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WhatsApp, announced that it was not requesting any new rights to collect personal information in the agreement it created for the European Union

Barely a day passes without another social media platform notifying me of updated terms of business. Now, in a new twist to the ongoing data protection saga that is European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – due to come into effect on 25th May 2023, WhatsApp intends to ban under 16 year olds across Europe from its system. Potentially that represents a significant chunk of its 1.5bn users. (WhatsApp is the fifth most popular social network with 12 -15-year olds, after Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube).

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According to researcher eMarketer, about a fifth of Snapchat users in the US are aged 12-17.

Currently, WhatsApp is available to children aged 13 years +.  According to a 2023 report by the media regulator Ofcom, approximately a third of all UK-based 12 to 15-year-olds active on social media use WhatsApp. Ofcom suggests that half of children aged 11 and 12 have a social media profile, despite most platforms’ minimum age is 13. Over the next 21 days, WhatsApp users will need to confirm that they are aged over 16, as well as agree to updated terms and privacy policies.

WhatsApp, announced that it was not requesting any new rights to collect personal information in the agreement it created for the European Union.

“Our goal is simply to explain how we use and protect the limited information we have about you,” it said.

Outside Europe, WhatsApp’s minimum age of use will remain 13 years.

Cheating the system

Already many have criticised the blatantly obviously loophole in WhatsApp’s plan; namely, how will WhatsApp check ages? According to press reports, at the time of writing WhatsApp still had not explained how it will maintain the new age controls.

It’s parent company Facebook, which already bars under 13s from signing up, is taking a completely different approach.  It will invite a parent or guardian of 13 – 16-year olds to provide permission for them to share information on the platform.  If not, the youngsters won’t get to enjoy a fully personalized experience which includes sharing their political and religious views.

However, it’s widely accepted that a hefty portion of Facebook users are not quite 13 years old. They simply pretend that they are; after all, there are no immediate practical consequences.

Legally, all websites and apps are obliged to “make reasonable efforts to verify” that a parent or guardian of someone aged under 16 years has provided consent for their child’s data to be managed. Some countries – including the UK – have been allowed to set the limit to under 13 years of age.

Facebook recently found itself named the latest ‘bad-child’ hanging around the social media block, since disclosing in March that the personal information of millions of users erroneously ended up in the hands of political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

Equality for all – except kids blasting out all-night raves

Apple Inc., along with other Silicon Valley firms want to give people in America and elsewhere equal protections and rights which their European counterparts are set to enjoy.

Amazon has initiated new parental controls to its Alexa assistant. They include time limits to prevent children using Amazon’s smart speakers all night, and a “magic word” utility that will force younger users to say “please” when interacting with Alexa. Parents will be able to block songs with explicit lyrics played via Amazon’s music service.

Meanwhile, in its next software release, WhatsApp will let users download reports detailing the make and model of device they use, contacts and groups, as well as blocked numbers.

GDPR promises to be the most significant overhaul of online privacy since the birth of the internet; giving Europeans the right to know what personal data is stored as well as the right to have it deleted.  GDPR also includes explicit rules to protect youngsters whose personal data is processed to provide online services.

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Foursquare Updated Ahead Of Swarm App Launch

Foursquare, the popular location-based social platform, is set to release a brand new Swarm app today which will “help people keep up and meet up with their friends”.

As a result, the existing free iOS client has just been updated with some changes you should know about. Announced two weeks ago, Swarm combines new mayorships, introduces stickers, offers detailed insights about your life and much more.

If you have Swarm installed, the new Foursquare 7.0.8 update includes a peek at some of the upcoming changes to Foursquare ahead of a major search-focused revamp due this summer…

iTunes release notes for Foursquare 7.0.8 mention no other changes aside from the aforementioned “upcoming changes to Foursquare” ahead of Swarm launch. If you haven’t installed Swarm yet, this Foursquare update will not detail the changes.

Specifically, there are no more ousting of mayors in the Foursquare app although it will continue to show the mayor as of today, frozen in place. Your profile will still display the list of proud mayorships you hold but, again, ousting of mayors will no longer be possible.

Swarm introduces a Mayors 2.0 feature based on the same 60-day historical window like the Foursquare app. If you’re mayor of a place where you and your friends go now, you’ll also be mayor amongst your friends in the Swarm app. As for your earned badges, they’re still available in your Foursquare trophy case.

The Swarm app is depicted on the screenshots throughout this article.

In a nutshell, Foursquare wants its main mobile app to focus on check-ins minus the gamification that has often been associated with the software. “We never set out to make a ‘game’,” a blog post says. “We wanted to make people’s experiences more fun and playful.”

Now that Foursquare is 50 million users strong, the team is moving these gamified features such us points (a measure of how exciting your outings were), badges (a sense of accomplishment) and mayorships (competing with your friends) to a dedicated Swarm app.

The app focuses on your nearby friends so there’s no invite list and you can “leave it as open-ended as you want.” The app centers around your activities, visible to all your friends in your city.

Speaking of which, your friends in Swarm can see if you’re in their neighborhood and how close you are. To enable or disable this neighborhood sharing feature, simply swipe right at the top of any screen, like this.

Another powerful Swarm feature: location history search.

When you tap over to your profile, the search field pops up allowing you to search for just about anything, be it a city, a person or a type of place – Swarm will analyze your old check-ins to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Swarm highlights:

You guys have told us you love the little nuggets of insight we serve up after each check-in, like “Your 4th week in a row at your gym,” or “Your first time hanging out with Jason in 3 months.” These will continue to be an important part of Swarm.

In the new Swarm, we built a bunch of stickers you can attach to your check-ins to quickly express how you feel or what you’re doing. (Don’t worry, they’re all free!) We’ll give you a few to start off with and, as you go out and explore the world, you’ll unlock more based on the places you visit. (Hint: try checking in at lots of different types of places to unlock new ones!)

We wanted to get back to a fun way to compete with your friends instead of all 50,000,000 people who are on Foursquare. With these new mayorships, if you and a couple friends have been checking in to a place, the person who has been there the most lately gets a crown sticker.

So you and your friends can compete for the mayorship of your favorite bar, without having to worry about the guy who is there every. single. day. Mayors 2.0 means that places can have many different mayors, one for each circle of friends, instead of just a single mayor at each place.

In the new Foursquare (coming this summer), we’ve also built the spiritual successor to badges. Badges were always meant to recognize and reward people who would seek out and find awesome things in the real world, and we found a great new way to do that.

More about the Swarm app can be found at the official website.

The decision to create Swarm while rethinking the main Foursquare app may have had something to do with heightened competition in this space.

Although Microsoft recently bought a stake in Foursquare worth fifteen million dollars, the startup is about to lose an important client as Facebook-owned Instagram has been testing location integration with Facebook Places.

Therefore, Foursquare will lose (or already has lost) a significant revenue stream as Instagram stops using its location services. Curiously enough, Microsoft is also a minority investor in Facebook and is its search provider.

Foursquare’s bet here is that the new Swarm app will boost engagement by focusing on gamification because people love to brag about their achievements. The good news is that Foursquare’s main database of check-ins remains unmatched by rivals (Facebook Places is a joke).

At any rate, it’ll be fun seeing how things unfold for Foursquare.

Download Foursquare for free from the App Store.

The app is universal and iOS 7.0 or later is required.

The Best Gaming Monitors Under $200 Of 2023

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Written By Harry Rabinowitz

Updated Apr 26, 2023 12:19 PM

How we picked the best gaming monitors under $200

As a critic covering games and gaming hardware, I’ve written about computing and monitors for Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, and NBC Select. I’ve researched, tested, and reviewed dozens of gaming monitors, and have a strong sense of which specs are important, and which are not.

To pick the best gaming monitors under $200, we relied on my mix of hands-on testing, peer suggestions, user impressions, and information from professional reviews. We focused on core specifications crucial to a great gaming monitor: resolution, frame rate, connectivity options, and price.

The best gaming monitors under $200: Reviews & Recommendations

The best gaming monitors under $200 come from a few well-known monitor manufacturers, primarily Acer and AOC. Many of our recommendations feature similar specs, including a 1080p resolution, a 24-inch screen, a VA panel, and a 144Hz response time. Though the range of specs is limited, they can still make your games look good.

Best overall: AOC G2490VX

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: The AOC G2490VX gives all the specs you need at the price you want.


Size: 23.8-inch

Native resolution: 1920 x 1080

Panel type: VA

Refresh rate: 144Hz

Response time: 1ms

Ports: HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, audio out

Ergonomics: Tilt, VESA mountable

Variable refresh rate: AMD FreeSync

Built-in speakers: No


Very affordable 

Fast refresh rate and response time

350-nit peak brightness


Some ghosting out of the box

Plenty of monitors hit 1080p, a 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time, but very few give it to you for the same price as the AOC G2490VX. This essentialist monitor may lack some of the trapping found in more expensive displays like extra ports and HDR, but its core specs are right on the money.

It isn’t without problems. Reports suggest you should expect some ghosting issues with fast-moving objects, but these are solved through adjusting the monitor and variable refresh rate settings.

Best curved: AOC C24G1A

Buy it used or refurbished: Amazon

Why it made the cut: Great ergonomics and improved connectivity make the AOC C24G1A an easy recommendation.


Size: 24-inch

Native resolution: 1920 x 1080

Panel type: VA

Refresh rate: 144Hz (165Hz overclocked)

Response time: 1ms

Ports: HDMI 2.0 (2), DisplayPort 1.2, audio out

Ergonomics: Swivel, tilt, height adjust, VESA mountable

Variable refresh rate: AMD FreeSync

Built-in speakers: No


Excellent performance

Multiple HDMI 2.0 port

Adjustable stand


No built-in speakers

Slightly over $200

At $215, the AOC C24G1A 1500R curve feels extremely luxurious. Curved displays tend to be a little more expensive than flat panels, so color us surprised when we found one and that it offers better connectivity and ergonomics than most in its price range. No, it’s no ultrawide monitor, but it’s also not going to stretch your budget like one.

While every other monitor on our list is only tilt adjustable, the C24G1A offers full adjustability, leading to much more customizable viewing angles. It also offers strong performance, with a 144Hz refresh rate screen that can be overclocked to 165Hz via the settings menu. HDMI 2.0 connectivity is appreciated here, as it handles color depth and refresh rates better than HDMI 1.4.

Best for consoles: Acer Nitro QG241Y Pbmiipx

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: HDMI 2.0, HDR10, and built-in speakers are enough to make the Acer Nitro QG241Y a solid, if basic, screen for PC and consoles.


Size: 23.8 inches

Native resolution: 1920 x 1080

Panel type: VA

Refresh rate: 144Hz (165Hz overclocked)

Response time: 1ms

Ports: HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, audio out

Ergonomics: Tilt, VESA mountable

Variable refresh rate: AMD FreeSync

Built-in speakers: Yes


Great performance

HDR10 support

Two HDMI ports


250-nit peak brightness

Only one of two HDMI ports is HDMI 2.0

The Acer Nitro QG241Y Pbmiipx has a solid combination of features for hooking up game consoles, as well as a gaming PC.

Does it have the finer points that the best monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series systems sing? It does not. The Nitro QG241Y is a 1080p, 144Hz monitor, but it has two HDMI ports, one of which is HDMI 2.0, which supports 1080p at 120Hz, opening the door for high frame rates in games like Destiny 2 and DOOM Eternal, which run at 120 frames-per-second in 1080p on the PS5 and Series X.

The Acer Nitro QG241Y is also the only monitor on our list to feature HDR10, the same HDR standard found on most TV. Unfortunately, it’s a relatively dim panel—just 250 nits—so don’t expect to see a huge benefit in dark corners.

Best 27-inch: AOC 27G2S

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: A 27-inch monitor for under $200 is hard to come by, but the AOC 27G2S has you covered.


Size: 27-inch

Native resolution: 1920 x 1080

Panel type: VA

Refresh rate: 165Hz

Response time: 1ms

Ports: Two HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.4, ,VGA port

Ergonomics: TIlt, Swivel, Height, VESA mountable

Variable refresh rate: Adaptive-Sync

Built-in speakers: No


Fast performance

350-nit peak brightness

Four-directional navigation knob

Great price for size


Some ghosting out of the box

With a tight budget and room for only one or two little luxuries, a 27-inch monitor doesn’t really seem like a great way to get the best bang for your buck. Still, size matters most to some people, so we wanted to make sure you know that you can find a 27-inch display for less than $200.

A larger variation on our top pick, the AOC 27G2S is a fast, affordable, no-frills monitor. Like its 24-inch counterpart, it covers the basics that we look for in a monitor: 1080p resolution, 165Hz, 1ms response time. At 27 inches, you’re trading some pixel density for more screen real estate, which will make the little details in your game look a little less sharp. There’s no denying that it’s fun to play games and watch streaming content on a bigger screen, though.

Buy it used or refurbished: eBay

Why it made the cut: At $140, The Sceptre E248W-19203R is very, very affordable, and makes for a great companion for older systems.


Size: 24-inch

Native resolution: 1920 x 1080

Panel type: VA

Refresh rate: 75Hz

Response time: 5ms

Ports: HDMI 1.4 (2), VGA, audio in, audio out

Ergonomics: Tilt, VESA mountable 

Variable refresh rate: AMD FreeSync

Built-in speakers: Yes


Very affordable

Built-in speakers

Two HDMI ports


75 Hz refresh rate

5ms response time

More than the other monitors on this list, this Sceptre screen comes with some very serious tradeoffs. You only get a 75Hz refresh rate, which may be fine for players with cheaper systems, but seriously limits the lifespan of the monitor. Likewise, it features a reported 5ms response time, which shouldn’t ruin any game, but is dramatically higher than most other displays.

There’s nothing wrong with this display, but we only recommend this display because of its low price. Please keep that in mind.

What to consider before buying one of the best gaming monitors under $200

In this case, our budget—targeting the best gaming monitors under $200—thankfully narrows down our options. Still, you will have to make a choice and we want you to be able to do so confidently. Let’s go over the essential qualities that can make or break a monitor at any price so that you can find the perfect complement to a budget gaming PC.

Resolution and size

Resolution and size are often thought of as unrelated. Well, they shouldn’t be—the two affect each other in profound ways.

Resolution indicates the number of pixels your monitor can show. Generally speaking, the higher your resolution is, the more detailed your image will be. As your monitor’s screen gets bigger, however, you’ll need more pixels to achieve the same level of detail. You don’t just want a lot of pixels, you want strong pixel density.

Nearly all gaming monitors under $200 have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, commonly called 1080p or “Full HD.” In 2023, 1080p is the baseline resolution for PC monitors. Baseline doesn’t necessarily mean bad, though: A 1080p monitor looks sharp on a 24-inch screen, the smallest of the three common monitor sizes. That said, small details can start to look a little less clear on 27- and 32-inch displays, so we recommend sticking with a 24-inch monitor. That said, we do have an especially strong 27-inch option on our list for players who insist on a larger screen.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate, measured in Hertz (Hz), refers to the number of times your monitor can draw a new image each second. Refresh rate is especially important for gaming since your monitor’s refresh rate effectively sets your maximum frame rate. In competitive circles, a high refresh rate may take priority over resolution: In fast-paced competitive games like Fortnite or Apex Legends, having the smoothest, fastest frame rate can give you a competitive edge. 

Generally, we recommend looking for a 144Hz refresh rate for gaming monitors, which allows you to run many games at the maximum frame rate your PC can handle. For $200, nearly all of our picks hit that basic threshold, though there are some exceptions, which will make more sense for casual players and those with older systems.

Response time Panel type

The physical screen of a monitor, the display panel, comes in three different types: Twisted Nematic (TN), Vertical Alignment (VA), and In-Plane Switching (IPS). Without getting too technical, each one has strengths and weaknesses, but most of the recommendations on this list feature a VA panel. VA panels provide better color balance than TN panels while staying more affordable than IPS panels.

Variable refresh rate

Variable refresh rate is a display feature that allows your monitor to sync its refresh rate with the output of the PC or console to which it is connected. Using it delivers smooth images devoid of any hiccups like screen tearing or visual artifacting.

Gaming monitors rely on one of two variable refresh rate formats: Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. These technologies, particularly G-Sync, were designed to pair with graphics cards made by Nvidia and AMD, respectively. That said, there is an increasing amount of cross-compatibility between the two.

Make sure you know whether a monitor supports variable refresh rate and, if so, whether it features G-Sync or FreeSync. We generally recommend getting a G-Sync monitor if you use an Nvidia graphics card. FreeSync is more popular among budget monitors, and every monitor on our list supports it.

FAQs Q: Can you get a good gaming monitor for $200?

Many players, especially those with older gaming PCs or using a PC made for the office, can find a gaming monitor that fits their needs for $200. At this price, you’re aiming for a stripped-down experience, but you can get two of the core specs we look for—1080p and 144Hz—in the best gaming monitors under $200.

Q: What is the best Hz for gaming?

The refresh rate you want to target, measured in Hertz (Hz), will vary based on your PC and what games you’re playing. Your monitor’s frame rate simply sets the upper limit of what it can show you. Given that, we recommend 144Hz frame rate monitor for gaming, which should allow most players with midrange or powerful PCs to play a large number of games at frame rates well above 60Hz in 1080p.

Q: Is a curved monitor better for gaming?

A curved monitor can offer a more immersive feel in cinematic single-player games and first-person experiences. That said, there’s nothing inherently “better” about using one. Some people prefer a flat panel, some prefer curved when it comes to gaming monitors.

Final thoughts on the best gaming monitors under $200

The best gaming monitors under $200 offer surprisingly solid performance for an affordable price. For the most part, these are not “great” monitors by any stretch, but they hit many of the basic benchmarks we look for in a gaming display. If you’re a PC player that needs a new screen and you’re on a tight budget, these will get the job done.

Tiktok And Facebook Bans Trump For Two Weeks

Online platforms take action against President Trump, Donald Trump has been banned from Facebook and Instagram “indefinitely” following the riots at the US Capitol building.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Trump’s accounts would be blocked at least until Joe Biden replaces him as president on January 20.

“We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

The social media had blocked Trump from posting for 24 hours. Additionally, it eliminated a movie of Trump calling the rioters”very particular” and repeating false promises concerning the election.

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However, the most notable movement came in Facebook, which prohibited Trump from the Facebook and Instagram to get”at least the following two weeks,” before the conclusion of the sentence. Mark Zuckerberg wrote this was necessary because of the”usage of the system to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.”

For apparent reasons, Trump does not possess a TikTok account. However, the president’s speeches which helped incite the mob who stormed the U.S. Capitol is going to have no dwelling on TikTok’s platform.

The business affirmed to TechCrunch its articles coverage round the Capitol riots will see it eliminating videos of Trump’s addresses to fans.

It is going to also divert certain hashtags utilized by rioters, such as #stormthecapitol and #patriotparty, to decrease their content’s visibility from the program.

This coverage defines misinformation as material that’s inaccurate or untrue. And it clarifies that although TikTok encourages individuals to have respectful discussions on topics that matter to them, it does not permit misinformation which could lead to harm to people, their community or even the larger public.

And, like it did in November, TikTok is blocking hashtags to decrease content’s visibility. It is now blocking tags such as #stormthecapitol and #patriotparty amongst others and transmits these questions to its Community Guidelines.

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TikTok had blocked tags such as #stopthesteal and #QAnon, at an identical proactive method.

We ought to point out that for most Twitter’s posturing regarding moderation and safety, it enabled Trump to go back to its app, after several important tweets have been deleted. Plus it’s to obstruct hashtags connected with fictitious promises, such as #stopthesteal, that continues to function now.

Facebook, on the flip side, banned Trump out of Facebook and Instagram for two weeks. Much like TikTok, it had blocked the #stopthesteal and #sharpiegate hashtags using a message regarding its Community Standards. (Nowadays those hunts are erroring out with messages which say”This Page Is Not Available at the moment,” we discovered.)

Liability Under Consumer Fraud Laws

Consumer Fraud Laws

Consumer fraud laws aim to protect consumers from false or misleading information, unfair business practices, and other forms of deception that can cause harm to consumers. It is legislated to safeguard consumer rights and combat fraudulent market activity. In India, the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 is the fundamental law governing consumer protection and providing recourse for consumer complaints. The Act establishes Consumer Dispute Redressal Forums (consumer courts) at the district, state, and national levels to handle consumer fraud-related complaints.

Consumers who believe they have been victims of consumer fraud can take legal action against the responsible party. In many cases, consumer fraud laws provide for both civil and criminal remedies, giving consumers the right to seek compensation for damages and to hold businesses accountable for their actions.

Samples of Liability Under Consumer Fraud Laws

These are −

Product Liability − It refers to the responsibility of a producer or seller for faults in a product that injure or hurt a consumer

Deceptive Pricing − This refers to actions such as concealing the exact cost of a product or service by charging hidden fees or employing deceptive pricing tactics to make a product appear less expensive than it actually is.

Unfair Trade Practice − It refers to methods such as bait-and-switch, in which a vendor provides a product at a low price in order to attract buyers, but subsequently switches them to a more expensive product.

Relevant Indian Case Law

Following are the major relevant case laws −

Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.

Coca-Cola India Pvt. Ltd. In this case, the Delhi High Court ruled that passing off one product as another, such as selling mineral water under a well-known brand name, is an unfair business practise that constitutes consumer fraud.

M/s. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. vs. M/s.

In this case, the Delhi High Court ruled that a firm can be held accountable under the Consumer Protection Act if it makes false or misleading claims regarding a product’s efficacy.

Coca-Cola India Private Limited versus Bisleri International Private Limited

In this case, the Delhi High Court ruled that passing off one product as another, such as selling mineral water under a well-known brand name, is an unfair business practise that constitutes consumer fraud.

Union of India v. Hindustan Lever Limited Conclusion

Consumer fraud laws are intended to defend the rights of customers and prevent fraudulent market practises. The Customer Protection Act of 1986 in India provides for the redress of consumer complaints and lays out numerous procedures to combat consumer fraud. Under consumer fraud statutes, liability can result from false or misleading promises, unfair commercial practises, misleading pricing, and product liability.

The preceding case law illustrates the implementation of consumer fraud laws in India and serves as a reminder of the significance of maintaining honest and open company operations. In conclusion, consumer fraud laws are intended to defend the rights of customers and prevent fraudulent market activities. The Customer Protection Act of 1986 in India provides for the redress of consumer complaints and lays out numerous procedures to combat consumer fraud. Under consumer fraud laws, liability can result from false or misleading representations and unfair trade conduct.

Ffrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who is accountable for customer deception?

Ans. The manufacturer or vendor of a product or service provider may be held accountable for consumer fraud in India. Individuals who make false or deceptive claims about a product or service can also be held accountable.

Q2. What is the statute of limitations for claims involving consumer fraud?

Ans. The statute of limitations for consumer fraud claims in India is two years from the date of the fraudulent act, or two years from the date the consumer found or ought to have discovered the fraud.

Q3. What are the available remedies for consumer fraud?

Ans. Compensation for any losses or damages sustained, repair or replacement of the product, or a refund of the purchase price are available as remedies for consumer fraud. In addition, the consumer may be entitled to compensation for any hardship or emotional distress caused by the deception.

Ahead Of Public Launch On Sept. 17, Apple Releases Ios 12 Gm To Developers

Soon after today’s “Gather round” event, Apple released the gold master version of iOS 12 to developers. The update, most likely the last before iOS 12 is released to the public, is available through the Apple Developer website and over the air (OTA). 

Officially called the iOS 12 GM seed, this update has a build number of 16A366.

The iOS 12 GM release notes read:

iOS 12 brings performance improvements and exciting new features to iPhone and iPad. Photos introduces new features to help you rediscover and share the photos in your library, Memoji—a new, more customizable Animoji—make Messages more expressive and fun, Screen Time helps you and your family understand and make the most of the time spent on devices, Siri Shortcuts deliver a faster way to get things done with the ability for any app to work with Siri, augmented reality becomes even more engaging with the ability for developers to create shared AR experiences, and new privacy features help protect you from being tracked on the web. This update introduces new features and improvements to:


iOS has been enhanced for a faster and more responsive experience across the system

All supported devices see improved performance, going back to iPhone 5s and iPad Air

Camera launches up to 70 percent faster, the keyboard appears up to 50 percent faster and typing is more responsive*

Apps launch up to twice as fast when your device is under heavy workload*


New For You tab helps you discover great photos in your library with Featured Photos, Effect Suggestions, and more

Sharing Suggestions proactively recommend sharing photos taken at events with the people who are in them

Search enhancements make it easier to find your photos with intelligent suggestions and multiple keyword support

Search for photos based on the place, business name, or event where you were when you took them

Improved camera import with faster performance and a new large preview mode

RAW support for editing images


Portrait mode improvements preserve fine detail between subject and background when using Stage Light and Stage Light Mono effects

QR codes are highlighted in the camera frame, making them easier to scan


Memoji, a new, more customizable Animoji, make Messages more expressive with personalized characters that are diverse and fun

Animoji now also include T. rex, ghost, koala, and tiger

Make Memoji and Animoji wink and stick out their tongue

New camera effects bring Animoji, filters, text effects, iMessage sticker packs, and shapes to the photos and videos you capture in Messages

Animoji recordings can now capture up to 30 seconds

Screen Time

Screen Time provides detailed information and tools to help you and your family find the right balance of time spent with apps and websites

See the time spent in apps, usage across categories of apps, how many notifications are received, and how often devices are picked up

App limits help you set the amount of time you or your child can spend in apps and on websites

Screen Time for kids lets parents manage how their child uses iPhone and iPad right from their own iOS devices

Do Not Disturb

Turn off Do Not Disturb after a set time, location or calendar event

Do Not Disturb during Bedtime hides all notifications from your lock screen while you sleep


Notifications from the same app are automatically grouped together to help you manage your notifications

Instant Tuning gives you control over your notification settings right from the lock screen

New Deliver Quietly option silently sends notifications directly to Notification Center without interrupting you


Siri Shortcuts deliver a faster way to get things done with the ability for any app to work with Siri

Siri suggests shortcuts on the Lock screen and in Search

Get motorsports results, schedules, stats and standings for Formula 1, Nascar, Indy 500 and MotoGP

Search for photos by time, location, people, topic or recent trips to find relevant photos and Memories in Photos

Translate phrases in more languages, with support for over 40 language pairs

Check facts about celebrities, such as when they were born, and ask questions about food, including calories and nutrient content

Turn flashlight on or off

More natural and expressive voice now available in Irish English, South African English, Danish, Norwegian, Cantonese and Mandarin (Taiwan)

Augmented Reality

Shared experiences in ARKit 2 let developers create innovative AR apps you can experience together with friends

Persistence enables developers to save and reload experiences right from where you left off

Object detection and image tracking gives developers new tools to recognize real world objects and track images while they move through space

AR Quick Look extends AR throughout iOS, letting you view AR objects with built-in apps like News, Safari, and Files and share them with friends with iMessage and Mail


New augmented reality app to measure objects and spaces

Draw lines across surfaces or in free space to measure, and tap on a line’s label to see more information

Automatically measure rectangular objects

Capture, share and markup screenshots of your measurements

Privacy and Security

Enhanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari prevents embedded content and social media buttons from tracking cross-site browsing without your permission

Strong and unique passwords are suggested automatically when creating an account or changing a password in most apps and in Safari

Security code AutoFill presents one-time security codes sent over SMS as suggestions in the QuickType bar

Sharing passwords with contacts is easier than ever using AirDrop from Passwords & Accounts in Settings

Siri supports quickly navigating to a password on an authenticated device

Apple Books

All-new design that makes discovering and enjoying books and audiobooks easy and fun

Reading Now makes it simple to get back to the book you’re currently reading or find great recommendations for what to read next

Add books to the new Want to Read collection to keep track of what you’d like to read next

The Book Store makes it easy to find your next favorite read with new and popular selections from our Apple Books editors and recommendations chosen just for you

The new Audiobooks store helps you find immersive stories and informative nonfiction books narrated by your favorite authors, actors, and celebrities

Apple Music

Search now supports lyrics so you can use a few of the words to find a song

Artist pages have an easier to browse design with a personalized station of any artist’s music

The new Friends Mix is a playlist of songs you’ll love from everything your friends are listening to

New charts to show you the daily top 100 songs in countries around the world

Apple News

Apple News is redesigned to make it easier to discover new channels and topics

The new sidebar on iPad and Channels tab on iPhone make it easy to jump straight to your favorite publications and discover new ones


All-new design lets you easily view stock quotes, interactive charts, and top news on iPhone and iPad

Top Stories section includes articles selected by Apple News editors to highlight the latest news driving the market

Read Apple News stories right in the app, formatted to look great on iPhone and iPad

Watchlist includes color-coded sparklines that let you see daily performance at a glance

See an interactive chart for every ticker symbol, plus key details including after-hours price, trading volume, and more

Voice Memos

All-new design with improved ease of use

iCloud keeps your recordings and edits in sync across all of your devices

Available on iPad with support for both portrait and landscape orientation


Get notified when movies and TV shows are available to watch in Up Next

Share your favorite movies, TV shows, and sporting events with universal links

Apple Podcasts

Now supports chapters for shows that include them

Skip 30 seconds or to the next chapter with forward and back buttons in your car or on your headphones

Easily manage new episode notifications from the Listen Now screen


Live Listen now works with AirPods to help you hear more clearly

RTT phone calling now works with AT&T

Speak Selection now supports using the Siri voice to speak text that you have selected

Other features and improvements

Camera effects in FaceTime transform your look in real-time

CarPlay adds support for third-party navigation apps

On supported campuses, use contactless student ID cards in Wallet to access buildings and pay with Apple Pay

Weather includes air quality index in supported regions

Quickly swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go home on iPad

Swipe down from the top right to access Control Center on iPad

Mark Up includes a palette of additional colors and options to change line width and opacity for each tool

Battery usage chart in Settings now shows your usage for the last 24 hours or 10 days, and you can tap a bar to see app use for that period of time

On devices without 3D Touch, touch and hold the keyboard Space bar to turn your keyboard into a trackpad

Maps adds support for indoor maps for airports and malls with indoor positioning in China

New definition dictionary in Hebrew, and bilingual dictionaries in Arabic and English, and Hindi and English

New English thesaurus

Automatic software updates allow iOS updates to be installed automatically overnight

We’ll be adding more information about this update as we find it. Come back for updates.

Apple plans on releasing iOS 12 to the general public on Monday, Sept. 17.

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