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The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) featured a surprising number of announcements and briefings that had enterprise IT content.

In addition, Microsoft provided briefings on the Surface Pro, and NVIDIA launched a new server class at the event.

Because there isn’t a Comdex anymore, CES may be picking up some of the business content that the Comdex show lost over time. And January may actually now be a better time for a business launch than a consumer launch.

Panasonic led at CES with the most aggressive business presence, seeming to suggest that currently available consumer tablets are not so great. They made a compelling argument.

While consumers use tablets for movies, reading, Web browsing and games, companies use them for mission-critical activities. Hospitals and the military use them in life-threatening situations. Failure in business for any technology comes with high dollar signs, and that typically justifies a product that is far more robust.

Much of Panasonic’s expansion over the last decade has been in areas like in-plane entertainment, commercial electronic signage and in projectors. But at the show they showed off a line of tablets, adding a 7” Android-based product to the 10” in market and a 10” Windows 8 tablet with 8 hours (best in class) battery life and military spec durability with outdoor viewable screens.

The products aren’t cheap but neither are the business and lives they protect.

We’ve been talking about GPU computing lately largely because of NVIDIA’s graphics technology efforts in the supercomputer market. With an increasing emphasis on game streaming and companies like OnLive moving into that space, it was only a matter of time before someone unveiled a graphics server.

NVIDIA launched one, called the GeForce Grid Server, at the show, and it is an impressive beast. But much as OnLive moved to provide business hosted applications on their technology, NVIDIA is planning to move these servers into the business market to address application hosting. They could be particularly useful as an engineering workstation alternative.

Granted, I doubt NVIDIA will offer them alone. Instead, it will likely partner with Dell, HP or Lenovo (my bet is Lenovo because they are being the most disruptive at the moment), suggesting a mid-market initial focus.

Graphics server technology could also significantly bump up the kind of performance you can get from internet service providers at low costs. Smart IT managers may want to get ahead of this before they find a good chunk of their highly confidential R&D is going on at some uncertified Web service provider.

The supersized tablet space is where Lenovo is being the most disruptive. They launched a 27” table PC at the show.

A table PC is one that lies flat on the table. Users work on it from the top. 3M actually showcased a conference table (looked to be about 60” or 70”) that really pushed this envelope. It showcased how beneficial this technology could be for creative group meetings, working on GANT chart-like logistics activities or for playing incredible board games (not that any of our employees would EVER think of doing the latter).

I think this is one of the more significant business technologies we’ll see this decade. Bigger will always be better in the case of this technology—fighting the trend toward smaller and smaller products.

As a side note, Lenovo also seemed to have the most powerful presence of any of the top-tier PC vendors at the show.

The show was nearly overrun with Chinese vendors I’d never heard of before. And their products appeared to be of relatively high quality.

One of them from a company called ThinkWare caught my eye. They offer an in-car DVR which runs constantly, and then, like an airplane black box, captures the information about an accident automatically.

This could be an ideal solution for law enforcement, delivery companies or any use where a jury might make a massive award against a deep-pocket company unless that company could show an accident wasn’t their fault.

BYOD, or bring your own device, is now a fact of life in business.

So BYOD may actually be getting a lot better shortly. If you weren’t already planning to, I’d make sure you get a briefing from Microsoft on Surface at your first opportunity.

CES isn’t just about the consumer anymore.

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Chatgpt: These Are The Three (3) Reasons Why It Is Google’s Biggest Threat

Overall, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with language. While it is still in the early stages of development. Its capabilities are already impressive, and it is likely to become an increasingly important player in the world of natural language processing. Google will have to keep a close eye on this technology if it wants to maintain its dominance in this field.

Well, it might interest you to know that all the four paragraphs above were written by ChatGPT. In fact, it scares me as a news editor and a writer. Knowing that a robot could do my job so well. The paragraphs above were generated from the following question.

“chatGPT is Google’s biggest threat, write a two hundred words article on this.”

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ChatGPT Makes Researching Easier Than Google

As I already demonstrated earlier with my introductory paragraphs above, ChatGPT makes things far easier than Google. There may be other search engines available, but Google’s dominance seemed untouchable by any other search engine. As a matter of fact, a statement like “Make your research” has gradually metamorphosed into a statement like “Google it.” As if Google is the only search engine around. Others truly exist but this is the clear definition of dominance.

Now, let me ask you this, if you have someone who has answers to all the questions you put on Google, would you still go on Google to ask the same questions? Most people will not waste time asking questions they already have answers to.

This is one of the reasons why ChatGPT is a very big threat to Google. The AI presents the answers just the way you want it. That’s not all you can actually have a real-life conversation with ChatGPT for it to explain better in case you don’t understand something. This makes your research easier and faster. So, instead of people going to Google to make research, they would rather do it the easier and better way with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT May Even Get Better

As you may already know, ChatGPT is very new, launching in November 2023 which is just about 3 months ago. As a new system, a lot of people will make improvement suggestions while OpenAI as a company will also bring its own improvements.

Truth is, it will only get better with time due to new features that would come in the near future. No one knows the kind of features that may come in future. But one thing we all know is that new features will make it even better which won’t be good news for Google.

Google Search Engine Cannot Change to Work Like ChatGPT

Now, this is the most difficult part for Google as a search engine. Far from the saying that Google cannot build a chat bot like ChatGPT. When it comes to Artificial intelligence, Google is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. So, what is the challenge here?


We have received various reports that Google is working out ways to tackle ChatGPT because they are aware of the threats it could pose. So, let’s see how Google will manage to handle these massive threats by ChatGPT. Your word could also make a difference. What would you do if you were Google?

All The Cool New Announcements From Microsoft Build 2023

We’re in the thick of developers’ conference season. Facebook put on its F8 conference last week at which it announced a total redesign of its app and site, as well as a shifted focus toward privacy. Google takes the stage tomorrow, but today it’s Microsoft’s turn. Microsoft typically keeps things more technical than some of the other companies, but there are almost always some tidbits worth knowing about.

We’ll run down the most important announcements here so you can absorb all that fancy information in one convenient spot.

What we’re expecting

Microsoft recently revamped its browser on the same groundwork as Google’s Chrome. It’s an attempt to wash out the bad taste of Internet Explorer that has lingered in the mouths of internet users for decades now. We expect to see some updates for the new Edge browser during the event. If any of the other conferences are an indicator, it’s also safe to assume we’ll hear some talk about security and privacy.


Predictably, Microsoft is talking about the cloud first. Azure has 54 data center regions around the world including one in South Africa. Azure as a service encompasses a huge number of processes. CEO Satya Nadella touts examples of Azures uses like hospitals sharing data about cancer research to Walgreen installing cooler doors with screens in them to show consumers what’s inside without having to open them.

Starbucks is clearly a high-profile partner. Part of the Starbucks demo includes a responsive drive-through display that uses AI to try and show people food and drinks that are popular at that specific location and time. Starbucks also uses Azure to connect its coffee machines to the web. It can monitor vital performance stats and also try to diagnose problems in real-time to try and manage downtime and repair needs.

The menu uses AI to try and show you food that it thinks you want based on a variety of variables including location and time. Microsoft

Speech recognition and transcriptions

Microsoft has been working on real-time transcription for years—it even demonstrated a microphone array hardware device last year. Now, the feature can learn industry-specific tech jargon. So, if you’re an engineer and you use a lot of specific names and acronyms, the transcription can keep up and won’t throw in nonsense when it hits a word that’s not commonly understood. The demo showed it working with both the medical and coding fields.


Microsoft’s digital voice assistant isn’t on the same level when it comes to users as the Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri. But, Google is continuing to add new features to its disembodied helper. Microsoft’s focus for Cortana is making the whole experience more conversational. The idea is to keep the context of the conversation consistent throughout the entire interaction. So, if you’re talking about a specific meeting, Cortana will remember what you’re talking about, even if you ask several follow up questions or give more related commands.

Microsoft Edge

Right now, you can try out Microsoft’s new Edge browser on PCs, but according to the Build conference, the plan is to bring it to every platform including macOS and iOS, so you’ll eventually be able to use Microsoft’s browser across just about any device. It may not seem like a huge development, but Microsoft moving to the Chromium platform is actually an important step because it means Google and Microsoft engineers are working together on the platform. Also, Chromium is an open-source project and Microsoft’s involvement will likely funnel tons of new data into the process of refining the platform.

Microsoft’s entire presentation was largely geared toward actual developers and was relatively short on info that’s specifically relevant to consumers and other users who just want to see front-end software and hardware. Microsoft has hammered on the importance of software for years, and now the focus is largely placed on software that many users don’t even see.

Minecraft in AR

See you tomorrow for Google I/O.

4 Of The Biggest Seo Myths Revealed

Debunking the biggest SEO myths so you don’t fall foul of them

It is common to see many businesses fall for at least some of these myths. This is quite disturbing because believing in some of these myths can cause detrimental effects to your SEO campaign (or even mean businesses do not use SEO altogether).

Some of these myths are simply bad SEO practices while others are outdated due to the ever evolving nature of SEO. Most businesses don’t even know they are following these myths that could cause great harm to your website and its ranking!

Below are the biggest SEO myths that I have seen. Believing in most of these myths has the potential to destroy your SEO (or not even get it started). If you find you indeed do believe in one of some of these myths, it is important for you to change your belief and your tactics going forward.

By only believing in the truth and facts, you are able to develop a solid SEO strategy that will actually be beneficial to your website. Unfortunately, there are some people out there that no matter what you say or how many facts and statistics you show them, they will never change their mind.

I am here to set the record straight, but if you truly don’t believe that SEO is important to boost your ranking then there is nothing I can do to help you! I hope you enjoy not moving up in the search engine ranking! For those interested in what the biggest SEO myth are, have a read below to find out.

1. SEO doesn’t work and it is a scam

This is the biggest and most detrimental myth of all. SEO does actually work and it certainly isn’t a scam. Where this myth most likely originates from is those who have tried SEO for let’s say 2 weeks, didn’t see instant results and therefore believe it doesn’t work and is a waste of money.

If you have done any research at all, you will understand that SEO doesn’t provide instant overnight results. SEO is a slow process and it is important that you are constantly investing in it in order to see results.

The time it takes to see SEO results will greatly depend on the type of business and industry you are in as well as the type of keywords you are looking to target. As a general rule, most businesses will start to see results after a couple of months.

Unfortunately, there are a few scam SEO companies out there that give the rest of us a bad name. SEO is not a scam, but there are scam SEO businesses. People that believe SEO is a scam probably have hired the assistance of a dodgy SEO company.

Dodgy SEO companies offer promises that are too good to be true. For example, they can get you to the first position on Google, they know Google’s algorithm; and all for a very cheap price. These companies use black hat SEO methods which are known for spamming and usually result in your website receiving a penalty from Google.

This is certainly not what SEO is! SEO helps to build your ranking naturally using proven organic methods like creating engaging and valuable content as well as quality link building.

As I said before SEO results take a lot of time, this means (quality) SEO companies will be working hard for extended periods of time to show you the best possible results. Do you think that these SEO companies will be putting in all this hard work for a small fee? No, probably not!

Just because SEO takes a long time to show results and the cost is not dirt cheap, it doesn’t mean it is a scam. SEO takes real commitment and I recommend that you give SEO a good crack before you make any harsh judgements about its effectiveness.

2. Google doesn’t care about user experience

Now, why would Google not care about your website’s user experience? Think about it, how did Google become the most powerful search engine? By giving the users exactly what they want! This relates directly back to none other than…USER EXPERIENCE!

To me, this myth makes no sense at all and anyone with a tiny bit of knowledge about SEO will be able to know that this is a complete myth. User experience is very important because it signifies to Google that you actually care about the users that visit your website.

Search engines use certain metrics and measures to determine whether a website has positive user engagement as well as how much this will impact the ranking. When users are having a good experience they are more likely going to stay for longer and return often, this signifies to Google that the site is popular and care about user experience.

When a website is deemed of a higher quality, it is likely to receive better rankings. So how do you actually make your website more user-friendly? Below are a few tips to help boost your user experience:

You will need to have accurate and relevant descriptions of your web pages

Use relevant keywords (but don’t keyword stuff)

Create engaging headlines that appeal to the user

Ensure your website has a fast speed

Include interesting and high-quality visuals (don’t have too many big blocks of text)

3. We already did SEO so we don’t need to do it again

As I said in the first point, SEO requires continual effort and resources. Just because you already did it doesn’t mean you will see perpetual results well into the future after you have stopped your SEO campaign.

If you start an SEO campaign and stop it after any amount of time, this doesn’t mean you will still see results. After stopping SEO you will actually most likely see your search traffic begin to fall. If you have stopped your campaign because you can’t afford to pay someone, then you should try to put in the effort yourself.

This means that even though there is no campaign running, you are still putting effort towards the cause. This will help to limit the severity of the drop in traffic after your campaign ends.

So why is it so important to ensure you are always maintaining your website’s SEO? Well here are some of the key reasons:

Your content will become outdated – by not maintain your SEO the content on your website is not the most up to date and relevant.

Search engine algorithms change – the algorithm that impacts the ranking of your website is constantly changing and evolving with the times. This means that an important ranking factor today may have little influence in a couple of years’ time.

Competition moves up – most of your competition will probably still be using SEO, so while your results stagnate, their results will continue to flourish, pushing their ranking further up and potentially your ranking further down.

Outdated links – link building is an important part of SEO and over time the links essentially “rot”, meaning they are no longer effective.

Over time all the good work you put in with your SEO campaign will slowly undo itself. Therefore, just because you did SEO once in the past DOES NOT mean you are fine not to do it now. SEO is constantly changing so it is important for you to keep on top of what’s happening.

4. All keywords need to be included in the title

After you have completed your keyword research (yes, you will definitely need to research on keywords), you will find there are actually a lot of keywords that you want to rank for. Some of your keywords may be more important than others and they will certainly have different levels of competitiveness attached to them.

Just because you have a lot of keywords you want to rank for, doesn’t mean you should be including them all in the title. This is especially the case if you have a certain variety of keywords. So for example, if I am the owner of a candy store two of my keywords may be; “candy store Sydney” and “candy store online”.

These two keywords would not make sense if I tried to put them together in the same title, right? And the title would be way too long. These keywords could work well in the content but not together in the title.

A way to overcome the temptation to put all your keywords into the title is to write a different article for every different group of keywords you have. Keywords like, “candy store” and “candy store Sydney” would certainly work well together! This also helps you create more content (which is hopefully quality) that both users and Google will love!

The reason many people believe this myth is because it used to work in the past. However, Google has since changed the algorithm and stuffing your title will too many keywords is no longer effective. What’s more, you may even be penalised from Google for keyword stuffing!

It is pretty much impossible to create a short and engaging title while also including lots of keywords. When creating your title you have to think about what the user would want to read. A web page with the title “Best candy store Sydney and great candy store online” probably won’t draw in the users.

Go for a title like “Best candy store in Sydney – the yummiest lollies you will ever taste!”. Here there is only one keyword, but doesn’t the title sound a lot more engaging and inviting this way?

Users are smart; they can tell went something isn’t right. Keyword stuffing shows to your users that you don’t actually care about them as much as you care about Google and ensuring you have a good ranking. So make sure you don’t put too many keywords in the title, there is always plenty of room in the content for more keywords.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 4 of the biggest SEO myths. There are certainly a lot more myths out there that you will need to watch out for. Morale of the story, you need to be careful with what you read about SEO on the internet! If you are just starting out with SEO make sure you only review credible SEO websites.

There are a lot of people who will try to discredit SEO. The most important thing to remember above everything is that SEO does indeed work. There are proven strategies that quality SEO companies (or yourself) can put in place that will improve your ranking.

Just because you don’t see instant results doesn’t mean it’s not working. Be patient as SEO will take time. You will need to continue SEO long term because if you stop all the hard work you previously put in will eventually unravel itself.

Other than that, it is also important to ensure your website has a high level of user experience. The better your user experience, the more repeat visitors you’ll get and the longer users will stay on your website. And never keyword stuff in the title! There is plenty of room in the content to include the keywords.

Dji At Ces 2023: Osmo Mobile Silver, Zenmuse M1, Phantom 4 Cny

DJI at CES 2023: Osmo Mobile Silver, Zenmuse M1, Phantom 4 CNY

Some companies only have one or two products to show off at CES. Others, however, have a whole fleet. Drone experts DJI aren’t holding back this year either. At CES 2023’s Unveiled floor, it is showing off not one, not even two, but five distinct products, not all of them hardware and not all of them even available already. The latter, a prototype of its CrystalSky Monitor, will surely whet the appetites of more serious drone operators. But even if you’re just more into selfies rather than drones, the new Osmo Mobile Silver might still be of interest.

As the name hints at, the Osmo Mobile is a more smartphone-oriented version of DJI’s Osmo handheld camera and gimbal stick. Instead of using one of DJI’s more expensive cameras, Osmo Mobile lets you use the one you already have in your pocket: your smartphone. The new Osmo Mobile Silver has more than just a different coat of paint. It features a new Beautify mode popular among smartphone camera apps for quickly touching up photos and videos. The Silver is also compatible with the somewhat more professional FiLMiC Pro filmmaking app.

But what if you already own the original Osmo and, for one reason or another, want to use your smartphone instead? DJI has also thought of that and has finally released a solution. Like it’s older Zenmuse siblings, the Zenmuse M1 gimbal combines the best of both worlds, allowing users to mount their smartphones on the non-smartphone Osmo handheld.

Of course, DJI is really about drones. Even the Osmo is just an offshoot of the digital photography aspect of its core product. But not everyone who pilots a drone might be comfortable with the gamepad-like controls of one. Want a larger screen and a more touch-friendly interface? The Ground Station Pro app for the iPad might be your thing. Its ease of use belies the power inside. You can set up to 99 waypoints in its Tap and Go Waypoint mode, with each waypoint accommodating up to 15 actions, like rotation, recording, and others.

But an iPad, or even your smartphone might not be the best screen for outdoor use. Knowing that only too well, DJI is developing what it calls the CrystalSky Monitor, which is basically a 5.5 or 7.85 inch monitor with a very high 2000 nits of brightness. In addition to offering great outdoor visibility, the CrystalSky also promises smooth real-time video on the display itself, or even 4K output on an external screen.

The CrystalSky Monitor is, however, still a prototype and its availability will be announced at a later date. The Ground Station Pro iPad app is now available for free on the iTunes App Store. Both the Osmo Mobile Silver and the Zenmuse M1 are still coming later this month with a price tag of $299 and $169, respectively. And to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, DJI is putting out a special limited edition of the Phantom 4 with designs from renowned illustrator Martin Sati. This reddish Phantom 4 Chinese New Year edition has a phoenix at the very center of its body, symbolizing good fortune and happiness. The drone will sell for $1,199 and will exclusively be found at Apple Stores, DJI Flagship Stores (except Korea), DJI Online Store, and Tmall DJI Store.

1Password Continues Strong Enterprise Push, Raises New Investment At $6.8 Billion Valuation

1Password is a prime example of an app that has had a singular focus for over a decade – make passwords easier to manage. In recent years, the company has expanded rapidly into the enterprise market as organizations need ways to securely store, manage, and share access to corporate logins. Today, 1Password is now valued at $6.8 billion after a Series C funding round of $620 million.

The Series C funding round is led by ICONIQ Growth, with new investments from others including Tiger Global and Lightspeed Venture Partners. This funding round is the largest raised by a Canadian company and reinforces 1Password’s continued enterprise expansion. Accel, who led the company’s Series A and B, is also participating in the funding round. 1Password will use this additional funding to develop and scale enterprise security solutions for companies of all sizes with a focus on helping companies and end-users protect sensitive data and information across all of their devices.

“In conversations with more than one -hundred CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, developers, and IT leaders, we were impressed by their overwhelmingly fierce passion for 1Password’s ability to balance strict security standards with a profound understanding of how humans behave. By making safe online behavior second nature, 1Password is not only protecting individuals but also the enterprises where they work,” said Will Griffith, a founding partner at ICONIQ Growth, who will join 1Password’s board as part of this investment.

Taking part in the Series C round from the media entertainment world include Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Matthew McConaughey, Chris Evans, Rita Wilson, Ashton Kutcher, Trevor Noah, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell Williams. From the world of business, 1Password’s round includes investments from:

Jeff Weiner, Executive Chairman at LinkedIn

Robert Iger, Former CEO & Chairman at The Walt Disney Company

Mary Barra, CEO at General Motors

George Kurtz, Co-founder and CEO of CrowdStrike

Frank Slootman – CEO at Snowflake Computing

Lucy Suros – CEO at Articulate

Therese Tucker, Founder and Executive Chair at BlackLine

“As a pioneering high-growth company that’s seizing a major market, 1Password is an ideal fit for Tiger Global,” said John Curtius, a partner at Tiger Global. “Blurred lines between work and home, the explosion of cloud apps and surging threats have made protecting our digital lives more important than ever. 1Password stands out with its track record of scaling world-class solutions built around the biggest risk and opportunity: humans.”

“Our mission has always been to ease the tension between security and convenience. We create products and solutions that improve upon and easily layer into a company’s existing security infrastructure, nurturing better habits for employees, while strengthening a company’s security posture from within” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password.

Over the last two years, the company has achieved significant product milestones including:

Doubling its business customer base to more than 100,000 enterprises. Notable new clients include Datadog, Intercom, PGA, Snowflake, and Wealthsimple.

Growing its team to 570 employees (300% growth).

Launching 1Password 8 for Windows, 1Password Events, Psst! password sharing, and Secrets Automation.

Unveiling new partnerships with Fastmail, chúng tôi and Ramp to make it easier to stay secure with virtual credit cards and unique logins, and for businesses

Integration with Splunk to help customers detect security threats.

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