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There are hundreds of travel apps on the App Store, but hardly a few can make your journey comfortable. Globetrotters find it challenging to reach some unknown places, where not all vehicles trundle. A traveler requires different vehicles for a different trip. From public transit to bikes, cheap taxis and rental cars – everything should be just a tap away.

Thankfully, Whim happened at the right time. In 2024, Whim was tested by its creators, Maas Global, and the following year, it was released for public use. However, the app was and is available in just three countries: Finland (birthplace), the UK, and Belgium. Maas Global is planning to make this available in more countries in time to come.

Whim: Replace Your Personal Vehicles with an App

There is no comparison between an app and a personal vehicle. Still, the app is touted as the one that will work as a better substitute for your vehicle. A single app is so powerfully developed that you don’t need to use your own vehicle to travel in your city.

You will find the best way to go from one place to another, mixing public transport, and a variety of options from participating private companies. So what are those ‘variety of options’?

Well, you can hire a taxi, a car, or a two-wheeler like a city bike to reach your destination. There are many destinations, where there is no obvious route. Here, Whim suggests you a bicycle from the city’s bike-share scheme.

Multiple Travel Modes

Booking tickets for a different lap of journey is another headache. People have to rely on their legs to reach the final destination from the mass transit. This is tiresome. Whim changes the way you travel. There is no guesswork as it combines various options in the most efficient and cost-effective ways, and getting the user seamlessly from door to door.

Whim is easy to use. In just three steps, you can plan your travel within a city: select how you want to travel; take a ticket, and you are ready to go. The app offers you three monthly plans: Whim to Go, Whim Urban, and Whim Unlimited. The best thing is you can cancel your trip anytime.

Why is Whim a better option?

The global population lives in cities; if you check the reports, half the world’s population lived in cities in 2007. It is expected that by 2050, this figure will reach two-thirds. Of all kilometers traveled by people, two-thirds are traveled in urban areas. This will increase by three folds by 2050 and the urban drivers will be spending an average of 106 hours per year in traffic jams.

Low Adoption of Whim

Whim is easy for users, the real customers. But it is quite a challenge for its developers to bring everything to the table so that users have a seamless experience.

The app needs 3 to 5 percent of the area’s population to subscribe to its monthly package. This subscription will enable Whim to buy transport services in bulk and make some profit from individual clients.

Many consumers from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, have adopted Whim and given up their vehicles. The challenge for Whim is to provide the type of cars customers need at the place and time they need.


Whim is inviting service providers to help them expand their wings in other cities and countries. Maas Global has already raised about 16.5 million euros ($19.3 million) from some transport companies, which include Toyota Financial Services and Transdev SA. Service providers are also calculating how much return they would get from this business.

Currently, the company is working in the Birmingham area in the UK. Moreover, the project is underway in Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, and Munich. Potential locations in North America are Miami, Seattle, and Vancouver.


Signing off…

Whim will undoubtedly revolutionize the way people travel. At present, the app is available only in three countries, but I wish the app were available across the globe to move comfortably in cities.

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App Review: Train Conductor 2

Train Conductor 2: USA is by the developer The Voxel Agents. I saw this game sitting in one of the App Store’s many lists and looking at the 4 star ratings made me do one of those impulse buys that I’m sure you all can relate to.

The game begins with a short tutorial and within a minute or so I figured out what I had to do. The objective is very simple, you must guide oncoming trains to their assigned track without crashing into one another… 

The trains will come from both sides of the screen, and will have a number, letter or color indicating what track they need to get on. Successfully getting on the right track and safely navigating the train to safely leave the screen will give you one point. Eventually accumulated will give you enough to pass the level. However, the game ends when you crash into another train or obstacle, so you have to be lightly fast with your reflexes… or as I have mentioned in my other posts, like a ninja!

Controlling the trains is simple; you will use your finger to draw a line from the train to the corresponding track. Each track and train will have a number, letter or color assigned to it. So for example, if the train has a 3, you must guide it to the track with number 3. Tapping on the train will make it stop and you will use these mechanics over and over while avoiding other trains and obstacles the level throws at you. While simple, it becomes very challenging in the later levels as the speed increases dramatically and soon your fingers will be flying all over the screen.

Hence the name, the game offers 5 different US locations: Nashville, Las Vegas, Miami, New York and the Grand Canyon. Each stage features different music and was designed to reflect it’s actual personality. For example, graffiti in New York, beaches in Miami and so on. In addition, each stage has obstacles like in New York you have to navigate through the pillars without crashing.

That brings to me the next point, obstacles. A neat thing about these stages is that you have to use a different strategy for each one. As I mentioned in New York you have to avoid the pillars, Nashville throws you demon trains and the Grand Canyon makes you navigate through the big ravine without a completely connected track.

The graphics are great, as no two levels look alike. The 2D images and backgrounds are colorful and the music was tolerable but sometimes sounded like those cheap MIDI songs from those old cell phones from back in the day (more specifically, New York!)

I can’t argue with the 4 star ratings in the AppStore but I really didn’t have that much fun playing the game. Don’t get me wrong, the developers did a great job in designing a challenging and visually appealing game but personally, it really wasn’t an enjoyable experience. Crashing my train, restarting, figuring out what I needed to do and passing the level didn’t give me any sense of satisfaction.

But in all honesty, it’s really only my opinion against the hundreds of 4-5 star ratings in the App Store, so it’s definitely just me. Anyways for those looking for a well-packaged game with high ratings and low price then you can buy it for only $.99 in the App Store. I hope to hear your opinions!

The Good:

Each level has it’s own personality and difficulty level

Simple to learn with easy mechanics

4 star AppStore ratings with a low price

The Bad:

Low level of replayability

Too short

Annoying music especially in New York

Download Link

Writely Ai Review: Ai Writing App

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense and dead simple way to create better content for your business or at work, look no further than this Writely AI review.

There’s tons of AI writing tools out there, so we took a look at what makes Writely AI stand out.

Not to be confused with Writerly AI, Writely AI is a web-based platform that uses AI to help you beat writer’s block.

In this review, we will look at some of the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Writely AI, and help you decide if it is right for you.

Writely AI



Writely AI is an online tool that uses natural language generation to help you produce content for a variety of purposes.

Writely AI start page

For example, you can use Writely AI to write blog posts, social media captions, product descriptions, landing pages, headlines, and the list goes on and on.

Because the app is connected to a GPT API, it is essentially a version of ChatGPT with a cleaner interface and the ability to save projects in a more comprehensive manner.

Additionally, you can leverage Writely AI to generate ideas, outlines, summaries, and keywords for your content.

When it comes to things like fiction writing or drafting business emails, a simple interface goes a long way.

We have found that many of the popular and expensive AI writing tools on the market are often riddled with unnecessary features and crowded workspaces.

Writely AI uses OpenAI’s GPT API to generate relevant text based on your input.

The tool works by asking for an initial sentence and then the app provides a recommended completion.

Writely AI text generation example

The user interface is super clean and the minimalist writing space offers three simple commands to finetune your text.

You’re probably used to generative AI tools spitting out enormous blocks of text, and this feature is a great way to cut back on wordiness.

Writely AI functions

Also, the rephrase feature is great for tweaking small parts of a paragraph or sentence to suit your needs.

A nice additional option is the ability to activate team mode.

This enables workspaces where multiple users can collaborate on the same writing project, so you’re not the only one staring at a wall of text.

Writely AI offers a very limited free trial that only allows you to run the tool three times.

We feel this isn’t the best way to get a feel for a new tool. But you can always create a couple of trial accounts to sample the app before investing any money.

The good news is that Writely AI is on the more affordable side compared to most AI writing tools.

Pricing for membership is $29/mo for the monthly plan or $25/mo for the annual plan.

Writely AI pricing

Once you sign up for a trial or paid account, you can immediately access the dashboard where you can create new projects or edit existing ones.

Writely AI is great for users who want to better organize their AI-generated content. 

The tool can certainly create content that is on par with ChatGPT and more expensive services like Jasper. 

However, it is not a magic bullet.

You still need to have a clear goal, strategy, and vision for your content.

And you must also review and edit any generated content to ensure it is not plagiarized and meets your quality standard.

If you’re interested in trying out Writely AI, you can check out their free trial.

Photon Android App Review: This Puzzler Needs Polishing

Photon is a futuristic match-three puzzle game designed in the drop-down style of Tetris. Your goal is to clear screens by connecting brightly colored discs with your finger. The app, developed by Bifrost Studios, is free on Google Play but requires an in-app purchase of $0.99 for full functionality. Unfortunately, while Photon is fun and addictive, it suffers from multiple performance issues that its designer needs to address.


Photon features simple, easy-to-learn gameplay that involves using both your finger and your device’s accelerometer.

In the game, colored discs fall from the top of the screen, and roll and bounce around when they reach the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to connect discs of the same color by drawing lines between them with your finger. You can only connect discs if you have a straight shot (with no other discs in the way), and you must connect at least three discs to clear them from the board.

In addition to colored discs, silver discs containing symbols fall from the top of the screen. You can loop these special discs into any line of single-colored discs to clear them from the board. Some special discs have power-ups (for example, one will blast all discs of one color off the board), while others hinder you (for example, one swells up to take up more space).

Two buttons appear on the screen, near the top of the board: a drop button and a pause button. The drop button lets you flood the screen with discs quickly. Pressing the drop button gives you extra points, but you shouldn’t use it if you’re already running out of space. On the right side of the screen is a pause button.

Photon lets you choose between Classic mode and Arcade mode. Classic mode supports endless gameplay, and your goal is always the same: to keep your screen from filling up with colored discs. As you progress through Classic mode levels, gameplay becomes increasingly difficult because discs fall faster and additional colors appear.

In Arcade mode, your goal is to see how many points you can rack up within a specified period of time. Arcade mode also gives you access to different power-ups, such as a multicolored disc that lets you connect strings of two different colors. Arcade mode costs an additional $0.99, though you do get 10 free Arcade mode plays with your free version of Photon.


Photon has a couple of options that you can switch on in the main screen. The accelerometer allows you to tilt your phone from side to side to rearrange the discs. I found this option frustrating, for the most part, because the discs move very slowly when you tilt your device. The colorblind assistance option changes the discs into different shapes (but maintains the colors). This is a nice option for people who are colorblind, or who just want to change the look of the game.

Photon doesn’t have a native leaderboard, but it does let you share your scores with friends via OpenFeint.

Graphics, Audio, and Performance

The game looked and sounded great on my Galaxy Nexus. Though it’s a simple game, the graphics are high-resolution and Bifrost Studios clearly paid attention to the details–from the honeycombed background to the Tron-like glow emanating from the borders. The soundtrack is upbeat and adrenaline-inducing, and the sound effects are useful.

Though Photon looks great, its performance is less impressive. The app crashed often when I played it, though the crashes were usually limited to startup and didn’t occur in the middle of play. Game mechanics and controls were sometimes sketchy. too: Among the issues I encountered were touchscreen lag, accelerometer lag, and glitches (such as invisible discs in the middle of the screen being selected). These drawbacks didn’t prevent me from playing, but they were certainly frustrating.

Though Photon is a great game, the app needs a little work before I can fully recommend it. In any case, however, the Classic mode, which is free, is well worth checking out.

This app was tested using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.2.

Netspot App Review – Professional Wifi Analyzer, Tester, And Troubleshooter

Unless you live far away from any neighbors, you likely have multiple Wi-Fi networks overlapping one another. This is especially true in apartment complexes where there may be dozens of different router Wi-Fi networks interacting with each other. Performing a wireless site survey with a Wi-Fi analyzer can help avoid interference from other access points and help you set up an optimum Wi-Fi network.

The downside is that these wireless network surveys tend to be expensive — unless you do it yourself. The NetSpot App is one of the many recommended professional applications for Wi-Fi network surveys, Wi-Fi analysis, and troubleshooting of wireless networks. In this review, we’ll provide feedback on NetSpot’s Wi-Fi analyzer application.

Table of Contents

What Is the NetSpot Wi-Fi Analyzer?

NetSpot is a professional-grade Wi-Fi analyzer that works on iPhone, Android, macOS, and Windows. You can use it to perform Wi-Fi network surveys that measure things like Wi-Fi channel signal strength and interference throughout your home. The application is packed with powerful tools and features.

NetSpot Features

When you first open NetSpot, you’re met with a list of every router Wi-Fi network within range and all relevant information regarding those networks: SSID, BSSID, channel, band, security type, vendor, mode, signal strength, and more.

In this default Discover tab, NetSpot performs scans in real-time at set intervals. These real-time scans happen every ten seconds by default, but you can change this interval up to one full minute. 

The main Wi-Fi analyzer screen even lets you see hidden router networks, although their names are displayed as “Hidden SSID.” You can select and add networks by channel to more easily sort through the options.  

NetSpot helps you measure your Wi-Fi channel signal strength and steps you can take to improve network quality and functionality throughout the house. For example, if you find certain devices don’t connect as well as they should, a site survey with a Wi-Fi analyzer like NetSpot can narrow down dead zones. 

Using the Survey Tool

The most potent tool in NetSpot is the Survey tool. You can use this to manage existing surveys or start new ones. It offers multiple area types for zones, including closed office spaces, apartments, cube farms, outdoor spaces, and more. 

Selecting the correct type of zone is essential, as the app uses these settings to calibrate its detection algorithm further.

You can design a map of your space by drawing it, choosing a sample map, or starting with a completely blank map. You can also upload a floorplan of your office or apartment (if one is available) and work off that. 

You can calibrate your map by selecting two points and entering the actual distance between them. The app can take any two measurements and calibrate the rest of the floorplan based on those distances, provided the floorplan you use is to scale. 

After this, NetSpot asks if you want it to scan any other Wi-Fi networks. After you’ve performed basic calibration, the survey begins. You choose the point in the map where your computer is the first point for the Wi-Fi analyzer scan before moving to the next point. 

After you choose one point on the map, the scan will commence. You shouldn’t move your device from this position during the duration of the scan. You’ll need to repeat this process for at least three points throughout the home. 

When the network analyzer survey is complete, you can see detailed information about each area, including signal strength, the signal-to-noise ratio, the bandwidth frequency coverage, and more. Selecting a point shows a breakdown of every network and Wi-Fi channel within range of that point.

Using the Discover Tool

The other half of the NetSpot Wi-Fi analyzer app is the Discover tool. This tool displays more detailed information about a Wi-Fi network. By selecting a network and then choosing the Details icon on the lower-left section of the app, you can view its channel, signal strength, noise level, and security type. 

You can also break this information down through four different tabs: Signal & Noise, Tabular Data, Channels 2.4 GHz, and Channels 5 GHz.

Why does this matter? 

There are different bands to each network range. For example, the 2.4GHz network has 11 different bands, but only three of these do not overlap. The 5GHz band has more bandwidths that don’t overlap, resulting in better connection strength and quality. If you’re seeking the best Wi-Fi network quality, then you’d want to connect to the 5GHz band if possible. 

The Discover Tool lets you view individual bandwidths for detailed information about activity on the network. Use this troubleshooting tool to determine the best channel with the least interference to connect to.

Is the NetSpot Wi-Fi Analyzer Worth It?

NetSpot includes many powerful diagnostics tools, and it does so in a lightweight package. There is a free version, but you’ll have access to more of what makes NetSpot useful if you opt for the Home version. It allows you to set up two zones, with two snapshots and 50 data points per zone. You can receive lifetime upgrades for just $19 on top of the base $50 price.

The Pro version is the better bet for commercial use. It’s set up for 50 zones, 50 snapshots, and 500 data points per zone. You can create more than 12 visualizations, as well as gain access to one free technician license if you need to speak with someone regarding your network. You can receive lifetime upgrades for $49 extra.

After spending several weeks with NetSpot, we find that it’s definitely worth the cost for the network performance gains you’ll see. Be warned, though: NetSpot isn’t beginner-friendly. To use the information, you should have at least a base level of networking knowledge. 

The good news is that NetSpot includes a user guide with dozens of articles about network terminology and how to use the NetSpot network analyzer to perform a wireless network site survey within your own home to optimize your Wi-Fi network and coverage. 

Even with tutorials, it can take time to acquaint yourself with all of the features. NetSpot is powerful, but it can be complicated to use. For example, uploading floor plans didn’t always work as intended, although we had calibrated the app to match the correct distances. 

If you have a question or want to submit feedback, you can do so directly within the NetSpot app. The Ask a Question option at the top of the screen lets you reach out directly to the team, and they’ll respond to you through email. 

5 Ways To Fix Mail App Missing On Iphone

Don’t get shocked if the Mail App is missing from your iPhone. You’re not alone, my friend! Many users have reported this issue on iOS 16. So, whether the app is accidentally deleted or simply disappeared, you can get it back quickly. So, let’s learn how to restore the Mail app on iPhone.

Why Mail app disappeared from iPhone?

If your iPhone Mail App is missing, you can’t access your mail accounts and get new emails. So, before you start troubleshooting the problem, find the root of the cause.

The most probable reason is that you might have removed the app icon from Home Screen while customizing or have deleted it. Besides, the app may be restricted. If not, your iPhone maybe got some bugs, wrong settings, system crashes, update failures, etc. But don’t worry!

How to restore Mail app on iPhone

No doubt, the Mail app is essential in everyone’s daily life. I will share 5 tips to get the Mail app back on your iPhone.

1. Add Mail app to Home Screen

At times, the app is installed on your iPhone but not visible.

I lost the Mail icon when I tried to create an empty Home Screen on my iPhone. So, I thought of adding it to the dock for quick accessibility.

Swipe left until you reach the App Library.

Now, search for Mail.

The Mail app icon will be added to your Home Screen. If you don’t see the option, it is hidden in a Home Screen folder. So, hold and drag the app icon back to your Home Screen.

Also, you may relocate the icon according to your preference. Just press any empty space on your Home Screen until the icons jiggle, and drag the Mail icon.

Sometimes we accidentally delete apps or use the Offload Unused Apps feature on iPhone. This can be the reason for the missing Mail app icon. So, to restore it, just reinstall the app from the App Store.

2. Reinstall mail app

Open App Store → search Mail.

Now, locate the app and tap the cloud icon to re-download it.

Reinstalling the app may not always fix the issue. If you have opted for blocking inappropriate content, the Mail app can go missing from your iPhone. 

3. Disable Mail in Screen Time

Launch Settings → tap Screen Time. 

Choose Always Allowed.

Now, check if the app icon is restored on the Home Screen.

Sometimes different settings overlap and cause bugs that may result in missing app icons. Therefore, I suggest resetting your iPhone to get back to the default. You may opt for a factory reset or only reset the settings, which will not delete your files and media.

4. Reset All Settings on iPhone

Go to Settings → General.

Scroll down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Enter your passcode and confirm your choice by selecting Reset All Settings.

If no methods work for you, the only way open is to contact Apple Support. They will analyze your problem and suggest the most suitable solution.


Q. What to do if my accounts do not show up in the Mail app?

First, go to Settings → Mail → Accounts. Now verify if the Mail is enabled for all your email accounts. Then restart your iPhone. If the issue persists, remove the email account from your iPhone and add it again.

Q. I can’t see new emails; how to fix it?

If you do not receive new emails, check if the Push feature is enabled. Then, navigate to Settings → Mail → Accounts → Fetch New Data and toggle on Push. Remember, it will only work when you are using Wi-Fi and have disabled Low Power Mode.

Q. How to fix Apple Mail all inboxes disappeared issue?

All inboxes folder allows you to access emails from all synced accounts. If it’s missing, go to the Mail app and tap the top left corner to get Mailboxes. Now, tap Edit → All Inboxes → Done.

So, that’s all for today, folks!

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