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TikTok creators have more ways to optimize their content for users’ searches, thanks to a significant increase in the length of video descriptions.

According to a notification sent to users, TikTok is expanding the length of descriptions from 300 characters to 2,200 characters.

In addition to making content more searchable, TikTok says it uses text in the description to decide which videos to recommend to users.

Social media analyst Matt Navarra shares a screenshot of the message he received regarding the change:

Woah…! TikTok has increased video description character limit to 2,200 characters!

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) September 23, 2023

“You can now type up to 2200 characters in your posts’ descriptions: This allows you to express more details about your creations, describing what your videos show, giving you the opportunity to get closer to your audience, generating more engagement while becoming more searchable and better recommended by TikTok to viewers.”

Younger generations are increasingly using TikTok as a search engine, and TikTok is leaning further into it by letting users make their videos more search friendly.

I first wrote about this shift in search behavior in June, when TikTok started adding links to search results in video descriptions.

See: Could TikTok Be A Search Engine? For Many Users, It Already Is

In July, Google publicly acknowledged that TikTok and Instagram are the preferred search engines for a sizeable amount of young people.

Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan stated:

“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search, they go to TikTok or Instagram.”

Increasing the length of video descriptions from 300 to 2,200 characters allows users to optimize videos for more search terms.

For example, local businesses marketing themselves on TikTok can include more keywords related to their city and state.

That could increase their chances of getting found for a query like “independent businesses in downtown Toronto.” And they’ll have plenty of room to add descriptive text about the video.

The character increase also allows creators to add more context to what people see in a video.

Creators often provide extra details through in-video captions, but that text isn’t helpful to search engines.

Let’s not forget that Google indexes TikTok videos. Writing detailed descriptions can make videos more discoverable in traditional search engines and TikTok.

It will be interesting to see what creators choose to do with thousands more characters in a video description.

Will creators stuff the description area with keywords, like in the early days of SEO?

Will they spam the description area with hashtags, like people used to do on Instagram?

Some experimentation will be necessary to learn what works for TikTok search, so we may see all of the above.

TikTok SEO is an area I’ll keep my eye on as the expanded character length rolls out to more people.

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Tiktok Ecommerce 101: Why Your Business Should Be On Tiktok

TikTok and online shopping are a match made in social commerce heaven. Learn how your business drive sales with TikTok.

If you’ve got a product or service to sell, you need to start thinking about your TikTok ecommerce strategy. In case you haven’t noticed, TikTok is no longer just a place to learn trending dances or keep up with Gen Z. It’s also where millions of people go to discover products and, ultimately, spend some cash.

In fact, the addictive video platform has carved out a whole new niche in the social selling market. As more and more users turn to the app with the intent to buy, TikTok leans more into its position as a shopping powerhouse. So much so that the brand is reportedly planning to build its own U.S. fulfillment centers.

Is TikTok the new (social media) Amazon? It’s still too early to tell, but if you’ve got something to sell, we know for sure that this is one place you should be.

Bonus: Learn how to sell more products on social media with our free Social Commerce 101 guide. Delight your customers and improve conversion rates.

What is TikTok ecommerce and why is it important?

TikTok ecommerce is the use of the popular video app to buy or sell a product or service. There are several TikTok commerce tools for sellers that make it easy for users to view and buy products in a matter of seconds.

Depending on their location, some companies and creators can build out their own TikTok storefronts that allow users to browse and purchase directly within the app. Simple integrations for Shopify, Square, and other ecommerce platforms let sellers create web stores quickly.

When you consider that TikTok has over a billion monthly active users, you can see how much untapped selling potential exists on the ForYouPage and beyond. In short, TikTok and online shopping are a match made in social commerce heaven.

3 reasons why your business should be on TikTok

Need more proof? Here are a few key reasons why it’s worth your while to put some time and effort behind ecommerce on TikTok.

1. You’ll increase sales

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for new ways to get more sales online. We know that TikTok is one of the first places users go to get the scoop and pull the trigger on new products. And there’s a reason for that.

The realness signals to users that they’re not being sold something they don’t need. That translates to more trust in the message and, ultimately, more sales.

2. You’ll boost your SEO strategy

Earlier this year, Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan said 40% of young people turn to TikTok or Instagram to find a place to eat lunch. As a result, the search engine has reportedly begun showing TikTok videos in Google search results.

3. You’ll reach a whole new audience

If you’re looking for ways to promote your product or service to a younger audience, selling on TikTok is not a suggestion but a requirement. That’s because 63% of Gen Z use TikTok on a daily basis. Comparatively, 57% use Instagram and 54% use Snapchat each day.

But that doesn’t mean Gen Z is the only group seeking a shopping experience on the app. Millennials and Gen X’ers are increasingly more likely to hang out on the app, with over 30% of users falling into the 25 to 44 age range. Promoting products on TikTok helps you get your message to a younger audience and reach users who aren’t may not be on your core platforms.

Free TikTok case study

See how a local candy company used Hootsuite to gain 16,000 TikTok followers and increase online sales by 750%.

Read now

How to drive higher TikTok conversion rates for your business

Boom: conversion rates through the roof!

Embrace hashtags and keywords

There’s a reason why The New York Times called TikTok “the new search engine” for Gen Z. A huge chunk of younger internet users skip the search engine altogether and start on TikTok or Instagram to search for things like what books to read, the best places to get brunch, and where to find cute dresses.

Hashtags and keywords tell the algorithm what your post is about and help users find it. They are especially important for helping people discover your content, even if they don’t follow you. Keep a close eye on the top trending hashtags on TikTok and include them in your captions.

These are common terms people are searching for on the app and they can help you figure out which words to use in your videos.

Catering to your ideal user base will help conversion rates soar.

If your budget doesn’t have room for a splashy ad campaign, try boosting posts with TikTok’s Promote feature. You can increase the reach of your organic videos for as little as $3 per day.

You’ve only got about three seconds to get a user to pay attention, so make it count. Whether it be with a catchy sound, an eye-catching visual, or a satisfying action, your goal is to get people to stop scrolling. See: the cracked egg in this top-performing TikTok ad by Rocket Money.

Blend in and keep an eye on trends

Unlike other social media marketing strategies, with TikTok, you actually want your videos to blend in with the crowd. At least in some ways. That’s because if a user instantly clocks your video as sponsored content or an ad placement, they’re likely to instantly swipe up. In other words: don’t be suspicious, as the trending sound says.

Here’s how to do it:

Partner with creators to make videos about your products

Skip the sets, scripts, filters, and fancy lighting

Use trending sounds

Make videos with the latest trends

A great example of a brand using TikTok trends to promote their products is Chipotle’s recent super-viral collab with Corn Kid that racked up over 8 million likes.

Add product links to videos and your bio

TikTok now lets some ecommerce brands and creators add links directly into videos. Unfortunately, this TikTok shopping feature is still only available in select markets. If you have it, you should make sure to always link to the products referenced in your videos so users can immediately purchase.

If you don’t have this feature, be sure to add a link to your store in your bio. In the caption of the video, let users know they can purchase the product directly from that link. You can also host TikTok LIVE shopping events and show product links while you demonstrate them.

Source: TikTok

Manage your brand’s TikTok presence with Hootsuite

With Hootsuite, you can manage your brand’s TikTok presence alongside all your other social media profiles.

From one intuitive dashboard, you can easily:

schedule TikToks

measure your success on the platform

Try Hootsuite free for 30-days

TikTok commerce examples of brands that are doing it right

The Beachwaver

Kaja Beauty

Flex Seal

Though Flex Seal doesn’t have its own TikTok storefront, the rubberized liquid maker has a knack for creating content that goes viral. Its feed is packed with attention-grabbing videos of the product in use, often featuring viral sounds and trends. Flex Seal’s efforts have worked, with several of their organic videos reaching over 10 million views.

TikTok ecommerce FAQ

Is Shopify on TikTok?

If you love using Shopify to grow your online sales, you’ll be happy to learn that Shopify is on TikTok. The popular commerce tool has a profile on the app and often posts its own short-form video content. There is also a Shopify integration that helps you manage your TikTok orders from within the tool.

Source: Shopify

How can I put my shop on TikTok?

Ready to create a native shop within the TikTok app? First, you’ll need to create an account on the TikTok Seller Center. If you meet the requirements to open a TikTok store, you’ll have to upload a few necessary documents, add your products, and then link your bank account. From there, you’ll be able to sell directly from your TikTok profile.

How can I sell on TikTok?

Unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to build a TikTok shop to display and sell products directly from their profile. Currently, this feature is only available to sellers in certain countries who meet certain requirements.

Be sure to read our guide on setting up a TikTok shop for more information and guidelines on who can open a store on TikTok.

What is the Tiktok conversion rate?

So with this in mind, what is a good TikTok conversion rate? It varies greatly depending on what you’re selling, who your target audience is, and how much effort you’re putting into conversion-focused video. All things considered, a good conversion rate could be as low as 3%.

Engage with shoppers on social media and turn customer conversations into sales with Heyday, our dedicated conversational AI chatbot for social commerce retailers. Deliver 5-star customer experiences — at scale.

Try a free 14-day Heyday trial

Turn your Shopify store visitors into customers with Heyday, our easy-to-use AI chatbot app for retailers.

Aws Solutions Architect Training (9+ Hours Of Video Tutorials)

About AWS Solutions Architect Training

Course Name Online AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training

Deal You get access to the entire module for lifetime

Hours 23+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Prepare for the AWS certification exam and learn various cloud concepts, AWS components, storage services, elastic compute cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, application-based examples, tips to build a good infrastructure on AWS.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning AWS Cloud and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Cloud computing would be preferable

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

AWS Solutions Architect Training Curriculum

In this section, each module of the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training is explained.

Sr. No.

Course Name

No. of Hours

Course Description


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2023

9 The list of completed courses under AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training is divided into multiple chapters such as the architecting and deploying the robust applications on AWS technologies and different services provided by Amazon Web Services. Initially, the topics covered are Introduction to AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate level to enable the new learners with the basic concepts. The building blocks of AWS and its history. All the concepts and components are well covered, AWS storage components like S3, buckets, etc., Identity and Access Management, AWS services like EC2, Route 53, VPC, and several application services are also covered. Finally, a real-world scenario will be explained along with good exam tips and to build a good infrastructure in AWS.

What is AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect is a certification program designed by Amazon Company. which is developed on its own to provide services to the customers on its hosting platform. This certification can be achieved by clearing an exam called AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2023 which is an online exam. It contains multiple-choice questions and facilitates 130 minutes to finish. It is available in multiple languages. It costs 150 USD. To clear this exam, one has to have a piece of strong knowledge on basic concepts such as networking, AWS compute, AWS storage services, and database services, AWS management, and deployment services identifying and defining technical requirements of an AWS based application. The skills recommended obtaining the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification are to understand the basic architecture of AWS and its principles, AWS global infrastructure, security features, tools, and related traditional services.

The set of skills which can be obtained on completing the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training are such as AWS Concepts, Storage Components, Data Storage, EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud, Database on AWS, Route 53, Application Services, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Computing, Exam Tips, AWS, Java API, AWS CLAWS Security, etc.

The AWS Solutions Architect Training has few sub-topics / chapters in an individual course that further contains subchapters under each course which are described as course curriculum are Build Pipelines, AWS Components, AWS Services, AWS Cloud architecture, AWS Platform, and Infrastructure details and its several applications for complex requirements, etc.

Some skills that can be acquired upon completion of this course are such as EC2, VPC, AWS S3, AWS Email Service, DevOps, Sysops, Route 53, Machine Learning, Cloud Migration, AWS Tools, etc.

This course is highly useful for the deployment and management of robust services that are supposed to design for cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable, and distributed systems on AWS.


Target Audience

AWS Solution Architect or DevOps Engineer or AWS Cloud Developer: All the learners of this AWS Solutions Architect Training will be able to master all the topics that are related to AWS Certified Solutions Architect and its deployment & maintenance of systems and services on the AWS Cloud Platform which have been part of the contents of this course. This AWS Certified Solutions Architect course adds great benefits to all the prospective learners in the form of their career roles such as a Cloud Engineer, AWS Cloud Engineer, Data Analyst, Vmware Administrator, QA QC Engineer, Solution Architect, Inspection Engineer, Cloud Migration Engineer, etc. This course can be chosen to secure better career opportunities in the AWS Cloud Services Development Area.

Bachelors / Masters from Technical / Science / Computers Background: All the interested learners with the background from Bachelor / Master in Technical or Science or Computers area can choose this Edu CBA’s AWS Solutions Architect Training to become an AWS Developer or AWS Cloud Engineer or AWS Consultant in some bigger MNCs.

FAQs Is this AWS Solutions Architect Training worth to be considered for technical career growth in cloud area? Can a fresh engineer or non-technical or science graduates opt for this AWS Solutions Architect Training Certification?

YES, this AWS Certified Solutions Architect course can be opted by any fresh engineer or non-technical or science graduates to know the concepts of AWS or its relative platform details or architectural services. This training can be easily learned and mastered quickly upon choosing this Edu CBA course without any pre-requisites.

Will this AWS Certified Solutions Architect course add benefit or weight to my career in the current IT market? Is this AWS Solutions Architect Training a good one to learn about cloud technologies compared to other cloud platforms?

Yes, this AWS Certified Solutions Architect course is a very good one to be considered about cloud technologies compared to other cloud platforms. The AWS architecture and AWS Solutions Architect related tasks are well designed and developed in video content format. This course needs a minimum of 9+ hours to complete the total course package.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Course Reviews

AWS Certification Course

The AWS Solutions Architect Certification Course is a well-articulated and designed one that has been recently released by Edu CBA which covers the basic core concepts of all the cloud-related technologies and AWS Services in video format. The AWS Cloud topics are well explained covering from theoretical to hands-on content such as AWS Solutions Architect topics, AWS Services, and its system-level deployment and maintenance, and few other AWS platform services are well described in the form of video content and hands-on explanation in the course.

Rahul Shah

AWS Training

The core AWS topics explained in this course such as AWS services, components, and core architectural subjects which are required to master and complete this certification are explained very well in the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training which is explained in comprehensive mode and the deployment and maintenance of the system are described. The course has very good concepts about AWS Solutions Architect skills and required knowledge in applying to the practical AWS services.

Sean Diamond

How To Delete A Tiktok Account

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat—few apps get to reach the number of users and level of recognition that these social media pioneers have among the general population. One of the few to break through, however, is TikTok, the video social media platform now loved by millions of users.

While TikTok is a new and fun platform, it certainly has its problems. Concerns about potential links to the Chinese government, as well as a number of privacy and safety concerns on the platform, are enough for some users to want to jump ship. If you’re thinking about how to delete a TikTok account, here’s what you’ll need to know.

Table of Contents

Why Should You Delete TikTok?

TikTok might be a favorite of Gen Z, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely free of problems. There are a number of reasons why you may wish to delete TikTok or, at the very least, beef up your security settings.

One of the biggest concerns is over privacy, especially over how much data TikTok records about its users. When you sign up, TikTok requires your email address, phone number, and (potentially) a link to other social media accounts. It also requires app permissions for user location, access to your contacts, and more.

If you’re worried about your online privacy, these permissions are frightening. There are also known security issues, with reported flaws in 2023 that would allow hackers to gain complete control over a TikTok account.

Some of these concerns (especially about privacy) aren’t new to social media, with Facebook users seeing similar issues. You can check how TikTok handles the data in your region by reading the TikTok privacy policy for the United States, European Economic Area (including Switzerland and the UK), or for all other regions.

If you’re keen to avoid sharing this amount of data, you’re unsure whether TikTok’s security is up-to-scratch, or you’re just not a fan of the platform, you can delete your TikTok account using the steps below.

Uninstalling the TikTok App

Before you delete your account entirely, there is another option. Uninstalling TikTok won’t stop your account from existing, but it can give you time to consider your options and think about whether you want to use TikTok in the future.

For users that use TikTok without an account, deleting the app will ensure that TikTok can’t record any other additional information about you, including information about your device or location.

Android users can remove the TikTok app by selecting and holding the app icon in their app drawer, then selecting the Uninstall option. Alternatively, search for TikTok in the Google Play Store, then select the Uninstall option.

For iPhone and iPad users, removing the TikTok app is the same as any other app removal. To do this, select and hold the TikTok icon on their home screen, then select the Delete App option from the pop-up menu.

Deleting a TikTok Account on Mobile Devices

If you don’t have your own TikTok videos saved locally, you may want to download them first.

To delete your TikTok account, open the app on your device and make sure you’re signed in. Using the menu bar at the bottom, tap the Me option.

In your TikTok profile menu, tap the three-dots menu icon in the top-right corner. 

In the Settings and privacy menu, tap the Manage account option.

You can change various account settings, including your saved email address and password, in the Manage account menu. To delete your account, however, tap the Delete account option.

TikTok will alert you that deleting your account will result in your profile being wiped and any saved or uploaded videos being removed. Tap Continue to proceed with the deletion.

Once you’ve confirmed your account deletion, you’ll have a 30 day grace period. If you want to reverse the deletion, sign back in using your account details—TikTok will restore your account. However, after 30 days, the deletion is irreversible, and you’ll need to create a new TikTok account to use the platform again.

Deleting a TikTok Account on PC or Mac

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official method for deleting your TikTok account on a PC or Mac. While you can use TikTok on a PC, the browser-based version of the platform is quite basic and doesn’t offer you the ability to control your account or change any settings (including deleting your account).

One option is to potentially use an Android emulator on your PC. Emulators simulate the hardware of an Android PC, allowing you to use certain apps like TikTok on your PC without a device. However, some apps do detect emulators and block them from working to avoid spam and abuse issues.

The best (and only official) way to delete your account is via the TikTok app on a mobile device, but if you’re struggling, you may be able to request deletion by contacting TikTok directly.

Reporting a Hacked TikTok Account

The steps above assume that you have control over your TikTok account to delete it. However, if your account is compromised and you’re trying to delete it without full control, you’ll need to regain control or get in touch with TikTok’s support team.

There are a few ways to do this. If you’re still signed in to your account in the TikTok app, you can change your password (logging out other users) by selecting Me in the app menu. From your user profile, select the three-dots menu icon.

In the Settings and privacy menu, tap Manage account.

In the Manage account menu, update your password and other settings to ensure you have control over your account. This will log other devices (including hackers) out of your account.

Once your account is secure, return to the Setting and privacy menu and follow the steps above to delete your account. If you’re having trouble doing this (or if you can’t change your account email, password, or other settings), but you’re still signed in, select the Report a problem option in the Settings and privacy menu.

In the Feedback and help menu, select the Create Ticket icon in the top-right corner.

In the Your support tickets menu, explain your problem in the box provided, explaining that you’ve lost control over your account and that you’d like access to be restored (or for your account to be deleted). 

For users who can’t use the TikTok app at all (because a hacker has removed their access), you can report the problem and request account deletion via TikTok’s legal feedback page.

Using TikTok Safely

Despite the privacy concerns, there’s a lot to like about TikTok, with an approach to social media that hasn’t been seen or successfully replicated since Twitter’s now-defunct Vine service shut down. If you’re keen to make your mark on TikTok, you’ll need some top TikTok marketing tips to help you go viral.

Google Video Is Live – Commence Video Production Boom

Google Video is Live – Commence Video Production Boom

Google just launched its Video Upload program moments ago after creating some buzz around the video web world last week. “In the next few days, we’re actually going to start taking video submissions from people, and we’re not quite sure what we’re going to get, but we decided we’d try this experiment,” Google cofounder Larry Page announced. Today is here and Google Video wants your movies.

Well, Google Video Upload is now in beta and is described by Google as a community where video producers can “give your videos the recognition and visibility they deserve.” Is this goiing to lead to hordes of college students and “people with nothing better to do” types ransacking the Wal-marts for digital video camera so they can produce home movies, mini-features, and serial made-for-Google-Video programs? Will this lead to a rise in imagination? Are porn industry marketers foaming at the mouth for this new web media outlet?

This all depends on the use of keywords, transcripts, and descriptions. But since it looks like Google will be hosting these videos for free, it’s another great big step to make is easy for content providers to share their videos at no cost. The other interesting feature is being able to charge per view. I’ll be interested to see how that works.

From Raymond M. Kristiansen of chúng tôi : In my point of view, Google doing this is a good step forward for videoblogging. Regardless of the fact that we give Google quite broad rights to use our files, as per the terms of service, this will mean that videobloggers will have yet another venue to publish their media for free.

I don’t think Google will be doing much with videoblogging as such – for now. The files will, I think, be seen upon as separate entities, and there will not be the context of a blog to the files. I am personally very interested to see where Google will take Blogger with this. Maybe in the future Blogger will be ‘made for videoblogging’. If so, this will make it Very easy for videobloggers to choose Blogger as their favourite blogging tool.

What Is The Holocaust Trend On Tiktok?

TikTok is full of various trends and challenges. In fact, that is what makes the app so addicting. However, not all trends are good; and every once in a while, we see a new one emerge that makes us stop dead in our tracks. A trend that has emerged on TikTok has creators role-playing as victims of one of the darkest periods in human history.

What is the TikTok holocaust trend?

A new trend has emerged on TikTok that has creators creating point-of-view videos or POV. These videos are quite creative since there is no real script but the creators simply react to how the situation would have been. The POV videos are personally skewered to how certain individuals would react in certain circumstances.

The latest trend with regard to these POV videos is quite bizarre and also offensive. It involves creators dressing up as Holocaust victims and role-playing how they would react in such circumstances. Some videos even have people talking to ‘God’ once they have died in the concentration camps.

Creators are going to great lengths to dress up in tattered clothes and contour their faces in order to look like they have actually been in a concentration camp. Point of view videos, as the name suggests, are videos that are shot from defined viewpoints. Unlike normal videos that are shot from an audience’s point of view, these videos are shot from the person’s (actor’s) point of view and tend to be very engaging.

Why are the Holocaust videos suddenly surfacing on your TikTok feed?

Well, it seems to be what TikTok is all about; Fame. The videos are using what is referred to as ‘trauma porn’. While some people like to watch soothing videos about woodworking online, others are enamored by trauma. These videos feed on people’s need to be shocked and entertained. At a time when content consumption is at its highest, creators are jumping on any train they can to stay relevant.

While it is definitely not the most unnerving content found on TikTok, the problem is that the videos are generating a lot of buzz. This means they are being shared and liked by more people and inevitably get copied by other creators.

While there is no denying that these videos are offensive, especially to those who have lost family in the Holocaust, creators are claiming the content is used to ‘educate’ people about what happened in Auschwitz.

Can you report Holocaust videos?

— Patricia ✡︎ 🏳️‍🌈 ⚢ (@Mowgli_Lincoln) August 18, 2023

Well, the TikTok Community guidelines clearly state that content uploaded cannot encourage hate speech or violence. However, there is also an exemption for ‘Educational, historical, satirical, artistic’ content. So technically unless the creators are using the platform to spread misinformation or hate, the videos are conforming to the guidelines.

The videos have generated a lot of criticism from the Jewish community for the normalization of the horrific massacre that took place during the World War II genocide. So while you could report them, chances are TikTok may not take these videos down since they do not technically go against their Community guidelines.


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