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Nokia Clear Black Display

TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display)

It is a variant of LCD using thin film transistors. TFT LCD Is an Active Matrix LCD, which means every pixel, is attached to a transistor or capacitor, which in turn actively maintains the state of the pixel. The pixels, which are smallest controllable elements of a picture, are arranged in a two dimensional grid. Today all LCD displays are TFT LCD displays. These are most common type of cell phone displays and are often referred to as LCD displays only. Merely knowing that the display type is LCD doesn’t tell you anything about its quality. You can find wide range in quality when it comes to LCD displays. Cheap ones have poor resolution, dull colors and poor viewing angles (for clear visibility you have to be positioned exactly in front of them). Expensive LCD displays will give you high resolution images with extremely wide viewing angles. All LCD require a light source, whose light is reflected by the pixels thus they are thicker than AMOLED screens.

Basic Construction of LCD [VIDEO]

as shown in the video Light can only pass through filters when the molecules of liquid twist by 90 degree or perpendicular to the plane and thus align light waves so as to allow them to pass through the polarizing filter. This switching of Liquid crystal forms the basis of difference between Conventional Twisted Nematic (TN) TFT LCD and IPS LCD.


Apart from these there are many other LCD Derived screen technology being used these days like LG’S NOVA used in Optimus Black which offers much brighter colors at lower power consumption rate.

Retina Display

AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) Diplay

AMOLED is a display technology where display type is OLED and the technology used for addressing pixels in active matrix. These displays are being used by many manufacturers in their flagship devices including Samsung and are significantly sleeker than LCD displays. This technology has now evolved for use in low power, low cost, big size (up to 40 inch) displays. Unlike LCD display this type of display doesn’t require back light and is thus thinner than LCD.

The power consumed in AMOLED display is dependent on what is shown on the screen. it will consume more power when black text is shown on white screen as compared to when white text is shown of black screen. Whereas, LCD displays have constant power consumption rate. This also means black screen will use very low electricity and you will get darker blacks instead of dark grey in various LCD and you will save substantial power if you keep your background color closer to black.

Samsung addressed this problem by using the traditional RGB display in Super AMOLED Plus technology in Samsung Galaxy S2 but reverted back to pentile display with Samsung Galaxy S3(Super AMOLED HD). Samsung claimed that using pentile display didn’t save it any manufacturing cost and the reason for using it was to obtain higher resolution. It also claimed that this display was much more durable.

Super AMOLED HD displays have a resolution of 720 x 1280 Display. It also uses a different algorithm to further reduce the effect of pentile display. Samsung has designed these displays to appear similar to RGB displays when applied at high resolution format.



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Understanding Sap In Digital Marketing

Due to the rapid emergence and evolution of technology, organizations have had to adapt to manage their massive lists of potential customers and develop effective marketing strategies. One of the most common factors that executives have to consider is the need to develop effective marketing programs. With the help of SAP, they can now create and implement marketing plans that are designed to meet the needs of their marketing departments.

The term SAP comes from the process that marketing departments use to increase sales. It involves using various systems and processes to create a dynamic customer profile and then selling more products. The company’s CRM system uses AI to analyze and learn about potential customers. It also stores and segments data to help marketing departments identify and target their ideal customers. The goal of the software system is to help businesses develop a stronger brand and deliver a personalized experience.

What are SAP marketing uses?

Through SAP, we identify which customers are either information seekers or serious shoppers depending on their needs. It then uses various tactics to reach these buyers. For instance, if a customer is looking to lose weight, but they have a lot of urgency around finding a solution that will help them achieve their goals, then the latter might be in the same funnel but is more likely to get messages that are focused on urgency.

One of the main goals of marketing departments is to create campaigns that drive sales. They can do this by engaging with their target audiences and converting those into buyers. Since most campaigns have multiple channels, SAP collects and manages data from various sources.

How to improve your company’s performance in SAP with marketing? Building better marketing campaigns

The marketing department spends a lot of time researching the target customer. This process helps them identify the ideal customer and develop a strategy to meet their needs. However, this is not enough for a larger pool of potential buyers. They need more education and hand-holding to understand the company’s offerings.

Generating website traffic

One of the most critical factors in marketing is traffic. With SAP, you can easily manage your product inventory and sales, as well as collect data about your audience.

Getting people to visit your site is very important, but it’s also very hard to do so if they’re not actively engaged in the process. That’s why it’s important that you have marketing efforts that can help boost site traffic. Through the use of SAP, you can easily collect valuable data about your visitors, which will allow you to improve the way that your company operates.

One of the most desirable companies to work with is SAP. Its culture and ethics are some of the reasons why many people prefer to work for the company for a long time. It has been observed that the company’s retention rate is very high compared to other firms. Its reputation and brand value are also some of the factors that help it make promotions. One of the most effective ways to promote the company is through word of mouth. They reach out to various organizations across the world and hire people who work with them.


The new hub for SAP’s channel marketing division provides the company with a comprehensive view of its partners’ activities, including who’s visiting the platform, what materials are being viewed, and how they are being used. It also eliminates the need for manual reporting and allows them to easily customize reports.

Understanding The Concept Of Git Index

Introduction to Git Index

GIT is one of the most commonly used distributed version controller DVCS among the programmers because of its dynamic nature and vast tool availability to handle the versions. It is known to be the first-ever feature to be added to Git. Index as the name suggests, like any contents of a book, it also maintains the staged changes or we can say indexes the changes that are sent to stage using git add.

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In git DVCS we have the source code on the server which acts as a central repository but along with that, we have it as a local copy or we can call as a local repository on working machines. So even if there is a failure at the server level we can mirror back the local working copy to the server when it is restored. So basically when we work on a branch, commit our changes, it will send the changes to the local repo. We need to use PUSH to send the changes to the server repo. GIT Index is something that comes in between local repo and working directory and it is the one that decides what needs to be sent to the local repo and in fact, it decides what needs to be sent to the central repo.

Detailed Explanation of GIT Index

Please refer below pic to get a more detailed idea.

Here repository in the sense local repo or local copy. From the above pic below are the inferences:

when we start working on an existing file or create and add a new file and save them then git tracks them and mark them as untracked files. We can clearly see them in the below screenshot. I have totally four files in test_git_tools branch and if I give git status the I can see all the files have been modified state.

If you observe the above screenshot it presents us with two options as shown So, in fact, our git is suggesting that it had tracked the changes in the working directory but it is up to us whether we want to strongly track it by sending it to the staging area by using “git add -u” or discard the changes and leave the tracking by using “git checkout”.

Once we add the file to the staging area than when we apply to commit then the changes that are staged will only go to the local repo. Unstaged changes remain.

Once we have added the content to local repo then we can PUSH to submit the changes to server repo.

Above the sample screenshot which shows that there were two files that were indexed and they were committed. Remaining two files were tracked but unstaged so did not commit. But why do we require staging or indexing? Cant, we just directly send the unstaged changes to local repo?

Yes, we can bypass staging and directly commit our unstaged files to repo but doing like this will actually distort the purpose of a version control system. This may be feasible in small projects or enhancing projects but in a fresh project doing like this can cause cumbersome.

Indexing is one of the most critical stages in the development of a project. When we try to develop a project we basically prepare an algorithm on the coding module and prepare a draft code where we are uncertain about some aspects and needs further evaluation. Also, you may decide to add some extra features, or we may add certain optimizations, etc. In these cases, we don’t want to completely discard the thing we developed. By indexing the developed code we can always track the difference between staged file and unstaged same file and clearly get more ideas on different versions. Let us look at this in the below screenshots. From the above screenshot, we can see all the red marked files are untracked. I will add the file to staging which turns the color indicator to green as shown below.

Now i will add one movie name to the staged file forien_movie_list file and perform git status. It looks like as below:

we can see that we have twp versions of the file orien_movie_list one indexed and other untacked. We have a very useful indexing tool called difftool with which we can track the changes to both versions of the file by configuring it with your git.

Now lets the programmers decided that he does not want to keep the new change and doesn’t want it to be staged. Then instead of git add command he can use checkout to discard the unstaged change.

You can clearly see from above the red modified file has been discarded. This you can validate by looking at the content of the file as well.

You can see from above that the files we indexed (in green) have been added again to the unstaged area. Here I have used HEAD with reset the command which says that the latest content that was added to the staging area to be reset (here I have used four files earlier to index, so they were unchanged (red)).

There is also an ls-files option available with git which will list the files in the index. In index basically, full tree and blob information will be available. So when you add something to the stage then it starts closely monitoring that file. We can see this with –debug command along with ls-files. In the below screenshot, we can see that we have two files in the staging area and two files as unstaged. Now when I gave git ls-files -s it will give all the available blob (four files) inside the tree as shown below. But we have added only two files to the staging area and two can use –debug to validate this.

we can see from the below screenshot which files have been staged by the value of ctime,mtime, dev, etc.

Git Index is the most important area when we deal with Git DVCS. There are plenty of commands and tools available of which I have used some in this article to play with indexing and for a serious developer this nothing short of the boom.

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This is a guide to Git Index. Here we discuss the basic concept and detailed explanation of the GIT Index with the help of respective screenshots. You can also go through our other suggested articles –

The Manovigyan: Ancient Indian Understanding Of Psychology

Meaning of Manovigyan

India’s immense information base psychology has access to is still separated from the Indian philosophical writings. Given these religious texts and books, the potential for creating theoretical approaches to oneself and human growth is enormous. In India, psychology is returning to its roots around the beginning of the new millennium, and a new era appears to be dawning. Academic psychology has remained an alien field in India for about a millennium. Psychology was completely acquired from the West around the turn of the 20th century and was introduced in 1916 at Calcutta University.

Indian research developed for a considerable amount of time on the foundation of the Western perspective of investigation and instruction. It has taken a long road for Indian psychologists educated in western art to return to their roots and adopt Indian notions and ideas pertinent to comprehending Indian sociological phenomena. In fact, throughout this lengthy history, reservations have occasionally been raised about the need to integrate psychology with modern cultural difficulties to deal with the difficulties posed by accelerated socio-economic and worldwide developments.

Psychology has spent its entire time like an alien graft attempting to anchor to Indian soil and fit in with the environment. This implantation has expanded throughout the years, with tendrils appearing all around the nation. However, in terms of the actual problems of nation-building, it has yet to produce the desired results and has mostly stayed an academic endeavor. Psychologists’ absence from many national arenas raises major questions about their relevancy and viability. A greater grasp of the present incarnation is necessary to determine the type of psychology we hope to have in the twenty-first century.

Development of the Field

The slow development of academic psychology in India is explained using three justifications. One that is more forgiving is the absence of an intellectually encouraging environment.

Any academic endeavor is viewed as marginal in a nation where a significant portion of the population suffers from inhumane destitution and choices on societal development initiatives are made for political reasons. Education systems beset by an increasing youth population, bureaucratic scheming, and a funding shortage have progressively degraded into non-performers. Competency in research and teaching should be prioritized.

The question of “why psychology in India lags behind most sister sciences, such as sociology, anthropology, and economics,” however, is left unanswered by this. The second pathway is that psychology is a scientific field with some inherent limits. Its focus on micro-level issues and overzealous adherence to empiricist-positivist approaches have constrained the breadth of its psycho-social research. For more practical macro-level issues, this methodology needs to be revised. The narrow scope of the discipline eliminates the necessity of working in practical scenarios or with official or quasi-organizations.

Psychology course availability in colleges and universities has yet to be discovered. Psychologists are engaged in their careers. There is no information that legitimate organizations, including the Indian Council of Social Science Research, the University Grants Commission, or the Department of Technology and science, can provide. According to one assessment, throughout India, there are around 15,000 psychologists. Whatever the scenario, India has the greatest among all psychologists outside of the Western Balkans, and she is regarded as a “publishing giant” in developing nations. Numerous aspirations and anticipation about the discipline’s significant application to the accomplishment of programs aimed at constructing nations have been sparked by its explosive development.

The investigation of subjective experiences and their substance was a topic that was widely documented in ancient Indian scriptures. This ancient exposition’s key distinction is that it emphasizes experiential learning and is the culmination of a lengthy heritage of self-verification. The medieval Indian texts did not establish a rigid division between philosophy, religion, and psychology. The main objective was to support people in their quest for self-realization and freedom from life’s hardships. This philosophy emphasized discovering the “world within” to lessen suffering because it assumed that all pain originated within each individual. To find an enduring equilibrium of the spirit, mind, and body to experience eternal enjoyment. To achieve this, the yoga system developed extremely complex mind-control strategies. This large study area is considered “Indian Psychology” in modern literature.

Journey of Psychology in India

Indian philosophical and artistic heritage is a living force that has endured uninterrupted from ancient to modern times. Multiple thought traditions in this history included psychological phenomena as a fundamental component of disciplined inquiry and analysis.

British hegemony from 1857 to independence in 1947 weakened the vitality of this culture by demeaning its worldview and disciplines in Anglicized schooling institutions. Continental psychology was extended to the Indian subcontinent under the British administration, where it took hold and flourished. Traditional methods, which were long neglected, are now receiving attention and being made known to the globe. It is essential first to clarify some substantial and artistically different elements of Indian psychological approaches since the cultural setting in which they arose differs from the European backdrop of contemporary psychology.


Indian psychologists have made some important breakthroughs. When contrasted with an Indian ideology belief, the foreign ideological stance of current psychology is different in that it offers a variety of viewpoints on existence and death, awareness, human behavior, and values; in such a way that the western style of thought-belief psychology appears on the outside to be overly worldly.

As a result, some theories and books may have little practical application compared to India’s psychological context and demographics. To examine data more effectively and thoroughly, qualitative and numerical data should be analyzed considering the relevance of Indian philosophical underpinnings. One major issue that has to be addressed is the dearth of literature in Indian psychology.

What Makes Dogetti, Bitcoin And Ethereum Popular?

The Trailblazers In The Crypto Community: Dogetti, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

In the highly competitive crypto market, a strong brand narrative plays a crucial role in shaping the image of a cryptocurrency. Crypto enthusiasts are often in search for the latest cryptocurrency to invest in, the top industry leaders – Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have been at the forefront of the market for a long time.

Dogetti (DETI) is the latest meme coin that is creating a buzz within the crypto community with its successful presale.

The Game Changer: Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC), the first and most renowned cryptocurrency, has a powerful brand narrative that revolves around decentralization and financial sovereignty. Its founder, known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, introduced Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, aiming to disrupt traditional financial systems.

Bitcoin’s brand narrative emphasizes trustlessness, security, and the democratization of wealth, attracting investors who value financial autonomy and the potential for high returns.

Bitcoin’s key innovation lies in its ability to enable peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries such as banks or payment processors. This feature empowers individuals to send and receive funds directly, quickly, and with low transaction fees, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Whether you’re sending money to a friend next door or conducting cross-border transactions, Bitcoin offers a borderless and efficient payment solution.

Ethereum: The Innovator

Ethereum, often referred to as the pioneer of smart contracts, has crafted a brand narrative focused on innovation, programmability, and the creation of decentralized applications (DApps).

Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, envisioned a blockchain platform that goes beyond digital currency, enabling developers to build a wide range of decentralized applications. Ethereum’s brand narrative appeals to investors interested in the potential of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the growth of the crypto ecosystem.

The Rise of The Alpha: Dogetti

As a meme token, Dogetti leverages comical and lighthearted elements to capture the attention of investors. By incorporating amusing themes and engaging with the community through memes and interactive content, Dogetti creates a sense of belonging and excitement among its supporters.

What sets Dogetti apart from traditional meme tokens is its emphasis on utility and practical application. While meme tokens often serve as purely speculative assets, Dogetti aims to add tangible value to its token holders.

This is achieved by integrating utility features within its ecosystem, such as governance participation, charity initiatives, or unique functionalities that align with its meme-driven narrative. By combining entertainment with real-world utility, Dogetti attracts investors seeking both amusement and potential long-term value.

Dogetti’s unique approach enables it to engage and retain investors in several ways. Its humorous and community-oriented content fosters a strong emotional connection, generating a sense of loyalty and belonging among its community members.

By regularly interacting with the community, sharing updates, and involving them in decision-making processes, Dogetti cultivates an engaged and supportive investor base. The launch of their exciting presale ending bonus “500FAMILY” gives an exciting 500% bonus, this means that with every $100 purchase, you’ll receive $600 dollars worth of tokens.

Moreover, Dogetti’s focus on practical utility provides investors with a clear purpose and potential benefits beyond speculative trading. This approach enhances investor confidence and encourages long-term holding, as investors recognize the value and usefulness of the token beyond its meme-driven nature.

In the competitive crypto market, a utility-based crypto coin can make a significant difference in attracting and retaining investors. While Bitcoin and Ethereum established their narratives around decentralization, financial autonomy, and technological innovation, Dogetti has carved its own path by embracing humor, community engagement, and practical utility.

By infusing entertainment with real-world value, Dogetti engages investors on multiple levels, creating a strong emotional connection and fostering long-term loyalty with the incredible 2% reflection protocol.

2023’S Most Popular Smart Insights Guides

What guides, templates, examples and Quick Wins have our members found helpful in 2023? We’ve taken a look at this year’s most popular Smart Insights resources

No matter what your membership level, business or personal goals, we’ve aimed to provide you with a broad range of resources to help you achieve them. So, whether you’re trying to improve your skills, upskill your team or grow your business, you’re all set with the support of Smart Insights.

You’re not the only one either, as this year has seen a huge number of people making use of our guides, templates and online learning. To give you some insight into what people have been focusing on in 2023, we’ve taken a look at some of our most popular resources from the last 12 months.

Here are 10 of our most popular guides and Quick Wins and how they could help you individually, your team and your business:

Digital marketing plan template

Our Digital marketing plan template is not only our most popular Free guide, but it is also the most popular resource on our website.

Our research has revealed that many organizations don’t have a digital marketing plan despite the fact that they are doing digital marketing. We all know that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, which is why you need to develop a digital marketing strategy. This is where our planning template comes in.

This template provides you with an easy-to-follow structure for creating an integrated digital marketing plan for your business. It follows our RACE Planning Framework, helping you cover every aspect of planning to ensure you get the best results from your marketing.

Digital marketing plan example

It’s all well and good knowing that you need a digital marketing plan, but if you’ve never created one before, it can be hard to know where to start. Our Digital marketing plan example will help create your planning process by showing you the best practice planning for a fictitious company.

The example is for a B2C company and comes as a Microsoft Word download so you’re able to edit it in order to create your own plan following the same format. The example is also nice and quick, with minimal text but helpful tables that summarise the current situation and future actions.

Digital marketing benchmarking templates

Every business should always consider how they compare to their competitors and the industry as a whole. You also want an idea of what excellence in your niche looks like. This is why you need to incorporate benchmarking into your digital marketing strategy.

Our Digital marketing benchmarking templates are designed to help you quickly review your current performance across digital marketing techniques. They use a five-point scale for different criteria so you can see what you’re doing well and where the gaps in your current capabilities are.

The templates are available for Free Members and will help you better communicate your priorities for improvements to your team or budget-holders.

Create a multichannel marketing plan

Our Quick Wins are popular resources, as they help you develop the practical skills you need to do specific jobs. Even better, they are step-based and – as the name suggests – quick, so you can focus on a job that needs to be done in order to improve your marketing results.

Our most popular Quick Win of 2023 is Create a multichannel marketing plan, which uses tried-and-tested frameworks to help you structure a marketing plan across various channels. The Quick Win provides you with a structure that makes the creation of a plan quicker but also ensures it is easy to understand when you present it.

The micro-learning course will show you all the planning activities and outputs you need to create a multichannel marketing plan that is effective and helps you achieve your objectives.

Digital marketing plan workbook

Another great resource for helping you develop your marketing strategy – it seems like a lot of people have been working on doing just that this year – is our Digital marketing plan workbook. The blank Microsoft Word workbook helps you work through a planning structure based on our RACE Planning Framework as quickly as possible.

Featuring five core templates that are essential for all businesses – no matter what their size – you can create or update your existing digital marketing plan easily. It’s also ideal if you are creating plans for clients, allowing you to showcase example strategies to get buy-in and develop in-depth ones that will help your clients get results.

SOSTAC® Digital marketing planning guide

Resources that make use of our RACE Planning Framework aren’t the only popular ones when it comes to creating and updating digital marketing strategies. Many people this year have found our SOSTAC® digital marketing planning guide incredibly helpful too.

PR Smith’s SOSTAC® model provides a planning structure that makes it so much easier to understand a proposed strategy, helping you get the right buy-in from senior decision-makers. Each section of the guide includes explanations, examples, tools and checklists to make your strategy as effective as possible.

B2B startup digital marketing plan workbook and case study

It isn’t just B2C content that has been popular this year, our B2B startup digital marketing plan workbook and case study has also been used by many Business Members to help inform their digital marketing strategies.

How to conduct keyword analysis in Google Search Console

One of our new Quick Wins, How to conduct keyword analysis in Google Search Console has proved incredibly useful for our members. The micro-learning course takes you through how to use Google Search Console – which is a free tool provided by Google – to conduct keyword analysis.

You’ll discover how to use Search Console to see what terms your site is ranking for as well as how you can boost your ranking factors and increase the traffic coming to your site. Even better, because it’s a Quick Win, you’ll be able to do all of this step-by-step and in a short amount of time.

Digital marketing e-learning course

Our interactive online learning course will take you and your team through the fundamentals of successful digital marketing, helping you to improve your skills and knowledge in order to get results. The Digital marketing e-learning course is structured around our RACE Planning Framework so it covers the full customer lifecycle.

The best part of this course is that it is designed to be super practical. The accompanying workbook means that for each completed topic, you’ll create a digital strategy or plan for your or your client’s business. It’s also not a top-level course as it will allow you to drill down into the 25 most important activities you need to get right as part of creating your digital marketing strategy.

Campaign timeline/project plan template and example

Keeping track of all the paid, owned, and earned media channels you’re using as part of an integrated campaign can be difficult. It can also be hard to know exactly what activities you need to schedule in order to create a marketing campaign that is well-integrated and designed to deliver results. Our Campaign timeline/project plan template and example is designed to help with this.

The Excel template provides you with a fully comprehensive checklist so you can easily sequence different activities for various types of campaign. Whether you’re running a promotion, launching a new product or announcing a new site, the template will help you plan all of your activities across every channel. The template also includes a Gantt chart and timeline, which means you can plan campaigns but also always-on marketing activities.

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