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Yahoo acquired the blogging analytics program and social network MyBlogLog in January which was a smart and exciting move on their behalf. But what are they doing with MyBlogLog now?

History of MyBlogLog

As a quick recap of MyBlogLog, the analytics program was grouped with a simple Social Networking offering which lets members upload their photos. Then, when blog owners run the MyBlogLog script, they can not only track their basic referrals and blog traffic, but also measure WHO visits their blogs, via MyBlogLog profiles.

But the defining point of MyBlogLog is the formation of communities and the MyBlogLog FaceRolls (ReaderRolls). The FaceRoll adds more of a personal touch to any blog running it by showing the last 5 to 10 readers and their avatar who visited the blog.

Given its personalization and networking aspects for bloggers, MyBlogLog was an early darling of the blogging community (MyBlogLog Search Engine Journal Community), and although the service is still popular, if Yahoo! doesn’t make some changes soon, who’s to say it won’t become yesterday’s news?

The Future of MyBlogLog?

Not to say that Yahoo has to overhaul the service, but updating MyBlogLog to a better service would be nice.

Why then, can Yahoo not build something as easy as a feed reader? Why do they spend their time and expenses creating flashy MyYahoo homepages with limited feed integration technology when 80% of their employees could probably hack a very good Yahoo! Reader over the course of one day. And imagine what they could turn out over the course of one Hack Day!

Yahoo! MyBlogLog Reader

Enough ranting, the next logical step for MyBlogLog is the launching of a Blog Reader which is preprogrammed with the feeds of the blog communities we have already joined.

For example, I’ve been a member of MyBlogLog for about one year. I belong to 15 communities which are all run by blogs I enjoy reading on a daily basis.

Yahoo! launches their MyBlogLog reader and suddenly my Reader is propopulated with the blogs I enjoy, along with suggestions of other blogs which members of the communities I belong to and my MyBlogLog friends read.

I’d be easily hooked and would seriously, if the reader were done right, probably ditch the other feed reader services I belong to.

And it is to my understanding that MyBlogLog has this technology ready to roll, and has been sitting on it for a good while now. So they should Beta test it, make fixes, then Alpha launch it immediately.

Other Next Steps for MyBlogLog

David Dalka attended the SOBcon conference in Chicago yesterday where MyBlogLog Community Manager Robyn Tippins spoke about more upcoming changes, including the rebranding of MyBlogLog.

The biggest news is that there will be a rebranding of MyBlogLog. The exact timing and new brand were not revealed. (YahooBlogLog or MyYahooLog? Time will tell.)

A complete site redesign is on the way!

A new “Widget 2.0? is coming with some hover features.

Yahoo! is hard at work to remove the offensive photos so that MyBlogLog would be palatable to more conservative business blogs.

Some sort of method to turn off your presence for some types of sites will be added.

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Yahoo Beta Releases Yahoo Local Search Engine

“A great search experience is about more than just offering users relevant and comprehensive Web search results. It’s also about creating an experience where we can quickly and easily provide users the answers they are seeking, whether it’s the best Italian restaurant in their neighborhood or the nearest museums while traveling,” said Jeff Weiner, senior vice president of Yahoo! Search and Marketplace. “This beta launch marks just the beginning of what we are capable of achieving with local and will continue to leverage our world-class search technology and content to provide the most valuable category-specific search solutions for our users.”

“As part of Yahoo!’s commitment to providing the best search experience on the Web, consumers now have a more powerful way to find local information,” said Paul Levine, general manager, Yahoo! Local. “Building on the debut of our innovative SmartView(TM) maps feature earlier this year, the beta release of Yahoo! Local reinforces our commitment to improving the way people find local content online.”

New Benefits of Yahoo! Local

Available today, the Yahoo! Local beta provides users with improved:

— Precision: When looking for local information, consumers have indicated that precision is paramount. Yahoo! is the first to develop a local service from the ground up with precision in mind. Users can now pinpoint businesses and services around an address or zip code – letting the user define their exact location. Yahoo! Local also features unique narrowing tools that allow users to quickly refine local searches – by distance, rating, category, and more.

— Usefulness: With SmartView, a new visual search tool, consumers can use a dynamic map to see where businesses or points of interest are located in relation to each other. For example, one can find a day spa to visit, and plot nearby ATM machines and restaurants on the same map. For some categories such as hotels and restaurants, consumers can even take the next step by making reservations directly through Yahoo! Local.

— Community Voice: Users can now rate and review almost every business in the country – from dry cleaners and dentists to florists and fine dining establishments. Consumers can also use the “email a friend” feature to share their favorite businesses or services with others who are in – or are planning to visit – their neighborhood.

— Personalization: Yahoo! Local provides users the opportunity to save their most frequently used locations or view most recently used locations and quickly and easily access that information each time they do a new search.

Yahoo Shopping Needs A Facelift

After Yahoo! showed me their new site for the holiday season, I was pretty much underwhelmed. How could Yahoo! Shopping not introduce something incredibly bold for the holidays? And unfortunately I couldn’t even properly articulate my disappointment. I know Chris and Matt (and Haley) wanted to strangle me that afternoon…

What I want to do in this post is shed more light on what I like and don’t like about Yahoo! Shopping.

-I like that Yahoo! Shopping is bringing in the blog (contextually!), Yahoo! Answers (what an amazing success story!), coupons/deals, reviews, guides, etc., but I don’t like how the site has integrated these resources. You’re either integrating them way too much or not enough. These were just clumped together:

And this Top 10 Wow Gifts for Sports & Outdoors module just has a compare prices button next to a picture and description.

One integration that I really liked was the Buzz: Top actor searches into your movies category, but again, the user has to scroll and scroll some more to see the coupons module or Answers module.

-You talked a lot about relevance and comprehensiveness during our conversation and that a lot of improvements were made behind the scenes. But I’m still confused on how a search for ‘movies’ brings up Chinese Erotic Movies (1997) and Too Hot for Hell above some mainstream blockbusters (a search for ‘dvd’ happens to bring up what I’d consider more relevant resutls). Or how Fight Club is the #2 movie in the comedy section. Excited to pop that one in right after Mrs. Doubtfire for some good laughs!

And what’s up with a search for TMX Elmo. I’d expect a little more normalization. I know this is REALLY hard when you’re crawling and working with data feeds, but the results are a mess (normalized/not-normalized), you’re listing the same Y! Auctions multiple times, and a number of the eBay auctions were expired.

Although I have to say your filtering options for clothing is really impressive.

-If you’re focusing on the user experience, the ‘next’ button (to see the next 10 listings) should be at the bottom of a list, not after 5 sponsored listings.

-You need to sprinkle a little Holiday Cheer throughout the regular search results and browse pages. You have a solid gifts section, now let people know about it (the little modules aren’t prominent enough).

-I personally don’t think people interact that much with buying guides, but since you highlighted them as part of the redesign, why are they burried at the bottom of the page for searches? I searched for PDA, laptop, and digital camera and found the Yahoo! and Consumer Reports buying guides at the bottom left hand side of the results. If someone searches for Blackberry 8700c or lenovo t43, that’s fine, but for those general terms, I would suggest removing the 4 YSM sponsored listings (or at least cutting the number of listings) and putting in links to the buying guides.

So I’m being a pain in the ass at this point, and I know it. At the end of the day, I was expecting more…you’re Yahoo!. Even if I didn’t get the web 2.0 experience (a sleeker layout and design), I’d at least expect some visible improvement to the search listings. Thank you for getting rid of the banner ad and the category buttons (smart), but what’s up with the 4 sponsored results at the top of the page and 5 sponsored results at the bottom of the page (before the ‘next’ button)? I chided chúng tôi for pushing their shopping comparison engine listings below the fold….and while the first listing for Yahoo! Shopping results is above the fold, there’s still room for improvement. I know Yahoo! has to show growth in its sponsored listings business, but I hate to see Yahoo! Product Submit and Yahoo! Shopping as ugly step-children.

So you’re going to come back to me and show 30+% growth for Yahoo! Shopping. You’re going to tell me that people are saving products to their lists. You’re going to come back to me and say that I’m contradicting myself – I want more integration AND less integration. You’re going to say that I missed 27 amazing things that are happening with Yahoo! Shopping.

I’ll say that it’s great that you’re in line with industry estimates, but why didn’t you knock the socks off everyone else? I’ll ask if people interacted with their lists (right now users are sent to another page as opposed to always having their list present). I’ll admit that I am contradicting myself (and I’m not a UI expert), but shouldn’t there be a much more consistent theme of ease of use throughout the site. I’ll say I didn’t miss the amazing things – I love the coupons and deals, the blog integration, and the Answers integration – but the overall presentation of these parts is weak. And that’s what’s frustrating me.

Yahoo Paid Submittals And Inktomi Confusion

Yahoo’s distribution reach is massive. Since it began displaying results from its own search engine in place of Google results, Yahoo controls over 41% of search engine traffic either directly or through one of its six distinct search properties, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Directory, Overture, AlltheWeb, Inktomi and AltaVista. Inclusion at Yahoo is extremely important, and may become more important in the near future if AOL continues to consider Yahoo as an alternative listings provider to Google. Yahoo acquired its search engine empire over the past year through the acquisitions of Overture and Inktomi. While Yahoo’s purchasing streak left it in the position of owning several powerful patents and some of the most innovative technologies, it was also left with six different (and sometimes competing) inclusion programs. It appears Yahoo is trying to consolidate these programs but the method they have chosen is eerily reminiscent of a fatally flawed fee structure LookSmart implemented in November 2002.

For small businesses, costs will rise considerably. Under the new fee structure, a smaller website will be required to pay the following fees:

$29 for each of the next 2 – 10 pages

$10 for all subsequent pages from a unique domain

On a darker note, Danny Sullivan has predicted that the days of free-listings are numbered, citing this move from Yahoo as his main example. With Google being the only major player not charging fees for inclusion, it is assumed that it is only a matter of time before they are forced into jumping on the fee-for-service bandwagon. Luckily, Google co-founder Larry Page criticized Yahoo’s new policy yesterday saying he felt paid-inclusion has the ability to compromise the credibility of search.

For now, it appears the future is about to get a lot more expensive. Thank goodness it is at least interesting.

Commentary provided by Jim Hedger. Jim is the SEO Manager at StepForth Search Engine Placement. Jim has over years 10 years of Internet experience as an entrepreneur and over 3 years as an Internet marketer.

Search Optimization Guide For The New Yahoo! Search

A major player in the search industry has finally made a change worth calling revolutionary. This morning’s release of The New Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Search Assist tools provide users with what they need most — a faster and more intuitive search experience.

With thousands of webmasters tuning in, the first question that comes to mind will inevitably be — how can I optimize for The New Yahoo! Search?

The short answer is to cover every aspect possible, including photo, video, event listings and more. The long answer is to read on through this guide on search optimization for The New Yahoo! Search.

Understanding the Changes

First up, we need to understand that successful optimization for Yahoo will involve more than simple organic success. To truly capture the searching audience, site owners will need to become more involved with both social and media hosting online.

Yahoo! Site Explorer

While Yahoo! Site Explorer is nothing new, it is an important foundation for any search engine optimization program. The Site Explorer program is an easy to use, web based interface that allows you to review how Yahoo sees your site, as well as address any technical issues that may arise in listing your site in the new Yahoo! Search results.

Participation in Site Explorer will only require an active Yahoo! User Account, which is of course free of charge, and, is necessary for additional Yahoo! services discussed in this guide.

Local Events with Upcoming

Optimization for Yahoo Events will require your participation on Upcoming. Upcoming is a Yahoo service that works as a socially driven portal where users post event listings. These listings are then associated with locations, interest groups, and circles of friends.

Now, posting an event is very easy. So easy in fact, you could overlook a great opportunity to reinforce your listings with commonly used search terms. Be sure to check out how events are listed in your area for competitors and mimic the general approach. Another solid tip here is to check in with Yahoo! Search Assist to see what keywords appear to be most relevant. Use the “more details” of the Upcoming event listings to integrate these keywords alongside critical information on your event.

Yahoo! Video and YouTube

Getting your videos uploaded for inclusion on Yahoo Videos is very simple. Again, you’ll be using your Yahoo ID, and again you will want to include important search terms in your listings. When uploading, be sure to include the relevant search terms not only in your video title and description, but your video’s tags as well. Tags will serve as an important indexing tool for The New Yahoo! Search experience.

Of course, existing videos over on YouTube can and often will appear in Yahoo search results. YouTube video optimization is exactly the same as Yahoo! Video — so be sure to use keyword rich descriptions and tags.

While it has nothing to do with video optimization on Yahoo, I think it speaks volumes in that Yahoo! is not afraid to use Google’s own material (from YouTube) to help provide users with a better search experience.

Keeping a Watchful Eye on Search Assist

As users become more acclimated to the new Search Assist feature, search patterns will become more common. Since Search Assist will constantly evolve to reflect what users are looking for — so too will the targets be for your optimization efforts.

Remember at the end of the day that Search Assist is in place to help the overall user experience. Its usage is a gateway to three and four word search phrases, and in the right markets, it can really benefit aggressive web site owners.

Other Yahoo! Services

The New Yahoo! Search integrates a number of other elements including Hotels, Local Businesses, Restaurants, Maps, Health, Music and Movies. Unfortunately for the common search marketer or web site owner, optimizing for these specific areas will be difficult at best since Yahoo! has such comprehensive offerings of their own already in place.

Still, if you can gain access to these additional services, they represent solid opportunities to further enhance your search listings.

How To Get Rid Of Yahoo Search Problem?

It is a typical problem when the homepage is taken over by chúng tôi and you search solutions for how to get rid of yahoo search!  You get to see Yahoo Search redirect on along with a new tab.

It’s not a virus that is causing the problem. Sometimes some freeware or third-party apps get installed without your concern. Though they are not as harmful as a virus or malware.

Often malicious browser extensions get installed without Yahoo’s influence. A popular search engine like Yahoo is sometimes unaware of the fact that some cybercrooks are utilizing their custom search with some fraud intentions.

The software developers redirect the software to yahoo search after installation of the program as a part of their designing the app.

Let us find out some handy solution to how to get rid of yahoo search problem.

Resetting the browsers prove to disable or uninstall all the extensions. This actually helps to restore the original settings of the browsers,and  is a fruitful solution to remove yahoo search block yahoo search.

For some users disabling the extensions fixes browser redirecting to Yahoo search instantly. It can be turned off manually and most probably a better option to fight back the issue.

Let us check the steps to reset the browser described as under:

Step 1: From the top of the browser, select Customize and Control Google Chrome option.

Step 2: Now choose Settings and then move on to the Advanced section. Scroll downwards and select Restore settings to their original defaults.

Step 3: After that choose the Reset settings option for confirmation. Now, after the procedure gets completed check whether the problem is solved.

Step 1: First of all open Firefox and press the menu option and then choose Help.

Step 2: Now, select Troubleshooting Information from the displayed Help menu bar.

Step 3: Search and find the Reset Firefox option from the right corner at the top of the Troubleshooting webpage and press on it.

Step 4: Next press the Finish option and allow the reset process to get finished properly. Then check whether this has solved the issue.

Step 2: Now, move on to the Advanced option and press the Reset button. Put a tick next to the Delete personal settings option and then hit the Reset button.

Step 3: Now choose Close to confirm the reset. Here we suggest not to perform any operation in between. Let the whole process get finished and then proceed for any further activity.

To eliminate the yahoo hijackers who redirect your searches to Yahoo, just uninstall the currently installed Yahoo programs and solve – why does my search engine keep changing error.

Then you are free to browse with your preferred search engine. Here, I am providing the procedure I detail for your convenience.

Step 1: First of all, go to Start and choose Run. Then type  chúng tôi  in the box and hit the OK button.

Step 2: Uninstaller Window will get opened now. Type Search Provided by Yahoo and then press the Uninstall or Change option.

Step 3: Now for confirmation press the Yes option.

If you do not find Search Provided by Yahoo, search for any program that seems u reliable or deceitful. Proceed to uninstall the software immediately of you can detect one.

After the uninstall process gets finished check whether you have successfully resolved the issue.

This is probably the last option I recommend for how to remove Yahoo Search Redirect Virus. Try to run a malware scanner to check if the files or programs are bugged.  With the help of a good malware scanner, you can perform the function.

Some files may be corrupted and this time they will get identified and you can easily get rid of them along with the Yahoo search problem.

So, you can run a scan to fix the file to come out of the issue.

After you have installed the scanner, open it, and select the Scan option on its Dashboard tab. This will initiate a safe, accurate, and quick scan.

So, I hope by now, you are able to find out a suitable solution to – how to get rid of yahoo search.

Feel free to shoot us a mail with your ideas or suggestions. We always look forward to hearing back from you.

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