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Cryptocurrency and, subsequently, the tech industry have become notorious for sensational headlines, controversial news, and surreal events, so it came as no surprise when two of the biggest tech leaders in the world announced the possibility of a cage match. In recent news, Elon Musk challenged Meta Founder Mark Zuckerberg to a cage fight after releasing a tweet stating that he could probably fight him. This caused the price of Dogecoin to rise and begs the question, will Doge soar again?

The news of the match has brought a new air of excitement to the crypto market, especially with Dogecoin. Musk’s association with the coin has caused its value to rise, and some crypto analysts speculate that the coin may soar again. This also begs the question of whether other coins like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and PepeCoin (PEPE) will face the same effect. This event may spark new investor interest in the market and may also cause a new wave of investment in the coins themselves.

Dogecoin: Could the OG Soar Again?

Dogecoin is one of the most prolific coins on the market. Despite unstable fluctuations, it has remained one of the top-performing meme coins on the market. It has received attention from influential figures throughout its history, like Elon Musk, who has voiced his support for the coin on multiple occasions.

The performance of Dogecoin is influenced by Musk’s Tweets, and the excitement surrounding the challenge has had a very positive impact on the token. Many investors are most likely securing their tokens so that they can use them to place bets on the match. If this activity continues, it is likely that the price may soar to a much higher level and could potentially break a few thresholds.

Pepecoin: Pop Culture Icon Revived?

Pepecoin, based on the “Pepe the Frog” meme, has taken the market by storm and has been performing quite well in recent days. The original meme has played an integral role in many online communities and has been shared across social media platforms countless times. Through this popularity, pepecoin, which has made over a billion dollars in less than a month, has been able to gain its own strong following and community.

The coin has recently seen some good performance on the market and has been slowly rising in value. The news of the cage match seems to have a positive impact on pepecoin, as it has on various other altcoins. This could be attributed to newly formed investor interest in the market, who are now returning to own tokens amidst the possible dogecoin outbreak. Additionally, this refreshed investor interest could help the coin grow its community, which will also positively impact its price and performance.

Big Eyes Coin: Could Cage Match Bring BIG Success?

Big Eyes Coin recently entered the market with a bang, having a strong investor network and an even stronger investor network behind it. During its presale, it performed phenomenally and has continued to perform outstandingly on the market. It has a bright future in the market, and the hype surrounding this fight could make this even brighter.

Through the publicity of the cage fight news, Big Eyes Coin can use this as an opportunity to get the necessary exposure that attracts new waves of investors, which will grow its value and community. It could also use this as an opportunity to be used as a betting token for the fight, which will also increase its demand and value.

Will Crypto Benefit From The Cage Fight?

Although uncertain whether this cage match is a publicity stunt or an upcoming event, one thing is certain: it is having a very positive impact on the market. With the activity surrounding the fight, it could cause massive momentum across the market and see these altcoins growing rapidly because of renewed investor interest.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG):

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Google Audio Search – Will It Ever Be Possible?

Will it ever be possible for Google to create an index of audio content that users can search through like web pages?

Results of early testing, which Google published in a blog article, indicates audio search is harder to accomplish than it might sound.

Details of these tests are shared in an article penned by Tim Olson, SVP of digital strategic partnerships at KQED.

Google is partnering with KQED in a joint effort to make audio more findable.

With the help of chúng tôi an AI services provider, Google and KQED ran tests to determine how to transcribe audio in a way that’s fast and error-free.

Here’s what they discovered.

The Difficulties of Audio Search

The greatest obstacle to making audio search a possibility is the fact that audio must be converted to text before it can be searched and sorted.

There’s currently no way to accurately transcribe audio in a way that allows it to be found quickly.

The only way audio search on a worldwide scale would ever be possible is through automated transcriptions. Manual transcriptions would take considerable time and effort away from publishers.

Limitations of Current Speech-to-Text Technology

Google conducted tests with KQED and chúng tôi by applying the latest speech-to-text tools to a collection of audio news.

Limitations were discovered in the AI’s ability to identify proper nouns (also known as named entities).

Named entities sometimes need context to be understood to be identified accurately, which the AI doesn’t always have.

“KQED’s local news audio is rich in references of named entities related to topics, people, places, and organizations that are contextual to the Bay Area region. Speakers use acronyms like “CHP” for California Highway Patrol and “the Peninsula” for the area spanning San Francisco to San Jose. These are more difficult for artificial intelligence to identify.”

When named entities aren’t understood, the AI makes its best guess of what was said. However, that’s an unacceptable solution for web search, because an incorrect transcription can change the entire meaning of what was said.

What’s Next?

Work will continue on audio search with plans to make the technology widely accessible when it gets developed.

David Stoller, Partner Lead for News & Publishing at Google, says the technology will be openly shared when work on this project is complete.

“One of the pillars of the Google New Initiative is incubating new approaches to difficult problems. Once complete, this technology and associated best practices will be openly shared, greatly expanding the anticipated impact.”

Today’s machine learning models aren’t learning from their mistakes, Olson of KQED says, which is where humans may need to step in.

The next step is to test a feedback loop where newsrooms help to improve the machine learning models by identifying common transcription errors.

“We’re confident that in the near future, improvements into these speech-to-text models will help convert audio to text faster, ultimately helping people find audio news more effectively.”

Source: Google

Apple Macos Big Sur Will Be Officially Released On November 12

macOS Big Sur

The first and most obvious change in the new firmware is the UI change. The OS is named after another landmark in California and features one of the comprehensive changes to macOS since the days of Mac OS X. The apps now come with new color schemes, transparency effects, and rounded corners, a translucent menu bar, a new floating dock, and a new set of app icons. The update also introduces new checkboxes, sliders, sheets, sounds, and symbols as well as a brand new iconography. Buttons appear and disappear on the application window as require. The menu bar items are now more space out. Putting all together, the entire UI is completely changed from what macOS users were used to.

Safari has been further improved on Big Sur

macOS Big Sur also features improvements to its core applications. Apple’s traditional browser Safari comes with a start page featuring customizable background images and sections like iCloud Tabs and Reading list. Interestingly enough, the browser can detect when you’re on a page with non-native language and offer to translate it for you.  According to Apple, Safari is much faster now promising 50% faster performance than Chrome on frequently visited websites. That’s another feature that was a focus in the development of 2023 Apple operating systems – seamless native translation. Safari’s Tab UI has also changed with increased tab density. Users can even close a group of tabs at once. Furthermore, Safari energy consumption has been improved. The company states that it offers 3 hours of more streaming videos and an hour longer of web browsing when compared to Firefox or Chrome.

Worth noting that Apple’s Safari is also getting extensive support for extensions. It will allow developers to bring in their extensions from other browsers. Users will be able to download extensions for Safari through Mac App Storage. The company has built-in enhanced privacy features for these extensions, preventing how much access they have to your data. You can also choose to allow an extension to have access for just one day, for just one particular site, or all the time. Since we’re talking about security, Apple also placed a Privacy report button on Safari. It allows the user to know which trackers are being blocked by the browser. Safari will also check your saved passwords to see if they were involved in a data breach.

Messages receive the same treatment as its iOS 14 counterpart

Maps get a deserved revamp

Another important application, Maps, was also revamped. Just like messages, it has been updated to feature the same set of changes as the iOS 14. That includes guides for exploring places where you can use guides from other users or create your own.

It also brings a Look Around feature for a 360-degree view of destinations and indoor maps of airports and shopping centers. Cycling and Electric Vehicle trips also got some love from Apple since these trips can now be routed on a Mac and sent directly to your iPhone.

Other features include

Expanded Editing Capabilities within the Photos App

HomeKit secure video notifications

Deeper Web Knowledge for Siri

AirPods automatic device switching

Listen Now as the new Home for Apple Music

Faster Updates

For further details check this link

The Worst Mistakes When Buying A Smartphone: You Will Regret It!

Making the wrong choice for your smartphone’s storage capacity will probably cost you money. It will not last for a long period and you will get frustrated having to periodically delete content, and you will probably regret your choice.

How much storage space should a smartphone have in GB?

Although it might seem difficult, the question is not. The publication date is crucial because, if you read an article from 2023, it’s likely to contain information that is now wholly irrelevant. We’re talking about the 2023 year.

Choose a 128 GB option if you want your smartphone to last for a long time without experiencing space issues. If money is tight, you’re probably looking at 32 or 64-GB options.

64 GB is preferable but still probably not enough. 64 GB may not be enough for most users because apps are getting heavier and cameras are producing better-quality images. This puts pressure on the operating system.

The appropriate response to this question is 128 GB. With that much space, almost any circumstance will be accommodated. Thousands of photos, hundreds of apps, and files can all be stored without any issues. There will be some cleaning from time to time, but nothing that will make you suffer every few days.

Put a little more money into it to avoid regret

It’s simple to state that a device with 128 GB will cost more money. Instead of focusing on immediate savings, think about the future. Additionally, the price difference is generally not too big for cheap mobile phones.

Gizchina News of the week

Looking at the smartphones on Amazon, we found the Redmi 10A, which has a 64 GB version for 138 dollars and a 128 GB version for just 14 dollars more.

If you know how to search and wait, the difference is typically very small for preventing future storage issues. The worst of Android‘s annoying features might be its constant storage shortage.

The smartphone’s size and weight matter

You should pay attention to the size and weight of the smartphone you are buying. Some users have small hands and can not handle large smartphones with ease. Also, the weight of the smartphone is a very important aspect that you should consider and to a high degree, you will regret buying a heavy phone that can be problematic when using it, especially while lying down.

Some users are really struggling when using these giant smartphones. As example, the iPhone Pro Max version, the Galaxy S Ultra models, and the Xiaomi Ultra, to name a few. These smartphones weigh over 225 grams and the smaller one of them has 160.7 x 77.6 x 7.9 mm dimensions.

Fortunately, there are still smartphones on the market that combine both large enough screens and large enough batteries without having a very large weight and size that could ruin the experience. Just look at the specifications of the smartphone and especially the dimensions and weight. You will feel much better using the smartphone at home and outside, especially if you have small hands or small pockets. In addition, the smartphone will suit the pocket of anything you are wearing and will not protrude too much like with giant phones.

Will Deflategate Deflate Tom Brady?

Will Deflategate Deflate Tom Brady? SED’s Adam Naylor says New Englanders will stand by their man

For all of his on-field flamboyance, Tom Brady was all restraint Thursday when asked about a report finding that his New England Patriots probably used impermissibly deflated footballs—and that Brady probably was in on the gambit.

Eight years ago, the team and Coach Bill Belichick (Hon.’04) were fined for illegally filming signals from opposing team coaches.

BU Today talked about the report and its fallout with Adam Naylor (SED’97,’01), a School of Education clinical assistant professor of counseling psychology, human development, and sports psychology. Naylor spent more than a decade educating and coaching Olympians and athletes at the college, major league, and minor league levels.

BU Today: Are you surprised by the finding that the deflation was deliberate, and that Tom Brady knew of it?

As for Tom Brady knowing of it, I am surprised about the seeming extent of his knowledge that was revealed. Football pressure seems too trivial to spend so much thought and time on. I would have hoped he had better things to focus so much effort on during the season.

You’ve predicted that Brady’s reputation would survive Deflategate. Given this report, do you still feel that way?

I suspect his reputation will remain unblemished in New England. Beyond these friendly boundaries, he will be reviled in the short term and respected in the long term. Few of our professional athletes are saints. If Tom Brady keeps on smiling and keeps his nose out of trouble, much will be forgotten. Halls of Fame are filled with scoundrels. I am not sure if Tom Brady has reached this level.

What would be appropriate penalties for the individuals involved? Should the team suffer any penalty?

I think any penalty that the NFL offices hand down is appropriate. Certainly it would appear that individuals have broken rules and misled the public. As for Coach Belichick and the wider team organization, I would not be surprised if a penalty was extended to these levels. Leaders can tacitly and overtly condone pushing the boundaries of fair play. Team cultures can encourage or discourage ethical behaviors. While individuals are responsible for their personal actions, one would be naive to think that competitive cultures are not influential in the decisions of individual athletes.

Does this indict the NFL for a win-at-all-costs mentality or was Deflategate a rogue effort that doesn’t bespeak widespread cheating?

I am not sure it is that black and white. Professional sports are high stakes competition and big business. Just as with Olympians, where the difference between a medalist and an also-ran is tremendously different personally and professionally, so is the difference between a respectable effort in the professional ranks and hoisting world championship trophies. The emotional investment and personal identity that is wrapped up with athletic excellence can be quite blinding.

What reforms, if any, should the NFL institute?

I think all professional, and unfortunately, collegiate, sports organizations need to constantly be policing integrity of the game issues. The more character of play is genuinely valued, the fewer transgressions will occur.

Personally, I really hope the NFL turns greater attention toward minimizing domestic violence, protecting athletes from repeated head trauma, and ultimately, helping these young men who play such a brutal sport have the ability to thrive both financially and personally once their careers have ended.

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Cmv: Techies Will Love Siri Shortcuts, But Most Normal People Will Never Use

Apple was the first company to bring a voice-driven intelligent assistant to the masses. Since then, however, it’s been overtaken in capabilities by both Google and Amazon.

As I’ve written before, that’s not coincidence. Google collects and analyzes huge volumes of personal data to help make its intelligent assistant as powerful as possible. Amazon lets anyone create a ‘recipe’ which any Echo owner can use. Apple, in contrast, chooses to limit the amount of personal data it collects and uses, and tightly controls access to Siri by third-party companies.

That approach has arguably become a strong selling-point at a time when the privacy of user data has become headline news in the mainstream press. All the same, many Siri users do find it frustrating that Apple’s AI – the one that once led the market – is now the dumbest kid on the block …

That’s the problem Apple set out to fix with a feature announced yesterday: Siri Shortcuts.

Siri can now intelligently pair your daily routines with third-party apps to suggest convenient shortcuts right when you need them. So if you typically pick up a coffee on the way to work, Siri will learn your routine and suggest when to place your order from the Lock screen. You can also run shortcuts with your voice or create your own with the new Shortcuts app.

Effectively what Apple does is present a number of standard Siri ‘recipes’ which you can either use as-is (for example, a Home ETA that lets your partner know when you’re likely to get home), adapt to your own requirements – or build from scratch.

It’s pretty much a Siri-specific version of IFTTT.

Like IFTTT and Keyboard Shortcuts, it’s a tool for techies

Of all the features Apple announced yesterday, Siri Shortcuts is my clear favorite. I love the ability to create my own commands to perform my own tailored sequences of commands.

But I’m a techie. I’m the sort of person who actively enjoys creating Scenes in HomeKit, for example. To me, there’s a real satisfaction in thinking through the sequences of things I do at particular times of the day, and then automating as many of them as possible.

Mass-market iPhone users? Not so much.

As my colleague Benjamin Mayo observed when we discussed it earlier, even the name Siri Shortcuts is emblematic. It’s like Keyboard Shortcuts – and in my view has exactly the same target market.

I use Keyboard Shortcuts and TextExpander because a little bit of upfront work makes my life just that little bit easier on a daily basis. The average user probably scarcely knows that Keyboard Shortcuts exist. If they do, they maybe use it to correct the spelling of a name of a contact. They don’t view it as a macro tool.

Siri Shortcuts is the same. Techies will love it. I’m predicting that it will finish high in our poll of iOS 12 features because techies are our readership. But I’m also predicting that the average mass-market consumer will never go anywhere near it.

Siri Shortcuts is programmable, not smart

Effectively Siri Shortcuts is inviting us to become coders. Create a kind of Siri app, and then piece together the commands needed to make it achieve the desired result.

That’s a perfectly valid approach – for the right demographic. It will work well for 9to5Mac readers, but not so well for everyone else.

What the mass-market wants, and the original Siri team set out to achieve, is for Siri to understand natural language. Giving it the ability to learn new keywords isn’t that – it’s almost the opposite of that.

So yeah, it’s my favorite feature from the keynote, but I hope that it doesn’t represent the future of Apple’s thinking on how to bring Siri up to speed with its more capable competitors.

Change My View

So that’s my view. A good step forward, but not nearly enough to make Siri smart enough for the masses.

Some of you agreed with me, while three counterarguments were expressed.

First, that app developers would do the work. By creating their own Siri Shortcuts, and making them available to users, it would be trivial for a mass-market iPhone owner to start using them. That argument makes sense to me: it’s in the interests of app developers to do something which would increase the usage and usefulness of their apps, so yes, I can definitely see this happening.

Second, that techies would create shortcuts that can then be used by non-tech owners. I can certainly see this happening in some cases – for example, I’ll be creating shortcuts which I’m sure my partner will use – but I’m not sure this will be a mainstream thing.

Third, that this is just phase 1 of Apple’s grand plan. That the company – or its AI – will watch which shortcuts people create, and the phrases they choose. It will then offer these as ready-made shortcuts for ordinary users to install. That makes a lot of sense, and if that is indeed the long-term goal, then I’d agree that, at that stage, it will become a mainstream feature.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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