Policy: 7 Days Free Trial for All (Lite, Standard, and Premium) versions. 30-day money-back Guarantee for all pricing plans.


A family tracker app can locate a phone on a map with the help of GPS. It also helps you and your loved ones to find each other’s phone locations in real time. You will also get their phone details, including call history.

Here are the Best Family Tracking Apps:






Here are essential things that you need to consider while selecting the Best Family Tracker apps:

Location History: You should opt for the family tracker app that shows where the mobile phone has been on a virtual map.

Virtual Geofence: The best parental control app should have a Geofence feature so that when a family member enters that Geo fencing area, it gives you an instant alert.

Speed Alerts: This feature provides driver support and alerts you about over-speeding.

Real-Time Location: It allows you to see where your relative is in real time.

SOS Alerts: If there is an issue or emergency, you can relay messages, and it provides security to your family member.

Cross-Platform: The family tracker app you select must work between iOS and Android platforms to track your family members easily, even if they use a different mobile device.

Here are steps to track your family members using mSpy:

Step 1) Download mSpy Apps on the targeted device

Step 2) Choose your plan and make a payment

Step 3) Select the type of device you wish to monitor

Step 4) Select the device manufacturer.

Step 5) Disable the play protect button.

Step 6) Open any Web Browser on your target device.

Step 7) Wait for a couple of hours, and you can track the activities of the targeted device.

Best Family Locator App

Advanced Cell Phone Tracker For Modern Parents

Frequently asked questions Does uMobix cell phone tracker work in real-time?

Yes, uMobix tracking app logs everything users do and sends reports directly to your user account. It usually takes up to 5 minutes to synchronize all data from a monitored device. In case of iOS, data synchronization depends on the backup perfomance (in some cases can take up to 24 hours).

How does uMobix work?

Our tracking app monitors and obtains information from target devices in stealth mode. All recorded data is sent to your userspace where it appears in the form of comprehensive dashboards. To start using mobile tracker, you have to purchase the app, log in to your account, install uMobix on an Android device, or provide iCloud credentials of a target iOS device.

Is it legal to use cell phone tracker?

It is absolutely legal to use uMobix if:

– You own the device you’re going to monitor;

– You’ve informed the designated users that their activities are being watched.

How often will it update from the target device?

By default, data is updated each 5 minutes for Android devices. You can adjust intervals depending on cell phone settings and internet connection. In case of iOS, data synchronization depends solely on the backup perfomance (in some cases can take up to 24 hours).

How can I track the location of a cell phone?

With the help of our cell phone tracker, you can locate a phone on the map. The technology also allows seeing where a user has been by using the location history feature. All information is displayed on the interactive map. You only have to log in to your account and open the needed page.

Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

Can you track someone’s location through their phone?

Yes, you can access a person’s phone location by using a cell phone tracker. You have to install the tracking app on a target device to be able to see user location in real-time.

How many devices can I track?

One subscription gives you access to one device. You can unlink and link as many devices as you wish but only one at a time.

Where can I view data from target device?

All data is delivered to your personal account. You can access your dashboard from any device or computer with your login credentials.

Is the icon visible?

After installation on an Android device, you can remove the icon from the menu. We know that tech-savvy kids can spot the icon right away. For iOS devices, the installation process does not include downloading the app on the device, so there won’t be any icon in the menu.

Can I install uMobix remotely?

To install cell phone tracking app on any Android device, physical access is required (for less than 1 minute). For iOS devices (iPhone or iPad), you only have to provide iCloud credentials and be ready to approve 2 FA code.

The Best Weather Apps You Can Put On Your Phone

This story has been updated. It was originally published on August 11, 2023.

Among the many hats our smartphones wear, “meteorologist” is one that’s donned frequently. With the tap of a finger, our little pocket computers can make sure we’re never caught without an umbrella or sunscreen as the weather changes.

The best weather apps on Android and iOS will provide all manner of weather forecasts and meteorological data for you, but not all are created equal. Get one or more of these nine on your handset, and you’ll be able to stay on top of weather conditions in your immediate area or anywhere else in the world.

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather can show you exactly when it’s going to rain in your area, making it one of the best weather apps available. John Kennedy

AccuWeather prides itself on the accuracy of its forecasts, and the global weather monitoring company’s free mobile app manages to pack a lot into each screen. It has everything from instant readings on what the weather’s doing now, to more detailed radar scans showing precipitation and clouds over a wider area.

And if you’re looking for up-to-the-minute information on when the skies may open up, it’s got MinuteCast: a circular, clock-like forecasting tool that shows whether or not you can expect precipitation in the next 60 minutes. It’s Dark Sky-esque and worth a look if you’re mourning the loss of that app.

Beyond sunshine and rain, AccuWeather can give details on wind speed, solar ultraviolet radiation (UV) levels, humidity, cloud cover, visibility, and more. It’s undoubtedly one of the best weather apps out there for the depth and precision of its data.

AccuWeather is free for Android and iOS.

2. Weather Underground

Weather Underground offers a bright and intuitive interface, easy access to weather forecasts wherever you need them, and enough other features to put it ahead of most of the weather apps available for your phone.

From telling you how long a current rain shower is going to last, to forecasting the wind speed in your area next week, Weather Underground is packed with useful data and features. These include a radar map, severe weather alerts, ski resort reports, and sunrise and sunset times.

One of the app’s best features is a “smart forecast” tool for running, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. To use it, describe the weather you’d prefer for your excursion (a sunny afternoon, perhaps), and Weather Underground will tell you when that forecast is expected next.

Weather Underground is free for Android and iOS.

3. Carrot Weather

If you like a little fun with your forecast, Carrot Weather might be the best weather app for you. David Nield

Carrot Weather might be best-suited for those who like their weather forecasts straightforward and honest. It focuses on the basics, but does them well, with attitude—mixing in sarcastic quips and film quotes alongside its weather predictions.

As for the actual meteorological data the app spits out, you can dig in by week, day, or hour, checking out everything from temperatures to wind speed. The graphic at the top of the app screen is particularly useful, showing an at-a-glance representation of the weather for the next few hours.

You can get alerts about upcoming weather patterns and switch between a variety of data sources too, including The Weather Channel and AccuWeather. Overall, Carrot Weather is a good weather app, but if you pick it over some of the others on this list, it’ll be for the entertaining, no-nonsense interface.

Carrot Weather is free for Android and $5 for iOS.

4. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel might be the best app for weather news and forecasts available. David Nield

If you want the experience of watching TV weather on your phone, then the mobile apps from The Weather Channel are perfect. They’ll give you a quick summary of current and upcoming conditions, but you’ll also get a ton of short video forecasts, too.

However you like your weather prediction (either in static or video form), everything is elegantly laid out and easy to get around. So whether you want a quick update on what the weather’s going to do in the next 10 minutes or to take a deep dive into next week’s expected wind speeds and precipitation levels, The Weather Channel has you covered.

We also like the little flashcards that show key data (such as precipitation risk and sunset time) in a rotating carousel. For the sheer number of different ways you can get at weather information, The Weather Channel definitely earns a place on our list of best weather apps.

The Weather Channel is free for Android and iOS.

5. Flowx

If you love data visualization, Flowx is the best app for weather graphics you’ll find. David Nield

Flowx packs a bunch of data into visualizations that manage to be both mesmerizing and, actually, pretty useful. If you want your weather forecast to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, it’s worth giving Flowx a go.

The app charts important information such as temperatures and precipitation levels in a variety of ways—pick the one you most like the look of—and also features the most detailed radar map we’ve seen so far. Sliding your finger across the screen while looking at the map lets you jump forward and backward in time, too.

It’s not quite as good at near-term forecasts and simple displays of information as some of the other apps we’ve mentioned, but Flowx excels at detailed looks at longer periods of time. There’s no iOS app at the time of writing, but the company is at least thinking about making one.

Flowx is free for Android.

6. Geometric Weather

Geometric Weather gives you information at a glance. Sandra Gutierrez G.

If you live in the Android ecosystem and value simplicity over vast amounts of data, take a look at Geometric Weather. It’ll give you the basics—the weather now and the hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts—in a pretty, stripped-down interface that won’t overwhelm you.

It can also use the background of your home and/or lock screen to display information at a glance. This feature consists of a clean, dynamic wallpaper with a geometric sun or cloud that changes depending on the forecast, and moves when you tilt your phone. There are no temperature indicators, no icons, no widget clutter—just an appealing illustration to indicate whether or not you’ll need an umbrella.

Geometric Weather is free for Android.

7. Weather on the Way

With Weather on the Way, you shouldn’t get caught off-guard (or without a raincoat) on your next trip. John Kennedy

Certain weather conditions can be dangerous for driving, but many of the best weather apps won’t help you avoid them. Weather on the Way will. When you’re going on a trip, simply plug in a starting location, a destination, and a departure time, and the Apple Maps-powered app will show your route and… ahem… the weather along the way. As you drive, it’ll show your location (if you’ve allowed the app to see where you are).

There’s also a timeline feature, which shows the weather at regular points along your path. Tap any of the forecasts and it’ll show you more detailed data such as humidity, wind speed, visibility, precipitation, and what temperature it feels like outside.

Weather on the Way is free for iOS.

8. RadarScope

RadarScope might be the best weather radar app thanks to its super-detailed maps, but you can’t get it for free. David Nield

If you’re after the most accurate weather app you can get, RadarScope could be the one for you. It has an almost bewildering array of high-resolution radar data for checking forecasts and keeping track of severe weather warnings.

The app describes itself as being “for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists” and has a price tag to match those lofty claims. What you see in this app is actual native radar data sourced from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s “next-generation radar” (NEXRAD) and Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) locations in the United States. In other words, it’s the same data professional weather forecasters make use of.

RadarScope is particularly good for tracking and chasing storms across the country, so could be worth the outlay if you’re in a tornado or flash flood hotspot. The learning curve is steeper here than it is with the other apps in this list, but RadarScope rewards the investment.

RadarScope is $10 for Android and iOS.

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