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What is Microsoft Math Solver and How to Use It




If you are on a time crunch and need to solve mathematical problems fast, Microsoft’s Math Solver can help you out.

The tool uses AI intelligence to come up with solutions with a step-by-step guide.

Microsoft Math Solver is available in three versions: as an add-in for Microsoft and Edge browser, as an app for Android and iOS and as a web-based tool.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Microsoft Math Solver is an online tool that helps you find a solution to a math problem. The program can solve linear, quadratic, and systems of equations by graphing, matrix operations, recurrence relations, and optimization problems.

If you have a deadline to meet or are just poor in Maths, this online tool is all you need to solve all kinds of mathematical problems in record time.

The web-based version has more features than the add-in because it has access to all of its functions without requiring any additional software. You can also download it as an application on your devices.

It is often confused for Microsoft Mathematics but it was discontinued and replaced with Microsoft Math Solver.

The tool works with many standard mathematical formats including expressions and allows you to take a picture of your problem and upload it for it to solve.

Is Microsoft Math Solver free? 

Microsoft Math Solver is a free, web-based tool that helps you solve and practice math problems. It is also available as an application.

Wondering how to download Microsoft Math Solver? You can download it from the Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for iPhones. Once installed, you can take a picture for the math solver and wait for it to generate solutions.

How do I use Microsoft Math Solver? How do I get Microsoft Math Solver to show steps?

If you would like to see a detailed view of how the tool arrived at the solution, you can choose to show the steps.

The problem itself

The steps it takes to solve the problem

Corresponding graph

When you have a complex equation that involves many steps to solve, or has multiple ways of solving the problem, the tool will categorize the steps by method.

Expert tip:

How do you use Microsoft Math Solver in Edge?

The tool is also built-in to the Edge browser which enables it to detect problems and solve them without switching between windows. You will have to add the tool to your Edge toolbar before you use it.

To use it in Edge, follow the steps below:

Microsoft Math Solver vs Photomath: Which one is better? 

Microsoft Mathematics Solver and Photomath are two of the most popular math problem-solving apps. If you are looking for a math solver with steps, either of the two can do the job.

The two apps have a lot in common: they both use artificial intelligence to solve math problems quickly and accurately. They also both allow users to upload images of their handwritten homework assignments, which the apps then analyze for correct answers.

This feature alone makes them useful for those who don’t want to spend hours typing out their solutions. When it comes to performance, Microsoft Math Solver takes the crown. It can solve more complex problems than Photomath.

Microsoft Math Solver also goes the extra mile by providing additional learning resources and similar problems so that you can practice.

We hope this guide brought you a step closer to solving your math problems quickly. For more complex mathematical problems, we have an excellent list of mathematical equation writing software you can try when typing special characters.

Also, check out our list of the best education software to build upon your knowledge and hone your skills in various areas.

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What Is Trello And How To Use It?

Our Review Pros Easy to use The desktop app offers enhanced accessibility The free version is still powerful, despite the limitations Cons None Trello app free download

If you prefer the vanilla experience, you can download and use the free Trello version without a hiccup. However, if you want more, you’ll be probably glad to know that you can pay for extra features. You can find a comparison between Trello’s different versions at the end of the review.

But before you jump to any conclusions or get to see the comparison itself, you should know that even the free version of Trello is quite capable of helping you achieve great things. It can also help you make a decision if you’re not exactly thrilled about purchasing a subscription.

Trello is a Windows Store app

As you might have figured from the requirements section, Trello is a Windows 10 Store app. This means that you won’t have to waste time downloading installers and performing traditional setups in order to deploy it to your PC.

Trello desktop app vs web version

Although you can spare yourself the trouble of downloading and installing Trello on your PC and use the web service, the desktop app has a bunch of perks that the web version lacks. Namely:

The desktop app uses far less memory than keeping Trello in a browser tab

You can bring the desktop version of Trello into view by using a global, customizable keyboard shortcut

Receive Trello notifications straight from your operating systems (web version supports browser notifications)

Quick Add keyboard shortcut lets you create a new card easily, regardless of what you were doing on your PC

Includes a menu bar that comes with customizable shortcuts for its menus

You can define a default board that will open whenever you launch the Trello desktop app

Encompasses a list of additional custom keyboard shortcuts for greater accessibility

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to opt for the desktop app. Mainly because the desktop app can provide you with enhanced accessibility, but it’s also more convenient not to launch your web browser every time you need to access Trello.

User-friendly interface

If you’ve ever used a kanban board before, you’ll have no trouble understanding Trello. However, that’s not a requirement, since there’s no complicated matter at all. You have a board that’s made up of lists, each list can be populated with cards, and each card can hold a broad variety of information, ranging from descriptions and images to document attachments, checklists, and labels.

Whether you’re the one trying to organize things or just receive instructions from your leaders through Trello, interacting with it will be a piece of cake. It might require a little getting-used-to at first, but you’ll surely be able to master it in no time.

How to use Trello

As we’ve casually mentioned above, Trello is great for organizing, and not just business-related stuff. While it does work wonders if used right within a company, you can use it even for menial tasks such as keeping track of chores.

Once you create a board you can start creating lists, which will act like large containers, and add cards to these lists. Cards will display activity so that you’ll always know which member did what modification to your content.

It’s possible to add descriptions, labels, checklists, due dates, and attachments to the lists. Additionally, you get to assign members to certain cards. Last, but not least, you can move, copy, watch, or archive cards, and even turn them into templates.

What is Trello?

All things considered, if you ever had trouble with keeping things organized, Trello can lend a helpful hand. You can use its intuitive features to keep a tidy operation regardless of whether your purposes are business-related or personal.

Trello has a web version, which you can use straight from your browser, but there are several benefits linked to using the desktop app. Also, there’s a free version of Trello that’s somewhat limited, but you can purchase a subscription plan if you’re looking for extra features.

FAQ: Learn more about Trello

Is Trello good for personal use?

Despite that many companies rely on Trello for helping them organize info, this product can be a trustworthy assistant even for home users. If you need some decluttering in your daily routine, Trello can easily help you achieve it.

Is Trello free?

Trello provides you with three versions: free, business, and enterprise. The first one is obviously free to use, while the last two ones require paid subscriptions to be used. However, even the free version offers you a wide variety of organization tools.

Can you turn a checklist item into a card?

Yes, if you have a checklist and you want to create a card based on an item in that list, just select the item, hit the “…” button and select “Convert to Card.” Congratulations, you turned the item into a card without breaking a sweat.

What Is Rizz Gpt And How To Use It?

See More : Chat GPT 4 Login free: Access OpenAI’s Latest Model for Free

Also Read : What is ZeroGPT and How to Use it?

Here are the benefits of using Rizz GPT:

RizzGPT can be especially beneficial for individuals with social anxiety, public speaking, or communication difficulties. By providing contextually relevant responses and real-time feedback, RizzGPT can help users improve their communication skills and build confidence in difficult conversations.

RizzGPT’s chat-based game offers a fun and interactive way for users to improve their conversation skills, make new friends, and find companions.

With its intuitive design and seamless user experience, Rizz! makes it easy for anyone to use and improve their conversation skills.

More Resources : Best 10 AI Face Generators You Should Try in 2023

To use RizzGPT follow these simple steps:

To use RizzGPT, you’ll need to obtain the AR monocle, which is the specific tool that utilizes the GPT-4 language model to generate real-time responses during conversations.

Once you have the AR monocle, wear it on your head and adjust it to fit comfortably.

Read the responses displayed on the AR monocle and choose the ones that best fit the conversation.

Use the selected responses to continue the conversation, and the AR monocle will continue to generate further responses.

For Rizz!, the process is as follows:

Download and install the Rizz! app from the App Store or Product Hunt.

Open the app and allow it to access the necessary permissions.

Select the specific feature you want to use, such as email, text, or social media responses.

Start typing your message, and as you type, Rizz! will generate real-time suggestions for creative and customized responses based on the context of your message.

Choose the response you like best and insert it into your message.

Edit and customize the response as needed, and then send your message.

Q. What is Rizz GPT?

Rizz GPT is a unique tool created by Stanford students that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to assist people in navigating difficult conversations. It uses GPT-4 and Whisper to generate intelligent and contextually relevant responses.

Q. How does Rizz GPT work?

Q. What are the benefits of using Rizz GPT?

The benefits of using Rizz GPT include generating intelligent and contextually relevant responses, improving communication skills and building confidence, offering a fun and interactive chat-based game, generating personalized responses with the RIZZ app, and providing an intuitive design and seamless user experience.

Q. How does Rizz GPT stack up against other AI writing tools?

Rizz GPT utilizes the GPT-4 language model and offers an AR interface, while other AI writing tools like Writesonic, chúng tôi and ChatGPT use the GPT-3 language platform and provide unlimited access to templates.

Q. How to use Rizz GPT?

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Swr Meter � What Is It How To Use It

What is SWR Meter?

SWR meter stands for Standing Wave Ratio meter, it is a measuring instrument used to measure the standing wave ratio (SWR) in a transmission line or transmitter feeder. It is also known as VSWR or ISWR. There are different types of SWR meters available, however, the working principle of all the SWR meters is the same. In this article, we will discuss the SWR meter along with its working and applications.

The SWR meter measures the degree of mismatch between a transmitter feeder and its antenna (load). This measurement is used to know the effectiveness of the impedance matching in the system.

SWR meter provides information about the amount of radio frequency (RF) energy that is reflected back to the transmitter as compared to the amount of radio frequency energy that the transmitter sent during the operation. This ratio should not be high. The ideal ratio is 1:1, which indicates that the energy is reached the destination and no energy is reflected back to the transmitter.

In the radio industry, the most common type of SWR meter used contains a dual-directional coupler. It samples a small amount of energy in one direction and a diode is provided in the circuit to rectify it before applying it to the SWR meter. However, when we use an SWR meter with a single directional coupler, then the coupler is to be rotated at 180° for sampling the power which is coming out from two different directions. The forward and reflected powers sampled by the single coupler are then used to determine the standing wave ratio. Sometimes, two single-directional couplers are provided one for each direction.

The SWR meter is used at very high frequencies, but cannot be used at low frequencies due to impractical long transmission lines.

What is the Standing Wave Ratio?

Before discussing how to use a SWR meter, it is fruitful to get the basic knowledge about standing wave ratio (SWR). The SWR may be defined as under −

The standing wave ratio (SWR) is defined as the ratio of the highest radio-frequency voltage to the minimum radio-frequency voltage through the transmission line. Here, the standing wave ratio is determined in terms of the voltage of the transmission line. Therefore, it is called the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).

The standing wave ratio (SWR) may also be defined as the ratio of the highest ratio-frequency current to the lowest radio-frequency current through the transmission line. Since, in this case, the SWR is identified in terms of line current, hence it is called current standing wave ratio (ISWR).

Working of SWR Meter

To understand the working of the SWR meter, we consider a directional SWR meter as shown in Figure2. The directional SWR meter is used to identify the amplitude of the transmitted wave and the amplitude of the reflected wave.

This SWR meter consists of a transmitter (Tx) terminal and an antenna (ANT) terminal which are connected through a transmission line. Here, the directional couplers are used to couple the transmission line electromagnetically. Resistors are used to terminate the transmission line at one end whereas diodes are used at another end of the line for modification. Here, resistors help in matching the characteristic impedance of the transmission line, whereas diodes assist in changing the amplitude of the signal to their corresponding DC voltage, which is then smoothed by the filter capacitors.

How to Use SWR Meter?

Using an SWR meter is quite simple; the following steps are to be followed −

Step 1 − Find a clear channel or frequency.

Step 2 − Reduce the output power from the transmitter.

Step 3 − Set the mode switch to a mode like CW, AM, FM, etc. where a constant output is produced.

Step 4 − Set the VSWR meter switch provided on the front panel to FORWARD, and rotate the CAL knob down to prevent the overloading of the meter.

Step 5 − When the transmitter is transmitting, adjust the CAL knob to obtain a full-scale reading.

Step 6 − With the SWR meter calibrated for the forward power, switch the meter to the reverse position and take the reading.

Step 7 − Stop transmitting, and check on other frequencies in the same way.

SWR Formula

The standing wave ratio (SWR) is calculated by the following expression −

Where, Γ is called the reflection coefficient, and is given by

$$mathrm{Gamma = frac{V_{rev}}{V_{fwd}}}$$

Applications of SWR Meter

The following are some important applications of the SWR meter −

SWR meter is used for the installation and tuning of transmitting antennas.

SWR meter is also used in microwave-based medical applications like microwaveelectro surgery.

In electronics, the SWR meter is used for adjusting radio transmitter and their antennas and feedlines.


In this article, we discussed the SWR meter, its working, formula and applications. A major limitation of the SWR meter is that it does not measure the actual impedance of the load, but only the mismatch ratio. Therefore, to measure the actual impedance, we need a radio frequency measuring device like an antenna analyzer.

What Is The Google Home App And How To Use It

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

The Google Home app is one of the most effective tools for managing your smart home. Given the increasing adoption of smart home devices and Google’s prevalence in that space, the app is increasingly one of the go-to hubs for controlling all aspects of domestic tech.

But what is the Google Home app, how does it work, and what can you do with it? We’ve answered all of these questions in this handy guide.

What can you do with the Google Home app?

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

The app can be used to control an almost endless list of smart devices, such as cameras, lights, and speakers. Multiple devices can be activated at once, and you can even set them to be automated. It’s also useful for managing services like calendars, to-do lists, and media subscriptions.

There are dozens of types of devices that can be controlled by the app, and each one has a range of functions that can be performed remotely. This adds up to hundreds of actions you can perform with the app. Listing those functions would be endless, but we’ve summarised the features of the app that you can explore.

Google Home app features

Here’s a rundown of the general features that the Google Home app offers:

Set up Google devices — From the Google Nest Mini to your Google Nest Wi-Fi router, Google Home is the app you use to configure them when you’re first setting them up.

Control and manage compatible devices — Thousands of smart home devices from many brands are compatible with Google Assistant. The Google Home app can detect what type of device they are and give you the means to control them in-app or with your voice. Popular actions include adjusting the thermostat, making calls, changing the music, and much more.

Quick actions — These make controlling your devices easier via shortcuts in the app. This could be a link to your camera feed or access to your smart thermostat. You could also set routines for multiple devices, such as having several lights turn on at a scheduled time in the evening.

Group devices — Your devices can be organized into groups. This could be a connected set of speakers, or it could be every smart device in one room.

Alerts and notifications — The app has a feed of notifications about important device activities and reminders.

Adjust settings — Find and manage settings for all of your devices, services, and home members.

New features

On top of the usual features above, the Google Home app recently got a revamp to include some new additions. You can already preview this version of the app with these new features, some of which are:

Spaces — Quickly view and control groups of similar devices such as compatible lights, cameras, and thermostats.

Media mini player — Be better placed to adjust settings on video playing in your home by actually viewing what’s on the screen through the app.

Automation — Go beyond routines and build your own automation, such as one smart home device detecting movement and triggering the activation of other devices.

The Google Home app is available on your phone or tablet as with any app. It has recently also become an option on the Pixel Watch and other Wear OS 3 wearables.

You’ll then be asked to set up a device, which you can do at this point or any time afterward. You can either select New Device to add a device, or you can link one of your existing devices already previously identified in the app.

When adding a new device, you’ll be asked to give the app permission to detect and connect to nearby Bluetooth devices. Do this and follow the subsequent prompts to locate and add the device or devices of your choosing.

As you add devices, you’ll see them accumulated on your home screen, which should now show your home’s name. To add more devices, create speaker groups, manage your services, and more, you’ll find all of the options you need in the Add and Manage menu. This is accessed by tapping on the + symbol in the top left of the home screen.

Now that you’ve connected your account, created a home, and added your devices, you’re all set. The possibilities from here are limited only by the functionality of your devices.


Yes, the app is free to download and use. But if you are using it to control services that require a subscription such as Spotify, you will have to pay for that subscription.

If you don’t use the app and want to delete it then nothing will happen. If you use it to control your smart home devices then deleting it will remove that ability, and you may lose any settings or configurations from within the app for your smart home devices.

What Is WordPress And Should You Use It?

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

WordPress is used to run 43% of all websites on the internet. It is deployed by huge international entities such as Microsoft, Sony Music, PlayStation, Time Magazine, CNN, Disney, the White House, and many more. It is basically the engine that fuels a lot of the internet and keeps it ticking along. But what is WordPress exactly? How does it work, and should you use it for your website?

WordPress features

Now that we have established what WordPress is, let’s now look at the features which make it the go-to content management system for a large chunk of the internet. There are a lot of worthy features, so we can’t possibly cover each one. Instead, here are the biggest and the best features which make WordPress stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Plugins for every conceivable user need

Once you have the theme up, the next step is to start adding functionality to your site. This functionality comes in the form of plugins, of which there are a huge number of free ones and an even bigger number of paid ones.

Saying that, though, resist the urge to install too many plugins. The more you install, the more your site will slow down when someone visits it. This will, in turn, affect your Google search ranking, which these days heavily relies on page speed. I would say that, if you start going over 15 plugins, you should start seriously reviewing them to see if you can uninstall any. If you get to 20, then you really need to stop and be a bit more selective.

Optimized URLs

If you want to rank high in search results, there are many things you need to remember. But one very important one is having an optimized URL structure. A URL that is descriptive, short, and indexable to Google.

In WordPress, you can specify which elements go into your links, as well as what structure you want to have.

Essential WordPress plugins

After 15 years or so of using WordPress, I have developed a core list of the essential plugins that go on each of my sites. Here they are.


Everybody wants to be on page one of Google. Otherwise, what’s the point? The best way to get there is to use a dedicated plugin that will tell you what you’re doing right and wrong SEO-wise on your site. The industry leader, by far, is Yoast.

The free version is more than enough for casual users, but if you’re a business, you should pay the $99 a year to upgrade to the premium plugin. They also have other premium plugins for WooCommerce shops, local businesses, video SEO, and getting into Google News.

Broken Link Checker

Links break all the time, as sites take down pages or change the URL of pages. Not everyone has the presence of mind to set up an automatic redirect to the new link. So if you link to a page, and that link suddenly disappears, your visitor will end up looking at the dreaded 404 page not found message. Broken links can also negatively affect your search rankings.

Broken Link Checker sits on your WordPress dashboard and flags any links it believes to be broken. You also get an email notifying you. You can then check the link, and if it is indeed broken, the plugin can remove the link for you.

Using WordPress on a local computer

If you want to test any WordPress themes, plugins, or other tweaks, but don’t want to do it on a live site, then the best option is to make a local installation on your computer. The best software app for this is definitely Local. It sets up a site and opens it in your browser. When you close down the site, it disappears again.

This is invaluable if you are not sure about a plugin and want to test it first before putting it on a live site. Or if you want to mess around with different themes.

Should you use WordPress?

FAQs is the free version that you must download and install onto your own web server. chúng tôi is the version hosted by WordPress, which you can pay for. is installed with a default free theme, and every year, they bring out a new default free theme. You can also search the WordPress directory and the internet for other free themes. You’re spoilt for choice, but the quality greatly varies.

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