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The top 10 crypto conferences and events you shouldn’t miss in 2023 will not disappoint you

Let’s be honest: It is tough to know how to break into the crypto space and make the best of it. However, there’s nothing much to worry about. Today, there are a good number of resources from where one can gain the requisite knowledge. A rapid surge in the interest of investors in the cryptocurrency domain has led to an exponential increase in a myriad of events, conferences, and meetups. As we have stepped into 2023, the year shall not disappoint you as far as crypto is the subject area. Here, we shall talk about the top 10 crypto conferences and events you shouldn’t miss in 2023. Have a look!

Blockchain Africa Conference

This is probably one of the best conferences to be a part of as it will help you understand how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are changing businesses all over the world. The Blockchain Africa Conference is considered to be a leading blockchain and crypto conference. Don’t forget to get yourself enrolled for this amazing event that is scheduled for March 16-17, 2023 at Johannesburg.

Consensus 2023

How about getting enlightened about the crypto space in detail? Well, that’s what Consensus 2023, one of the world’s longest-running crypto, blockchain, and Web3 events has to offer. Consensus is all set to be held in Austin, Texas from April 26-28, 2023. The conference aims to bring together industry leaders, developers, and enthusiasts to foster further development and innovation in the blockchain space. How amazing is that?

Bitcoin 2023

This crypto conference is aimed at providing an opportunity to learn from leading digital experts and discover strategies that further enable investors to taste success in the crypto space. A point to note here is that Bitcoin 2023 is an in-person as well as a virtual event. After this knowledge session, you would be able to discover key technologies and approaches that’d be helpful in the crypto space. Reserve your time for this event during May 17-18, 2023.

NFT Show

What better event than NFT Show to attend you know, here you get to grab knowledge from artists, experts, innovators, and enthusiasts from the Web3, blockchain, digital art, and metaverse industries. As an attendee, you will be able to discover unique immersive experiences, art collections, and exclusive artwork from these artists. Don’t think much, enrol yourself for the NFT show scheduled to be held in Spain during mid-July, 2023.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

One of the many promising events organized by the Blockchain Economy is the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit which would be held in Istanbul during May 8 – 11, 2023. This crypto conference is all about bringing blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from over 80 countries together to discuss and witness how blockchain and crypto are redefining the future of finance. Well, worth attending!

Blockchain Futurist Conference

Blockchain Futurist Conference is Canada’s largest blockchain event that is all set to take place at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Canada during mid-August, 2023. Going by the past trend, this crypto event would not lag to provide you with the best experience which is why the participants eagerly look forward to world-class speakers, Hackathon events, NFT galleries, crypto marketplaces, beginner-friendly seminars, etc.

Decentralized 2023

Organized by the University of Nicosia, this crypto conference has become the premier learning conference in no time. The event that is into existence since 2023 is one of the best to gain knowledge about blockchain and digital currencies. Save the dates – November 1-3, 2023! Location – Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (Athens, Greece).

Pacific Bitcoin Festival 2023 MetaVentures Phuket

This event at Phuket aims to connect global blockchain leaders with Southeast Asia’s professional community, allowing participants to take part in discussions on the latest developments in the Metaverse, digital art, decentralized finance, blockchains, and DAO industries. Not only can the investors learn about crypto regulation but also discover investment opportunities and breakthroughs in the Web3 and Metaverse landscapes. Grab the maximum knowledge during December 14-15.

Permissionless 2023

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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Summits And Events For 2023

Artificial intelligence summits are gaining more popularity with the growing demand for technology

Conferences, summits, or events are gatherings of like-minded people and industry peers. These summits bring people together from different geographical regions who share a common discipline or interest to discuss innovations, techniques, unpublished data, or to learn new things from thought leaders that they may not have known previously.

Date: March 21-24, 2023

Location: Virtual Mode

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education

Date: January 6-8, 2023 Location: Chengdu, China The ICAIE will be held in January 2023, which will mark its second year as the industry witnesses the development in the field of artificial intelligence in education. The ICAIE keeps working on itself as an event, aiming to provide a chance and platform to researchers from academia, industries, and government institutions to exchange and present the latest findings and innovations of

• International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Date: January 7-8, 2023 Location: Singapore This conference is hosted by the International Research Conference, which is a federated organization dedicated, bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the program. The ICAIA aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and their experiences and research results on all aspects of

• World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival

Date: February 10-12, 2023 Location: Cannes, France, and Online The World AI Cannes Festival is a unique and global event on AI, bringing together organizations and individuals to build the future of our society and industries. The conference program will be hosting over 100 speakers from around the world to conduct workshops and in-depth presentations about the prospective contributions of  

• International Conference on Advances in Industrial Artificial Intelligence 

Date: January 14-15, 2023 Location: Bali, Indonesia Date: March 11-20, 2023 Location: Austin, Texas The SXSW Conference provides an opportunity for the global community of digital creatives to encounter cutting-edge ideas, discover new interests, and communicate with other professionals who share a similar appetite for work. The conference will feature a variety of tracks that focus on the most important breakthroughs in technology, film, culture, and music. SXSW aims to prove that the most unexpected discoveries can happen when diverse topics and people come together.  

• Big Data and Analytics Summit

Date: March 22-23, 2023 Location: Toronto, ON The Big Data and Analytics Summit are designed to provide data executives with current trends, strategic insights, and best practices trending in technology, data,

• World Summit AI Americas

Date: May 4-5, 2023 Location: Montreal The World Summit AI conference focuses on connecting the global AI ecosystem, starting from enterprise to big tech, start-ups, investors, and science. The conference is organized by Inspired Minds- a tech and science strategy group focused on AI4Good, operating in healthcare, education, STEM, and governments, at the strategic levels of AI.  

• Deep Learning World

Date: June 19-23, 2023 Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas The Deep Learning World is a premier conference covering the deployment of deep learning. The event’s mission is to foster breakthroughs in the value-driven operationalization of established deep learning methods. As part of the ML week, the event will be held alongside the five major Predictive Analytics World Conferences.  

• Data+AI Summit

Date: June 27-30, 2023 Location: San Francisco, US

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Robotics In 2023

The greatest method to utilize both parties’ distinct strengths is to use robots as partners who work for people in human situations. Robotics in 2023 will be the biggest trend and in this growing market it’s best to invest for higher profits in the future so moving forward we’ll discuss the reason why you should invest in robotics.

1. Lower Operational Expenses

Robotics provides you the ability to cut both direct and overhead expenses, greatly improving your competitiveness. Take energy as an illustration. Robots can lower your energy costs since they don’t require a minimum level of lighting or heating. According to current estimates, there might be an 8% savings for every 1°C decrease in heating levels, and needless lighting can result in savings of up to 20%.

2. Enhance the Consistency and Quality of the Product

A consistently high-quality finish is possible with robots since they don’t experience the consequences of weariness, attention, or repeated and tiresome jobs. They are programmed to obey instructions, and their inherent precision and reproducibility guarantee a high-quality finish for every product created!

3. Boost the Productivity of Workers

Because employees are no longer required to labor in hot or possibly dangerous areas, the introduction of robots can enhance working conditions for personnel. They can also get useful programming skills and engage in more interesting employment.

4. Boost Manufacturing Output Rates

Robots can operate unsupervised day, night, and on the weekends, allowing for higher productivity levels to meet order deadlines. There is no downtime, illness, or focus lapses with a robotic solution. Programming robots to handle new goods offline also increases flexibility while assuring a speedier overall output.

5. Increase Flexibility in Product Manufacturing

The production line can benefit from flexibility thanks to robots. To get the most out of your investment, use robotics equipment for a range of items once the necessary procedures have been put into the robot controller.

6. Lower Material Waste and Boost Output

Robotics significantly improve product quality. The quantity of breakages and waste created as a result of subpar or irregular finishing decreases when more goods are completed at the first try to the standard expected by consumers. Greater yields result from more completed items being produced.

7. Boost Workplace Wellness and Security

Tasks presently performed by manual employees that are unpleasant, difficult, or dangerous to their health can be easily performed by robots. Robotics considerably reduces the risk of mishaps brought by coming into touch with machine tools or other potentially dangerous manufacturing equipment. Additionally, they aid in the eradication of conditions like repetitive strain injuries that are linked to rhythmic or demanding activities (RSI).

8. Reduce Staff Turnover and Hiring Challenges

The greatest levels of expertise and training are needed to achieve the high levels of accuracy that today’s industrial processes demand. Robots provide a perfect substitute for highly trained manual labor, who are getting harder and more costly to hire. Once they have been programmed, there are no expenses involved with hiring new employees or keeping existing ones trained. Additionally, robots provide more flexibility in terms of work schedules and the capacity to manage various production activities.

9. Lower Capital Expenses

Robots can cut down on waste and the cost of consumables. Businesses can forecast the manufacturing rate with confidence and guarantee a quick and effective service by getting items through the production process more quickly.

10. Make High-Value Production Areas More Compact

Top 10 Sql Books For Beginners And Advanced In 2023

Must Read SQL books Key Highlights

The books cover the fundamental concepts of SQL and how to manage a relational database. It includes hands-on exercises and examples to help readers understand SQL syntax and database concepts.

Essential resource for anyone working with large databases and looking to optimize query performance.

Provides a thought-provoking read that challenges readers to think deeply about the logic and design of their SQL queries and databases.

List of Top 10 SQL Books

Below is the given list to get you started.

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Hadoop, Data Science, Statistics & others

Sr. No. Books Author Published


1. SQL Cookbook Anthony Molinaro 2006 Amazon: 4.6

2. SQL Queries for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL  John Viescas 2023 Amazon:4.5

3. Learning SQL: Master SQL Fundamentals  Alan Beaulieu 2009 Amazon: 4.2

4. SQL Quickstart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to SQL Walter Shields 2023 Amazon:4.1

5. Head First SQL: Your Brain on SQL — A Learner’s Guide Lynn Beighley 2007 Amazon: 4.4

6. SQL Practice Problems: 57 Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Challenges for You to Solve Using a “Learn-by-doing” Approach Sylvia Moestl Vasilik


Amazon 4.4

7. SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming Bill Karwin 2010

8. SQL Database Programming Chris Fehily 2023 Amazon 4.7

9. SQL Pocket Guide 3e: A Guide to SQL Usage (Pocket Guides) Jonathan Gennick 2010 Amazon:4.6

10. Oracle PL/SQL Programming Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl 2014 Amazon: 4.5

Let us discuss the reviews and takeaways of the SQL books:-

1. SQL Cookbook (O’Reilly)

Author: Anthony Molinaro

Get this Book

Book Review

A must-read if you want to be equipped with robust tools to fasten your SQL knowledge.

Key Takeaways

Overlays content such as working with multiple books, metadata queries, investigating future rows, etc.

Features elements such as SQL server’s PIVOT, oracle’s MODEL clause, and inter-row calculations in a that is easily understood and easy to follow.

Get to know about different SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL server, etc.

2. SQL Queries for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL

Author: John Viescas

Get this Book

Book Review

Key Takeaways

The examples mentioned in the book are beneficial for people new to databases and the book highlights the use of DML a lot.

Gives a general guide for relational databases, SQL basics, and techniques applicable for efficiently managing tables.

Learn data partitioning into Windows, and practice on sample databases relevant today in various SQL operational databases.

3. Learning SQL: Master SQL Fundamentals

Author: Alan Beaulieu

Get this Book

Book Review

This a time-saving, information-packed read for the senior programmers on the lookout for enhancing their knowledge. It stays in touch with the roots of SQL by depicting how the present is linked with the past. Get in on the exercises available after each chapter to excel more in the intricacies of SQL.

Key Takeaways

Guides you through content on nonrelational database systems, creating and populating a database, and modifying tabled through relative ease.

The content is classified into subtopics and diagrams for proper understanding and the writing style is easy to grasp.

4. SQL: QuickStart Guide – The Simplified Beginner’s Guide To SQL

Author: Walter Shields

Book Review

Key Takeaways

Has a lot of key points mentioned about getting started with queries, using joins with an alias, writing queries with a variety of functions, etc.

5. Head First SQL

Author: Lynn Beighley

Get this Book

Book Review

Get ready to be bombarded with the mad hatter of SQL which is sure to leave you puzzled with curiosity and with a deep firing urge to get to the next chapter with record-fast speed. Level up your SQL skills if you are a novice with a peculiar way of writing to keep you hooked on your seat.

Key Takeaways

Packed with illustrations and pictures to keep the information in while simultaneously trying to entertain you.

Brief descriptions of smart table designs, multi-table data designs, and a clear view of constraints, views, and transactions.

Suitable for people looking to get the best of SQL and make the most out of learning the basics.

6. SQL Practice Problems

Author: Sylvia Moestl Vasilik

Get this Book

Book review

Key takeaways

Not a lot of spoon-feeding is done in terms of giving answers to the questions so that the learner stays agile.

Questions comprising daily business acumen and daily workplace challenges right at your doorstep activate your logical skills.

7. SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming

Author: Bill Karwin

Get this Book

Book review

Key takeaways

Highlights the antipatterns in formatting comma-separated lists, depending on one’s parent in hierarchies, leaving the constraints in database architecture, etc.

The book dived into the objective of a problem followed by its antipattern, how to recognize them, its legitimate uses, and its solutions.

8. SQL Database Programming

Authors: Chris Fehily

Get this Book

Book review

Brought to the beginner level enthusiasts which has content pieces on ANSI compatible, DBMS neutral, standard SQL in a comprehensive tale about SQL for the people of far and wide.

Key takeaways

Covers the relational model, SQL basic, and transactions in a detailed format.

Create, troubleshoot, and manipulate data in the form of tables, queries and save time.

9. SQL Pocket Guide: A Guide to SQL UsageAuthor

Authors: Jonathan Gennick

Get this Book

Book Review

An excellent portable tool for taking reference when in a jiffy along with a thoroughly organized structure. The book does a mind-blowing job of gathering the statements and the explanations of the problems in one place for math functions, grouping, updating data, etc. All in all, a good reference for SQL database applications and execution.

Key Takeaways

Has Oracle’s latest support for WITH syntax, PostgreSQL’s support of recursive WITH, brand new Oracle functions, etc.

Includes datetime conversions, datetime functions, and various data types in different SQL databases along with concise code to get you started easily.

10. Oracle PL/SQL Programming

Author: Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl

Get this Book

Book Review

Key Takeaways

A comprehensive guide for PL/SQL programmers to enhance their skill set in Oracle extension of SQL to solve real-world problems.

Now available in the new 12.1 version, which contains the ACCESSIBLE_BY clause, UDF pragma, and new compilation directives

Learn external procedures, calling Java from PL/SQL, object-oriented aspects of PL/SQL, etc. in depth.

Recommended Articles

Our Top 10 SQL books compilation aims to be helpful to you. For more such SQL books, EDUCBA recommends the following,

Top 10 Popular Meme Coins To Purchase In 2023 And Beyond

Meme coins have been ruling the crypto market since their release and have a strong foothold

Meme coins are tokens that are frequently based on well-known individuals or popular memes. Typically, they don’t have any practical use and only have worth in the eyes of the public. The trading volume and market value of popular meme coins have increased as a consequence of investors choosing to acquire these exotic altcoins as a result of crypto aficionados realizing that meme coins offer use and purpose.

Meme coins were the first untested tokens to impulsively join the crypto market. Nonetheless, these “funny” crypto assets quickly established themselves, attracting the interest of even institutional investors. Only a handful of the many new meme coins that are created each day are worthwhile investments. We evaluate the top 10 popular meme coins in this article according to market capitalization. We will delve into meme coins to purchase in 2023 and beyond.


In terms of market value and investor appeal, Dogecoin (DOGE) is the largest meme coin in the world. Its Shiba Inu dog emblem was taken as inspiration from the “doge” meme. With a market valuation of more than US$10.4 billion as of this writing, DOGE is rated by CoinMarketCap as the 9th biggest cryptocurrency.

Shiba Inu

By market capitalization, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is the second-largest meme currency. Shiba Inu dogs served as inspiration for the coin. Shiba Inu, a highly adaptable currency that was originally designed as a “Dogecoin killer,” has its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) called Shibaswap. Users of Shibaswap have the option to acquire NFTs, add to the liquidity pool, swap, join the DAO, and stake SSLP.

Dogelon Mars

Dogelon Mars (ELON) is a joke coin that honors Dogecoin and Elon Musk, one of that cryptocurrency’s most ardent fans. The name of the token, which was motivated by the well-known Mars theme, has drawn a lot of interest in a short period. The symbol depicts Elon Musk as a canine exploring the galaxy in search of its home. The token’s creators are largely unknown.

Baby Dogecoin

A variant of Dogecoin is called BabyDoge. It was made by the Doge online meme community’s followers. It was initially intended to increase the speed of transactions made using Dogecoin on the blockchain. Each time a DOGE transaction is completed, BabyDoge is added to the user’s wallet. BabyDoge was created using the Binance Smart chain by creators whose identity is still unknown.


The dog-themed meme currency Pitbull (PIT) is supported by the Binance Smart Chain. It is a BEP-20 token that the creators view as a singular social experiment that encourages investors to concentrate on the growth of the community. When transactions are made using PIT, Pitbull has an auto-staking system in place to reward investors.


The cryptocurrency Monacoin (MONA) was developed as a result of cat memes. The crypto platform is now open-source, decentralized, and a P2P payment network. It was introduced in 2014 and was based on the Lyra2RE algorithm. There was no pre-mine procedure. Similar to Dogecoin, which was based on Litecoin, Monacoin was created and can be mined.

Shiba Predator

One of the most recent additions to the meme currency ecosystem is the Shiba Predator (QOM), also known as the Shiba Doge Predator. The project, which is descended from Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, was introduced in 2023 to compete with the most widely used meme currencies, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE). Since its debut, the coin has attracted a respectable amount of attention from investors thanks to the project’s aim to redefine and disperse the money in meme tokens.

Hoge Finance

Another ERC-20 coin that has received a lot of buzz on social media since its introduction in February 2023 is Hoge Finance (HOGE). Despite its short lifespan, HOGE has been able to draw a sizable number of investors and community members who support its goals.

Vita Inu

The first high-speed meme coin for smart contracts in the world, Vita Inu (VINU) takes pleasure in this distinction. The non-fungible token (NFT) experience is powered by the token, which also drives the VINU ecosystem, which has a distinctive Metaverse. The currency seeks to operate similarly to well-known joke currencies like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, but also provides additional utility to increase its value and longevity.


Top 10 Things You Need To Do Before Starting Your Own Business In 2023

It is not an easy decision to start a small business.

Despite the many sacrifices and difficulties small business owners have to face, an overwhelming 84% of small business owners would make it again.

These are the top tips that I have learned from mentoring over 1000 SCORE clients as well as acting as an angel investor.

These tips are based on what I see succeeding entrepreneurs do, and what I see people who fail to do.

What client issue would you say you are settling that potential clients will pay for? This is regularly called the offer.

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There are numerous instances of organizations that don’t have the best item/administration or are not first to showcase, yet are successful in light of the fact that they have dominated web-based promoting and deals.

Examination the socioeconomics of your potential client base and comprehend their purchasing propensities.

Watch contenders, talk with comparable businesses, peruse your rivals’ sites, and comprehend what their clients are saying about them via online media.

On the off chance that conceivable, self-reserve your business thought and go for financing when you can make a development story. This may make you separate your item/administration offering into more modest pieces so you can support the beginning phases and get some footing and experience.

When maintaining a business, know when you need to connect with a bookkeeper, legal counselor, protection specialist, promoting subject matter expert, page architect, or another expert. This will begin your administration interaction as a business proprietor.

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Dispatching and growing a business is troublesome, and the greater part will come up short inside 5 years.

Nobody individual can have all the information, experience, or even viewpoint to deal with each business circumstance. Gain from others’ abilities and encounters.

In case you don’t know where to discover a tutor, SCORE is an incredible spot to begin. SCORE coaches are free — simply visit chúng tôi to discover an eye to eye tutor close to you or a guide to contact by means of email or Skype.

Additionally at this website are numerous free workshops, online courses, and layouts all centered around assisting business people with beginning and grow a business.

You can likewise discover guides on destinations like LinkedIn, by going to a neighborhood independent venture meetup, or simply making a few inquiries. You may be shocked at individuals in your circles who can offer valuable exhortation dependent on their encounters.

Beginning a business is troublesome and hazardous; it’s not difficult to invest all your energy and assets at it. Before you start, sort out what kind of business you will have. Will it’s anything but a sole ownership, organization, enterprise or LLC? Then, at that point set up your arrangement.

Having a composed arrangement with your projected outcomes and individual objectives is the most ideal approach to keep focused.

For instance, your business may make a $20,000 benefit. Yet, on the off chance that you live in a huge city, support a family and possibly older guardians, and are attempting to put something aside for youngsters’ school and retirement, then, at that point doubtlessly $20,000 isn’t sufficient.

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Have a decent handle on the numbers that disclose to you how your business is getting along and what you can anticipate. These incorporate your beginning up costs, deals, projected benefits, income, and significantly more, contingent upon the idea of your business and how you characterize achievement.

You will settle on numerous choices “on the fly” and knowing the numbers — the business financial matters — will assist with guaranteeing you settle on the right choices.

Search for approaches to reduce expenses where you can. Utilize financially savvy devices like email promoting and web-based media showcasing to drive mindfulness, as opposed to pricier conventional publicizing strategies.

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Being a business organizer can be forlorn and there are insufficient hours in the day to achieve everything.

From huge victories to enormous disappointments, in case you’re not powered by energy at consistently, turns into that a lot harder. Recollect why you began your business and let your enthusiasm drive you ceaselessly.

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