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Introduction to UML Diagram Software Different UML Diagram Software Tools

Given below are different Tools of UML diagram software:

1. Visio

Microsoft Visio is an application that allows you to create a visually distinctive and professional diagram for various settings, subjects, and professions. It’s a tool that allows you to visually communicate detailed information or concepts with a polished and professional look.

The idea behind Visio is to provide standardized tools that enable you to quickly assemble drawings or diagrams using basic building blocks known as shapes. This approach to diagramming makes it possible for anyone to create impressive charts and diagrams by putting shapes together. Visio creates all types of UML diagrams, such as UML Activity, UML Collaboration, UML Class, UML Deployment, UML Use Case, UML Component, UML Sequence, UML Statechart, etc.

In Visio, Shapes can be simple and basic or very complicated and contain incredible data. Visio is so versatile that you can even create and import your own shapes, such as logos or images. Generally, the diagram will use a particular type of shape, and in Visio, these are grouped into categories called stencils. Stencils are predefined groups of shapes to create the UML diagram easily.

In many UML diagrams, connectors are the lines and arrows that connect one shape to another. Connectors are used to thread your shapes together to ensure that steps, thoughts, or processes are followed in the correct order. The application allows end-users to create UML diagrams via imported source code and combine current data with them with data connecting. Visio ends users could also create additional diagram categories, including flowcharts, Gantt, network, organizational graphs, etc.

2. Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm provides a free and commercial edition. The Community Edition is free, with unlimited diagrams, project sizes, and shapes. Create all types of UML diagrams, ER diagrams, ITIL diagrams, Flow chart diagrams, Organization Principle Plans, Floor Plans, and so on.

Draw excellent and specialist diagrams quickly and promptly. Here are a few with their important features:

Great sketching: Start using distinct format selections, including shape and connectors colors, above 50+ connector categories, background color, RTF caption, font choices, shadow effect, etc.

User-friendly: Generate as well as attach shapes with drag & drop. Connectors are linked to shape the edge and can not be individually set aside. (in contrast to a number of other applications).

Begin promptly with all the pre-developed plan themes. Numerous themes are supplied.

Positioning information can help your placement shapes ideally.

Conveniently put text, notes, outer pictures, and web links to the diagram.

Located in the cloud, suitable for all Operating Systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and supports all web browsers.

Details shape to remodel textual content lists into a plan instantly.

Conveniently print out and export into distinct forms (PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, and PDF).

Multiple pages support.

We stored all images in Google Drive.

3. Edraw

Edraw UML Diagram Software has easy to generate fairly professional-looking UML diagrams with predefined icons. The drag & drop user interface is straightforward to focus on. They have gridlines and intelligent guides to assist you in aligning and designing the diagram, along with minimal work. It’s simple to reveal the performance throughout multiple export choices, including Visio, PDF, Word, PPT, SVG, JPG, Html, etc. As well as the cloud characteristic allows group effort.

A cross-platform UML application at a low price.

More than Ten thousand pre-installed flyer icons are supplied and assembled into distinct types to get end users to help you drag, drop, and modify.

An all-in-one application that can establish a lot more than 260 drawing categories.

End users should style their shapes with the embedded sketching applications and protect them for long-term usage.

End users can have fun with an entire life update assured at once by purchasing a life span permits.

Ever-increasing expertly built UML themes and also cases are available to get end-users to obtain quick sketching begins.

4. ArgoUML

ArgoUML is probably the most well-known open-source free UML application for the desktop. Even though it is no longer managed, many modelers use this program designed for smaller tasks. It is a famous freeware for basic UML Software Diagrams. The application can be platform-independent. As well as, the minimal need is usually Java 5. ArgoUML facilitates all diagram types UML edition 1.4 and UML profiles. This software also provides a few attractive shapes which are not a section of the UML common. If you use these types of shapes, you can deviate from your UML standard. Therefore, ensure that it does not cause any comprehension complications. You may use OCL (Object Constraint Language) to allocate limited details into a style.

ArgoUML Key Features:

All types of UML diagrams are version 1.4 layouts will be supported.

Powerfully uses the UML conventional.

Platform independent such as version Java 1.5 and above.

XMI (XML Metadata Interchange) support.

Export diagrams like GIF, PNG, PS, EPS, PGML, and SVG.

There is Several UML diagram software available in the market. Most are costly and professional, and most are open-source and free. So it depends on your choice of which requirement for our project.

UML diagram software lists as per below:




UML Modeller



Oracle JDeveloper


UML diagram software can be described as a standard notation so that your model applications. If all those effects are verified at large, the scale can be determined at every stage of the development procedure with increased accuracy. Circumstance applications can offer the count. The software engineers might have the scale straight by modeling the application and keeping track of communications; the person can ignore action-level strategies.

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What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft’s business analytics service to provide interactive visualizations to the customer or the user is called Power BI. Business intelligence capabilities are improved with the help of different dashboards or reports so that end-users can easily understand the data. The organization’s data is loaded, providing better insights into the data than other analysis techniques. The data is transformed and cleaned, and it creates charts or graphs are used to recognize the patterns of the data. Power BI Desktop is free, and there is Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium.

Start Your Free Data Science Course

Hadoop, Data Science, Statistics & others

Understanding Power BI

It is a set of tools consisting of the following components, which can be used on a Desktop or on mobile devices.

Power Pivot: Importing data from different sources.

Power Query: Tool used for transforming data.

Power View: Assists in visualizing data.

Power Map: Provides a 3D visualization of data.

Power Q&A: A question and answering engine.

Top Power BI Analytics Companies

It is a tool used in every other industrial organization.

Some of the domains in which it is a game-changer are as follows:

Information Technology and Services

Hospital & Health Care

Financial Services



Precision Diagnostics

Hospital Montfort

Jones Lang LaSalle Inc

Digital Shadows

What can you do with it?

Conveying business models through reports and charts (Data Visualization).

Examining What-If scenarios with metrics and customized dashboards.

Capable of answering Real-time questions from customers and stakeholders.

Forecasting business requirements and taking precautionary measures to avoid grievances.


Importing of Data: It allows you to import from a wide variety of sources. With the integration of Microsoft Azure, it has become easier to handle data of any size and structure. Using these services, one can connect to the data.

Parsing Data: The next phase is parsing or cleaning of data. Creating or removing rows and column headers, assigning a private key, and reordering the structure to fit into a schema is done.

Modeling: This step is primarily performing complex algorithms, forming relationships between data, and deriving results using them.

Visualizing: With a variety of tools and custom galleries, users can create reports using the modeled data.

Report Generation: With these services, these reports can be pushed and maintained securely for future analysis. An overview of your business needs is derived from the reports.


Artificial Intelligence and Data analysis utilize it to a great extent.

Supports hybrid deployment to connect a variety of data sources.

Quick Insights are gained for business models to derive possible solutions.

Provides common data model support to standard and extensive data schema.

Integration with Azure and Microsoft products such as Cortana, Office 365, and MS Access makes it easier to use.

APIs can be created to use customized dashboards.

It allows viewing data in a separate pane, changing properties instantly, and selecting objects.

Required Skills

The important thing is the individual should have an awareness of the fundamentals of Structured Query language (SQL) and structured data format. She/he will be dealing with databases such as MS SQL, MYSQL, or Oracle. One should be aware of the data and its schema related to it. Some prior knowledge of table joins, pivots, and other functions related to a table would give an edge over others.

Why do we Need Power BI? Scope Right Audience for Learning Power BI Technologies

It is designed in such a way to be used by all users, such as Beginners, Intermediates, and Professionals. Data analysts perform primary analysis on a day-to-day basis. Business users observe the changing patterns in the customer trend. It assists developers in embedding their data and generating visuals. The ad-hoc analysis is done for their front-end applications. It is easy to use and open to all. There is no particular group that Power BI targets.

How will this Technology help you in Career Growth?

Uses of it do not restrict only with Data modeling and Data Visualization. There are a variety of other solutions offered by Microsoft too. Its integration with Office 365 and Azure it has become easier to host and play with data without the burden of security and management. As a developer, you can embed the report into dashboards to create custom visuals and Front end applications. If Data analysis and reporting are your pick, then it can launch you into the next step.


The increasing trend for AI and business analytics is creating a demand for professionals in the market. It is an ever-growing tool with continuous add-ons and updates from Microsoft. The ability to integrate with other products makes it more valuable. Users could create dashboards and reports without any external help. It is simple and packed with several options making it a must-have skill for the future.

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Free Tools To Forcefully Terminate A Full

The Task Manager had always been a popular tool to kill any application on Windows. Any program which doesn’t respond or closes the usual way (the X button) can be killed using the Task Manager. However, things are a little different when it comes to full-screen applications, and games that always want to stay on top. Some such applications somehow disable the standard hotkeys so that you can even switch to another application and forcefully close those applications. You might not be able to use shortcuts like Alt + TAB or Win + Tab and so on. If you are stuck with one such app or game, there are some free tools that can help you to forcefully terminate such a full-screen application or game.

Tools to forcefully terminate a full-screen application or game

Windows 11/10 offers a good solution with Alt + Ctrl + Delete.  When you press this combination, it takes over the complete screen and then offers you lock, switch user, sign out and Task Manager. Try this first, and if it works, nothing like that – if not try these free tools:



AutoHotkey Script

TaskKill Command Shortcut

Process Assassin

Task Killer

1] SuperF4

Available for both 32 and 64 bit, this application also offers keyboard shortcut- Ctrl+Alt+F4 which kills any application which is in the foreground. And, yes it’s portable. Once you download the application, keep it in place from where you will not delete it. Launch the program, and it stays quietly in the system tray waiting for those hotkeys to be pressed.

It also offers an xKill mode. When you press WIN + F4, it launches a skull icon in place of your mouse cursor. You can then drop it on any application you want to close.  In case you don’t want to kill it or on a wrong application, press ESC or escape on your keyboard, and it will exit.

Read: How to force quit a full-screen always-on-top Program or Game.

2] ProcessKO

It’s a portable utility that can kill full-screen applications or games using a keyboard shortcut. Once you download and launch it just use Ctrl+Alt+F4 to kill the foreground process. You can also use Ctrl+Alt+F5 to relaunch the program instead of just killing it.

Apart from this, the application also offers a timer utility using which you can kill a pre-selected application after some time. If this is one of your requirements, you can add programs to your favorite list, and access them anytime. The application can be set to launch with Windows and sit in your system tray after closing it. Get it here.

3] AutoHotkey Script

AutoHotKey is a very popular program used for creating custom shortcuts, and also automate tasks. You can use the below mention details to create a script and launch it using a shortcut when required.

^!F4:: WinGet, active_id, PID, A run, taskkill /PID %active_id% /F,,Hide return

Read: How to force close a Program which Task Manager cannot terminate.

4] TaskKill Command Shortcut

If you know how to create keyboard shortcuts for applications, you can use the below-mentioned taskkill command to create a shortcut to kill any foreground applications. Basically, all these programs use this internally-

taskkill /f /fi "status eq not responding

Windows will add Ctrl + Alt to this, but you can change it to Ctrl + Shift + [Key] or  Ctrl + Shift + Alt + [Key].  Just make sure you are not using the same shortcut for any other program.

5] Process Assassin

You can also use a 3rd-party tool, like freeware Process Assassin. This tool enables the user to select a Not Responding application and terminate it immediately without calling any other external programs. There are options available too.

6] Task Killer

This tool offers a neat way to unload frozen applications, processes or services. It shows the tasks, windows, and services in a pop-up menu.

I am sure that there are many applications out there that can do this for you. However, we have only listed which are easy to use and works without a problem. Let us know if you are using something different.

TIP: Check this post if you want to find out how you can terminate ALL running applications instantly.

Is it better to run games fullscreen or windowed? What is the full-screen shortcut in Windows?

You can use F11, which works on most web browsers; Alt+Enter can help you switch to full-screen for applications. You can also use the Windows key + Shift + Enter shortcut to activate full-screen mode in Windows. If these don’t work, then you need to check with the application settings.

Mac: How To Scan For Malware And Remove It With Free And Paid Tools

Macs are more protected from malicious software like viruses, Trojans, adware, etc. than Windows and Linux. However, they aren’t immune, and more and more malware is being designed specifically for Mac. Whether you just want to do a checkup or think your (or someone else’s) machine might be affected, here’s a look at 7 solid malware/virus scanner Mac tools including free and paid options.

This year we’ve seen new malware that targets Macs including MacStealer and Atomic macOS Stealer which can compromise iCloud Keychain passwords, credit card info, and much more. We’ve also seen the first ransomware for Mac from the LockBit gang surface.

While malware impacts Windows and Linux machines considerably more than macOS, it’s still very important to remain aware and diligent to keep your Mac secure.

As a refresher, here’s how Apple defines malware:

Malware is malicious software, which includes viruses, worms, trojan horses, and other programs that can harm your Mac or your privacy. Malware can be installed when you download items from email, messages, and websites.

Some malware is simply annoying. More often, its intent is to control your Mac to collect personal and financial information, host illegal content, send spam, or harm other computers on the network.

Malware / virus scanner for Mac and how to remove

“If you receive a message that tells you that something you downloaded from the internet is malware, the safest action is to put the item in the Trash, then empty the Trash.”

Apple also highlights to “Avoid opening items from websites and email messages unless you are certain that they come from a legitimate, trusted source. If you are uncertain about the source, delete the item. You can always download it again later, after you make sure it isn’t malware.”

The macOS Gatekeeper built-in security feature can also warn you about potentially malicious software before you install it – but users always have the option to override that and install unidentified apps

You can also set your Mac to only allow software to be downloaded and installed from the App Store:

Malwarebytes is a leader in malware detection and removal and it’s the tool that many Geniuses use to help customers at Apple Stores. While macOS has strong security built-in, Malwarebytes goes deeper to discover and find malicious software:

Malwarebytes for Mac is a free download with a 14-day trial for the full feature set (no credit card or email required)

It’s quick and easy to use the tool to scan for and remove malware

Malwarebytes Premium offers protection against new threats 24/7, blocks apps from suspicious developers, stops adware that annoys you, runs scans automatically, and more

After the free 14-day trial, Malwarebytes for individuals starts from $45/year.

If a multi-purpose Mac utility with malware and virus scanning sounds good, CleanMyMac X is a great option. It’s got 49 tools including an in-depth malware detection and removal utility.

CleanMyMac X goes from $35/year for one Mac

More antivirus options for Mac

If you want to check out other options for finding and removing malware on Mac, here are four more popular choices:

Thanks for reading our guide on malware and virus scanner tools for Mac!

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Free Online Tools To Add Watermark To Videos

In this article, we will cover some best free online tools to add watermark to videos. If you are a content creator, these free tools will be beneficial for you as you can add copyright to your videos in the form of a watermark so that no other creator can use your video. In addition to adding a watermark to your videos, you can also edit your videos for free using these tools.

Free online tools to add Watermark to Videos

We have the following online tools on our list:

Online Converter


WATERMARK VIDEO from KAPWING from Wondershare


Let’s see what features these tools offer and how to use these tools to add watermark to videos.

1] Online Converter

Online Converter is a free online conversion service that comes with different conversion tools. These tools include Unit Converter, Video Converter, Audio Converter, Image Converter, Ebook Converter, and Document Converter. You can add watermark to your videos by using their free Video Converter tool, which is available on their official website chúng tôi It is the only tool on this list that lets you add both text and image watermarks to your videos. The maximum upload size of the video is 190 MB.

How to add watermark to videos using Online Converter

Select the type of watermark that you want to add (text or image).

Type your text (in case you select the text watermark option) and upload the image (if you select the Image watermark).

Select the position of your watermark.

Select top and left margin (in pixels).

The time taken by the software to add a watermark to your video depends on the size of your video. However, if the upload process takes a very long time, cancel it, reload the page, and upload the video again.

The video formats supported by Online Converter include MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, 3GP, WMV, etc. Online Converter does not change the name of the converted video. Hence, rename your video file or save it to another location if you do not want it to replace the original video.


The maximum video upload length is 10 minutes.

You can upload a video of a maximum of 250 MB size.

The export quality of the videos is 720 pixels.

Your videos will have a chúng tôi watermark in addition to your watermark.

How to use chúng tôi to add a watermark to your videos

Visit the official website to add a watermark to your video.

To add a text watermark to your video, select Text from the left side.

Now, select the text style from the available styles. You can select the Font Style and Font Color of your text.

After selecting the text format, type your text in the Text Box. You will see your text watermark in the video preview available on the right side.

By default, the text watermark does not cover the entire video. If you want your text watermark to appear on the entire video, type the time accordingly. The time fields are available just below the Text Box.

After adding a watermark to your video, you can play it in your web browser or download it as MP4, MP3, and GIF. Moreover, you can also email the video, embed it into your website by copying the embed code, and share it on social platforms.


WATERMARK VIDEO is a free tool from KAPWING that lets users edit videos. You can use this free tool to add test watermarks to your videos. It also has both free and paid plans. The free plan comes with good features but has some limitations. Some of these features and limitations are:

Unlimited exports of videos.

A KAPWING watermark will be added automatically to your videos along with your text watermark.

The maximum upload limit in the free plan is 250 MB.

You can export videos of a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

You will get 1 watermark free video every month in the free plan. For this, you have to create a free account on its official website.


Let’s see how to add a watermark to your videos using the free WATERMARK VIDEO tool from KAPWING.

After uploading a video, you can edit it by using the tools available on the left and right sides.

Now, select the style of your text from the available text styles.

You will see a sample text in the selected text style in the video preview. You can access the tools to change the text format, text color, text size, etc., from the right side of the interface.

4] chúng tôi from Wondershare from Wondershare is one more free tool to add a watermark to videos for free. chúng tôi is only supported in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. You cannot use this tool in browsers other than Chrome and Edge. Before we talk about how to use chúng tôi let’s see what features you will get in its free plan.

You can edit videos with a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

If you want to convert a video or an audio file, the maximum size limit for that file is 100 MB.

The maximum file size that you can upload for video and or audio compression is 500 MB.

Only 25 files are allowed to compress or convert.

The processing speed is normal.

Unlike the two free video watermark tools listed above, you will not get a chúng tôi watermark or a Wondershare watermark in addition to your text watermark in the free plan.

How to use chúng tôi from Wondershare to add a watermark to videos


After uploading the file, chúng tôi will show your video in the preview pane and display all the frames of your video at the bottom.

5] Flixier

Flixier is an online video editing tool that comes with both free and paid versions. You can use Flixier to add a watermark to your videos. Have a look at some of the features and limitations that you will get in the free plan of Flixier.

Storage space of up to 2 GB.

Export time of up to 10 minutes per month.

Maximum video resolution of 720 pixel HD.

Your videos will have a Flixier watermark in addition to your text watermark.

How to use Flixier to add a watermark to videos

You will see different options to upload a video. You can upload a video from your device, Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive, URL, etc.

After uploading the video, you can add text by selecting the Text option from the left side. The text formatting options are also available in Flixier.

After adding the text, you can stretch the text box (just above the video frames) up to the length to which you want your watermark to appear in the video.

When you are done, you can export your file as a video, audio, and GIF.

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How do I create a watermark online?

You can create a watermark or logo online by using free online Logo Maker and Logo Creating services. Whether you have started a new business or launched a new product in the market, it should have your brand logo. By using these free watermark or logo-creating online tools, you can design your own logo perfectly, no matter whether you have an experience in logo creation or not.

How do I watermark a video on my computer?

You can add a watermark to your videos by using free online services or websites. The free plan of these free online video watermark tools has some limitations but it also offers good features. We have listed some best free online tools to add a watermark to videos in this article.

That’s it.

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General Ledger Software In 2023: Benefits & Key Features

Despite the significance of automation for businesses, the deployment of automated AP systems has been slow so far:

9% of AP departments consider themselves completely automated.

54% of AP departments throughout the world still rely on manual processes.

However, AP departments are now starting to invest heavily in automation:

In 2023, 41% of businesses expect to implement Accounts Payable automation.

5% of 2023 respondents expect full department automation within 6-12 months.

To help those investing in AP automation, this article demonstrates the benefits of using a general ledger software, as well as the tools and technologies available to help businesses manage their general ledger effectively.

What is a general ledger software?

A general ledger (GL) is a record of a company’s financial transactions. A general ledger software is a computerized accounting system that automates recording and tracking these transactions, including:






Transactions are recorded in general ledger in a chronological order, with each transaction being recorded in at least two accounts. For example, when a company buys goods on credit, the transaction will be recorded in the accounts receivable account and the inventory account. 

General ledger is usually maintained by the company’s accounting department and is an important tool for financial reporting and analysis because it serves as the central repository for all of a company’s financial transactions. It includes all of the accounts that a company uses to record its financial activity. 

A general ledger software can also:

Generate journal entries automatically and reduce the risk of errors and ensures that transactions are recorded accurately

Provide real-time financial reporting, allowing a company to track its financial performance on an ongoing basis. 

Generate financial statements such as the balance sheet and income statement.

4 benefits of general ledger software 1. Increased efficiency

A general ledger can be complex to set up and maintain, especially for companies with a large number of financial accounts. This can be time-consuming and requires a high level of technical expertise. 

A general ledger software is typically less complex than a manual general ledger because it automates

The generation of journal entries

The preparation of financial statements

The tracking of financial transactions.

In addition, if a general ledger is not properly integrated with other systems, it can lead to data inconsistencies and inefficiencies. A general ledger software can be integrated with other accounting systems, such as:

2. Increased accuracy

Accuracy of financial data is also improved with accounting software. General ledger’s primary function is to record the company’s financial activities and to generate financial and management reports like balance sheets and profit & loss accounts to assist stakeholders in making decisions.

A general ledger software automatically creates detailed account balances for financial reports and keeps financial data

Up to date



so that stakeholders can reach efficient decisions.

Companies must ensure that sensitive financial data is secure and protected against unauthorized access. General ledger software has robust security measures in place to protect against unauthorized access to financial data. This can help to prevent financial fraud and data breaches or leaks.

4. Improved visibility 8 key features of general ledger software

Accounting systems are built around a general ledger. General ledger softwares are therefore important tools for financial reporting and analysis to ease the processes for business’ accounting departments.

Accounting firms look for a financial software that is dynamic, adaptive, and scalable, while also providing them with the flexibility, insights, and control to keep up with rapidly changing business requirements. Here we provide 8 key features of general ledger software:

Automatic generation of journal entries

GL software can automatically generate journal entries based on data entered into the system. General ledger software can be customized to automatically add transactions in more than one accounting ledger, which streamlines the process.

Custom segments

Custom general ledger segments including:

Profit centers



Product lines

can be defined with GL software. This can be particularly useful for companies with complex financial structures or operations in multiple locations.

Financial transparency

Using general ledger software, income and expenses can be tracked in real time against budgets. These budgets can be created within the system or imported as files, allowing organizations to closely monitor their financial performance and make informed business chúng tôi feature can be particularly useful for organizations looking to optimize their financial planning and management.

Financial reporting

An automated general ledger system can provide real-time financial reporting, allowing a company to track its financial performance regularly. It can also generate financial statements such as the balance sheet and income statement.

Support for multiple currencies and banking integration: 

General ledger softwares can provide complex financial needs with multi-currency capabilities. These features can:





several currencies according to local and worldwide accounting standards.

Multiple books

General ledger software can help companies navigate complex and regulated environments by streamlining compliance with local regulations and multiple reporting requirements.

This streamlined approach can help to reduce the time and effort required to manage multiple books and ensure compliance with various accounting standards.


Automated general ledger is a feature in AP software. Check out this list to learn more about accounting software and evaluate 483 services based on comprehensive, transparent and objective AIMultiple scores.

If you have further questions regarding AP automation you can reach us:

This article was drafted by former AIMultiple industry analyst Kübra İpek.

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





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