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Smartphones have become an important part of our life, such that there is enormous demand for this kind of gadget, that almost every other day a new smartphone is born. Recently new smartphones such as Huawei Nova 2, Nova 2 Plus, Xiaomi Mi Max 2, and HTC U11 were launched. Besides that, Gionee S10 and its two variants, S10B and S10C were also launched last week in China.

For a normal everyday user, it becomes quite difficult to make the right choice while buying a new phone. We totally understand it and that’s why we want to make it easy for you. So, here are some reasons why you should consider buying the Gionee S10.

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In this post, we present to you the top 7 reasons why you should buy Gionee S10. 

Why buy Gionee S10?

1. Because choice matters!

Not one. Not two. But three variants to choose from.

Yes, Gionee S10 doesn’t only comes in one or two variants only, but it’s got three different variants to meet your price and specs requirements. The top model S10 is followed by the mid model S10B, and finally, there is the lower-of-the-three model, the S10C.

If you like big screens, there is S10 and S10B which flaunt a 5.5-inch full HD display, whereas if you are into slightly smaller displays there is a 5.2-inch HD display on S10C. The other specs include 6GB RAM and 64 GB ROM for S10, while 4GB RAM powers S10B and S10C.

2. Neat price

Gionee has kept the price such that there is a device for everyone in the mid-range, which itself can have its own low-, mid- and high-end segments. Whether you are low on budget or can spend some extra bucks, there is a device for you.

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The lower model of Gionee S10, S10C is priced at only 1599 ($233) whereas the middle variant costs 2199 ($320). If money is not a problem, you can go with the top variant i.e. S10, which is available for 2599 ($378). Right now, you can buy the S10 only in China.

3. Robust multitasking

If you are a multi-tasker, we recommend this device to you. Why would we say that? Because of huge RAM of 6GB that powers the top model of Gionee S10. This is coupled with Helio P25 SoC and 64GB internal storage.

More RAM means multitasking is smooth so you don’t have to worry about device getting slow or unresponsive. Currently, while 6GB RAM is nothing new, not many devices offer this, espcially at given price of S10.

And if 6GB variant is heavy on your pocket, you can opt for the other two variants that are also powered by good 4GB RAM.

4. Four powerful cameras

If you are a photography enthusiast, you are definitely going to love Gionee S10 due to its powerful camera, both on the front, and back.

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We have seen many devices that carry the dual rear camera, but Gionee S10 is the only phone on earth right now one that not only has dual camera setup at the back, but also for the front camera. This is a unique feature to have. In other words, there are four cameras in Gionee S10. A dual 20MP+8MP front camera and 16MP+8MP rear camera grace the device to meet your moment-capturing needs to the full.

However, if you are not much into selfies and don’t want a dual camera for selfies, you can go with the S10B, which features a 13MP+5MP dual rear camera coupled with 16MP front camera.

But if the camera is not your priority, you still get a good deal in the S10C that features 5.2inch HD display, 4GB RAM, and 32GB internal storage. Moreover, even the cameras are cool with 16MP front camera and 13MP rear camera.

5. Good battery life

Although all three variants of Gionee S10 have good battery power of more than 3000mAh, it is the S10B that triumphs among the three. So, if battery power is your priority, go for S10B that features a 3700mAh battery.

This doesn’t mean that the other two variants of the S10 are a slouch. Even if you go for the top model, you still get 3450mAh battery and with S10C you get 3100mAh battery. All in all, the devices don’t disappoint at all in the battery segment.

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6. Brilliant color choice

Don’t like the usual black and white colored devices? Worry not! Gionee S10 comes in five different color variants that include blue and green in addition to the usual black, gold and white. Whatever your choice of color, Gionee has a device for you.

7. Good after-sales support

When buying a new device, one is worried about the availability of service center at their place. With brand Gionee, it’s one of the plus point.

Gionee service centers are available in many cities where even the likes of HTC and Motorola don’t have one. Sure, Samsung is unbeatable when it comes to service centers and such, but you gotta hand it to Gionee for maintaining good support centers in countries like India and China.

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So, that’s our view on why you should consider buying the Gionee S10, the world’s first 4 camera phone.

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Iphone Se (2024) Review: Reasons To Buy & Reasons Not To Buy

Reasons to Buy iPhone SE (2024) 1. Build Quality, Form Factor

Profile: 138.4mm tall, 67.3mm wide, 7.3mm thick

Weight: 148grams

The iPhone SE (2024) features a glass sandwich design with a matte-finished aluminum frame. Gorilla Glass covers both front and rear, and the back has a glossy finish to it. The Product Red looks very bold and attractive, but you can also buy White and Black versions.

Volume rockers and alert slider are on the left while the power button sits to the right- both being easily reachable. The primary speaker and mic are given at the bottom alongside the lightning port colored in silver (for the Red variant) to match the Apple logo on the back.

Overall, the phone feels premium and concrete in the hands. However, please do note that it’s quite slippery and prone to smudges. If smudges and visible fingerprints tend to annoy you, go for the White variant.

2. Performance

Besides, you can play almost any game on high graphics. I was able to play Call of Duty: Mobile comfortably in the highest graphics and frame rate settings without any lag or jitter. It’s one hell of a smooth phone, and you won’t have any complaints about performance.

That said, the phone does get a little warm at the rear when stressed for too long. If the temperature goes overboard, say when you’re using it outdoors under the sun, the screen dims itself to prevent overheating—more on gaming experience in the display section below.

3. iOS, Software Updates

Being an Android lover, I wouldn’t say I like iOS much, but I’ve certainly got a few things to appreciate. Firstly, the app library and customizable home screen widgets feel refreshing to use. Plus, you can now change the default mail app to Gmail and browser to Chrome. The new privacy controls, too, are a welcome addition.

And wait, did we forget updates? Well, the phone will continue to receive regular iOS updates for upwards of four years from now. The original SE from 2024 and the iPhone 6s from 2024 have already received the latest iOS 14. This throws a positive sign on an iPhone’s longevity compared to any Android phone in the market.

Anyway, note that iOS is still very restrictive compared to Android and may not be liked by everyone, especially power users. While existing iPhone users have nothing to worry about, people switching from Android may have mixed feelings.

4. Camera

In daylight, the phone captures some great pictures. Images are crisp and have a lot of detail. The dynamic range is on point and the colors, too, are quite accurate. The white balance is slight to the warmer side, giving a pleasing, natural look to images.

Even indoors, the camera maintains a well-balanced exposure and retains the right amount of detail. Unfortunately, Apple decided to skip the night mode here. As a result, the phone underperforms in low light with visible noise.

The front camera produces good selfies in well-lit situations, considering colors and skin tones. However, the quality deteriorates once the light goes down. Both the front and rear support portrait mode, but it only works with human faces.

Video recording goes up to 4K at 60fps and while slo-mo maxes out on 1080p at 240fps. The phone records excellent quality videos with balanced colors, good dynamic range, and, more importantly- good stabilization while walking. The front maxes out at 1080p at 30fps and supports EIS.

Overall, the iPhone SE (2024) has good cameras, especially when counting in daylight photography and video quality.

5. Stereo Speakers, IP67, Wireless Charging

The iPhone SE gets stereo speakers- one is the down-firing main speaker, and the other is the earpiece. The speakers are loud and sound pretty good by the mid-range standards.

Apple has given IP67 water-resistance to hold up against rain, accidental spills, and even brief submersions in water. It also gets wireless charging. Both are flagship-grade features that are rare to see at this price point.

The iPhone SE also gets the eSIM feature. You can use a physical nano-SIM card and an eSIM at the same time to use two numbers on the device.

Reasons Not to Buy iPhone SE (2024) 1. Dated Design

The iPhone SE 2023 retains the same design from the iPhone 8, which itself was borrowed from the six-year-old iPhone 6. It gets huge bezels on top and bottom that result in black bars while watching videos shot in taller ratios- you can’t simply zoom the video to fill the screen.

2. Display- Small & Inferior

The 4.7-inch Retina display that debuted with iPhone 6 makes its reappearance on the SE with minor tweaks like removing 3D Touch, an enhanced brightness of 625nits, and wide color (P3) gamut, and TrueTone technology as it was with the iPhone 8.

Talking of shortcomings, the small screen with the age-old 16:9 aspect ratio creates a major issue with gaming. The controls feel tightly clustered together, and a vast portion is covered by your fingers, trying to reach those controls.

Now, some of you may like the display profile, but an average user migrating from any modern-day phone will instantly feel how small the iPhone SE’s screen is. And it’s not just about the looks of it; it equally hampers the multimedia and gaming experience.

Thankfully, the display quality is just fine. The 4.7″ LCD features a 1334 x 750 pixels resolution and a pixel density of 326ppi. The panel is adequately sharp and has nice viewing angles. It’s also bright enough to be used under direct sunlight.

Needless to say, the screen is quite inferior to other devices in the segment like the OnePlus 8 and Pixel 4a, which offer bigger and sharper AMOLED screens with higher refresh rates.

3. Single Rear Camera

Furthermore, there’s no night mode on the device, despite having a more than capable chipset. As the lights go down, a lot of noise starts to creep into images. So yeah, if you’re fond of wide-angle or low-light photography, you should probably look somewhere else.

4. Touch ID (Subjective)

It’s quite strange that Apple re-introduced the old-school Touch ID after three whole years, and that too, after moving on to Face ID and swipe gestures with the recent iPhones.

Anyway, it’s understandable that nothing else would have suited the iPhone 8 chassis, and Apple wanted to keep the costs down. However, if you’re someone who’s already used to face unlock and swipe navigations, you may have a tough time dealing with the Touch ID.

5. Battery Life, Charging Speed

Battery life is one of the biggest downsides of the new iPhone SE (2024). You get a mere 1,821mAh cell, which is quite tiny, precisely the same as on iPhone 8.

Since A13 Bionic is an efficient processor, if you are a light user and do basic stuff like checking messages, emails, and watching YouTube videos, the phone may last you till the evening with a cumulative screen on time of 4 hours.

However, throw in a heavy game, a video call session, or an hour of camera use, and you’ll find yourself running for the charger. To give you an idea, 30 minutes of Call of Duty: Mobile on max graphics settings drains about 20% of juice on the device.

Note: I noticed the network reception to be weak on the iPhone SE 2023, compared to other smartphones in the same vicinity.

Final Words- Should you buy the iPhone SE 2023?

The iPhone SE (2024) excels in performance, has capable cameras and long-lasting software, but the recycled design and display keep it far from the current standards. The tiny screen isn’t good for media consumption or gaming, and battery life is average at its best.

At ₹30,000, however, it’s a good choice for people who want a compact, fast phone with reliable cameras. Usually, it hovers close to ₹25,000 after discounts in Flipkart sales. Nonetheless, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time playing games, watching movies and needs a long battery life, this is not for you.

Oneplus 5 – Reasons To Buy And Not To Buy The New Oneplus Flagship

The phone has been warmly welcomed in India as well as globally. With powerful hardware and optimized software, OnePlus 5 is pegged at par equal with bigger flagships like the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8. We have been testing the OnePlus 5 for a while now, covering all the aspects thoroughly in our review. We have also seen some issues with the display of the phone, with a lot of users reporting about a jelly effect while scrolling.

OnePlus 5 – Reasons To Buy Display

The display on the OnePlus 5 is a 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED Full HD display with 2.5D curved glass and Gorilla Glass 5 protection. It comes with the same panel as the OnePlus 3T and it is not a QHD display, but it performs exceptionally well.

It is worth pointing out that there have been reports about users noticing a jelly effect while scrolling. That said, our unit has been working just fine.


The OnePlus 5 has a Dual camera module on the back that uses a 16MP f/1.7 lens and a 20MP f/2.6 Aperture Telephoto lens. It is capable of recording 4K videos and take great pictures. In fact, the Bokeh effect in Portrait mode delivers great images.


Talking about hardware, OnePlus 5 stands mighty and strong. The device packs a Snapdragon 835 Octa-Core processor, clocked at 2.45GHz. This powerful processor is coupled with Adreno 540 GPU and up to 8GB RAM and 128GB memory.

These powerful specifications contribute to the seamless and consistent performance of the OnePlus 5. It is the cheapest phone in the market currently to feature these many high-end specifications, starting at a price of Rs. 32,999.

Software and Performance

Apart from the powerful hardware, the OnePlus 5 runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat based OxygenOS, which is near stock and optimized version of Android OS.


Last but not the least. OnePlus 5 has the premium look and feel that we find in a flagship device. The Anodized Aluminium casing feels smooth yet not slippery. The device looks premium and the antenna bands are also well blended with the phone’s design.

OnePlus 5 – Reasons Not To Buy

So we have listed what we saw as the best things about the OnePlus 5, so now it’s time for the Cons. We did spot some things that were not so good about this device and here they are.

Battery Capacity

On the positive side, the OnePlus 5 comes with Dash Charge. You can charge the phone from 0% to more than 50% in just 30 minutes, which should last you half a day of average usage.

No Water Resistance

While companies like Apple and Samsung are looking at water resistance seriously, the OnePlus 5 does not come with water resistance. For some users, it may be a deal breaker.

The noticeable thing is that the device managed to survive a water test done by a YouTuber. A certification or rating would be more satisfactory for the users.

Lack of Optical Image Stabilization Price

The OnePlus 5 will leave a slightly larger hole in your pockets. OnePlus has increased its price by 10% compared to the OnePlus 3T. Even after considering all the updates, the device seems a little costlier.


Even after a 10% increase in the price, the OnePlus 5 does seem like a decent smartphone. The jelly effect is the major factor that may affect decisions of a lot of users, but overall, there’s not a lot to complain about. The rest of the hardware is very good. Arguably, OnePlus could have gone with a Quad HD display and a slightly bigger battery. The lack of OIS may also be important to some users.

At the end of the day, it boils down to which features are more important to you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Mechanical Keyboard

There you are, sitting on your office chair. Feeling comfortable and good about yourself. Let me tell you something. You are lost. You are a nobody. Why? Because you don’t have a mechanical keyboard in your life! Like some evangelical preacher, I have an idea I need to sell you. That is the glory of the mechanical keyboard. If you accept the mechanical keyboard into your life, you could be experiencing increased comfort, improved productivity, and glory! It will change the way you type forever! Don’t just ask me, there are plenty of fanatics that have forever converted from using cheap, rubber-dome keyboards to high-quality mechanicals. I have made a short list of five reasons why you should switch to a mechanical keyboard. I have faith that you will see the light.

The second reason why you need to switch to a mechanical keyboard is ergonomics. Mechanical keyboards generally have higher quality keycaps which are rounded to let your fingers rest on them more comfortably. Traditional laptop keys, with the exception of Lenovo’s, are flat. Flat keys are good for space-saving designs but you not only lose precision, but also comfort. I find flat keys uncomfortable to type on for long periods because I have to hit them “head on” in order not to make an error. Also, it is very easy to hit these keycaps on the corners which will cause your fingers to slip and mis-type. If you hit the corner of a keycap on a mechanical keyboard, you still have a good chance of registering the input. The longer “throw” of mechanical keyboards are also more comfortable for long typing sessions compared to the short engagement point of chicklet-style keyboards. For a long time, I thought the main attribute of an ergonomic keyboard is shape. After using the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard for 2-3 years and using my Leopold Tenkeyless for about 5 months, I realize that it’s not about the shape. The main reason mechanical keyboards are better is the key switches.

The third benefit is reduced strain. I realize this is closely related to comfort but I felt that this deserved its own section simply because of RSI(Repetitive Strain Injury). We use our computers for hours and some of us do not take RSI seriously. I take good care of my hands. And so should you. For most people, their hands are their livelihood. Hand health is very important if you are a musician, laborer, or athlete. One thing I’ve notice after spending a few months with my mechanical keyboard compared to keyboards of my past is finger pain. I use to get finger pain after prolonged typing on the rubber dome keys. They were all I knew so I didn’t question. It wasn’t until I was in the market for a better keyboard where I found out about mechanical key switches. Subsequently, it wasn’t until I was typing on them for hours until I realized my finger pain was mainly caused by the cheap rubber-dome keyboards. If you are on the computer for hours, or if your profession involves extensive amounts of typing, consider investing on a mechanical keyboard for this very reason. These key switches will reduce finger strain. Your hands will thank you.

The fourth benefit of using a mechanical keyboard is improved speed. A more precise, comfortable keyboard means improved typing speed. I was never a speed typist. Barely being able to type 25 WPM, after a few months of serious training, I can now type 60-70 WPM. Your mileage may vary but you will improve your speed. If not in burst typing, definitely in endurance typing. That’s typing long essays or reports. Wiki has the average typing speed rated at 33 WPM. If you are over this, you are doing very well.

The last and most important reason why you need a mechanical keyboard? They’re fun! That may sound silly to say but after getting one, I now enjoy typing. I like the sound of these Cherry MX browns. Some people like the blues. You can’t go wrong either way. They’re great to type on. Mechanical keyboards have their own unique personalities. From the simple Leopold Tenkeyless to the highly sought after HHKB Pro 2. Typing shouldn’t be a chore. Most people probably won’t be competing on typeracer for leisure, but mechanical keyboards will make you smile. It’s like buying a luxury car. Sure, you don’t NEED leather heated seat with power everything but if you can afford it, why not treat yourself? Especially a tool that you will spend years using. Once you punch the keys, you will see the light

Top 6 Reasons To Keep Track Of Business Expenditures

You can track your business expenses to help you put your budget allocation to practical use. It may seem tedious and time-consuming to keep track of all your expenses.

Procrastinating or ignoring this step could lead to more problems, including income loss, unpaid interest, and bankruptcy.

1. It protects the business from debt

Debt can be a double-edged sword. This means you owe money on loan payments and interest rates. Interest rates and loan payments can also increase debt.

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2. It helps to adhere to budget allocations

Tracking expenses is one of the most useful business practices that serious entrepreneurs can do. You should keep your eyes on the prize by setting monthly targets and allocating an expense budget.

This allows you to use expenditure lists as a guide for spending within a particular category. The spending caps that trackers create prevent excessive disbursement.

This will give you a general understanding of your finances and a clear view of the financial obligations that lie ahead. Budget allocations and trackers can be used to give an overview of the business’s gains and losses.

3. It manifests negative spending habits

Tracking expenses encourages financial management. The owner is actively involved in tracking their monthly spending.

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4. It prepares the business for tax season

Most expenses can be deducted from your tax bill. For money-back benefits, expenses can be disclosed during tax season. It is possible only by meticulously tracking costs and receipts. The Profit Tracker assists in the listing, breaking down and categorizing of expenses for tax rebates.

5. It improves your business’ financial performance

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6. It eliminates impulse spending

An impulse buy can be a hindrance to financial stability and freedom. The long-term negative effects of spending on unnecessary things without thinking about them can be severe. Spending less and being more focused on the important things can help you make better decisions. These will make impulse buying less likely.

Mindful tracking expenses has a few benefits. Maximizing your income is the most important benefit. The best business management is achieved when you are diligent and have exhausted every avenue to reduce losses and save money.

Top Common 8 Reasons To Build A Custom Crm System

Common problems for those who do not use CRMs:

Are you losing touch with your account manager?

I forgot to call the client in time and the contract was lost.

Does a salesperson tell each customer’s story to their new employees?

We don’t know for certain which orders have been paid for and which are still in the quotation.

CRM is a must-have for your business if you are experiencing any of these problems.

What Is CRM And  What Do You Eat It With?

As a philosophy, Customer Relationship Management revolves around making customers more satisfied with the purchasing process. If the sales and marketing manager wants this client to be a loyal customer, then this approach is crucial.

Customer-sales manager relationships are built on the principle of bringing the best product to the customer and maximizing the profit for the seller. Even big companies have to compete for loyal customers due to the market’s current competitive landscape.

The customer is at the heart of every business philosophy. Companies’ development should be focused on effective marketing and customer service.

Why is the client at the center of the business universe?

Many factors determine the demand for a product. This is generally based on buyers who are willing to purchase a product at a certain price.

Here is where the sales department’s work begins. The sales team must inspire desire, create opportunities, or convince clients that they should get the product.

What is the Major Function of a CRM System?

CRM-system is an application that allows salespeople and account managers to work with clients. This tool makes it easy to organize and plan this type of work.

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Benefits Of CRM Software The Sales Department

The system eliminates all unnecessary paperwork. This is a huge plus. Employees’ work is more organized. Employees stop losing their daily tasks in a pile of memos or e-mails.

For Customers

Every business’s success depends on customer satisfaction. Customers’ satisfaction is measured by their ability to communicate with sales managers pleasantly and efficiently.

Although customers don’t use CRM, they do get better service from companies that have it.

Why standard CRMs are not suitable for you?

There are many CRM solutions on the market, including AMO, Bitrix, and AMO. Most of them are identical.

They are very functional. There are many integration options. They are very affordable and require little maintenance. It is a smart decision to choose custom CRM options for many reasons.

1. None of the CRMs currently in use allow you to create a customer’s account

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2. A Tailored solution is better for complex commercial proposals and order calculation

Complex or unique services require complex commercial proposals. Unique methods are required to create an order estimate. These processes are too complicated if they can be understood at all, because of the do-all system. The quotation template can be different for two different business projects in the same company. A custom CRM can help you save time and effort when it comes to changing templates and documents.

3. Flexibility and adaptability to new realities

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Each user creates a unique sales process. It is important to be available when the customer is ready for purchase. Even more important is to communicate with the customer after he has purchased the product. Customer loyalty is built on prompt and polite responses.

All templates are the same. It is ten times more difficult to market services with templates than it is for products that are not standard. Research has shown that customers are more likely to remember a brand’s original design, engage with it, and remain loyal. Experts recommend creating CRM systems from scratch.

5. You have control over every step

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6. A CRM Individual Is Fast and Agile

Notifying users about key actions is crucial. Systems should not bombard users with unnecessary notifications. If they do, they may not be able to accept any further messages. It is important to send key notifications at the correct time and dosage.

Personal editions can use machine learning to collect and analyze data. This feature also gives marketing managers powerful analytical tools.

It is crucial to make information gathering as automated as possible. Manual input can lead to system failure or error.

7. You don’t have to spend a lot of time getting to know ready-made solutions

The system can be integrated into the sales, marketing, and production processes of all managers. The company will gradually integrate custom CRMs. This format allows managers to take their time to adjust to the new ways.

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8. There are no extras in non-standard solutions

Ready-made solutions are created by companies for a broad range of customers. It’s almost like shopping in mass-market shops for jeans. These products must be suitable for as many people as possible so developers design their products to appeal to a type of middle-range user.

It’s similar to selling a smartphone that has a thousand preinstalled apps. Although a user might one day need them all, the likelihood of that happening is very low. These apps eat up space and take up resources. They also require frequent updates. This phone would be more difficult to use and cost more.

Narrow Focus Ts are the best choice

How do we make jeans that are fashionable for middle-aged carpenters? This is what a noncustom CRM is, as funny as it sounds.

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